Please Don’t Destroy - Three Sad Virgins (ft. Taylor Swift) - SNL 

Saturday Night Live
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Pete Davidson creates a music video about three sad virgins (Ben Marshall, John Higgins, Martin Herlihy) and is joined by special guest Taylor Swift.

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12. Stu 2021.



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Komentari : 4 361   
"its just a parody, you guys are just characters!"
Taylor swift makes everything sound like a Grammy winning melody
“THAT WAS MY REAL DOCTOR” caused me hard laugh
Brent Pella
"that was my real doctor" lmaooo
Delena4ever #TVD
WHAT THE FUCK TAYLOR IS UNREAL?? even her bridge for this joke song was extremely catchy and i highkey want a full version of a song that sounds like it.
Tristan Neal
"What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?"
sweetest kill
seeing taylor swift and pete davidson next to each other broke my brain
Shounak Ghosh
Lol everyone’s talking about how catchy Taylor’s part is, but I can’t get Pete’s “three sad virgins what, three sad virgins woah” melody out of my head
Alisha H
I like how at the end when she starts dancing on them they’re like “oh okay this is fine you can keep making fun of us”
Noah Heide
On one hand, a song was made about them being sad virgins. On the other, Taylor Swift sang it and they actually met her, so was it really a loss?
Emily Garcia
My favorite part about all of this is that the "3 Sad Virgins" aka PDD actually wrote this themselves LOL
sarah allen
I saw a tik tok that said 'Three Sad Virgins' was Taylor's vault song about the Jonas Brothers 😂😂😂
Daniel Swift
The most heartbreaking songs of all time:
Mark Campbell
I love how they're still all so happy when Taylor is next to them even though she's roasting them.
Fran Bollinger
this was a really good blend of pete and the guys' comedy styles. also i'd let taylor insult me in song any day of the week.
John Farmakis
These guys are killing it. It’s one of the best moves Lorne did man. Way to not be an old guy Lorne. Great hires.
sojirokaidoh2 Prije 21 dan
Taylor Swift calling me a sad virgin who's gonna die alone would unironically be the highlight of my life.
Everything about this was gold but the sharp turn with “And these guys SUCK” was so great 🤣
Big Gnome
Ok but why was Taylor’s part so good like I can’t stop listening to it
Gerald L
I am obsessed with the way Pete says "Oh hey Taylor!" His face is so cute.