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How did this kid not notice I STOLE HIS WATCH? ⌚️
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13. Stu 2021.



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Rick Smith, Jr.
Rick Smith, Jr. Prije 15 dana
Did you catch the steal? Subscribe
Venice Sutherland
Venice Sutherland Prije 2 dana
The nameless god 5693
It’smeRyleigh Prije 2 dana
Thesupersubzero _
Thesupersubzero _ Prije 2 dana
Yes it was so obvious with the pauses
Cøøkie_løver Prije 2 dana
Bukket Prije 3 sati
me who has my watch always on tight because it better than a rubber band: you, you think I'm stupid? I'm always aware of surroundings, my thoughts, my clothes, my.. watch. I'm no fool.
Casey Wilson
Casey Wilson Prije 3 sati
U tuck of his watch
Olugaho Tsedu
Olugaho Tsedu Prije 3 sati
I saw how you did it
Nathan Garland
Nathan Garland Prije 3 sati
Id notice eazy tho.i don't know how ppl.dont feel things like this.even if I was concentrating on the trick.
Jessebel Pama
Jessebel Pama Prije 4 sati
I saw he just took the watch you cheat 😒
Yuchi Xin
Yuchi Xin Prije 4 sati
Don’t make a steak legendary
Karl G2
Karl G2 Prije 4 sati
Also you can literally buy that ball and that ball is super foam and can be super compressed easily
Nex Prije 4 sati
Pov: I watched the video twice
drx07 Prije 4 sati
Legends noticed him 1st time removing watch
Brea Games
Brea Games Prije 4 sati
How did the kid not feel the watch go off from him
OH APDIYA. Prije 4 sati
Thug Life Awards
Thug Life Awards Prije 5 sati
I hope no cops will catch you.
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI Prije 5 sati
At my HS graduation, anyone screaming when your name was called got you sent to the back row. My poor friend cut the cheese when he began climbing the steps to the stage. I've never heard or seen 5K+ people doing a Try Not to Laugh challenge. Little kid started giggling and his mom did her best to quiet him. His little sister (maybe 2) yelled "You're choking him, mom!!" Whole place erupted. Our principal didnt have the heart to send him back.
African powerful 7 Spell caster coven love spells
skullduggerygillen Prije 5 sati
This is what govt do to us.
Vanshika Usha
Vanshika Usha Prije 5 sati
I love stray kids
I love stray kids Prije 6 sati
I didn't even notice msf!
Caitlyn Jones
Caitlyn Jones Prije 6 sati
We not going to talk about how this is not a magic trick he just distracted him so he could take the watch off his wrist and clearly he does not know how to put a watch on because if you don't have an end it on your skin by the time you take that watch off it's useless
kekw Prije 6 sati
I saw a clear jump cut on editing where the kid had his hand open and 1 ball suddenly disapeared even though the guy didn't have his hand close to the kid's hand.
SSundee Funny Moment
OOF Sigma Rule #1 Don't Reply By Word Reply By Action
Quitn Prije 6 sati
what state is this?
SKAB Prije 6 sati
Theft is funny
AMIT SINGH Prije 7 sati
Legends watched 2 times
Greg McKinney
Greg McKinney Prije 7 sati
You thief he’s just a boy
Mike Yudah
Mike Yudah Prije 7 sati
I saw him steal it, I just don't know where he put it so fast??
made you look heree 🤣
Ngl I saw that watch when he took away I was paying attention at the man's fist.
AM Prije 7 sati
Winter is coming...
Romano Bhoelan
Romano Bhoelan Prije 7 sati
Seen this trick too many times bro
Rimuru Prije 8 sati
I catch when you steal it
So kk
So kk Prije 8 sati
Hax-A-Tomix Prije 8 sati
Takes confidence
Xubrata Xaha
Xubrata Xaha Prije 8 sati
He is a paid actor lmao
Terrific Prije 8 sati
I’m feeling like I’m level 99 on awareness because I noticed his watch getting stolen the first watch
Yaya Prije 8 sati
The boys smile was priceless ot warmed my heart
TheWorldsPerson Prije 8 sati
I feel bad that I always need to (sometimes) pause and read what's in the description or whatever's in the video cuz now I know his walets ganna get taken and it would've been funner to watch without knowing 😩 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well
ᴴᵁᴸlaᴿ²¹ ♡
Bit slow ngl mate
Demond Calamese
Demond Calamese Prije 9 sati
Please tell me y'all saw that he snatched it off his arm cheater that ain't magic boo get off the stage you fool
consoul. Prije 9 sati
plant… what kid wears a watch these days?
DOGECOIN Prije 9 sati
I mean, I wouldn't notice either.
♡No One♡
♡No One♡ Prije 9 sati
I actually Have seen One of this videos and At the First time watching itself I saw him Taking away The Watch That's My flex 😤
aTimothybrock Prije 9 sati
Pay attention to the kid's wrist enough you'll see the guy taking his watch off
SpaghettiCat Prije 10 sati
Is that at Wesleyan church
I NOAH MANN Prije 10 sati
While watching this, I just noticed I'm not wearing my watch...
Butterfly queen
Butterfly queen Prije 10 sati
Hahaha nice lol
Craig Boudreaux
Craig Boudreaux Prije 10 sati
From this angle it looks like you have the kid turned away from the audience. Not the best handling of your guest.Also seems the audience isn't going to be able to see what's going on very well
Wolf Gaming op
Wolf Gaming op Prije 10 sati
Aise chhote mote khel to india me bahut aam bat h pr pta nhi kyo police pakad leti h yr
Cube enigma
Cube enigma Prije 10 sati
how many of you watch this video two time.
Vu_bassic Prije 10 sati
I had to watch it two times to know how he did it but cool
GREEN INSANE Prije 10 sati
Goes On Stage In Front Of People* “Lemme Just Keep And Eye On My Watch”
B&B Gaming
B&B Gaming Prije 10 sati
You can see his fingers
dobbie Prije 10 sati
The kid was like in his head: this guy really took my watch,he got no money,w.e I’ll let him keep it,
Bryce Carter
Bryce Carter Prije 10 sati
Ah u did the old shake the hand trick so they don't feel the vibration😉
Rosalia Frame
Rosalia Frame Prije 10 sati
I saw him take the watch
007nadineL Prije 11 sati
I freaking love this kid Adorable
Leo Sandelin
Leo Sandelin Prije 11 sati
Here's 3 suggestions: 1 Encourage reversion of invasion 2 promote the ideas that some africans or middle easterners are the oldest and most successful biotechnicians but also perversion/parody/suffering/depression-creators, not entirely against conquest of women plus advocates of kill-threaths and killing/suicides. 3 agree to and support that heavy retaliation against attackers, or their foreign and native but harmful supporters, should come after new series of (one or more) important incidents. 4 HRburn can refuse to accept a response and reload the browser, then somehow I can't remember what I wrote... (a minute later) oh now I remember...
Bianca Alejos
Bianca Alejos Prije 11 sati
Dreamz Yoda
Dreamz Yoda Prije 11 sati
j seen him take it
Mel Old
Mel Old Prije 11 sati
“Always hit where the mark isn’t looking” “what’s the best way to steal a mans watch-tell him you’re stealing his wallet” my kaz brekker quotes are coming in clutch
Jack White
Jack White Prije 11 sati
He looked at it as you stole it
Atrain 103
Atrain 103 Prije 11 sati
Pretty slick
Rose Petals
Rose Petals Prije 11 sati
Bluefire Demon
Bluefire Demon Prije 11 sati
POV: you rewatched the video too see him steal the watch
Shawanna McCray
Shawanna McCray Prije 11 sati
Yoshi Waffles
Yoshi Waffles Prije 12 sati
There had to a atleast one in the crowd that noticed
Sarwar Sumbal
Sarwar Sumbal Prije 12 sati
#sarwarsumbal nice inform
Da Coldstone
Da Coldstone Prije 12 sati
Well yes it’s about him taking his attention away from his watch BUT taking it off that smooth is still hard af😂
idiots united
idiots united Prije 12 sati
I love you're card throwing also good Gob job beating Mark rober
Izzy May
Izzy May Prije 12 sati
I wonder tho, I go to that school. Cape Henry Collegiate? Or am I wrong. Thats a really familiar auditorium
꧁Røyal Drågøń꧂
Pickpocket or magician?
Gameplay Prije 12 sati
I saw it that wad smooth
Noju Kuramu
Noju Kuramu Prije 12 sati
He's asking us how that kid did not noticed while him doing those misdirection perfectly
PenguinPrince34 Prije 12 sati
And that day everyone learned a valuable lesson and never lost a watch to a con performance
IMPULSEplayz Prije 12 sati
He is like - God damn I knew you took it but why did you return it I needed a new one and
Aaron Jonsson
Aaron Jonsson Prije 12 sati
yoooo u return the watch
Veronica Symphony
Veronica Symphony Prije 12 sati
No wonder people say magic is the art of distraction
Vera Berben
Vera Berben Prije 12 sati
I did not even realize that you took his watch
Eman M
Eman M Prije 12 sati
Literally every magician who’s ever lived has done this trick 💀
Just passing by
Just passing by Prije 13 sati
That’s magic right there
Tima Glam
Tima Glam Prije 13 sati
Did he just showed up to school to teach how to be an awesome pick pocket??? Im confused
Danielle Shain
Danielle Shain Prije 13 sati
Hayden Wallace
Hayden Wallace Prije 13 sati
Ashley Bravo
Ashley Bravo Prije 13 sati
School 6 ?
Valisa Gathers
Valisa Gathers Prije 13 sati
Yesssssssss so easy
Anson Shi
Anson Shi Prije 14 sati
So the whole show was for that?
Lucifer Prije 14 sati
.... So much exaggerated movement. Had many magicians try this on me, to get my wallet, my phone, etc. Not one has been able to successfully do this to me, simply because of the exaggeration.
Vince Anthony Jumao-as
His fingers were amazing
BennyBoi Prije 14 sati
Melissa Watts
Melissa Watts Prije 14 sati
Why is everyone explaining how he did it as if it’s not obvious😭
tonoka uchihav2
tonoka uchihav2 Prije 14 sati
bro was speaking so much my brain shut off
Colean Riddle
Colean Riddle Prije 14 sati
I seen him take the watch
FATBOIS NFT Prije 14 sati
weak sauce
Sophia Montoya
Sophia Montoya Prije 14 sati
Pov: you rewatched it to see when he took the watch!
Liverpool FC Sendit
Liverpool FC Sendit Prije 14 sati
POV. Looking back to see when he took the watch
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