Stephen Hawking's Comeback 

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 ShortHax Prije 2 mjeseci
You gotta say Hawking did deadpan better than anyone
ShadowBeast Prije 5 dana
Dexcion Prije 10 dana
More like he did bed pan better than anyone
Sulema Argullin
Sulema Argullin Prije 12 dana
@Reid Sjaaheim YO
kingcrab_._ Prije 22 dana
@Reid Sjaaheim I don't get it
White Snake
White Snake Prije 26 dana
He was reincarnation of Madara in a weak body judging by his roast 👌
Ultraw Prije 12 dana
This might defy physics but I think Hawking is a savage in every universe
surreptitious_vaerix Prije 13 sati
@God Shed His Blood to Pay for your Sins stfu
springboi Prije dan
Unless it's a soft universe
KrakVolt Prije 4 dana
Aren’t you the roblox clone tycoon game developer? I used to play that game all the time!
Epik Fales
Epik Fales Prije 8 dana
Wow, you’re here!
Tom Prije 29 dana
The Tiny smile on his face... he was living every second of that comebcak
Trixie_Plays Prije dan
@Aryo Bagas Pratama ayo Spunch bop moment
JELLYBEANS Prije 9 dana
@Sanjay Kumar no
GTA short films
GTA short films Prije 11 dana
@jelly Schulz sponge bob
jelly Schulz
jelly Schulz Prije 14 dana
@Aryo Bagas Pratama with your pfp?
Crazy Time theatre
Crazy Time theatre Prije 16 dana
Sylvester Prije mjesec
His appearances in Big bang theory were also funny. He was such a savage, sarcastic and wise man. Sad we can't get him back 🥲
Rosario Prije 2 dana
@Dying light 2 there aren't any
Don’t Look at my account
@Dantte` unless we have good reason to believe so. What’s your reason that God doesn’t exist?
Dantte` Prije 6 dana
@Dying light 2 lol, Just because you believe in god doesnt mean there's a god.
Dying light 2
Dying light 2 Prije 6 dana
@Dantte` lol, just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean there's no God
Zootaxy Prije 9 dana
@Savaughn Goodman so?
林彬彬 Prije mjesec
I love Stephen Hawking. Such an incredible dude, both in his intellect as well as how long he was able to fight the end-progression of ALS. Such a wholesome man, too; I remember one clip where he stated how he hated bragging about one’s IQ and said those who do that are, “losers.”
Luke Feller
Luke Feller Prije dan
Yeah I agree with that but whenever someone does brag about their IQ to me I like telling them that my IQ is higher than theirs lol
wiz Prije mjesec
Honestly what a great guy he was, very sad he’s gone.
Kris Cuti
Kris Cuti Prije mjesec
This man was a total legend. His smile is so wholesome
Cariimel Prije 29 dana
@hecker H E C K I N G
hecker Prije mjesec
I agree
Dennis Wilder
Dennis Wilder Prije mjesec
He was just a great man.he embraced life to the fullest.and you have people who don't work collect welfare because they are afraid of there shadow.this guy is a true inspiration
Nancy Edward
Nancy Edward Prije mjesec
If Hawkins brain is transferred to someone physically fit, he would literally rule the world.
Peeko_luxX Prije mjesec
Robot from invincible 🙈
dude who says hello
dude who says hello Prije 2 mjeseci
Rest in peace man this guy wasn't just a genius but also funny.
dude who says hello
dude who says hello Prije 2 mjeseci
@your local depressed procrastinator damn yo they dead you killed them with that roast
FARHCA&WALID Prije 2 mjeseci
Well to be funny you have to be intelligent
The Husky Gaming
The Husky Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
tyop Prije 2 mjeseci
He is missed everyday
your local depressed procrastinator
Lol yall saying he isn't funny but neither are you guys
Smarajit Punay Kanti
Lived 55 years with those limitations and yet a smile on face . Great man . We are fortunate to have some years of our life overlapped with you 🙏
zdh Prije mjesec
he is a genius and hilarious at rhe same time this man is a legend no words
Ravi Tickoo
Ravi Tickoo Prije mjesec
Stephen Hawking Sir, the greatest personality on the Earth. Love you Sir. Rip
Tommy Sucks At Making Content
Even in every single universe..... every living organizm was impressed by that comeback 💯💯💯
Magic Cloud
Magic Cloud Prije 2 mjeseci
Stephen Hawking’s savagery lives on across all dimensional plains. EDIT: guys, it’s plains. Plane is short for aeroplane, plain means level. EDIT AGAIN: People, friends, I looked it up in the dictionary. Plains is correct. Maybe the terminology is different in different places, but pLaNeS is incorrect.
The Last Word
The Last Word Prije 4 dana
Its plains not planes lol planes are airplanes and stuff like that and plains are like 3D plains and other stuff
peony Prije 5 dana
I want to make something clear: the amount of likes you got is higher than the population of where i live.
Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans Prije 11 dana
@3c273 Void u are wrong
Shash T
Shash T Prije 11 dana
No mate, it is plane, search it up
ISimp4Athyestic’s Alt
@Mrts Games it’s planes lmfao
KerzunosUWU UWU
KerzunosUWU UWU Prije mjesec
This is one of the best comebacks I've ever heard
Remina-chan Prije mjesec
We miss you already Stephen Hawking ❤️
Meliodas Prije mjesec
Stephen Hawking was a genius rip legend🕊🙌
GalaxyDoge72 Prije 10 dana
this man cannot move but still has a sense of humour, what a legend
ghosttowel Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh my god, the smile he gave, this man was and still is an absolute treasure
Ritesh Zalpuri
Ritesh Zalpuri Prije mjesec
@sodamntired i am a girl dude- And i am saying cuz he wasn't able to speak normally or walk so it is cool for him even if he smiled like that.
Inexplicable Prije 2 mjeseci
@Condor see you in hell
Jgoesgg Yeet
Jgoesgg Yeet Prije 2 mjeseci
@Baku Denks oo
dont look at my profile infinity years ago
@Manha Asif he mocked god and said he isnt real
None of your business lolz
@Pizza pasta Put it in a box If you were actually educated, all religions are different so don’t compare them. Educate yourself thanksss❤️
irennies Prije mjesec
What a legend. Stephen Hawking.
Mya Green
Mya Green Prije 22 dana
Such a great man rest in peace
Kittify Prije mjesec
Stephen Hawking is not just smart he's also savage🤘🏻😎
Chipel The rat
Chipel The rat Prije mjesec
Bro that smile! What a legend...
Percy Goodbeard
Percy Goodbeard Prije 2 mjeseci
At least despite his condition, he was still able to make that wholesome smile
Nida Gazzali
Nida Gazzali Prije mjesec
Chris NotPratt
Chris NotPratt Prije 2 mjeseci
@Liam Campione getting offended over something stupid, I see.
A persun that has a ridiculously long name
@Random Person look at little ramdom person jr.aww
OrdinaryStranger Prije 2 mjeseci
@Naoto Hachiouji wtf
OrdinaryStranger Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mynameisajoke clearly
Pro Russian Bacon
Pro Russian Bacon Prije mjesec
Rip stephen hawking his a legend
Thanos The Chosen
Thanos The Chosen Prije mjesec
That smile of his just made my day a whole lot better
Alexis Prije mjesec
You're pfp😂😂😂😂😔
W Prije mjesec
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better❤
Joe Williams
Joe Williams Prije 25 dana
Senor Beast
LONEWOLF Prije mjesec
He was a true genius. May his brilliant soul REEST IN PEACE.
ryan garcia
ryan garcia Prije mjesec
Stephen woo
Nora Eld
Nora Eld Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how we see Hawking smile at his own comeback even through the progressive muscle stiffness.
fobeast b
fobeast b Prije 2 mjeseci
@First Name Last Name it all started with Adam and eve, Adam and eve at the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he gave them bear hide to keep them covered and at that point they ate meat too. technically if you wanna go by that then when they did that it set the future of humans and animals to eat meat
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Prije 2 mjeseci
@fobeast b do you have any sort of proof to suggest that all animals weren't adapted to hunting when they were "first created"? i feel like you just sorta make up conclusions about how the world was without backing it up. also the development you're describing sounds a lot like evolution which kinda goes against the bible
fobeast b
fobeast b Prije 2 mjeseci
@First Name Last Name did you want them to have human teeth? And might I add carnivores can change eating habits, just like herbivores but this was from them prob eating their preferred foods, and their bodies over the years developed to consume it
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Prije 2 mjeseci
@fobeast b if animals weren’t supposed to hunt each other, then why do wolves have sharp teeth? why are some animals only capable of eating meat? this isn’t a problem with the brain, and it seems like a real stupid oversight for an almighty god to make. if god wanted a perfect world, then why’d he make imperfect inhabitants?
fobeast b
fobeast b Prije 2 mjeseci
@First Name Last Name I'm pretty neutral about it and like I said that wiring in the brain of a human is just like with animals, to hunt, and it gos back to what I said no matter how many times he tries to fix it, it's just that one uncontrollable part of the brain that with deny and do its own thing
jagiya Prije mjesec
The small smile he gives Makes my heart 🥺🥺🥺
LAEHCIM07 Prije mjesec
He always make me smile
Waylon Reed
Waylon Reed Prije 14 dana
It makes me happy to see him smile
Demon Rabies
Demon Rabies Prije mjesec
I love how he managed to smile
Play On Android
Play On Android Prije 2 mjeseci
Man i love hawking. When i was a kid i always flip through his book about black holes. Granted i didn't understand one bit but it just facinates me
Chris NotPratt
Chris NotPratt Prije 2 mjeseci
@Family guy full episodes I'll pass, thanks
No more Comply
No more Comply Prije 2 mjeseci
I mean I’d sock him if I saw him
Fluffy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tim Navarro Yeah that kinda bites
Tim Navarro
Tim Navarro Prije 2 mjeseci
Too bad he cheated on his wife
Alien _ee
Alien _ee Prije 2 mjeseci
@om prakash please no
CupCakeツ Prije mjesec
He is truly amazing
layla neko chan
layla neko chan Prije mjesec
Stephen Hawking is amazing and when he was in the big bang theory he was very funny
If stephen Hawkings wasnt unable to speak through his mouth,he would be the god of comebacks,since he was so inteligent
SoapGaming Prije mjesec
Scythe Prije mjesec
these shorts are so entertaining they make my day better 🥰
20BTB17 Prije mjesec
Fuckin bot
John Gael Nox
John Gael Nox Prije mjesec
Ok but no one asked
FUSIONZS Prije mjesec
XIX Prije 2 mjeseci
He was diagnosed at 21, given 2 years to live, and lived another 55 years. What a legend ❤️
Absolute Beauty
Absolute Beauty Prije 2 mjeseci
@HexyHexagonic same here. I hope you are also doing well. And I am also doing well. Yesterday I saw what an epileptic attack was. And he had to do some kind of test. I hope he is doing rn ok. I work as a 16 year old, because I learn in that way to get a certification. And today another day of work and I have to blow some leaves. I could tell you more about why I don't go to school, but if you don't want to know then that's ok
Absolute Beauty
Absolute Beauty Prije 2 mjeseci
@PolarBread Ah... Ok... I tbh again want to say sorry, but usually people don't like too much sorry
HexyHexagonic Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we all just be peaceful, talk good about each other, and not argue? Can we prove that youtube can be non-toxic for just a minute? Let's be nice from kow one :) hope you all are doing great!
PolarBread Prije 2 mjeseci
@Absolute Beauty it isn’t about what’s appropriate and what’s not. That one is implied so if you are unsure you could’ve just googled it. I was only giving you my opinion, you don’t need to apologize since you don’t do anything wrong 🙏
Absolute Beauty
Absolute Beauty Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mk I mean sure. Don't mind it
Liji Gregory
Liji Gregory Prije mjesec
Stephen Hawking is just the most wholesome guy
Eztorzly Prije mjesec
The grin that Hawking did at the end made my day
goutam goswami
goutam goswami Prije 4 dana
Hawk man's comebacks are always awesome
V Warren
V Warren Prije mjesec
The ultimate comeback Hawking enjoyed that and showed an evil smile :)
Necrozma Prije 2 mjeseci
The tiny smile on his face... he was living every second of that comeback
c5b65 shreyass
c5b65 shreyass Prije mjesec
@Wiccan Senpai facts xD
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur Prije mjesec
@Kae Stephen Hawking talked through 'the computer', using a speech-generating device (SGD) or a voice output communication aid. This is a special device that either supplements or replaces speech/writing.
👑MemeQueen👑 Prije mjesec
@SUPRA wtf
FATI SZN • Football Memes
@SUPRA bro 💀💀💀
Oliver Granger
Oliver Granger Prije mjesec
@Wiccan Senpai ive seen redditors try to give relationship advice it is the most goofy and cheezy crap ive ever seen its just terrible in general
🤩GL4MSQUAD🤩 Prije mjesec
His smile at the end made my day
Andrey 98
Andrey 98 Prije mjesec
I didn't doubt a second;) The man is a legend👍👍👍 RESPECT
Bye Prije mjesec
The Shorts Are Entertaining They Always Make My Day Better
João Estradas
João Estradas Prije mjesec
This is why I love this man R.I.P
sugaryy.Sayaka🌸 Prije 2 mjeseci
He was so cool- a genius. He will be missed
sugaryy.Sayaka🌸 Prije 2 mjeseci
@AidenPlayz35 mhm
AidenPlayz35 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Genaro Uchiha who is god
AidenPlayz35 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Genaro Uchiha you are not understanding the question
Genaro Uchiha
Genaro Uchiha Prije 2 mjeseci
@AidenPlayz35 everyone.nobody should mock god at all.
AidenPlayz35 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Genaro Uchiha who?
Tommy HD
Tommy HD Prije 11 dana
The way he just smiles knowing he absolutely decimated him
bubble king plays
bubble king plays Prije mjesec
Yes that’s why he is a legend 😊
Emmy Prije mjesec
Hawkings smirk though after that gold comeback 🤣
ItS aBoUt dRiVe, ItS aBoUt PoWeR
He is so sweet I love him he’s so funny🥰👑
Ricky Prije 2 mjeseci
on top of being incredibly smart, this guy has an incredible sense of humor. rest in piece.
prazol khanal
prazol khanal Prije 2 mjeseci
@Maxwell Smith peice don't be mad sir
Maxwell Smith
Maxwell Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
@pumpkin no. Many
Maxwell Smith
Maxwell Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kumar Raj many.taking how crippled he is.
Maxwell Smith
Maxwell Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
@prazol khanal me too.
Maxwell Smith
Maxwell Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
@snow drizzle it's okay. Let it pass. 😆 she is wrong in every corner. From start
Percival the crusader
That little smile at the end wow I miss him
Toni Mäkinen
Toni Mäkinen Prije mjesec
what a comeback! he should do stand up comedy
physics with you
physics with you Prije 25 dana
Hawking is a true king RIP legend😔😔😔❤❤
BEE_soot Prije 16 dana
When he smiled at the end it made me smile
Cristian Uraga
Cristian Uraga Prije 2 mjeseci
Hawking was the smartest person ever
Colex Prije 11 dana
Massive cap 🧢
Leon Leon
Leon Leon Prije 12 dana
Ingmar Prije 12 dana
@Alieu proof it
Alieu Prije 12 dana
Infinite Parallel universe is fiction
Electrogamer Prije 12 dana
This is not true
Hizfoe Prije mjesec
Rip Hawking his jokes will be missed
Incognito Prije mjesec
His smile shows his comeback level
Zer0 The Assassin
Zer0 The Assassin Prije mjesec
Man, Stephen Hawking was such a cool guy
Nexus Gaming
Nexus Gaming Prije mjesec
Omg Stephen hawking's smile, you deserve this king 👑
Th4tP1nky Bo1
Th4tP1nky Bo1 Prije 2 mjeseci
he wasnt just a genius... he didnt want to be remembered for his intelligence. He made sure we saw who he was... a human with humour and personality. I will always remember Stephen for what he was and is, an amazing person who I wouod have loved to share a conversation with.
Lily • 10 years • &
Lily • 10 years • & Prije 2 mjeseci
@Fresh produce are you the gatekeeper of hell?? What are you doing in HRburn comment section 😂😂
Random weeb
Random weeb Prije 2 mjeseci
Yea bro everyone gangsta until Stephen Hawking roast
Rhett Cox
Rhett Cox Prije 2 mjeseci
Also talking vegetable
VonTonSoup Prije 2 mjeseci
U knew him?
Benadryl Cucumber
Benadryl Cucumber Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah. I always remember him not only for his intelligence but I also remember him whenever I see wheelchairs and robotic voices.
The pro gangster
The pro gangster Prije mjesec
stephen hawking sir is still alive somewhere in parallel universe ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺
Sonny Boi
Sonny Boi Prije 18 dana
This guy has inspired me my whole life
Savtrix Prije mjesec
Hawking was a great man
Sailesh Vasa
Sailesh Vasa Prije mjesec
He is the king of comebacks.
s0n1c ranger 564
s0n1c ranger 564 Prije 2 mjeseci
That smile Stephen gives is just straight up adorable
Memecious Prije 2 mjeseci,
Stepan Klejdus
Stepan Klejdus Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought i was the only one that tought that was so cute!
jobby Prije 2 mjeseci
jesus Prije 2 mjeseci
I do have to agree
Payton Gunter
Payton Gunter Prije 2 mjeseci
Strippers loved to sit on it
Vortire Prije 10 dana
That smile as he realizes he just ripped the man Love to you Stephen Hawking
Guerrilla Father
Guerrilla Father Prije mjesec
The smile on his face makes me smile
CYBER GAMING Prije 24 dana
His smile made my day 🙂
Eithan Lifshits
Eithan Lifshits Prije mjesec
When Stephen is so funny he's able to smile
noah macias
noah macias Prije 2 mjeseci
It truly was amazing man, we had such a smart and intelligent human being. His outlooks on life and the universe made so much sense in ways we couldn’t understand before…rip 🐐 🖤🕊
The King Crab
The King Crab Prije 2 mjeseci
@Lottie shit i didn't see the lack of an "an"
GIG Alpha-Chad
GIG Alpha-Chad Prije 2 mjeseci
@just wolfy did you know he cheated on his wife or something
just wolfy
just wolfy Prije 2 mjeseci
@[User Not Found] damn, in 100 years they will look back at steven as their albert einstein
Lottie Prije 2 mjeseci
@The King Crab "it" as in his existence. They're missing a comma: "it was amazing, man". They mean it's amazing that someone as smart as him existed
Lottie Prije 2 mjeseci
@J.D Lingard "it" as in his existence. They're missing a comma, ("it was amazing, man") They're saying it's crazy that we had someone as smart as him among us
UnderCode Prije mjesec
I kiss steven hawking. He was just a man like anyone else and he couldnt live his life normally though. At least he didnt let that get down to him and he became one with history.
The Meme
The Meme Prije mjesec
I wonder if theres a universe where Stephen Hawking can walk :0
The Boring Dude
The Boring Dude Prije mjesec
Respect for him
gia Prije mjesec
i love him he’s so funny
Sourin Basu
Sourin Basu Prije 2 mjeseci
Smart, humorous and witty. Hawking was such a stand up guy
Lily • 10 years • &
Lily • 10 years • & Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tim Szabo omg ur God so awful bro. Sending good humans to hell. Must be an egoistic 10yr old lol
1CoNiC Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tim Szabo no he didnt lmao the only god there's is you, everyone is a god themselves
Mythical Gamer
Mythical Gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Well not really
Nathaniel R-D
Nathaniel R-D Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tim Szabo it comments like this that make me hate that I can't see dislikes.
Crow Akechi The Mc Miyubi
@LogeIsMyName I mean, you aint wrong
Wat Prije 19 dana
That smile at the end is everything 😂
Angelica Hernandez
Angelica Hernandez Prije mjesec
Stephen Hawking finally did stand up comedy
Marvin Prije mjesec
he's super intelligent, y'all should watch black hole documentary on netflix. His contributions to science are remarkable
Marii Amur
Marii Amur Prije mjesec
Whats it called? I want to watch it
Reid is a good boi
Reid is a good boi Prije 25 dana
Steven Hawkins is so savage and smart
💕chahd moussa💕
💕chahd moussa💕 Prije 2 mjeseci
This man will never be forgotten such a legend 💗🤍🤍
Lily • 10 years • &
Lily • 10 years • & Prije 2 mjeseci
@Fishing with DAX no one is smart enough to know God bruh
tsuyu asui
tsuyu asui Prije 2 mjeseci
MasterPegasus YT
MasterPegasus YT Prije 2 mjeseci
ill probably forget about him in a few years
Fishing with DAX
Fishing with DAX Prije 2 mjeseci
Not a legend he’s not that smart ain’t even smart enough to know god
Robin Prije 2 mjeseci
@Prudencio Mangaoangiii Not in your world, in mine and many others he does.
Dr.Bright Prije mjesec
This dude was the best comedian ever. Change my mind
ok !
ok ! Prije 9 dana
It's not a mistake ✨ it's masterpiece ✨
ok !
ok ! Prije 9 dana
It's not a mistake ✨ it's masterpiece ✨
ok !
ok ! Prije 9 dana
It's not a mistake ✨ it's masterpiece ✨
Ritish Pandita
Ritish Pandita Prije 2 mjeseci
Looking at Sir Stephen Hawking, I can think of only one word: RESPECT.
Interested Bystander
Interested Bystander Prije 2 mjeseci
Incorrect. To do him proper honour and justice, it's actually _two_ words: REEE SPEK!
Potted Panda
Potted Panda Prije 2 mjeseci
Vegtab- respect
Mixed_Dinosaur Rawr
Mixed_Dinosaur Rawr Prije 2 mjeseci
DangerousSod Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ve seen Steven hawkings loads of times used to live near him
@KokemYT Why must you bring religious beliefs into comedic non-toxic videos? You may act as if it’s harmless to bring religion into videos here and there, but it really isn’t. It brings drama, toxicity, and endless arguments. Please don’t bring religion into a comment section, it only brings the worst that one can expect.
ok !
ok ! Prije 9 dana
It's not a mistake ✨ it's masterpiece ✨
ok !
ok ! Prije 9 dana
It's not a mistake ✨ it's masterpiece ✨
Dezire.PRO.x5 Prije mjesec
There's a universe where he is alive r.i.p legend
freelorpd Prije mjesec
That comeback amazing
Kendra K Khalilieh
Kendra K Khalilieh Prije mjesec
Hawking was always a very witty man.
Bhumi Upreti • - •!
Love you mr Hawking... you're king 👑
Loyar Gaming
Loyar Gaming Prije 11 dana
I love his little smile at the end 😂
Marvelfan15 Prije mjesec
I love how Stephen try’s to smile but he did
Phil Mortimer
Phil Mortimer Prije 2 mjeseci
I fucking love that the combination of him being in a wheelchair and being a very respected man just meant he had way more fun being childish because people weren’t sure how to react and he’d get away with silly shit like rolling over peoples toes
WantOxide Prije 2 mjeseci
@Sonanki Ghosh You're welcome
Sonanki Ghosh
Sonanki Ghosh Prije 2 mjeseci
@WantOxide thank you
Kinichiko Prije 2 mjeseci
Eyyu y yo yokynyo WAIT WAIT TOES!?!?!?
Nekolobe Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kermit the frog I really like Adam vs Eve, it was pretty funny
Buttons 97
Buttons 97 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare is great. Also, Michael Jackson vs Elvis.
mAmmamia0• 15 years ago
If i would study science, it would be because of this man
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