'I want my freedom back': thousands in Austria protest against Covid lockdown 

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Thousands of people gathered in central Vienna to protest against new tough pandemic measures in Austria. Whistling, clapping, blowing horns and banging drums, protesters - many of them far-right supporters - streamed into Heroes’ Square on Saturday. With daily infections still setting records, the government said it would put the countryt back in lockdown from Monday and make it compulsory to get vaccinated from 1 February

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Thousands protest in Vienna against Austria’s Covid restrictions ►

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20. Stu 2021.



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Guardian News
Guardian News Prije 7 dana
Thousands protest in Vienna against Austria’s Covid restrictions ►
MJ Ce Prije 2 dana
@Joy Synmonds 😂😂😂
Sterling K.
Sterling K. Prije 2 dana
Europe had to fight hard for their freedom during WWII. It's time again and don't give up.
Turbulent Times
Turbulent Times Prije 2 dana
yeah and about 8.7mil didn't soooo.....
bruno alves
bruno alves Prije 3 dana
@Isa T LOL sure buddy
Isa T
Isa T Prije 3 dana
@bruno alves liar
RUINS MARS Prije 3 minuta
Take down the capitol Building !!! Brick by brick !!!!! Come on, you nearly conquered a world once and you can't carry a simple brick ???
Erwin Bolocboloc
People In future will laugh to us 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Людмила Водовозова
Ma Milla
Ma Milla Prije 7 sati
Fight before they press harder and take your freedom away
john o neill
john o neill Prije 7 sati
Get back in doors and listen to your dictators Austrian people.
Jerry Jocoy
Jerry Jocoy Prije 8 sati
Stand strong Austria we send our love from America we will all stand together as one and take down the elite that have ruled us all over the world for way too long!
Semdo Nempiedade
Semdo Nempiedade Prije 10 sati
Lets push back the Tyranny
Jack D. Benisi
Jack D. Benisi Prije 10 sati
State sponsored terrorism. From OUR elected officials. By OUR elected officials. Does it get any more clearer than that?
TerraSai Prije 11 sati
It’s only a matter of time before we cause our own extinction. Oh well, it’ll be better for the planet anyways.
tlolovestats Prije 11 sati
Kinda sucks doesn't when you have no freedom. Take notice Americians. This is what your neighbor's here don't understand
kusheran Prije 11 sati
Protesting against a pandemic is irrational.
Markus Janz
Markus Janz Prije 11 sati
Please just stay in lockdown a little longer for your saftey
dave liu
dave liu Prije 11 sati
The vaccine is the best invention of human beings. Some can die from allergies on eating peanut butter, should we ban peanuts? NUTS. go get an education to rid of ignorance.
angel vision
angel vision Prije 12 sati
put your masks on 😱
Steve Rousseau
Steve Rousseau Prije 12 sati
Who is making these viruses? N the new Various variants it's not stopping
Paul Lafarge Candide
Paul Lafarge Candide Prije 14 sati
It was never about people´s health. RNA based drugs...not tested.....used in human beings...this is terrible.... do not take these information to see what is happening around the world....
tp Prije 15 sati
Keep it up... Freedom is worth fighting for!
The Lost Vikings
The Lost Vikings Prije 16 sati
Fight For Freedom, Die For Freedom, And Overcome The Tyrants.
Ma Ko
Ma Ko Prije 16 sati
It's not covid that makes people's lives miserable, it's the restrictions.
Peter Meter
Peter Meter Prije 17 sati
Peter Meter
Peter Meter Prije 17 sati
Richard Melkus
Richard Melkus Prije 17 sati
Liebe Österreicher, haut sie auf die hässliche Politikerfresse! Grüße aus Deutschland ❤️👍
DimitriuS Stao
DimitriuS Stao Prije 17 sati
blue flames
blue flames Prije 17 sati
Sehr Danke für Sie! 🙏🙏🙏
After Show
After Show Prije 17 sati
Hab euch lieb.
After Show
After Show Prije 17 sati
Ich mag die Klobürsten.
Zoron Prije 17 sati
Ganz ehrlich. Wenn man es nicht schafft sich an Regeln zu halten und sich nicht Imofen zu lassen DANN MUSS DER LOCKDOWN EINFACH SEIN. Ich meine der Lovkdown ist ja nicht dafür da um andere einzugrenzen. Er ist dafür da das der Virus eingegränzt wird. Eure Freiheit habt ihr immer noch
Aaron aka A Gãmé
Aaron aka A Gãmé Prije 18 sati
🦾🦾🦾 Fight!
RowdyRager -
RowdyRager - Prije 18 sati
If covid was such a big deal wouldnt those people be sick and dying.
odense84 Prije 18 sati
Insane that they want to force you all to take that vaccine what about the humans right. And now they want to give Pfizer to chilierne fra 5 -11 years old i Danmark
e Wise
e Wise Prije 19 sati
So theyve been in lockdown for the last year, how do they have the new variant?!!!
Mr AMU Prije 19 sati
To be free you have to get the vaccination or pay 3800 Euro !! What a blackmail !!
Eric Christen
Eric Christen Prije 19 sati
Obviously. No one likes slavery nor tyranny. Hope they overthrow the f*scists there.
Artemisia Prije 19 sati
4-5 old men hold the whole world! Alooo 4-5 old men! Irony! What are you waiting for more?!
Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez Prije 20 sati
Right-wingers: "LOckDowns hUrt my FredUmbs!" " "VaCcinEs hUrt mY FrEedUmbs!" "MaSks hUrt mY Freedumbs!" Also Right-wingers: "LoOk aT the gOverNmeNt lettin evEryBoDy dIE!"
Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez Prije 20 sati
If THIS is the response to attempts to limit the spread of a virus in a worldwide pandemic, medical treatment should/will be rationed.
Роздуми Хагсі
Austria! Stick on Your point of view. 🇺🇦🇦🇹
seanusmcmaximus Prije 20 sati
All those selfish people
Надежда Макарова
Изолировать от людей надо всё правительство мира и тогда они будут готовы Принять участие в митинге??)// Им это понравится??)/
MY NAME 666 Prije 21 sat
Хоть и без перевода но и так все понятно верите людям законное право на нормальную жизнь
Simplesmente Caio
Simplesmente Caio Prije 23 sati
Congrats to Austrian!
GTK Prije 23 sati
This is why people need a 2nd amendment
Fierylunar Prije 17 sati
The 2nd amendment is never the answer outside the South of the USA. There, even the question 'what is 1+2?' is answered with 'I don't need to know as long as I got my gun'.
Deepak Bind
Deepak Bind Prije 23 sati
If this kind of thing would happen in developing nation than so called world media would make it headline in their every show
Deepak Bind
Deepak Bind Prije 23 sati
If this kind of thing would happen in developing nation than so called world media would make it headline in their every show
Deepak Bind
Deepak Bind Prije dan
What an irony so called developed nation are acting as fool
LIFER Prije dan
stonerpunk Prije dan
These comments are not it
Subh Kiroriwal
Subh Kiroriwal Prije dan
Indian Media Are Hiding these Protests...
Courageous people..
சுதந்திரம் நமது உரிமை 👍
Edna James
Edna James Prije dan
Your freedom is when your alive and free from covid, so protect yourself, stay safe stay home.
POTUS 2020
POTUS 2020 Prije dan
The real Virus is the people in the Government and mainstream media! Beware of their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA!
Adi MAU Prije dan
You should see Indonesia. So peace and controable with tolerance
서민한 Prije dan
자유를 갈망할수록 자유가 멀어진다. 이유는 방역수칙을 지키지 않을수록 확진자가 늘어나 자유와 멀어진다.
Nirob Ahmed
Nirob Ahmed Prije dan
জানোয়ারদের কোনো স্বাধীনতা দেয়া হবে না। এবনরমাল জানোয়ারদের হত্যা করো
darth vader
darth vader Prije dan
Suhan Singh
Suhan Singh Prije dan
If they want their freedom back then they should keep the locked down and social distancing for a few days strictly. So that government would have a control over it because if this virus got out of control then it would result in massive loss of human life. And I think life is important than a few days locked down. Hope you understand. No offense to anyone.
Christian Prije dan
Theyre preparing you for the Papal Sunday Law (once a week Climate change lockdown). once you do so, you'll worship the beast and the Image thereof
alldifficult Prije dan
Удивительно как отупело человечество. В прошлом веке благодаря срочно разработанной вакцине мир самог победить оспу. А сегодня выросло поколение не способное определить свой пол, но зато считающие себя экспертами во всем. И ставящими свои якобы угнетенные права выше безопасности общества в целом. С таким подходом ковид это история на десятилетия.
Little André
Little André Prije dan
Würklick, das ist nich ein democration.
Abyss Prije dan
Quit voting for leftwing nuts and maybe it wouldn't be so bad. People who mask themselves outside while yelling they want their freedom are part of the problem. They vote in people who take freedoms away then are surprised when they lose their freedoms but continue voting in lefty lunatics.
Xicheng Wang
Xicheng Wang Prije dan
Human love to fight nature, nature always wins tho
David Torres
David Torres Prije dan
No progress #10
Bride Colbourne
Bride Colbourne Prije dan
White people don’t like vaccines
Weli Situmorang
Weli Situmorang Prije dan
Maaf" Brother-brother" hormati " pejabat Negara kalian???" kalau di lihat begitu" sepertinya Negara kalian tidak ada yg pintar":atau utusan" dlsbnya" di Pandang Negara lain"(Rakyat itu bisa jadi" bos buat pejabat pemerintah) ngapain demo cape-cape!!!" emangnya" Pejabat pemerintah nggk mikirin Rakyat" biarkan mereka jadi pejabat" senang dgn jabatannya" Rakyat bahagia dgn kedamaian ke bebasannya???" ini rakyat pengen ngatur pejabat" bukankah begitu??? terimakasih.......
Ticotech Houston
Filip Kacper
Filip Kacper Prije dan
the coronavirus does exist, but it is the beginning of global obedience and enslavement.
Daniela Beasley
Daniela Beasley Prije dan
I’m happy to see more lions each day. But sadly we still have to many sheep’s believing the government while they slowly taking everything away from us
mayur joee
mayur joee Prije dan
Every year new variant 🤬🤬🤬🤬
King Solomon
King Solomon Prije dan
Freedom from earth too. Rip with covid
raghu ram
raghu ram Prije dan
Sure, if freedom means being locked up in 6foot box forever then be my guest.
O Husky
O Husky Prije dan
gonna vote to have your guns back or what, aussies?
dorry fila
dorry fila Prije dan
Zach Szala
Zach Szala Prije dan
Keep it up push back against the gov they aren’t greater than the people. Let people live their lives.
Shuizid Prije dan
That's why we need the lockdown - so people can "live their lifes" and don't die to a pandemic.
Rodney Zurek
Rodney Zurek Prije dan
Fools protest the VIRUS ,LAUGHS!
dong wang
dong wang Prije dan
Freedom is born with responsibility.
Bb Cala
Bb Cala Prije 12 minuta
That is why is the leader in the world. Because they are very very disapline. Americans use to be like that. You confuse freedom with doing the right thing. Get locked up for a month. And when you get out, You will be humbled and understand fully about freedom and being free. Nobody's freedom was ever infringed upon, people just don't want to comply so we can get over this thing
Kobe A5 Wagyu
Kobe A5 Wagyu Prije dan
This is not China. Every country is different.
Joseph Mayfield
Joseph Mayfield Prije dan
“I want to be able to cause harm to others.”
Channara Sous
Channara Sous Prije dan
Yes we need our freedom back
Channara Sous
Channara Sous Prije dan
Iron duck
Iron duck Prije dan
Europeans wanna freedom even though more than 10000 people catch coronavirus in Germany, UK, France, Netherland, Poland, Italy and Austria. Things don't look like turning up. Why do they gather in group and speak in loud voice ? Why do they don't think those action spread virus? Hold on until new case is less than 1000.
Happiness51 51
Happiness51 51 Prije dan
💜 🙏
NewYorkCity Mo
NewYorkCity Mo Prije dan
The people as a whole need to just stand together and fight together.
Cody Levesque
Cody Levesque Prije dan
children. grow up
Cowabonga Prije dan
Give up freedom for safety you deserve neither…….Benjamin Franklin
Tokuto _
Tokuto _ Prije dan
only thing to complain about is the lockdown if you are complaining about the vaccine then you acting childish is like another flu shot i don't see people protesting about that ? … their is far more important things to protests about than a vaccine
j h
j h Prije dan
And this is why we are where we are closer to beating this thing.
Major Problems
Major Problems Prije dan
Oh wait, this was over covid? I thought someone didn’t get into art school again.
{sbrina} Prije dan
Here in jamaica..we are with u guys all the way...
Garegin Asatryan
People have to realize that not all of these protesters are anti-vaccine. But in some places they have extreme measures like phone confirmations and restrictions on when and how people can visit each other’s homes. In the US, you essentially have no restrictions for the vaccinated
Yah Go'el
Yah Go'el Prije dan
I tell you the truth! People need to get into the Word of Elohim and work out their own salvation; studying to show themselves approved. These powerful elites own 90-95% of the governments around the world. They are only ushering in the abomination of desolation. And the mark of the beast is already here, but it won’t be mandatory until the beast sits on Elohim’s throne when the Third Temple is built where it should not be!
AshaJ Prije dan
They don't understand the freedom. Should go to countries, where there's no water, food, and they have political issues.
LucaFlip Prije dan
This is not how all austrians think!
hay austians, this is not enough people there should be at least 5,000. millions of you to make a noise.
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