Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose! 

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Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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16. Lis 2020.



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Slogo Fan
Slogo Fan Prije godine
Well this is probably my favourite theory
OwlCraft Prije 2 dana
what are the things at 4:21 called?
Ora-chan Prije 5 dana
What if the imposter was the crewmate and that's why they know where everything is and the "crew mates" want to steal the ship?
Amanda H.
Amanda H. Prije 12 dana
Im waching in 2022
Joanne Gallant
Joanne Gallant Prije 2 mjeseci
Minokulos Gaming
Minokulos Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
Paul Zan
Paul Zan Prije godine
Crew: successfully votes out the imposters MatPat: *that doesn’t count*
LeRealMilk Prije 8 dana
I know nobody cares but I think I was the thousandth like on this comment
Diego Echeverria
Diego Echeverria Prije 8 mjeseci
yeah but the canonical ending is you finishing ur tasks, that is a win, killing it would be how must people win but technicly the canonical ending that follows a story is the one of finishing the tasks
springtrap Prije godine
Because in the menu we can see all among us characters are in space. We can say even if impostor loses we don't win
Cabeça De Urso
Cabeça De Urso Prije godine
What if, the whole crew is infected, but, only some people are able to mutate as soon as they get infected, while the others can only mutate after a long time, that would kinda explain why every round the imposter comes as a different color :)
Światowid Cieśślak
@Declan Ruiz Meaby. ;)
alaz Prije 6 mjeseci
the fact that he referred to the crewmates as “brightly colored jellybeans” makes my day
Mijaro The Dreadlord
@Tooth Toothpaste are you gonna call the cops?
Fawn Prije 26 dana
p e r f e c t i o n
PinkBanana75 Prije mjesec
i love it
john huckelberry
john huckelberry Prije mjesec
Lol it’s hilarious
Rachel McGregor
Rachel McGregor Prije 2 mjeseci
They do look like jellybeans
Moppa 69
Moppa 69 Prije 5 mjeseci
"What if it wasn't a parasite and just a crewmember whos on a killing spree?" *That one kill Scene where a crew is impaled by the impostor's tongue*
qarful Prije 25 dana
he said that in the video
Alt Prije 2 mjeseci
Also the newest update literally snap shifts into someone’s
yeboxxx channel
yeboxxx channel Prije 2 mjeseci
Um.. there is an X-ray of bones, impostor's bones differ
Sockpuppet's Channel
Sockpuppet's Channel Prije 2 mjeseci
Tongue kill scene: bout to end this mans whole theory
lotpie Prije 2 mjeseci
I mean, we don't know that that isn't a normal behavior for them
Liathrys Prije 2 mjeseci
"You Will ALWAYS Lose" That's something an impostor would say. Kinda sus ngl.
Isak Messihi
Isak Messihi Prije 6 dana
Mat pat was not the imposter
Darklord Lyles2203
Darklord Lyles2203 Prije 6 mjeseci
I love the movie the thing. The fact that it's also yours matt, makes me love the channel more. This theory is amazeballs man. Very well put together and the animation 👌
Piesel of Datches
Piesel of Datches Prije 2 mjeseci
it is a very cash money theory
bluELFsuma Prije godine
I would love a Henry Stickmin theory, personally.
Evangeline White
Evangeline White Prije 18 sati
he half did that i guess by predicting a henry stickmen week in fnf
Ruchi Khera
Ruchi Khera Prije godine
Ya pls do that MatPat
Mr Smarts
Mr Smarts Prije godine
That is gonna take a while considering all of the endings including the secret ending.
Horl tom
Horl tom Prije godine
Horl tom
Horl tom Prije godine
yes yesyes
JWolf Prije 5 mjeseci
Can we all just take a second to actually appreciate The Thing. The practical effects in that movie were actually amazing and the prequel was a massive disappointment.
Classic Sonic
Classic Sonic Prije mjesec
I enjoyed the prequel at least it tells us how it started
Rafael Padida
Rafael Padida Prije 6 mjeseci
This is the most well-explained theory yet, so accurate too!
bummie Prije 2 mjeseci
"that is awfully short and awfully light for a typical human being." me: :O they're CHILDREN!! "astronauts have been specifically bred for deep space travel." ..oh
Savvy Prije 13 sati
I thought the same thing🤣
MyNameBeRamen Prije 6 mjeseci
so maybe letting the reactor explode is a good idea
Yulius Sentausa
Yulius Sentausa Prije godine
Matpat: "Crew mates are small human" Game graphic: "Crew mates dead bodies shows one single bone with jointed end surrounded by completely formed meat"
• Joy_Craft •
• Joy_Craft • Prije 2 mjeseci
I think he was right about most of it but I think instead of small humans they are aliens working with humans/watching humans which is why they have similar things Also why we don’t have the planet Polus in our solar system
Becky Zak
Becky Zak Prije 2 mjeseci
They only have one bone a big bone you can tell when they die
Erin Bathie-Moore
Erin Bathie-Moore Prije 3 mjeseci
@fgabrielg2012 Story-wise, yes, it's their spine. Physiologically, no, that is the end of a femur, aka, your thigh bone
Egar Enterprises Inc.
Egar Enterprises Inc. Prije 5 mjeseci
@Tehkewl U Fat humans
Sujata Poojary
Sujata Poojary Prije 5 mjeseci
That's the just kid-friendly representation of a scarier scene
I am Fluffy
I am Fluffy Prije 2 dana
“The impostor should have the ability to shapeshift” Me: *laughs in shapeshifter update*
[•] Agent Ulgrin [•]
8:17 “so it’s among us but with the added wrinkle that the imposter can turn into the victim he kills” And so Innersloth thought…
Zodiac Goddess
Zodiac Goddess Prije 4 mjeseci
I always thought the storyline was different. The imposter lives on the planet Polus, we destroy said imposter, we go back on the Skeld fly back home, another imposter attacks us, we ‘win’ and go to Mira Hq to settle down, and since in my opinion Mira Hq was the easiest to win as imposter, imposter finally kills all of the crew.
dewa kipas kw
dewa kipas kw Prije 2 mjeseci
@MetaParalysis more like we are irittating the impostor because we are drilling their habitat? So yeah they will like go mad yknow
MetaParalysis Prije 4 mjeseci
Isn't mira the hardest for impostors and polus the easiest
Good Day
Good Day Prije 3 mjeseci
Theory: Imagine if the imposters that are killed in among us spread their children, like that parasite that controls ants does. and every time they are about to get kicked they spread their children and thats why their are many servers infected by the imposter
Appetizerz Prije godine
Crewmate: goes into the vent Everyone: wait that's illegal
Brandon P
Brandon P Prije godine
I think that part was meant to be a reference to the original Alien.
aesthetically sadie naiyah
@Gabin Chorein-Parisot exactly
Gabin Chorein-Parisot
Oof Roy why do you send links for "vote" videos ?
Legacy Cat
Legacy Cat Prije godine
Gabin Chorein-Parisot
Task : is in vent Everyone : wait that’s illegal
Alan J
Alan J Prije 6 mjeseci
I'd love a Henry Stickmin theory!
Illianne Culkin
Illianne Culkin Prije 2 mjeseci
It's stickmeneno
Alan J
Alan J Prije 2 mjeseci
@Delta Jevil fixed
Spikeyshoe Amogus
Spikeyshoe Amogus Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s stickmanigga
Piesel of Datches
Piesel of Datches Prije 2 mjeseci
@Delta Jevil actually it's stickmane
Delta Jevil
Delta Jevil Prije 4 mjeseci
AFAQUE AHMED Prije 5 mjeseci
Remember the time when you just catch a person venting immediately at the starting of the game , this guy destroyed all the happiness :(
Inatchee Boi
Inatchee Boi Prije 3 mjeseci
I just have to say. MatPat can make a theory about literally anything.
diamond shade
diamond shade Prije 3 mjeseci
jessica martinez
jessica martinez Prije 6 mjeseci
Hey guys I have a theory what if the imposter is actually a symbiote because the imposter can be anyone like some one getting possessed by a symbiote and they are called parasitic of venoms powers is to shape shift and people who don’t know what symbiotes are called they call them parasites and one of the kill animations is your player opening an enormous mouth and stabbing some one,well just loot at a symbiote.and how do the other players not see the imposter’s weapons the symbiote could just be shapeshifting their body to make those weapons and how can the imposter go through vents but the players can’t?the imposter could be going through the vent as slime
Dat Cap
Dat Cap Prije 2 mjeseci
My headcanon is that the crewmate your playing as is the ONLY one in the ship and they just went insane from being alone for so long. Maybe the crewmates are all hallucinations? Maybe thats why they don’t like good evidence. And maybe the impostor killing you is just you going insane and killing yourself? And maybe the reactor is just you blowing up the ship, trying to end it? And maybe O2 is just you jumping into space, going completely insane? And maybe comms is just you having a headache. That’s my headcanon, and it is NOT true.
×CrystalWolfie× Prije 4 mjeseci
Well, couldn't the imposter have been an innocent crew mate, who got expiremented on by aliens or something after being kidnapped, then the virus spreads as germs, it could be that, i always assume a thing like 'he couldve been forced' and stuff, but your theory sounds much more sensible -
mr. beans
mr. beans Prije 4 mjeseci
We played Loup-garou in French class one day. That’s where Among Us came from and it’s actually pretty fun
Qayla Prije 3 mjeseci
1:45 Same energy as "her legs were cut off, her arms were cut off"
Skye Hansen
Skye Hansen Prije 2 mjeseci
Darker Theory: the crew is actually human children. •-•
Jesan Marie Ansag
Jesan Marie Ansag Prije 24 dana
Can we appreciate that the game theory intro thing always matches the actual game
Cici Woods
Cici Woods Prije godine
MatPat's ending was scarier than 90% of horror movies I've seen. That got me right in the trust issues.
Sigvulcanas Prije godine
I know "The Thing" was going to come up, it's such a good movie.
Gaaradreamer Prije godine
Actually I saw that coming
LadyNightFox28 Prije godine
Trust whats that
7:10 The first thing I thought of once Matpat mentioned the alien parasite is literally Faz-Goo 🤣
Meming with Jacques
Meming with Jacques Prije 3 mjeseci
7:01 notice that this very snow mask is a costume option in among us.
LovelyLilUnicorn Prije 3 mjeseci
Joy Maker
Joy Maker Prije mjesec
With new role, Shape-shifter, Among Us is EVEN more similar to the movie The Thing.
Revvmew_Ravenpaw Prije mjesec
Some of the other kill animations make me think there isn’t just a parasite, but if there’s multiple it also means there might not just be multiple parasites but also paranoid crew mates.
DragonTrainer201 Prije godine
Maybe the purpose of the crewmates winning isn’t to ensure they survive, but to ensure their research gets to their intended destination. Perhaps the ship is carrying research data that can help deal with the alien parasites. Finishing all the tasks or getting rid of all the imposters ensure that the research data gets delivered on time. Whether or not the crew survives is secondary to whether or not the data gets salvaged. That’s why even if you’re killed, you still win if the survivors are able to get home. On the other hand, if you’re an imposter, you win if you can prevent the data from reaching its destination, thereby protecting your parasitic species.
Youtube Alt
Youtube Alt Prije godine
@Deborah Ajao maybe the info needed to stop the parasitic species is too large to be delivered, or maybe the crew mates are also delivering an item crucial to the destruction of their species
ThatRandomGuy_YT Prije godine
GrÆsS Prije godine
Kitha ‘
Kitha ‘ Prije godine
@Zachary Gilmore you can’t...
Kitha ‘
Kitha ‘ Prije godine
I can’t wait to watch the episode also this is what I was thinking too about how the crew mates if they die or don’t they have to get the data back to mira HQ
Omar Flores
Omar Flores Prije 6 mjeseci
I like how you put new twists on video games like this
Beastie_4eyed Prije 6 mjeseci
Its basically "the thing" references for among us. So many
blue dragonfly
blue dragonfly Prije 2 mjeseci
I was *not* ready for the twist at the end, but I loved it!
sans the YouTuber
sans the YouTuber Prije 2 dana
It's kind of funny how you said that if I'm adding that whole entire wrinkle from a movie where the whole entire imposter can pose as the whole entire cremates that killed yeah it's kind of funny how you basically predicted that because I decided to play the game recently after it died out first off surprisingly servers are whole lot calmer now and second off they added the shape shifter which means that basically any character you can kill them and basically blame it on somebody else because you look like somebody else like might be a little bit different than how you described but still basically the same thing so congrats your big brain... ... Genius
England’s Guard
England’s Guard Prije godine
It’s actually terrifying. Imagine being on a spaceship far out in space when a shape shifting alien is killing your fellow crew mates. You all turn against each other as your picked off one by one
Pranav Balraj
Pranav Balraj Prije godine
@blonze_brick Just a bot man. Nvm.
domsooch Prije godine
@Aaron That would be so cool, maybe like a laser gun arena where someone has a tool that can be used to disqualify people, like mophia but you actually get to run around, do tasks etc.
Pissed off Perty
Pissed off Perty Prije godine
I'd just have the ship self destruct with the doors open to the reactor as the hull is breached when the reactor is destroyed and everyone is sucked into the cold void of space before leaving some kind of note to future explorers.
blonze_brick Prije godine
@Pranav Balraj what did they say
Normal PCGamer
Normal PCGamer Prije godine
MasterIsabelle Prije 2 mjeseci
Now that new roles are released have you noticed that engineers being crewmates can fit into vents too? It means it’s not how you fit into the vents rather maybe a way you can open them.
Jayden Bynum
Jayden Bynum Prije 5 mjeseci
Among us have to make a past scene to tell the whole story of how this all started, it would be epic!!
M30W010 Prije 4 mjeseci
I can end this theory with one sentence. During a interview the developers said there was no lore
Victory Gamer
Victory Gamer Prije 4 mjeseci
chloerogers Prije 4 mjeseci
I always thought that polus was the imposters home planet. But then again, It must have a home planet and most likely a research base on said planet. So basically it goes like this the crew goes to polus, one of them gets infected by spores (which, if we're going on The thing logic is canon) and brings it on the skeld which I thought was the trip to hq back from polus. And before anyone yells at me about "how did they get infected when they first land" and that's what you think in the game. Canonically, the crewmate that got infected might have been fine for the first few minutes. It's that or the air was so filled with spores that the second they landed, one of them got infected. It's your choice
The Nailsage Of Geo
The Nailsage Of Geo Prije godine
“Their anatomy is the same as a human” Literally had a single bone in their body
Rebecca DeMoranville
Rebecca DeMoranville Prije 4 mjeseci
@Duck hat hap exactly, so they're aliens
Duck hat hap
Duck hat hap Prije 4 mjeseci
@Rebecca DeMoranville but they can move and the corpse only has 1 bone
Holly Martin
Holly Martin Prije 6 mjeseci
a Player
a Player Prije 6 mjeseci
Dang I wish our anatomy is just bone
Sharky Malarky
Sharky Malarky Prije 6 mjeseci
this is what i wass thinkingggggg
Starborn Prije 5 mjeseci
He turned a fun and simple game into a game that now scares me
Teh angry bird 345
Teh angry bird 345 Prije 2 mjeseci
Mattpat: you will always loose People who get imposter: am i a joke to you
There is a Name for Everything
I too use my sharp tongue as a weapon whenever a person is close to me, like MatPat.
TwilightBookworm707 Prije mjesec
The new shapeshifter role has more lore in it so ya might want to check that out
Truce Truce
Truce Truce Prije godine
“Bro stop milking this.” Fnaf: *awkwardly glances to the left*
Sergeant Virus
Sergeant Virus Prije 3 mjeseci
poopguy 34
poopguy 34 Prije 4 mjeseci
Mustard Bastard
Mustard Bastard Prije godine
I miss when youtubers didn't just follow trends.
I’m Everything at once.
Who remembers I are tech back in fnaf days?
Truce Truce
Truce Truce Prije godine
@N. Factory that is the opposite of the point of my comment but you do you
* - Strawbunny - *
* - Strawbunny - * Prije 2 mjeseci
* me binging game theories * Daaaang. He’s done every game.. there’s no way that there’s an among us- *oh my god.*
Steeljaw XXI
Steeljaw XXI Prije 27 dana
MatPat told to "stop milking it." Well, he's not milking it now. He's shaking it and bringing all the lore to the yard.
Mechassassin Prije mjesec
Hey at least now with the new Among Us update, the idea of the Impostor shape-shifting is actually a feature.
MrKoryMisun Prije 5 mjeseci
I always figured the whole crew is comprised of prison inmates on death row in space, forced to test space crafts' durability and usefulness. If they die out there, whatever. If they come home to be put to death, okay. I have more.
Alfonso Jimenez
Alfonso Jimenez Prije godine
Crewmate: Goes to vent Among us: Wait thats illegal.
jisoowlw Prije godine
"red is not the impostor".
Kate Stardream
Kate Stardream Prije godine
Red is kinda sus
jisoowlw Prije godine
@Original Tolerance1231 noo,I saw red vent
EVILPRO Prije 21 dan
2:50 MatPat: This also explains why the impostors are able to fit in the vents. Michael Afton in Sister Location: Am I a joke to you?
CLOUDSNUP Prije mjesec
He said that they need to add a way for the Imposters to disguise as the person they killed... well they did add that.
Jellygamer Prije 3 dana
4:51 except for the fact that we are repeatedly reminded through deaths and by the medway in the airship that the crewmates only have one bone. Also It's not a mistake ✨️ It's a masterpiece✨️ Edit: Or maybe the astronauts are children.
LEGOMAN 2 Prije 4 mjeseci
Also, who's to say the impostors can't survive in space? They could just float in space for indefinite periods of time before another space ship flies by and the impostor boards it.
Willyboi!! Prije godine
Plot twist: The astronauts are children. That would explain their size, weight, the lack of urgency to complete tasks, and them building a snowmen reenactment of a murder. Building snowmen is generally a childish, playful thing, and reconstructing a murder with the snowmen does definitely show they have a dark sense of humor, which is something A LOT of kids have these days and I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t have that in the future. Additionally, a good portion of kids enjoy drinks of the like of Don Dew and NRG, and correct me if I’m wrong, I believe I saw what looked like milk in the vending machine, another drink that typically appeals to children. Why would they be on the ship in the first place? Maybe they’re going to MIRAHQ to meet up with their families. An example I have here is Lost In Space. In the show, entire families are sent into space and they must know how to operate a complicated spacecraft and this includes the children needing to know how as well. Perhaps Among Us has a similar concept to Lost In Space, but their parents are sent beforehand. As of why, I do not know. Or maybe, in the future, there is an abundance of children compared to a lack of adults to get the kind of work that needs to be done on the various maps. Incredibly dark twist, sending children into space with a murderous alien(s), but I think it makes sense.
Just an NPC
Just an NPC Prije 12 dana
guys lets get the likes on this comment to 666
LuminaryStarling Prije mjesec
@Marcellofp maybe like 2-4
FuntimeFreddy Prije mjesec
@Colorado Mapping the mini crewmates are the kids
CLOUDSNUP Prije mjesec
@Colorado Mapping newborns that they put robot pieces on to make them stronger lol.
Cindy Yang
Cindy Yang Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes! And they might be acting so calm about the murders because they don't really understand it (also the snowmen thing)
Harumi Hirohiko
Harumi Hirohiko Prije 2 mjeseci
The fact that he called out the dude who asked him to stop milking the game make matpat a Chad in my eyes.
Bloody Bee
Bloody Bee Prije 3 mjeseci
Terrifying theory: the crewmates are children
Xxcringe_dudexX Prije 2 mjeseci
I just have to say, that th whole imposter thing started in polus, based on the parasite looking things in the tubes, and that one of them has been broken. Just a bit more lore sprinkles on the ice cream for you.
Yalong Wang
Yalong Wang Prije 2 mjeseci
0:39 it would've been so nice if we got a jumpscare like the one from the end of Siren Head, where SH (in this case, the imposter), crawls towards you on all fours and with incredible speed Just a fun suggestion
Mario Madriz
Mario Madriz Prije godine
I just can't stop thinking about MatPat's ability to discover the lore of every single game, it's just wonderful.
Mario Madriz
Mario Madriz Prije godine
@Katy Jensen yeah lol
George Richards
George Richards Prije godine
Daniel Bueno
Daniel Bueno Prije godine
Yeah. I think I'll never get over the fact he never covered Catghost in GT/FT, even after spending so much time and effort into the mess that was Petscop. At least Catghost made much more sense, had a much more well-thought story and was the games that were released with the episodes and were completely playable made the whole Catghost universe much more interesting than Petscop. To me, at least.
human funny
human funny Prije godine
Ahhh yes thats the allmighty game think ability its rare
Red Umbreon and Green Chicorita
Is called big brain
Temporary Handle
Temporary Handle Prije 3 mjeseci
A Henry Stickmin theory sounds good, that game is so nostalgic.
JakePyee Prije 3 mjeseci
This was amazing keep it up
ARESISTER Prije 3 mjeseci
Also people in space grow very very fast so it would be obvious to bring smaller people so that if they are stuck in space the would not take up as much room as they grow...
Daniel Prije 11 dana
I think this is the MatPat’s best GameTheory video ever. No overthinking just a heartfelt theory.
Nick Killian
Nick Killian Prije godine
Matpat: “There is no winning in a Among us” Me: Exactly. There is only victory
Mike188 Prije godine
I was just thinking that
Omega Flowey
Omega Flowey Prije godine
Too true
•Kiana Kaslana•
•Kiana Kaslana• Prije godine
👀 True 👄
SpiritAura Prije godine
@Very Hot watch VidIQ instead of advertizing in the comment section
JellyReptile Prije godine
that's... Really frickin' true
Gnoff Mouse
Gnoff Mouse Prije 6 mjeseci
I have not watched the video yet but I just want to say this I love among us don’t ruin it for me
JudasMahorn & friends
JudasMahorn & friends Prije 4 mjeseci
And now that the airship is out, the aliens HAVE effected the earth, so more lore is in the makings
Dylan Buchanan
Dylan Buchanan Prije 20 dana
Only one team of theorist could make someone cry because of the ‘hidden’ lore
Spindle_Nex✨🕷️ Prije 18 sati
#Newtheory I think they're kids, which explains the size and mass as well as how the parasite keeps spreading. All adults stay on earth to manage things there. Children are running the ships which is why A the parasites keep spreading and B why the tasks are so simple as well as bonus C, they require less resources then adults.
Pesty Lucas
Pesty Lucas Prije godine
“This game has a lore, but trust me, it’s not pretty” Is it ever matpat? Is it ever?
Kirbyfan01 01
Kirbyfan01 01 Prije godine
@Олег Таранов shut up
Alex Prije godine
Pesty Lucas
Pesty Lucas Prije godine
@Seko Seko 7 yes, omg!!! A video about transferring files, so incredibly shocking!!!
Seko Seko 7
Seko Seko 7 Prije godine
Default Generico
Default Generico Prije 2 mjeseci
took him ~6mins to explain the short crew without just calling them midgets xD
Or Levy Train Time 2022
You know that it can also be just an imposter virus that turns the crewmates into a imposter serial killer
Snobsy Prije 4 mjeseci
we now know the physical body under the space suit. it's stick figures. based on the fact that it's the same universe. I think the impostors original form is the one you see in the hat/pet selection.
Dragon Prije 2 mjeseci
I just realized that if the airship map takes place on earth, then earth has already been over run with imposters. I say this because one is bound to hit water or be dropped from a height that won't kill them.
Jeremy Jenkins
Jeremy Jenkins Prije godine
"Bruh, stop milking this." Evidently this person haven't seen MatPat's library of FNAF
Toadhead Prije 6 mjeseci
myselft • 36 years ago
@FMC Fastmadcow regardless of it has alot of videos or not it still make good content
bonnie of mischief
bonnie of mischief Prije godine
definitely not
Midnight_Horizen Prije godine
@FMC Fastmadcow still doesn't change the fact thats it's over years and Scott continues adding lores and plus you forgort to count the videos that are supposed to be continuions of past videos i swear y'all love complaing so much.
Shy guy E
Shy guy E Prije godine
Yep this detective is right
Rhianne Ramao
Rhianne Ramao Prije 2 mjeseci
well there is a theory that i heard about polus,it says that the alien started from the polus and you can see the clues in the laboratory or medbay and maybe the alien is like an experiment or getting observed by the crewmates in the lab then it broke out reasoning for one of the bathroom stalls to be broken leading outside the lab so they started from polus next in the spaceship,then when they thought they're already safe they went to mira hq then the parasite spread like a virus so they needed to evacuate meaning going into the AIRSHIP That's what i know,MAGIC (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
bossybozzo Prije 16 dana
8:18 In the new update the imposters can change into the crewmates
The Gaming Ram
The Gaming Ram Prije 6 mjeseci
This theory makes so much sense thx Mat👍👍
Isaiah Sears
Isaiah Sears Prije mjesec
I feel like airship would be a prequel to the other maps.
GeneralKT Prije godine
I like to think that the Crewmates are creatures called “Mungi,” making a non-plural version of them called... a mungus.
Onion Cookie
Onion Cookie Prije 5 mjeseci
Onion Cookie
Onion Cookie Prije 5 mjeseci
Omg yesh
bluehotsonic Prije 5 mjeseci
Get it, a mungjs among us,,
Rouge-ish Prije godine
A mungus wot
Denise Pedroza
Denise Pedroza Prije godine
nah, that's there race
AmJustChillin Prije mjesec
I'm kinda just sitting here thinking mat has this theroy 100% right because funny enough now in among us we have shape shifters who can turn into any crew-
Rektz Ruiz
Rektz Ruiz Prije 26 dana
It also explains the new shapeshifter mechanic
Namesolution984 Prije 6 mjeseci
How does Henry get so many items to fit in his pockets?
シItzLavenderシ Prije 2 mjeseci
I Love The Intro As well As Your Videos! Thank You For Making at his Video! :)
OG DOOM Slayer
OG DOOM Slayer Prije godine
MatPat: Makes two videos on Among Us Viewers: “STOP MILKING!” MatPat: Makes over a dozen FNAF videos Viewers: “I’ll allow it!”
Redstones Lover
Redstones Lover Prije godine
@Diamond Hero
Diamond Hero
Diamond Hero Prije godine
@grandogrando I try but some people man.. They just make it hard y'know
grandogrando Prije godine
@Diamond Hero yeah I get that. Nice to have a civil conversation on the internet every once in a while.
grandogrando Prije godine
@Azurealms99 true. But fnaf has much more lore than among us, like incomparably more lore, and better lore too.
Diamond Hero
Diamond Hero Prije godine
@grandogrando yeah I kinda agree with that as well I mean a lot of people I watch are playing it but I only watch one of them playing it and don't really watch the others (I hope my wording makes sense) but with matpat his content on it is not gameplay so it's different i only think that he is covering the wrong things that said this video seems to be more of a shift to what would work better for his kind of content if that makes sense
Shubémon Prije 3 mjeseci
what if the crewmates kill the imposter like ejecting them???
Alyson Davies
Alyson Davies Prije 23 dana
There's already a new update to among us where there are shapeshifters and when I'm the imposter I like to shape-shift into my victims
jc playz
jc playz Prije mjesec
I love your channel.l like how at the end blue was about to grab you but he wasn't even the imposter
Aeril Farihan
Aeril Farihan Prije mjesec
0:57 love how lights turned off and he is an among us character to fix lights lol 8:20 when I watch this 1 year later it has happened Game Theorists it has happened they added shape shifters
Primo Tenshimp
Primo Tenshimp Prije godine
So..... are we just gonna ignore the fact that a crewmate vented at the start.
PATREEA Prije godine
@Oof Roy I love reporting spams🙃
Sizzle Prije godine
I guess
I ate my cat
I ate my cat Prije godine
@Oof Roy stop spaming this-
Nika Prije godine
Ummmmm yeah
Laura Briones
Laura Briones Prije godine
its a reference to Alien, dont take it seriously
Addie Muga
Addie Muga Prije mjesec
new theory: what if among us was at space because the whole earth was infected by the aliens and the crewmates were the survivors and maybe they have to go back to earth and kill the alien who started it all.
☆Shelly the sleepy dragonfish animations☆
I agree with most of the things you say but you forgot one thing they only have one bone one single bone which makes me think that these are not humans the alien creatures from another planet I see that it could be a possibility that they stole the airship from the top hat clan for research on earth they also don't have any arms which is kind of strange
xFennax VDB
xFennax VDB Prije 2 mjeseci
What if the crew mates are actually kids instead of specifically bred astronauts? Think about it, a lot of movies show kids being taught early on to “save” the world so why can’t it be in this game? That would explain why they are able to still do such hard tasks and maintain the ship and why they would ‘dress up’ with different accessories, why they build snowmen and why they still calibrate holidays such as Christmas because they believe? Not only that but that would also explain why crew mates would stress about a dead body and report it right away by shouting to others, kids tend to shout when something isn’t right (I know I’m late but I just wanted to contribute)
Youtuber Prije 5 mjeseci
the dead snowman bean actually has a real bone on it, seems like crewmates or impostors have gotten frozen inside snow
Kieran Cochrane
Kieran Cochrane Prije godine
The reason why the crew mates have one bone in their torso, is because they are stick people. Theory confirmed
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis Prije godine
Well I don't think a bone that large could fit inside a stickman, and I have no idea how it bends.
Water Prije godine
Davis Wagner
Davis Wagner Prije godine
@AleJJtheNinja i do a brain fart
AleJJtheNinja Prije godine
@Davis Wagner He do a science.
Davis Wagner
Davis Wagner Prije godine
@AleJJtheNinja what oh i did but i thought low gravy was a saying kinda like low hanging fruit but i did mean to typ low gravatiy oh god my brain hurt to much thinking of theroys in the coments is hard enough mat pat how u do it
Steph Fassel
Steph Fassel Prije 5 mjeseci
But what about the ending where they eject the impostor off the Skeld ? Isn't THAT the true, happy ending ?
TV Time
TV Time Prije 2 mjeseci
You should add a something to this theory with the new among us trailers! Thanks!
Jasper Reyes
Jasper Reyes Prije 2 mjeseci
There's also the fact of different planets having a different center of gravity and if you want to stick to any gravity with AB low gravity or high gravity it's best to have your center of mass be lower or Be Shorter same thing just look at the Sontaran A fictional clone wore race in doctor who with extremely events technology but the most important thing in this context is the gravity of their planet which is extremely more dense than that of Earth I think it's because it's a lot on a larger size but I honestly cannot remember the point is Evolution is going to specifically impact what we look like By what we need If you come from a very gravity dense planet you're going to be a lot heavier and a lot shorter And if you come from a low destiny planet it's the exact opposite although High density creatures would be beneficial in both cases As you wouldn't have to bend so far to grab on to something so you can stay attached to the planet toyed or whatever gravity source there is Or you're not crutched by the intense gravitational weight of a hidden city Thing You get the idea
don deez
don deez Prije 3 mjeseci
While this theory does make sense if you fail to fix the reactor you "lose" but if the ship exploded the alien would die or be trapped in space so the only to truly win as a crewmate is to let the react meltdown sacrificing your self to save humanity
İsim yok
İsim yok Prije 3 mjeseci
You forget the fact that impotors' main goal is killing crew members on the spaceship, if you can't fix sabotages everyone will die in the spaceship including humans, which is impostors' main goal
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