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After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.

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1. Sij 2021.



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Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK Prije 8 mjeseci
For those that have been asking since this clip was uploaded, the song is Snake Pit Poetry by Einar Selvik!
O nome do filme por gentileza?🤝
UnholyHaggis Prije 11 dana
Please continue this amasing story!!
Clervens Deveau
Clervens Deveau Prije 21 dan
please tell me on which site I can watch vikings season 7 please
Md. Aamir Sohail
Md. Aamir Sohail Prije mjesec
Ogunsakin Ayobami
Ogunsakin Ayobami Prije mjesec
Yes I know
Alteori Prije godine
EPIC! Bjorn will drink in Valhalla with his father Ragnar; both great warriors and men!
TheGamingVideos Prije dan
Illuminati தமிழன்
@Dženan Hasić did you see the snake pit scene?
Brother Alaric
Brother Alaric Prije mjesec
Ragnar isn't in Valhalla, probably in limbo , he rejected Odin
Marcus Bailey
Marcus Bailey Prije mjesec
@Zack V And did you like it?
Thegns Hut
Thegns Hut Prije mjesec
Maybe great warriors but not great men
Ryan Krug
Ryan Krug Prije 2 mjeseci
Fun fact: The real Bjorn Ironside likely died of old age but is still regarded as one of the greatest viking kings of all time.
Beren c
Beren c Prije 18 sati
He was my grand father , several times removed .
Soso Prije 2 dana
Its itslikely its speculation not a fact
Allister Field
Allister Field Prije 2 dana
the problem with ppl today is that they arent willing to disengage themselves from reality to enjoy fiction, the show is great BECAUSE it took liberties lol, if it didnt it wouldve just as boring as history usually is, thats why none of enjoyed the subject in school in the first place.
D J Prije 6 dana
@Slimpy Yup, Also the area which is Kattegat today got it´s name more than 100 years after the time of the vikings.
tobberino Prije 6 dana
@Ben Stewart Björn Ironside's burial site is in Munsö in Sweden. They know quite a bit actually.
KingYetty Prije 3 mjeseci
I ain’t gonna lie. I’m still crying. Bjorn died a true king and legend. 🙌🏽⚔️
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson Prije 2 dana
What does a Man do, Bjorn?
Macho Self Defense
Macho Self Defense Prije 13 dana
@Wingthomaux Besides, before Denying Bjorn Ironside, Valhalla would empty itself to welcome none as opposed to shutting it's halls to the greatest viking who ever lived!!! SKOL!
Boaz Otieno
Boaz Otieno Prije mjesec
@Riyanizal Afsanzani it's not that bad going forward
Remco Bakker
Remco Bakker Prije mjesec
Riyanizal Afsanzani
Riyanizal Afsanzani Prije mjesec
Im stop watching this series after ragnar died
mathias eaton-pascua
mathias eaton-pascua Prije 4 mjeseci
The fact that a farmer who became earl who became king didn't even want the throne in the first place, he just wanted to travel west, became the most influential person during his generation, and his son, who didn't even really want the title, became the one who united all of Norway
Covid 19
Covid 19 Prije dan
@Ip Man in real life no, rollo and ragnar didn't even know each other, bjorn Ironside was the son of ragnar and auslag
Darrin LeWain
Darrin LeWain Prije 8 dana
Yep his son finished what he couldn't finish
Huff_Puff Prije 26 dana
@Lol in actuality he was the king of norman kingdom of sicily, not sweden
Claes Lind
Claes Lind Prije mjesec
Lol no king Herald united all of Norway and Ivar was the most famous Viking of them all who died around 80 something years old which was a really old age back then.
Sansão e Paquita
Sansão e Paquita Prije mjesec
Viajar não. Queria invadir e conquistar
Frank J
Frank J Prije 3 mjeseci
Ragnar went out with an epic speech. But somehow Bjorn not speaking a word is 10 times more badass. If anyone from this show truly earned his place in Valhalla, it's Bjorn.
Sooby Prije 10 dana
I agree Bjorn send off was better than Ragnar.
Mellisa Jaye
Mellisa Jaye Prije 2 mjeseci
Hello frank , how are you doing today??
Jeff Rouse
Jeff Rouse Prije 2 mjeseci
Dean_C137 Prije 4 mjeseci
There’s only 3 people that can scare an entire army on their own. Björn, Ragnar and Ivar
mpye Prije 2 dana
Umar ibn khattab, khalid ibn walid & ...
SUVARNA MOGARE Prije 12 dana
@Josue Ngandu Ivar would be 1% of what he was....his weakness and uniqueness was his greatest strength
Survival Brom
Survival Brom Prije 17 dana
Rollo scare the french army to
B G Prije mjesec
Read about Marius in ancient Rome and how he stopped the entire Persian Army by merely telling their young leader to go home.
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister Prije mjesec
Everyone sleeps on ubbe
TB For You
TB For You Prije 10 dana
This scene is an absolute masterpiece, the way the whole thing is put together is so powerful and moving! It is the best scene from any show I have ever seen!
Pedro Sabarots
Pedro Sabarots Prije 19 sati
Straight up.
JaxPrice Films
JaxPrice Films Prije 22 dana
The scene alone is outstandingly beautiful. The Norwegian hymns, the slow motion of him dropping the sword, his brother giving him a farewell, his wife telling a good bye message, telling all the amazing things about him, and the burial! It is truly inspiring, because a king can die, but a REAL King still manages to get back up on their feet somehow and STILL keep going and not be afraid to die at all. He wanted to conquer the enemy and he got what he wanted right before he died! This was honestly an underrated ending and one of the best endings I’ve seen to a TV episode in a long, long time. Rest In Peace Bjorn Lothbrok Ironside 🗡
Chelsea Hardy
Chelsea Hardy Prije 19 dana
I fully agree! It was epic which he well deserved
KoolDood Prije 4 mjeseci
This scene is phenomenal, the cinematography, the music, the dialogue, If the academy gave nominations to tv series like this one, the would have won 100%
Meister Röhrich
Meister Röhrich Prije 22 dana
Thats what the Emmys are for.
Gabriel S
Gabriel S Prije mjesec
Agreed. The series was very inconsistent but the highs are among the best scenes ever made.
Francis Xavier
Francis Xavier Prije mjesec
@Kurruptedwolf that would look like some Bollywood movie.. This looks more realistic
Kurruptedwolf Prije 4 mjeseci
agreed, not sure if it would have made it better or if I just wanted to seem him charge and swing one last time.
A1S Prije 4 mjeseci
agreed agreed agreed
SudetenRider - Pili
SudetenRider - Pili Prije 5 mjeseci
I still remember the little boy from season one. So epic
Pushpdantpuri Goswami
Justin Stuart
Justin Stuart Prije mjesec
Riyanizal Afsanzani
Riyanizal Afsanzani Prije mjesec
"Father.... Father..."
WC_Kladrix Prije mjesec
“What does a man do? He fights. He looks after his family.”
mariami gogichaishvili
Little boy with a big heart
Saf Prije 3 mjeseci
The Golden Age of Vikings started with Ragnar Lothbrok and ended with his true son Bjorn Ironside. The best series I have ever watched on Netflix
Patrick Archer
Patrick Archer Prije 2 dana
Vikings is on Netflix ?
Ric Chapin
Ric Chapin Prije 14 dana
@Saf Ubbe resembled Ragnar more than Bjorn. Bjorn always looked like he was trying to imitate Ragnar.
Brad Moldenhauer
Brad Moldenhauer Prije mjesec
Actually, Bjorn was the first son of Ragnar and Aslaug in real life
E Dogg's Biggest Fan
Since when was this on Netflix I though it was Amazon/history not trashy netflix.
Legend Luuk
Legend Luuk Prije mjesec
@TrangDB9 No, the last kingdom is fun, but not even close to the quality of the serie Vikings.
Sunny Yadav
Sunny Yadav Prije 4 mjeseci
Everytime single time I watch this scene, it sends chills down my whole body. The prophecy about him was right, he became more successful than Ragnar, even got an badass ending.
Todd Hendricks
Todd Hendricks Prije 19 dana
@Ahab Duennschitz yes he is a spelling troll and people like him have few friends . He is the person who goes to collage deals so above others . But in class get bent on teachers bad spelling and fails to learn a thing and fails the course despite his intelligence . I am with you . Your comment is the point not some spelling mistake . Have a great day 🖖
Dr Dee Snutts
Dr Dee Snutts Prije mjesec
​@Luel Moges how was he more successful? What did he do that Ragnar didn't?
Luel Moges
Luel Moges Prije mjesec
Yes he wasn't like Ragnar because Bjorn was more famous and successful
Luel Moges
Luel Moges Prije mjesec
@Tru Blue yes he wasn't like Ragnar because Bjorn was more famous and successful
Ahab Duennschitz
Ahab Duennschitz Prije 2 mjeseci
@calichef1962 Its comments like this why you dont have friends
Sebastián Prije 3 mjeseci
The moment Björn showed he was better than Ivar and all of Aslaug's sons together.
Hiram Prije 5 dana
@Xvii Zxct You know Ragnar was lying when he said that He asked every Bjorn first, then ubbe, Hvitserk and even Sigurd before Ivar
Trevor Denver
Trevor Denver Prije 10 dana
@Joshua Carlyle Martin Stockwell yeah and he actually died at 80 years old when he ended up shipwrecked and died of hypothermia
Sooby Prije 10 dana
Actually out of all Ragnar's sons, Ivar was the most famous and most feared.
Xvii Zxct
Xvii Zxct Prije 13 dana
@Trevor Denver If Ragnar saw the choices Bjorn made after season 6 . He will disregard Bjorn as his son 😆
Trevor Denver
Trevor Denver Prije 13 dana
@Xvii Zxct yes but if regnar saw how Bjorn died hed be more proud than ever
Edson Moraes
Edson Moraes Prije mjesec
Série epica 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 a melhor de todas
Zachary Maat
Zachary Maat Prije godine
This is a perfect example of how music can elevate film
Masum Sikder
Masum Sikder Prije 3 dana
@Zachary Maat name of the song ???
Zachary Maat
Zachary Maat Prije mjesec
@Hor1zon137 great song
Zachary Maat
Zachary Maat Prije mjesec
@Eugen Lovin of course, it can elevate anything, but used with the right moment, with years of story build up, and visuals, it can elevate it to a masterpiece
Zachary Maat
Zachary Maat Prije mjesec
@Rev ٖ Some people always have to put in their 2 cents I guess. I didn't say it was anything new, I just think this moment was perfect, there are definitely moments in cinema that didn't do it nearly as well as this one. Or they use the wrong type of music for the wrong scene. I was applauding how well it was done in this case.
Eugen Lovin
Eugen Lovin Prije mjesec
Correction Of how music can elevate anything
Ajay Nalage
Ajay Nalage Prije 2 mjeseci
When Ivar said "it's impossible" the scary face of Ivar literally told the legacy of *Bjorn The Ironside* 🔥♥️
eric sambrook
eric sambrook Prije 25 dana
This show had some great scenes. This was easily one of my favourite. So much respect was given to the characters.
chevin0 Prije 3 mjeseci
I have watched this 100 times, and I love how it echoes the Great Army. Bjorn may have been alive when he gave the signal, but every single one of his people knew that they were avenging him as surely as they avenged Ragnar.
Pablo Prije 4 mjeseci
I love that little touch at 1:41 when you can hear the raven. Odin was calling him home. He truly was Ragnar’s son.
hrithik Vyas
hrithik Vyas Prije godine
The way Bjorn takes out his sword and russ army gets scared is next level.
Jeremiah Francisco
Jeremiah Francisco Prije mjesec
@Patryk Pietro just imagined an army of pomeranians attacking.. suuuuper cute!!
Олександр Крівенко
Як можна досі плутати русов та росіянців?
Berserker Channel
Berserker Channel Prije 4 mjeseci
@FACTS & HISTORY about Cold War, it not endet
FACTS & HISTORY Prije 4 mjeseci
@Berserker Channel You lost cold war and afghan war
Joe-John Castles
Joe-John Castles Prije 4 mjeseci
Piotr Misiewicz
Piotr Misiewicz Prije 3 dana
Ale to był serial. Czekam na kolejne tego typu z innych czasów !
Aniello Liguori
Aniello Liguori Prije mjesec
Knowing he was already dyeing, he did it in a meaningful heroic way! He achieved freedom for his people & legendary status for himself! In reality if something like this had happened, that person would never be forgotten Story would be passed down until the end of time! e.g. The Spartans at Thermopylae,
Arlete Fin
Arlete Fin Prije mjesec
Está foi uma das cenas mais emocionante e inesquecível da série! Bjorn vc foi o melhor da série
RK4000 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hands down, the best scene in the entire show. 🙌
Adam S
Adam S Prije 29 dana
I liked Ivars final scene just a wee bit more
Jeff Rouse
Jeff Rouse Prije 2 mjeseci
Dankest Leader43
Dankest Leader43 Prije 7 mjeseci
As the seer told Bjorn “no one will ever forget the name Bjorn Ironside, greater then Ragnar!” and he lived up to those words. A great end to a great character. Thank you Alexander Ludwig for your portrayal.
Deniz Kenger
Deniz Kenger Prije 2 mjeseci
@J Mac and character wise.
J Mac
J Mac Prije 2 mjeseci
@Deniz Kenger story wise, yes
J Mac
J Mac Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ryan Leikness great Foreshadowing from the beginning
Milliondollar Dreams
Milliondollar Dreams Prije 4 mjeseci
No...not greater than Ragnor but Great yes(Bjorn)
Deniz Kenger
Deniz Kenger Prije 5 mjeseci
Not greater than Ragnar.
Saracen 786
Saracen 786 Prije 2 mjeseci
One of the most powerful scenes in the Viking series! Cinematography and dialogue at it’s finest 👏
Daniel Rodrigues
Daniel Rodrigues Prije 2 mjeseci
What a great character arc closure... Just brilliant! This will stay with me for a long time
K9crypto Prije 3 mjeseci
one of the most moving scenes in tv history.
Marta Rybałtowska
Marta Rybałtowska Prije 3 mjeseci
Both the most epic and heartbreaking scene. I'm crying everytime i'm watching it.
JayLax Prije 10 mjeseci
This single scene is more epic than the whole 8th season of GoT
rfpf210 Prije 12 sati
@Jacob Allen well actually i think vikings got way better when ragnar died
Rocket League legend
Yea lol
Harshad Dharaiya
Harshad Dharaiya Prije 4 dana
Just season 1 of got is far more epic then entire Vikings series
Luke Rose
Luke Rose Prije 4 dana
@angelo ravache nah not really
angelo ravache
angelo ravache Prije 4 dana
@Luke Rose vikings better
user died
user died Prije mjesec
That little boy to a great leader ! This scene made me almost cry....
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva Prije mjesec
Simplesmente uma das melhores séries! Eu sou filho de Ragna bjorn foi um guerreiro e tanto, honrou o nome do pai... 🥺🖐🏻
Fla de Alma & Coração
Fla de Alma & Coração Prije 4 mjeseci
Épico... A melhor série de todos os tempos...
Wagner Valença
Wagner Valença Prije 2 mjeseci
Muito emocionante, até parecia que eu estava lá , fantástico 👏👏👏
Cody Spear
Cody Spear Prije 3 mjeseci
I was crying during this scene and still do every time i watch it again and iam not typically one to cry during a movie or show but i did during this, that right there should tell you how incredibly this show is!
Jeff Rouse
Jeff Rouse Prije 2 mjeseci
Kersus Prije 4 mjeseci
I watch this time and time again, each time with equal emotions and goosebumps.
Scott Preston
Scott Preston Prije 4 mjeseci
This just puts me in the mood to start from season 1 and watch this shows amazing journey again from the start
John R
John R Prije 4 mjeseci
Mehmet ÇAY
Mehmet ÇAY Prije 4 mjeseci
This scene is a masterpiece
happy face
happy face Prije 8 mjeseci
I'm glad there so many vikings fans. This show needed more recognition.
TPASS Reviews
TPASS Reviews Prije mjesec
This show was the best of it's kind I have seen
Zack C
Zack C Prije 3 mjeseci
@DaaiChommie Yeah I kinder feel it got a little silly after Ragnar died. Stuff happened way too quickly. Could of had episodes about Scotland, Ireland etc etc etc. Even more of the battles in England. So much history that was missed here.
DaaiChommie Prije 6 mjeseci
Was excellent up to Season 4 and died with Ragnar. Show became much to dramatised and riddled with daddy issues. Still a great watch though
Sura Alzoubi
Sura Alzoubi Prije 6 mjeseci
@mujj mujj well you can watch it in a website called "Egybest" it an arbic website but that'll do
Leon Prije 7 mjeseci
Imagine that they werent sure if they will even make season 2 back then.
Valter Gonçalves
Valter Gonçalves Prije mjesec
Cena épica inesquecível , verdadeiro guerreiro. 💔👍🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Cecilie Jensen
Cecilie Jensen Prije 4 mjeseci
The other brothers might have won the battle but he won the war. I have always been on Ivar side but that moment truly showed that he was the true king of all Vikings
Patwari Husan
Patwari Husan Prije 12 dana
How much time i watch this scene They give me goosebumps,this series is a masterpiece
Elijah Story
Elijah Story Prije 2 mjeseci
Chills everytime my great great grandmother would tell me stories from Norway. This gives me the same chills. I haven’t felt this way since she passed
ManiYa Prije 10 mjeseci
Goosebumps every time I watch this scene. Shows how music can make a scene EPIC!
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna Prije 5 mjeseci
@Ramón H. yes pretty much bland after this..
ᵀԋҽɳυ ☮︎
ᵀԋҽɳυ ☮︎ Prije 5 mjeseci
Status King Official
Status King Official Prije 5 mjeseci
Ado maniya 😂lankawe ekge comment ekak dkkmai😂
SHIVANSH MISHRA Prije 5 mjeseci
@Jaiden Edwards but don't compare Bjorn Ironside with Ragnar Lodbrok
SHIVANSH MISHRA Prije 5 mjeseci
Perfectly said sir you took my words...
Dinesh Rawat
Dinesh Rawat Prije 3 mjeseci
2:51 Epic shot, people rising in the background, Bjorn uplifting his sword for the last time. That image should been the sculpture of Bjorn Ironside in his home country. A symbol to unit people 🙏 Long live King Bjorn.
Jonathan Marsh
Jonathan Marsh Prije dan
Been binge watching Vikings and just watched this episode. So emotional, brilliantly done.
Cadáver putrefato dentro do cu do Anãodo Moura
Série fantástica!
David Unija
David Unija Prije 24 dana
one of the only bright moments in the whole season, they really did this show wrong in the end. But this scene is so epic, Bjorn left as he lived, A LEGEND!
Central Assassin
Central Assassin Prije 6 mjeseci
I love this so much✊🔥
Nz21 Rz32
Nz21 Rz32 Prije 3 mjeseci
Remove the backround music and u will like it not love it
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Prije 4 mjeseci
Yellow Cake
Yellow Cake Prije 5 mjeseci
@Zohaib Ashraf Vikings on prime enjoy 😉
Zohaib Ashraf
Zohaib Ashraf Prije 5 mjeseci
@Yellow Cake series name plz.??
Bart de Groot
Bart de Groot Prije 5 mjeseci
Not sure what to think of it. Season 1 started out to make this as historically accurate as possible (watch the shield wall fights for instance, was replaced by mindless charges later on). Then the ghosts started appearing and mystical stuff happened all over only for Vikings to become a 2nd GoT. Still loved to series but Im a tad sad they left behind the grounded reality.
Jeffrey Serafino
Jeffrey Serafino Prije 17 dana
Got the chills watching this, what an incredible scene
Ethan Mitchell
Ethan Mitchell Prije 3 mjeseci
Legends say that Odin took it upon himself to take the charge of carrying Bjorn to Valhalla……. Odin himself……
Sigtyr Prije mjesec
This is the truth.
Steven Lucas
Steven Lucas Prije 2 mjeseci
"dude okay; they get it" - Odinl
Kuba Prije 5 dana
This guy is inspiration for me and big part of my life, best moment in cinema for me.
RJ Weissenborn
RJ Weissenborn Prije mjesec
Hands down one of the most epic scenes in the entire series
Carefree Szn
Carefree Szn Prije 2 mjeseci
Come here every now and then just to see how Epic this scene is! Farewell Bjorn Ironside! What a character development from the writers!!
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK Prije 2 mjeseci
Spectacular! Remember his speech at Lagertha's funeral?
Justin Stuart
Justin Stuart Prije mjesec
I really miss Vikings. Thought it was better than GoT. Loved to be immersed in all that again for the first time. And to think I nearly didn't watch it
Nick Ten
Nick Ten Prije 3 mjeseci
The king who carried on his fathers dream and united them all
Helygg Prije 3 mjeseci
Real life man retired and moved into a quiet life after adventuring around the Mediterranean. He was the one that hid in a coffin and snuck into a city and fought his way to the gate not ragnar. True legend.
Ruzgaraygun1 Prije godine
Vikings has always nailed the music and this one was just the best of the best. Epic and heroic, yet also intriguing and sad. Also I loved that Hvisterk made the same speech as Ragnar made before he died for Bjorn. Simply an amazing episode I have already watched it like ten times, worthy of this amazing series!!
André Marco
André Marco Prije godine
Gunnhild says "in many ways Bjorn has been even greater than Ragnar". I can't see it in that way
Philip Rabaey
Philip Rabaey Prije godine
You already watched it 10 times? You live in Ireland my friend? Or just docking at Pirate's Bay?
Yavuzhan Sarigol
Yavuzhan Sarigol Prije godine
Ruzgar, from the bottom of my heart I believe that you are into guys. I know you rejected me before and blocked from your social media accounts so I have to write to you from here. I love you and I know you love me back. So embrace yourself just like Hvisterk and be with me. I know we can be happy. Your honeyboo, Love you always
ruzgar aygun
ruzgar aygun Prije godine
@Was Bruda? It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon, you'll be drinking ale from curved horns. The Valkyries summon you home. Ragnar had said the same words in the cage before pythons.
Abhishek Goswami
Abhishek Goswami Prije godine
This video popped up in my HRburn recommendation. I haven't watched a single episode of vikings. But music.. it gave me goosebumps. Cinematography combined with this epic music made me sad for the character whom i had no idea who is he.
Anderson Tony
Anderson Tony Prije 3 mjeseci
Who is cutting onions...this scene breaks my heart...what a once in a life time legendary scene in a movie💔💔
Jeff Rouse
Jeff Rouse Prije 2 mjeseci
Subhektsha Pradhan
Subhektsha Pradhan Prije 2 mjeseci
The most epic scene of all the series I’ve watched 🙌
Dagmawi Beshewa
Dagmawi Beshewa Prije mjesec
Nah Ragnars last moments are the best
Abhijit Saha
Abhijit Saha Prije mjesec
This scene gave me goosebumps 😭❤️
RoastrToaster Prije 3 mjeseci
Had to come back watch this scene once again...chills and goosebumps
Yakal Anderson
Yakal Anderson Prije 5 mjeseci
When he raises that sword and the his army of men, women, and children arise over that hill, it gave me some intense chills.
John Lungo
John Lungo Prije mjesec
@Andrew Skudzienski Exactly. The scene was turned into a cartoon once I saw all those women and kids on the front line. Completely ruins the mood - that is not how it would work, and movies are best when there is some realism mixed with the fantasy.
Allan Jim
Allan Jim Prije 2 mjeseci
It was awesome
SebSk Prije 2 mjeseci
@Andrew Skudzienski You have absolutely no clue whatsoever as to what you're talking about and you know it. At least we can agree that SJW fanatics are a pest to this earth... But you seem to have some problems on your own mate
white dawg
white dawg Prije 3 mjeseci
@Andrew Skudzienski and this show isn't historically accurate and don't think it's pushing sjw non sense it's actually pushing fantasy
Andrew Skudzienski
Andrew Skudzienski Prije 3 mjeseci
Yeah, except it is a lie that women warrior Vikings existed. It's an SJW lie because "women can do everything men do" BS. No, they can't. There is not one single piece of evidence in history supporting the shows premise of women performing a warrior role.
Yogesh Jangid
Yogesh Jangid Prije 3 mjeseci
When I saw Harald becoming King of Norway, it disheartened me. Post watching this scene I got to know this was a perfect tribute to a real hero. Real king of Norway. Bjorn ironside! 🔥
Paula Zurita
Paula Zurita Prije 2 mjeseci
Una de las mejores escenas de la serie, sin dudas 🍺🍻🖤
Number1Raw Prije mjesec
This whole show is the definition of an epic! Mind-blowing stuff top to bottom!
Allan Jim
Allan Jim Prije 2 mjeseci
Such a great moment when he raised his sword!!
Rehan khan
Rehan khan Prije 3 mjeseci
Bjorn: "What of my Rule?" The Seer: "No one will ever forget the name of Bjorn Ironside!! Greater than Ragnar"
Hunter Horse Helmsley
@Shaik Shamir that cripple is Ivar though. Who is just as famous and feared.
Dr Dee Snutts
Dr Dee Snutts Prije mjesec
But really not he was King for like a week.
Saheed Lawal
Saheed Lawal Prije mjesec
@Alexander E not by movie du*mbass
Alex Colegate
Alex Colegate Prije 2 mjeseci
@iakovojackgr but ivar was worried about himself. Ragnar was still talked about and known.
Navhkrin Prije 2 mjeseci
@Alex Colegate They actually changed the actual story for some weird reason. Bjorn DID become the king of norway and held the throne for many-many years. He is the most famous Viking if he had to select one.
Phanish Tripathi
Phanish Tripathi Prije 4 mjeseci
Last kingdom and vikings are masterpieces..
Rayane Faiz
Rayane Faiz Prije 4 mjeseci
But the last kingdom >> vinings
Ryuki Racaza
Ryuki Racaza Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how ivar the boneless played his role the whole season on vikings 🥰 .. but i love ragnar the most , he is the true legend
Carefree Szn
Carefree Szn Prije mjesec
One of the most Epic deaths ever made in the history of any tv series along with Ragnar’s🙌🏽
Lexi Prije 11 mjeseci
This scene broke me. One of the most powerful cinematic creations I've ever seen.
J Mac
J Mac Prije 10 mjeseci
@Migatte No Gokui Must be at least 2-3 thousand
dillon Wood
dillon Wood Prije 10 mjeseci
Broke is an understatement I’m in floods of tears just watching this I was inconsolable whilst watching it the first time round my first born boy will be called ragnor or bjorn
Hispacacciato Prije 10 mjeseci
You haven't seen much then 😂
Aithiusa #1
Aithiusa #1 Prije 10 mjeseci
the background song made me cry
Orion 77
Orion 77 Prije 10 mjeseci
what do you mean "it broke you"??? you seem fine to me, you are commenting on a youtube video. why would a piece of fiction "break you" anyways???
Andre Loüis
Andre Loüis Prije 12 dana
Cena muito emocionante... 💔
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Prije mjesec
This Scene gives goosebumps and this is the most iconic moment for the Vikings and Valhalla🛡️🔰
Taylor Prije mjesec
This scene had me soooo deep in my feelings
sittu kumar
sittu kumar Prije 3 mjeseci
Best seen I saw ever till ever ... 😍😍Love it this show.. outstanding ...what a journey Bjorn 💕hats off 💕
Apy MV
Apy MV Prije 7 mjeseci
In this particular scene.. Bjorn surpassed Ragnar momentarily. What a great warrior. Bjorn didn’t have the wit of Ragnar, but he surpassed his father as a warrior,
Raxxes Prije 3 mjeseci
@Juanisimo He was a great warrior, but he's still a cheating sack of sh** :[
Kurruptedwolf Prije 4 mjeseci
@tomwbr94 imo all myths and legends are a form of some truth. best example is religion pretty much every one of them mention a massive flood. Ragnar was indeed a true Viking who did great things. Those things have been lost over 100s of years, Ragnar's sons may not even be his sons. who knows what history was actually like ancient pyramid times seem incredible.
Canturk Isik
Canturk Isik Prije 4 mjeseci
@ᗰᗩᑎ ᑕITY l like bjorn only the best warrior
ᗰᗩᑎ ᑕITY
ᗰᗩᑎ ᑕITY Prije 4 mjeseci
I like ivar, ragnar, hvitserk, ubbe, floki
A Prije 4 mjeseci
@Canturk Isik ragnar> Bjorn
Lokesh Chowdhary
Lokesh Chowdhary Prije 16 dana
These scenes will never erased from my memory ..Hail king Bjorn ❤️
Yan Chu
Yan Chu Prije 2 dana
This scene gave me goosebumps 🔥
Harisanker A
Harisanker A Prije 2 mjeseci
This scene gave me goosebumps. Great portrayal of Bjorn. 💯
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK Prije 2 mjeseci
This family is just special
Prince Jims Dwomoh
Prince Jims Dwomoh Prije mjesec
Simply the finest epic scene ❤️
Pebbles Ramirez
Pebbles Ramirez Prije 9 mjeseci
Saddest part of Bjorn’s legacy...all his children died before he did.
MrLostcyclist Prije 2 mjeseci
@Emmanuel hh No, Ragnar is probably a myth - Björn Ironside is most likely not.
Matthew Hemmings
Matthew Hemmings Prije 4 mjeseci
@Manuella Rodrigues not really she doesn't know if its harald or bjorn it was never stated in the series
Toby Mercury
Toby Mercury Prije 4 mjeseci
@because of obi-wan? he did
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill Prije 5 mjeseci
@ChipotleIsLife 23 Better than Ragnar then. That poor girl didn't even survive season 1.
Manuella Rodrigues
Manuella Rodrigues Prije 5 mjeseci
@THE GAMER it was implied when Gunnhild said that the time of the great warriors is gone.
darkjester53 Prije mjesec
One of the thoughts about this show that really makes me happy is that in the end, all of them meet eachother in Odin's hall. Any differences they had gone and forgotten, just laughing and drinking.
Sahil Kamble
Sahil Kamble Prije 2 dana
Still getting Goosebumps 🔥 i wish series stay continue one of my favourite after got 🔥❤️
S G Prije mjesec
Every time HRburn recommends this I cant stop but watching it 🔥 Bjorn the last King 👑
Mad Chao Entertainment
This video is what made me go watch the whole series. It was amazing
This is the most legendary scene of every show i've watched so far !
Jessicarrbrumm Prije 3 mjeseci
Goosebumps everytime I watch this scene!!!!
Jeff Rouse
Jeff Rouse Prije 2 mjeseci
CashLindonTV Prije mjesec
Man i never wanted Vikings to end.
Andrej Issitt
Andrej Issitt Prije 3 mjeseci
2:19 The moment Ivar realised the gods had chosen Bjorn in the end, not him.
J Mac
J Mac Prije 2 mjeseci
And Odin straight up Ghosted Ivar in the finale lol
Nisitha Fernando
Nisitha Fernando Prije mjesec
I didn't cry at this untill Hvitserk said "Farewell my brother"😥
𝕷-𝖃 𝕹𝖔𝖔𝖇𝖘 ✓
The first time ivar was scared, what a phenomenal scene.
Joe Doe
Joe Doe Prije 2 mjeseci
The best scene ever seen in a series!
Mellisa Jaye
Mellisa Jaye Prije 2 mjeseci
Hello joe , how are you doing today??
Yodagurt Prije 5 dana
He died a true King and as a legend. Its a very late scene so we got to see many many other great and epic scenes before but I can't deny that this is my favorite scene
Christopher Neigeborn
This scene alone is better then the entire last season of GOT.
Jeanette Corpuz
Jeanette Corpuz Prije 7 mjeseci
i like both series but i really don't like the ending of vikings so many of my favorite characters died esp bjorn not like got.
ولاء Prije 11 mjeseci
Hello my friend
RAGNAR ROcks ⚔ Prije 11 mjeseci
So true
GOT JoN SnoW Prije 11 mjeseci
I agree man
Ikramuddin Zwane
Ikramuddin Zwane Prije 11 mjeseci
What was done to GOT was disgusting. The 2 punks thought they were clever and then corona hit.
RHYTHM JOKER SL Prije 16 dana
At first Ragnar gone, Then his son Bjorn gone.. I still remember that sad scene..How can I forget it.. 🙌😖💔💯
Shrujal Morye
Shrujal Morye Prije 3 mjeseci
Vikings Is Incomparable show which no show could match it's standard
VINEXUSx Prije mjesec
Epic scene i cried so hard
Jack Panossian
Jack Panossian Prije mjesec
Gives me chills every time I watch this sence!
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