EXPLOSIVE CORNET VOLLEY | Burnley v Crystal Palace | Premier League 

Burnley Football Club
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19. Stu 2021.



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Daniel Everett
I thought when Cornet turned up he would struggle to fit Burnley's style. Little did I know Burnley would end up adapting to fit his style. Well done all round!
Amine Azeddine
Cornet has to win a player of the month this season
Cornet is transforming Burnley with his goals
RG _Nald
Cornet coming clutch for Burnley again and again and again
Pokerclown 79
What a brilliant game, I knew we’d struggle with Burnley, we can’t defend set pieces. Anyway great game 👍🏼
Ryan City Go
What a game no one expects 3-3 hope Burnley stay up from a Man City Fan
Edwin Trejos
The best commentator on the league from a chelsea fan.
Dean Bartlett
What a player Cornet has been for Burnley! Imagine if they could add a couple more players like him while maintaining their style of play! Sean Dyche is a genius
hassam saqib lodhi
Great performance by both teams💜💜💜. Cornet played phenomenal football to keep Burnley on level terms 👍👍👍.
Captain Ocboter
Cornet is Spectacular 🥇
Anesu Bhima
When I saw this goal I said I need him in my fpl team. I'm watching him closely if he looks just a threat gw13; he is in. What a goal.
Well Played Burnley Cornet With An Absolute Banger!
The difference between when Palace scores to when Bur scores is unreal
Adhy Nugroho
Burnley have become a likeable team this season. Their brand might not be silky football, but they fight for every single game.
Mon Avis
Maxwell continues comme ça.tu es super.j'espere que Burnley va sortir de la zone rouge
Leave Now
Great goals, great commentary. UTC
What a thriller of a game
Stellars Jay
Cornet the new face of the Clarets. Exciting to see how the club is moving forward towards a new era. That goal must surely rate among the goals of the season when all's said and done.
Andrew Chippendale
Absolutely fantastic corneto .C'mon you clarets