McDonald's Creepy History 

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This is the greatest chair design of All Time
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Bendilin Prije mjesec
"That is nasty." "That is just gross." "I don't think it's that bad."
FreeSpeech Prije 3 dana
@geezyX 333 I mean… true… but if a chicken head is not supposed to be a part of your meal, I don’t think it’s great if one mysteriously finds itself in your McNuggets.
Ben Godard
Ben Godard Prije 13 dana
Michelle Castillo
Michelle Castillo Prije 17 dana
Well at least we know they use real chicken
BrutalNobody Prije mjesec
@Judo Expert Chicken head? On a List? *HA* we would all already be on a list if it was that easy
Judo Expert
Judo Expert Prije mjesec
@BrutalNobody enlighten us cuz I feel like googling chicken head will put me on a list
Paul Muad'dib
Paul Muad'dib Prije mjesec
Charlie : "another rich unrelatable person" Also Charlie: "i also have a ball pit!
Joft Prije mjesec
The Muad Dib...
SirCrackerjacks Prije mjesec
@ELEVEN Who's Paige?
J V Prije mjesec
Oh cool a dune reference
ArchAng3L7 Prije mjesec
@Muhammad Hussam getting more likes than the original comment you are replying to
bepinkfloyd Prije mjesec
@ELEVEN your mom
Evan Acey
Evan Acey Prije mjesec
Saw the greatest “Now Hiring” sign at a Burger King the other day. It said, “Why work for a clown when you can work for a king?” 😂 Mad props to whatever BK marketing exec came up with that gem!!
Shark Whisperer
Shark Whisperer Prije mjesec
Not gonna lie, that sound so badass I actually kinda wanna work at Burger King now
Minecraft Egg
Minecraft Egg Prije mjesec
I saw a Hooters one that said "We're hiring, just like everyone else"
Jactional Prije mjesec
Why dine with a clown when you can dine with a king. 👑
Riccardo Dell'Orto
Riccardo Dell'Orto Prije mjesec
McDonald's response: hi it's me, Ronald McDonald crtical and I just joined the moistverse
З Prije mjesec
It’s stolen from the internet tho 😂 but yeah finally people in marketing who get it
113Kyote Prije mjesec
I love how this video went completely from "Dude, McDonalds is kind of creepy" to "Woah! look at this vagina house!" I can't stop laughing over the extreme shift.
Neamt Prije mjesec
That woman may not look like Charles, but she’s definitely an honorary part of the MCU (Moist Critikal Universe)
Flossie Prije 20 dana
So we got a few characters in the universe
Eikon707 Prije 24 dana
My local college is called mcu. Lets goo baby
Nozza Prije 24 dana
If you’re talking about Cara Delevingne and Charlie it just seems like an insult to Charlie to be put in the same breath
tatooine_dream Prije 29 dana
cara is dope. definitely done some psychedelics
俺は馬鹿 Prije mjesec
@just some random guy with a mustache supposedly "marvel cinematic universe"
Daniel Clark-hughes
Daniel Clark-hughes Prije mjesec
"Don't accept a burger from a stranger." Fuck, Charlie, I'm only human
W.A Prije mjesec
People found chicken head in their meal "That's nasty" That particular one person : I don't think it is that bad
Stronghold Powder Keg
That feels like finding a rat in kfc meal
windy Prije mjesec
if it was a meal of fried chicken pieces it's not that bad if it was peeping out of a burger or floating in a milkshake that's a different story
Joe Farren
Joe Farren Prije mjesec
"Did we just become best friends?!" - Charlie while watching the house tour
minecraft Prije mjesec
Jackson Larson
Jackson Larson Prije mjesec
Charlie should absolutely watch "The Founder" if he's fascinated by McDonald's history.
Jedi Master Baiter
Jedi Master Baiter Prije mjesec
How accurate is it?
cr1tikal multiverse
cr1tikal multiverse Prije mjesec
YeaMan Prije mjesec
I'm better than charlie I got heat on my paige
cr1tikal multiverse
cr1tikal multiverse Prije mjesec
bringoutthelegos Prije mjesec
1:16 It’s actually really sad what happened with the McDonald’s brothers. Ray Kroc literally stole their name and used it to market his fast food empire. Would highly recommend watching “the founder” I’m unsure how much of it is true, but it’s a cinematic retelling of how mcdonalds came to be
Meme Supreme
Meme Supreme Prije mjesec
@chlorinekid it would’ve been like In n out , exclusive to California. Now it’s what it is.
chlorinekid Prije mjesec
Eh, it can be argued that the McDonald's brothers weren't able to see and take the massive opportunity that was given to them themselves.
Comrade20 Prije mjesec
So he zuckerberged his trusted companion?
Peer Mediator
Peer Mediator Prije mjesec
"A rich unrelatable person..." "I have a ball pit! She literally took my house..." Duality of man
Clouse Prije mjesec
Back in 2009 my family owned a stone shop. We bought this warehouse but for some reason there was a Ronald mc Donald statue that couldn't be moved by anything. He loomed over guests walking in to buy counter tops
Comrade20 Prije mjesec
Welcome to American Ingenuity, a statue in front of a family business -_-
Bangerang Eliko
Bangerang Eliko Prije mjesec
If you ever read "John Dies at the End" theres a chapter called "The Bratwurst Prophecy" that shows a who scene of a cursed McDonalds that only the narrator can see because hes on this drug from space called The Soy Sauce and he sees demonic shit everywhere. Such a good book
chris Prije 4 sati
My god, I never expected to see that book brought up in the comments of a critikal mcdonalds video of all places, but here it is. It's like the book itself is actually a glitch in the matrix or cursed or something. Anyway, you should absolutely read John dies at the end by david wong.
Ky nope
Ky nope Prije 24 dana
Oh God yes! Best trilogy ever!
Sabastian Kilgore
Sabastian Kilgore Prije mjesec
@IceBetweenEyeliner it absolutely is, John dies at the end is a fuckin great book, and the sequel is slightly less good but still fuckin great
IceBetweenEyeliner Prije mjesec
Is this a real thing
Brickabang Prije mjesec
I swear literally everything has a dark past. Next thing we are going to find out is that LEGO was responsible for WW2
Dave420 Prije 22 sati
@葵ちゃん Reported
Dylan Buchanan
Dylan Buchanan Prije 3 dana
Hitler was never the same after he swallowed that lego as a 5 year old…
Joseph R3grET
Joseph R3grET Prije 3 dana
@FreeSpeech lmao aaw shut up. You made that first part sound way too believable.
FreeSpeech Prije 3 dana
@Joseph R3grET Oh yeah, it’s true. The Nazis also put lego in anti-personelle mines and air-burst mortar shells.
Joseph R3grET
Joseph R3grET Prije 3 dana
@FreeSpeech ....wait. for real? Lol I don't fuckin know what's real anymore.
ASIANBOY 95 Prije mjesec
Going into Charlie's closet Is like going into the dimension that the flying dutchman sent squidward into but with a lot more fleshlights
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong Prije mjesec
And so many dildos.
Emperor Pingu's math channel
Cara Delevinge has the dopest house I've ever seen. She's living life correctly.
Elijah Gavin
Elijah Gavin Prije mjesec
@Wendel M M-m-m-m-m-m-monochromatic marble museum
Wendel M
Wendel M Prije mjesec
@Farhan Naufal That could be the name of a Muse song lol
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Prije mjesec
Yeah exactly, like at least her house got stuff everywhere and things that she likes, she had utilised her rooms and everything so it's much better than other billionaires houses that are really huge and completely empty/hollow from the inside, they might look good from the outside but not the inside you enter a room and it's 80% emptiness because it's so big.
mcchickenz Prije mjesec
@MoonlightBae they' didnt say "wow she worked so hard for that house" they said she's living life correctly lmao. I hate rich people too bud but somehow i doubt a fashion model is particularly responsible for the elite class.
Farhan Naufal
Farhan Naufal Prije mjesec
Gotta give it to her, she got taste. Most of her peers be living in generic monochromatic marble museum.
James Hsieh
James Hsieh Prije mjesec
When I was a kid in taiwan a Ronald McDonald actor came in and gave us free Big Macs as a way to show appreciation for not allowing kfc to sponsor the school. Even back then McDonald’s was already a worldwide sensation for kids, at least for Taiwanese kids.
Djuntas Prije mjesec
@EmilyW Quit interesting you see it that way. I find what I see from say Japan to being wildly different from europe or US in terms of food. I figured there was not that many US-based food things in asian countries.
Felicity Honeycutt
Felicity Honeycutt Prije mjesec
Holy wow
Dimentio Prije mjesec
@EmilyW home "country" - 30 social credit
Mario Ion Ion 2
Mario Ion Ion 2 Prije mjesec
@EmilyW food is food tho
mcchickenz Prije mjesec
@EmilyW Think you h ave a skewed perspective of your own people. Food from places like taiwan, and many more asian nations. is super super popular all over the west, and we are as easily influenced by your culture as you are ours. you just haven't seen anything thats not american shit because your country doesn't get much thanks to big old douchebag china.
Yuri Ikari 369
Yuri Ikari 369 Prije mjesec
I remember the McDonald's in Kirkwood MO use to have TONS of old McDonald's characters n stuff displayed around the huge play place. They even had a seat at the bottom for kids to sit next a fake Ronald. Unfortunately the completely tore it down and remodeled the place to be a small fraction of what it once was lol
Crunchy Jello
Crunchy Jello Prije mjesec
@Mido- oct They had one of those benches at the McDonalds playplace I frequented as a kid. We didn't have PS2s but we did have 4 N64s there. Tony Hawk, Mario Party, Nascar and Dr. Mario. Good times, except the Mario Party game was just a recorded demo on a loop.
There was a McDonald’s on the Eastern Shore in MD, I wanna say in either Easton or Cambridge, that had a play-place with a N64 back in the day. They also had one of those massive two-story tubular climbing mazes.
Dan Drive
Dan Drive Prije mjesec
I used to go to that one every now and then I think. I used to go to the one in Arnold. They had Game Cubes their. I remember playing Sonic Heroes on one of them.
Kirkland Cofer
Kirkland Cofer Prije mjesec
Fellow Missourian, guten Tag!
Mido- oct
Mido- oct Prije mjesec
They had the bench for picture in a Mcdonalds here where I live. I haven't been there yet so they might have took it down. Not to mention that they also had PlayStation 2's was a fun one tbh
TheGamingBrix Prije mjesec
*”No, God, why?! They killed Mayor McCheese!”* -Charlie, 2021
MajaMystic256 Prije mjesec
I'm confused, They said Mayor McCheese was discontinued in 1985 but that doesn't make sense because I recognize and remember him from my childhood but I was born in the mid 90s
Mongo Prije mjesec
@DylanIsAKing it's a bot bro don't waste your time
DylanIsAKing Prije mjesec
@Pvc just realized he doesn’t even have want vids
Pvc Prije mjesec
@YeaMan I doubt it
DylanIsAKing Prije mjesec
@YeaMan yeah sure
John Carlo Fernandez
I love how they are not aware that they're making an effective lovecraftian horror for today's society
Lance Shute
Lance Shute Prije mjesec
Are we going to skip over this lady saying a fried chicken head is "not that bad"? 5:50
popori kishin
popori kishin Prije mjesec
Asian people: first time? Chicken head is surprisingly soft btw. I rarely eat it feel weird to me u chew those grey matter not very pleasant knowing that.
林廷杰 Prije mjesec
We Chinese people actually eat that, not everyday food tho.
Angelo Prije mjesec
it's not, I would be glad to know it's real chicken at least
aaron4820 Prije mjesec
At least it proves that they were actually eating chicken.
Ayban3 Prije mjesec
Bro you get what you ask for. and look, life goes on
Jake Schatzberg
Jake Schatzberg Prije mjesec
If you haven’t yet watched The Founder, I highly recommend it. It’s about the origins of mcdonald’s and just an absolutely amazing movie.
Da rel posty_ Malone1082
McDonald’s propaganda
Ehsa Prije mjesec
This reminded me of a dream I once had where I walked into a dark amphitheater, and inside this massive colosseum was thousands of screaming terrified children strapped into high chairs, as they were the audience, and when I look up at where the stage is, I see before me a 60 foot tall Ronald McDonald picking children up out of the audience one by one and eating them whole, high chair and all. Then I awoke to realize this wasn't too far off from reality, as the McDonalds entity has trapped countless tens of thousands of people in obesity and horrible food practices. Its directly responsible for countless deaths due to heart disease.
HISHAM A.N Prije mjesec
How tf did this video go from McDonads' creepy history to Cara Delevingne's house?!
Thales Azevedo
Thales Azevedo Prije mjesec
Prexcher Prije mjesec
I'm also wondering this
Angelo Prije mjesec
lazy editors
Boop Prije mjesec
@YeaMan Wtf does that even mean
Nick W
Nick W Prije mjesec
@YeaMan On your "paige"? Yeah, nobody is going to click on your profile, sorry bud
Spellbound Prije mjesec
The Cara Delevingne walkthrough was really something genuine.
Audrey Prije mjesec
One time when I was a kid the McDonalds in my homework hired someone to dress up as Ronald McDonald and take pictures with kids. No one was interacting with him so my mom forced me and my brother to go ask for his autograph. We were really scared and didn’t want to but she made us anyways. He just angrily signed the paper and handed it to us. Traumatizing af 😂
Spitfire Prije mjesec
Cara's house is the defenition of Charlie's mind on a daily basis
Raisu Prije mjesec
It's so weird seeing Charlie get upset about that lady's house because they would probably be friends if they met in person lol
AR-XGEE Official
AR-XGEE Official Prije mjesec
I just applied for McDonald's
俺は馬鹿 Prije mjesec
@DEWI ASAMI low effort bot they forgot to add a pfp
AR-XGEE Official
AR-XGEE Official Prije mjesec
@CranidOnHRburn I hate the long hours, but besides that it's cool
CranidOnYoutube Prije mjesec
@Psyche M yeah, the one i work at is known as being the shittest one in my area, the managers are nice but people just go home whenever they want or don’t show up half the time
CranidOnYoutube Prije mjesec
@AR-XGEE Official ok hello again, im at the point i hate it now lmao
Psyche M
Psyche M Prije mjesec
I worked there a while ago, and it really sucked. A lot of favoritism at the location I worked at.
Duckhunter711 Prije mjesec
I can't believe Charlie hasn't seen the founder. It really gives you a insight into mc Donald's
Mikīla Marine
Mikīla Marine Prije mjesec
so they expanded their popularity with milkshakes, got us hooked, and then took the ice cream machines away (ya know, they're "still there" but are they?)
Mito Prije mjesec
there's something really fascinating about rewatching this specific Yesterworld episode, alongside the Burger King Kingdom & Showbiz Pizza episodes
Victor0326 Prije mjesec
I actually remember seeing one of those sittable Ronald back when I was very young. it wasn't the same design as this but I certainly saw one of those cursed things
Gerhard Damm
Gerhard Damm Prije mjesec
The history channel has a “Food that made us” show that’s actually really entertaining that has the McDonald’s story. It’s pretty interesting
That Guy Again
That Guy Again Prije mjesec
I hate how someone painstakingly drew the Ronald highchair without so much as a second thought in those 6-8 hellish hours.
Thomas Wight
Thomas Wight Prije mjesec
Fun fact: The Huge McDonald’s millions give away events were always rigged, I think like one person won the million dollar cash prize pretty much every time until they found out and stopped doing it.
Kurt Hensley
Kurt Hensley Prije mjesec
I was not prepared for the transition into the house tour. Caught me off guard.😂
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen Prije mjesec
6:11 It just jumps randomly from McDonald's history to a Cara Delevigne house tour.
Vy Meyers
Vy Meyers Prije mjesec
@Lights You alright dude?
Vy Meyers
Vy Meyers Prije mjesec
@Skip ads It seems that you missed the fact that they're quoting the comment that they're replying to, hence "your" instead of you're.
Two Boss
Two Boss Prije mjesec
@YeaMan you talk a lot for having 88 subs 💀
real human being
real human being Prije mjesec
@Lights bruh
Lights Prije mjesec
@Skip ads Go “back” to grammar school? Sister, I don’t think they even attended. But you and I? We graduated summa cum laude, baby! ...And we’re better than that peasant because of it.
Sean Wilkinson
Sean Wilkinson Prije mjesec
I can't be the only one who thought those character high-chair sketches were meant to be for...forgive me...for child-sized urinals and toilets in family washrooms... And I'm speechless as to why Charles seemed okay and approved of the Willard Scott (original) Ronald McDonald clown outfit. Dude, he looks like a used-up carnival crackhead sideshow barker, who wandered off with a flask of Wild Turkey into the night, and literally passed out in a McD dumpster...he found his namesake eatery offered better pickings like the "this is too hot/cold/salty/not fresh/no pickles on #1, but double pickles on #2" castoffs and other miniscule oopsies with nuggets and fries that allowed him to feast freely, but climbing out of a garbage bin on a Sunday morning with an entire takeaway box, worn like a hat, with cups, scraps, and shit stuck to him...especially with Pennywise nowadays...the counselors, therapists, and microdose DIY shamans in town are all making stacks and stacks of polymer bills, all from helping Susie and Jack Jr. try to exorcise the evil food harlequin from their memories.
Suakeli Prije mjesec
"Bed of mold" sounds cursed, like a Dark Souls level with toxic green mold
Kristine Liwanag
Kristine Liwanag Prije 12 dana
Mcdonald's just went into a depressing state in 2010 becoming simplier and more modern, it was so fun when it was in the 1980's
Various Pie
Various Pie Prije mjesec
Never knew McDonald's lore got this deep
Comrade20 Prije mjesec
You think that's worse? Look up Sinaltral v. Coca Cola, 2003 in Colombia, the right wing death squads killed 10 trade union workers, but they might've been hired by Coca Cola
FOXINATOR273 Prije mjesec
I actually got Ronald McDonald's autograph one time when I was like 4 and it was one of the best days of my life.
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
How tf did this video go from McDonads' creepy history to Cara Delevingne's house?!
Brook Hall
Brook Hall Prije mjesec
I feel like with Burger King's Sneak King there was a sense of intentional irony, in it's own main menu screen the live action king is sneaking around doing stupid shit and the gameplay is that of a reverse horror game but you're giving burgers with a flourish. Ronald is just disturbing and the company never really addresses that with a joking manner and made use of it, only internet users really used Ronald for intentionally disturbing & absurd stuff.
Swarnim Vajpai
Swarnim Vajpai Prije mjesec
Charlie, you should definitely watch "Ronald McDonald: A life" by Ordinary Things. It's brilliant 😂
GrimeyOddballer Prije mjesec
McDonald’s should have Charlie as their mascot.
GrimeyOddballer Prije mjesec
@yoyooo2008 yeah ive reported them so much and it hasnt done shit
N S Prije mjesec
The marketing would be so easy too - Charlie just sitting at McDonalds, employee sets happy meal in front of him, "Wooooo, yeah baby! That's what I've been waiting for! That's what it's all about! Woo-oo-ooo!"
Reynante O. Nayona Jr.
it's impossible considering the height
@yoyooo2008 I thinks it’s because they can’t do anything about it
Micolash Prije mjesec
everything should have charlie as its mascot
XanderKai Prije mjesec
ok this just unlocked a memory in me where I used to go to mcdonald’s every tuesday as a kid (my mom brought me) to meet up with a clown who would do face paintings on my face. why…just why 😭
billy bob
billy bob Prije mjesec
That shoe in the ball pit reminds me of when I would find lots of socks and shoes in the nasty McDonalds ball pits. Those things were nasty😂
Geovanni Soto
Geovanni Soto Prije mjesec
I didn't know fried chicken heads were a whole issue. I've actually had that happen to me once.
Jonah Guinn
Jonah Guinn Prije mjesec
“Why is everything vaginal based”- Charlie 2021
Fartylipjuice Prije mjesec
Queso Kid
Queso Kid Prije mjesec
Man old vhs tapes will always bring back the most weird or wholesome memories from my childhood.
That’s What Leigh Said
Yesterworld is awesome! Them and Defunctland always blow my mind with their documentaries.
slluks Prije mjesec
I remember having this nightmare several times where my dad would get devoured by that hamburger with legs and eyes.
Dabo Life
Dabo Life Prije mjesec
This is the creepiest history of all time everyone should know.
Zextac Prije mjesec
Ravetastic. Prije mjesec
@random person BOT
Ravetastic. Prije mjesec
Ravetastic. Prije mjesec
@Power of Truth ✝️ *k*
random person
random person Prije mjesec
@Ravetastic. Yep, already heard that from the first four comments telling me lmao
Saini 苦
Saini 苦 Prije mjesec
“The ball pit, it hides things very well... such as dog shit” - Charlie 2021 😂🙏🏾
Soft Goth
Soft Goth Prije mjesec
In my old town I grew up in there was an old McDonald's that had a life-sized Ronald Mcdonald statue. I remember wanting to climb on it so bad lol.
badtemper88 Prije mjesec
The guys channel you’re watching is awesome he does great essays on horror and creepy shit.
Aidin Ex Machina
Aidin Ex Machina Prije mjesec
Clowns were never terrifying to me but I also never understood how they were supposed to be gut bustingly funny. Before the internet people were more easily entertained.
do0M Prije mjesec
Can't wait to see the full-length reaction, without all the skipping around, on the clips channel.
Hy-Roller77 Prije mjesec
🤣 the reason I pulled up this vid was because of the height chairs. They say they were never made but I totally remember sitting in chairs like that. Absolutely terrifying, but they weren't height chairs. I think it would've been more traumatic if I had gotten strapped into it🤣
GodSpeed Prije mjesec
i think the chairs were produced for a short time cause i vividly remember being terrified to go in there because of them
McGonzo Prije mjesec
Charlie, he didn’t work for them, he sold them mixer machines and liked their business model so he became obsessed with them pretty much
Moon L
Moon L Prije mjesec
"her house is like my closet" wow okay come back down to earth charlie
Ludwig Bower
Ludwig Bower Prije mjesec
There used to be a McDonald’s on a ne of them win roads where I live, and it had a basement and main level and upstairs, the basement was always loaded because homeless people and people on drugs would break in and start fire in the tables. They eventually locked the basement up because there was a double murder suicide. I remember going there that same week before it happened.
BrokenArrow Prije mjesec
Didn't Charlie already review this house once? This seems familiar
Joseph Friedheim
Joseph Friedheim Prije mjesec
My great grandpa’s jazz band played for the CEO of McDonald’s at his mansion and he gave the whole band happy meals for dinner
Protoka Prije mjesec
"What does the future smell like" 'It smells like what the Rock is cooking.' "That's impossible."
snickle1980 Prije mjesec
3:22 The only time you'll see Michael Myers smile...
Chris Heryla
Chris Heryla Prije mjesec
I met the man himself multiple times when my mom worked at McDonald’s when I was little haha.
Jesper ;Livid;
Jesper ;Livid; Prije mjesec
At some McDonald's locations they had a life sized Ronald statue in the play place you could sit in the lap of so that seat basically got made
Keegan Gormley
Keegan Gormley Prije mjesec
You the best brotha keep up the grind love how much you post
Charles Hardesty
Charles Hardesty Prije mjesec
1:39 I haven't been to the circus for at least 15 years, but I thought they still had clowns. Why'd they get rid of them? Was it because a loud few are terrified of them?
Dude, Bozo the Clown was a staple WELL into my childhood. I think that show ran into the 2000s. Maybe it just stayed popular in Chicago, but Bozo Buckets... BIG DEAL
Wut Prije mjesec
I love how Charlie is getting into theme park shit
B S Prije mjesec
That woman was so cool. Like wtf, she had no business being so charming.
Rozanfaust Prije mjesec
@zeorph Thats like 98% of all rich people doing a house tour and bringing their dog because it gives more views or i dont know, theyre all pretty damn annoying.
I Agree:) . .
zeorph Prije mjesec
nah she's kinda annoying
polly argo
polly argo Prije mjesec
@1n$ane i mean if u disagree that’s fine lmao 😭
Maya aa
Maya aa Prije mjesec
Tye Dye
Tye Dye Prije mjesec
Uses ball pit for the first time sense installing it: “There’s a shoe in here!?”
poodtang2 Prije mjesec
4:51 If you still have the whole set of those glasses put away somewhere, you've made a lot of money. Probably several thousand dollars I'm guessing, or more.
mitchtherevolution Prije 6 dana
Born in 91, I remember seeing Bozo the Clown still running on TV when I was really young.
Termite Prije mjesec
I'm so glad that Charlie is a man of culture.
614Amsterdam Prije mjesec
I was labeled a libtard by a person I only ever spoke to once. And that one conversation was about McDonald land lore and Mayor McCheese… can’t blame him tbh
l i f e l e s s
l i f e l e s s Prije mjesec
What’s really funny is I just went to McDonald’s tonight and I was watching critikal‘s Stream while in the drive-through line and now I’m seeing this video 30 minutes after I get home from McDonald’s
BigSmoke420 Prije 15 dana
"This sounds like a guy who made milkshakes for McDonald's" Damn lol
Valentin T
Valentin T Prije mjesec
Man still has some stream content to make into videos from March, I can't imagine just how big the video backlog is.
Slavic Logic
Slavic Logic Prije mjesec
bozo the clown is actually my great uncle or so my grandmother claims. my grandmother used to tell me stories about him. im adopted anyway so who knows. but she always spoke nicely about him.
Lunatic Leone
Lunatic Leone Prije mjesec
Ray croc just screwed them over legally, he never bought them out, he ran them out of their own business 🤣😂😭
William Afton
William Afton Prije 11 dana
I remember one time in elemtry school "Ronald McDonald" visited our school during recess and we all went into his trailer while he talked to us- He scared the 🙂shoot🙂 outa me so I was in the back of the trailer bending my knees so i'd be shorter than other people but he still spotted me and glared at me while cheerily talking... then at night I had a nightmare where Ronald McDonald was in my house and before I went to school he grabbed my backpack and dragged me into the bathroom where he proceeded to poop in it while laughing. Then he took the backpack and threw it down the stairs into the basement. I literally refused to use that backpack ever again. also something that kinda weird is it took place at my dad's house but I never slept at my dad's house on school nights so idk why it took place there lolol
Josh W
Josh W Prije mjesec
As a former McDonald's employee, knowing what went into the sauce was crazy.
HoO Prije 14 dana
When she found the shoe inside the ball pit I remembered the shoe room in Little Nightmares 🤣
SnowyTW Prije mjesec
7:06 You see, the Funk is a living creature. It's 'bout the size of a medicine ball, but covered in teats. It came from another planet, and landed on Bootsy Collins's house.
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Never trust a clown guys. Stephen King taught me that
Kyle Jonas
Kyle Jonas Prije mjesec
We’re just skipping right past the lady who said “I don’t think it’s that bad?” Ok
Red Prije mjesec
For the person that found the chicken head. Be happy that you know it’s actually real chicken then.
TiesThatBind513 Prije mjesec
"She would lose her mind in my closet" ok, calm way down Charlie
NurMars Prije mjesec
Damn, it's been over 8 months since he watched this
Jon Harrison
Jon Harrison Prije 22 dana
when he said "Thanks for inviting me in here I come" he sounded like a vampire.
L H Prije 7 dana
I always feel like clowns were supposed to be seen from afar as in the circus and that would be fine. But then people took it up close on TV and it just doesnt work.. I never really see kids comfortable around clowns.. Nor do I have memories of them bringing me joy. They just straight up creepy, maybe we just evolved to a post-clown phase in our existence
Andy Ruvolo
Andy Ruvolo Prije mjesec
I’m so confused by how this randomly went from a McDonalds video to a Cara Delevingne house tour…
SullBhit Prije mjesec
i really want to see a stream of charlie reacting to "the amazon review killer"
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