Showing You MY Favourite TikToks #2 

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Twitter : Jacksepticeye
Instagram : jacksepticeye

Edited by: tr8ss

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23. Stu 2021.



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Boddy Cauvel
The guy who was trainspotting has quit his job to be a full time train spotter. He is out there living his best life and I support him in it!
Dave Cad
I love Francis the train guy. He's so wholesome. We need to protect him at all costs!
Julie Pierce
As a semi truck driver, I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to hit the airhorn when someone's not paying attention. I've done it just a couple of times-
Francis is a treasure to this country and we all love him so whole heartedly
I don’t see enough people giving the new editor recognition for accepting our help with their editing, because it’s great now! Just the perfect amount of energy to counteract Jack’s energy! Mad props to you my dude! ❤️
Saint Eagle
Francis the trainspotter guy is just awesome. I remember seeing his video on the Dickmabutt train at Brighton Station and that had me laughing my ass off. But at the same time, it was so wholesome to see someone enjoy their hobby this much.
From the moment I saw the lovely train man, I thought “Jack would like this.”
Francis is the real life pops. i need to hear him say "jolly good show" then do that joyful laugh.
“You’re laughing but you’d get it wrong too”
Trevan Minnig
I didn’t realize how much I needed the train guy, but I’m about to cry. That pure joy just warms my heart.
Francis instantly makes my day better whenever I watch his videos. The pure joy on his face is so wonderful. I rarely see people so willingly express their love for something so upfrontly? that is not a word
Why Prije 9 sati
I'm going to continue to not use ticktok so Jack can show me funny things I've not seen before.
Feli Xio
Wow. Sean’s living the dream… showing people your fave vids while they’re actually paying attention, AND enjoying them.
Night Owl
Trey, you probably won't see this, but I just wanna say that the editing on this was superb! Keep up the great work!
The editing in this video is really well balanced, enhancing the video without becoming overwhelming or distracting. I wanted to point this out, since I know Trey got a lot of criticism for his last edit. Props for bouncing back with a great edit!
Ace Anderson
I love how Sean can call another man cute and not care. After spending so much damn time in my house, it's refreshing to hear, ngl. Keep going, Sean, you're amazing!
Alex Spade
Jack: Me in VR trying not to get sick is difficult for me.
IGiveMercy2Gamerz Prije 12 sati
My god, the wholesomeness literally radiates from the train spotter guy..I absolutely love it.🥺💕
Alexandra Rivoire
" I DESPISE PEOPLE!!" Jacksepticeye, 2021 showing us a big mood.