STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - 4K ULTRA HD - ‘Sacrifice’ Cinematic Trailer 

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In celebration of 10 years of SWTOR, we’re re-releasing all of our classic cinematic trailers enhanced in 4K. “Sacrifice” was initially launched on June 15th, 2015.

The year-long celebration of our 10th anniversary kicks off with Legacy of the Sith, a new expansion that marks the starting point to a full year of galactic intrigue, conflict, and mystery. Legacy of the Sith will send players to the darkest depths and farthest reaches of the galaxy and unlock the ability to choose your personal combat style, allowing for more options than ever before when it comes to living in your own Star Wars fantasy.

You can read more about our upcoming Legacy of the Sith expansion more at
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12. Stu 2021.



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Cinematic Captures
Cinematic Captures Prije 2 mjeseci
Still one of the best pieces of Star Wars content out there!
Obi- potobi
Obi- potobi Prije mjesec
@User Name Heeeeey. Nah you're right.
Mauro Alvarenga
Mauro Alvarenga Prije mjesec
better than the luke and vader saga...
Blake Prije mjesec
@User Name Lol I can't lie
John Jorgensen
John Jorgensen Prije mjesec
@Lukas Sprehn No, you're right, those were good. The problem is the sequel trilogy, Solo and garbage like "The High Republic." They need to let Faverau and Filoni (and if they could get Lucas to sign on for a project or two, that'd be great!) run the Star Wars universe. Kennedy started out okay with Rogue One, but then just went completely off into left field with everything after that.
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn Prije mjesec
@omni man I'm gonna be one of those to say that they are at leqast better than some of the movies Disney has come out with. That may be controversial, and yeah I still groan at a LOT of parts in them, but the prequels still had a lot of that Star Wars tone to them that's been lacking in some parts of some of the new movies, in my honest opinion at the very least.
Stako Prije 2 mjeseci
10 years later… My need for a full-length movie by this studio and Bioware is still there.
Alex E
Alex E Prije mjesec
then i can gladly tell you, It is happening right now!:) /watch?v=3aINqLgd7W8
Шарзод Рахимов
@Alex Star 9ip8um
No Man's Land
No Man's Land Prije mjesec
Nah I wouldn't include Bioware unless you want to be disappointed...
Yog Sothoth
Yog Sothoth Prije mjesec
You need quantum-many-worlds-internet to get that number.
felipe santos
felipe santos Prije mjesec
@TheDiscusser Good Joke
The Scoundrel's Cantina
The Scoundrel's Cantina Prije 2 mjeseci
The 5 main cinematics you guys made are better then all of Disneys Star Wars movies combined together! I just wish you would bless us with more!
Ivan Francese
Ivan Francese Prije 16 dana
@James Fanelli it's amazing
Starıka Prije 20 dana
@Zayed Abdalla Agreed!
Zayed Abdalla
Zayed Abdalla Prije 20 dana
@Starıka Bad Batch is pretty good too !
Zayed Abdalla
Zayed Abdalla Prije 20 dana
@Captain Pike-a-chu Yes, but if you're going to invest yourself into making a +two hour movie, do it right. It seems like they finished writing the script and storylines the night before.
Zayed Abdalla
Zayed Abdalla Prije 20 dana
@ImSofaKingGood I liked Ep. 1, although seeing it as an adult, I can definitely say they could've cut back on some of the Jar Jar and Pod Racing sequences.
Thessalin Prije 2 mjeseci
Still gives me chills. Still the best 4 minutes of story telling in all of modern Star Wars. Every single detail just adds to the visual story telling. Poor poor Thexan. As his sister said, "What would have things been like had you lived?"
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
@Ryan Roubert 2 Yes😭💟
кош империя
muses. joker re 🎸🎸🎸=
Mickeepee Prije mjesec
Better than the whole recent rey saga. Embarrassing.
Micael Håkans
Micael Håkans Prije mjesec
"Still the best 4 minutes of story telling"... Oh brave new world!...
Lil Mexico
Lil Mexico Prije mjesec
I’m pissing my pants 🥺
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook Prije 2 mjeseci
more substance and character development in 4 minutes than the entirety of the newest trilogy. absolutely epic
h Ma
h Ma Prije mjesec
Don't know why they don't turn this into a movie. The characters on this are better actors than most real life actors.
Christopher Easton
Christopher Easton Prije 13 dana
I agree it should be a movie but saying these digital character models with zero dialogue are actors is just silly. One of the biggest problems with the new movies is their dialogue and that isn't an acots fault, it's the writers. The best actors on earth can only do so much with a shit script.
Justin Arzola
Justin Arzola Prije mjesec
I would watch that it would make me care about Star wars again
Kranitoko Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm glad they're remastering the newest ones too! They look so much better in 4k!
name irrelevant
name irrelevant Prije mjesec
If you try watching it on an HDR screen you'll see that they fucked up the coloring too. Absolute trash "remaster".
EMP ALC Prije mjesec
@Gryskar At least these are official upscales and not a fan version.
Scott Jenkins
Scott Jenkins Prije 2 mjeseci
They're gonna remaster them all and end with a new trailer.
Kranitoko Prije 2 mjeseci
@Chosen One jedi fallen order isn't photo realistic. It's pretty good, but you can definitely still see that video game haze to it
Chosen One
Chosen One Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kranitoko you wouldn't go jedi fallen order photo realistic
Kickerz Prije 2 mjeseci
Always loved how Thexan is portrayed as the superior of the twins. He was better in the arena, built his lightsaber first and didn't get half his body blown up in war. But he was also more compassionate and loyal, to Arcaan especially, and that was what got him killed when he put himself between his brother and Valkorion.
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
@Victor Pereira Wait what did he say in Echoes?
Simas Graliauskas
Simas Graliauskas Prije mjesec
@Dimi M its quite easy actually, i dont udnerstand how you fail to see that
Simas Graliauskas
Simas Graliauskas Prije mjesec
@Dimi M kinda. but here its more of polarism- the white is easiest to corrupt, while black is.. well, he understands darkness, so he protects against it. The problem is, he cant advance anymore, so its up to white to dwelve deeper into the abyss. And once he was at full capacity, to make him feel and understand that his actions and hatred, emotions can have devastating outcomes (killing your brother), he finally understands what his father wanted to do and now he in a sense absorbed his brother. Became one. And now, with the power of darkness that was cultivated in him (always being the worse son, not being able to build lighstaber and etc.) and killing his brother, realising responsability, he becomes one. And father, being the same, and understanding the path, sees that its done- now you take the wheel. You try doing my work of keeping balance.
Dimi M
Dimi M Prije mjesec
His father forged him every step of the way, since childhood. He cultivated the hate inside the kid. Evil at his purest form.
Simas Graliauskas
Simas Graliauskas Prije mjesec
U got it rong
Yuval Birman
Yuval Birman Prije 2 mjeseci
SWTOR trailers, and this one in particular, are true classics and I'm glad to see justice done to them with these remasters. With but a few minutes and scenes, they better encapsulate the spirit of Star Wars than most main line SW movies.
Ali Gilani
Ali Gilani Prije mjesec
One of the most powerful and memorable Star Wars trailers that I have ever seen. Always felt strong sorrow for what occurs between the two.
Kirill Podcast
Kirill Podcast Prije mjesec
So did I
Steven farnham
Steven farnham Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh how I’ve missed these trailers. The uploading of them again in 4K has been a true highlight of the past week. I hope they do a new one soon.
Lazzlo Shiva
Lazzlo Shiva Prije mjesec
I felt more for the brothers in this 4 minute trailer, than I felt for Rey through 3 movies over multiple years!
Teabag Anyone
Teabag Anyone Prije mjesec
I agree the sequels could’ve been amazing if they’re gone to the fans to create it and not done it themselves any one of the writers for the extended universe would’ve done great
PlotTwist Prije 2 mjeseci
This is my favorite one right here, everything from the symbolism to the mini story is AMAZING. The fact that they did stuff like this and it's timeless, especially considering the recent fiasco movie wise, i want to thank Bioware for making this possible all those years back.
PlotTwist Prije 3 dana
@~ Clara Lavender Young ~ the most obvious one is how they purposely make the characters wear black and White and since black is associated with the dark side everyone ln their first view were thinking about how that guy would turn but in the end it was the other way around, the "light" guy turned and killed his brother, showing how the darkside can corrupt everyone, it's a pretty cool way to tell a story
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
What symbolisms did you pick up on?
Lothric Paladin
Lothric Paladin Prije mjesec
Didn't expect to see Harkyn here.
кош империя
muses. joker re 🎸🎸🎸=
Polmos Prije 2 mjeseci
These 4K trailers are amazing.
Daniel Sparks
Daniel Sparks Prije mjesec
NerdGeek Cosplay
NerdGeek Cosplay Prije 2 mjeseci
Pardon my eye sight but I read 4K traitors
Allen Prije 2 mjeseci
And mean something
buffalobill4892 Prije 2 mjeseci
As always, after striking down his brother, the sheer emotion Arcann projects with just one eye…
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore Prije mjesec
Absolutely mind blowing how effective that moment was
GridWreck Gamer
GridWreck Gamer Prije mjesec
It glares yellow, but then fades away as he realizes what he did. then it cuts to Valk, whose eyes just stay that way
Valkymacht 152HE
Valkymacht 152HE Prije 2 mjeseci
Easily the best Star Wars cinematic ever made. I still nearly form tears when the brothers eyes go from Sith back to normal when he realizes what it is he has done.
Mark Rider
Mark Rider Prije 2 mjeseci
I love that you can see Valkorian smile at 3:04 and then you see his Sith eyes at 3:46. Brilliant little details like this make these trailers better than the sequel trilogy.
Mark Rider
Mark Rider Prije mjesec
@Laurent Duc I had to watch it’s about a dozen times to make sure that it was what I saw. So I think it is.
Laurent Duc
Laurent Duc Prije mjesec
thats one subtile smile tho
Emperor D4C
Emperor D4C Prije 2 mjeseci
I would watch a movie about the Eternal Empire dozens of times.
Emperor D4C
Emperor D4C Prije 2 mjeseci
@Sunborn Arizonan that they probably would
Sunborn Arizonan
Sunborn Arizonan Prije 2 mjeseci
And you and I both know Disney would ruin it. As they always do.
Alex Star
Alex Star Prije 2 mjeseci
Enjoy the trailers, stop masking for a movie.
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
~ Clara Lavender Young ~ Prije 2 mjeseci
Same 😭
SWTOR Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
I've watched these cinematics so many times...for 10 years I've played this game over and over...replaying classes...because it's Just. THAT. GOOD. No other game has made me lose track of time and not care that my work day starts with so little sleep. I am very much looking forward to the next expansion!
M Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the cinematic that got me to buy a subscription and play through the story. Still probably some of the most fun I've had with any MMO even though i did it all solo
What's my name?
What's my name? Prije 2 mjeseci
Recall how you felt watching this for the first time and then imagine it's a special prelude to an upcoming Star Wars film. No need for big names or the resurrection of characters to compensate for mediocre storytelling. Just imaginative visuals, an original, new faction, and emotionally gripping, poetic storytelling. Young fans would immediately know the difference between it and "You're his granddaughter."
Siemen Prije 2 mjeseci
These trailers are so good in 4K! Thank you swtor for 10 years of super fun for the whole community. And you stlll keep up with awesome updates!
Xylarxcode Prije 2 mjeseci
Orchestrated by Vitiate. He tore the brothers apart to see which one would come out on top. At least, that's what I believe. Arcann was always eager to please his father and earn his approval, while Thexan cared far less about that. He was loyal, sure, but he wasn't craving any affection or praise from Vitiate. The bond he had with his brother was enough for him. Vitiate gave them a life of war, fighting and constant strife and the brothers coped with all of it, because they had each other. The only chink in their armor was Arcann's desperate need for Vitiate's approval. And so Vitiate purposely denied him that. He pushed them further and further until finally Arcann snapped and lashed out... at the wrong target. His rage was aimed at Vitiate, but redirected to Thexan and he struck him down in a fit of rage. And in so doing, he removed the only positive and stabilizing influence he had in his life. His own brother, who had always been there for him, in his darkest moments. Now he was gone at the hands of Arcann himself and all he has left is the darkness. WIthout Thexan, his last remaining blip of light is gone and Vitiate is free to play him like a puppet without interference from anyone or anything that can threaten that control.
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
Damn this explanation 😭
Xylarxcode Prije mjesec
@Samwise Lemon You are very welcome.
Samwise Lemon
Samwise Lemon Prije mjesec
Thanks for explaining what we just watched
AcesofAthens Prije 2 mjeseci
One of the best mini films/trailers ever made. It tells so much in just 4 minutes and 13 seconds, and it makes you feel so many emotions. It's amazing.
Arraya Prije 2 mjeseci
Darin DePaul’s voice is like butter. What an amazing voice actor, Valkorion was just such a great character.
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
@Nate, Reaper of Ponyland So did Anthony Skordi in Echoes.
Nate, Reaper of Ponyland
Nate, Reaper of Ponyland Prije 2 mjeseci
Doug Bradley and Darin DePaul absolutely nailed the Sith Emporer in each incarnation he was in.
Machine16 Prije 2 mjeseci
His voice is easily the reason why Valkorion is one of my all time fav Star Wars character. His voice alone tempts me to side with him in the game.
van der Molen
van der Molen Prije mjesec
We should have a new SW series in this style. I love every second of it!
avfanatic Prije 2 mjeseci
An all time fave, they express so much through their eyes.
Shadoww Dancer
Shadoww Dancer Prije 2 mjeseci
sadness now in 4k! I love this animatic so much, this is one of many reasons why Arcann is almost on top of my favourite characters in swtor:)
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
Yes😭 this entire family owns my soul. I love the Knights expansions.
Ryan Roubert 2
Ryan Roubert 2 Prije mjesec
Eternal throne saga is pure tragedy and drama, and im super ok with that
hoppizilla Prije 2 mjeseci
man... i never can avoid the feels watching this. such a good cinematic
Connor Dowlin
Connor Dowlin Prije mjesec
Can we appreciate the artists and animators work in this? It's visually stunning, and the body language/facial expressions, are all spot on and tell the story without needing any context
Kristiyan "Kikogod" Atanasov
This always has me in tears by the end. One of the best Star Wars mini stories ever told. I can only wish we had this kind of quality in the movies!
Mcboyo Prije 2 mjeseci
SWTOR is amazing
Jenari Prije 2 mjeseci
Still gives me the chills when Valkorion is staring down with his sith eyes at the end
Ian Broadie
Ian Broadie Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how you can make arcann into one of the most companionate characters or one of the most corrupt ones. Honestly this was the best piece of content made in star wars.
Marc Peoples
Marc Peoples Prije 2 mjeseci
10 years later, still one of the best trailers ever! 😍
The Toxic Teacher
The Toxic Teacher Prije 2 mjeseci
It was a really good storyline. SWTOR still remains one of the best MMORPGs out there, and honestly, it has gotten better over time.
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Prije 2 mjeseci
sacrifice is such a sad story because you can tell arcann was trying to please his father the sith emperor and it got to a point that well his rage took control of him and he lost basically his brother which was technically accident at least in my opinion.
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ugly Musubi your welcome ;)
Ugly Musubi
Ugly Musubi Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks for explaining the video to all the smooth brains out there. LOL
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Prije 2 mjeseci
@Daniel Motales that’s true yes but they were still trained by the sith emperor who during this time took a new identity and made a new empire called the eternal empire which took down both the republic and the sith empire in one fell swoop.
Daniel Motales
Daniel Motales Prije 2 mjeseci
They were not Sith. Or jedi.
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Prije 2 mjeseci
@AzureRoxe indeed and honestly as a fan of Anakin at least from the clone wars animated series its very interesting seeing arcann Journey from sort of a hero? into basically a monster.
Aeode Nightrider
Aeode Nightrider Prije 2 mjeseci
Man, I love these cinematics. It's great to see these trailers are getting 4K releases as well. They are awesome and still sends chills down my spine whenever I see Arcann kills Thexan and realizes what he's done. So much emotion.
Erik Hawk
Erik Hawk Prije mjesec
RIP to the old and best BioWare we loved and knew, to the Team that made milestones like KOTOR, SWTOR, DAO, ME1/2. I'm grateful that you have existed and defined my teenage time so much.
Christopher van Rossmann
Christopher van Rossmann Prije 2 mjeseci
Yesssss! I was hoping they'd do this one! Probably one of the best, tightest bits of SW storytelling I've ever seen.
tyler finney
tyler finney Prije 2 mjeseci
This is one of the coolest pieces of Starwars cinematography that i've EVER seen. Incredible
The Silent Type
The Silent Type Prije mjesec
Never in a million years that I have loved looking back at this masterpiece.
Sunborn Arizonan
Sunborn Arizonan Prije 2 mjeseci
So Legendary. Still sends shivers down my spine.
MohnJcIntyre Prije 2 mjeseci
After all this time it still gives me chills, having fought the overwhelming power that was Arcann - he was the weaker of the two, and not by a slim margin either.
Guilherme Uesugi
Guilherme Uesugi Prije mjesec
This is the most perfect Star Wars video ever! The light, the sound, the enviroment, the lightsabers, the twin brothers, that's a movie I would love to see it!!!!!!!
Aviriia Prije 2 mjeseci
Absolutely incredible! How much Arcann did for his father.. It was never enough. Such a beautiful story and trailer! 😍
GUIxOWNxBUNGIE Prije 13 dana
I literally keep coming back to watch all cinematics every few months! I’d pay thousands to have a tv show or movies about this era. Only if this studio is part of show🤙🏽
ElladanKenet Prije 2 mjeseci
Love watching Arcann's eyes go yellow with the Dark Side, then flash back to blue when he realizes what he's done
Snixelmix Nyx
Snixelmix Nyx Prije 2 mjeseci
Would love to see a feature film from you guys. Insane stuff.
Kareem O'Weat
Kareem O'Weat Prije 2 mjeseci
That game deserves a 10/10 just for it’s storylines and cinematic cutscenes. It just so happens that there’s also a great game going on. My first “big moment” years ago in the game was the Revan reveal in the “Foundry” flashpoint. I love watching it still today.
rhaegarbaguhin Prije mjesec
best cinematic i've ever seen. I wish they made movies like this. epic.
Marek Sojak
Marek Sojak Prije 2 mjeseci
After all these years Still sends chills down my spine
Novaenon Prije 2 mjeseci
3:15 - I've seen this one a dozen time and I still nearly cry every time
Soft-Top Convertible Metalhead
Wow… this looks INCREDIBLE in 4K. Gives me goosebumps it looks so good.
LoyalSnowy Prije 2 mjeseci
This has always been my favorite of these shorts.
Josh Molinari
Josh Molinari Prije 2 mjeseci
These cinematics are so stunningly beautiful
Ryan Roubert 2
Ryan Roubert 2 Prije 2 mjeseci
The best star wars movie that never existed. What a Plot, profound, frustrating, excellent. The come with me part still impresses me to this day
WarGamerCommander Prije 2 mjeseci
This has more of a story in 5 minutes than the sequel trilogy managed in 3 films.
wubbz50 Prije 2 mjeseci
Keep it going! Absolutely love it.
Force Smuggler
Force Smuggler Prije 2 mjeseci
Such an amazing story told in 4 minutes.
Jason Loewen
Jason Loewen Prije 2 mjeseci
Obviously I can't be the only one who thinks this would make a great Star Wars trilogy on the big screen.
SoulessTwo Prije 2 mjeseci
It gets me agian, every time i rewatch this trailer. This is just perfect.
NJ Prije mjesec
These two main characters have more in depth and intriguing background then Rey-Lo had in the entire 3 movies
Mike Sidious
Mike Sidious Prije 2 mjeseci
Never fails to give me goosebumps.
James Donnelly
James Donnelly Prije 2 mjeseci
This would make an amazing movie. And would be rewatched for eternity
Asami Beniko
Asami Beniko Prije 2 mjeseci
I remember how I cried during this and KOTET cinematics,loved them ❤
BrokeIn97 Prije 2 mjeseci
Seeing a fully animated old republic series or movie in this style, might just be the best Star Wars piece LucasFilm ever made.
Souless Deeds
Souless Deeds Prije mjesec
Still far better than ANYTHING Disney with all their resources and talent could put together. You guys back when this came out knew the source material.
gamepilation Prije mjesec
one of the most epic trailers with meaning so deep.
DarkSider002 Prije 2 mjeseci
If there's something that I'll still look forward to is when they officially release the soundtracks for the Sacrifice trailer and Betrayed trailer. But it's great seeing these again in greater quality!
Timothy Barend
Timothy Barend Prije mjesec
Love swtor. Rolled a bounty hunter mercenary and my guild Nexus was first guild to clear HM Denova. Such a great game. About to start playing again after graduation
Colby _1977
Colby _1977 Prije 2 mjeseci
The KOTFE/KOTET story is one of the best pieces of Star Wars storytelling I have ever witnessed. I will admit I wasn't that big of a fan of the feel and look and all that in regards to the story, but that was back before the only piece of SWTOR I had consumed was videos on HRburn of other people playing it and these cinematic trailers. Once I finally took a character through these expansions, I was completely blown away and dragged into the story. It was the first time while playing SWTOR where I felt the scale of the vents taking place and actually felt like I was fighting a galaxy-wide war.
~ Clara Lavender Young ~
Finally someone who likes the Knights expansions, so many people hate them. They're the masterpieces of SWTOR.
Lux Dolor
Lux Dolor Prije mjesec
I finished this chapter for the first time and I thought I was playing a SP campaign, so good
GrandSupremeDaddyo Prije 2 mjeseci
In terms of conveying a complex story and relationship in only a few scenes this cinematic is seriously underrated.
Kryppo Prije 2 mjeseci
Alright I’m waiting for the legacy of the sith cinematic now
zavros Prije 2 mjeseci
I genuinely get hyped every time I see this
Ben Kriger
Ben Kriger Prije mjesec
"In the Darkness only Ambition will guide You." Best quote to motivate me in my darkside power
Augustus Z
Augustus Z Prije mjesec
This gave me chills 🔥
Mikael Prije 2 mjeseci
PLEASE make a cinematic for Legacy of the Sith! I'd pay just for seeing the cinematic trailer!
KaizoNumiah Prije 2 mjeseci
Omg I remember the first time I watched this trailer I cried 😢 The story behind omg 😭 I'm so impatient for the next update, I can't wait 🥰
CromezFIN Prije 2 mjeseci
I was just coming to comment it also 🥺
KaizoNumiah Prije 2 mjeseci
Still tiring up omg 😫
Zero Two
Zero Two Prije 2 mjeseci
Gives me the goosebumps every time.
Nicolas Ct
Nicolas Ct Prije 2 mjeseci
There is more character developpement, epicness, sadness and lore in this 4min trailer than the whole sequel trilogy
Rafa Alisha Roshady
Rafa Alisha Roshady Prije mjesec
When a 4 minute trailer hits you harder than a 2 hour movie
Elliox studios
Elliox studios Prije 2 mjeseci
I am so glad you guys are reuploading these! Thank you so much!
Siemen Prije 2 mjeseci
Waffy Prije 2 mjeseci
Absolutely masterful cinematic
Lord Paulus Cobris
Lord Paulus Cobris Prije 2 mjeseci
I do still miss this kind of episodic chapters that where introduced... For me the best of SWTOR they where trully epic in my opinion...
Vasyear Prije 2 mjeseci
I always loved the design of the flagship that is used
Sakura Lima Trader
Sakura Lima Trader Prije mjesec
An all time fave, they express so much through their eyes.
EpicKingdom_ Prije 2 mjeseci
Always had some of the best trailers out there, alongside Blizzard.
Lamia Kan
Lamia Kan Prije 2 mjeseci
Ah, the good old times. Arcann's still my fav to this day.
Akira Masashi
Akira Masashi Prije 2 mjeseci
God the nostalgia trip feels good.
MrProp16 Prije 2 mjeseci
If they made a full length film for each of these cinematics, I'd see them at IMAX
Starmerc Prije 8 dana
When a 4 min Cinematic Trailer show us more Emotions, better Characters & a better Story - than every (Disney) Star Wars Movie.
trellz17 Prije 2 mjeseci
I am loving these trailer re-releases
L. Michael
L. Michael Prije mjesec
Why have we not been doing it like this all along! I’m 35 and have just felt my jolt of excitement from a piece of Star Wars content for the first time in, what, 20 years?!
Lo Prije 2 mjeseci
As a twin, this was one of the most emotional things I’ve seen on youtube
SoldierGeneral64 Prije 2 mjeseci
Love how the brother in black always checks on the other brother, while the brother in white singularly focuses on other things.
Kindre Prije 2 mjeseci
These must be getting us ready for a new cinematic trailer I beg 🙏🏽
DIDI Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine what the remakes of this game are going to look like with these kind of graphics...
Crypto Kairon
Crypto Kairon Prije 2 mjeseci
Never played the MMORPG, but I care more about these characters after the trailer than the sequel protagonists after three movies
🔴 kukuriku🔴
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