Eminem Admitted Being Gay 

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21. Stu 2021.



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Kkplays Prije mjesec
I love how the more serious Em gets about a subject the funnier it gets-
Kkplays Prije mjesec
@I eat short people and simps What the fu-
I eat short people and simps
@Kkplays or probably you were editing the comment and thats just sugar
I eat short people and simps
@Kkplays yea I was high, I found some flour at my floor, I probaly got too many sugar or that's cocaine. /hj
Kkplays Prije mjesec
@I eat short people and simps what the fu-
I eat short people and simps
Jelly hates you
Jelly hates you Prije mjesec
I love how this feels _real_ like... this is just such a Em thing to do. The "I'm gay. I like men." was so well delivered.
Khalid Afkir
Khalid Afkir Prije mjesec
@pineapple the interview ( you could put eminem after it so you will find this scene
Khalid Afkir
Khalid Afkir Prije mjesec
@Miukinnie02 yeah maybe a bit but image walking up to a stranger and calling him gay without knowing him. These people have no knowledge about eminem and they try to tell me s stuff like this but they don't know anything they even use this video (it's a movie) as a source it's just stupid
Miukinnie02 Prije mjesec
@Willy Ziriobeing gay or being straight isn't determined by who you date. It's called experimenting. Were you born and were like: "must get that pussy aye" no? That's it then. We're all born with the standard "men should be with women" therefore you need time to realize that. You don't randomly think "Oh i know! I'm gay!" first of all to realize that you should learn what being gay means. It's not a sudden thought. It can happen days, month, YEARS later. When becoming a tren you start becoming interested in romance, so obviously you start thinking about it. Personally something that has helped me realize i was lesbian was my past, i asked myself questions like "have i ever showed interest in the same gender?" - "have i ever actually had feelings for the opposite gender?" a walk down memory lane really helped me. Sooner or later I realized but i def didn't cut my hair start obviously flirting with girls or something because i was still a teen and not ready for relationships. As a kid i dated alot of guys, I've always had something i called a "love-hate" relationship with them. But whenever they got romantic or sexual I'd feel uncomfortable and i started worrying if I was into romance at all. Now i realize i saw them more as best friends rather than boyfriends. The point is: your sexuality isn't about your dating history. And you can be bi even though you haven't dated both genders,(you have to eat something to know you don't like it yeah? That's the same for dating its about experience, for some it might take longer to realize therefore they'd date multipliple people. Everyone has their own individual view of things) you don't just see a random person of the gender you're attracted to and date them. Falling in love requires time. I'm not saying Eminem is gay or bi. I'm explaining how sexuality works.
Miukinnie02 Prije mjesec
@Khalid Afkir i agree assuming someone is gay or straight is disrespectful. But you make it sound like too much of a bad thing.
Khalid Afkir
Khalid Afkir Prije mjesec
@i'm nobody bro he isn't gay this video is a movie it's called THE INTERVIEW he is far from gay and yes it is disrespect full image some people you don't know start saying you are gay but you aren't would you like it? I am just trying to say he isn't gay but you guys are just talking without any knowledge i know my stuff you guys don't
HxllaBored Prije mjesec
I honestly don’t know if he’s joking or not. He says it with such a relaxed demeanor that I don’t know if it’s sarcasm or not
NIRAJ Prije mjesec
This is from movie.
magrosu nrg
magrosu nrg Prije mjesec
He is
Thatguyintheroom 14
Thatguyintheroom 14 Prije mjesec
This was from a movie called the interview
SoundHound 21
SoundHound 21 Prije mjesec
It’s from a movie, it’s not real
hydroFPS Prije mjesec
Its from movie xD
Timmy Ianni
Timmy Ianni Prije mjesec
Em's deadpan delivery is what makes the whole clip. He's got that ability to say the most ludicrous things with a perfectly straight face. I love it. Lol.
Promise Cullett
Promise Cullett Prije mjesec
“Straight” face 😂
Timmy Ianni
Timmy Ianni Prije mjesec
@Adrian D*Disclaimer* I didn't mean being gay was ludicrous or that ludicrous is gay. Lmao. That was a blanket statement.
Adrian D
Adrian D Prije mjesec
@tokozerg 4k Huh?
Adrian D
Adrian D Prije mjesec
Being gay: LUDICROUS! I do love that guy, though lol
baby huiyeon
baby huiyeon Prije mjesec
@tokozerg 4k why? Sorry I ruined the joke right? Or...
Nikki Sullivan
Nikki Sullivan Prije mjesec
Bahaha "I'm really confused here because gay can mean a lot of things" Fucking love Ems sense of humor. The fact that he's deadpan serious while doing this makes it convincing
Slowtownbluejay Prije mjesec
Yeah, I wonder if it was his idea in any way or just the movie studio’s
TheDiaxD Prije mjesec
To everyone who think this is real, it was a movie.
Yousif 1621
Yousif 1621 Prije 8 dana
Thanks bro
Jonathan Israel
Jonathan Israel Prije mjesec
@git gud lol Pretty ironic
git gud lol
git gud lol Prije mjesec
@Jonathan Israel ok incel at least i don't beg for attention in comments sections by making jokes even i don't think are funny
steam powered explosion
@Tyreek man you fine boy peeps get so mad they understand that the concept of kissing your homies is not something ya wanna think about
TheDiaxD Prije mjesec
@Karma🎶 which one? Edit: BRUH I remember now looks like u got a haircut I had to check your old videos bc I didn't reconize you 😂
DayTaff Prije mjesec
"I'm gay." "I can mean a lot if things-" *"I like men."*
Clone_Trooper5555 Prije mjesec
@mel mel I actually liked the rainbow now all I think of it is GAY!
Victorianne Castle
Victorianne Castle Prije mjesec
@Jelly Queen (team jelly) gay word has been usee in Jane Austen novels and it has a different meaning
Centaur Prije mjesec
@Miukinnie02 he looked very happy
Miukinnie02 Prije mjesec
@Centaur nobody uses gay to say they're happy anymore. It's a really old way to say happy. It can mean those 2 things, but did he look happy to you?
@Frixjohn The Animator 🤣🤣🤣🔥
Euro Prije mjesec
love your vids 🔥
kadei Prije 29 dana
@J _ T it's a bot begigng for subs
J _ T
J _ T Prije mjesec
Love your vids????? He does nothing, he takes clips from other videos, wow...
Crucible Prije mjesec
The way he says "I am a homosexual" in a completely flat voice and deadpan expression is hilarious for some reason
Dean Truesdale
Dean Truesdale Prije mjesec
Watch legends . Kray twins . Tom Hardy. Says it in that with a serious face. It's funny
Ribai Moaniba
Ribai Moaniba Prije mjesec
RESPECTS to the man that managed to convince Eminem 🤙
mason grae
mason grae Prije mjesec
The fact he actually did this for the movie is amazing
Dratylapio Prije mjesec
@fankik ofcource, but people don't do stuff without a reason. No one goes to work because it's fun, they do it for money
Broad Prije mjesec
@𝂅ׁ⁠𖤐Ꞌꞌ Sׅkׄყ̣. 🍂‧໋݊𑄸 Yea but its fucking money god damn you special or sum?? And its publicity
MUI Natsu Dragneel
MUI Natsu Dragneel Prije mjesec
@𝂅ׁ⁠𖤐Ꞌꞌ Sׅkׄყ̣. 🍂‧໋݊𑄸 he actually doesn’t know how much money he has he admitted he thinks he doesn’t have that much money
Jonathan Cox
Jonathan Cox Prije mjesec
Yeah right very funny
Rest In Peace Kobe 24
@𝂅ׁ⁠𖤐Ꞌꞌ Sׅkׄყ̣. 🍂‧໋݊𑄸 to be a movie with James Franco and Seth making fun of korean Kim.....yeah. That sounds like Me
Oodles Canoodles
Oodles Canoodles Prije mjesec
Bro Eminem is not homophobic he literally said in one of his raps that "there's no reason that a man and another man can't elope"
Midnight Iris
Midnight Iris Prije mjesec
Em is looking at him like "how many different ways do I have to tell you, dude?😐"
Sierra K
Sierra K Prije mjesec
Joe Durnell
Joe Durnell Prije mjesec
The fact he would do this is so awesome. It shows how much the world has changed . He's awesome cause I real man is comfortable enough with himself to make a joke and not give a fuck
BigBoris Prije mjesec
It’s a movie this wasn’t his decision. The director just decided Eminem was the person that this would be funniest to say he’s gay in.
Daali Xan
Daali Xan Prije mjesec
Real or not, this is how easy it should be for anyone to genuinely express their sexuality! End of Discussion.
Brendan Kunasegaran Mai Er De
It's from a movie dude
Z9machine Prije mjesec
"Im gay" "Im a homosexual" "I like men" That escalation tho😂😂
• CARNO • Prije mjesec
Took a bit for mans to understand🤣
Victoria Riddle
Victoria Riddle Prije mjesec
That really did..
Mike Prije mjesec
Made it damn clear 😂
Migi Prije mjesec
A lot of people with other sexualitis in this section... Cool
EdgeLord 69
EdgeLord 69 Prije mjesec
Kazuma Watanabe
Kazuma Watanabe Prije mjesec
I love how Em was like “what is there to be confused about? I’m gay.”
Kola_Ovo Prije mjesec
This man has all my respect. "I am a homosexual" "I like men" the best lines I've ever heard
That Femboy Eros
That Femboy Eros Prije mjesec
It’s fine, even if he was gay, we'd still love him
Zeanul Prije mjesec
I wouldn't even care if he was gay that dude literally could cut his career in half and still be the greatest of all time
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Prije mjesec
For those who are confused, this was a movie, he’s not gay Edit: omg thanks for all the likes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
j 0
j 0 Prije mjesec
@Vex_OG, i think so.
Ariliex Prije mjesec
@Vex_OG wow now im getting attacked cool
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Prije mjesec
@Vex_OG I said what I had to say, which means you just lost for falsely assuming, hold the L homophobe.
Vex_OG Prije mjesec
@Gloomy_shroomy_froggy ye
@Vex_OG ooooooh
Noah Seward
Noah Seward Prije mjesec
This moment really changed a lot of the perception of the rap and even hip hop community. I remember watching this interview with my family when it happened, and the collective conversations and moments of understanding, listening, and care that came from it. I think that moment really defined a turning point for society as a whole.
BigBoris Prije mjesec
If this is a joke, you should’ve made it slightly more clear it’s a joke. By atleast mentioning the interviewer is James Franco or anything. There should at least something subtle to point out that you know this is a movie. Either way I give this comment a 4.7/10
jackie rojo
jackie rojo Prije mjesec
Not saying you don't know but just to clarify this is from a Netflix movie it's a comedy from 2014 he's not gay and nothing is wrong with being gay, but I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't know already.
StretchH2O Prije mjesec
I remember the first time i watched this movie and when all of sudden Em says "cuz im gay" i spat out my tea 🤣
Empress Prije mjesec
🤣 luv his sense off humour.. Hes far from gay.. He sure knows how to shock people lol .. Hes not only the best rapper in this whole world hes also NOT against guys .. Hes awesome 👌
Julius Taal
Julius Taal Prije mjesec
lol its from a movie
Complete Buffoonery
Complete Buffoonery Prije mjesec
Eminem is a great actor. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought this was real
Lmf Syco
Lmf Syco Prije mjesec
That Movie Was Funny Af, Em Played The Shit Outta His Part!!!
[R E D A C T E D]
[R E D A C T E D] Prije mjesec
@Yt is a BIACH my favorite part about this thread: You: I think he might be bi, but it doesnt really matter cause he's still great either way Eminem stans: hOw FuCkInG dArE yOu HeS nOt Bi NoT eVeRyOnE hAs tO bE gAy YoU cAnT jUsT mAkE hIm GaY hEs AlLoWeD tO bE sTrAiGhT I'm honestly cackling 🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Hinz
Jessica Hinz Prije mjesec
@Jelly Dew you talk like being gay is a bad thing. it isn’t.
Ahraya Coley
Ahraya Coley Prije mjesec
@Yt is a BIACH you wrong for that🤣🤣🤣 but you right
Yt is a BIACH
Yt is a BIACH Prije mjesec
@Lmf Syco biggy dead
Lmf Syco
Lmf Syco Prije mjesec
@Yt is a BIACH Em Ain't Gay Nor bi, biggie Said Sus Shit Dont Mean He bi Or Gay!!!
Ancilla nershya 12 - C1 4
love you Eminem it doesn't matter to me i love just the way you are ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bittu Bajpai
Bittu Bajpai Prije mjesec
I mean what! How can we discriminate the Feeling of love and romance! Even we are not allowed to be judge. How can we?! I was fan of Eminem songs and still am. Talents and feeling are given by God. Though I can understand as being normal human of the feeling of listing if some one suddenly explain about same gender likes and choices, but we should accept it as this is not also easy for them too, at least we can make things normal for them. This our world and it should be full of love and happiness not trauma for anyone 😊✌️
jackie rojo
jackie rojo Prije mjesec
This is from a comedy movie on Netflix from 2014..he's not gay, but nothing is wrong with being gay either. The movie is called the interview
gh0ulish Prije mjesec
"I'm gay.” "Wait, I'm confused-" What the fuck is there to be confused about? No one uses that word in any other way nowadays, and quite honestly, if you don't accept it and move on then that's fucked up. This guy is like those people that say "I'm fine with it it's just *weird* / makes me uncomfortable." also i know this isn't real but a lot of people say shit like this and no one says anything so uh ❤️
K33BSA Prije mjesec
Whoever took this seriously I feel bad for ya 😂😂😂 Em is just like this
BigBoris Prije mjesec
No he isn’t. This is a movie. I’m surprised so many people don’t realise that the “interviewer” is James Franco one of the most famous actors of all time.
Merry Dimla
Merry Dimla Prije mjesec
The longer this conversation goes the smaller James's eyes got.
POPOFIITT Prije mjesec
Vincent Braun
Vincent Braun Prije mjesec
And the bigger eminems got
Lazaro Rodriguez
Lazaro Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Thought i was the only one that noticed and its a top comment .. lol
Itz_merr1shhxsslxr Prije mjesec
David F.
David F. Prije mjesec
Omg, dude. I died!!!
jazzy Prije mjesec
I love how he looks so chill about it
Kendra🐝 Prije mjesec
Eminem delivered this line so smoothly 🤣 I need to go watch The Interview again.
せんじょ Prije mjesec
Love how cool he is just “I like men?” As if to say what the Fuck else is being gay supposed to mean
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
@Toan Greenlow yeah but it was after he said homosexual which is, of course, liking the same sex
Toan Greenlow
Toan Greenlow Prije mjesec
In the early 1900s being gay was slang for happy
HobGoblin 002
HobGoblin 002 Prije mjesec
Makes me laugh every damn time, hell yeah
Kalan M. Saunders
Kalan M. Saunders Prije mjesec
I didn't realise this was from a movie, but his willingness to have done that is awesome😂
nick wolfe
nick wolfe Prije mjesec
@Ok you would be surprised how many people take themselves to seriously, it's one thing to play a gay character but playing as yourself and saying you're gay can be a real headache.
nick wolfe
nick wolfe Prije mjesec
@Dummy was the article about north Korea? That would make more sense as it takes place there but I do remember china making a big deal about it's vulgarity. 🤔 I could be miss remembering
Fermioncool Prije mjesec
@Precision YES!
KungFlu Penguin
KungFlu Penguin Prije mjesec
@Precision I grew up watching Eminem get to the top and watched plenty of movies with James Franco. Also have seen this clip about 20 times or so and seen the movie. I still forgot it's a movie
Bon bon
Bon bon Prije mjesec
@Precision I didn’t even realize this was james franco until i read your comment. I thought it was a random white guy lol.
Candy Imbong'entsha
Candy Imbong'entsha Prije mjesec
Watched this more than 5 times and i find this video really hilarious🤣🤣🤣
Noxine🍄🌼 Prije mjesec
I love how serious he is 😂
Just Some Guy Who Lost His Mustache
For those who don't know, this is a movie(James Franco's literal role here is the host of the show)
«JELLY_dollar» Prije mjesec
Eminem being calm all the time is just iconic
electriKal_ shoK
electriKal_ shoK Prije mjesec
“I like men” Simple, straight to the point and easily understandable
Unavailable 303
Unavailable 303 Prije mjesec
@JELLYcat ...
electriKal_ shoK
electriKal_ shoK Prije mjesec
@TheLambSauce Finally, after all these years I have found The Lamb Sauce I will die peacefully knowing this long-ass endeavour is finally over
nAgiTO kOmAEdA
nAgiTO kOmAEdA Prije mjesec
*straight* to the point?
TheLambSauce Prije mjesec
Chef Ramsay??
pls Prije mjesec
@JELLYcat then you'll get lost.
Courage Prije mjesec
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (ooh) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (ooh) Ayy, ayy Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Needless to say, I keep her in check She was a bad-bad, nevertheless (yeah) Callin' it quits now, baby, I'm a wreck (wreck) Crash at my place, baby, you're a wreck (wreck) Needless to say, I'm keeping her in check She was all bad-bad, nevertheless Callin' it quits now, baby, I'm a wreck Crash at my place, baby, you're a wreck Thinkin' in a bad way, losin' your grip Screamin' at my face, baby, don't trip Someone took a big L, don't know how that felt Lookin' at you sideways, party on tilt Ooh-ooh-ooh Some things you just can't refuse She wanna ride me like a cruise And I'm not tryna lose Then you're left in the dust Unless I stuck by ya You're the sunflower I think your love would be too much Or you'll be left in the dust Unless I stuck by ya You're the sunflower You're the sunflower Every time I'm leavin' on you (ooh) You don't make it easy, no (no, no) Wish I could be there for you Give me a reason to, oh (oh) Every time I'm walkin' out I can hear you tellin' me to turn around Fightin' for my trust and you won't back down Even if we gotta risk it all right now, oh (now) I know you're scared of the unknown ('known) You don't wanna be alone (alone) I know I always come and go (and go) But it's out of my control And you'll be left in the dust Unless I stuck by ya You're the sunflower I think your love would be too much Or you'll be left in the dust Unless I stuck by ya You're the sunflower You're the sunflower (yeah)
death stroke_02
death stroke_02 Prije mjesec
Man this was the best part of the interview 🤣🤣🤣
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Prije mjesec
He's just so chill about it! I love him so much! ✨😻✨
Ange Djaou
Ange Djaou Prije mjesec
😂😂😂😂 la reaction de l’interviewer est légendaire
swifty Prije mjesec
this man makes it seem so believable even when hes lying
Try95th Prije mjesec
It's the deadpan. It makes everything ring like universal truths lol
Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey Davis Prije mjesec
Fr my sister thought it was real
Trilogy Lone Wolf
Trilogy Lone Wolf Prije mjesec
@Rock Johnson Legend says he has a Grindr account
Rock Johnson
Rock Johnson Prije mjesec
So believable that it’s as if he’s not lying…
🥥chocolate milk and coconuts🥥
It's supposed to be- It's literally from a movie
Jiraiya Prije mjesec
It's incredible Eminem can keep a straight face
boyzwillbebugz Prije mjesec
i actually am a homosexual and can’t even say it without losing my shit lmao the fact that he did this with a straight face is gold
BigBoris Prije mjesec
It probably took several takes like most movie scenes
Hayden Payne
Hayden Payne Prije mjesec
I love how every time a movie is moved to a streaming service, video clips like this start making the rounds for a week or so🤣
screaming_rats Prije mjesec
this is like, my exact demeanor when I tell people I’m gay. “what” “I’m pan, I like everyone” “Han-“ “g e î”
kab4333 Prije mjesec
i saw you on another video yesterday
I didn't know it was a movie but I also knew it wasn't real but it also feels so real at the same time. If I didn't know as much about Eminem I would have 100% believed this.
Debasmit Dey
Debasmit Dey Prije mjesec
Whatever this man says is so iconic🔥🔥
BekaWolf Gurl
BekaWolf Gurl Prije mjesec
I love him so much haha this movie killed me
sam mabanta
sam mabanta Prije mjesec
I love the way he is really calm down
that one guy in the back of the class #stanevil
The confusion people get when someone says something random with a straight face is hilarious
honey get the bike pimp
well yeah you need to put on the gay face for it to be believable
Cowoki Prije mjesec
@XRPhoenix he did say a lot of people think his lyrics are homophobic before that
@Gabrielle Louise same😂
Andrej Gacoski
Andrej Gacoski Prije mjesec
that one guy in the back of the class #stanevil
@Tristan Langenard 😏
BreadButterToast Prije mjesec
This is from a movie called "The interview" and its a joke
Z MX Prije mjesec
Gotta love Eminem. 😂
RookCantSwim Prije mjesec
Love this, em rlly knows how to shock everybody, it’s the best sense of humour when it’s straight faced, lmao but why did they censor gay? I
Uzimachi Prije mjesec
This part of the movie had me cracking up 🤣🤣🤣
Elijah Ball
Elijah Ball Prije mjesec
James Franco did so much better with this role than people give him credit for 😂
Edmund Lee
Edmund Lee Prije mjesec
@nickibleigh you didn't have to include that. I just complimented his acting..
nickibleigh Prije mjesec
@Edmund Lee people tried to cancel him awhile back for trying to get a teenager to come back to his hotel room. But agree he’s pretty great.
Dashersacct Prije mjesec
@QuagmireFeels 𓀐𓂸 nice
Ilay ohana
Ilay ohana Prije mjesec
Hes a great actor
Zuzanna Prije mjesec
Ok i didn't even notice it was James Franco and thought you were kidding that Feanco played Eminem (cause people joke that he always plays gay roles) 😂😂😂
Yeet Um
Yeet Um Prije mjesec
I found this way to funny, the interviewer is just like, “wait wtf-“
Feanor026 Prije mjesec
''the interviewer'' yeah, more like James Franco playing a role in a movie, which it is btw ;)
TITAN ARMY Prije mjesec
What makes it even funnier is that the way he said he's so serious all the time 😂
sizulz Prije mjesec
This was in the movie "The Interview" this could have been a joke. Still funny either way!
Jimmy TERIIHOANIA Prije mjesec
this film IS so hilarious especially this part 😂
Arcturian Motives
Arcturian Motives Prije mjesec
Em was a class act for doing this in the movie. Shows he doesn't take himself too seriously.
angel vision
angel vision Prije mjesec
what movie?
steam powered explosion
@PanRiddle1 pffft nice come back
Luke Murray
Luke Murray Prije mjesec
As if you could ever think that 😂
Socni Prije mjesec
what movie?
idk Prije mjesec
@Lil Chay Nah man. He's not. Toxic masculinity just means that your definition of masculinity is toxic
Fadedlosers_ Prije mjesec
Dereon Crawford
Dereon Crawford Prije mjesec
He's so straight forward with it "Is there a problem with me liking men" That's basically how he is rn lol
Keane Steele
Keane Steele Prije mjesec
This isn't real btw
Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice Prije mjesec
Lmfaooo I absolutely love Eminem. Bi guy here, this is the kind of humor works so well for him, absolute mad lad!
Mary Fabela
Mary Fabela Prije mjesec
I love him so much 🤣 haha
tey vang
tey vang Prije mjesec
It's cool how much he matured now... he now do jokes like this, is a good father & doen't talk shit unless someone else talks shit first... proud of this man.
riven god
riven god Prije mjesec
@Ir7pf 👌🏼 sounds fair
Ir7pf Prije mjesec
@riven god i don’t know man i am not proving or denying anything i just said what i thought the accusations were based of off
riven god
riven god Prije mjesec
@Ir7pf I think it is debatable if fagot is a homophobic slur. Using that word does not show a dislike or prejudice of gays. Moreover, it is used in the context of rap which makes a significant difference. It is different saying fagot to someone on a song or saying it to a gays face
LessThanPi Prije mjesec
@Ir7pf oh no… I guess?
Ir7pf Prije mjesec
@riven god he uses some homophobic slurs like fag*ot and others
Officially Kori
Officially Kori Prije mjesec
I've always stanned em and still do ✊🏳️‍🌈
Alexander-Maurice Mill (Amlaeuxrai)
@Abel Tekle apparently, despite this being a movie, it seems to have been an honest admission. A few years after the movie he stated at least once that he used "Grindr" to meet new people. Grindr is Tinder for gay people. He apparently was also very, VERY close with Elton John.
Abel Tekle
Abel Tekle Prije mjesec
MidnightSavy Prije mjesec
This is like me coming out to my friend’s
Invisible Guy
Invisible Guy Prije mjesec
🤣🤣🤣 The funny part was him trying to control the laugh infront of the camera!
psycho marauder
psycho marauder Prije mjesec
Gotta love "the interview"
Gyp Winkler
Gyp Winkler Prije mjesec
I love how straight faced he always is when he is fuddin with people. Never breaks composure.
SKIBOOSKI Prije mjesec
He’s acting in a movie
Twinkiee Prije mjesec
It's a movie
Gtgt Man
Gtgt Man Prije mjesec
Yo quick question Why did the creator of vid censored the word gay ?
Spoopy Fried Chicken
@C.G. Ryder II I don't think he is, he would've said
Eric Aragon
Eric Aragon Prije mjesec
@TW306 seriously though i thought the same 😄 idc if em is gay fr he'll always be my favorite rap artist he honestly inspired more than any other rapper on not giving up on music like legacy and guts over fear r my best songs to relate to facts much love marshall
Michael Armitage
Michael Armitage Prije mjesec
I’d love to hear the initial conversation not get Eminem in this movie with this interview. I like the self-aware humor on his part.
Rye Prije mjesec
I loved this movie it was so funny 😭
Jelly dog
Jelly dog Prije mjesec
this made me tell my parents that i’m bisexual
Aruki Tsukaru
Aruki Tsukaru Prije mjesec
Man I loved the Interview 😂
Miku Martikainen
Miku Martikainen Prije mjesec
Way eminem is so calm and serious is just hilarious.
pykechew Prije mjesec
@FlanCake Man nigga, its a movie
Lor D. Hollow
Lor D. Hollow Prije mjesec
As he himself said: "... He's nervous, but the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs..."
Mira Prije mjesec
Maybe it's because he's, oh I don't know... acting? 😐
Estevan Ariel Scalsavra Ferreyra
It shouldnt
Papa América
Papa América Prije mjesec
@Ritesh Shaw oh yes, the video was funny. But I’m saying it’s sad that people now days have to think about their sexuality.
Glowing For The
Glowing For The Prije mjesec
Eminem is such a great actor man
Damere Davis
Damere Davis Prije mjesec
I love this 💗
•pump• Prije mjesec
YES YES YES YES YES EMINEM MY KING!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy Mack
Happy Mack Prije mjesec
He deserves another Oscar, but not for music🤣
JinxT Prije mjesec
Holy shit the seriousness in his face and voice is priceless during this
G Siya
G Siya Prije mjesec
He's always like that
Mei Mitski
Mei Mitski Prije mjesec
I love Eminem’s face 😭😭😭😭😭
Punpkiin Prije mjesec
This is literally how I came out to my mom
Scarlet Beans
Scarlet Beans Prije mjesec
jo mob
jo mob Prije mjesec
I remember this movie lol. It was fucking awesome😄
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Prije mjesec
One of the hardest I ever laughed at a movie scene. They both were hysterical...Seth too of course
Swiggity Swooty
Swiggity Swooty Prije mjesec
@Calys Agora God. Am I typing to a piece of tungsten right now or are you really that dense?
Brian Cheng
Brian Cheng Prije mjesec
I'm not even sure how he said it with a straight face I dam near die laughing
read this and you will be gay
Movie pls?
Frank Anderson ll
Frank Anderson ll Prije mjesec
Man that had me dying I gotta rewatch this now lol 😂
~Pinxtr~ Prije mjesec
Why did they have to cencor the word gay? It won't kill anybody-
JacobCantDraw Prije mjesec
One of my favourite skits of all time
l8er Prije mjesec
Lmao bet how many people are gonna believe this is a real interview 😂
Darth Uchiha47
Darth Uchiha47 Prije mjesec
I watched this movie the day it came out and knew someone one day would confuse people with this scene.
JD Diggy
JD Diggy Prije mjesec
I like that hey did this scene with a straight face
vShadow Spartanv
vShadow Spartanv Prije mjesec
Love how serious this man can be. Would be perfect for comedy movies. Like as a full time actor.
ElongatedFroggo Prije mjesec
this is from a movie called The Interview
vShadow Spartanv
vShadow Spartanv Prije mjesec
I know bud. Meant in more comedy movies. Like acting full time as said. 👍
Sad Cat in a Cowboy Hat
It is a comedy movie my dude
JmKrokY Prije mjesec
mina ryn
mina ryn Prije mjesec
It doesn't matter for me. Eminem is Eminem, I love his songs!🤗
lilManiac07 Gaming
lilManiac07 Gaming Prije mjesec
Actually he's not, it's from a movie called the interview which is a great movie btw you should check it out.
vertiCal {}{}{}
vertiCal {}{}{} Prije mjesec
I just love Franco doin the Robert De Niro/godfather face
Candy Prije mjesec
That reaction though from the interviewer
Elisa Soares
Elisa Soares Prije mjesec
I'm gonna pretend that is true and live with it
Myeong-Hee Prije mjesec
One face so serious and the other making so many expressions. The result of me laughing is immaculate.
Kare J
Kare J Prije mjesec
I loved that movie!! It was funny as hell😂😂
Skullzeu ✨
Skullzeu ✨ Prije mjesec
I was the 1000 like lol
CookieSpark Prije mjesec
Nice wyn profile pic