Trying The SQUID GAME Honeycomb Candy Challenge 

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We tried the Squid Game honeycomb candy challenge and competed to see if we would survive the deadly games.. We also made the honeycomb daygona candy as well!!
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MrBeast if you're reading this please let us play in your Squid Game youtube video. We're good at green light red light and we would make the vlog and challenge because we're vloggers. Shawn had a dream about KSI, Vikkstar & GeorgeNotFound Sidemen after meeting Mr Beast PewDiePie and James Charles. Then Like Nastya Vlad and Niki HolaSoyGerman/JuegaGerman Whinderssonnunes showed up and ate some food. After Dhar Mann Adin Ross SSSniperWolf and Tommyinnit got mad there was no food left for them. Quackity Too XQCOW Wilbursoot Sykkuno and Pokimane then saw everyone playing tug of war and after, Tinakitten Lilypichu Valkyrae A4 David Dobrik started making some honeycomb candy. Felipe Neto Brianna Carter Sharer Dangie Bros and Daniel Gizmo then played the marble game in real life! Corpse Husband then did a face reveal and shocked jianhao tan and Liza koshy along with Lucas and Marcus the dobre twins and dobre brothers. Nelk even came in and shocked Preston with Niana Gurrero and Ranz Kyle with Rebecca Zamolo. We heard that Shane Dawson even made a comeback after saying something to ACE Family with the Labrant fam before the Royalty Family. The Try Guys didn't want to join after Unspeakable won the betting marble game. It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog and we played Minecraft and watched squid game and Kpop. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. Shawn had so fun and Pog Champ!!



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Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins Prije 21 dan
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Cara Ogle
Cara Ogle Prije 2 dana
PegasusmeowGamez Prije 21 dan
Omg I wish I could be in the squid games you never know I could get lucky
govinda khanal
govinda khanal Prije 21 dan
govinda khanal
govinda khanal Prije 21 dan
govinda khanal
govinda khanal Prije 21 dan
Briar King
Briar King Prije 4 minuta
Did he actually help then make some?
owenut Prije 9 minuta
This stupid
Petals Drawz
Petals Drawz Prije 12 minuta
Wow the mom is so cuwte
sam young
sam young Prije sat
Oum Sovannreaksmy
Zoe Cervantes
Zoe Cervantes Prije sat
wEiRd😍 bOi😅
Zoe Cervantes
Zoe Cervantes Prije sat
sHi😃 sHi😇sHi🎅🏻 sHi💜 nU😞 nU😳 nU🤡 nU🥵
Jasmine S
Jasmine S Prije sat
Alex that’s not your real mom your mom is a blonde
Ganaa Ganaa
Ganaa Ganaa Prije sat
Nicholas Combong
Leonora Ukshini
Leonora Ukshini Prije sat
4:28 why is the guard nodding his head?
DavGAMing Prije sat
I know why Kat is scared of water because Kat is a cat XD
Gluttony By the sin
Gluttony By the sin Prije 2 sati
I miss Shawn…😔
RTS DIY Prije 2 sati
I’m suscribe
Ryan R
Ryan R Prije 2 sati
How do tubers have so much money to blow??
Gurvir Gurjot
Gurvir Gurjot Prije 2 sati
As soon as I was gonna watch this I had an ad about squid game honey comb
Chase Constant
Chase Constant Prije 2 sati
Azam Zuman
Azam Zuman Prije 3 sati
Why did the boss say ****
Jill M Levitetz
Jill M Levitetz Prije 4 sati
Did He actually meet some other players
Richard Clifford
Richard Clifford Prije 4 sati
I live in Australia
Richard Clifford
Richard Clifford Prije 4 sati
I don’t live in America
Gerrard Massimo
Gerrard Massimo Prije 4 sati
Aarav Jain
Aarav Jain Prije 4 sati
if ur just making jolo chip look very hot while its not then it can be my daily eating routine
Time reaction
Time reaction Prije 5 sati
When I watch it. I got the ad before the video even started
Equineminecraft adventures and much more
-: (: love you!
Anne Corinne
Anne Corinne Prije 5 sati
Hello I’m back Shawn is sus ;)
scemer Prije 5 sati
Nobody noticed Shawn’s number is 069
Lucas Scott
Lucas Scott Prije 5 sati
The end is so sad…
رور Ror
رور Ror Prije 6 sati
Alh alh alh alh
MrTopCheater Prije 7 sati
RedandFriend Prije 7 sati
Hazel the weird girl
Sure tanner is a pro
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia Prije 7 sati
I am playing to!!!!!!!!
Sir_games_a lot
Sir_games_a lot Prije 7 sati
8:39 I never thought it was satisfying to see alan suffer
Sir_games_a lot
Sir_games_a lot Prije 8 sati
I love how sus shawn is
Adrian Santos
Adrian Santos Prije 8 sati
Hi stoke twins I love your vid keep up the great work!
YongSung Ahn
YongSung Ahn Prije 8 sati
Hello This is TBS from South Korea. We are making a TV Show called 신박한 벙커 which deals with various topics of society in a scientific perspective. This time we are planning to talk about various game culture in Korea. For the trend of Squid game, we want to look close the reason behind this phenomenon. We would like to request for your permission to show your video during the show. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you. Just in case this is link for our show.
Eladio Catalan
Eladio Catalan Prije 9 sati
III Prije 9 sati
tanner : *calls himself a professional* fire nation : are u sure about dat?
Herearii TAURAA
Herearii TAURAA Prije 9 sati
Jake Goldberg
Jake Goldberg Prije 9 sati
The useless form partly settle because purchase prospectively yawn beside a lush view. flat, sordid mail
-_A random weirdo in your videos_-
5:56 I like this
Natalie Sutherby
Natalie Sutherby Prije 10 sati
I subscribe plz
Osama Tariq
Osama Tariq Prije 11 sati
I don't get it. I thought they were actually playing the game. But its all scripted. Wtf is this
Tony Ellender
Tony Ellender Prije 12 sati
The funniest thing ever was when the front man said:do you want to talk or you want to die mother f****r
BO GAMER-113 Prije 12 sati
The cash is in the game the cash is $100 million
Liam Games
Liam Games Prije 12 sati
AM cry's richt hoe gevouwen that mother
FreshBoy Prije 12 sati
7:30 me:hold up didn't you fart on that?
Mickey Mcveigh
Mickey Mcveigh Prije 13 sati
I love your guys videos you two are my fav HRburnr
Nur Alia Qaytrina Sim
Nur Alia Qaytrina Sim Prije 13 sati
Shawn just chillin',waiting to be released,them bois get the cushion out,and Shawn said: Sisi,nonono!!! 😂😂
Aynur Karadas
Aynur Karadas Prije 13 sati
pacoy godoy
pacoy godoy Prije 13 sati
Keen Daher
Keen Daher Prije 14 sati
Kat Ist fat
rose Lopez
rose Lopez Prije 14 sati
If kat doesn't stop doing fat jokes I'ma tell her the truth
Trina Nuttle
Trina Nuttle Prije 14 sati
Because I sub
46 Vindhya Jyothilal 8H
Is it real fire
Trina Nuttle
Trina Nuttle Prije 14 sati
What state are you in and what country
불얼음7 FIREICE7 Prije 14 sati
🇰🇷 한국 오징어게임 의상 유니폼 구입해서 입기 Buy and wear uniforms for the Korean squid game ♥Click below please
UNI DEBFLEX Prije 14 sati
Alex:"I wonder what punishment tanners going through right now." *Meanwhile* Tanner:*DEAD*
bro Prije 15 sati
Hi stokes Twins
Aya Hassoun
Aya Hassoun Prije 15 sati
Shanzay Rana
Shanzay Rana Prije 15 sati
It's just been two weeks and look how many views you guys got you guys should make a part two 🤠
ng louise
ng louise Prije 15 sati
Shawn. Is the squid game cookie boy
Blackpink Blink
Blackpink Blink Prije 16 sati
The ending made me 😢
Blackpink Blink
Blackpink Blink Prije 16 sati
I laughed so loud on 2:17
Sokly Kong-Sun
Sokly Kong-Sun Prije 16 sati
Sokly Kong-Sun
Sokly Kong-Sun Prije 16 sati
Viyaan Lakhina
Viyaan Lakhina Prije 16 sati
Yo this is amazing
Leli Zuniga
Leli Zuniga Prije 16 sati
Manjita Das
Manjita Das Prije 16 sati
I am done
Faris Novalija
Faris Novalija Prije 17 sati
So close kat ahahahagagagagag ded gurl
Subani Devkota
Subani Devkota Prije 17 sati
I am new subscriber hi
Sharon Au
Sharon Au Prije 17 sati
I bet you Shawn is having a great time in the room
Mochi_Bear Prije 17 sati
Aww the ending is so sweet
Zii Ra
Zii Ra Prije 18 sati
Jayden Conlon
Jayden Conlon Prije 18 sati
your mom rich now
Deepa kishore
Deepa kishore Prije 18 sati
No this game I hat is game
paul santos
paul santos Prije 18 sati
I cry'd when he gives his Mon the money
paul santos
paul santos Prije 18 sati
shleshgaming Prije 19 sati
You have to cook it on low heat
ItsUzairSafwanYT Prije 19 sati
Mak Lihor
Mak Lihor Prije 19 sati
Rexmango speed
Rexmango speed Prije 19 sati
Plz pick me
AYISHA RIZA Prije 19 sati
yousef Ashraf
yousef Ashraf Prije 20 sati
In alans punshiment getting shot he had good dancing skills
Nur Ameerah Zulaikha Muhammad Zulfadhli
June Andersen
June Andersen Prije 20 sati
Pick me plz
Revenant the Retro
Revenant the Retro Prije 20 sati
5:56 How Shawn is feeling:
J7zx7 Dina
J7zx7 Dina Prije 20 sati
Nanny I’m MARYAM
Dorothy Amaka
Dorothy Amaka Prije 20 sati
U are so sweet for what u did for your mum
Chanthou Sum
Chanthou Sum Prije 20 sati
Front man: do you wanna talk or die mother f**k Everybody: *laugh like nothing happen*
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