Gary Neville & Graeme Souness clash over the biggest issue at Manchester United 

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What's Man Utd's biggest problem? Gary Neville identifies one big issue - but Graeme Souness disagrees and Carra's just got the popcorn out!
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23. Lis 2021.



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Souness - "its all Paul Pogbas fault" Gary - "it's definitely not Oles fault"
Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo Prije 2 mjeseci
@Uknown Uknown well it is. Carragher makes a good point
Ross L
Ross L Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s Fred the fuds fault
Idyobe moses
Idyobe moses Prije 2 mjeseci
Not really Pogba, he is more concerned about Ronaldo's lack of pressing
jutka Prije 2 mjeseci
@Zinedine Zidane He does something stupid in every game.
Shabs123 Prije 2 mjeseci
What did pogba had to do at that point lol 4 0 down there's no support from the midfield and the defense..fred and Harry maguire plays like absolute jokers 🤷
Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes Prije 2 mjeseci
“Liverpool don’t look right” - Gary Neville start of the season
Unknown Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool werent even good against United. United was just finished that match.
D33daus Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool don't look right to him because to him, greatness is standing on someone else's perch. He has never seen someone get back on their own perch so it doesn't compute 😆
D33daus Prije 2 mjeseci
@davie l or smoking not enough pipe. Different people, different problems lol
Benjamin Hughes
Benjamin Hughes Prije 2 mjeseci
@Joshua Arawole oh I forgot, Liverpool were the only side in the world to deal with an injury crisis then, weren't they? Every side at some point has to cope with that.
ItzCham 12
ItzCham 12 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Joshua Arawole well there was never a guarantee that the players who came back from injury would play well or get back to near there best form before injury but they have played great since returning back and as a united fan myself liverpool are unbelievable atm
A-wal Games
A-wal Games Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness - "Its all Paul Pogba's fault." Someone else - "But he didn't start!" Souness - "And whose fault is that?"
ambonyse Prije 2 mjeseci
@levner brown The other 4 goals was who’s fault then?
levner brown
levner brown Prije 2 mjeseci
The fifth goal was Pogba's faults
Idyobe moses
Idyobe moses Prije 2 mjeseci
He highlights more on Ronaldo's bad omen
Benjamin Hughes
Benjamin Hughes Prije 2 mjeseci
@MARKUS GREENIDGE he makes a total lack of effort at United most of the time. Pogba is another one of those players who people either love or hate, unfortunately. I, and others, are allowed to make criticism of him. There've been many other players who've both succeeded and failed at club and international level respectively!
MARKUS GREENIDGE Prije 2 mjeseci
@Benjamin Hughes Yet on the French National Team, he's a "godsend", so clearly it's not Pogba's fault. Nice try though.
Inder Ghandial
Inder Ghandial Prije 2 mjeseci
The way Souness and Carra just let Gary talk as they were laughing in the background at the end 🤣🤣
S Prije 2 mjeseci
Alex fergie needs to leave this club, always backing this lost cause ole, he’s been savagely rubbish for 2 years and they are talking about one more game. The reason this club has become so mediocre is partly due to Alex always on background doing nonsense, he’s not he’s not a legend he’s football was not legendary he must leave with his son ole and become a pundit like Gary where they all belong along with scholes eating feet
Matthew Jerome van Huizen
Brilliant. Knocked them off their perch.
Pardes 5
Pardes 5 Prije 2 mjeseci
scoring a hattrick with an assist from brilliant Salah is not in the headlines, all we see is Ole this Ole that. Come on If Ronaldo scored hattrick against Liverpool they would be erupting the social media and newspapers.
Oliver Keverenge
Oliver Keverenge Prije 2 mjeseci
@Khati well said
Khati Prije 2 mjeseci
that's what you earn when you are at the highest level for almost 20 years, not just fir 3_4 years. So sry Ronaldo is always gonna be way ahead of salah no matter what salah does
nadera amini
nadera amini Prije 2 mjeseci
Also Mo Salah prostration to God after his Hattrick
Frank Lerch
Frank Lerch Prije 2 mjeseci
and that is what actually makes him and the team so dangerous: let them be obsessed with drama, we just play football and end enjoy it.
Oliver Keverenge
Oliver Keverenge Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mark Hirons Did you read the original comment I was responding to or you just jumped on the bandwagon of saltines?😏
ianopolot Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville doing everything to not say Utd's main issue lies in a lack of top level coaching. There was even freudian slip at one point, that got Souness and Carragher laughing lol
FReSh JiVE Prije 2 mjeseci
He's just turned himself into a joke over integrity left as a pundit. Think its time for him to move on
pisko 21
pisko 21 Prije 2 mjeseci
Him and his brother were average coach so they support average
Tami dis
Tami dis Prije 2 mjeseci
@David Ravenscroft I quite agree. He's missing that element, to make a hard decision.
Al Electric
Al Electric Prije 2 mjeseci
Central defender is also a joke.
TM88 Prije 2 mjeseci
@generalwasteman he was one of the worst managers is valencia history
Siam Ahmed Joy
Siam Ahmed Joy Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved how everyone laughed at garry in the end 😭 😂
Ron S
Ron S Prije 2 mjeseci
I’d make Garry PM right now. He’s got the IQ and compassion of all of them combined
Reuben Rules
Reuben Rules Prije 2 mjeseci
Carra was doing his best big Sam laughing at chico flores impression.
SnowBase Prije 2 mjeseci
Support United but hilarious to watch Souness make Gary bite, knew exactly what he was doing 😂 well seen they left Keane out the conversation they wouldn't be able to do that with him lol Souness even looks at Jamie and says "told you we'd have a good time coming here" 🤣 jamies laugh in garys face at the end 🤣🤣🤣
Craig Christian
Craig Christian Prije 2 mjeseci
@Scott White if this goes on much longer it's going to affect how he's perceived as a pundit long term
Morgan King
Morgan King Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ron S 😂😂😂
Mudy Omene
Mudy Omene Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine what Gary would have said with Jose as the coach
Klaus Hermann
Klaus Hermann Prije 2 mjeseci
he never shot against jose.. he is always in favor of managers. and he still formulates criticims against the tactics. fair analysis.
Andy Nana Kwasi
Andy Nana Kwasi Prije 2 mjeseci
My thoughts exactly, he is simply being bias
DonJail Trump
DonJail Trump Prije 2 mjeseci
Give Ole more time. A lot of people really enjoy seeing him at the helm of MU. Sign him to a 30-year contract right now.
ClupidBloropope Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nick Poninski same here, we (Villa) got our first win there in 12 years, long may Ole continue
Baffour Boakye
Baffour Boakye Prije 2 mjeseci
😂😂😂😂😂 he is hurting us the fans though. Not sure if any team will pick him up if sacked by United which is a reason why they made a mistake giving him the job full-time.
Collin Proctor
Collin Proctor Prije 2 mjeseci
Youre a fan of LFC, MCFC or CFC. Me personally, CFC, couldn't agree more 🤣
Peak Prije 2 mjeseci
@Hayzee 5-0 , let that sink in
TrashMcMann Prije 2 mjeseci
@Hayzee The only recycled joke I see is Utd.
Gozlet Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching Carra’s smug smile while Neville and Souness are arguing is MOOD!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Prije 2 mjeseci
Ole is relying on a moment of individual brilliance which will materialize every ten games.
Martti Hänninen
Martti Hänninen Prije 2 mjeseci
Gary ruining his reputation as fair and balanced pundit for Ole is crazy. Dude he is not worth it.
Walter Obando
Walter Obando Prije 2 mjeseci
Walter Obando
Walter Obando Prije 2 mjeseci
6 6th 66hy5666y6666 66y h
Walter Obando
Walter Obando Prije 2 mjeseci
Walter Obando
Walter Obando Prije 2 mjeseci
Walter Obando
Walter Obando Prije 2 mjeseci
IR17171717 Prije 2 mjeseci
"I played with and respect Ole" and "Ole is underperforming so drastically as a manager that he has to go" are not hard to reconcile. This isn't complicated. He is a United legend because of his time as a player, and he's had very good periods as a manager. But, given the huge talent he has at his disposal, he is not doing anywhere near well enough and must leave.
Miss Jay Kay
Miss Jay Kay Prije 2 mjeseci
@John Smith 🙆🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ sorry to know that you missed the age of the baby faced assassin. Kings without the money. Real football..damn good old days. When football was not a career but a passion
IR17171717 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Miss Jay Kay agreed
IR17171717 Prije 2 mjeseci
@John Smith You can't score the Treble-winning Champs League final and not be a fan fave forever. He also really did an incredible job as a substitute. He had a good scoring record, and he worked insanely hard for a very long time. He's for sure not amongst the very best strikers the club had, but there are other ways to be a legend.
John Smith
John Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
He wasn’t even a legend. He was a benchwarmer
Miss Jay Kay
Miss Jay Kay Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree, just cos you're a legend as a player it doesn't make you a great manager. Ole needs experience, he can't manage the ego's in the dressing room. This needs expertise like Sir Alex, Poch and the likes. Manchester United needs an experienced manager, who doesn't put player's before the club. At the moment Ronaldo is bigger than the team and the club. The disrespect shown to Cavani and Bruno has definitely led or caused or to an extent contributed to what United is today.
Loïc Kabasele
Loïc Kabasele Prije 2 mjeseci
Everyone just laughing at Gary neville made my day😭😂😂
Justin Azubuine
Justin Azubuine Prije 2 mjeseci
I was giggling with Souness and Carra as Neville rambled on. They certainly got him worked up😂😂😂
Ishvone Prije 2 mjeseci
5:12 // 5:51 Jamie is 100% correct here. Ronaldo has ALWAYS been a poacher and a goal scorer. He wasn't the type to drop deep at Madrid and UTD previously, so why do it now? He's had the abundance of quality players constantly feeding him. He is seen as someone that is supposed to lead but not winning a title will be where he gets criticised.
Vincent Mcbride
Vincent Mcbride Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville - " He my friend don't sack him" Everyone else with a brain - "bye Ole"
Gunn Prije 2 mjeseci
@I'm Batman Aha. Ahaha. Ahahaha. Ahahahahaha. Ahahahahaahahah. Cough. Ahahahahahahahahaha. Ewwww. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
I'm Batman
I'm Batman Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mez Hossain As he heads back to Norway Only to sink in the North Sea....
Mez Hossain
Mez Hossain Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool and City fans: keep Ole at the wheel!
Rui Luz
Rui Luz Prije 2 mjeseci
"He me friend, don't sack him!" Me: "Sack him, and you can go with him, friendo!"
I'm Batman
I'm Batman Prije 2 mjeseci
Why would you buy ole... That's a waste of money he's totally useless at football nowadays and even worse as a manager...
Terence Heng
Terence Heng Prije 2 mjeseci
9:30min when all the guys laughed at Gary Neville, priceless moment. Gary shot himself in the foot by repeatedly not admitting Ole and/or coach is the main problem.
Arowolo Ayodeji
Arowolo Ayodeji Prije 2 mjeseci
Looks like he just can't stop having enough of Ole's red balls
Robert Ho
Robert Ho Prije 2 mjeseci
i think the laugh came mainly from the freudian slip Gary made out the coaching is in fact the issue
Satoke Maswabela
Satoke Maswabela Prije 2 mjeseci
😅😅😅that was hilarious.
Dark Magician
Dark Magician Prije 2 mjeseci
Graeme was absolutely spot on. He called it.
Richard Lyness
Richard Lyness Prije 2 mjeseci
First time I've seen Neville rattled like that, Souness is a sketch winding him up and Carra and even Defoe loving it haaa
Ga Wa
Ga Wa Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dominic Spiller Well there you go. I can't argue with this quality of assessment or evidence-supported analysis.
Ga Wa
Ga Wa Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jimmy Coon Souness is being complimented. Neville is not being insulted but a) He is partial when it comes to Ole and Utd chat, b) he has v little experience or success as a manager.
Jimmy Coon
Jimmy Coon Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ga Wa can’t tell who’s being insulted and complimented off that lol
Ga Wa
Ga Wa Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness has forgotten more than Neville will ever know.
Mez Hossain
Mez Hossain Prije 2 mjeseci
@gunnerglory honestly this did need Roy Keane
Raphael John
Raphael John Prije 2 mjeseci
Carra ended Neville with the "so it's a coaching issue?" question 🤣 Everyone else laughing along is just the icing on the cake
Bart Homme
Bart Homme Prije 2 mjeseci
the 2 scousers always fancy a chance to laugh at Gary lol
SunnyDfoFree Prije 2 mjeseci
9:36 🤣🤣
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville should be banned from doing punditry on United. He's turning the entire fanbase against him by talking absolute nonsense. Either do your job as a pundit and speak the truth or get out of the studio and let someone else do it. His credibility as a pundit is withering away with this behaviour.
rollercoaster478 Prije 2 mjeseci
Graeme is right, they arent playing as a team, and when you dont defend as a team, you are gonna concede a lot of goals and hence lose games.
Allister Shaw
Allister Shaw Prije 2 mjeseci
When they all start laughing at Neville 😂😂😂😂😂
Richard Kimber
Richard Kimber Prije 2 mjeseci
Ex Utd players as pundits sticking up for Ole as manager is shocking when it is obvious he is out of his depth. If Gary can’t be objective and put his friendship to one side, because it should be irrelevant, then he shouldn’t cover United again until Ole has gone. Paul Scholes is the only ex Utd player who has been objective and he was spot on
Dios. Prije 2 mjeseci
Mourinho has been proved right about every one of those United players he called out. The British media are disgusting towards Jose, he was correct about Shaw, Pogba, and Martial.
Dios. Prije 2 mjeseci
@Temi Busari Apology not accepted, as it was not needed. I never claimed the league was over. You must have more incorrect information brother.
Temi Busari
Temi Busari Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dios. I do apologise. I didn’t realise that the Italian league was over and that he had won another league title.
Dios. Prije 2 mjeseci
@Temi Busari Incorrect, current form says he’s doing very well with a big club in the 2nd most competitive league in the world right now, playing some of the most entertaining attacking football, but I’m guessing you don’t watch football outside of premier league and get your football opinions off Twitter instead of with your own eyes lol. In his 2 most recent jobs he was trapped at clubs with greedy premier league owners who wouldn’t allow him to bring in the players and get rid of the players of his choosing. And still, 2 trophies, a 2nd place in the premier league with Jones, Smalling, Dsrmian, etc, and a cup final with a team that don’t win trophies.
Temi Busari
Temi Busari Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dios. The path of destruction when he left no got sacked by Chelsea & United. I get it you are a Jose fan, I’m not. Current form says he’s past it.
Dios. Prije 2 mjeseci
@Temi Busari Pep has spent1 billion pounds at City and is yet to win the Champions League. I can’t argue with Klopp, top manager but isn’t up there with Mourinho or SAF yet. Also this fake “path of destruction” I’m not sure where you got this from. When Mourinho joined Madrid they were in a bad place struggling in the CL every season not getting past round of 16, he changed that and they went on to win it multiple times, when he left Chelsea the first time, he’d built the squad that won the CL under Di Matteo, then when he left Chelsea the 2nd time, he’d built the squad that won the PL.
nas84payne Prije 2 mjeseci
No. 1 issue is Ole. And them laughing at Gary killed me 😂😂😂
Chidozie Okoye
Chidozie Okoye Prije 2 mjeseci
Man Neville almost cried when they started laughing 🤣🤣
Steph Bass
Steph Bass Prije 2 mjeseci
The problem is the coach. How hard is it to blame Ole . What’s Ronaldo supposed to do when the defense gives up at least 2 goals à game 😂 Olé is the problem
Paul G
Paul G Prije 2 mjeseci
Best comment here
dw1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville is slowly but surely turning himself into a meme
matthartshorn3 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Charles Vane I like to use the term champagne socialist
Jckelt Prije 2 mjeseci
Full meme mode in "Ten, twenteh, thirteh years"
Anurag K Das
Anurag K Das Prije 2 mjeseci
That ship sailed ages ago.
S D O Prije 2 mjeseci
@Charles Vane want to be socialist *
Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC Prije 2 mjeseci
Bigger than Souness "It's Pogba's fault"? 😂
Ahmad Esha
Ahmad Esha Prije 2 mjeseci
The Ex United players never accept that Ole is the reason behind United's poor performance and they will always blame the players rather than Ole's poor tactics 😴 Even if you include Messi and Ronaldo on their prime under Ole, they wouldn't win big matches.
Br3ndan6 Prije 2 mjeseci
No Keane today which is rare but I’d say his heart would’ve stopped a few times seeing that abysmal display.
Soumojit Guha Majumder
Soumojit Guha Majumder Prije 2 mjeseci
In all honesty, I think man utd would be a great challenge for a manager. You've things to fix, and you've players to fix that. You have to be a manager who can adapt your style and fit this crop of players and make them winners.
Raghav Prije 2 mjeseci
AND we still haven't crossed the 81 points that Mourinho got nor will we this season. That was a far worse team.
Couch Potatoe
Couch Potatoe Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness and cara laughing at gary is a legendary moment
Nathan Nelson
Nathan Nelson Prije 2 mjeseci
9:36 I love how all the commentators started making fun of Gary - just hilarious
Adam G
Adam G Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville - “It’s not a Paul Pogba issue” Souness - “You have to throw him into the mix as well” HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
S Prije 2 mjeseci
I've listened to all this. Many good points. But I'm now in agreement with the critics of Pogba. Or at least the idea of Paul as the main man, player/figure. For this team and club yes, they need a gifted, or at least the very good player to be in the middle (foremost as a position in terms of the area of the pitch and formation, not as much in the sense of the player's position, playmaker, good vision for threading balls etc., and Pogba's got that). But the player in this area, middle, needs to be a motivator and grafter on the park. And just as importantly, the coordinator of the shape to be assumed in the pre-adopted tactics, or of the adaptive changes warranted, delivered from the side. Pogba's simply not that player, communicator, nerve cell, model, and personality. And it's not necessarily that it needs to be a throwback to Keane, either. But something more like Keane, and integrated.
Darude Sandstrom
Darude Sandstrom Prije 2 mjeseci
Never thought I’d see the day when Souness speaks more sense than Neville
SEA N Prije 2 mjeseci
Jermaine saved Gary by talking about Leicester or they'd still be laughing 😃
The Rave Music Archive
The Rave Music Archive Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness was talking about something different, and both him and Gary were arguing two separate points.
SoundFX Prije 2 mjeseci
8:45 - Jamie laughing inside 🤣
Levi Coker
Levi Coker Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m a Liverpool fan and while watching this I thought souness was being unfair to Gary but by the end I think he was just winding him up to get a good laugh 😂😂😂😂
Devils Den
Devils Den Prije 2 mjeseci
the whole anel were laughing at neville,i thought he was going to burst into tears.
Miguel Ponte
Miguel Ponte Prije 2 mjeseci
@thrilla72 but that should never be Ronald's problem like Souness argued. Gary was right, put Cavani instead of Rashford or Greenwood to add a focal point and a little bit more pressure up front. At least they wont get past that first line of pressure so easily. Also, it will bring the best ou of Ronaldo, like always.
Girija The Saviour
Girija The Saviour Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness, Carra and Gary are all good friends, I'm sure it was just banter
thrilla72 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Levi Coker Yeah, when I carried on lol I got it. Still though, focal point scmocal point
Brian s
Brian s Prije 2 mjeseci
@Levi Coker yeah but Souness was pointing out what Gary was talking about would make no difference as they conceeded to many goals, which makes Souness is right!
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
That "I told you we'd enjoy today" just sums it up. The three of them (and everyone else in the world) know who's at fault but Gary hasn't got the balls to give honest criticism about his mate.
Mentally Explorer
Mentally Explorer Prije 2 mjeseci
9:34 Graeme Knew it before it happened. WHEN HE TOLD JAMIE I TOLD YOU WE'LL ENJOY TODAY😂🤣
TheLincolnrailsplitt Prije 2 mjeseci
Mr Deafa
Mr Deafa Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville is an excellent pundit and analyst, except where United are concerned and he is blind to the main problems and how to solve them. Souness must have had that 'told you so' look all over his face after the first half of the Liverpool game.
Black Hammer
Black Hammer Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ve always said Gary would make a good politician ( well he thinks he already is) he says what we all know without actually saying it and avoiding the real problem
GOAT Prije 2 mjeseci
As a non-Man United fan, I think Ole should be given more time. In fact, Man United should give him 10 year contract. Every team in PL will respect that.
Pongnaka Lohan
Pongnaka Lohan Prije 2 mjeseci
Ole on the wheel
TheLincolnrailsplitt Prije 2 mjeseci
@Declan O Keeffe Munchenbarebach? Wtf?😆
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts Prije 2 mjeseci
carl hankin
carl hankin Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeh i agree i think he can make them a better yeeears to come.
355PH Prije 2 mjeseci
You’re a Liverpool fan right? I agree 10 years + 🤣🤣🤣
Kok Sing Khong
Kok Sing Khong Prije 2 mjeseci
Carra and Souey laughing in the end. Absolute gold
Benjamin Hughes
Benjamin Hughes Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness did my head in with his constant interruption of Neville making his point. He does it all the time. Neville was I believe building up to a point about the team and the goals being conceded, but just because the words focal point were mentioned, Souness couldn't leave it alone. United's problems are many, but two of the biggest for me are: 1) The squad is totally imbalanced, with enough starting eleven attacking players to fill three sides. The defence and midfield are both woefully inadequate. 2) I think we need to let go of our links to the past (and I obviously mean no disrespect to SAF and company for the wonderful memories they gave us!). We'll never get the Fergie years back again, and unless we try to establish a new ethos, I fear we'll just fall further behind, no matter who is appointed as manager. Chelsea got rid of Lampard as soon as it looked like the performances on the pitch were going downhill.
nowayout20042003 Prije 2 mjeseci
This is shocking to see, never taught I’d see united play so dreadful. Keep Ole there he’s at the wheel doing a great job. Finally kicked off their perch. Know they know what Liverpool fans have gone through for past 30 years. Won’t win another title for 20 years.
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright Prije 2 mjeseci
Awww man that cracked me up, all laughing at Gary and then he stuttered and went all high pitched. Perfect 😂
K. B.
K. B. Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine thinking Mourinho was ever the problem winning Europa League with Phil Jones 🤣
Fathi imran Saleh
Fathi imran Saleh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dar Funk I think u are lacking some respect for Europa league If that competition is too easy Ole should win the final against villareal Even entire world are shock that man u is losing against Spanish Burnley Ole team much better than villareal entire squad and even mou itself Mou even won that 🏆 with worse team ever and the same time too many injuries in his team Put some respect to him
Dar Funk
Dar Funk Prije 2 mjeseci
@Solarnapoleon No, the UEFA Cup was significant because we ALSO won the FA Cup and the League cannot have bragging rights for winning a competition that your rivals were simply too good to be in
Solarnapoleon Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dar Funk Yes they could Plus people tends to forger that even for great clubs you 're will not be at the top forever, when Liverpool won the UEFA in 2001 that was seen as a great achievement because we had won nothing significant for almost 10 years
Dar Funk
Dar Funk Prije 2 mjeseci
@Solarnapoleon So a team who wins the Europa League should have bragging rights over a team that was in the UCL knockout stages?
Solarnapoleon Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dar Funk That's just the organisation that UEFA made, doesn't mean it's completely adjusted to the current state of football in Europe, it's Obvious the CL has much more worth than the Europa, but it doesn't make the Europa worthless, even for a "Big" club
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness and cara laughing at gary is a legendary moment
DarkPhoenix69 Prije 2 mjeseci
I lost it @9:34. Just seeing Carra and Soue with those cheeky grins while Neville drones on is priceless. 🤣🤣
om prasai
om prasai Prije 2 mjeseci
Haha it’s a joke now. As a Chelsea fan I love how nevilles protecting Ole. Ole in for 5 more years. Ole at the wheelllllll
Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez Prije 2 mjeseci
The fact that the were 5-0 down in just 50 minutes is just humiliation at his best. The difference as I said in the beginning of the season the solid teams over individual stars is always making the difference in football even that team like Psg insists too much in building just egos. The greatest teams in the world right now Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool are the best examples of superb teams in every aspect of the game
taherajenz Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn Paul Scholes can see into the future when he said Livetpool will destroy Utd if they play like they did against Atlanta, well it's Liverpool 5 - Man Utd 0 at Old Trafford lol he was right.
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Prije 2 mjeseci
@Adel Air Lol Scholes is a total airhead with several completely idiotic statements. Last year he said Milan don't have the historical pedigree to match up with United (Milan have 10 times as many legends, more Balon D'Ors, significantly more European trophies). Literally a couple weeks ago he said man for man Chelsea had the worst defense of the top prem squads which is totally ludicrous.
Shaun L
Shaun L Prije 2 mjeseci
@gerry smith sancho is garbage. Nowhere near good enough for the premier league. The bundesliga is absolute toilet where nobody defends Stats made sancho and werner look world class when in reality they are awful
Amy Smith
Amy Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Must be the toes
Kourtinho Prije 2 mjeseci
There is a reason why pro players are forbidden to place bets on matches 😉
Jay Walker crew
Jay Walker crew Prije 2 mjeseci
“Scholes should be made manager.”
Rod Cleary
Rod Cleary Prije 2 mjeseci
On reflection….as I was watching I almost felt that Liverpool were being short changed as a competitive match..witnessing their dross opposition….and in the second half felt pity on us….because it should have been 0-10 !……🤨👎🏻
Gretar Einarsson
Gretar Einarsson Prije 2 mjeseci
It´s only one game. (I´m a Liverpool fan). This happens. Remember Liverpool last season? I wonder if MU and OLS were hoping all their problems would be solved by bringing Ronaldo in? He is not a team player, he is a player that has the team playing around him. But GS has a good point.
F Raiyan Ahmed
F Raiyan Ahmed Prije 2 mjeseci
9:40 poor gary feel for him look at the lads laughing 😂
A Tiny Horse
A Tiny Horse Prije 2 mjeseci
I remember when the only convincing wins we had against Liverpool was with LVG, and even then it was a crap Liverpool side.
Rahul Kadam
Rahul Kadam Prije 2 mjeseci
3:40 Souness was spot on with his pressing tactics & United have just proved him right by conceding 5 trying to half heartedly press Liverpool..
LS Aria
LS Aria Prije 2 mjeseci
@WIDE AWAKE I know right? Like Scholes saying after Atalanta "play like that against Liverpool at the weekend and see what happens"...
WIDE AWAKE Prije 2 mjeseci
I generally thought this was after the 5-0. What a prediction he made to a tee
JonnyC Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness just spoke nothing but facts about putting the pressure on and pressing
LS Aria
LS Aria Prije 2 mjeseci
with a 2 man midfield...
Writeous0ne Prije 2 mjeseci
@Darragh Treanor its not hindsight, its whats been a problem at united for years. theyve played a lot of defensive football recently and its for a reason, because the defence and midfield has been weak defensively, they cant play a high press. and when they do, they get exposed badly. ole has been scrimping and scraping, he just does enough to keep the job but it will never be a title winning team. its not just ole either, its the whole back room staff and half of squad.
choby02 Prije 2 mjeseci
Trying to play a high press with a goalkeeper that categorically can’t sweep and a centre forward that’s never pressed in his life and is now 36 is so naive.
bobinscotland Prije 2 mjeseci
When Mark Hateley played for Rangers, I never saw a player who worked so hard OFF THE BALL, and that is the point that is missed here. None of the Manchester United players have that work ethic, and you only get it by training TOGETHER in that style, which is down to the coaches. Something needs to change mentally at United to accept that HARD WORK is needed. They have the squad and they have the ability within that squad, but they don't have the magic bond that makes it a great team
EAD Prije 2 mjeseci
After the match - Souness was 100% right. It's almost creepy.
Anaxi Kay
Anaxi Kay Prije 2 mjeseci
As a rival fan, I want Ole to remain at United longer so that by the time he's sacked, United will be in a relegation dogfight.
Mikey Skelly
Mikey Skelly Prije 2 mjeseci
I liked how when Souness went on his little rant Carragher sat smiling he obviously found it funny how he wouldn't let Neville speak 😂
Rain Mufc
Rain Mufc Prije 2 mjeseci
I’d play 442 with two up top.. Cavani, and Ronaldo, two of the best strikers in the world.
Robert Negron
Robert Negron Prije 2 mjeseci
They have experience and are deadly
merchie heatner
merchie heatner Prije 2 mjeseci
Its abysmal that they still haven’t started a game together upfront
Einstein Ramanajun
Einstein Ramanajun Prije 2 mjeseci
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins Prije 2 mjeseci
The impact he has had is beyond footy yeh losses
Simple Jack
Simple Jack Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching Souness tear Neville apart was pretty much a replay of the 5-0 that just happened behind them.
Abdul Saadi
Abdul Saadi Prije 2 mjeseci
8:33 Gary wants to swing him 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Almond Prije 2 mjeseci
Gary’s getting laughed out the room for good reason, won’t admit that his mate is the reason ManU is playing terrible SMH
Aayush Goyal
Aayush Goyal Prije 2 mjeseci
"Jeez, these two jokers over here" 😂😂😂😂 I agree with what Souness had to say regarding big teams may not score too many goals but they definitely don't concede too many goals. Gary is being a little biased towards his former teammate. It's quite clear that Ole has to go.
jdogg Prije 2 mjeseci
When everyone in the room laugh's at Gary like that you no is blood pressure is through the roof haha.
3chords Prije 2 mjeseci
The inner conflict between “ Ole is crap “ and. “ Ole was my team mate “ is so apparent. Truth is hard sometimes.
_ Trust
_ Trust Prije 2 mjeseci
@N C Spot on mate.
N C Prije 2 mjeseci
@Joe Desmond Like I said you wouldn't be a real mate or class them as a real mate then. Its as simple as that I. my opinion.
Joe Desmond
Joe Desmond Prije 2 mjeseci
@N C I would at least openly admit he is part of the problem amongst other things rather than openly blame everyone and everything else just to protect my mate and lose credibility in MY JOB THAT IM PAID TO DO TO A CERTAIN STANDARD
N C Prije 2 mjeseci
@Joe Desmond Neville 100% knows ole is out of his depth he just will not express that on camera out of his respect for his mate. Simple as that. To be fair, if my mate was a manager I wouldn't say anything bad about him on camera. No matter how that sounds thats just how I am. Would you openly slag your mate off on camera even if what you were saying is true? Honestly ask yourself if you would do that, if the answer is yes trust me your not really that person's mate or you don't really class them as yours.
N C Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville obviously behind the scenes has been saying to them lot that ole is not the man for the job and he basically said it there hence why everyone laughed.
T J Prije 2 mjeseci
Rattttttled , greame and Jamie just cracking up … love it 😂😂
Gareth Saunders
Gareth Saunders Prije 2 mjeseci
It's a shame Gary Neville didn't show the same loyalty to Graham Alexander at Salford as he does too OGS. Salford have not been the same team since Graham Alexander left.
Marss B
Marss B Prije 2 mjeseci
Carragher’s face at 8:39 😂😂he’s loving this
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi Prije 2 mjeseci
Ole is relying on a moment of individual brilliance which will materialize every ten games.
Zack N
Zack N Prije 2 mjeseci
Love how hard Gary tries to avoid criticising the coach so hard at the end there. blatant bias
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tim Byrne hahaha 0-5 😛😛
Monkey spoon
Monkey spoon Prije 2 mjeseci
If my friend was the manager I would be supportive rather than criticise
Pritish Appadoo
Pritish Appadoo Prije 2 mjeseci
Souness and Carragher being biased doesn't make Neville smarter or fair. But hey he can use enough big words to fool the most dim-witted football followers 🤣
stanboni Prije 2 mjeseci
He knows…. he referred to Ronaldo as Elvis Presley!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣..a bunch of entertainment starts 🤣🤣🤣
realTOLLY Prije 2 mjeseci
@Tim Byrne they're all bias. its natural to be bias to the club you spent large parts with
kirokyo Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm stunned by how many amateurs United have appointed. I'm all about giving a young coaching team a chance, but they lack so much knowhow to even grind a game out. And the defending has been shambolic. Maguire has been convincingly awful. He's caught out of position, ball watching, and losing his man almost all the time. His only good attribute is clearing the ball with his head - that's it. No one is leading on the pitch. No one on the sidelines yelling and giving instructions. The whole team looks lost. Not that all was rosy during Fergie era either. I remember games were awful to watch near the end of his reign. The last minute wins make us forget how awful the team was at times without talented players like Paul Scholes controlling the midfield. United currently lack that deep player that helps them control the game. Someone that will slow the game down, speed it up, or help link defense, midfield, and attack.
ayo akinsiku
ayo akinsiku Prije 2 mjeseci
The problem was united thinking buying a few players makes them on thesame level with Liverpool. United could have just remained solid and sit deep after the first goal and rely on a counter. This is a reality check.
The_Dude Prije 2 mjeseci
They’re all laughing at Neville 😂
Paul Casey
Paul Casey Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel Gary's clear bias is getting massively in the way of his previous good punditry. For years he has been good to watch but he's reaching Ty levels of delusion if he is unable to criticise Ole.
Steven Watson
Steven Watson Prije 2 mjeseci
When you watch man united all started laughing at Gary😆🤣😂
Devils Den
Devils Den Prije 2 mjeseci
9:38 neville lets it slip out that he does actually think its a coaching issue,and everyone there picks up on it immediately rofl
Anton King
Anton King Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville refuses to tell the Emperor that he has no clothes on, even though everyone else has.
vicky Ardent
vicky Ardent Prije 2 mjeseci
Graeme Souness is amazing in his analysis. Weak defence, team effort is lacking & Ronaldo is no more part of the team play
Robert Negron
Robert Negron Prije 2 mjeseci
Lazy players. Primadonnaas
Liam O
Liam O Prije 2 mjeseci
Scapegoating Ronaldo for the lack of pressing as the reason why this team is struggling is beyond me. The issues on this team lay much deeper than this, this almost feels like a smoke screen for a bigger problem which most pundits either won't and can't discuss.
Gwelloboy Prije 2 mjeseci
No one is scapegoating ronaldo but he also shouldn't be immune to criticism, he is part of the problem. Our front 3 do not press, just saying "ronaldo has never been a pressing player" isn't an excuse. Aguero was never a pressing player but Pep demanded it out of him and even benched him if he felt he wasn't doing enough for the team. If a manager like Conte comes Ronaldo will be lucky to start every game to be honest.
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd Prije 2 mjeseci
@John Smith no, he’s been selfish his whole career. It’s brought him much success but if you think a 36 year old should be playing over Sancho then good luck in the Europa League next year 👍 should never have signed him back.
John Smith
John Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
@Thomas Lloyd This is a joke , right?
Lion Tiger
Lion Tiger Prije 2 mjeseci
Why no one of you say nothing about rashford or grenword they do nothing back side they stay only front of the other Keeper why always ronaldo
TheMasterCylinder Prije 2 mjeseci
With the calamitous defense Utd has...and the games Ronaldo has scored the winning goal...but he's the problem? Get real.
Ibrahim M. Kontagora
Ibrahim M. Kontagora Prije 2 mjeseci
They are even laughing at him 😭🤣🤣🤣
A MN Prije 2 mjeseci
9:35 Let’s all laugh at Gary Neville 😂😂😂😂
Hayzee Prije 2 mjeseci
Just think for a moment. All through the summer we must have been gearing up for greenwood/cavani through the middle. The bombshell Ronaldo signing came out of nowhere and all of those plans must have been thrown out the window. We have shoe horned in a superstar who is bigger than the manager. Ronny is a problem!
toba oni
toba oni Prije 2 mjeseci
Man utd were high pressing towards the end of last season and they were terrific.Ronaldo always rely on the other players to do the job of pressing and control the game while he gets the goals.The EPL has changed and the weak link is easily spotted and taken on
Sohail Saleem
Sohail Saleem Prije 2 mjeseci
Gary Neville is starting to embarrass himself, for once Souness is talking some sense and Gary is showing himself up. Gary should show his loyalty to Man Utd and not individual at the club. the people will come and go but its the club which will remain
YouEmOhEss Prije 2 mjeseci
Grame making Gary argue his point at 100x speed so he doesnt get interrupted 😂
Josh Prije 2 mjeseci
As a Liverpool fan, Ole has surpassed expectations at United
1NFECT3D. Prije 2 mjeseci
*I'm Sure Souness Doesn't Go A Single Day In His Life Without Saying Pogba*
Yonzblock Prije 2 mjeseci
As a neutral i feel United are easy to Go through, because when they press the attackers arent connected with each other, which leaves a huge Gap In midfield. If they had a dm that would make them be tougher to Go through, however they have mcfred. This leaves united with four defenders
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
As a Man United fan I feel like everything is a mess….everything.
Nuno Santos
Nuno Santos Prije 2 mjeseci
A guy like hojberg for example
Gavin Watson
Gavin Watson Prije 2 mjeseci
In my opinion, it's just extremely poor coaching. We saw it when Man Utd had a DM (Matić) in midfield against Leicester but still got opened up easily. Not even Kanté solves this.
Swalexbass Prije 2 mjeseci
This. EVERY counter vs United just bypasses the midfield. It's insane.
Xykeq Snipes
Xykeq Snipes Prije 2 mjeseci
John Doe
John Doe Prije 2 mjeseci
There was definitely magic in that stadium 🤣
Murali Chandran
Murali Chandran Prije 2 mjeseci
Neville explaining clean sheet of Man United from 8:08 and 8:14 that timing from Graeme, I cannot control my laugh