29 Impossible Minecraft Seeds That Actually Work 

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29 Seeds that are at another level in 1.18 minecraft! With the recent release of the caves and cliffs update part II, Minecraft 1.18 offers a bunch of changes to the world generation. And while that means the seeds of the past in Minecraft 1.17 and before no longer work, this update offers plenty of new insane seeds to explore. So today, let's see the unbelievable seeds you can experience in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs, in both Bedrock and Java editions in this Skip the Tutorial list video!

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Edited by Brennan Moore
Footage recorded by Jordan Cross, Jaden Moore, Frankie Mundo, and Brennan Moore
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here:
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms ( ). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2021, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
Other Credits:
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SquashuaSnipes Prije mjesec
I remember the good old days when caves were just random holes in the ground. Mojang is truly doing some amazing work!
Professional dumbass
@John Daniel Beladas i like wet holes
Philippineball Prije 2 dana
Mojang isn't the owner anymore since like 2012
Andrew’s world🌍
ADMICKEY II Prije 10 dana
@Doremi Fasolatido just like Arizona
Doremi Fasolatido
Doremi Fasolatido Prije 10 dana
Sure...astounding. . Now when walking through a Plains biome...or ANY biome, instead of a drop that can be varying levels of inconvenient...most of them are instantly fatal. So much fun...
L6ki Prije mjesec
Suggestion: Skip, you should keep your f3 coorinates on, so that we can see where these awesome landmarks are, instead of entering the seed expecting to find an awesome mountain and then searching for 2 hours without any luck.
Nish Jain
Nish Jain Prije 5 dana
Afourclub boi
Afourclub boi Prije 10 dana
Champpaineon Get
Champpaineon Get Prije 11 dana
@Eyvette Henry no sadly
Immanuel Prije 14 dana
@Chance Thomas my argument becomes invalid if i spell something wrong
Chance Thomas
Chance Thomas Prije 14 dana
@Immanuel Ur bad u spelt special wrong to
Lucas Oliveira
Lucas Oliveira Prije mjesec
Hey, What's the coordinates for the locations on the seeds that you show on this video?
Exploding Butts
Exploding Butts Prije 13 dana
The world may never know
darius filip
darius filip Prije mjesec
You sound like a real estate agent. You make me want to explore every seed you show here, and never disappoint. That's something!
Bryan Werefox
Bryan Werefox Prije mjesec
7:17 - _"Some seeds just get better the more you explore them"_ 7:49 - _"Sometimes it's hard to notice how great a seed is until you step back to appreciate it"_ These two quotes do for sure define why I love the fact you get random seeds when you load a new world, I love exploring maps , but if they dont seem to have those views an explorer seeks for, then it really isnt interesting.. But, as you (Mr Skip) going in taking in different perspectives on what you see , especially in Minecraft, really has you have some good views out of certain cites when exploring a map way further, which is why I love minecraft, the endless adventure to see and witness, Just amazing
Depth Prije mjesec
Good news for bedrock players: all these seeds will be the same in as in this video, because java and bedrock seeds are identical now. Have fun!
Luchys Galaviz
Luchys Galaviz Prije dan
werdna7 Prije 15 dana
Not for me
Darth ARC Trooper
Darth ARC Trooper Prije 19 dana
@yatharth shekdar yes 😭
Darth ARC Trooper
Darth ARC Trooper Prije 19 dana
@꧁•ꨄDrag🎊nWay Pr🎉ductionsꨄ•꧂ PE is bedrock
Darth ARC Trooper
Darth ARC Trooper Prije 19 dana
@Wing Huang it means you can use the seeds labels bedrock aswell
ByForschle Prije mjesec
As someone who played from the 1.6+ this update is AMAZING. It’s just incredible how much the game has changed...
chazer237 Prije mjesec
Skip always has exceptionally good quality content
wow Prije 18 dana
I once found a village with two blacksmiths. There were also pretty good trades, so I built a house among the other ones. 👍
1_Master_Lucas Prije mjesec
Man these people finding these seeds are doing a great job 👍🏻
Justin Priest
Justin Priest Prije mjesec
0:54 As someone who started playing back then, I really can't express how astounding this update is to me. I keep thinking of just how far this wonderful game has come since it's early days.
URVI DEVGAN Prije 2 dana
I'm sad
URVI DEVGAN Prije 2 dana
@Jupiter Vortex nope
Jupiter Vortex
Jupiter Vortex Prije 12 dana
@Kip it does. Java and bedrock share the same seeds now
Aboudi gaming50™
Aboudi gaming50™ Prije 14 dana
@Iris Iris same
Aboudi gaming50™
Aboudi gaming50™ Prije 14 dana
@Iris Iris truee!!!!
TheAnonymousWolf Prije mjesec
The same thing happened with me but with a buried treasure chest just floating in a cave. Closest blocks were 30 blocks away
Benjamin Figueroa
Benjamin Figueroa Prije mjesec
Seed 3 reminds me of "torres del paine", a real world place, and one of my favorites. Awesome!!
Ashima Prije mjesec
In about 2 days of the update I loaded a new random seed and I explored and I found a meadows biome with a valley in the centre which was a birch forest. There is a drip stone cavern in the side of the mountain and about 700 blocks away is a mesa biome, on the way there is a jungle biome with a hole/cave that you can ride through. Theres more meadows nearby as well and in one of the other meadows biome there is a village, (about 300 blocks away from the valley meadows) with a spruce forest attached to it. There is also tall birch/old growth birch biome around the valley as well. This seed has been amazing to play and I live the valley.
1 h4v3 n0 s0♡l
1 h4v3 n0 s0♡l Prije 15 dana
What the seed
ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)
Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us
Adam K.
Adam K. Prije mjesec
I cant believe these seeds these are too cool! I also love ur videos! Keep up the great work!
Koblac Prije mjesec
I found a bedrock seed in Caves and Cliffs part 1 that spawns in water, in a village, close to 5 ship wrecks, a jungle temple, and two amethyst geodes. Not to mention a huge dark oak and birch cliffside. Also near a lava lake and a two ravines to top it off. One of the ravines goes down to diamonds level. Epic.
MoistCheez Prije mjesec
I love your vids man they are really helpful for building ideas and just fun stuff.
Aaron Gregory
Aaron Gregory Prije mjesec
Honestly I think I might use one of these awesome seeds. Just started up a new 1.18 world recently and I’m not super happy with the seed I’m currently working on.
SIlent Shadow
SIlent Shadow Prije mjesec
As a builder, these seeds give unlimited inspiration
Freddy tapes of night-shift
Agreed I may not be the best builders but the things I build go well with the vibe
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud Prije 22 dana
AllDiagram4276 Prije mjesec
@ItzCryptical agreed 😆
AllDiagram4276 Prije mjesec
YES! if only (I) was good at building!!!!!!! HRburn is my best friend lmao
Mahad Baloch
Mahad Baloch Prije mjesec
In my old seed, when i updated and searched around a little, i found a mesa biome, a swamp biome, a desert biome with a mega village and a bamboo jungle, all mashed together less than a thousand blocks away
yanet maranges
yanet maranges Prije 11 dana
6:13 I love this seed and I made a water village in the center of that lake and it's one of the most beautiful things I have seen in Minecraft
patrick morrey
patrick morrey Prije mjesec
My first world on the new update I found an entire mountain in a mesa that was completely hollow. I couldn't see the other side from render distance 15
Gamebomb Prije mjesec
PE seeds 443208 - Desert temple underground 303460817 - Mansion out of forest 322730048 - Mineshaft with lush cave and amethyst geode 365892799 - Village with coral reef 2138785889 - High outpost -1863638429 - 3 lined blacksmiths 6 PE + 5 Java + 18 Cross-platform
Hans Larson
Hans Larson Prije mjesec
One of the things I like about you is you show the seed for a long time, giving us time to write it down or take a screenshot, also love your vids
Kaya Prije 22 dana
@CreeperBoyGaming poor him, he doesn’t even have a soul, just made for promotion
Starbird14 Prije mjesec
Its intentionally breif to caise viewers to rewatch, making the appearance of more viewers, thus more $. But yeah, fewer seeds with more screen time per seed would be better.
duck2 Prije mjesec
He puts the seed for 3 seconds also you can just pause the video
Hayden Tombs
Hayden Tombs Prije mjesec
yeah its really great. i just wish he could put the coords of these locations aswell
Mutated Nut
Mutated Nut Prije mjesec
He showed it for like 2 seconds. What are you on?
Wesley Chowen
Wesley Chowen Prije mjesec
Does anyone know the coordinates of #3? It seems like a really cool place to build a base, and it also reminds me of the snowbowl that Cubfan built on Hermitcraft.
Dragon Flame
Dragon Flame Prije mjesec
I’m glad skip finally made a video that bedrock players can actually use
Tyrone Prije mjesec
I thank you personally for reliving my childhood by showing Yogscast's Survival Island Series
Vampdemigod Gaming
Vampdemigod Gaming Prije mjesec
For reference, make sure you check what version one of these seeds is listed as. While Minecraft claims seeds are the same between versions, that is barely true. Bedrock has far fewer possible seeds than java, by a factor of almost 2 trillion. Not only that, but structures, such as villages, temples, outposts, and mineshafts will not be the same between versions. You have to remember, bedrock and java are very different games, they use different coding languages and their basic code structure is very different.
Jo Don Lee
Jo Don Lee Prije mjesec
For those who are wondering yes, the seeds: 2 actually works at 5:08
Sarah Da Kitty
Sarah Da Kitty Prije 10 dana
@EpicGamerGod what does that number mean? I think I’ve seen it before but I can’t quite lay my finger on it /s
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Prije 19 dana
@TBS Sneezy I used a seedmap, either -48,0 or 0,-48
Lydia Bacon
Lydia Bacon Prije mjesec
@TBS Sneezy same!
Wilvic Prije mjesec
@Lampe202069 means s*x 420 means dr*gs
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Prije mjesec
Every time I try 2 I get some random seed am I doing something wrong got it to work after a few tries
Midnight Mist__
Midnight Mist__ Prije mjesec
I once had a village inside a lush cave, under a badlands- I think it was a terrain glitch though, because the mountain it was looked like it was sliced- just a flat edge-
friedpinnapple Prije mjesec
I actually have been playing on a seed full of flooded caves. But I actually did find a cave that quickly drops to diamond level and has two geodes within pearling distance
AndyHappyGuy Prije mjesec
1:02 That mountain range reminds me of Mt. Paektu/Changbai Mountain.
RealityEnforcement Prije mjesec
Could we get the cords for where the things are? Like the desert temple
FlyingLemur888 Prije mjesec
What are the coords for #15? I really want to explore that!
Brett Hoffmann
Brett Hoffmann Prije mjesec
3:49 I agree, I found 2 amythyst geodes when I set off a desert temple trap
Sheila Prije mjesec
Imagine watching one of these videos and recognizing the seed is the same as your own survival seed, then going to check the coords shown in your own world! That would be crazy
Priya Karthik
Priya Karthik Prije mjesec
I can already imagine what hermitcraft 1.18 is gonna look like
YaBoiPatron Prije mjesec
4:00 This is cave world generation option but... better. I like this way more than the actual thing. It's not just Nether generation but you can chose a biome, it's THE caves.
Joshua Key
Joshua Key Prije mjesec
I think the rarest desert temple was one that was crossing a desert, mesa and savannah biom
SuperNESP Prije mjesec
My friends and I are playing the 22nd seed thanks to you and the person who submitted the seed. There is an unbelievably secure spot in the cave for a base, and I've made it look like a little dragon's settled in. If y'all desire it, I can make a video showcasing my base and also showcasing my friend's prototype bridge-village. I think it'd be worth it, just let me know! Also, if you can tell me who submitted the seed, I'll credit them!
SuperNESP Prije 28 dana
@Bruhman OK then, I'll do what I can to get myself set back up as a HRburnr. I'll collaborate with her to make the vid happen. I haven't uploaded in years, but I'll even include some of my other designs from other worlds. I'm not nearly as fancy as Grian, but I do try. She's using Creative Mode, and I mainly make my builds in Survival Mode. If I'm lost on what to do next, or need to toy with a rare resource, I make a duplicate of the world and go to town on concepts on Creative. This usually happens when I'm creating a new kind of base. Thank you very much for responding good sir :)
Bruhman Prije mjesec
You should absolutely make a video showcasing that base!
my first world in 1.18 was in a valley with an amazing cave view nearby, a Savanah village right on the other side of one of the hills and a jungle on the other. There's even a large Mesa/Badlands to the North and a Mushroom Island to the East/South-east the seed is 6224365517396490973 enjoy
tenofone Prije mjesec
I recently got a seed with i think 4 of those ocean temple things in the same ocean- it was quite a big ocean though lol
PhoenixTheHunter Prije mjesec
My personal favorites were the #13 with the lush caves below the temple, #12 with the craters and stone peaks, as well as the ruined portal on top of a mountain, 1.18 has made some absolutely incredible world generation
[•°Jelly Rat°•]
Can I have a timestamp please?
JuliGee Tee
JuliGee Tee Prije mjesec
in one of my worlds i got a hollow mountain, it was pretty cool
Quantum Tabby largo
Quantum Tabby largo Prije 13 dana
I remember how once I saw a woodland mansion right infront of a small natural rock arch, the mini mountains that get turned into an arch cause there’s a cave there but it’s too small, those ones. Oh also there were naturally spawning pumpkins right outside during holloween like they _knew_
SeedlingNL Prije mjesec
My current 1.18 seed has a similar hole like #4, except it spawns you one block away from the edge.. in a water stream going INTO the hole...
The Happy Lemming
The Happy Lemming Prije mjesec
Seed 69420,in Bedrock edition, has a functional igloo with the zombie curing chamber pretty visible and 2 emerald ores at -440,-360 x and z coordinates
The Happy Lemming
The Happy Lemming Prije 29 dana
@I simp for Supreme Calamitas ik it's sus,but it works,so...
I simp for Supreme Calamitas
Sussy number
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Prije mjesec
Hahaha sure...
Bob esponja depressivo
That seed's number...
The Happy Lemming
The Happy Lemming Prije mjesec
@Donald McBride no problem
Irsih Anah
Irsih Anah Prije mjesec
0:00 intro 0:23 seed #1 0:39 seed #2 0:54 seed #3 1:10 seed #4 1:24 seed #5 1:39 seed #6 1:55 seed #7 2:10 seed #8 2:25 seed #9 2:41 seed #10 2:57 seed #11 3:12 seed #12 3:27 seed #13 3:52 seed #14 4:07 seed #15 4:24 seed #16 4:41 seed #17 4:59 seed #18 5:14 seed #19 5:29 seed #20 5:45 seed #21 6:02 seed #22 6:18 seed #23 𝙎𝙤𝙤 𝘼𝙢𝙖𝙯𝙞𝙣𝙜 😬😬 6:33 seed #24 6:46 seed #25 7:00 seed #26 7:17 seed #27 7:32 seed #28 7:49 seed #29 Done👋
♥︎ Oreos ♥︎
♥︎ Oreos ♥︎ Prije mjesec
5:29 I found something like that a few days ago too, but in another seed :)
CyanSorcerer64 Prije mjesec
Mojang made an absolute masterpiece of this update, no doubt about it.
Cole W
Cole W Prije mjesec
4:29 finally i know someone who agrees with me doesn’t matter how big a land mass is because technically it is surrounded by water on all sides
Alenkov Yuri
Alenkov Yuri Prije mjesec
"Life is good" "But it can be Better" -" *Bedrock and Java seeds will be almost identical* " -" *Ultra realistic world generations* "
ツAdam Playz
ツAdam Playz Prije 14 dana
Just One
Just One Prije mjesec
I’m happy half and half exist.
MuffinCat Prije mjesec
Yes Please
Alex Lambert
Alex Lambert Prije mjesec
Does anyone know the coordinates for the mountains on #3
Exxiled Prije 12 dana
I actually found seed #24 looking for a seed that was good for making a mountain base
Redneck Sniper
Redneck Sniper Prije mjesec
I found an absolutely beautiful cave that goes over 500 blocks with multiple mineshafts, geodes and lush caves
Chinmaya Bhat
Chinmaya Bhat Prije mjesec
Does anyone know the coords for the generation in #25?
DINGGA STUDIO Prije mjesec
Version 1.18 is bigger and wider than I thought, and it's nice. Thank you for letting me know this.:)
Rahima's dolls Stories
2 eyes
The Walkthrough Guy
The Walkthrough Guy Prije mjesec
that's what she said
Jelly Wolf
Jelly Wolf Prije mjesec
Hey if you don't mind me asking what's the cords for number 10 that cave is gorgeous
Colin Cayden
Colin Cayden Prije mjesec
I just played Minecraft today and the caves and cliffs were AMAZING
Deafforever1231 Prije mjesec
I'm in a variation of the 42069 biome, (I think its 800813542069?) The mountain this ravine drops into is HUGE. I'll double check my seed if people want me to as it's pretty neat.
Irsyad Daniel
Irsyad Daniel Prije mjesec
in java edition i can enchant everything like any flowers,bed,door,lever,tnt also ender eye
MissMech Prije mjesec
I recently played a seed very similar to the first one, except the pyramid was on the surface within 30 blocks of a pillager outpost and the chests were accessible through a cave underneath.
SubTo: YusiDraco
SubTo: YusiDraco Prije 16 dana
ive actually gotten a god seed on my ps5. it was where there was a village with 4 blacksmiths and a ravine with an exposed stronghold and mineshaft and the portal already had 6 eyes in it there was also a desert temple with a god apple in it and about 100 blocks away from the village there was an ocean monument (ik pretty insane)
GAB TV Prije mjesec
Imagine every builds by Monjang but upgraded additional builds Japanese, Chinese shrines and Medieval docks and castles
misolou fout
misolou fout Prije mjesec
#3 is definitely where I would build my base
Gamaliel Rumahpasal
Gamaliel Rumahpasal Prije mjesec
Hey skip, have you ever encounter an mineshaft entrance, well in the earlier version of Minecraft Java there would be a little chance you encounter mineshaft entrance in a flat world/infinite world I doesnt believe that mineshaft entrance is a thing too but ITS a thing :/
Milo C4X
Milo C4X Prije mjesec
This is exactly what I have been waiting for! Who else is loving the 1.18 update so far?!
Dream Gaming ♡
Dream Gaming ♡ Prije 12 dana
these are all useless- there's no coordinates
NinjaBloo Prije mjesec
@oneK small but less
Zhiheng Lim
Zhiheng Lim Prije mjesec
@Touchmyspaghett Ikr sometimes mine freezes for a second
Touchmyspaghett Prije mjesec
I love it but my computer doesn’t. It’s kinda laggy sometimes and my laptop sounds like a jet taking off =(
John Schmitt
John Schmitt Prije mjesec
@GraceandPaul brah
dudewatevs56 Prije 20 dana
Me and my friends made a realms survival server, and when I found the stronghold, it had not one, but two zombie dungeons intersecting it.
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins Prije mjesec
I love everything you do just one thing you have to change stop saying subscribe to the channel people get annoyed by that just say it at the beginning and the end believe me it works but I love your content
George Kat
George Kat Prije mjesec
These seeds mean nothing to us if we don't know the location, so next time you make a video like this, please show the coords.
Point Blank
Point Blank Prije 7 dana
I once typed in 0 (on mobile, so I couldn't see the seed) and I was on a floating island surrounded by almost bedrock. The island was at sea level. I left the game and made a new world, but it was wierd.
ItsSteveMC Prije mjesec
Fun Fact: 1.18 Java and Bedrock now shares seeds... dont believe me? try it out
Coolgal2.0 Prije 9 dana
All of these work in Minecraft Pocket edition I tried them myself, so cool!!!!
Mundo Da Criança
Mundo Da Criança Prije mjesec
"There's a waterfall that goes straight to diamond level" I got a seed in which the closest waterfall goes all the way to: Y-26
mxyamxrye Prije 25 dana
Does anyone know the coordinates for the seed at 6:09 i rlly wanna build around and swim in that reef cove
g j
g j Prije mjesec
Pillager leader: what is the main thing that is making us lose to players? Pillager 1: maybe we dont have enough troo- Pillager 2: the tower's not tall enough Pillager leader: pillager 2, great idea! You get a promotion!
RyanTheScion Prije mjesec
Hey I found that fish Island seed and it is what my smp is playing on right now, thanks for the credit :D
Ella Austen
Ella Austen Prije 20 dana
Omg ima be playing minecraft for days now i love these seeds and i can make beautiful homes with them
Daniel Zuniga
Daniel Zuniga Prije mjesec
I found a glitch where when you throw a loyalty trident and pick something up with 0 inventory it floats around you
nexus gaming2999
nexus gaming2999 Prije mjesec
What's the coordinates for the mansion in seed 2?
JustDucky Prije 19 dana
Love how he didn't give us cords for any of these seeds
Madness in a Cone
Madness in a Cone Prije mjesec
i love how he shows us seed 69420, and i had already put in that seed on every version
StarViolet Warriors
StarViolet Warriors Prije mjesec
I feel like jungle biomes are so common now. Out of most of the worlds I have made in the new update, 9/10 have generated by a jungle.
Kody Marth
Kody Marth Prije mjesec
I’m loving this update… falling 150 blocks an poppin a totem.. talking about heart dropping.
Jackie Mann
Jackie Mann Prije mjesec
3:07 love the single block of raw copper on the spike!
RedToxic Prije 24 dana
@tabina behnaz haiza raw copper is what you get when mining copper ore
bente Prije mjesec
tabina behnaz haiza
tabina behnaz haiza Prije mjesec
@Technical bro raw copper is same
Technical Prije mjesec
Raw copper block*
Lincoln Lyons
Lincoln Lyons Prije 17 dana
A huge overhaul to terrain indeed, I explored over 6000 blocks from my base just to get spruce! (Rip the 2 hrs of my life)
Bean Informee
Bean Informee Prije mjesec
Are we allowed to build things in these seeds, or are they just for sight seeing? Please tell me before some chaos starts.
leonill gordon
leonill gordon Prije 8 dana
I recently got 35 Desert Temples in 1 cave and 21 in surface in 1 desert
NICE GUY gaming
NICE GUY gaming Prije mjesec
Just wondering, Are these seeds in the new snapshot? Because I went into 764 and couldn't find the shipwreck.
Saina / Shabd Sehgal
Fun fact-The Java seeds will work for Bedrock too and vice versa (seed parity)
chair Prije mjesec
just with slight differences, like placement of blocks or water
Fuzzy Kittens
Fuzzy Kittens Prije mjesec
My fav part was the pots but sad times for me but the update is soooooo cool!
Memes69 Prije 19 dana
That bedrock seed with 3 black smiths. It happend to me and it was awesome
The Reptile
The Reptile Prije 4 dana
Idk why but 2:47 has the exact same energy as a lot of subnautica, that terrified wonder that scares you and intrigues you, beckoning you to go deeper
Arnav The Wock Sharma
this update is huge and with this many players who left mc for that same stuff will come back as now there as there will be weird cave generation and all stuffs going on so it will be amazing
AntOnion Prije mjesec
Finally, seeds to play with my friends or to show them cool stuff. I love your videos! Keep up the great work :D
Ratnesh Singh
Ratnesh Singh Prije mjesec
3:50 yeah you are correct bro Yesterday I accidentally stepped on the pressure plate in a piramid but later I realised that there is a fossil underneath the temple!!
wither ofek
wither ofek Prije 17 dana
what are the coords for those mountains on seed number 3?
Town Craz
Town Craz Prije mjesec
@Skipthetutorial I JUST REALIZED THAT IN 1.18 THERE IS A BLOCK CALLED LIGHT. Just do /give @p minecraft:light and you get a block/item that looks like a light bulb.
Kosmic Prije 23 dana
question is what are the coordinates for these locations?