Playing Squid Game in Real Life! 

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Wearing the Longest Nails for 24 Hours / Girl Problems with Long Nails!:
The squid game has become very popular. Our heroes decided to keep up with the trend. Playing squid in real life. Only on our channel.

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27. Lis 2021.



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Komentari : 426   
Temitope Kujore
Temitope Kujore Prije dan
I love this show more than anything else but it was a bit more boring
lashonda adams
lashonda adams Prije 2 dana
I was a voting for
Manjunath K
Manjunath K Prije 2 dana
Punitha Arul
Punitha Arul Prije 4 dana
I really like Kim !
I don’t like , i like Malisa win
welby joseph
welby joseph Prije 6 dana
ganapathi rao
ganapathi rao Prije 7 dana
I want to play
𝐋izzie and Alice !
holy Trucks
The toy channel
The toy channel Prije 7 dana
Hridika Harish
Hridika Harish Prije 10 dana
shadowwolf453 Prije 11 dana
The fact that the guard ate the last girls cookie in the second game was halarious
Georgia Campbell
Georgia Campbell Prije 12 dana
Rasel Ofianga
Rasel Ofianga Prije 12 dana
Can you do some more videos of squid game in real life pls🥺
Puneet Mittal
Puneet Mittal Prije 14 dana
Michael Yadhiel Tapia
Michael Yadhiel Tapia Prije 15 dana
Rina Pachuau
Rina Pachuau Prije 16 dana
Me I like player 5
Ste Forrest
Ste Forrest Prije 16 dana
Athanasios Dimitriou
Athanasios Dimitriou Prije 16 dana
I love Melisa
Syahida Nadia
Syahida Nadia Prije 17 dana
Dinesh Nandha
Dinesh Nandha Prije 17 dana
justthebaddest25 Prije 17 dana
Number 4
Sara Duleant
Sara Duleant Prije 18 dana
Amber Minor
Amber Minor Prije 19 dana
Kim will win
George Ts
George Ts Prije 19 dana
Alfie was lost
Alishba Noor
Alishba Noor Prije 20 dana
Team 5
Binu K binu
Binu K binu Prije 20 dana
Felishia A
Felishia A Prije 20 dana
no Melissa loses even though I want Melissa to win
vanessa feng cen
vanessa feng cen Prije 18 dana
She’s evil no
Kumkum Gouri T
Kumkum Gouri T Prije 21 dan
i was rooting for melissa
Parul Mittal
Parul Mittal Prije 21 dan
I liked this video so much 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
gyankibatt Prije 21 dan
If you came to see
Ijaz Siraj
Ijaz Siraj Prije 22 dana
Oh no
Anshalita Goerdajal
Anshalita Goerdajal Prije 22 dana
Anshalita Goerdajal
Anshalita Goerdajal Prije 22 dana
Nnubia Chidera
Nnubia Chidera Prije 22 dana
angelina jinoj
angelina jinoj Prije 22 dana
I like the white hair the girl last round loose girl
Rashda Suleman
Rashda Suleman Prije 23 dana
Chuba Suy
Chuba Suy Prije 23 dana
I give you the puppet ran the door and lips of a Big boy in the world with pen My 🐕 So Happy New years of a day and a wonderful time in your family and friends with pen and friends and lips are all Done ✅
Sophia Annica G. Penid
cute guard
hadeer shereef
hadeer shereef Prije 23 dana
it was cool but I wanted Melisa to win the ame
Sivamal Kumaran Sivamal kumaran . T
I love the green light and red light
Sakthi Vel
Sakthi Vel Prije 24 dana
Kshithi Shetty 4D
Kshithi Shetty 4D Prije 24 dana
I was in support with the brown hair girl
Urban Elation Home
Urban Elation Home Prije 24 dana
Love from India 🇮🇳🧡💙💚
Nilam Bhoir
Nilam Bhoir Prije 24 dana
Super cool video, like😎♥️❤️
Sravya Chowdary Challagolla
I love Kim so I think she wil win and she won yay
Tomo Chiba
Tomo Chiba Prije 24 dana
Servete Xhaferri
Servete Xhaferri Prije 24 dana
Kim lozer. Mellisa good
RITA Aoun Prije 25 dana
Im the 5 player
Avery Ashley
Avery Ashley Prije 25 dana
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Vacay Vlogs!😄
Vacay Vlogs!😄 Prije 26 dana
Yeah, children’s games involving death!
Batrisyia Herman
Batrisyia Herman Prije 26 dana
I want Kim to win :)
Bunnies channel
Bunnies channel Prije 26 dana
I love Kim
El Raf
El Raf Prije 26 dana
El Raf
El Raf Prije 26 dana
El Raf
El Raf Prije 26 dana
Syeda lira
Syeda lira Prije 26 dana
고구마 꽃이(red light, green light)
Syeda lira
Syeda lira Prije 26 dana
Fantastic!! love from Korea 🇰🇷💜 고구마 꽃이
Suheera Mahmood
Suheera Mahmood Prije 26 dana
Can u do again Plzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzz
Demilade Samuels
Demilade Samuels Prije 26 dana
But there are no hot potatos in the show squid game the only games are red light green light, honeycomb,tug of war, marbles,glass bridge and squid game
Arianna's Play Day
Arianna's Play Day Prije 26 dana
I was voting on number five because you know my dog is five
Batbayar Enhsaihan
Batbayar Enhsaihan Prije 26 dana
wow cool cool
pooja nalawade
pooja nalawade Prije 26 dana
I was in fiar in land is lava it was so sceary
Let Me Speak Now
Let Me Speak Now Prije 26 dana
Really funny 😁😁🤣🤣
Maisha 💟
Maisha 💟 Prije 27 dana
I Really like it.pls❤️ can you make it part 2 pls pls pls😥😥😥
moriah williams
moriah williams Prije 27 dana
You are awesome and good Kim
Sameera Sattar
Sameera Sattar Prije 27 dana
I like kim more.
Reneta Aleksandrova
Reneta Aleksandrova Prije 27 dana
Dolll and player 5
Audriana Zelyn Baja
Audriana Zelyn Baja Prije 28 dana
I'm so happy with your game
Swarupi Jangid
Swarupi Jangid Prije 28 dana
Sophie Hernandez
Sophie Hernandez Prije 28 dana
annama thomas
annama thomas Prije 28 dana
Part 2 pls
UWU cute lola
UWU cute lola Prije 28 dana
omg not play you will die plz no
Nishan Prije 28 dana
panda kids collection creater
So thats where all the honeycomb cookies go. Right in the guards tummies.
Finn Fun
Finn Fun Prije 28 dana
Speeler 18
Louisa Boateng
Louisa Boateng Prije 29 dana
less creative
Anna Lyana
Anna Lyana Prije 29 dana
I don't like this video because I hate Kim and she won i love Melissa thumbs down for me
Leena Jayan
Leena Jayan Prije 29 dana
La Layla
La Layla Prije 29 dana
Make more vedios like that
raj kumar
raj kumar Prije 29 dana
Good game
Janet Owen
Janet Owen Prije 29 dana
I was winning for 18
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh Prije 29 dana
Please makes video in hindi we are from india
Girl Lie
Girl Lie Prije 29 dana
Troom Troom лучший! Я люблю игру кальмаров
sanghapal rangari
sanghapal rangari Prije 29 dana
Yah video Hamen Hindi mein chahie
Iqbal Hanan
Iqbal Hanan Prije 29 dana
Semangat terus ya kk
I seriously enjoyed this it's super funny and my little sister finnally smiled and loved it!! 🥰🥰🥰
Starchild Boy
Starchild Boy Prije 29 dana
Tokowa sai cadistemi na ca
Gangaram Ankam
Gangaram Ankam Prije 29 dana
I like 1 part
Jessica Crosby
Jessica Crosby Prije 29 dana
I go onto like the person how wun
Ngân Hà
Ngân Hà Prije mjesec
i love it
Mia Kobir
Mia Kobir Prije mjesec
I Loved so much this video can a na there video
Taso wahba
Taso wahba Prije mjesec
ათი თხა
Anju Rai
Anju Rai Prije mjesec
I like square game
Lujain Al Maawali
Lujain Al Maawali Prije mjesec
Jessy Asas
Jessy Asas Prije mjesec
Please made a part 2
Diána Pilinger
Diána Pilinger Prije mjesec
I think Malisssa is tge winner anyways.😀 Kim wouldn't even survive if the guy wouldn't protect her.🙄
Kuvera Nakro
Kuvera Nakro Prije mjesec
I wanted Melisa to win. 😭
~violet Chan~
~violet Chan~ Prije mjesec
Kim and tom they are bestie and i like them especily tom i want him to win with kim
Glenda Yoc
Glenda Yoc Prije mjesec
I hate Kim she is a jerk then Melissa she is cute and pecfect then Kim. Too bad she lost the end of the final game. Bad Kim 😑. Good Melissa 😀 😘. I hate Kim😒.I love Melissa 😉.
Ale'na Renix
Ale'na Renix Prije mjesec
I was thinking for Kim to win and she did Go Kim 😁 yay 😁😁😁
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