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Clashmas season with emotes & new balance changes! Thanks to STRIKERS 1945 for sponsoring the video! Support us by checking out this awesome game Google Play :
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3. Pro 2021.



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Orange Juice Gaming
Thanks to STRIKERS 1945 for sponsoring the video! Support us by checking out this awesome game
Swagmuffin 16
I feel like ice wizard deserves that spawn freeze to make him more LEGENDARY!
SN7 cr
Finally I feel that ice Wizard can be a legendary
the ice wiz buff is not significant but it boosts his versatility a ton. Now he can defend goblin barrels and alike or even balloon much better.
Aneek Si
I personally think battle ram and dart goblin buff was unnecessary. They were good already
"I just noticed that the princess towers look like massive X-Bows"
Finally balance changes after so long…
Saransh Thakur
Basically every spawner building is easily destroyed by Win conditions
it feels good to head that ice wiz gets a buff. I love ice wiz
Scott Kamna
When I first unlocked ice wizard I thought he would do splash damage when he spawned because of how it looked when he was deployed.
The Enthusiast
I always look forward to the Christmas season every year for Clash Royale; one of the few games that can perfectly capture the feeling of Christmas. Absolutely love it
Ice Wizard now deserves that legend card “tier”
This will become hog rider and bait meta, or even mortar. Graveyard will also be quite good due to mother witch nerf. Mega knight bait will also be good. Executioner and valk might increase usage rate, along with fireball and earthquake. Skelly king can be useful in this meta too. Maybe theres lots of mini pekka for hogs in this meta though. This will be interesting, and i love dart goblin
I love the piglet shining reference. That’s definitely an emote worth fighting for.
Aniket Kumar Singh
I just maxed out tesla and goblin cage just to see this , my day is ruined
Man that ice wizard soawn effect is pretty cool
Green Moose
this is too hype thanks for always notifying us OJ lots of love
The left SideBoob
Man, I wish they didn’t touch the goblin cage. I love it so much. It’s so awesome!!!
OJ with the 'Shining ' reference: Am I too old?
That Ice Wizard rework is pretty interesting