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TOUR EDITION! A super tiny TV, a hilarious Wheel Unfortunate, a messy Games With Consequences & a sneak peak of our tour! Thanks to Nickelodeon All Star Brawl for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to get the game!

Be on the lookout for the Nerf Legends game launching November 9th!!!

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11. Lis 2021.



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Komentari 9 680   
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Prije 16 dana
NEXT UP! 🛶 Build a Raft Battle 🪃 Boomerang Trick Shots 2 🧊 Bucket List: Alaska
Lohithaksh Koneti
Lohithaksh Koneti Prije 8 dana
Before:super dude perfect After:who is this dude perfect??
Michelle Richardson Martin Butcher
Ayy Boy
Ayy Boy Prije 14 dana
Yo I visited Alaska this summer
Margaret Brownlee
Margaret Brownlee Prije 14 dana
Amy Evans
Amy Evans Prije 14 dana
less go
Mixed Pickle Entertainment
We rise by lifting others. There's no harm in helping others. @/supportsmallyoutubers @/helpeachotherflourish @/mixedpickleentertainment @/godspeed @/help
MR.1557 Prije 20 minuta
very entertaining bro
tanishq jha
tanishq jha Prije 30 minuta
Petition to bring other commentators, like Jim Shorts, John Carver and Chris Tingle to host wheel unfortunate
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez Prije 3 sati
Sparky sucks
Ahmed Muhmed
Ahmed Muhmed Prije 4 sati
Can you please do top 10 best DP videos?
Artem Zhivaev
Artem Zhivaev Prije 4 sati
EmBe824 Prije 5 sati
Another palindrome: go hang a salami I’m a lasagna hog
Trevor Schnarr
Trevor Schnarr Prije 6 sati
They gave Ned a plunger based solely on the amount of $#!+ that comes out of his mouth. 🤣
blurr Prije 7 sati
sorry but it's not a battle rod thats called a bo staff
Chunky monckey
Chunky monckey Prije 7 sati
I forgot abt these guys😂😂
Incognitoo Prije 8 sati
Dang OThas been around for like three years. Time flies fast
Alpex Prije 9 sati
"Hey, you know what's not a palindrome?" CORY! 😂🤣
Filmers People
Filmers People Prije 10 sati
We need more stereotypes
Ashley Cotter
Ashley Cotter Prije 12 sati
Yes sir
imorgan1212 Prije 13 sati
15:00 *Wheel stops on Deep Fried Crickets** Ugh, that's gross!🤢 **See's "Lick Ned's Foot" right above it** On second thought, deep fried crickets don't sound too bad...🤢🤮
liyah the cool dude
liyah the cool dude Prije 14 sati
Will you film it on HRburn
Shaista Lakhani
Shaista Lakhani Prije 14 sati
when ned said "like my mother says take chances make mistakes" i realized ms.frizzle says that and she has hair exactly like that!!!
Callen Kline
Callen Kline Prije 16 sati
Mr best is better
Callen Kline
Callen Kline Prije 16 sati
Mean Bean Comedy
Mean Bean Comedy Prije 18 sati
Wait, so Ned Forrester's mom is Mrs. Frizz confirmed as canon??? 😱😱🤯
Gerald Barlow
Gerald Barlow Prije 19 sati
can you come to Dunedin newzealand
Michael Pambacas
Michael Pambacas Prije 20 sati
Why was everyone saying Gareth was dead
Trevor Harding
Trevor Harding Prije 21 sat
Thank you Dude Perfect. All your videos are awesome and they always make me laugh no matter what!!!!
Ws_Cuber Prije 22 sati
And now a word from our sponsor “Super smash bro- i mean Nickelodeon All star Brawl”….
Michtif Me
Michtif Me Prije 23 sati
I’m Cody he’s sparky, ok cods tell us what where doing tonight. At 7.06. No?
Wolfe 7276
Wolfe 7276 Prije dan
….dp isn’t a palindrome. Backwards it’s pd, upside down it’s also dp but that’s not a palindrome
The XXCuber
The XXCuber Prije dan
12:47 if you remember go back to the first overtime and at 00:36 Cory says "It's going to be a great show" 29 episodes later he has been on wheel over 8 times lol
XXDPlayz Prije dan
A & P Gaming
A & P Gaming Prije dan
Think all the work they do for a 20 minute video.
Kara Clark
Kara Clark Prije dan
Which city are Are you going to And Where and The city What Date what Time
Hedges Prije dan
peter koumides
peter koumides Prije dan
peter koumides
peter koumides Prije dan
Poor Cory
Tom Male
Tom Male Prije dan
ashley Prije dan
Brandon Golden
Brandon Golden Prije dan
Wait... is Coby a Houston Texans fan or just a JJ Watt fan? I recognize that jersey anywhere even if it's for a split second!
gOd_rObLoX_pLaYeR gOd_LiGhTsAbEr_dUeL
Bro the Battle rod is accually a pocket staff
Quinn Gawronski
Quinn Gawronski Prije dan
love the intro
Caroline Loewer
Caroline Loewer Prije dan
Add Get Dunked in Molasses.
Elis Nordstrom
Elis Nordstrom Prije dan
Tacocat is still tacocat bakwards
Marchrisol Prije dan
I have saw det raft Battle
Kason Redford
Kason Redford Prije dan
Whatever episode that cool not cool is first, it is my favorite.
Josh Neah
Josh Neah Prije dan
Does that mean coming to Australia
Colin Park
Colin Park Prije dan
cory you ruined garrets green streak. you get chosen every time for wheel and dont ever give a sympathy green.
Abdur Ravoof
Abdur Ravoof Prije dan
Come to India for a bucket list or tour
Isaac Zafra
Isaac Zafra Prije dan
I laughed so hard when cody and tyler hit cory with the stick
Eli campbell Campbell
I like you doing that video
Aiyaad Alabi
Aiyaad Alabi Prije dan
Funniest ot so far 😂 p.s congrats on the new show 🎉💐
TC Man
TC Man Prije dan
LOLOLOLOLOL the first thing you do is hit him with the battle rod
Ivanchik Prije dan
Callisto network the best 👌
Ivanchik Prije dan
Jane Prije dan
I'm telling you their camera are clearer than my eyeballs and I'm only watching at 720p
Jane Prije dan
5:48 ya'll haha 😂 ty and cody i cant
SUJAL SINGH Prije 2 dana
hey all of you why there is no INDIA
Harry Kanyilmaz
Harry Kanyilmaz Prije 2 dana
tacocat spelt backwards is tacocat
Custom Cartoon Studios
You guys (DP) should do Plane stereotypes cause it would be hilarious I would probably have a lack of air cause I would laugh sooo hard if it was made! Like imagine one of you guys trip on the aisle and lands on the food cart which then slammed into the wall, I think that would be a bit over the top (but not for Rage Monster). This would be great and I am sure many people agree with me : ) If you see this do have a think.
Eva K
Eva K Prije 2 dana
Coby: You can’t beat me! *pulls out battlerod* *Ty and Cody beat him with said battlerod*
Isaac Zafra
Isaac Zafra Prije dan
HAHHAHA i laughed hard at that scene
Outcast Prije 2 dana
What drone was that?! I need one
Gabriel Hydrick
Gabriel Hydrick Prije 2 dana
thanksgiving streotypes also hotel
Andrew King
Andrew King Prije 2 dana
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles Prije 2 dana
Loseg show is like 5 hours away
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles Prije 2 dana
There not even coming to my state
Diego Prije 2 dana
A huge shout out to the guy that held the wheel for wheel unfortunate.
Diego Prije 2 dana
Plot twist: ty never sprayed the Never Wet on the shirt…😂😂😂
Asher TheAwesome
Asher TheAwesome Prije 2 dana
"That's right there will be actual child humans up here spinning this wheel" - the way Ned puts things.
McBehrer Prije 2 dana
it's not a palindrome. dp backwards is pd, which is not the same.
Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler Prije 2 dana
Gabriel S Martins
Gabriel S Martins Prije 2 dana
coitado do Cory no "That's Unfortunate" HAHAHA
Adrienne Bowman
Adrienne Bowman Prije 2 dana
13:20 the return of Cory the unfortunate
AJ Culum
AJ Culum Prije 2 dana
7:28 is probably the best joke I’ve seen on dp
Micah larson is cool
I think Ned should spin it once
SillyGamerBros Prije 2 dana
6:12 battle rod? its called a bow staff people!
Jaxon Lee
Jaxon Lee Prije 2 dana
14:22 anyone else see the hands at the bottom of the wheel
ShotZ Prije 2 dana
Where can I get that drone 🤣😂😭
vincent dao
vincent dao Prije 2 dana
2 weeks until Boomerang Trick Shots 2
crystxlaubzz -I’m back!
Not my family with a 75”, two 55”, and a 50” tv as well as the ps4 and ps5 and the Xbox 5 and 6 and two Nintendo switches- my dad is crazy lol, we also have 4 laptops total and 8 monitors, and we all have iPads, and both of my parents have the most recent phones-
Riv Tracker
Riv Tracker Prije 2 dana
She he was talking about TVs in cool not cool, I got and TV ad lol
Auds Vlogs
Auds Vlogs Prije 2 dana
I’m going to be at your concert on Friday
Flaming Prije 2 dana
Ned foresters mom is Ms Frizzle?
Noa Prije 2 dana
Tf is all star brawl its literally super smash bros
Rekha Prije 2 dana
cory is just chosen in wheel unfortunate too many times
Also might be too early to say this but I hope you have a blast at Alaska
Braley Family
Braley Family Prije 2 dana
I kinda really want to spin the wheel…
Cix Prije 2 dana
So pumped for more bucket list!!!
Amenovic gameplay
Amenovic gameplay Prije 2 dana
Boomerang trick shots 2 up next from today
Jake SD
Jake SD Prije 2 dana
Buen video , por cierto ustedes hablan español ?
Shelby's Play Day
Shelby's Play Day Prije 2 dana
Also you guys posted this on my birthday. Made my 13th so much better!!!
Brux Monroe
Brux Monroe Prije 2 dana
Who has been here since coby’s first battle win 🥇
Michellie Hayes
Michellie Hayes Prije 2 dana
Coby: “You can’t find the sun if you tried”. Them also being inside. 😂
Emily O'Donnell
Emily O'Donnell Prije 2 dana
I was just about to comment that lol
R, hero 영웅
R, hero 영웅 Prije 2 dana
Deep Balling guys deep baIIin
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije 2 dana
the person for Wheel Unfortunate is chosen.
World Of Trains and Trainspotting
I will give credit to the battle rod because I need one! I would have super cooled it!
Altai Prije 2 dana
Model rocket battle 3 !!!
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije 2 dana
That’s amazingly
Tyler Bourg
Tyler Bourg Prije 2 dana
this is so funny
乂Cђeck Mץ  Ƥrofiℓe ࿐
I am love the ot series
乂Cђeck Mץ  Ƥrofiℓe ࿐
Love you so much ❣️
乂Cђeck Mץ  Ƥrofiℓe ࿐
Jase Prije 2 dana
Hey i live in Alaska lol
Beto Brambila
Beto Brambila Prije 2 dana
Jaja no entiendo el Inglés y me gusta ver sus videos
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