Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories! 

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Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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5. Tra 2021.



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Weegeepie Prije 9 mjeseci
That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming fav GT episode
Patrizia Altieri
Patrizia Altieri Prije 15 dana
Weegiepie is possibile that Melony in secret make a ritual with sacrifices, to bring Axol back to life, or secretly create a robotic Axol?
Logan Poole
Logan Poole Prije 24 dana
Robert Cortez
Robert Cortez Prije mjesec
oy weegie
The Nexus
The Nexus Prije mjesec
Rest In Peace Ronnie Oni Edwards
Tazdivil Prije mjesec
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Prije 9 mjeseci
Well, now we know how Scott really feels about matpat.
RoyaleRxses Prije 4 dana
how are here. how are you EVERYWHERE?
evil leapfrog
evil leapfrog Prije mjesec
Touch this link if you love your mom 😁😁😁
Quentin Wolf Gaming
Quentin Wolf Gaming Prije mjesec
Enigma Prije 4 mjeseci
I feel like these commenters are stupid or crazy, OR BOTH
LolIdk Prije 5 mjeseci
*Weren't you outed as a Transphobe by someone?*
Lazer Robot
Lazer Robot Prije 24 dana
It’s always fun to go back and watch these theories and see how correct they are
NotSoLilGuat Prije 20 sati
@PurpleEvee some are like how he legit predicted how you'd be able to upgrade and use montys claws
belle Prije 3 dana
@Kiter yeah that was what i was thinking like "no.... but yes"
Kiter Prije 8 dana
Maybe some of them are incorrect, but seeing his idea of using Monty to get into the parts that are blocked off by chains... We literally do that. Just not by entering Monty, instead we dismantle his hands and put em on Freddy
PurpleEvee Prije 12 dana
They aren't correct tho 💀
Based Prije 12 dana
@BnB Face Because he is all broken and can't defend himself? He literally is slower than Gregory's walking speed.
StrangeAsFiction Prije 24 dana
I love how Matt’s theory about using the other animatronics to access different areas of the PizzaPlex is both wrong (Freddy is the only animatronic helping you, the others being hacked to go after you) and correct (using their upgrades on Freddy)
Dr. Doot
Dr. Doot Prije 11 dana
He was kinda close yet missed by a mile
Pikachewz _
Pikachewz _ Prije 14 dana
You basically use them just their parts tho
slothstin 10
slothstin 10 Prije 17 dana
Well, I mean you kinda do, u use the parts of them to access it, he was half right
Beastycool the wolf
Beastycool the wolf Prije 20 dana
Don't forget trash afton
CookiesNCats Prije 22 dana
(SPOILER if you havent seen all of SB) The part about baby taking control makes the delay and everything else make SO much sense. Book being released before the game was not supposed to happen. The book was sorta meant to be after the game? Like the afton ending reveals the place was built on FNAF 6 / the pizzeria simulator. That afton was still alive (or still is? likely not..) the ending is simply insane.
Holly MacCharles
Holly MacCharles Prije 4 mjeseci
I don't know what's more concerning, the implication that Scott resents MattPat enough to write a story about a character representing him mutilating themself or the implication that Scott wants to get Mattpat pregnant with one of his creations.
Leafgreen 25
Leafgreen 25 Prije 2 dana
I was just skimming through the comments , and. That last sentence. Caught me SO off guard.
?Eri_fairy? Prije 24 dana
Kenneth Satria
Kenneth Satria Prije 29 dana
@Candy Seeker I think its just harmless trolling
Candy  Seeker
Candy Seeker Prije mjesec
What???? Why would Scott have anything against Matpat???
BubbleCloud Prije mjesec
@New3DSLUIGI364 I- what? In the big words of confusion-
Ákos Ragályi
Ákos Ragályi Prije 26 dana
MatPat: "If you remember, there is no toy version of Foxy in Fnaf 2." Mangle: *Am I a joke to you?*
YellowSkarmory Prije 8 dana
@Tev Amabas lmaoooo that last part killed me
[ ]
[ ] Prije 8 dana
@Big boii big brain the new glamrock animatronics don’t have souls except Freddy maybe, but What i am saying is that he isnt comparing mangle to roxy rather saying that there was a fox in fnaf 2 so where did you Even Get that from?
Big boii
Big boii Prije 13 dana
@Tev Amabas also there's the other point i put above ^
Big boii
Big boii Prije 13 dana
@Tev Amabas true but scott could've just made roxy into a fox in the first place if he wanted roxy to represent mangle's replacement. It's just confusing that he made it a wolf for no reason unless it's just a new character.
Tev Amabas
Tev Amabas Prije 14 dana
@Big boii oh, and, it’s pretty easy to rebrand a robot fox into a robot wolf. Yes, I know foxes and wolves are NOT in the same family, but I don’t think Fazbear Entertainment cares that much about the differences between a fox and a wolf if they can’t care about literal child deaths in their own facilities
WayTwo Prije 9 mjeseci
Faz goo is a great way to describe the current state of the FNaF lore
miu on drugs
miu on drugs Prije 8 mjeseci
@Floppy floof yeah, its all just flying random rainbow fairies that just want to murder you then become purple and then a covid-20, it's all making me not even question reality
Floppy floof
Floppy floof Prije 8 mjeseci
@miu on drugs to think I seriously used to praide Scott for his writing, lol.
miu on drugs
miu on drugs Prije 8 mjeseci
It's just ducked up at this point, nothing makes sense
CoolTheFool Prije 9 mjeseci
Floppy floof
Floppy floof Prije 9 mjeseci
@CeeGeeTee stfu
StrawberryCookie_XD Prije 22 dana
“Climb inside Monty and use him to break other areas” more like murder him and take his claws and upgrade Freddy-
Ella Downey
Ella Downey Prije 10 dana
•Flippy Otter•
•Flippy Otter• Prije 13 dana
Exactly lmao
nugget gaming
nugget gaming Prije 24 dana
I think Matt’s theory of the animatronics being the toy animatronics still holds up. Since the animatronics are looking for you to turn you into the “friendly security staff”. So I think the animatronics are just trying to help.
NotSoLilGuat Prije 20 sati
The animatronics other than freddy aren't trying to help. They are out right trying to kill you. They are infected with vannys virus. She wants Gregory dead.
MattHplays -
MattHplays - Prije 24 dana
I noticed the amount of toy animatronic posters around the building too... so maybe even if chica isn't directly a reskined toy Chica... she could've been designed to resemble the toy version
Verion² Prije 24 dana
Its kind of cool how close his theory is to the actual game
Kunnyfunte Prije 2 mjeseci
I've been watching through the five nights game theories and seeing the back and forth between Scott and the five nights fanbase is astonishing. Scott hides something in a new way. The theorists find it. Prompting Scott to hide thing in more convoluted ways. It's such a weird symbiotic relationship I'm gonna miss
Cooe Prije 19 dana
Faux woke cancel culture lunatics ruin everything fun... -_-
Dark anti
Dark anti Prije 9 mjeseci
Happy 10th anniversary month! Last time I was this early, William Afton was “Vincent”
Eiji Prije 9 dana
@Keio • 36 years ago i think there was this kid making fan series of their version of purple guy and named him Vincent for the fun of it, he had a fanmade wife Renata and also they had a fanmade child that would go on to posses Bonnie after death and for some reason the entire fandom took it as canon, kinda like how they took the Puppet is Golden Freddys mom from Its been so long. I think their name waa Bonnie the bunny or Goldbox.
PurpleEvee Prije 12 dana
@Gucci Thompson Vlogs 💀
GoldenArmor: Brawl Stars
@Gucci Thompson Vlogs all i have to say is, wtf? just, wtf?
GoldenArmor: Brawl Stars
@aedenix☆゚.*・。゚ ayo bruh wtf
vincent schiller
vincent schiller Prije 15 dana
Wait a minute I’m Vincent
Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Wilkinson Prije 27 dana
Security breach is out now and I feel weird seeing these wrong theories.
Emory Crittenden
Emory Crittenden Prije 23 dana
I can’t wait for his next security breach theory
Red Star
Red Star Prije 26 dana
ツAdam Playz
ツAdam Playz Prije 26 dana
M4NGL3D 1212
M4NGL3D 1212 Prije 2 mjeseci
"There's no Foxy in security breach" Roxy: "why are we still here? Just to suffer?"
Hacker Prije 25 dana
@Lizard of Oz well foxs and wolves are kind of similar
Xaria Gwyneth Altarejos
Spoiler alert: I think Roxy/Roxanne is a replacement for foxy like they did on one ending of SB where they replaced Freddy with a hippo (I'm not sure), and same for Bonnie.
Iron Hulk99
Iron Hulk99 Prije mjesec
Got to also love when he says there’s no toy foxy yet mangle is supposed to be toy foxy
Charles Justin Chua
Charles Justin Chua Prije mjesec
Foxy is there, just in a statue form
Eagletdagriffin Prije mjesec
@Lizard of Oz close enough lol
KatJustDied Prije 17 dana
This is me watching this after SB has come out and I just.. This is fun to watch. MatPat: "This is a slam dunk guys, the Glamrocks all help Gregory!" me: Well, they do.. but not in the way you think. :)
Maia Simmons
Maia Simmons Prije 25 dana
i find these theories extremely comforting as i have been watching the series progress since it’s inception or basically so, starting from when i was fairly young (i’m 18 now). that information being standing as it is, i had drifted off into sleep but not fully when the end of this episode hit. im a pretty hardcore drag fan (in addition to being a complete gaming nerd) so it was rather confusing to hear matpat confess to being a Bimini Bon Boulash stan. so confusing in fact that im back to write this comment after double checking that i did not dream it up. much love.
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations Prije 9 mjeseci
Plot twist: Matt gets every fnaf theory correct, so Scott changes the storyline so it isn't spoiled
Mark Madu
Mark Madu Prije 9 dana
Thats why security breach was delayed
N_O_A_H_69 Prije 12 dana
Jelly Jones
Jelly Jones Prije 13 dana
Micah Wright
Micah Wright Prije 14 dana
Le Gasp* What if Scott is the real William Afton and Matt is Henry Which is why they have a "feud" ps this is a joke for those who can't tell.
Jackson Alvis
Jackson Alvis Prije mjesec
I remember when Mat said in his final “what’s in the box” theory that the series is becoming more thematic and less literal and connected. I’d like to think that’s what these Fazbear Fright stories are, kind of like Goosebumps stories for this weird universe to play around in, while also possibly offering hints about canon lore to put us in the right direction. Parallels, explaining concepts, or showing relationship dynamics, these books can help in that way but I do not think the Faz-goo or Bonnie guppies are canon.
Quibble. Thats_It.
Quibble. Thats_It. Prije 22 dana
Yknow, now that FNaF Security Breach released, that first theory about the glamrocks being re-skinned toy animatronics might actually be true. Glamrock Freddy said in the beginning of the game that they were programmed not to hurt kids and that it was in their system and he doesnt actually know why the others are hurting or atleast, trying to hurt gregory so its safe to assume the other glamrocks were hacked. And in the beginning, when freddy's was malfunctioning, he was probably being hacked but it failed. Anyways, the "programmed to not hurt kids" is confirmation that theyre re-skinned just from that itself. Orrr yknowww its micheal aftons soul just trying to help. Heck it could probably be both.
Pamumirin Prije 2 mjeseci
Me binging this channel all started when I was super curious about Rosalina's origins from Super Mario Galaxy. The efforts of brainstorming, research and scientific explanation convinced me to subscribe because I'm learning from your videos / recalling as well from school. I remember my ex being against me being amused by this because "it's a video game." I brushed him off as a typical fanboy who gets triggered by anything bad that Matpat imposes to his favorite characters. I know some videos are meant to be a joke, but it's interesting to see how MatPat's brain processes. Here I am, endlessly watching FNAF Theories because it does help me fill in with the confusion I have in this franchise.
Piesel of Datches
Piesel of Datches Prije 17 dana
just to clear one theory up that I know is true deep down in my heart despite everyone thinking it's a joke and stupid is that sans IS ness
_Nater Prije 17 dana
Matpat: I’m not saying we’ll fight a bunny made of trash possessed by Afton in the games anytime soon Security Breach: So who’s gonna tell ‘em?
Scottington666 Prije 9 mjeseci
Whenever Mattpat makes a FNAF theory I always imagine Scott Cawthon watching this with a box of popcorn on his lap chuckling softly to himself and occasionally taking notes...
sethescope Prije 8 mjeseci
"oh matpat," Scott says as he crunches on some popcorn, "you're so adorable when you think you've got me figured out."
UKitKat & Cello
UKitKat & Cello Prije 9 mjeseci
But if I was Scott I’d be doing that-
Herologan 295
Herologan 295 Prije 9 mjeseci
@VenteXey no, no, no, popcorn with exotic butter
Disney Enthusiast Matthew Avery
I can’t find the 10th Anniversary Shirt I hit the link but I kind find the Anniversary shirt, I maybe I need to travel to an alternate reality to find it
Antônio Pedro Cayky Do Nascimento Pereira
@ATruePanda Maybe is that hand from the last part of the breach trailer
What's interesting is that I didn't really notice the different animation styles until seeing them one after the other, which makes it super noticeable
Puny_God Prije 10 dana
this theory makes more sense than the actual game did
Tristan Barkley
Tristan Barkley Prije 26 dana
Got alot right man, I always love coming back to see what you got right
SharkPiano Prije 22 dana
My favorite thing is to watch theories back after the game comes out and see what he got wrong
💜 Mxddie and MayMay ❤️
MatPat: *theorizing where fnaf is headed next* Scott: “I’mma troll MatPat for the final time.” Scott: *retires*
Hamon Beat
Hamon Beat Prije 3 dana
Cooe Prije 19 dana
@Enby Jamie Oh look, it's a psycho "the world is always black & white" cancel culture foot soldier! I can't wait until societies whims inevitably shift like they always do and YOU end up on the end of a psycho hate mob because something you did was misconstrued & blown absurdly out of proportion.
sweetspie Prije 20 dana
the world's yer erster!📰
@Davis Brooks ^
WXO_ Prije mjesec
StOp It StIlL hUrTs-
Thinker Prije 27 dana
"I'm not going to sit here and say that we will, at some point in the series, be forced to fight a giant trash bunny possessed by a serial killer" Oh, how little he knew...
So Damn Close
So Damn Close Prije 16 dana
I love seeing the old game theory style back
MilesRubi - Miles Redmond
MatPat, you bringing back the video styles of your past gave me immense nostalgia
Starlight Prije mjesec
I love MatPat and Scott’s animosity 🤣
The Theorizer
The Theorizer Prije 9 mjeseci
Happy Decennial Matthew Patthew!
Devin Cetee
Devin Cetee Prije 2 mjeseci
Or Matrick Patrick
New3DSLUIGI364 Prije 2 mjeseci
Irina Klimova
Irina Klimova Prije 3 mjeseci
matrick patrick
Kirby King the epic
Kirby King the epic Prije 6 mjeseci
Ranjima B
Ranjima B Prije 6 mjeseci
Simply Skrypt
Simply Skrypt Prije 23 dana
After watching a playthrough, that toy animatronic theory makes a whole lot of sense. When the voice line from fnaf 2 said "facial recognition and advanced mobility" i instantly thought to myself "yup. They definitely recognize your face and they definitely have advanced mobility" between freddy going usain bolt fast towards you so you can hop in, roxy being able to drive a go kart, and monty being able to shoot his ride's guns or play minigolf, this is what you call advanced mobility. Theyre basically on par with the latest boston dynamics models, but with personality chips
LunarTea Prije 5 mjeseci
Just a theory but: We see in the trailer for Security breach all of the animatronics hunting you or chasing you in a menacing way. All animatronics except Glamrock Freddy, and the funko toy that got leaked was a toy of Glamrock Freddy helping Gregory by carrying him in his chest cavity and hiding him from Vanny. We don’t see any footage in the trailer of Glamrock Freddy chasing you or hunting you, just the Monty, Roxy, and Chica. And in the beginning of the trailer we see the animatronics booting up and when the screen goes to black to transition to some text, a red light lingers where the animatronics eyes were. This scene happens for all of the animatronics, except Glamrock Freddy. He doesn’t get a menacing boot up scene. In the trailer we see small clips of the animatronics chasing after you. We get a clip of Roxy chasing you, and a clip of her banging on a gate to get to you. We see a clip of Monty bursting open a gate to get to you, and we see a clip of us hiding from him in his mini-golf course. We get a clip of us hiding from Chica in a kitchen, and we see a clip of Chica pushing boxes out of her way to get to us. Do we see any clips of Glamrock Freddy doing that? No. In fact we don’t see much of Glamrock Freddy, we mostly see Roxy, Monty, and Chica, the blond security guard, and Vanny. We only see Glamrock Freddy on signs and posters around the pizzaplex, and a small clip of him booting up with the others. So maybe not all of the animatronics will help you, but Glamrock Freddy might.
Autumn Stevens
Autumn Stevens Prije 3 dana
how does it feel to be almost completely right abt the game?
Theodore Hylton
Theodore Hylton Prije 18 dana
This has already aged like a fine wine in less than a year.
Random Kid With Hat
Random Kid With Hat Prije 13 dana
i love looking at past theories for seeing how correct mat was
Letsgobray32 Prije 16 dana
Me watching this video after playing security breach knowing Mat is almost completely wrong on everything he said.
definitelynotkatie Prije 2 mjeseci
loved the throwback imagery. brings me back to when i first started watching your theories
Fukui Hisoka
Fukui Hisoka Prije 3 mjeseci
The old editing style made me smile so wide. I missed this.
coral xerophilous
coral xerophilous Prije 13 dana
man matpat was so close at 5:05 but until now we had no idea how dark it was gonna be when getting the parts of the animations
Isa Gomez
Isa Gomez Prije 8 mjeseci
Almost all the problems in the FNAF world could have been avoided if the Afton family went to therapy
TQA_Jukes Prije 7 mjeseci
Yaaa but what is the fun in that
Kayla Yay
Kayla Yay Prije 7 mjeseci
@Jelly Yuko's Gaming hopefully not. With this universe we should be safe
• Lay’Ananas •
• Lay’Ananas • Prije 7 mjeseci
@Jelly Yuko's Gaming No of course
Jelly Yuko's Gaming
Jelly Yuko's Gaming Prije 7 mjeseci
Does afton exist because im scared
Cyber melon
Cyber melon Prije 7 mjeseci
Lysolxx Prije 2 mjeseci
thank u for all these theories I can tell how much work u put into em.
Glod Prije 9 dana
I like how mat almost got the first theory spot on. If only he could've antisapated the software glitch
Lil' Claws
Lil' Claws Prije 15 dana
18:28 I had no idea MatPat was into RPDR I'm obsessed with that show too!
Lunar_MidnightXx Prije 2 dana
I love how we went from a video game about 5 animatronics possessed by murdered children… to a book with a story about a 15 foot machine rabbit possessed by the man who killed those 5 children.. 0-0
EMMR Prije 8 mjeseci
Crazy to think how FNAF went from “failed developer’s last shot at making games is a simulator for being a security guard at a haunted pizzaria” to “creator of one of the biggest game franchises up to date writes his 8th novel with a story about MatPat x Springtrap digital mpreg”
WalkerVin Prije 7 mjeseci
@Projekt Taku The book says the author
Projekt Taku
Projekt Taku Prije 7 mjeseci
@WalkerVin ok but who create's them?
WalkerVin Prije 7 mjeseci
@Projekt Taku yes
Projekt Taku
Projekt Taku Prije 7 mjeseci
@WalkerVin really?
WalkerVin Prije 7 mjeseci
@Projekt Taku Fun fact Scott did not make the fazbear frights books he over saw it
Ammeya sreejayan
Ammeya sreejayan Prije 15 dana
It's funny since almost everything is wrong on this, nice job though!
Leiyam Prije 26 dana
Well the 1st theory is already debunked due to the fact that the Glamrock animatronics don't have any form of aggression towards the new night guard, Vanessa.
person.jpeg247 Prije mjesec
i love the old animation style, so nostalgic.
Andreas Kragh Brostrøm
Andreas Kragh Brostrøm Prije 4 mjeseci
Everyone: “The sun is the loudest thing in the world” Matpad: “But hey.. THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY”
Ari Marino
Ari Marino Prije 9 mjeseci
How did we go from 5 dead kids possessing animatronics to...this.
Luke The Legend
Luke The Legend Prije 7 mjeseci
@Live The Future making more content and interesting lore is not milking.
Aubergine Man
Aubergine Man Prije 7 mjeseci
@Ivy Moonsong A lot of the books aren't actually canon, they're likely just allegories to help figure out certain bits of lore. Like the whole story about the kid with cancer from the previous theory probably wasn't actually in the timeline but just there as an allegory to help find Crying Child's name.
Farin Prije 7 mjeseci
Ivy Moonsong
Ivy Moonsong Prije 7 mjeseci
To be honest I really like how it is now I do think some of the book stuff is getting out of hand though.
jadsboy Prije 8 mjeseci
Battlebros25 Prije 21 dan
Me rewatching this after playing Security breach to see if he got any of these right:
Lydia Prije 20 dana
I actually screamed in delight when Jake Peralta showed up as the detective
Eva-Naiya Torian
Eva-Naiya Torian Prije 5 mjeseci
You know I love how Afton evolved from an everyday murderer to an animatronic to a OP anime villain.
Seerious Prije 26 dana
I think it would have been better if you did work with all the animatronics against Vanny, they just need to make her show up more than twice
RyGuy040 Prije 9 mjeseci
How did this franchise go from "Man kills kids and stuffs the bodies into animatronics" to "Man becomes impregnated and then killed by an AI rabbit"
Talia Jung
Talia Jung Prije 3 mjeseci
The Cursed Birth (tm) took me out. I had to pause the video for a minute just to process what my ears had just heard
Lushara Afton
Lushara Afton Prije 7 mjeseci
@Alicia Reynolds I read the first two books with Charlie in them. :,3
Alicia Reynolds
Alicia Reynolds Prije 7 mjeseci
When you watch the theories but don’t read the books
Xx Blue wolfie xX
Xx Blue wolfie xX Prije 8 mjeseci
Lol mat is funny
PJ Dianalan
PJ Dianalan Prije 8 mjeseci
@Jakob Lent it's like FNAF is the new Mega Man/Kingdom Hearts.
SuperPuppetMaster Prije 22 dana
It's funny seeing this now that the game is out and he got a few things wrong
levimlgboi7 9118
levimlgboi7 9118 Prije 19 dana
Seeing the theory now show how close he was to all this lol
Khulhu Cthulhu
Khulhu Cthulhu Prije 3 mjeseci
This intro was terrifying yet very fun to relive
* . l e n . *
* . l e n . * Prije 22 dana
matpat: maybe we'll be unlocking new abilities from animatronics themselves the game: *yesn't*
Madeline W
Madeline W Prije 3 mjeseci
matt says that these videos get long at like, 15 minutes, but i would listen to this man talk about animatronics and possession for 5 hours straight and not get bored.
Puppet Master309
Puppet Master309 Prije 4 mjeseci
Mattpatt has officially gone completely crazy with this series.
AtronixZ Prije 16 dana
I straight up got goosebumps when the intro played
Jonp G
Jonp G Prije 3 mjeseci
Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!!😄👏
Inkstar Prije 9 mjeseci
PartypandaYT Prije 3 mjeseci
lolbit. please stand by
lolbit. please stand by Prije 3 mjeseci
No no he's gotta a point
Jaishawn Owens
Jaishawn Owens Prije 8 mjeseci
Fnaf in Aa nutshell “Pizzeria closes because of murder” “Pizzeria opens with a fresh new start”
Abigail Duerksen
Abigail Duerksen Prije 9 mjeseci
Master K
Master K Prije 9 mjeseci
@Shadow • Zero it's a rickroll isn't it?
SimpishMuffinz Prije 16 dana
I think 9:08 is the timestamp y'all might be looking for
Pixel Gamer
Pixel Gamer Prije 16 dana
The puppet era gave me way too much nostalgia
Casidy Prije 12 dana
Nice to see that he got part of the first theory right how the data base face recognition
LaMira Henry
LaMira Henry Prije mjesec
I love it when you always add pictures.
l3LACKMASK713 Prije 9 mjeseci
MatPat: “There is no Toy Foxy!” Mangle: “Am I a joke to you?”
DJ Mystic
DJ Mystic Prije mjesec
@Izzy Rose Thank You!
Taleph Gaming
Taleph Gaming Prije mjesec
miu on drugs
miu on drugs Prije 8 mjeseci
"Follow the missing foxy, follow the foxy" Roxy: "so what am I? A road?"
Beans Prije 9 mjeseci
@Game Commander22 You mean Roxanne. Also, she's a wolf, not a Fox.
Selin Tozkoparan
Selin Tozkoparan Prije 9 mjeseci
hesi isisiown chassdıasd
ShadowDragon258 Prije 2 mjeseci
You know, he actually did predict Eleanor being the real villain in the books
Conny•is•delicious Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m really hoping you see this but I would like to point out that yes the day that the game coming out has already been released for Dec but I would love if you talked about how in the SB trailer there were clear signs that it would be released around Christmas time, from the reindeer with Christmas hats, the presents, and the video on Roxane wolf’s board of snow and presents, I think that could also mean that there might be some Christmas tasks that we must complete and it shows this takes place most likely in winter. That could also give a backstory on why Gregory came there, to a mall, because it’s Christmas time and he got lost in people there or something. Idk maybe those signs had something more than just saying it is coming out in December, but hey that’s just a theory. If you don’t mind can you also credit me if you do this. Hopefully this isn’t a bad and stupid theory 😅
Sgt. Spoopy
Sgt. Spoopy Prije 14 dana
this would’ve been a much better plot then what we actually got
vioxhii Prije 18 dana
the glamrocks literally did the exact opposite of what we had thought. they attacked gregory instead of helping him lmao
Je m'3n f0us
Je m'3n f0us Prije 9 mjeseci
Scott Cawthon: *watches this* Also Scott Cawthon: *changes the whole plot again*
SkidTheHuman Prije 8 mjeseci
@Sinical.mp4 🤦‍♀️
Sinical.mp4 Prije 8 mjeseci
If that happened, it would take more months of voice over and recoding tasks in the game. So I would doubt.
Angie Martínez
Angie Martínez Prije 9 mjeseci
So true
SkidTheHuman Prije 9 mjeseci
Neneme Prije 9 mjeseci
@Energytainment um why?
Dino Prepper
Dino Prepper Prije 29 dana
I was here for the whole 10 years. It’s cool to see how you’ve changed and although u didn’t c us for the most part we changed w/ these theories
Flummp Prije mjesec
Great heavens that intro gave me chills. N O S T A L G I A
EllieeElven Prije 20 dana
1:28 THERE SHE IS. That's the intro I grew up with
Sanjoe Timothy Tan
Sanjoe Timothy Tan Prije 2 mjeseci
"ruining your childhood since 2011" wow, ive never heard such true words coming from you guys
Phineas Oyna
Phineas Oyna Prije 9 mjeseci
MatPat: theorizes FNAF and accurately guesses correctly Scott while changing the lore: Eat it.
nugget man
nugget man Prije 9 mjeseci
Scott: I am 5 parallel universe ahead of you
Pikachú Prije 9 mjeseci .
✨BobDaMeme Frog✨
In the game Glamrock Freddy says: “theirs no bunny in the pizzaria… atleast not as anymore” and scattered around the locations there are toy animatronic posters
✨BobDaMeme Frog✨
@Kiki Moon i am aware it was made 8 months ago but i for some reason felt the need to comment this. i dont even know why i commented this when nobody would see it
Kiki Moon
Kiki Moon Prije mjesec
I'm surprised you commented this when the video was posted 8 MONTHS AGO! Mattpat didn't know this information back then. ( but I agree with your statement).
Agostina Sanchez
Agostina Sanchez Prije 2 dana
“I don’t think we will have to fight a 15ft trash rabbit possessed by a killer” oh mat I wish you were correct the blob really did feel like a fever dream
Golden Turtle
Golden Turtle Prije 22 dana
he is kinda correct since you can upgrade freddy with monty's claws and in another video baby was apart of the tentacle monster and again he was kinda correct since baby's head was on top of the molten freddy
Blaze Darkfang
Blaze Darkfang Prije 10 dana
Mat's idea of how SB could of been is cooler then SB's actual gameplay
minkeyandzomble Prije 9 mjeseci
Man, that actually be cool to have animatronics that aren't haunted or designed to kidnap kids but are actively working to help the protagonist survive at this point
FNanything i likedNF
FNanything i likedNF Prije 9 mjeseci
Ikr. Getting attacked by every animatronic is become boring now lol
Tibs Prije 9 mjeseci
Krookz Prije 9 mjeseci
Yea, definitely might bring more life into the games
bts stan
bts stan Prije 9 mjeseci .........
EliCVideogamer Prije 11 dana
"I'm not saying we'll at some point have to fight a massive trash rabbit..." Ummmm correct me if I'm wrong... but pretty sure that was one of the SB endings
Elven_Lord Prije 20 dana
Coming back to this is pretty funny. Mat actually got a lot right in his predictions for Security Breach, and even those he didn't get right, he got small parts still correct.
 Chase Allen
Chase Allen Prije 19 dana
Yeah like how we wouldn’t ride monty but would Unlock areas using the animatronics ( just not in the way he thought we would)
GummyGrenade Prije 4 mjeseci
That intro sequence was a surge of nostalgia.
WaVe Prije 4 mjeseci
I like how for his 10th anniversary he went back to his old fnaf animations
TemmieToga Prije 9 mjeseci
There's something nostalgic about getting to see those little animated characters from 2012 - 2015 again
vee Prije 9 mjeseci
Ronnies animations were amazing 🥺 that was the era i started watching so it really hits me.
Toni Perez
Toni Perez Prije 9 mjeseci
Natashakat gaming
Natashakat gaming Prije 9 mjeseci
Mhm it's great. I didn't think that we would see the new animatronics in that style, but here we are.
Juno ☻︎
Juno ☻︎ Prije mjesec
Imagine the original lore was so simple and Scott just starting stealing ideas from mat
splixify R6
splixify R6 Prije 22 dana
Your theory was nearly accurate
Jordan Whitley
Jordan Whitley Prije 23 dana
I like how Matt says there's no toy foxy when it's blatantly stated by the calls Matt has memorized that there was a remake of foxy but they quit putting him back together and started calling him mangle correct me if I'm wrong but there's nothing stating that her original name isn't toy foxy
strangeperception Prije 2 dana
I think he thinks that Mangle is Funtime Foxy but that's wrong
Phantom_Disc Prije 11 dana
glad I watched in the morning other wise I would have had nightmares. Thanks Mat.
Ada Lindenau
Ada Lindenau Prije 9 mjeseci
There is no way Scott was sober while writing that last book
The Villager
The Villager Prije 9 mjeseci
He put LSD into his beer while smoking weed right after he took some coke. And that is every piece of lore everybody!
BeancanDev Prije 9 mjeseci
I don't think alcohol would make a man think of such things... Shrooms? Most likely.
tara lamlam18
tara lamlam18 Prije 9 mjeseci
nubbinsboi Prije 24 dana
Jesus he couldn't be more wrong with the first theory
Isabella Pichardo
Isabella Pichardo Prije 24 dana
I loved watching this again yes!! Also love your cursed joshua pic
Anusha Prije 4 mjeseci
Omg! I am late here but 10 years!!! I remember when I was in school and watch my first Game theory video which was on Mario being evil. It was mind blowing. That intro is so nostalgic to me! 10 years and I am still flabbergasted by your theories !
Blue Prije 18 dana
i re-watched this one now, and cringed at all the ones he got wrong. But still: I found what he though really interesting. So, pat on the back but no gold star.
ItsChevnotJeff 2020
ItsChevnotJeff 2020 Prije 3 sati
First few seconds just confirmed that Fnaf Security breach might have had the animatronics being saved and join your side
Randolph Rosenberg
Randolph Rosenberg Prije 9 mjeseci
Seeing Ronnie's style make a comeback actually shot my heart in a really weird way. So props on MatPat for his determination, who I can imagine found overseeing that section really hard.
Mr. Friendship
Mr. Friendship Prije 9 mjeseci
Yeah. I do remember the that one video where FNAF game was coincidentally inspired by the shooting spree at Chuck E. Cheese's.
The Moss Channel
The Moss Channel Prije 9 mjeseci
@SleepyOwl101 he killed himself a few years ago... very unfortunate, may he rest in peace
Preeper Deep
Preeper Deep Prije 9 mjeseci
@SleepyOwl101 He tragically committed suicide a while back, and we still miss him.
E Lite EJ
E Lite EJ Prije 9 mjeseci
@SleepyOwl101 He sadly committed suicide a few years back.
Armenian Prije 9 mjeseci
Cant believe I didn't think of that,now I'm sad
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