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0.1% people have this minecraft block...

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camman18 does another Minecraft challenge, a Minecraft, But challenge, but not Minecraft, But You Can't Touch Grass, Minecraft But You Can't Touch The Color Blue, Minecraft, But You Can't Touch Sand, Minecraft But You Can't Touch The Color Green, or any of his other Minecraft 1.17 challenges in 2021!

Today camman18 plays not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other Minecraft but challenge like that, but Minecraft short from camman18! It was HILARIOUS.

This Minecraft but challenge makes the funniest Minecraft videos without any funny Minecraft mods! Somehow this is the NEW funniest Minecraft video / tiktok / short ever! Instead of any other Minecraft challenge in Minecraft 1.16.5, this is a Minecraft video in Minecraft 1.17 in 2021 (almost 2022)!

The goal was to try to inform / speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me, camman18 from twitch / tiktok / twitter , playing Minecraft Java 1.17.1 and not Minecraft Bedrock.



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30. Lis 2021.



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Beesechurger_73 Prije 2 mjeseci
hold my enchanted apples, imma bout to flex
Madeenas2Worlds Prije 7 sati
Beeschurger?!? What are you doing here?!
Euan Kristoffe
Euan Kristoffe Prije 18 sati
Beesechurger what ar eyou doing here?!
Amer Huzaifah
Amer Huzaifah Prije dan
Beesehurger what are you doing here
Ganbadral Munkhbat
Beesechurger what r u doing here?
Mysticial Gaming
beesechurger what are you doing here!
Danielle Jordan
Danielle Jordan Prije mjesec
Rooted dirt is easy to get just get the 1.18 2nd part cause there’s sometimes a chance to find a azalea tree somewhere because the tree tells you there is a lush cave under it and if you dig under the tree there is a lot of rooted dirt it’s about like 2 to 4 stacks in it you can get
Carl Eliz
Carl Eliz Prije 13 sati
Deerhunterz Prije 3 dana
I’ve gotten 9
Diya Sharma
Diya Sharma Prije 3 dana
True i have that
Viljami Selonen
Viljami Selonen Prije 4 dana
Ye I was just going to say that. I got almost 6 stacks out of it
Joshua White
Joshua White Prije 4 dana
I have like 23 because of 1.18
Sarah Mathias
Sarah Mathias Prije 5 dana
Now with Cliffs and Caves part 2, moss blocks and Azalea trees are incredibly easy to get, provided you find the type of cave they spawn in.
Rosy H Video
Rosy H Video Prije dan
Well this aged poorly lol 😂
Miraculously Chat
Miraculously Chat Prije 3 dana
Yeah I've found many the other day
Rj Indian
Rj Indian Prije 4 dana
I'd say it's not. Yes it would take a 150 rooted dirt and that takes a long time but if you wanted to make the same with beacons you'd need to kill 150 withers which involves getting 450 wither skeleton skulls and considering how are they are the beacon is easily harder
Monica Miranda
Monica Miranda Prije 9 dana
“If you wanted to build a house just this big you’d have to do this 150 times” Creative Mode: *Allow me to introduce myself.*
Adam Marwan
Adam Marwan Prije 8 sati
Ebin Dagel
Ebin Dagel Prije 2 mjeseci
Camman: "Rooted dirt is the hardest block to get!" Me who had a wandering villager sell it to me: *huh*
naitsabes12 Prije 2 dana
Exactly the same
Lori Bradshaw
Lori Bradshaw Prije 8 dana
That was course dirt
Filomena Vargas
Filomena Vargas Prije mjesec
@Rinnoa Mika because your a kid who obviously does not like school
Rinnoa Mika
Rinnoa Mika Prije mjesec
@Jorsh525 its fine, its not rude unless you say it niceley.
Rinnoa Mika
Rinnoa Mika Prije mjesec
Abigail Boggs
Abigail Boggs Prije 5 dana
There is another way to get it. You can sometimes find azalea trees on the surface of the world, automatically indicating a lush cave. Anyway, You can just dig the rooted dirt out. I have found azalea so many times on the surface its actually very common for me.
Jelly Cat
Jelly Cat Prije dan
You can just re-bonemeal the original moss block, also the moss block sometimes generates new moss blocks
Margherita Milella
Margherita Milella Prije 19 dana
actually it is much simpler than expected because sometimes you can find an azalea tree and underneath you can find rooted dirt
chesborgor Prije 2 dana
Actually it is hanging roots which can sometimes spawn all the way at the bottom of the rooted dirt and it only spawns sometimes and if it does spawn there will only be a couple of them
Arjun Sood
Arjun Sood Prije 2 mjeseci
1. Moss blocks aren’t a rare shipwreck drop, the odds of finding one is 42% 2. Once you have your first moss block, you don’t need to find another one
And mineshafts, I get one virtually every single chest, but shipwrecks too.
Rowena Radcliffe
Rowena Radcliffe Prije 2 mjeseci
@Etrnal I thought being a nerd was a go[d thing wtf
Etrnal Prije 2 mjeseci
@Rowena Radcliffe ur welcome. i bet its this is the first time people talked/ insulted you
Infrences Prije 2 mjeseci
On my friends’s smp we have a whole azalea biome with tons of rooted dirt because of one piece of moss from a shipwreck
aDK360 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah exactly
Jelly Prije 10 dana
It’s REALLY easy to get. You just have to find the rooted dirt block by finding a tree and then there is ALOT of it underneath
KacperDoesGames Prije 8 sati
Hardest to obtain is a deepslate emerald ore which you can only obtain with silk touch and the part with finding it is the hardest
Samuel Bedford
Samuel Bedford Prije 10 dana
Once you get one moss block you can just spam bone mealing it. Plus with the Lush Caves update its even easier to find
Magma Miner
Magma Miner Prije 26 dana
No because when you grow moss it makes more moss, it multiplies, also you can find moss in lush caves which aren’t particularly difficult to find, also, multiple Azalea trees can spawn with one bone mean on the moss. ALL OF THIS IS IN BEDROCK EDITION AND IM NOT SURE IF ITS THE SAME
Grip Ghoul
Grip Ghoul Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm definitely going to make a rooted dirt house to flex on *my entire SMP*
Euan Kristoffe
Euan Kristoffe Prije 18 sati
Bruh are u noob 1234
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Prije 8 dana
I’ve already got 2
Ammar Salim
Ammar Salim Prije 25 dana
Harry The Shitposter
Harry The Shitposter Prije 29 dana
Bruh kinda not true Literally 3 stacks of those block got in my sever and i don't even noticed it
Bizim Dünyamız
Bizim Dünyamız Prije mjesec
Ur flexin dood
Stuart Richardson
Stuart Richardson Prije 17 sati
You can find moss in lush cars and you don't have to restart since the moss spreads every time you bonemeal it and the bush is common. Also you can randomly find the trees in the world
•Butterfly• Prije mjesec
1.18 rooted dirt obtaining: look for an azelia tree and u may aswell check out a lush cave whilst ur at it
Iz Bizz
Iz Bizz Prije 6 dana
Or you could find a naturally occurring azalea tree which are actually much more common that I thought they would be, and get more than a stack of it while digging down to a lush cave. I literally have a stack of rooted dirt sitting around in a chest.
Hacker Exposer
Hacker Exposer Prije 15 dana
Wait these things are rare? *I found them in a incredibly huge amount just near spawn, like sticking out of the ground.*
Squime Prije 2 mjeseci
Guy: "you're such a noob, you only have a dirt house" *The house:*
Legend Man
Legend Man Prije mjesec
He Pha
He Pha Prije mjesec
The player who just talk bad about the dirt house now regret it :)
FrancisC Games
FrancisC Games Prije mjesec
Me:no the dirt is a different dirt
Azaan Asghar
Azaan Asghar Prije mjesec
pro dirt house
a kid with a pissed face
@Cocoa cookie 😚 ok but i dont remember asking because i have alzheimers
lisadyasiul7 Prije dan
actually no. if it doesnt Spawn azalea tree, u dont need to restart. when you bonemeal Moss block, it generates Moss blocks. and then u can bonemeal them too.
Sarcasm God
Sarcasm God Prije mjesec
it's pretty common actually, you can just find it in caves
GSN Prije 24 dana
you can find like 12 under natural azalea trees, I got tons of these in my server with friends cause I thought they looked cool for terraforming
JellyNovaKid Prije 4 dana
Plus, you can go to a naturally spawning azealia tree that has TONS of rooted dirt in it
Saketh CVES
Saketh CVES Prije 2 mjeseci
1. You wouldnt need to restart you could use the moss alr there and bonemeal it again 2. You can bonemeal the bottom side of rooted dirt and get the hanging roots. These roots can be crafted into rooted dirt with dirt, no need to plant so many trees. 3. Rooted dirt is quite known and a nice texture with dirt
Fan Robloxa i Minecrafta
@Rat Na Yes unfunny sledger bonk memes
Rat Na
Rat Na Prije mjesec
@Fan Robloxa i Minecrafta oh no unfunny sledger Not good
Fan Robloxa i Minecrafta
@Rat Na Oh no unfunny sledger bonk memes
e Prije 2 mjeseci .,.
NotBlazeRBLX Prije 2 mjeseci
@Th3cosmic_ how is that person a bot
•Starlight Brook•
acually It's much easier to get a lot of rooted dirt as long as you have bone meal and one moss block, because when you bonemeal the moss block more moss blocks genrates and you can just bonemeal these too but you need a lot of bonemeal.
Arabella draws
Arabella draws Prije 2 dana
I actually got this in survival, found azalea tree growing on it and mined it. It was easy
Invisible_Human1 Prije mjesec
moss is farmable so a rooted dirt house might not be as hard to make as a beacon house and 1.18 made finding moss easyer
Hi I’m Ron
Hi I’m Ron Prije 2 dana
That still doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the hardest block to get, when in large quantities yes but not just one
Huskayio T.H.
Huskayio T.H. Prije 14 dana
I found this seed in 1.18 It is 8165907 and right next to spawn there is an azalea tree with a lot of rooted dirt And if you mine straight down there is a cave with more rooted dirt Although it is in Mc Bedrock so idk if it counts
IDKILLER1738 Prije 23 dana
You can find at least 2 stacks of rooted dirt under naturally spawned azalea trees (Azalea trees spawn above lush caves)
Elfred Necesito
Elfred Necesito Prije 4 dana
"Rooted dirt is the hardest block to get!!" I thought it was bedrock?
Daniel Gentry
Daniel Gentry Prije 12 dana
I spawned on top of one of these trees in 1.18. Guess I'll have to go and collect alot of the dirt.
Wisp Prije 2 mjeseci
Actually, this is only half-true, bc bonemeal-ing moss also gives you more moss, meaning that you only have to look for moss once
Wisp Prije 2 mjeseci
@Name no he didn’t. He said you had to repeat the process of searching for moss if you didn’t bonemeal it to get azalea, and that isn’t true
Anton Prut
Anton Prut Prije 2 mjeseci
@Name yes
ASHEN SHIELD Prije 2 mjeseci
@SHIRTLLESS💘 im down to clown
FF gaming
FF gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
@sniper what the fu***
Name Prije 2 mjeseci
Didn’t he already say it was the banner…
Cory Coad
Cory Coad Prije 6 dana
This didn't age well. Rooted dirt spawns a ton now in 1.18
reputed_wrench Prije 4 dana
On bedrock rooted dirt spawns all around and under an azeala tree that also spawns naturally and below the tree the dirt go's from dirt to stone.
Rats aren’t ugly pls stop saying they are.
Today I found two azalea trees in the wild while playing with some friends, one of them had a lush cave under it and it had a mineshaft in it, we only found one chest tho, it had a name tag and a bunch of useless stuff
DrJack ➊
DrJack ➊ Prije mjesec
"Speedrunning a random block in minecraft" *Rooted Dirt*
Huh Prije 2 mjeseci
"The hardest block to find is the rooted dirt." Me, an intellectual: The hardest block will be clear when you truly need it, basically when you need a specific block, god would use all of his power to prevent you from getting it.
Nitsujin Plays
Nitsujin Plays Prije 2 mjeseci
So true
ThatOneKidWhoAnimates Prije 2 mjeseci
ThatOneKidWhoAnimates Prije 2 mjeseci
GamerLogic Prije 2 mjeseci
Me: I need sand guess Ill go to the nearby desert The desert: Guess Ill be 2000 blocks away instead of 30 today
maxelle warrior
maxelle warrior Prije 2 mjeseci
Lightverted Prije 11 dana
Actually there’s a chance to get rooted dirt from a wandering villager which means you can get infinite if you keep him
яя яя
яя яя Prije dan
When I first time spawned in Minecraft 1.18 version, I was spawned near this tree, and after I found lot of this blocks.
Desito17 Prije 18 sati
I dont know if this block still existing in 1.18 but the hardest block to find is natural pig spawner(not obtainable obviusly)
randomwoman1_002 Prije 2 dana
You don't need to make an Azalia tree you can just find one and get more rooted dirt
Gamecrasher Prije 2 mjeseci
Camman: “You can only get a moss block from wandering traders or shipwreck chest” Lush caves: *AHEM*
The Jordan World
The Jordan World Prije 2 mjeseci
Wandering traders can trade rooted dirt sometimes
Gamecrasher Prije 2 mjeseci
@Senomex_405 [DE] Ik, but it’s still experimental so bedrock players can play a beta before the actual version releases
Senomex_405 [DE]
Senomex_405 [DE] Prije 2 mjeseci
@Gamecrasher but thats not the full vwrsion
Dariusz Sobczak
Dariusz Sobczak Prije 2 mjeseci
@Punz O wdym
NNG Prije 7 dana
So we aren’t gonna talk about the “69” exp he has
LLAMABOSS! Prije mjesec
you're telling me thats harder than beating the enderdragon everytime you want to get 1 dragon egg
Noah Wingo
Noah Wingo Prije mjesec
They also spawn a lot in naturally generated azalea trees
HASAN KHADDAM Prije 4 dana
One Time I've Seen an azalea tree it has like 5 stacks of rooted dirt its not hard to obtain
phantom toxic gunner
phantom toxic gunner Prije 2 mjeseci
Camman: Rooted dirt is the hardest block to get. Wandering traders: Want a rooted dirt for 1 emeralds? Me: YES, YES, YES, YES, YES
Ashley Marvin
Ashley Marvin Prije mjesec
only for java, bedrock you get like 150000 rooted dirt, also you can get moss in the underground caves as well, or you can get azalea from the underground caves
Usuratonkachi 💙💛
@Valor *sad ora :(*
Lord and savior
Lord and savior Prije mjesec
@help me reach 100 subs for voice reveal it's "What *tf* u in" at least learn to type before you annoy others kid
H Du
H Du Prije mjesec
It's true!!!!!!!!
Lisa gaming roblox fan channel!
@game killer yes
EndDragonMaster9 Prije 5 dana
“You can get moss blocks from a trade or shipwreck” Lush Caves: “am I a joke to you
_Amanda_ Prije 3 dana
Duckilation Prije mjesec
You can find naturally spawning azalea trees with dozens of rooted dirt.
ThePhantomPig 791
ThePhantomPig 791 Prije 12 dana
...Or just find one that spawns naturally, they're not that rare and spawn much more rooted dirt blocks
Raeya Noelle
Raeya Noelle Prije 6 dana
I've gotten those all the time. I just went to a naturally spawned azalea tree 😐
Digger Daniel
Digger Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
The actual hardest block to get is snowy mycelium. Let me explain. First you need a mycelium block, which requires silk touch. Then you need to put it somewhere where it snows, and wait for it to get snow on top. Next, an enderman has to pick it up and put it down somewhere. If you kill the enderman you will get dirt instead. You can't move the block after it's placed or it will update
Hotrod Gaming
Hotrod Gaming Prije 24 dana
that sounds hard to obtain
CaniDoesThings Prije 27 dana
Lucky thing, I found one of those trees with like 30+ rooted dirt
Bundroid Prije 12 dana
I assumed bone blocks were hardest to get naturally (without crafting it)
The mad Meteorite
The mad Meteorite Prije mjesec
My house is a few hundred blocks from moss blocks so I’d say this isn’t the hardest in my opinion
Unknown_Fan Prije 9 dana
I found rooted dirt when I spawned in a jungle bamboo biome, I just have amazing luck
Silomur _ Mapper
Silomur _ Mapper Prije 2 mjeseci
"You have to do this 150 times" I am pretty sure killing 150 withers is a little bit harder
Mark Arvin Penes
Mark Arvin Penes Prije 2 mjeseci
@Silomur _ Mapper moss block is rare but getting rooted dirt by bone mealing moss block theres a chance of not having azelea and people make wither skeleton farm so wither head is not that rare
Silomur _ Mapper
Silomur _ Mapper Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mark Arvin Penes Are you comparing getting 3 wither skulls and killing wither with... Using bonemeal?
Mark Arvin Penes
Mark Arvin Penes Prije 2 mjeseci
Wither drops 100% star drop rate but moss block does not generate azalea 100% and some people dont know how to get rooted dirt.
Salttyy Noodle
Salttyy Noodle Prije 2 mjeseci
Well getting rooted dirt is luck based 2 times Where as wither is luck based 1 time You can only get moss block from wandering trader or ship wreck and then you need the chance of it spawning azalea or however you spell it Whereas you just need to get wither skeleton skulls which you can do using an auto farm and killing withers is easy if you have good armour and enchants But netherite armour and enchants aren't gonna get u a moss block or azalea
You’re 100% right, but
You’re 100% right, but Prije 2 mjeseci
The first one is really time consuming and getting 100 beacons isn’t really on anyones bucket list.
Eivei Prije 4 dana
I just found a cave and got some moss. Then grew some trees. Its rlly easy af. Even easier then beating the ender dragon
SevenAce Prije mjesec
There is an easier way to get rooted dirt . If you find an azalea tree above ground that means that under is a lush cave BUT if you chop down the tree you will notice there is a bunch of rooted dirt underneath
Bruh Cap
Bruh Cap Prije dan
All you need to do is find a lush cave and it sometimes has a azaile tree at the top and under the tree is many rooted dirt blocks going all the way down to the lush cave or to bedrock
Hi :)
Hi :) Prije 24 dana
Actually it's not hard to get it in 1.18. I got like 20 from ONE tree in a forest. It was my first time and thought it was dirt with worms in it.
TrishFishSeven Prije 2 mjeseci
Don’t know if this is just a Minecraft bedrock thing, but we have a toggle when making a world to turn on ‘Caves and Cliffs Experiment’ and you can find azalea trees naturally spawning with tons of rooted dirt below them. Also the toggle allows for lush caves to be found which gets you the trees
Aarohi Vlogs
Aarohi Vlogs Prije 2 mjeseci
@I don't know idiot is on java too
Aarohi Vlogs
Aarohi Vlogs Prije 2 mjeseci
@CiaraNotFound idiot is on java also
UltrainstinctStega Prije 2 mjeseci
@jelly pumpkin awww
Gladiator Prije 2 mjeseci
It is
ItzDakotaWolf Prije 2 mjeseci
@mr_chaotic_ neutral i think my friend got one, i'll ask her
Hello a new day
Hello a new day Prije 5 dana
Then making a house from beacons is even harder.
Valero Purusadhikara Danendra Sahasika
In 1.17 rooted dirt is also sold by The merchants, no need to use moss
JELLY with the Pen
JELLY with the Pen Prije 8 dana
Me, who knows naturally spawning azalea trees have way more rooted dirt than growing one yourself:
BBB Hunter vlogs
BBB Hunter vlogs Prije 5 dana
Can’t you also get a moss block from that underground but added in caves and cliffs??
EggJuice Prije 2 mjeseci
If you wanted to get rooted dirt you can find it under natural spawning azalea trees in 1.18+ because it spawns naturally and it has like 30-80 rooted first under and they also always lead to a lush caves biome.
* °JELLYXbunny♬ ɞ̴̶̷ ·̮ ɞ̴̶̷
Ive gotten rooted dirt with my cousin one time when we went into a new survival one time ( we found it by finding an azalea tree where we spawned)
Yamko Prije 20 dana
It's bee hives you can only get them in a flower biome and has a 1/20 chance to spawn on a grown birch tree and it's not farmable since the bee hive spawn is random
Sena Kim
Sena Kim Prije 15 dana
But if you find a natural azalea tree that spawned naturally, you can get like 100000 stacks of rooted dirt. And they aren't that hard to find
Fruitninja25 Ricketts
One time I found a random Azaela tree near a ravine and there were like 7 blocks of rooted dirt around it
FireClawInfinity Prije 2 mjeseci
“Rooted Dirt is the hardest block to get” SciCraft players who somehow got an actual bedrock item: uhhh
Eliah Prije mjesec
@Nathan Rogers how i need this now
Nathan Rogers
Nathan Rogers Prije mjesec
@Eliah you cant obtain end portal fraames
ItsFrostyKun Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jovani java is different from bedrock so it won't work
FireClawInfinity Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jovani wdym same setup?
Jovani Prije 2 mjeseci
@FireClawInfinity Just do the same setup for java
Liam Watters
Liam Watters Prije 22 dana
You can also just bonemeal the moss block and then bonemeal the grass and get multiple azaleas
Mysha Butt
Mysha Butt Prije 27 dana
Is it that hard ? I have seen those trees spawn by themselves and got rooted dirt and got like 2 stacks of rooted dirt
LL5 Prije mjesec
fun fact: dried kelp blocks last longer as fuel than coal atleast i think so
Ashton Cassidy
Ashton Cassidy Prije 6 dana
It's even easier to get rooted dirt by finding an azela tree
crypticsong Prije 2 mjeseci
you wouldn't have to do a rooted dirt house for that long especially realizing that you can just take the moss from the ground after bone mealing one, so as long as you have one moss block you're fine
Coolror U
Coolror U Prije 2 mjeseci
Also you can use bone meal on rooted dirt and it will grow roots on the bottom that can be used to craft rooted dirt
keyoia Prije 2 mjeseci
@uduck ??? how tf did i get it without silk touch then???
Blue Cherry
Blue Cherry Prije 2 mjeseci
I was looking for this comment
itspro_gamertime Prije 13 dana
Netherite-I'm the rarest block, can only be found in the nether by worthy and daring players. Rooted Dirt- Im about to end this man's whole career!
GiridharaSai nerella
Actually there is an 3d way and that’s going in creative and getting all the items that you need and do it correctly
kenneth Prije 4 dana
i'd definitely say this isn't true. lots of rooted dirt spawns around azalea trees, and while those are decently rare, moss blocks and azalea bushes aren't. there's around a 40% chance of a moss block in a shipwreck, and once you find one, you don't need to find another. moss blocks and azalea bushes also spawn plentifully in lush caves
Jertexry Prije 10 dana
You know you can find an azalea tree in a jungle and get like 3 stacks of rooted dirt but it has to be above a lush cave
ツTaz Prije 2 mjeseci
but to everyone reading this: it is actually really ez to get rooted dirt bc once you get a moss block and you bonemeal it, you can keep regathering the moss block and keep doing the process. Also the blocks around the original moss block are also moss blocks so you get get them too to have more moss blocks. Wandering traders usually have moss block trades AND EVEN rooted dirt trades. I guess wandering traders don’t suck at all lol Edit: these flower trees can actually spawn s naturally and can have many rooted dirt surrounding it
Alex Birdwell
Alex Birdwell Prije mjesec
Yea id rather have to build a house outa rooted dirt then dragon eggs
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Prije mjesec
@PROCreep 33 they dont relly suck they are pretty good if u play a peacful world and use the end portal trick to infinitief trade gunpowder. They are kinda broken actualy. You dont even need to be in peacful noobs that dont build a creaper or ghast farm can also use that in a regular survivle
PROCreep 33
PROCreep 33 Prije 2 mjeseci
@ツTaz k
ツTaz Prije 2 mjeseci
@PROCreep 33 true that’s what I thought to when I saw this vid but I guess this was made be4 lush caves where in the game
PROCreep 33
PROCreep 33 Prije 2 mjeseci
yes wandering traders suck. you can literally go into a lush cave and boom, thousands of moss block and trees
Herobane Nair
Herobane Nair Prije 11 dana
First this is partially wrong. Rooted dirt can also come from wandering trader. Also 1.18 :)
👖 Jeans 👖
👖 Jeans 👖 Prije 6 dana
Interesting, on bedrock we can find moss blocks in caves
Mun Khan
Mun Khan Prije 25 dana
Or…. Just find a tree like that I’ve done it and it spawns over 50 rooted dirt underneath it
Plasma Slime
Plasma Slime Prije 10 dana
Not hard anymore however in 1.17 I got moss pretty easy so a beacon would be harder for me
NUK3Z Prije 2 mjeseci
Actually, rooted dirt spawns naturally in the overworld, just look for the places where the azalea grows (idk the proper name sorry if it's mispronounced) and you will get rooted dirt upon using a silk touch shovel
OP DiamondKnight YT
OP DiamondKnight YT Prije 2 mjeseci
You don't need silk touch
Finnian Singh
Finnian Singh Prije 19 dana
You can get rooted dirt from a wandering trader aswell
One in my world of minecraft , one azelia tree was growing naturally and it had 4 - 5 stacks of rooted dirt , I didn't cheated I found that during the adventure
Isabella lopez
Isabella lopez Prije 28 dana
No actually you can find moss blocks underground and you can keep bone mealing the grass to get on or find one underground tree thingy
Imagine Prije 4 dana
I have a stack of 20, though i was near a lush cave so I guess I kinda had an advantage
N Holmes
N Holmes Prije 2 mjeseci
Rooted dirt is really easy to get, I have stacks upon stacks of it in my main survival world. It's honestly about as easy to get as coal
The Driver
The Driver Prije 2 mjeseci
@The bean god I'm one of the multiple people who asked.
Δ¦§ Midnight §¦Δ
Δ¦§ Midnight §¦Δ Prije 2 mjeseci
@TheDiamondMaster  I got like 70 Coal
GodUniverse Prije 2 mjeseci
@TheDiamondMaster  Lmao
Physics Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jayden Destroyer0 Man, I feel sorry for you! What even IS your luck?! I always find coal and iron left and right.
Jayden Destroyer0
Jayden Destroyer0 Prije 2 mjeseci
@TheDiamondMaster  ... I once spent an hour looking for coal and iron... One hour later I found one coal and one iron... Then I remembered that I can just use logs to smelt logs into charcoal. And use the charcoal to make more charcoal. But... I once spent like... Five hours looking for a chicken... FIVE HOURS. I WAS GOING INSANE.
Hampter Hampter
Hampter Hampter Prije 7 dana
If you find a Azalea tree naturally, you get up to three stacks of rooted dirt ( bedrock only I think )
Xavier Lu
Xavier Lu Prije 16 dana
I was able to get it very quickly. The rooted dirt can be obtained from a wandering trader trade.
gh0ulish Prije 3 dana
They also can be found naturally.... And moss blocks are found in caves...
Marsha Lontoc Flores
Camman: Rooted dirt is the hardest block to get!" Lush caves: you forgot me bruh Bedrock: uhmm hello I'm the hardest block to get cause I'm unbreakable
Brandon Beagle
Brandon Beagle Prije 2 mjeseci
this block is like objectively easier to get than dragon egg, I almost always find a moss trade or shipwreck with moss, and you don't need to restart if you don't get azalea, which is already super common, you can just bonemeal the rest of the moss it creates
oxeye daisy
oxeye daisy Prije 2 mjeseci
its only rare because its underrated
Birbiila Prije 2 mjeseci
@SHIRTLLESS💘 i- shut.
Big Monke
Big Monke Prije 2 mjeseci
Yay me too always finds moss
cringe Prije 2 mjeseci
SHIRTLLESS💘 Prije 2 mjeseci
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