Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, Pranks Unsuspecting Vendors 

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Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, met unsuspecting vendors on the Warner Bros. lot - all while Ellen was secretly telling her what to do and say. Watch as she becomes one with a crystal, eats a chip and spicy hot sauce like a chipmunk, and sings a made-up kids’ song in this hilarious hidden camera prank!

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18. Stu 2021.



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Heriet Lee
Heriet Lee Prije 4 sati
simon simon
simon simon Prije 4 sati
The Duchess of Squats has done a lot of Squatting in her time.....
siti shaiza
siti shaiza Prije 6 sati
I think its Humiliating at the very best, all under the words “ entertainment” and “prank”..good job Ellen 😆😆
the thinking Man
the thinking Man Prije 7 sati
like her or love her she is such a delight to hear. as a black she has acheived so much and she is a hero to us all !
Brindille Talaa
Brindille Talaa Prije 7 sati
Sorry ellen but Never she came in ellen show. She use her title duchess
the thinking Man
the thinking Man Prije 6 sati
she pretty. i come in pants.
Ronoh Wesley
Ronoh Wesley Prije 8 sati
I don't want i didn't find the funny.....can't figure out actually
the thinking Man
the thinking Man Prije 7 sati
thats not a good reason to be racest !
CaressasPassion Prije 11 sati
This is so staged.
Marianto Prije 12 sati
Trying so hard to get public attention yet failed miserably. Go to acting Meg, politic is not for you.
Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean Prije 13 sati
Omg is love her
the thinking Man
the thinking Man Prije 6 sati
i am like OMG she is do me
Simon. Prije 13 sati
Couldn't watch it all.really cringy.
Margo Hollingsworth
Margo Hollingsworth Prije 14 sati
Phone Phone
Phone Phone Prije 15 sati
Phone Phone
Phone Phone Prije 15 sati
Thank you
Phone Phone
Phone Phone Prije 15 sati
Merci ellen
S K Prije 15 sati
Can’t stand her
Mitchell Ndema
Mitchell Ndema Prije 16 sati
Just checked the comments when Harry was on the James Corden show. And he got praised. Meghan has the slightest bit of fun and the comments are 🤔🤔…..nvm
linda collins
linda collins Prije 16 sati
So undignified!
Dinamene Velho
Dinamene Velho Prije 17 sati
If any of us commoners would tell Maggie to eat like a chip monkey or or requested her to speak with the accent of a black mama we would all be called racists. But because it's Ellen that's fine! And then the inconsistencies of oh yes we are looking for privacy so we are going to be on your face on the Telly every so many weeks it doesn't make any sense! Please Maggie Leave Us Alone! We are not going to vote for you!
cheryl baker
cheryl baker Prije 17 sati
We miss her, not.
SuzieQ Prije 17 sati
Could you imagine the Duchess of Cambridge doing this? Nope, me neither.
Sue Johns
Sue Johns Prije 17 sati
The vendors are laughing at her. Not with her. Shows she'll do anything as long as she's out there being filmed. Two bullies leafing each other on. Ellen got the better of her which was great to see.
Freddie M
Freddie M Prije 20 sati
This made feel uncomfortable, it was mega fake 🙈🙉🙈
Nah Cl
Nah Cl Prije 21 sat
She's sooo ridiculous
Fatima Abuakar
Fatima Abuakar Prije 21 sat
I need your help Ellen
BERYL AKOTH Prije 22 sati
Soo funny,laughed throught it all
Beverly Bartholomew
Beverly Bartholomew Prije 22 sati
She is not a duchess
The Lion and the Mouse
I love seeing her out and about! However the sketch was way off… ☹️🤔 in any case her freedom is important!
The Lion and the Mouse
Her freedom is what’s important**
Baya_Carrenie2013 Prije 23 sati
She's such a good sport. She's a human y'all, and wants to have fun in the process. DANG!!! Lol🙃
Sunshine1980ize Prije dan
Mono Chrome
Mono Chrome Prije dan
Ellen looks like she hasn't smiled in years.
Mono Chrome
Mono Chrome Prije dan
You can pretend to be sweet all you want, but eventually the sewage flooding the basement will rise up to the first floor...
liny 00
liny 00 Prije dan
So funny, I loved it 🤣. Megan is great 👍
melacore87 Prije dan
katy larson
katy larson Prije dan
This woman is DESPERATE for attention, even though Ellen is humiliating her. We all know Kate would never do this.
katy larson
katy larson Prije dan
Narc on narc.
Gmail V'fone
Gmail V'fone Prije dan
Those vendors were probably immigrants who hadn't even heard of her or if they had didn't know much about who she was because maybe they're first language isn't American/English. They certainly didn't look impressed or excited on being told! 🤔🙄
Deplorable Cat
Deplorable Cat Prije dan
Not a difficult task when all the vendors are in on it. Such stupidity.
scimg Prije dan
I hope those vendors got compensated for their time being wasted. Standing there all day isn't easy.
scimg Prije 15 sati
@Marilyn Webber What’s your source?
Marilyn Webber
Marilyn Webber Prije dan
They’re not actual vendors. Those people are part of Ellen’s staff.
Jean 9l
Jean 9l Prije dan
Ahh Megs. Really stretching her acting chops. Bet she will nominate herself for a daytime Emmy.
Trish All
Trish All Prije dan
I actually thought this was kinda cute.
Laura Kenny
Laura Kenny Prije dan
There's no comments like this on all the other Ellen pranks. People are being mean for no reason.she hasn't done anything wrong.shes not perfect but she's a human
Evan Parandes
Evan Parandes Prije dan
?! She would never go out of her way to communicate the common folk
A B Prije dan
Meghan is so tacky, there is no other way to describe her...
Robert Varga
Robert Varga Prije dan
Meghan is a joke I felt more embarrassed than probably her Hope the Queen didnt see this rubbish
Jessica S
Jessica S Prije dan
So forced and fake. When 2 narcissists collide.
Emily An
Emily An Prije dan
The second hand embarrassment went to a whole other level. Who in their right mind thought this was a funny or even a good idea. Is Meghan that desperate for attention?
Anastasia Puniakova
Это такая попытка Меган стать ближе к народу? Омерзительное зрелище.
Jeannie Mitchell
She likes to use that royal title though
globaltrance86 Prije dan
It's sad we can't see the amount of dislikes this has. DISLIKE
globaltrance86 Prije 19 sati
@fur lo HRburn is getting rid of the Dislike counts :/ Maybe it hasn't happened to everyone yet.
fur lo
fur lo Prije 23 sati
globaltrance86 You cant see the likes/dislikes? at the moment its 31k likes and 13k dislikes.
Lifebee LifeBee
Lifebee LifeBee Prije dan
MM looks great after second baby.
Emily An
Emily An Prije dan
Am I the only one that thinks it's quite funny. At least she's game for a laugh. If she didn't want to do it, Meghan would not have done it. 😁 She's having fun. 🤣
Jamiejay Prije dan
This was hilarious...I laughed from start to finish..those who haven't found it funny, go get a grumpycetamal....period
Justforfarms Farms
At least ellen made something usefull for the money she payed for having the dutchess of lies on the show 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexandra Jasper
Thekla M
Thekla M Prije dan
Fake people
Vana Verouti
Vana Verouti Prije 2 dana
Very sad...
PrinceOfPlateia Prije 2 dana
Meghan Who? Was she in a tv show and then left it? She became trophy wife for the Brits?
She is amazing!
Logicholic Prije 2 dana
What in the jester is going on? 😆
A 2
A 2 Prije 2 dana
It's pretty tragic that Harry can't speak to his only brother (or any of his family) yet thinks Ellen is genuinely his friend when she'll do this to his wife. (although that's not Ellen's fault if they're desperate enough to do it.) Swapping ALL your real family for false Celebrity Los Angeles Relationships is a Doctor Faustus level of ignorance and stupidity.
Stacey B
Stacey B Prije 2 dana
Omg this is halarious
Isabelle Morgan
Isabelle Morgan Prije 2 dana
Milking softwood lumber, mineral mines and resources. Not for much longer my dear not for much longer. Curious to hear what Ryan Reynolds would need to say I wager a good bit.
Jobes Prije 2 dana
Am I the only one that thinks it's quite funny. At least she's game for a laugh. If she didn't want to do it, Meghan would not have done it. 😁 She's having fun. 🤣
Patsy goh
Patsy goh Prije 2 dana
Agree, this inevitably turns out to be more of a prank on Pinocchio, as she comes across so cheesy and desperate for attention.
Patsy goh
Patsy goh Prije 2 dana
So twisted, but Pinocchio thinks the world will find her funny, and down-to-earth relatable- how deaf and blind can she get!
Ame Scott
Ame Scott Prije 2 dana
I don't know what all the hate's about in the comments. I think Ellen poked fun of some tabloid headlines, like the natural-path, the mommy-certered ones, & she was a good sport going along w/it all.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Prije 2 dana
Obviously you're not British or American, because NEITHER am I!
Francisco Franco
Francisco Franco Prije 2 dana
“We don’t want to be in the spotlight…..we want privacy.”
Ruby C.
Ruby C. Prije 15 sati
xutionest Prije 16 sati
That's what she lead Harry to believe....... of course everyone else see's it for what it is.
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Prije 2 dana
How tone deaf is Meghans PR team to bring her together with another person abused of bullying employees.
Queen Shaniqua
Queen Shaniqua Prije 2 dana
Apart from being a good gold digger, she isn't too bright, is she?
Vlad Igor
Vlad Igor Prije 2 dana
Come on buy something
R P Prije 2 dana
She is a disgrace to every American and every British, she is such a star wannabe
Gerry Prije 2 dana
Reg Aagbaa
Reg Aagbaa Prije 2 dana
Many of you hatred here is promoting Meghan. She is the most watch young lady in the whole world today. Go Meghan xoxo
A 2
A 2 Prije 2 dana
I think we all agree she doesn't want to be out of the spotlight in any way. The problem is, if people ignore her (like they keep trying to do) she turns up and makes up an even bigger set of lies.
hr7692 Prije 2 dana
Not becoming of someone who insists on being referred to as Duchess.
jada Prije 2 dana
I love Meghan, you can tell she’s a good person. Some of you in these comments are so sad and bitter
4_Nia Chua
4_Nia Chua Prije 2 dana
She is just being human! We laugh, joke, get sad, etc. Come on!
A 2
A 2 Prije 2 dana
...sure we lie to judges in court and then get caught lying..oh no wait, we don't all do that.
Darvey Suits Specter
Ppl relax
Brownish gold ✨
Brownish gold ✨ Prije 2 dana
All I see in the comments is nothing more than haters 🤣
Judi Edwards
Judi Edwards Prije 2 dana
I loved it. Of course if you don't have a sense of humor, you won't like it.
Justine Hinze
Justine Hinze Prije 2 dana
A 2
A 2 Prije 2 dana
This is clearly a PR stunt to distract from the story of being caught lying in court to a judge. It's the only explanation for this.
1LIR1 Prije 2 dana
What a DISGRACE!!!!!
Lyn Goldsworthy
Lyn Goldsworthy Prije 2 dana
Lighten up everyone !!! It was entertaining. I found Meghan relaxed and not up herself at all.
A 2
A 2 Prije 2 dana
Hi PR *waves*
Jackie Joseph
Jackie Joseph Prije 2 dana
I find she was a good sport, but the media hates this woman....
Jen Prije 2 dana
2 fakes! Lovely.
Bily Belz
Bily Belz Prije 2 dana
Not realy funny. The one withbAdele was the best😍
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson Prije 2 dana
I just made a funny parody of their interview on my channel.
S. Prije 3 dana
This sure is a whole different tune than the one she played when she was a victimized royal.
TravelwithPrecious Prije 3 dana
Love you Megan. Ignore the haters.
The Cat
The Cat Prije 3 dana
Ellen once again making people look ridiculous. The only intelligent ones were the vendors and you would think the Ellen would have given them something for their participation. If she did I didn't see it.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Prije 3 dana
And people really think she's a genuine person? So much for wanting a private life.
Dewayne Roberts
Dewayne Roberts Prije dan
Says the racist white lady
PIE Prije 3 dana
But it's not remotely funny
Sri Sri
Sri Sri Prije 3 dana
How much staged it could be
Niru Subba
Niru Subba Prije 3 dana
Omg! Really very the best show!👍👍🙏🙏❤❤
Fernanda Paccelle
Fernanda Paccelle Prije 3 dana
After manipulating a letter to her father, and now, everyone knows what she intended, Megan just shows how desperate she is.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Prije 3 dana
Francis Van der Mosen
Meghan kinda deserves all the blame but don't forget she is strugglin with insanity. When is someone close to her gonna call a doctor? duty to rescue...
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