Facebook's Odd "Metaverse" Move 

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Taken from JRE w/Ben Shapiro:

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9. Stu 2021.



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Jerry Iverson
Jerry Iverson Prije 2 mjeseci
"Banned from the Metaverse" sounds way cooler than being in Facebook jail.
Brian Fergel
Brian Fergel Prije 8 dana
@Bandito Lubriverse -- Kinky!
andrew sezzy
andrew sezzy Prije 13 dana
Metaverse is not owned by Facebook is a blockchain technology, they just stealing the idea and making it for boomers.
YS Skoob
YS Skoob Prije 18 dana
@Manus Artifex 😂😂🤣🤣 making mof mine that shit biblical style
MEX BOT Prije 21 dan
@Bandito snapverse? Rumbleverse? Hell nah that sounds worse😂 Metaverse sounds good
Blackjack Dealer
Blackjack Dealer Prije 27 dana
@Bandito pedoverse probably gonna happen
RONIN Prije 2 mjeseci
Some things just should have never be invented
Haterade Prije 3 dana
Like you
Cristian Mancillas
Cristian Mancillas Prije 8 dana
It is all according to plan
Stunt Dummy
Stunt Dummy Prije 11 dana
Yes, like nuclear bombs. The dumbest thing we've ever done is harass the atom.
Jeremiah Ducate
Jeremiah Ducate Prije 14 dana
@Dustin Bone they steal your soul too, forgot that part.
Fisky 2001
Fisky 2001 Prije 19 dana
Harrisx 420
Harrisx 420 Prije mjesec
Deleting Instagram, Snapchat & fb been the best decisions I’ve made, the older I get the happier I am without them recently got into audio books and love to tuning in & listening to your podcasts Joe keep smashing them!💥
ETK Prije 3 dana
fax Harris
C. V.
C. V. Prije 7 dana
I’m really happy for you! Wish I could do the same, but I’m really addicted and reliant. But I know I only have one life and I need to live it! I’m really scared for the future…
Cosmic Aurelius
Cosmic Aurelius Prije 7 dana
@KENNETHXTAM lmao lust has you by the balls
moska amarkhel
moska amarkhel Prije 8 dana
Same here. I love this life and not the disconnected digital creepy world.
Addamz Prije 8 dana
YOU nailed it!! Deleting all my social medias was MY best decision. Gmail is all I want.
QueenieQKat Prije mjesec
Read about the last stages of the Roman Empire. They didn't have an electronic "Metaverse", but those in power were able to create their own "reality" through socially isolating in their villas, only interacting with other rich people and using their slaves to enact all sorts of situations. They kept the poor quiet by giving them "bread and circuses", everyone was happy in their unreal reality. It got to the point that not only the soldiers who were supposed to protect their Empire, but also the Generals were paid mercenaries, because Romans were too busy self pleasuring to protect themselves. That was when the "Barbarians" took over. China is probably funding the "Metaverse".
Review God USA
Review God USA Prije 7 dana
@Eros Caerus Are you implying AI will become our benevolent dictator?
Review God USA
Review God USA Prije 7 dana
@Eros Caerus not to mention they had no viable method of succession and nearly half of the emperor's ended up assassinated or overthrown from civil war because everyone thought it was fair game when the opportunity arose.
SRT Viper 51
SRT Viper 51 Prije 13 dana
Bruh "china" isn't doing shit. Just look at who actually owns these companies and who is driving this culture. If you want to blame a race, the Chinese aren't it.
MeinFL Prije 13 dana
@Bruuh why not tho? the US did that shit many years ago
Bruuh Prije 14 dana
@MeinFL China is definitely funding and supporting anything that weakens the US.
AMB 1322
AMB 1322 Prije mjesec
I think Dave mustaine sang it best, "mankind has got to know it's limitations". This only further solidifies my confidence in my decisions to not allow my kids on social media until they are old enough to not have to listen to me. This meta verse in my opinion is one of the scariest things I've seen in my lifetime. And the really scary part is the way they made it so non-threatening on the surface.
Review God USA
Review God USA Prije 7 dana
@Jace Moore kid won't have any friends because he'll be called a weirdo and outcast for not having social media. That's the state of youth nowadays trust me I was one of them a few years ago.
K L Prije 14 dana
These days you realize how prophetic Dave Mustaine has been. "Next thing you know they'll take my thoughts away.."
Jeremiah Ducate
Jeremiah Ducate Prije 14 dana
Its been inevitable for a long time, decades at a minimum. The only way out of this near future i see is a shtf scenario which kills a majority of people and destroys modern society and much of our infrastructure. I dont think that option is preferable or better but I really dont see a sensible middle ground.
Lorenzo Bia
Lorenzo Bia Prije 19 dana
@AMB 1322 coming from a 16 year old ur kids will be miserable if they are 13+ and aren’t allowed to go on social media at all. When they decide to do it anyways they’ll get into worse stuff than if you just let them have it in the first place and monitored it🤷‍♂️
AMB 1322
AMB 1322 Prije 19 dana
@Lorenzo Bia first off, rebelling is part of growing up. If they’re going to do it anyway, that’s on them and it won’t be until the age when they are capable of making those decisions themselves. Secondly, I know more people who refuse to let their kids on social media than those who approve of it
Javier Dominguez
Javier Dominguez Prije 2 mjeseci
Joe nailed it. "You're gonna give your life to a guy whose algorithms are sowing the seeds of distrust and hate." People are already looking to invest.
Jimmy Japa
Jimmy Japa Prije 8 dana
THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HERE 👑,,,, JOE JUDGEMENT DAY! COMES,,,,,,, and Ben Shapiro is with them he's a part of it he's endorsing it he's embracing it
SuperGoat OG
SuperGoat OG Prije 22 dana
@Dylan DiPowa investing is what confirms this will happen why not invest in something else
Eko Thesilent
Eko Thesilent Prije 25 dana
@Chase Freeman guess you lived in a state where the cops are republican and you’re a white guy with a gun. Must be nice to be able to ignore laws without getting stomped to death by armored men.
Chase Freeman
Chase Freeman Prije 25 dana
@Eko Thesilent well, guess what? I never fucking wore one…..
Eko Thesilent
Eko Thesilent Prije 25 dana
@Chase Freeman the average person never thought that. The average person was required to wear them through threats of police intervention
biggie cheese
biggie cheese Prije mjesec
This is just gonna make us grow distant, more depressed, more reliant and obsessed with metaverse and staying inside instead rather than going outdoors. Its just like ready player one. Who knows maybe jobs and food with start to be scarce, they want more of us to die so were easier to control because they know theres a lot more of us than them. But stuff like religion, sexuality, skin color, weight, appearances all split us up even more. We need to open our eyes as a whole and realize whats going on minute by minute
Combined Minds
Combined Minds Prije 13 dana
The movie ready player one and the netfix series movie Black mirror
jeannie stanley
jeannie stanley Prije 18 dana
He will make millions becoz they will sell you a great home, clothes etc-as others games do on fb
biggie cheese
biggie cheese Prije 21 dan
@Whale Shark thats exactly my point
Whale Shark
Whale Shark Prije 21 dan
Only the media and elites care about skin color. If you are in the military we are all brothers and sisters. Most people understand that we all bleed the same blood. Don’t believe the medias racist agenda to divide us
biggie cheese
biggie cheese Prije 22 dana
@Heveyweight Heveyweight but think about how many people that do. It will still effect you if majority of the people are doing it. It will make an impact for everybody. Have u not caught onto that? I guess the only way you'd be semi okay is if you take ur shit and leave somewhere far away and grow ur own stuff and somehow get ur own water and other supplies. Other than that in my beliefs its gonna be really similar to ready player one
Rob Shelley
Rob Shelley Prije mjesec
I dig the chemistry between these two. I like them individually but I really think they work pretty well together. Ben is so much more chill. And although he's a dork, he seems more personable and likable around Rogan.
Smokingpapyrus Prije 8 dana
@ScHiZeR I particularly liked when he ragequit out of a BBC interview because the interviewer was 'obviously on the left' 🤣
Rick From the Cape
Rick From the Cape Prije 9 dana
Ben actually IS likable. The problem liberals have with him is they usually only see him ripping their binkies out of their mouths and throwing them in the trash during debates. There's a difference between a debate and a conversation.
ScHiZeR Prije 16 dana
@SugaBender What other stuff? The other stuff where he annihilates people in debates? Shapiro is probably the most commonsensical, logical, rational person in politics and what people hate the most about him is he's right 99% of the time.
ScHiZeR Prije 16 dana
@Eddie Marin He's more chill because it's not a debate, just a conversation.
Eddie Marin
Eddie Marin Prije 24 dana
I do find him with a more chill energy around joe and doesn't treat joe like someone he has to outdo in conversation
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije 2 mjeseci
I get Terminator vibes more and more everyday with how fast technology is advancing , it's almost like the Matrix and Terminator series turned out to be documentaries
Low Blow
Low Blow Prije 5 dana
Predictive Programming
Gunk Session
Gunk Session Prije 16 dana
Duh. Lol...EVERYTHING, and I mean that, that is created outside of the body tells you what you're headed to before you're there...If I was the first person to sharpen a stick into a spear, and was able to SHOW you how I made it, and taught you what it did (stabby stabby), YOU would teach a couple of other people the same, but one of them might decide to turn the spear on their brother. 100 years later, every tribe has a sharpened stick, and 3000 years later we call THAT warfare. The spear was the movie. You just forgot that fact, and now speak the truth as if it's an observation from proverbial "Left-Field." What you have just said it not "Not Normal." Realize that it is NOT "as if" these movies are connected to real life, it is that they are EXPRESSIONS of the thoughts of REAL humans inside of an ARTIFICIAL MEDIUM, which has the ability to transmit the thoughts, symbols, and general "plan" back into people in the theater, who get inspired from "God Knows Where" and go out into life sleepwalking, becoming engineers or scientists or whatever without any knowledge that they had been entranced by the ideas of others. Very tricky. Be careful what you watch 😏
satti80 Prije 18 dana
@dan llewelyn get yourself out of tour programming and coding on a computer all day and explore the world. The world is not, will not be a computer.
satti80 Prije 18 dana
@dan llewelyn I call every math simple math. Because the principles are simple and don’t change. And what I actually meant is that AI is math counting addition and subtraction and nothing else. Math at its most complex is addition and subtraction.
dan llewelyn
dan llewelyn Prije 19 dana
@satti80 doesn’t understand algorithmic principle or complex mathematical formula so labels it simple maths.
Viv doolan
Viv doolan Prije 18 dana
I just find it fascinating that the Metaverse is coming out just as the world is becoming unlivable, too much control too much hate, cant move anywhere. Its literally the perfect storm for cyborg Zuck to entice people into an augmented world. It's going to take off massively, people wont be able to help themselves. I'm so fearful of the world my child will inherit, the world has gone insane.
Karen Hebda
Karen Hebda Prije 6 dana
Mass psychosis
Anna Hayes
Anna Hayes Prije mjesec
"We're innovating ourselves out of existence." That's correct.
Nick Sainis
Nick Sainis Prije mjesec
“The Great Filter”
Gino Martell
Gino Martell Prije mjesec
@Milli Vanilli Both. People have been helping in their own destruction constructed by the elites for decades.
Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli Prije mjesec
We? Or they?
bans5 Prije mjesec
I was startled when Joe said "Dropping a nuclear bomb on a culture" Never crossed my mind how being so engrossed in something like VR can create such a vulnerable area for peoples psyche when VR does actually get to that point. Ready player one expressed this idea as well. When your character dies you lose your shit and in turn the real person "Lose their shit". Such a ironic world we live in.
Mefirst Andthegimmiegimmies
I've never had a social media account so I really dont know much about it. The whole social media thing happened after i was well into working 60 hours a week and raising a family. Never let my kids have cell phones or any social media accounts. Seen too many of their peers glued to their phones instead of interacting with the people around them. Good luck getting off social media and stay out of this metaverse thing
slipagent6 Prije dan
I was just thinking the same thing. HRburn is google so its watching everything about you. And you are commenting and interacting just like any other social media. In fact I think people say a lot more than they realize in youtube.
Review God USA
Review God USA Prije 7 dana
They'll have no people left around them to interact with soon because then everyone will be on their phones or in the metaverse
cranberry noodle
cranberry noodle Prije 7 dana
HRburn is also social media, so you do have a social media account.
Bot Not
Bot Not Prije 4 dana
This analysis is SO ON POINT !!! And the way how casually such "innovations" are accepted by the bulk of the society (yes, the non-thinking bulk) is bewildering to me. I've never been IN Facebook. I definitely will never be in Meta.
Cheddarbucket Prije 2 mjeseci
If VR becomes indistinguishable from reality I'll create a world where JRE is still on HRburn
TicalionStalion Prije 21 dan
I’ll create a world where UNCLE JOEY is on JRE every week
Shehari Owl
Shehari Owl Prije mjesec
Exactly, do you think we are heading towards an unreal future or mankind will accept anything ?🔽
mrichar9 Prije mjesec
And where History Channel, Discovery Channel, and TLC show actual educational programming. Not HoneyPooPoo and Ice Road Hookers.
Fred Lebhart
Fred Lebhart Prije 2 mjeseci
Norm MacDonald, too. Oh, and make Norm alive again.
T-swizzlemynizzle Prije 2 mjeseci
Blake T
Blake T Prije 23 dana
Technically we're already in a sort of meta-verse if you look at the way humans interact with each other mostly through their smartphones now. Their dependency of using these devices in order to interact with society seems like a precursor to how many will throw themselves willingly into a virtual existence. It's something like pandora's box in the way people can't go back. Eventually there won't be any generations left that remember what life was like before we enslaved ourselves to this substitution of socialization and human interaction.
PeeEssAye -
PeeEssAye - Prije 16 dana
Take a walk down any street. People in boxes looking at boxes. I have a beautiful deck, like a ton of neighbors with our back to back yards. A lot of room so it’s cool. Anyway, NO ONE is ever outside. EVER. I essentially have a gigantic outside space that has fenced rectangles that someone else “decorated”. I’m the only one enjoying outside of the box. Welcome to the Apocolaughs.
dan llewelyn
dan llewelyn Prije 19 dana
The internet itself was Pandora’s box!
Michael S
Michael S Prije 3 dana
This guy literally said my words - what a champion. Exactly. We as humans are fantastic at adapting and whilst it can be helpful, it can also be to our disadvantage - like now.
John the Revelator
John the Revelator Prije 16 dana
This has got to be one of the most intellectual straight fwd conversations about technology, summed up in under 10min. This is a true gem and people need to hear this.
Brady Smith
Brady Smith Prije mjesec
Everyone acts like Rogan is such a “bro dude” idiot but he’s surprisingly well spoken and insightful when he needs to be.
Erik Makai
Erik Makai Prije 2 mjeseci
Ben missed his calling. He should be reading the disclaimers and side effects at the end of drug advertisements.
Phonolis Prije 11 dana
After hearing his whining, nasalie voice, I'd say fuck it, just give me the drug.
barnoldwhv Prije 26 dana
@DrSourPurp This is the kinda stuff people that can't debate say. Engage his arguments specifically or fuck off.
Shehari Owl
Shehari Owl Prije mjesec
Exactly, do you think we are heading towards an unreal future or mankind will accept anything ?🔽
Ghadanfar Ali
Ghadanfar Ali Prije mjesec
Or advertising micro machines.
xCraZy PoLLO
xCraZy PoLLO Prije mjesec
@DrSourPurp Joe Rogan Experience # 420 - Terrence McKenna #powerfuljre #psychedelics #dmt #psilocybin #cannabis
NPC -30
NPC -30 Prije mjesec
You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy About It Joe is giving way too much credit to humanity. People are way too addicted to realise how destructive this is.
Sockpoppet Prije mjesec
The metaverse doesn't have to look 1:1 with reality in order for people to loose themselves in the fantasy. Consider the history of video games and programs like World of Warcraft and Second Life.
John the Revelator
John the Revelator Prije 16 dana
I think you make a great point here. Esp w WoW. It was really the first truely expansive and addictive to that level experience for the populace. It was the first that made people actually have withdrawal symptoms from stopping playing to the depth it did...which were real raw symptoms like a smoker would have. People lost jobs and relationships over it. I for one, would have at that time in my life, gladly jumped in to a universe of it and lost myself to its animated trickery. I still dream of some of the locations and quests. It’s so far engraved in the brains stem cells. (And I was a very casual player) I think you make an incredible point showing the biggest facet it has in fact, is that it DOESNT look 1:1 w reality. No one wants that as their escape, they want morphed and fantasy at one level or other.
Eva Harr
Eva Harr Prije 14 dana
Several years ago, Terry Schott wrote a multi volume series beginning with "The Game." It deals with humans interacting in & with virtual worlds. It contains many of the concepts that Joe & Ben discusses here. I highly recommend that y'all read it.
Andalee Hyatt : The Last Pigment
It's really pathetic. I'm a recluse and I think this is a sick sick reality that's coming. My skin crawled when I saw Zucker's dream. I'm totally for crypto and other versions of gaming metaverses. They're fun, but we all know they're games. I even have an NFT Crash Course for artists who want to sell their art as NFT's. But THIS. THIS is disgusting.
Corey Gilmore
Corey Gilmore Prije mjesec
I like when Joe says he think it’s going to happen I honestly think everything has happened and will at some point.
ジョネーJonét Prije mjesec
I've been on the internet since I was 6 but it's largely because I had no other choice. My parents actually refused to allow me to hang out with the other kids after school, up until high school, so growing up I never had experiences of slumber parties, going to the mall with friends, and hanging out at the park. So I was forced to occupy my time online. I always wanted a more fulfilling IRL experience. I didn't make any friends in high school or college, and still don't have friends now. Not sure why. People have come into my life but they don't stick around. Even though I tried to be sociable I always failed and went back to the net. All this to say these days I feel, in a way, pressured into joining a metaverse like experience, since my real life has so much succ. Making friends and building a life that you want is becoming harder and harder for people in today's reality, so, as they said in the video, it makes sense people would want to run into a virtual reality.
ILoveMaNDara Prije 18 dana
I agree as a introvert Im not good at socializing at all and most of my entertainment comes from the internet. And like you said it isn’t easy to make friends Sometimes in a virtual world I could feel less alone
MA2I Prije mjesec
Just like the Internet has meaning to our species so will the Metaverse.
Dorian Alexander
Dorian Alexander Prije mjesec
I was like this. It depends on where you live, if you are keeping tabs with your social circle and just kinda relaxing and being yourself. I mostly met people through Krav Maga classes and work. And just kept tabs with people and went out. The moment I stopped I really don't hear from them. It's just the way things go sadly
Ethan Denault
Ethan Denault Prije mjesec
Don’t give up, the deepest trenches have the highest peaks. The rich are trying their hardest to break us mentally with this backwards society they’ve created but it’s getting ready to transform, have faith 😊
Don181, you'r a frickin Neanderthal
It's good to regulate your kids when it comes to technology to some extent, like not giving a 9 year old a freaking ipad with internet access, but doing that till they're 18? Nah dude, if you don't expose or explain stuff to your kids at an appropriate age they're going to have a hard time adapting to the real world and dealing with certain issues. Like my parents were ultra conservative and never explained sex or alcohol to me and look how I turned out.
wentelteefje Prije 19 dana
@Tom I think we're meant to look at the profile pic and assume it is legit ;)
Tom Prije 25 dana
What do you mean ‘look how I turned out’, we don’t know how you turned out
Colleen Hanna
Colleen Hanna Prije mjesec
Ben you absolutely nailed it As usual it's a very dangerous game frankly I'm worried
viciousride Prije 2 mjeseci
…"we're innovating ourselves out of existence." Yep, I can agree with that.
Giovanni Jean-Louis
Giovanni Jean-Louis Prije 3 dana
It’s a segment on 60 minutes talking about this exact theory. Basically us Homosapiens forced the Neanderthals into extinction once we found a way to communicate. Now with all this information they’re feeding into AI it could be the same for us
greg lavers
greg lavers Prije 4 dana
If you are happy what is wrong with that? I mean you are going to die anyways. Everyone you know and love will die and leave you forever. If there is something that can bring you happiness, I say why not.
L Prije 8 dana
that is absolutely terrifying
Shehari Owl
Shehari Owl Prije mjesec
Exactly, do you think we are heading towards an unreal future or mankind will accept anything ?🔽
moneyball82 Prije mjesec
The problem is a higher percentage of people don't agree with that and have already been manipulated
Bill Martins
Bill Martins Prije mjesec
The pandemic would never have gone on for this long, the lockdowns etc, before the internet/current tech. Even just 10 years ago I don't think having live stream lectures, zoom calls, screen sharing, working on documents on remote servers etc would've worked well enough to do it for as long as we have now.
Mr Jhin
Mr Jhin Prije mjesec
too bad youtube doesnt show dislikes cause you would have like 10k dislikes rn , the 2 who liked ur comment are either internet trolls or braindeads
James Belew
James Belew Prije mjesec
VR makes a lot of people sick. According to my data, VR can best be helpful in therapeutic settings due to the anonymity of the avatar. If “meta” were to pivot their technology to explore this space it would generate the positive publicity the company desires instead of this diversionary move.
PokemonShibeGuy Prije mjesec
I think we are already past the point of fixing the upcoming generations ability to interact offline, the tools of technology are nice sure, but it shouldn’t ever be used as a crutch to reality. The root cause of many problems socially are stemming from online vs offline ideology, there’s no turning back
GT Marmot
GT Marmot Prije 22 dana
Don't worry. Motivation brings all those old-school skills back in the blink of an eye
JONATHAN Prije mjesec
The root is also shitty parents. No one parents there children anymore and set boundaries/structure.
MPerlatti Prije mjesec
When companies start to lose customers they often rebrand…. This is nothing surprising with Facebook. Facebook is losing eyeballs at a rapid rate. We just aren’t told that…
Ultimate Night Vision
Ultimate Night Vision Prije 2 mjeseci
Now Zuckerberg can finally stop pretending to be a human
Jimmy Japa
Jimmy Japa Prije 8 dana
THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HERE 👑,,,, JOE JUDGEMENT DAY! COMES,,,,,,, and Ben Shapiro is with them he's a part of it he's endorsing it he's embracing it
Aurora Dear
Aurora Dear Prije 8 dana
@Jumbo 71 Yep.
JcThaVibe Prije 9 dana
"Our lizard brain"
JU5TNTIM3 Prije 9 dana
@Iain Lowery well but Elon seems to be a benevolent AI
EckerKyle Prije 9 dana
Idk man, these meat sleeves are hard to come by. He might want to get a couple more decades out of his.
TheOneAndOnly. Prije 11 dana
I never thought it would happen but I actually agree with both of them. The real problem is when wat happens in the meta verse is more important than the real world 🤷🏼‍♂️✌🏼
Wayne Brown
Wayne Brown Prije mjesec
Growing up, a neighbour's (good friend at the time) parents limited their time watching TV and playing video games. They had no restrictions for radio or reading. It seemed like a good idea. For each generation, the tools of escapism and over-endulgence get upgraded, but it's a moot point. In the end, it is the mindset that matters. We live in an era of instant gratification and narcissistic levels of individualism. That's the real issue. And let's not forget, that 'reality' is only the individual's interpretation of it.
Koroglu Rustem
Koroglu Rustem Prije 22 dana
You lost me at the last sentence. The relativism issues isn't as big as people make it to be. Granted some people's perceptions could be way off the average. However it's not that those people are "right" too, but they're misguided. There's a "hard reality" out there. Of course the "acceptable range" of things are usually large enough.
Red Sea Crossing 81
Red Sea Crossing 81 Prije mjesec
It's scary to think how most of this newer generation is just so disconnected from human interaction. They can learn so much from older adults, especially a lot of elderly.
FUNKYNUTBLAST!!! Prije mjesec
Teach then
Double Steakhouse
Double Steakhouse Prije 18 dana
If I was Ben, I would artificially deepen my voice in the metaverse.
Elliot Scott
Elliot Scott Prije 2 mjeseci
Ben made a bunch of great points here but Ben if you're reading this listen: Do NOT cut your kids off from the internet until they're 18. It will not turn out like you think. I use to live next to this religous family back in the day who only allowed their children to watch vegetales and took shit away like pokemon (this is when red/blue and gold/silver came out too people!!) due to evolution. Well, one kid did something I don't want to mention on here and the other one paints his face white, has red contacts, and does some weird shit at night with a group of people (he looks like Brandon Lee in The Crow) and cut himself off completely from the family. Both kids told me it was because they were so suppressed growing up.
Mama Magpie
Mama Magpie Prije 6 dana
​@Adrianne Wittich Same life. And after 15 years "running" I ended up at the bottom of an occult-practicing pit with addiction, self harm, and suicidal thoughts. I would be dead but my downward spiral stopped with an "I STILL LOVE YOU" one morning I consumed enough I should have ODed. I rolled out of bed and buried my face in the carpet and a heart of submission and repentance---I could FEEL the darkness crack in half and lift out of that room that day. My dog started barking. I could breathe as the oppression and addiction was literally lifted off of me. That was 14 years ago and I've never been the same. Each day---I imperfectly pick up my Cross. I say this with all the Love: Your parents... all of it... were right. You didn't "miss out" on anything and I know first-hand what is behind me at my heels if I were to turn around. I can assure you that anything outside of Him is darkness, death, and decay... and the 15 years I tried to heal myself from trauma in the dark realm with my anger and rage--- well let's just say I was a target for people empowered with a lot of darkness. (Oh do I have stories.) I didn't see it then--- but I know now that I was protected and held and darkeness HATED me for it. It was a literal Job situation where God only allows so much spiritual infliction--- but the limits He gave them INFURIATED them. Yes. Lots of stories. SO. I challenge you to deconstruct what you learned and what you were "forced" to do. Challenge Him. Question Him. But PURSUE Him. He can take it---for that's the Grace part that's covered from the Cross and the Truth will still be Truth. If ever---the push for a global government and monetary system should have you clinging to Daniel and Revelation. Get your oil lamp polished and heat up the lukewarmness. Praying for you, Love.
Alyx Faust
Alyx Faust Prije 13 dana
@Ben Akinjo Yet you deny the real-life examples of these “backwater folk” who are ardent racists, biased against people different from them, lack self-awareness, lack the ability to empathize with others to foster legitimate communication (the opposite problem of the phone addicted people), etc. I find it funny you rail on millions of people for communication skills or lack thereof, yet freeze up and simply write “no one cares dude” as if the 5 likes on your comment back to me on a video populated by Ben Shapiro-type ilk means your take is the substantive truth, and do not engage with me further. There goes your theory on self-raised people being inept.
ILoveMaNDara Prije 18 dana
@Sam you cared enough to leave a reply
Shehari Owl
Shehari Owl Prije mjesec
Exactly, do you think we are heading towards an unreal future or mankind will accept anything ?🔽
Alyx Faust
Alyx Faust Prije mjesec
@L king I do not know how the internet could bore anyone. There quadrillions of things to learn on it.
Faisal Saeed Al Mutar
Thank you for teaching me what turning tricks mean. I literally thought it was about magic haha
mahan motaghi raad
mahan motaghi raad Prije mjesec
Metaverse seems really scary. I am 19, i hope that until i die, vr doesn't take over reality because i dont want the opportunity of living a normal life being taken away from me in order for mark Zuckerberg to be able to selfishly change humanity.
BleachRush Prije mjesec
Zuckerberg didn't invent Metaverse, they're just heavely invested in it doesn't mean they own the term. VR technology still at early stages and it's getting better in few years and REAL Metaverse will be created then. Integration between VR and XR not yet utilised and still under experimental phase, once this is done, Metaverse will be a thing. Not necessarily a bad thing.
alejandro santana
alejandro santana Prije mjesec
Chill you seem smart very smart. At your age I was screeching about anarchy and i turned out pretty good thanks to Jesus. Like my old mentor told me but ill spare you the long speech and just say BE A SIGMA GRIND EVERYDAY FOCUS ON PERFECTING YOU AND HUMBLY PROSTRATE YOURSELF AND PRAY TO YOUR CREATOR EVERYDAY.
Alcapoontang MooseInThePoose
It’s a choice, just like having a phone. The Metaverse isn’t going to suck you up and kidnap you. If you don’t want to join it that’s totally up to you. However, the metaverse already exists. You’re in it right now, it just happens to be 2D
Daniel Prije mjesec
Lol Damn Joe, you killed me with that hard hit of reality you gave Ben about his kids! lol Thats fucked up man 🤣
Mr Random
Mr Random Prije mjesec
I see some kids playing outside with each other and some kids addicted to screens. The difference of behavior is really scary.
Robert Schumacher
Robert Schumacher Prije 2 mjeseci
Remember when Alex Jones told us about the meta verse and we just laughed? Pepperidge farm remembers
Brian Fergel
Brian Fergel Prije 8 dana
Alex Jones I see that name & tend to start growling like he does. Weird habit.
E G Prije 10 dana
@rayreza Excellent point! This also applies to pretty much every politician out there. They’re all broken clocks who constantly lie for their own self interest.
@Black Metal Oh yeah sure, we’re all living in the Matrix. Even if that was the case - who actually cares? Doesn’t affect me.
Glen Keating
Glen Keating Prije mjesec
I remember that quite well.
Ken Duncan
Ken Duncan Prije mjesec
@Roland Kovacs Sandy Hook a grift to get clicks. I hope the families soak snake oil Alex for everything he has.
SPACE Prije 13 dana
I'm shocked that Ben is shocked at the level of conditioning. Just look at some events that's happened over the last couple decades like the Panama papers, the corruption of the housing market that almost caused a global financial crash, or the mass surveillance scandal. All of these are examples of how the American public is nothing more than easily manipulated consumer sheep who's only concern is what's trending on social media and when the new iPhone is coming out.
Razor282 Prije mjesec
TV is the worst! Awesome move Ben. I personally tossed out my TV back in 2012, I don’t even miss it. It’s just crap, a distraction keeping a person from their full potential, and trying to sell ya stuff.
iaas say
iaas say Prije mjesec
I agree. I once met a young man who spent his childhood with no TV. He turned out to be an upstanding, hardworking, likable, well-adjusted citizen. I tip my hat to his parents.
Solid _fire93
Solid _fire93 Prije mjesec
lmao this is TV but worth !
MikeyPaper Prije mjesec
@Razor282 excuses
Razor282 Prije mjesec
I’ll watch Ben and Joe amongst others and you keep watching the Kardashians or what ever you people watch on TV.
ASMR Ross Prije mjesec
Here you are on youtube wanna be virtue grabber
Commy Prije mjesec
Is there a human side in Ben Shapiro? 😂 I mean, I can't imagine having a relaxed conversation with him.
jSa. codes
jSa. codes Prije mjesec
Possibly the first time in the history of mankind that we've been able to collectively watch Mass Addiction on a Global Scale.
Vince H
Vince H Prije 2 mjeseci
"Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that it would set them free. However, it only let other men with machines control them." -Frank Herbert, Dune.
Kenneth Prije mjesec
makes 0 sense
Cherish  God
Cherish God Prije mjesec
Deep..... 🙏
PainfullyAverage Prije 2 mjeseci
Great book
Alexander Rojas
Alexander Rojas Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ian Rotten what did you learn? But thinking about reading dune
Kevin Shelly
Kevin Shelly Prije 2 mjeseci
Funny how I'm reading the book the same time watching this video.
Israel figueroa
Israel figueroa Prije 2 mjeseci
I recommend everybody to watch the full episode on Spotify. I just finished and it was great.
MA2I Prije mjesec
Technology continues to change rapidly whether you are keeping up or not, the world we share is driven by technology from health, finance to transportation...we depend on technology. These concerns expressed in this video is just typical human nature of a generation that is becoming less relevant to the modern changes, so it doesn't matter if a certain generation discourages the idea of VR technology or Metaverse being part of human life, the other generation will happily embrace it, thus life goes on. We once had no electricity, those who hated it after its was discovered, became irrelevant as the world moved on without there outdated beliefs and mindsets. So these new tech products/services are here to serve those who see the potential of utility in their lives. This just my opinion, no intention to undermine anyone else opinion about technology.
B3an Prije mjesec
The world's going to change in the next decade, and some people don't even realize it yet.
South Prije mjesec
I tune in just for the good conversation thanks joe
Carlos Barrera
Carlos Barrera Prije 20 dana
The Road to the Metaverse is paved with good intentions.
Regulus Fire
Regulus Fire Prije 2 mjeseci
It's all like Keanu Reeves explained in his documentary: "The Matrix"
Jason Isaac
Jason Isaac Prije 20 dana
Red or blue pill
Shehari Owl
Shehari Owl Prije mjesec
Exactly, do you think we are heading towards an unreal future or mankind will accept anything ?🔽
Lindsey T
Lindsey T Prije mjesec
Yeah.. a movie created by two trans women brother/sisters? Lol
loafy Prije mjesec
Ben Shaqueero
xCraZy PoLLO
xCraZy PoLLO Prije mjesec
@Eric Joe Rogan Experience # 420 - Terrence McKenna #powerfuljre #psychedelics #dmt #psilocybin #cannabis
joe hanus
joe hanus Prije 6 dana
Then when AI implants are a thing the game can give electrical signals to your brain to cause physical feedback making the VR game even more realistic. That is not the purpose of Neuralink but other companies like Facebook Meta will make their own.
Edwin Louis
Edwin Louis Prije 13 dana
Almost watched an hour and a half long video about the metaverse explained by Mark Zuckerberg, then saw a 9-minute thumbnail with Joe talking about it and decided I'd get twice the amount of information in a fraction of the time. I don't know about this Ready Player One world though.
ShireWark Prije 17 dana
Disagree with Ben Shapriov's FUD surrounding our technological evolution. It's not improving technology that we should fear, it's the human factors: influence, control, and impacts to freedoms that are result of individuals or corporations with enormous (or increasing) power. I don't hate the concept of the metaverse, I just hate that it's being monopolised by a single untrustworthy entity, when it has the potential to benefit humanity so much more if it were a decentralised project or less commercialised... Change is a natural part of evolution, but should be guided by the sum of the will of all people, not one person or company's financial & political interests.
Jeevan Gopal
Jeevan Gopal Prije 14 dana
100 percent agree.
Andalee Hyatt : The Last Pigment
The metaverse has already been here for years. He's latched onto an old idea so businesses can sell ads in the metaverse. It's all greed.
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell Prije 2 mjeseci
I was a professional musician in my younger days. From about 1982 until somewhere around 2003-2004 I played with various bands around the SE US - a couple thousand gigs over that time. I knew what crowds looked they acted...the dynamics of socializing, etc. Then I got out of playing live for the next 10-12 years. Then in 2016 as an old geezer I sat in with a band for a series of fraternity and sorority parties. I could not believe what I saw - how much the behavior of young people had changed. In the "old days" people who'd turned out to watch a band and have a good time were SHARING an experience with other people who were THERE. However, In these "modern" times it wasn't like that at all. Almost every person on the dance floor was staring at their damn phone! Even people sitting at tables were ignoring others at the table, instead pecking away on their phones. It was shocking how much things had changed. It was not subtle at all.
softwareshopps . com
softwareshopps . com Prije 16 dana
Nuero link will free us from our phone screens
CWR Prije 2 mjeseci
@Michael Hebert nah, sorry. You may have good habits but your gen is definitely glued to their phones. Tons of other folks of all age groups are too, for sure. But think about demographics and social media for a minute
funnythings4u Prije 2 mjeseci
I mean that just sounds like a shit party haha Theres still loads of partys with that older 'vibe' you talk about.. Just gotta find em
Michael Hebert
Michael Hebert Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m 22, I may take out my phone and post something to Instagram or Snapchat to let friends know I’m out but that’s it. The whole “staring at their phones” thing is a stereotype. It’s really not as egregious as you think, we still socialize just fine lol. A lot of you seem out of touch.
Carl Google
Carl Google Prije 2 mjeseci
I was reading that hemorrhoid cases are up because people have endless reading material for the toilet now, as a result of cell phones. 😂
Alcapoontang MooseInThePoose
For those of us who know a little something about the metaverse. We need to spend a lot of time between now and the release of meta to educate people about it. These comments are a clear example of the misunderstanding of the metaverse.
GT Marmot
GT Marmot Prije 22 dana
I think people are gonna adapt really quickly to the metaverses. VR is already taking off
Namekuseijin Br
Namekuseijin Br Prije 2 mjeseci
tbh, I like VR and I like the Oculus, sorry, Meta Quest 2 - terrific tool. Tools are useful things, you can use a knife to cut the bread, pass butter on it or stab your neighbor - it's undeniably useful in all those scenarios and the tool itself is not inherently good or bad, just useful. our use of tools made us evolve as a species and our tools evolved with us. I'm too mind-blown by the possibilities VR affords us to put it down because company X or Y uses it in ways Greeks or Trojans don't enjoy.
Chris Egge
Chris Egge Prije mjesec
Love listening to these guys talk.
Ritualistik Textures
yep totally agree with not letting meta/facebook control any of this. But this world you guys describe already exists. Its VRChat, and there is nothing but freedom. and it's a beautiful thing. I only hope that doesnt go away.
Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill Prije 2 mjeseci
Ben, you’re going to make a huge mistake. You allow the children access with monitored control and you teach them how to over power and control that device. Single mom, I did it with my son. He also is against allowing gaming in this house because he knows how addictive it is. You have to teach them how to fight the devils drug on their own terms; give them the tools and weapons to fight against it.
A Prije mjesec
not all will follow what they've been taught n not all able to fully control themselves, especially their desires to ve fun. also, friends will make a huge impact on how they live their life 2. these r coming from a 15 yo who literally ve only 1 friend.
A Prije mjesec
yea, but every kid is different.
vimal tirkey
vimal tirkey Prije 2 mjeseci
Agree 👍
Jason Arnold
Jason Arnold Prije 2 mjeseci
I use pong as metric too. I knew then what was coming. How fast it happened was amazing!
txbre Prije mjesec
Joe is right though on the strict parenting phenomenon. When I went to college and everyone who was raised that way, ended up in two camps: dead or unable to cope with life
James Benz
James Benz Prije 18 dana
@FireEmeralds76 damn sounds lit
Josh Dude
Josh Dude Prije 24 dana
You hung out with some lame ass people in college.
FireEmeralds76 Prije mjesec
Yep. I go to a private baptist university in the south and all the sheltered, religious kids I know who’s parents were of a similar mindset to Shapiro are sex and drug addicted
Jagd Töpfer
Jagd Töpfer Prije mjesec
I think it depends on what “strict” means. If they’re pushing their kids to be better and do something with their life then that’s typically no problem. If they’re basically keeping their kids behind locked doors then there’s going to be big issues, especially if religion is involved. You have to raise your kids right to trust them to make the right decisions, not keep them from situations where they would make those decisions.
Ryan Prije mjesec
I've been clean of social media (short of HRburn) for a few months now, logging on strictly for needs like buying car parts, getting mechanical advice, and messaging small companies. It's doable and 100% worth it.
AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
LOL its pretty embarrassing if china is banning this stuff and usa is charging ahead 🤦‍♂️
JU5TNTIM3 Prije 9 dana
@Nick M oh we may very well be quickly paving the road toward that. The dominos are falling in line for it. There is no-I repeat-NO arguing that dissenting or opposing voices to the agenda are being censored and silenced into obscurity. It’s beyond cancel culture. It’s something more.
JU5TNTIM3 Prije 9 dana
@Nick M we don’t have liberty or control LOL … look around lately? The entire world is 1984. A handful of corporations control what we see and hear. Do you think they are only manipulating the US? Or in your example, China? All I see in the USA now is manipulation and propaganda.
JU5TNTIM3 Prije 9 dana
Does china *really* give a fuck, or do they just want to steal the tech like they do with literally everything we create? *China ALWAYS bans the tech we have, then just steals it and “makes” their own. Are you all high?*
King Kong
King Kong Prije 25 dana
Our government can't just ban random shit
Shawn Watts
Shawn Watts Prije 27 dana
Matthew Kenny
Matthew Kenny Prije mjesec
Never though I’d hear Ben compliment the Chinese communist party😅
Ted Currently
Ted Currently Prije mjesec
Technology gave us the ability to become smarter and more productive than any humans ever, although it backfired because so many people are unable to handle the addiction.
JayRTea1218 Prije mjesec
When I was a kid, I had a walkman, a VHS, a dial-up computer the whole family had to share and I didn't get a flip phone until my balls properly dropped. Nowadays, parents give children their own IPad at four and if you take it away from them, they have a mental breakdown. But Instagram is trying to make an Instagram for Kids?!?! 🥴 Kids these days are addicted to technology before they're able to feed themselves. Social media is raising an entire generation and many parents are completely oblivious to it. This is absolute insanity. If you're on board with this metaverse idea, I take pity on you. We need to learn how to collectively unplug. We're regressing, not progressing. As Ben said, "We're innovating ourselves out of existence."
Jeannine Ross
Jeannine Ross Prije mjesec
I genuinely worry about the future of our species. As parents, we NEED to ensure our kids get educated well and are present in the real world. A lot of good point brought up here.
JAEAGUA97 Prije mjesec
I agree our kids are the future at the end of the day we need set it up correctly for them
Jo Po
Jo Po Prije 2 mjeseci
Ben did the narration for War and Peace. The audiobook is 11 minutes long.
Simone B
Simone B Prije 26 dana
@Miles Doyle i stopped reading at psalms..
Dee Hall
Dee Hall Prije 2 mjeseci
Eddy BSR
Eddy BSR Prije 2 mjeseci
Spilled my coffee, thanks
samuel newman
samuel newman Prije 2 mjeseci
RFSA180 Prije 2 mjeseci
He's got NOTHING on the Dark Skies dude
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf Prije 28 dana
I felt the same way towards the vaccine. I thought no way people are going to stand being forced to take it and yet here we are. No, I'm not saying vaccines are bad just that I'm surprised there was little to no resistance
Haris Koliastasis
Haris Koliastasis Prije 6 dana
This also is connected to the whole “identity” issue that is happening with all those genders and pronouns…”what if you could be whoever u want with no judgement at all in our brand metaverse”?
AngryPasta Prije 13 dana
Metaverse or something similar to it should be either banned from the public or heavily regulated
Kelli Prije mjesec
Perfect example is look up the video where mom or dad walk up to a kid gaming and pull the plug on the tv….. watch how that kid reacts like it’s the end of the world
Rage Thor
Rage Thor Prije 2 mjeseci
Ben talking about the “experience machine” had me thinking. I’m 17 now, so I’ve grown up with social media and phones as Ben said “if everyone’s doing it you don’t want to feel left out” that’s kinda how social media works, most people don’t like them & activity try to stay off them but because it’s the only real form of communication in the younger generations you have to if you want friends/relationships. I really wish I got to experience life without phones.
bighand69 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Rage Thor Develop skills for the real world and you will run around most of the people in your generation. There are certain biological truths to the human experience that will still matter in the early digital human experience. Most people today cannot even tell when a person is lying because they cannot read any of the social signals that people give off.
Gilbert Velasquez
Gilbert Velasquez Prije 2 mjeseci
You are mature beyond your years!it is a good thing if you are meeting these same people in public. Or people in general.
Jrockblam Prije 2 mjeseci
@fsca72 no, i just understand that personal anecdotes are irrelevant. Do you?
fsca72 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jrockblam then your first comment must be irrelevant
Jrockblam Prije 2 mjeseci
@fsca72 okay, I'm 32 and I've seen people chatting while reading news on their phone.
The Foundation Agent
I'll take reality, however flawed it is, over being a coward any day.
DR2018 Prije mjesec
I'm 27 and when I was a teenager I was forced out the house by tyranical parents but they couldn't understand that all my school friends stayed home and played xbox 360 or runescape. And if I was to meet them, i'd have to watch them play long enough to satisfy my parents that i was out of my room for a good amount of time.
Ghost Face
Ghost Face Prije mjesec
If he gets over with the metaverse he would be able to control all businesses using the metaverse
Red Sea Crossing 81
Red Sea Crossing 81 Prije mjesec
That's why now when I talk to most of my younger coworkers, I tried to have a conversation with them, and they never pull their heads out of their phone or they look at me like I am from outer space, like if they don't quite comprehend what I just told them.
Totally DX
Totally DX Prije mjesec
Sadly it's going to happen cause alot of people are being scared of all the things happening and being secluded more and more and not just that, there's alot of people that's Anti social cause they don't feel pretty or acceptable publicly, people rather hide behind a computer screen and talk instead of having personal interaction 🤦‍♀️
Jay F
Jay F Prije 2 mjeseci
the opening line from joe."why would zuckerburg think that people are going to give their lives to a company sowing the seeds of destruction." They already are
Josh Castro
Josh Castro Prije mjesec
You can really feel the generation gap in this video
Mishi Mamoshian
Mishi Mamoshian Prije 4 dana
It really sucks that you get your hopes up when you see someone who seems to be the real thing and then you learn that he or she is a suck up too. like always they tell you 60-80% of the things you like to hear like a Herro would, and then they piss on all of it all with tell you something that the hight up like to hear. What we need is REAL HERRO's, REAL LEADERS who come from people for the people. that is why people need to organise. there has never ever been the need so huge for people to come together
Oogie Padoogie
Oogie Padoogie Prije 2 mjeseci
We have a 3 year old daughter and I recently read an article talking about how it’s actually good for developing minds to be “bored” and that will draw more creativity in the spaces around them. Versus getting constantly blasted by stimulus all day (cartoons, games… etc). I think the same lessons can apply to adults. Sure we still let her watch cartoons.. etc but think everything in moderation if there is such a thing.
Fan Dumb
Fan Dumb Prije 2 mjeseci
@Sonic Broom give em a beatin!
Evangelos Ballas
Evangelos Ballas Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tea Time But Coffee Yes, that makes sense. It's nice that we live in such times, though.
Mark Blackley
Mark Blackley Prije 2 mjeseci
@Some idiot thought I was Queen Elizabeth ll I disagree. Plenty of creativity in technology, it’s when we lose ourselves in it where it becomes a problem. Technology is or can be a tool to creativity and learning. Heck we don’t even need university anymore, we can all learn off the internet. Like 100 bucks a month you can study and learn anything.
Jebidiah Newkedkracker
Jebidiah Newkedkracker Prije 2 mjeseci
@Linkin 69 Yeah, it's pretty much sarcasm, but I confess I purchased a whole bunch of those old Warner Bros. cartoons on DVD, and I succinctly remember Whoopie Goldberg giving her approval despite some racially politically incorrect content. (Coyote and Road Runner and Marvin the Martian were my favorite) I also confess that I own damn near ALL Family Guy cartoons on DVD, and THAT show has almost killed me MANY TIMES due to the LAUGH ATTACKS that it induced. As far as "Big Mouth" is concerned I haven't heard of nor seen such a show until you mentioned it.
Wesley Vinal
Wesley Vinal Prije 2 mjeseci
@Random Tipps quit your spam bullshit
stefan arsic
stefan arsic Prije 2 mjeseci
Meta would be playground for poor and people who give up fighting against all of this what’s going on. Would be much easier to turn on and forget problems in reality. People would be even more depressed or maybe we would be able to use meta as a useful tool for hour or two in a day…
James McCrory
James McCrory Prije mjesec
I had to play at .75x speed to get through this with his voice. A plus is hearing Joe sound like he's tripping big time.
Thomas Danielson
Thomas Danielson Prije mjesec
.5 is even weirder.
t mcd
t mcd Prije 14 sati
As each wave of technology is released. It must be accompanied by a demand for new skills, new language. Consumers must constantly update their ways of thinking, always questioning their understanding of the world. Going back to old ways, old technology is forbidden. There in no past, no present, only an endless future of inadequacy
Ted Talour
Ted Talour Prije mjesec
I'll show them. I'll get on the metaverse and lay around watching JRE all day.
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher Prije 2 mjeseci
Point I disagree with Rogan on - the virtual world doesn't need to be indistinguishable from the real world, it just needs to be more pleasure-providing than a person's reality.
bighand69 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Davien G Such a world would be unrecognisable to me and you. We simply would not understand such a world. Each human will have an army of robots doing everything for them. A person could be out for a jog and at the exact same time be able to experience a virtual reality. Even our science fiction today could not even imagine such a world.
Davien G
Davien G Prije 2 mjeseci
@bighand69 And all the while, done nothing in life to earn those. Everything will be given to the highest degree and nothing will be earned. Humanity will no longer have a purpose; they will have lost their humanity.
bighand69 Prije 2 mjeseci
Once the virtual world does become indistinguishable from the real world such a system will be able to do things that are far more fantastical than the real world. Men will be able to have two wives an a garage full of Ferrari's that will also fly and a space station full of monkeys with two heads.
Daniel M
Daniel M Prije 2 mjeseci
VR is just another medium to play games and use apps on. Any concern someone has about "getting stuck in VR" is equally true of watching t.v., playing playstation or checking twitter constantly.
Ptyleranodon Prije 2 mjeseci
Pure pleasure eventually nullifies the dopamine response, which requires an escalation to try to get back to baseline, but eventually the sensation nullifies again, and on and on. You think the Xanax IV will be included, or is it a separate charge?
VVhite VVabbit
VVhite VVabbit Prije mjesec
Joe's position on the metaverse seems to come from a place of fascination and a concern of dependency, which in my opinion is the best way to think about it. You can see he's thinking about the potential of it and contemplating what could go wrong and how we can prevent it. Ben acts like it's a mortal sin to enter a virtual world lol. I hate to break it to ya, Ben, but your career was established and built in the virtual world. No one would know you exist if it wasn't for your early viral HRburn videos, and it certainly wouldn't have grown much without your twitter feed. The virtual world already exists. The metaverse just aims to make those virtual interactions more sensory and engaging. Also, your kids don't get to watch TV or use the internet until they are 18?!? What? Your primary concern is that people will become disconnected from the real world. What better way to disconnect your kids from the world than to completely cut them off from global communication lol. You're the dad, but I say let them experience the world the way it is, while teaching them to see through the BS and think for themselves. Guarding your kids and blocking their exposure to the world is notoriously mentally damaging to young minds. Yikes! Side Story: I remember when I worked at Blockbuster, there was this lady that came in with her 12 year old son. She'd walk behind him, covering his eyes until they got to the children's section of the store. She was terrified that he might see something to damage his innocent young mind. She also constantly brought movies up to the counter to complain about them. I distinctly remember her yelling at me about the movie 'Matilda', claiming that witchcraft should not be in the family section. I can't even describe the screaming session she delivered when the movie 'Knocked Up' came out and we put up a post for it in the front. When she left, she decided to rip it down. The police were called and she was banned from the store. You could tell her poor son was miserable, but accepted his disconnected life. I'm certain Ben isn't this level of crazy, but his protective parenting style certainly reminds me of this lady.
asonunique419 Prije 2 mjeseci
I get Terminator vibes more and more everyday with how fast technology is advancing , it's almost like the Matrix and Terminator series turned out to be documentaries
Jolly Rotten
Jolly Rotten Prije mjesec
Wow 12 year old, you’re able to copy popular comments from other videos and post them on other videos hoping for virtual attention...the Matrix already has you
Zyhir Brown
Zyhir Brown Prije 26 dana
Never thought I’d see the day Shapiro making sense
N Schone
N Schone Prije 14 dana
Living in Canada I was also completely shocked at how compliant everyone has been. On an individual level people might say "this isn't right" but the masses are complying with all the rules, and we have full vaccine mandates for everyone, unlike the states. It is scary and disappointing. We are in another lockdown now - Jan 2022 among reports that omnicron isnt much more than a cold. On another note, this whole Metaverse thing is the way they plan to keep you entertained when they release the next virus. Bill Gates and others said that this pandemic is ending in 2022 but there will be more and we will be "better prepared". Out of everyone talking I believe him the most since he predicted all this in 2017. They are building the world where only the rich elites will be able to enjoy things like travel, steak and owning property. The rest of us will be sitting there drooling with VR headsets on while reducing the carbon footprint. It's an all in one: population control, endless medical experiments without consent (the first one has already been performed), waste management, climate action etc. Our generation will be the last one that saw real freedom and we are allowing it to happen right now.
Neskwik Prije 12 dana
Only people in Canada who are fucked is Ontario and Quebec.
jacknapyer Prije 2 mjeseci
Shapiro brings up a great point. The one thing the pandemic showed me is how much people are willing to put aside to trust our government to keep us healthy and safe.
jacknapyer Prije mjesec
@Doesitmatter? i ain’t mad at that at all
jacknapyer Prije mjesec
@ExTaCiii straight up truth! Government was like “only essential businesses can stay open during lockdown! Like… krispy kreme… and mcdonalds…”
I Ace
I Ace Prije mjesec
@ExTaCiii hit the nail on the head. I dont know what delusion cocktail people who trust the government* are drinking. Its insane
S Tra
S Tra Prije 2 mjeseci
Nah. People trusted scientists and doctors, which is how it should be. You and those like you probably let priests, ministers, rabbis and imams lead you through life. People who don't know anything about anything.
Suesann C
Suesann C Prije 2 mjeseci
The Greatest Lies Ever Believed Is That They Care!!!
Mr Sutera
Mr Sutera Prije 2 mjeseci
A coworker got me into Star Citizen a couple of weeks ago and between what's been implemented & the dev's plans for the future....its scary.
SomeRandom Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m a part of Gen Z and The Metaverse terrifies me… 😔
prednosttrake Prije 2 mjeseci
Finally a way to keep the woke 300 lbs women and men in their mom's basement. Great work Zuck.