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20 Years of Play
Prije 28 dana
Xbox One S
Prije 5 godina
Xbox One Unveil Video
Prije 8 godina
ReCore Launch Trailer
Prije 5 godina
Halo 5 Opening Cinematic
Prije 6 godina
Xbox One: Aaron Paul
Prije 7 godina
Xbox - Project Scorpio
Prije 5 godina
Xbox One - E3 Jump ahead
Prije 6 godina
ممد سعید
ممد سعید Prije 22 sati
Josecruz9498 Prije 22 sati
Time to add avtivision blizzard to this
clone trooper66
clone trooper66 Prije 22 sati
Hey it's not letting me play overwatch on my xbox series s
Windows Prije 22 sati
Its Your Boi Bunny
Its Your Boi Bunny Prije 22 sati
@Xbox did you know.. *its the guy from fortnite..*
Hypado TV
Hypado TV Prije 22 sati
Esqueserão do Xbox 360 2013
David Hooper
David Hooper Prije 22 sati
Can we set Japanese language audio + English subs in the game?
Paul Lucius
Paul Lucius Prije 22 sati
Xbox , you just have too many games ! Haha
Little 8Bit Litty
Little 8Bit Litty Prije 22 sati
Now here’s something I never saw coming
Xbox Prije 22 sati
TwisteeTetra Prije 22 sati
i love this series so much
Xbox Prije 22 sati
And you can play it now!
José Aragon
José Aragon Prije 23 sati
I need this in SeriesX . Make it possible
Tempting Fate
Tempting Fate Prije 23 sati
Would love it if this came to consoles.
MC Hammer
MC Hammer Prije 23 sati
Best trailer ive ever seen
Mauricios Cesary
Mauricios Cesary Prije 23 sati
Pensei que seria para Xbox meu fui enganado nem de PC eu gosto
Crane Wood
Crane Wood Prije 23 sati
Really tired if the whole "PC" games line. Stop calling it Xbox Games Pass "for PC" and stop putting games like this on the channel. Or, you can actually make effort to have PC games ported over to xbox regularly. But why advertise as xbox if you will never be able to play these games with the actual console.
Kcaz Rellim
Kcaz Rellim Prije 23 sati
This game has been great for quarantine 3.0. I'm ready for the next release. Hot & Hazy was great.
Alexander G
Alexander G Prije 23 sati
PLEASE BUY EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would subscribe to game pass for ever like netflix or wherever SOUTH PARK ends up
João Cléber De Moraes Costa
hello please launch call of Duty Black ops 2 remaster please for all platforms Pc XBOX PS5🥺
Horatiu Gabriel
Horatiu Gabriel Prije 23 sati
Cant wait for the Activision-Blizzard games to hit game pass!
Fin Heroic
Fin Heroic Prije 23 sati
but i want that to xbox...
Leandro Pereira
Leandro Pereira Prije dan
Lino 2
Lino 2 Prije dan
danganronpa trigger happy havoc😀x|s
Денис Рула
Вы меня заманили на rise of necromantes
rosem07 Prije dan
Hey Xbox! Do you know if there will be any mod support on the xbox platform for this game? I've played the last two entries on Steam alot, this info would help me decide where I will be playing this one. Many thanks, keep up the good work!
This flipping game uses the kids cheering sound effect when you select “I like to move it” by will,i,am when the kids stand here before they dance the sound effect comes up after the loading screen.
Reza Irawan
Reza Irawan Prije dan
Still waiting console port.
keven boucher
keven boucher Prije 23 sati
Will never happen sorry
We need strategy games on xbox console