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10. Lis 2021.



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Komentari 5 594   
Dexter Morgan 666
Dexter Morgan 666 Prije 18 sati
Them 3 fights especially the size of those men and there size and weigh of there punches that'll take ALOT out of a man's carreer especially wilder he took tremendous damage and I'd of stopped it earlier Imo
Fernando Leal
Fernando Leal Prije dan
Todo o Brasil torce por este campeão Parabens Tyson
Boxing Truth
Boxing Truth Prije 3 dana
think fury has been living the high life on the dust and eating shite
Boxing Truth
Boxing Truth Prije 3 dana
Fury did not train well for this fight The fact he stayed out of the ring 2 years was his own fault But good fight and showed he will give it all Respect to wilders fighting heart But he’s a total bell end wilder is
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Prije 3 dana
"Thats the true heart of a cowardly man, when he wont shake a better man's hand" Tyson Fury 2021
Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin Prije 4 dana
Every time a WHITE MAN wins, it's cheating.
Emily An
Emily An Prije 5 dana
Fury looks like he hasn't even been in a fight, but Wilder looks like he got steam rolled by a cement truck.
DeanoQ Prije 7 dana
"Do you know what it is..." "It is what it is" .... Think thats the greatest quote of all generations 🙃
Publius Prije 7 dana
Wilder's poor sportsmanship and excuse-making are absolutely disgraceful. He could really be a fan favorite and walk away from this trilogy with enormous props, but he took the lowest road possible. To hell with the dosser.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Prije 3 dana
BBC over the years, this HAS to finally shut them up! Great job Tyson. A true inspiration!
Victor Bada
Victor Bada Prije 7 dana
Just a quick reminder that AJ has the best RESUME and best jab in boxing. Put some respect on his name! No.1 HW of this era. More top ten wins than all put together. GREATNESS 🙏🙏💯💯
Tj Merryman
Tj Merryman Prije 8 dana
Yeah wilder kids mentality when it doesn't go his way
Emily An
Emily An Prije 5 dana
Fury is a natural champion. Wilder lacks the mentality of a champion
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Prije 8 dana
Wilder: "we both agreed to have a lie down in the 11th round, but Tyson tricked me and didn't lie down. He's not only a cheater but also a liar too"
Sean Yuke
Sean Yuke Prije 8 dana
David O'Brien
David O'Brien Prije 9 dana
Deontay "Pillow fists Wilder" R.I.P.
Ayks Prije 9 dana
Wilder trained hard and was ready for the 3rd fight and lost, in my opinion that wasn't the best Tyson Fury, the second fight was an elite Tyson Fury nobody was going to beat him in the condition that he was in that fight.
Paul Paul Paul 5.
Paul Paul Paul 5. Prije 9 dana
Usyk slav & Fury Celt 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
ali molamohammadi
ali molamohammadi Prije 10 dana
Fury is a bear of man 🦧🦍🦒 Best heavyweight since Tyson, fights like an old school boxer, great fight 🙏🙏🙏
SvendBosanvovski Prije 10 dana
Is that big bearded lad with Tyson Fury his brother? Looks like he could go a round or too.
Cassie Prije 10 dana
Fury looks like the kind of guy to answer the door bell in his britches any time of day and tell you his eyes are up there what a legend
Don Exotic
Don Exotic Prije 10 dana
Wilder is a career loser. He is done for life 1000%
Jeremy RaY Glen Griesemer
Love this guy. God bless brother man.
Harry Garen
Harry Garen Prije 10 dana
Now finally, can the medie give Tyson Fury the kudos he is due, 'cause that man has had to read so much crap written about him in the papers, and from that disgrace that is the BBC over the years, this HAS to finally shut them up! Great job Tyson. A true inspiration!
Nick Beef
Nick Beef Prije 10 dana
Fury is a natural champion. Wilder lacks the mentality of a champion
MegaSandman1977 Prije 10 dana
thats the heart of a black man no respect and sore losers
hen ko
hen ko Prije 11 dana
Wilder: "we both agreed to have a lie down in the 11th round, but Tyson tricked me and didn't lie down. He's not only a cheater but also a liar too"
Cassie Prije 10 dana
Tysons spits bars of truth then fucks off eating a snicker bar he's the fuckin GOAT
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Prije 11 dana
DEONTAY WILDER Sore looser x 3 times in the trilogy. What a coward and bitch ass attitude to not want to congratulate the winner.
Amaica J + The Intrepid Poets
Fury you ain't know champion, you're the shit house you and your Anglo saxon officials robbed wilder but history will hold you to account, your legacy what legacy, a legacy filled with dubious antics, all you do is chat shit all the time ?
Baja,California Prije 11 dana
I wonder what bullshit of excuses wilder has now, I lost respect for wilder, he talks all that shit but at the end when you have yes men on your corner you are set up for failure 😣
hen ko
hen ko Prije 11 dana
Like how his brother is always there to protect him.
MickDundee81 Prije 11 dana
Wilder has got the charisma of a fucking light post. The right man won, should have been over with the last fight. Tyson…go and get your other belts
Joshua Forbus
Joshua Forbus Prije 11 dana
I like this man. Congratulations warrior. Well done. You will be remembered Semper Fi
The_G Prije 11 dana
Fury tried to shake hands, the loser said I don't respect you. Wilder just got his ass beat in front of a few million people and he cannot be a little humble. He fought a good fight but ruined it by not showing respect.
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence Prije 11 dana
Respect to tyson he does what he says.Wilder is pathetic and Should be ashamed of himself
Paul Harris
Paul Harris Prije 11 dana
Has Wilder played the race card on this loss yet?
Sean Delaney
Sean Delaney Prije 11 dana
🇬🇧 Never the less , spiffing show what ? Hahaha ... ..
Motorbikers Cosmetic Company
Tyson Fury we love you!!!
Віталій Ковальчук
Fury has brocken fingers
JP MADDIE Prije 11 dana
Tysons spits bars of truth then fucks off eating a snicker bar he's the fuckin GOAT 💯💯💯💯
samuel l fishburne
samuel l fishburne Prije 11 dana
Black privilege sportsmanship is unnecessary when you're black because of all the historical suffering black folk have experienced it's racist to insist a black man shakes a white gypsy mans hand OBVIOUSLY
hdn img
hdn img Prije 11 dana
"I was kecking it".......................I love how authentic the Fury boys are. Legendary fighter.
Timony Harris
Timony Harris Prije 11 dana
Fury V.s. Francis next??👀
Keith Simpson
Keith Simpson Prije 12 dana
Like how his brother is always there to protect him.
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover Prije 12 dana
“The lack of melanin in his skin was to blinding so it was hard for me to see” - Wilder
Carl P
Carl P Prije 12 dana
Wilder said, Fury KO'd me again... he cheated again. Tyson finally said you are easy to hit, try fighting group C and then B. If you defeated them all, give me a call.
Corazón Prije 12 dana
I think Tyson Fury can beat both Usyk and Anthony Joshua.
Rich Prije 12 dana
Shame literally looks like a shorter Tyson with an afro. He literally talks and sounds exactly like him.
billy burrett
billy burrett Prije 12 dana
How the fuck do they all sound the same
BMD #1
BMD #1 Prije 12 dana
Deontay gets owned (3) times on Pay per View.......acts like a bitch after every fight.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Louis Gabriel Dehaut
Louis Gabriel Dehaut Prije 12 dana
He took 15 minutes to get to the ring, that shows he wasn't ready
al3ertv Prije 12 dana
TYSON FURY vs Oleksandr Usyk
HNX Media
HNX Media Prije 12 dana
Paper champion exposed for a third time. Why is anyone surprised? Tyson Fury is the real deal Gypsy KING!!!!
Dave Lister
Dave Lister Prije 12 dana
Don't stand in my way again ! A King !
Mary Antonio
Mary Antonio Prije 12 dana
I agree with Fury. I don't really care to give to much "respect" to Wilder for getting up. Sure, that's all well and good. Shows he's stubborn and determined. But those aren't the things that really matter. A total psychopath will keep coming back over and over again, even if shown that he is wrong, and has no chance. What matters is the person, beyond what they are physically capable of. Wilder showed he is a bad sport, regardless of whether he keeps getting up.
Tengang Dieudonné
Tengang Dieudonné Prije 12 dana
Congratulations 👑 the King 🥊
shawn hawes
shawn hawes Prije 12 dana
tyson is smart boxer. anthony lacks that. wrong coach
David Jones
David Jones Prije 12 dana
Nobody is beating Tyson - he really is the best of his era
Den Maskerade Daskaren
Why do they all sound the same Tysons family? Trouth condition?
89thunderfoot Prije 12 dana
I like Deontay Wilder, but I have to admit all the fights were legit and there was no cheating at all. Good fight Mr. Fury.
Smeargut Prije 12 dana
His brother is a gem
Luke Reilly
Luke Reilly Prije 12 dana
Tyson's family are all the same person
Scott Stevenson
Scott Stevenson Prije 12 dana
Got to Love Tyson, what a fighter, Heart of a Lion. Well done Big Guy.
Whatwillyoudiefor Prije 12 dana
Tyson Fury is 100% correct about wilder. And that is some of the reason wilder lost. He a weak man with a weak mindset. Fury had the fight in the bag before the bell rang.
marshandmere Prije 12 dana
Tyson Fury is an absolute champion in and out of the ring he does things his own way and showed Wilder how its done!! How many lives has this man saved with his openness about mental illness which in turn helped many many men to open up about there problems with their own mental health. I would love to buy this man a pint! I've got two pals that have met him and they both said he was incredibly friendly and an absolute gentleman.
john smith
john smith Prije 12 dana
Funny his gloves didn't flop about like a wet sausage this time, respect either way! gave us a good fight
Joaquin Misa Jr.
Joaquin Misa Jr. Prije 12 dana
Then he wonders why Wilder is not a sport 🥴
Tsone Media
Tsone Media Prije 12 dana
If Tyson went toe to toe with wilder without the endless head locks and putting his 10 ton frame on top of the man throughout the fight to wear him down , I'd say yes fair play... But there's always something with your fights with him , you get 15 second counts on the deck , endless head locks being the taller man when he comes in to work.. and he's never fairly counted out 10 when on the deck.. always someone else decided he can't continue .. the ref should have put a stop to your head locks.. but the larger fighters always took down the shorter guys with the same tac tic and can't just let the punches fly.. the amount of fights that took place that night without such action , and as soon as you come on , you got the man's head under your arm pit all night while striking him eating your 20 stone self down on his shoulders , because toe toe you know he'll knock you the fuck out , likehe did in the 1st , however the ref didn't wave you out...just gave you yet another slow count to recover .. it was decided you beat him every time by someone else .. facts# he never received 10 on the deck. So there's always going to be talk and debate .
Smokey Treats
Smokey Treats Prije 12 dana
Wilder isn't man enough to be civil, doesn't possess the class it requires to be a good sport.
Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot Prije 12 dana
Yah everything was checked thoroughly last time, as i saw a flappy glove on his left hand and a padless glove on the right.
Themitch Prije 12 dana
Apparently Wilder only lost because he was tired as the walk to the ring was to far and he had to carry some really heavy shorts all the way down! Dosser!
Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot Prije 12 dana
Tough talk from a cheating sack of shit.
Hajal Ali
Hajal Ali Prije 12 dana
“You didn’t go down twice” says his relative
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Prije 12 dana
Fury looks like he hasn't even been in a fight, but Wilder looks like he got steam rolled by a cement truck.
Zak Burrell
Zak Burrell Prije 12 dana
Nice cans Tyson
Xo Xo
Xo Xo Prije 12 dana
I wish i was a man so I can get in the ring n fight this racist looser
Mow Vu
Mow Vu Prije 12 dana
love ya boy fury, born to be here doing his thing. usyk, aj, whyte lol line em up we need tyson fury to stay sharp.
Jason Carnevale
Jason Carnevale Prije 13 dana
Glad this has a happy ending
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Prije 12 dana
feeling disrepect from him despite having beaten him consecutively.
mskrillz Prije 13 dana
A lot of this is just for show, in order to promote a fight and make money. Wilder missed that memo, took it all personal and embarrassed himself like the poor sport that he is.
Brad Dambergs
Brad Dambergs Prije 13 dana
Bruh. I close my eyes and I can’t distinguish when tysons talking. Him and brother sound identical. Even his old man sounds the same!
heavyhitter265 Prije 13 dana
Man, I got a call about my cars extended warranty and laid down to pray to God. -Wilder 2021.
Chef AB Music
Chef AB Music Prije 13 dana
Fury got the best of him. He has been the better man of the series. But come on haha, Wilder got one of them though. Stop the cap. Good fight though, and Fury earned those dubs.
VladisOG Prije 13 dana
Fucking Fury, I love this dude.
neil byrne
neil byrne Prije 13 dana
legend ✔🤘✔👍
Jeremy Jamm
Jeremy Jamm Prije 13 dana
Fury is so fake. Wilder believes fury had loaded gloves in the 2nd fight, he isn't going to have respect for fury. Meanwhile fury is fake as hell, he keeps prete ding to be a very nice guy, then talk shit, then respectful again. Fake ass dude
K. B.
K. B. Prije 13 dana
I don’t see how anyone can dislike Tyson. What he’s overcome, the positive attitude, the sense of humor and sheer boxing talent. What a great champion.
Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson Prije 13 dana
Remember seek first the kingdom of God in all works of your life and YHWH “God” will establish your footsteps
Christoffski Prije 13 dana
Hard not to respect him. He's real as you'll get in this day and age. Loved hearing his dad on the radio.
tuck shop
tuck shop Prije 13 dana
But Fury tested positive for fists. Two big ones at that.
PROSPECT Prije 13 dana
I understand Tyson's frustration with Wilder. A hand shake would have meant the world to Tyson Fury because that would have squashed all beef between them. Tyson is left feeling disrepect from him despite having beaten him consecutively.
Nick Pollock
Nick Pollock Prije 13 dana
He’s right Deontay wilder is the perfect example of a cry baby sore loser he won’t even shake the mans hand he has no sportsmanship and he makes the most fuckin excuses
Bricey Bor
Bricey Bor Prije 13 dana
Great job Tyson. Now it Jake Paul fight wilder 😆
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Prije 13 dana
I love Fury. Talks like a trainspotter, fights like a bull terrier
Tactical Priority
Tactical Priority Prije 13 dana
Great champion and his brother is cool too.
Geoff Ro
Geoff Ro Prije 13 dana
such a likable guy as opposed to wilder who's a clown
Silent Scream
Silent Scream Prije 13 dana
Sometimes I like it when the beef carries on after the fight, you know the passion was really there in the fight for how much they truly hated each other.
Praise Kek
Praise Kek Prije 13 dana
Fury had the spirit of Chuck Norris on his side - Wilder Excuse
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Prije 13 dana
Malik Scott still selling the lie "the things Wilder seen" Wilder is a three time loser and should now do one along with his loser coach Malik "dive" Scott
FiNGAZBLANK Prije 13 dana
Since he arrived at that press conference years ago dressed as batman, i was like this geeza is the bollox and years down the line, im right
mikey1974 hetfield
mikey1974 hetfield Prije 13 dana
Anyone understand a word they were saying
Ramz Prije 13 dana
Is that Tyson Fury with hair?
B Trus
B Trus Prije 13 dana
I wish he'd stop his family talking.... Ruins the whole buzz around him with their dribbling
John Conley
John Conley Prije 13 dana
Not too sure the brother is on the same page.....
Tom Webb
Tom Webb Prije 13 dana
Surely the "better man" doesnt need to say anything about or judge his so called "lesser man"?
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