He was fed up 😂 |  

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He was fed up 😂 |
(via @campus.univers.cascades/IG)

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11. Sij 2022.



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Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Prije 14 sati
That was one of thee most violent Superman drawback punch I’ve ever seen
Steve1879 Prije 12 sati
He's understood the heavenly DAO of "Achieving victory by losing". Respect.
The film rookie
The film rookie Prije 20 sati
That kick was so powerful it knocked some life into the dummy.
Lucas Ramos de Araujo
Just what happens when a patient person gets sick of something😂
Trey S
Trey S Prije 15 sati
The Falcon Punchhhh! Was everything for me.
Bribe Prije 14 sati
This is how Mario and Luigi's enemies feel when they bring up that special move that endlessly attacks them then that one guy just misses it.
A. Davis
A. Davis Prije 2 sati
The way he fell on his back with his hands sticking up like a dead bug is crazy. 🤣😂
Arthur Duarte
Arthur Duarte Prije 14 sati
O 5 cara e o penúltimo foram os mais fodas slk, boneco quase desmontou com eles kk
Jane Carbone
Jane Carbone Prije 2 sati
That is so funny I can't stop laughing I hope the guy's OK, maybe he should take on someone his own size. 😂
P҉R҉I҉N҉C҉E҉S҉ T҉U҉A҉K҉
son unos de los
Dash Prije 16 sati
The last person was great at what they were doing
Hari the fight lover
Hari the fight lover Prije 17 sati
Attack back is a brilliant idea to avoid get back.
Prateek Mishra
Prateek Mishra Prije 19 sati
The fifth person punch was so sick 👊 🔥
Charity Ugwu
Charity Ugwu Prije 2 sati
That felt Like an Amazing superman slap
ShadowIsatis Prije 2 sati
I just love how it takes for the guy to register the hit then fall back like a statue ROFL.
z Prije 9 sati
That Crash Test Dummy took that last guy out and laughed about it the whole time .
Jesse Ramos
Jesse Ramos Prije 2 sati
Wow those where some good hits. But that knock out in the end tho 🤣😂
Shadow Fox Archon
Shadow Fox Archon Prije 2 sati
When the boss takes your parties dps just to 1 tap the quest leader or healer
Дмитрий железный
На это можно смотреть бесконечно )))
Jarbas Santos
Jarbas Santos Prije 7 sati
Já tava pensando que uma hora o cara iria reagir 😂