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John Oliver discusses Taiwan’s history of being governed by other countries, its fraught present-day relationship with China, and what its citizens would like their future to look like.

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24. Lis 2021.



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Joseph Abraham
Joseph Abraham Prije 43 minuta
The literature has changed over the years. China used to say that it was going to liberate Taiwan. Can you imagine that? An authoritarian regime is going to free a democracy.
Yoctzi Moyado
Yoctzi Moyado Prije 2 sati
Covering things that everyone else ignores. Thanks Oliver!
bala dewa chenel
bala dewa chenel Prije 4 sati
forever Hungry
forever Hungry Prije 6 sati
the thing that most people dont understand why Chinese people feel this way is that China had too many things stolen/robbed in recent history ,and China is always one and whole country since the beginning. Culture also plays a big part in it. Just imagine you are a kid that always gets picked up by bullies in school, your phones get stolen and it happened too many times in your childhood, then you grew up, worked out, got a degree. Now you are big in a way, imagine what you will do when you see that bully with your phone on his desk? ps: if this ever happens, first, tell your parents and teachers about the incident, bullying is not cool. Second, if that ever ends up happening, I mean yea, you can punch the guy and take the phone back, but you have to pay for his medical bills or facing a potential lawsuit. Or you could just take it back and call him a lil bitch and walk away, and bois, wise man will make sure things like that will never happen. Therefore, the more important thing that comes out of it is not you getting back your phone, what's more important is you don't let those kind of things happen again. well, if it's your sister or brother that's missing, that's a different story. Just go beat the guy up and cover his medical bill and I call that mercy.
forever Hungry
forever Hungry Prije 6 sati
As Chinese, I do think the weird ambiguous status quo is probably the best option right now. I also think majority of the population in taiwan consider themselves as Chinese descent and most seek unification. I guess they don't like Chinese goverment and I understand. However, some of the measures have to be taken as China is playing an important diplomatic role in the world. And trust me on this, nobody cares about taiwan, not the people who tell you to grab a gun and fight for your independence, and please dont deeply relate yourself to those people. Nobody cares more about taiwan than Chinese people as taiwan has played a major role in the modern history of China, it's kinda like a scar that never fully heals. I don't think Chinese people want to resolve all this by military measures either. Most internet comments that you see on the internet about resolving with military force is mostly by people showing frustration. At the end of the day, everyone is for himself in a world that's vastly driven by economics, technology and military. Just like nobody cares about what taiwanese think as they are all trying to get the most benefit out of it. Therefore, think for yourself and remember that Chinese people will always stand by you as a whole. I dont think unifcation will happen anytime soon, really unfortunate. But I do hope to see it happen someday in the near future.
Scott Meyer
Scott Meyer Prije 6 sati
thank you for showing John Xina. He shouldn't have had to stoop to this level to keep his paycheck. Helps put in perspective how bad the situation really is.
Seamus Lewin
Seamus Lewin Prije 8 sati
John Oliver is a puppet for the left, almost as bad as Tucker Carlson is a puppet for the right. He's a sellout, deal with it
Nino Chandra
Nino Chandra Prije 8 sati
I really wish John Oliver would someday talk about UN and its veto power...
Andy Shoultz
Andy Shoultz Prije 8 sati
Remember the Chinese communists are not the 1.5 billion Chinese people.
Changrui Shi
Changrui Shi Prije 9 sati
Stopped watching this clown a while ago. I guess antiChina IS political correctness now. Implying that Taiwan is an independent country is in the same way questioning the legitmacy of the US civil war lol. Taxas should've gone independent and California should have the right to go independent. Same goes for Northern Ireland. I used to think John Oliver is any different given the amount of social issues he covers. But welp, this episode says it all - just as hypocritical and disgusting.
Peter Hou
Peter Hou Prije 11 sati
There is a piece of land in question. There are two groups of people having interest in it.
Zenocide0x Prije 12 sati
The four white lights reflectIng at his right elbow looks like loading dots every time moves his arm. Just saying.
Tarielka Roldán
Tarielka Roldán Prije 12 sati
Nixon visits China in 1972. Mao: so you'll recognize our claim on Taipei? Nixon: I'm a lamp.
Sahil Sahota
Sahil Sahota Prije 13 sati
China is so powerful now that they can see John Cena
MigHound Prije 14 sati
IOC can reciprocate and call the PRC Taiwanese Beijing or West Taiwan.
Rob K
Rob K Prije 15 sati
We need to “lend” some nukes to Taiwan
YellowVtec Prije 16 sati
Love the country of Taiwan! Yes I said country.
zombieowen Prije 16 sati
Taiwan, the Quebec of the east.
Richard McCollim
Richard McCollim Prije 17 sati
The world needs to get a backbone and clearly stand up to Communist autocratic China. The status quo should be, We fully support and formally recognize Tiawan as an independent country. And if Communist China chooses to ban and destroy trade and diplomatic relationships with such Tiawanese democracy supporters, let China melt away in the background as a corrupt and sick beast, separated from the democratic world due to its stubbornness. It frustrates me that we continuously empower China in multiple ways, including to let them dictate formal relationships with a clearly independent Taiwan. The Communist beast of China needs to be weakened, but it will not if we are spineless and silent and kiss the ass of the Pooh.
80O80O80O Prije 18 sati
just noticed that on the door of the mascot storage room there's a sign reads "DANGER" (危险)
Lefteris St
Lefteris St Prije 18 sati
Seriously though! Chinese fucking Taipei??? Taiwan is a free democratic nation and we should all help to stay this way! That is the democratic thing to do as westerners if we want to call ourselves democracies! Especially EU! Wake up!!
Jerry Polverino
Jerry Polverino Prije 20 sati
What if China kept battle carrier groups right off the US coast? That’s what we are doing.
Kevin Aguilar
Kevin Aguilar Prije 22 sati
Countries are just a conspiracy put out by Big Flag™ to sell more flags. We're one planet and we need to start acting like it
Pedro Prije 23 sati
I want to see John Oliver apologizing to China, in perfect mandarin!
Bear Mode Techno Viking
03:18 its weird when globalist libshits are confronting with a cancel culture that is not done by themselves.I hope China wins.Go Xi.Continue to make them mad.
Joel McCoy
Joel McCoy Prije 23 sati
Chinas' CCP likes things they can take without engineering, paying for, or inventing for themselves. Taiwans' TSMC would be a very strategic business to put in their countries' portfolio of businesses they are going to destroy with neglect and incompetence. All they need is for Taiwan to roll over and surrender because if the PLA invades all that will be created is debt, garbage, poverty, and a lot of dead of which China already has plenty.
Chiao Ting Yang
Chiao Ting Yang Prije dan
Taiwan belong to Republic of China. Taiwan ROC People Republic of China is a new country. China PRC So this is an aggression. Hope PRC can stop lie to this world.
memelord Prije dan
John Cena's social credit after talking about Tiananmen Square
sjingelling Prije dan
ü Channel
ü Channel Prije dan
When you ask the Mainland they will.say Taiwan is part of China. Ang whenntou ask the Taiwanese Government they will say the Mainland with Mongolia is part of Them and they (Taiwan) will tell you they are the true China.
kristinaF54 Prije dan
About the strategic ambiguity regarding Taiwan, or ambiguity in any situation of life is; if it's not a 'yes' it's a 'no'. So, when you hear US speaking in ambiguous terms about Taiwan without committing to a 'yes' assume it's a very clear 'no'. If anyone refutes the 'no' but continues to be ambiguous (again regarding any situation of life), just tell them to 'bugger off'. You'll be happier you did and less appointed in the future.
highlandsh Prije dan
When Walter Mondale was vice president he was asked about there being just one China. He said there was, but explained that he didn't want to say which one. (with a smile).
Baltimore Manning
WTF is Taiwan? I thought that thing didn't exist.
Miguel Verschueren
Sow we gonna get war... Russia starts from Ukraine, China from the south sea. That when the 🌎is burning...👏
Peter Homann
Peter Homann Prije dan
It all reminds me a bit about the time of German division. An "Embassy" was called "Staendige Vertretung" (permanent representation) because West Germany (BRD) did not accept East Germany (DDR) as a sovereign country and DDR wanted first and foremost to achieve exactly this recognition. So the DDR wanted full blown diplomatic relations, i.e, embassies, while BRD wanted none as they claimed the right to speak for all Germans. Eventually the compromise of "Staendige Vertretung" was achieved. Of course the geopolitical situation was quite different in that BRD had the full backing of NATO and the Western world and DDR could count on the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union. We all know how the German question was ultimately resolved and this may not be the answer for Taiwan / China. I believe however (not just because of Taiwan) the democracies of the world should adopt a firmer stand when it comes to the PR China. Nobody even talks about Tibet anymore, sometimes the issue of the Uighurs still comes up but is increasingly sidelined by the fate of one single tennis player. The utter environmental destruction China commits (not only) to build the venues for the Winter Olympiad are mind-blowing. But we all know why these matters are not openly criticized. Any other country doing same would be under constant diplomatic and economic pressure. Only the bully in East Asia is not and will therefore continue to bully, become bolder, grow bigger and stronger and more dangerous.
Gan Boon Meng
Gan Boon Meng Prije dan
What America wish for. is for China to invade Taiwan...regardless of cost..out come...only chinese life will be lost....America then can put up token...military help...mobilise their alliance for a economy blockade of China...this .will ensure their continuing domination of the world....its call divide and conquer..strategy.... They are encouraging Taiwan to call for Independence..despite Taiwan..constitution..clearly spelling out...that TAIWAN IS China...
Bent Lorentzen
Bent Lorentzen Prije dan
I've only seen pictures of her, with a story. But this was my first video experience of her. Unbelievable that people even come close to believing! Scary that many Americans do.
Kinan H
Kinan H Prije dan
This is so good! Thanks! The clip about WHO...that's the World Health Organization everyone...
mj Prije dan
You're obviously a cia guy Oliver.
Caloin He
Caloin He Prije dan
Of Course, Taiwanese are very nice, because they are Chinese
David Washington
Notre Dame Head Coach Deion Sanders and Defensive Coordinator Lawrence Taylor would annually sign five 5 Stars Players and attract 5 Stars transfers from Alabama and Miami and Win the National Championship.
MinShin Hung
MinShin Hung Prije dan
First of all thank you for actually pull this issue on the table. Well, if there’s no missile points at us, Taiwanese will be a country right away.
Dennis Grass
Dennis Grass Prije dan
Retirement village for mascots, reminds me of a Monty Python skit which has animals resting under a shade tree.
John D
John D Prije 2 dana
Get gee gee ping’s grain of rice out of your mouth….. flan oliver
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or Prije 2 dana
*Md-Drs are not scientists.-Best-hospitals-require-additional-science-degree* *%-Deaths-reported-by-WHO-are-the-sole-scientific-yardstick-to-win-this-war*. *How-Well-60-Nations-Prevent-Virus-Deaths-in-%-per-Year-is-critical-info.* *E.G.-China-0.69,-Russia-(-)0.89,-US-0.04,-UK-1.25,-ASTR-2.31* Nov2/Jan31/Feb7/11/Apr14 Mid-Sumr Oct14/20 Nov27 CHINA 5.39/5.20/5.17/5.12-5.09 5.05~4.93 4.81/4.80 4.70 RUSSIA 1.95-1.91.94-5/2.23-2.41 2.41~2.62 2.62/2.79 2.84 U.S. 1.67/1.74/1.60/1.79-.80 1.96~1.79 1.80-1.62 1.63 UK 2.69-2.77/2.83/2.74-2.84 1.98~2.72 1.67/1.63 1.44 ASTRL 3.28-3.16 3.15/3.41-3.15 1.99~3.14 2.98/1.11 0.97 *Diffferent-Dates?,-any-#-LESS-LATER-#-forms-a-correct-answer* *S-AFR-Omicrone-&-one-from-Afr-Israel-defined-very-dangerous* This is neither a conspiracy theory nor a political opinion, but a totally independent, unsupported, 2-years, own-private-study under *EINSTEIN'S-DICTUMS:* 1) OPPOSE-ANY-AUTHORITY-BASED-ONLY- ON-AUTHORITY, 2) UNSC-Mandate-Aim: Prevent any war-&-virus-too.[1]. MEXC 8.48-51/.59-61/9.20-.41 7.77~8.03 7.58/7.57 7.57 GRC 3.70-3.60/3.60-5/2.99 3.00~2.46 2.23/2.20 1.94 HNGRY 3.52/3.52/3.32-3.71 ~3.71 3.65/3.63 3.17 TUNIS 3.48/3.42-3.67 3.52~3.63 3.53 3.54 ITLY 3.48-3.51 3.46/3.03-2.99 2.99~2.90 2.79/2.96 2.68 S-AFR 3.42/3.42-3.39 3.14~3.04 3.04/2.96 3.04 GRMNY 2.97-.80/.76/.60-.34 2.16~2.32 2.03-2.00 1.78 FRNCE 2.69-2.40/2.39/1.94-2.39 1.93~1.92 1.73/1.66 1.57 PLND 2.29-2.53 2.61~2.64 2.39 COLMB 2.59/2.59-2.60 2.59~2.54 2.55/2.55 2.54 INDNSIA 2.56 2.56~3.21 3.22/3.38 3.38 BLGUM 2.53/2.53-2.34 2.20~2.32 2.03/2.00 1.59 ROMNIA 2.47/2.52-2.82 ~ 2.79 2.79/2.79 3.06 BRAZIL 2.45-2.55/2.43-5/2.79 ~ 2.79 2.79-2.79 2.78 ARGNT 2.43/2.26-2.06 ~2.10 2.19/2.19 2.19 UKRAIN 2.31/2.31 2.33~2.35 2.35/2.31 2.47 CHILI 2.24/2.24-2.11 ~2.08 2.26-2.25 2.18 PKSTN 2.15/2.20 2.22~2.29 2.33/2.33 2.24 PHLP 2.11/1.72-1.71 1.71~1.74 1.49/1.50 1.70 SPN 2.06/2.10/2.27-2.17 2.14~1.76 1.74/1.74 1.71 SWDN 2.04/2.04-6/1.55-1.31 1.32~1.35 1.28/1.28 1.26 PRTGL 1.94-1.7 1.89/2.04-.00 1.96~1.75 1.68/1.72 1.62 SWIS 1.80/1.80-1/1.67-1.55 1.55~1.49 1.31/1.30 1.17 INDIA 1.11/1.19-1.26 1.26~1.33 1.33-1.33 1.35 *Table-2* NINI-NATIONS less than 0.51%-Fatl.much-better-than-vaccines %-Fatl. Nov2/Jan31/Feb7/11/Apr14 Mid-Sumr Oct14/20 Nov27 CAYMN 0.49-0.50/0.50/0.38 ~0.37 0.29/0.20 0.06 SNGPR 0.05/0.05/0.05 0.06~0.07 0.16/0.16 0.26 ICLND 0.48/0.48/0.45 0.45~0.32 0.27/0.26 0.20 MLDV 0.32-0.33/ 0.32-3/0.26 0.28-~0.29 0.28-0.28 0.27 DUBAI 0.28-0.29/0.31/0.31-0.29 ~0.29 0.29/0.29 0.29 NZ 0.97 0.77~0.89 0.59/0.54 0.38 MONGL 0.09-10/0.25/0.47 ~0.45 0.46-0/41 0.52 NRWY 0.43/0.75/0.67-0.66 0.62~0.45 0.45/0.45 0.41 *Table-3* NINI-NATIONS less than 1.00%-Fatl. *much-better-than-vaccines %-Fatl Nov2/Jan31/Feb7/11/Apr14 Mid-Sum Oct-14/20 Nov27 St-VNC 0.22-0.49/0.25-.45/0.54-9 ~0.54 0.93 1.35 MLASIA 0.36-0.37/0.36 0.37 ~0.41 0.98-1.17 1.16 TLND 0.33-0.43/0.33-4 0.68 0.78~0.83 1.03-1.00 0.99 SRLNK 0.49-0.5/0.50-2/0.63-0.80 1.69~1.32 2.54-2.54 2.54 CURCO 0.44-0.47 0.46-8 ~0.99 1.02 Bora-Bora 0.73/0.73-4/0.75 0.66~0.75 1.57-1.58 1.59 BRBDS 0.79/1.17-1.18 0.91 CUBA 0.71-0.85/0.72-4/0.53-.68 0.77~0.69 0.86 0.86 ARUBA 0.86/0.86-.91/.91/.97 0.87~0.96 1.09-1.08 1.07 TWN 0.88-0.97/0.96-7/1.02 1.66~5.22 5.18 5.12 VNZL 0.94-5/0.94/1.03-1.13 ~1.14 1.21-1.20 1.19 *Table-4* Keeping
Rachel Tremaine
Rachel Tremaine Prije 2 dana
For some reason this makes me think about Porto Rico
Iouri Prije 2 dana
I'm not going to war with China over Taiwan.
sori619 Prije 2 dana
while telling the story about the country's history, he uses this opportunity to subliminally portray taiwanese people as backwards barbarians (using the story of how the MPs "fight") who need to learn from the West
Kennith Chapman
Kennith Chapman Prije 2 dana
Taiwan literally owns China. in other words it should be called West Taiwan that is an absolute fact. Oh yeah almost forgot f uck the CCP
Cloudy Nine™
Cloudy Nine™ Prije 2 dana
Wow a whole episode while making sure not to anger Chinese overlords “Over 80%of people don’t want a change...but is it what they really want?” Pff
Joey Prije 2 dana
I hope Taiwan remains a sovereign state. I also hope that the US stays out of the ordeal. No young Americans should have to go to battle to keep Taiwan under the Republic of China.
Joey Prije 2 dana
This is a good historical summary compared to others I’ve seen on HRburn.
Efraín García
Efraín García Prije 2 dana
Puerto Rico is the ambiguity of US as Taiwan is for China. A significant part of the population support the statehood, but US treat us like a foreign country. So, PR is the opposite of Taiwan.
yop yop
yop yop Prije 12 sati
​@Efraín García 1898 is not relevant. That's the way the world worked back then. "Might makes right" and "Do unto others as they would do unto you, but do it first." By current standards, everyone was evil back then. The US should be given credit for leading the world past that kind of evil when the US emerged as the supreme power on the planet in the aftermath of WW2 and used its power to change the system to what we know today. Your claim that the USA government will not accept Puerto Rican statehood is not grounded in reality. 60% of the people of the 50 states support Puerto Rican statehood. The Republicans in the Senate will not be able to go against that percentage forever. The American people recognize that intransigence on this issue is immoral, and so it is almost inevitable that Puerto Rico will become a state at some point. That may take years or possibly even decades, but it will almost certainly happen eventually.
Efraín García
Efraín García Prije 14 sati
@yop yop USA invaded the country in 1898, we did not invite the Americans. In fact, the political turmoil in Cuba, it was not related to us. It doesn't matter how many plebiscites any alternative will results chosen by Puerto Rican people if the government of USA does not define which status alternatives are acceptable on the table. USA government will not accept the statehood but it continues promoting this political formula. Are you seriously belief that the Donald Trump followers will accept an hispanic state into the Union? Don't kidding with me!
yop yop
yop yop Prije dan
Before 2020, all previous sovereignty referenda in Puerto Rico indicated a preference for remaining a commonwealth. That status was acceptable to the people of the 50 states as well. Puerto Rico was a commonwealth because the majority of Puerto Rican voters wanted Puerto Rico to be a commonwealth. 2020 was the first time that the majority of voters in a Puerto Rican sovereignty referendum voted for statehood. That's the first critical step, but this is like marriage-- the other partner has to agree, too. Polling in the 50 states says that over 60% of Americans support welcoming Puerto Rico into the Union as the 51st state. However, there is a motivated minority that oppose Puerto Rican statehood. Eventually, it seems all but certain that Puerto Rico will become a state, but the politics of how that happens will undoubtedly be messy and drawn out. Democracy takes time. The situation with Puerto Rico has been entirely in line with the Puerto Ricans' universal natural right of self determination. In contrast, the PRC has threatened to invade Taiwan if the Taiwanese ever tried to hold a referendum on Taiwanese sovereignty. The PRC has clearly violated the people of Taiwan's universal natural right of self determination.
benjamin peterson
benjamin peterson Prije 2 dana
Dude i support taiwan because they make my chips ans socs so f china Oliver -1000 credit score xd
Harmony Mitcham
Harmony Mitcham Prije 2 dana
Im assuming China wanting Taiwain back has nothing to do with their strong economy and wealth lol
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas Prije 2 dana
Taiwan is the Original China, CCR isn't. The whole entity should be Taiwan not other way around. Heart of Qing Dynasty ❤❤
Hawkeye Pierce
Hawkeye Pierce Prije 2 dana
Air Defense Zones overlap though... And it's not airspace.
Гинсбрукский синдром
Taiwan 🇹🇼 deserves to be free and independent. Hong Kong 🇭🇰 as well
varun ghosh
varun ghosh Prije 2 dana
It does belong to china. Just like Kashmir belong to India!
Loki Hammerfall
Loki Hammerfall Prije 3 dana
I wish that you Mr. Oliver would make a program about the Palestinian cause as well...oh I'm sorry I've just remembered that those who pay you don't want that.!!!
Randy Callow
Randy Callow Prije 3 dana
I think that it's funny to look at the Chinese power dynamic from a Chinese made TV, Tablet or smart phone made in China. Funnier still to look at the military math and available man power and weapons and realize that discussions about Taiwan are completely theoretical.. China can and will do what it wants with Taiwan and no country or countries can do anything about it. And silliest of all is Australia, If the US gets into a disagreement,war at whatever level w China, Australia will be attacked or vaporized and then China will text the US and say..ok that's a taste of what's to come, what's your next move? There are many other possible scenarios but it all goes something like.. will the US be willing to go to war w China over Hong Kong, Taiwan, anything that happens in the South China Sea? Yes or no, pick a pivot point.. China will flex it's muscle and the US has no good options to respond. Reality says that Americans don't care about American democracy so there is zero political will for Americans to fight and die for Chinese territories..
John Lee
John Lee Prije 3 dana
It is funny that when u see a white man speaking in Chinese, u would find it amusing; but when someone like us a Chinese speaking in English, you'd find it "normal".
Ali N
Ali N Prije 3 dana
Green Hill Pilgrim
Green Hill Pilgrim Prije 3 dana
Two v-tubers were suspended because they were reading their HRburn statistics mentioning Taiwan as one of the countries with the most viewers. This also lead to intense harassment from the mainlanders which should not have access in HRburn in the first place.
bigninja27 Prije 3 dana
Yooo Cthonic is fucking dope I've been listening to them since Takasago Army
Game Hero
Game Hero Prije 3 dana
3:39 Look, the flag of Japan also got removed
Hanmo OU
Hanmo OU Prije 3 dana
Taiwanese here, funny thing is that Taiwanese culture values scholars in politics, so many of the parliamentary members that throw water balloons and pig guts are PhDs.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Prije 3 dana
i thought the w.h.o was supposed to be non-political?? and people expect me to trust them??? ... fuck the w.h.o.
Mindaugas DB
Mindaugas DB Prije 3 dana
Who have the balls? John Oliver and Lithuania. 🇹🇼❤
Lyra Serpentine
Lyra Serpentine Prije 3 dana
Did John have to apologize to China for referring to Taiwan as a country?
다Z라Z Prije 3 dana
FF to yesterday, November 24, 2021) and this happened. "The Biden administration invited Taiwan to participate in a meeting of democracies, further bucking Beijing’s long-pressed campaign to isolate the island diplomatically and testing a recent lessening of U.S.-China tensions." Panda hugging is getting less popular.
Dom C. Ouano
Dom C. Ouano Prije 3 dana
If it isn't already, "Taiwanese Parliament Fighting Itself" should be a card in Cards Against Humanity. (Except for Chinese market don't tell them)
minyaksayur Prije 3 dana
I hope that John Oliver doesn't need to apologize like the other John :P would be funny to watch though
chen chenliufang
chen chenliufang Prije 3 dana
Kito Prije 3 dana
Taiwan is a wonderful country. it preserve traditional.
redbaron z
redbaron z Prije 4 dana
world feels strange as I hear an english man accuse other country while their ancestors slautered american and Australian people and occupied their lands
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal Prije 4 dana
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal Prije 4 dana
TruthWillPrevail Prije 4 dana
As much as I like this show, I think this episode is quite biased.
Joey Prije 2 dana
Biased towards which side and in what way?
J C Prije 4 dana
Reunification is not going to happen peacefully. China will have to reunify by force, the aggression will be seen around the world and broadcast as an assault on democracy (worse than the events in HK, because Taiwan has a military too). It will ultimately draw the west and then Armageddon. China has a choice to make, let go the idea of reunification if it wants peace.... world peace. Don't expect others to make the decision and give up Taiwan, China can take some responsibility of their own actions and can make this decision for themselves. But they won't, they will let their worthless leaders & regime make war. Get ready...
StanKween Studio
StanKween Studio Prije 4 dana
That John Cena and WHO videos are two of my favourite videos of 2021
tigera6 Prije 4 dana
So, where were all these sentiments when HongKong got "returned" to China in 1997? I am damn sure people were even celebrating back then.
Who We Are Studios
Who We Are Studios Prije 4 dana
Sounds like they should give it back to the Yuanzhumin or Gaoshan people instead of having the colonials kill each other over it. We might do same here in the US
Tomasina Covell
Tomasina Covell Prije 4 dana
Why don't we trade Taiwan for China making the North Korean Commies go away forever?
Radio Trip
Radio Trip Prije 4 dana
First they came for the Xinjiang people, and I did not speak out- Because I was not from Xinjiang. Then they came for the Hong Kong people, and I did not speak out- Because I was not from Hong Kong. Then they came for the Taiwanese, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a Taiwanese. Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me. John Oliver is wise to speaking up. Cheers Mate!!
M F Prije 4 dana
These people are all such cowards denying Taiwan, the Chinese president looks like Whinnie the Pooh. I can't take that guy serious when i look at him i feel like he's hungry for honey.
Dglas Raeat
Dglas Raeat Prije 4 dana
Didn't we see something like this in Hong Kong?
M F Prije 4 dana
wow John Cenna is a coward. What a fraud. I would call him worse but the comments won't save.
RunsWithKniefs Prije 4 dana
Popeye had a son??
leopardfrog67 Prije 4 dana
Imagine apologizing to a country that organ harvests political prisoners, kills and or "re-educates" people that aren't their culture (hans) and overall poisons the world. We here in the west do things different -we ruin peoples lives for being critical thinkers.
Greg vs. The World
Greg vs. The World Prije 4 dana
Shit, I guuuuuuess this info suggests I could put Jong Xina on less of a boycott shitlist in my mind and view him as less of a coward.
Oh My Oh my
Oh My Oh my Prije 4 dana
That explains why the WHO was so unbiased about the Lab-Leak Investigation. Brandon, his Media, and California are slaves to China…
Bernardo chill
Bernardo chill Prije 4 dana
Good one John
Vaidas Gudonis
Vaidas Gudonis Prije 4 dana
Don't even mentioned Lithuanian, only country stands for Taiwan. 3 million people population have more stamina then usa and EU. Watch and learn how to fight for democracy
jessitronn onlysimps
real talk
Sally Sang
Sally Sang Prije 4 dana
Stop playing innocent. Taiwan has been agreed the ONLY ONE CHINA policy for the last decades because they thought they might rule the whole country someday. Now they regret and want independence because they KNOW they are losing. But it's not up to them now.
TheGooeyPsycho Prije 5 dana
Can you cover Myanmar next???
Visum Prije 5 dana
Taiwan is a free country not a crappy dictatorship
chenyuehyun Prije 5 dana
"We deserve the right to decide our own future in any way..."; thanks a lot Mr Oliver and the Last Week Tonight!
User name
User name Prije 5 dana
Taiwan is a beautiful country
Samuel Dubuc-Boivin
Samuel Dubuc-Boivin Prije 5 dana
I have West Taiwan policies
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