Minecraft but there are Custom XP Orbs 

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Playing Minecraft while there's custom XP brings a whole new challenge to the game!

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Welcome to Craftee where we take on different challenges and play Minecraft but strange things always happen. Today we're playing Minecraft but there is Custom XP! Let us know which part was your favorites and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future videos that we can make!

Minecraft but there is Custom XP


🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


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27. Stu 2021.



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Noah Saunders
Noah Saunders Prije mjesec
I love how craftee walks by diamonds to save himself from enchanters
alena Batchasingh
alena Batchasingh Prije mjesec
Crystal Wolf
Crystal Wolf Prije mjesec
Yugandhar Divi
Yugandhar Divi Prije mjesec
Jenil Numeral
Jenil Numeral Prije mjesec
I see the diamond I keep pousing the vid so I can see the diamond hehehehe
jehbi caigas
jehbi caigas Prije mjesec
Yeah i saw that
Duck The Potato
Duck The Potato Prije mjesec
Video suggestion: minecraft but the is custom clouds To get the dirt cloud: you have to chop 5 logs then mine 3 dirt craft it to a dirt cloud Dirt cloud ability: you have the power to summon a cloud that explodes dirt To get the tree cloud: shear 10 leafs then chop 3 wood craft one glass then craft it to a tree cloud Tree cloud ability: you can summon heavenly trees and get cloud ingots To get the Emerald cloud: mine one Emerald ore then mine 11 cobblestone craft it to the Emerald cloud Emerald cloud ability: you can summon Emerald golems everytime you mine Emeralds To craft heavenly armor: smelt the heavenly raw heavenly ingots then craft the heavenly armor Heavenly armor ability: you have the ability to fly over a minute then the ability to summon 5 angels everytime you get hurt or damaged To craft the gold cloud: you have to mine 10 raw gold then smelt 5 of the raw gold then craft a glass block ten craft it to the gold cloud Gold cloud ability: you get 5 notch apples everytime you get hurt To get the Diamond cloud: you have to mine 1 diamond and 5 Emeralds then craft a diamond cloud Diamond cloud ability: you get a stack of diamonds everytime you kill a drowned To get the ruby cloud: you have to mine 64 redstones then mine 10 Emeralds then craft it to a ruby cloud Ruby cloud ability: you summon exploding tnt by right clicking I hope you like it 😉
ღ Wîlløw ღ
ღ Wîlløw ღ Prije mjesec
I'm willing to read this, AFTER the video
PeGiSiS Prije mjesec
I liked it
Ka Bakugo
Ka Bakugo Prije 13 dana
Can one get the link to the mod? I'm sure a lot would love to play this.
9 Prije 17 dana
I love how Craftee ignore the Amethyst Geode XD
Eric Knowlton
Eric Knowlton Prije mjesec
Crazy how fast this channel has grown
JELLYRepty_ Prije 14 dana
When he was getting out of the mineshaft there were diamonds below him lol
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Prije mjesec
Craftee: Ah here's our golden experience!" GIORNO THEME STARTS PLAYING
Liam miranda
Liam miranda Prije mjesec
@dablock isieed
dablock Prije mjesec
haha yep I love that anime
Federica Ferraro
Federica Ferraro Prije mjesec
2:03 Craftee: and I'll take more of this GOLDEN EXPERIENCE... me: Giorno's theme music intensifies
Sandra LeDoux
Sandra LeDoux Prije mjesec
Kiddoos Corner
Kiddoos Corner Prije mjesec
8:29 Parker:*does not remember how to pronounce “Caterpillar”* Me:*rage intensifies*
Sniper_KrishivYT Prije mjesec
Lets appreciate how much time he tajes and uploads for us :)
Olivia Clark
Olivia Clark Prije mjesec
Hey craftee in the underwater fortresses in the middle there is a bunch of gold blocks I literally just learned this not too long ago this could help you a lot
Crystal Wolf
Crystal Wolf Prije mjesec
Dita Hack
Dita Hack Prije mjesec
Zavier Sterling
Zavier Sterling Prije mjesec
Can we talk about how at 3:18 he legit walks over a diamond block?
Cooldude Prije mjesec
Wait the xp changed when he found the fortress and the sandstone turned to 1 and back to 21 and the obi?
Demon_AngelFNF Prije 24 dana
Craftee missed straight up diamonds when running for the enchanter
Hunter GamingZX
Hunter GamingZX Prije mjesec
craftee: "Whaaaooo!" the diamonds he walked on missing them: Am I a joke to you?
Dione Eleazar Hebron
you jerks dont bully👿👿👿👿👿👿🥴🤬
Tiffany Lizardi
Tiffany Lizardi Prije mjesec
Yah he just walked over it
Connor Gaming
Connor Gaming Prije mjesec
Aero Milo
Aero Milo Prije mjesec
he got it
Naty Prije mjesec
Anika Kaushal
Anika Kaushal Prije mjesec
11:21 there is a XP orb in the chest that you missed
MoremooseCreator Prije mjesec
Did anyone notice the diamonds he missed when he was running away from the enchanter
Malymalo Prije 23 dana
7:16 did no one realize how cursed the bread was?
rare boi
rare boi Prije 19 dana
JB_Plays_GamesYT Prije 12 dana
Hearing the hisss from a creeper that was behind him when he was watching the skeletons fighting made me anxious
Sgniupf42 Prije mjesec
Craftee: Ah here's our golden experience!" GIORNO THEME STARTS PLAYING
Smaze Prije mjesec
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
Courtney Kemp
Courtney Kemp Prije mjesec
@Martha Upindi c r i n g e
Mark Dorsey
Mark Dorsey Prije mjesec
Ismail Mohamed
Ismail Mohamed Prije mjesec
harry harry
harry harry Prije mjesec
Latte Cøøkie ♡
Latte Cøøkie ♡ Prije 22 dana
The way he’s like: “GrAsS?”
jorden binondo
jorden binondo Prije mjesec
Are we not going to talk about how craftee missed a dimond
∞game Prije mjesec
7:59 very tall "ender portal" 8:24 ender portal
ĸɪʀɑ~cʜɑɴ Prije mjesec
3:18 the fact that he missed the diamond
JustinLuigiYT Prije mjesec
Craftee never loses a content not even once. Just how?
Fatima Reyes
Fatima Reyes Prije dan
I Will say XP 5 Times XP XP XP XP XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Anthon Pacal
Mark Anthon Pacal Prije 3 dana
@Go2Sleep 0
Mixed up PUBG MOBILE,Dolls
UniverseReseted Prije 21 dan
hes so funni c:
Go2Sleep Prije mjesec
He's cracked
Dapuh Prije 10 dana
Comment from my 5 year old : "craftee, will you do a HRburn video where youtubers are sand blocks cause that would be awesome."
Gigi Plays Roblox
Gigi Plays Roblox Prije mjesec
3:18 the poor dude was too scared to see *he ran over diamonds and didn’t notice*
Lena Kuś
Lena Kuś Prije mjesec
You had diamonds under your legs in a cave when you were saving yourself from enchanter
Kayderro CH
Kayderro CH Prije mjesec
2:33 that’s not netherite! That’s an iron
HASAAN GROSS Prije mjesec
It’s stone obviously
RUBLUX_ROBLOX Prije mjesec
"My XP can high up levels!" Craftee is 100 leveled.
MSBAnimations Prije mjesec
@4321recegnim it was water xp but he already have that on his xp bar
4321recegnim Prije mjesec
11:30 there is xp right there on that chest
Sno Fox
Sno Fox Prije mjesec
anyone notice how the xp sound in the beginning sound like among us
lmft G lol grace
lmft G lol grace Prije mjesec
3:18 i cant belive that craftee forgot that diamond on the floor
Amielle Samantha Lee Honrada
The more xp, the more op you are - What craftee does
zz Prije mjesec
Maybe he has to mine them to get the diamond EXP
THEDINO 87 Prije mjesec
First, the portal was a nether portal, and second, they are called caterpillars.
Christina Wang
Christina Wang Prije mjesec
What’s caterpillars
Lordwin Cruz
Lordwin Cruz Prije 4 dana
the video title: Minecraft but there are custom XP Orbs, Craftee trading with piglins then saying its from the gold heart
Ayo 😳
Ayo 😳 Prije mjesec
love me a good tall end portal that kindly rests on a claterplitter
Nakali Maharjan
Nakali Maharjan Prije 27 dana
You just miss the diamonds in the way to get away from the enchanter when he was the enchanter 2nd time
Renae Stewart
Renae Stewart Prije 23 dana
The bugs that Rest on leaves are called caterpillars
Wilson Chow
Wilson Chow Prije 21 dan
AYMAM M3A9D Prije mjesec
"You are actually very important.." flashbacks of old block Xp videos Craftee made.
Shanie206🌹 Prije mjesec
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 AISHITE.TOKYO/shizumi 💜 PRIVATE S*X #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾
Ian Compton
Ian Compton Prije mjesec
Craftee waked of some diminds after running from the second enchanter LOL
Amina Mamman
Amina Mamman Prije mjesec
Did anyone else see that he got 5 obsidian from the piglins but had 8 in his inventory
Hollow2101 Prije mjesec
3:18 he just walks past the diamonds
S.P. Jackson
S.P. Jackson Prije mjesec
When Craftee was attacked by the zombie he was in a plains biome, and what is in a plains biome? GRASS! YOUR ON HALF A HEART MAN!
Boltboi Prije mjesec
He didn't actually lose the diamond it was in his inventory after he came back to the surface
Chad Cederberg
Chad Cederberg Prije mjesec
Your round he did not get the xp
MrTop5 Prije mjesec
my recent vid is way better y'all little kids 🤡🤣.
bunu tiwari
bunu tiwari Prije mjesec
@Robert Benbrooks I jn
Togap Siagian
Togap Siagian Prije mjesec
What did you mean?
bunu tiwari
bunu tiwari Prije mjesec
Jovelyn Manding
Jovelyn Manding Prije 29 dana
Craftee didn't see the diamonds in her feet when he's in mineshaft with 3 health
Ralph Ethan Dimayuga
3:18 *Pretends not to look at diamonds
Kedi Man
Kedi Man Prije mjesec
Lol He actually skipped the diamond when running
橘昌代 Prije mjesec
He was still missing one experience in his bar
JaiDose Prije mjesec
3:19 there’s dimonds on the floor that you missed
Lim Jonathan
Lim Jonathan Prije mjesec
Moon Prije mjesec
At 3:19 there was diamonds that you’ve missed
Noreen Muneer
Noreen Muneer Prije mjesec
He missed the diamonds when he was running away from the enchanter
ScrappyBoi Prije mjesec
3:19 Craftee misses diamonds. How.
Itz Gacha_Alice
Itz Gacha_Alice Prije mjesec
Craftee and his ideas never ends haha
Randy Dodge
Randy Dodge Prije 9 dana
Lol Prije mjesec
3:19: If there don't have Enchanters, Craftee can mine some diamonds
TX ICEY Prije 12 dana
When you were running from an enchanter for the second tie you leggit ran right past diamonds
ololoolol 2
ololoolol 2 Prije mjesec
Craftee where do you get these AMAZING mods
Someone Prije 7 dana
Did anyone else see the diamonds on the bottom of the screen an 3:18 -3:19
Robloxkhlood Prije mjesec
Him: kills dragon with dragon orb Me: goes to dragon with thorns 29 to two shot the dragon
Goldmintix Prije mjesec
3:18 for 1 millisecond you could see diamonds but after he is on the surface
Goldmintix Prije mjesec
@Govindbhai Prabhubhai Madaliya no put it in slo-mo
Govindbhai Prabhubhai Madaliya
Hey it is not diamonds it is glow leachen
I am Fred and nobody
Minecraft creepers: with great explosion comes great responsibility
Bella Prije mjesec
Hey when you're running out of the cave it was diamonds under your feet
Tom Cosper
Tom Cosper Prije mjesec
4:33, you ain't the only one who can explode
Brother and sister shorts
Make a very tall Enders portal? And it’s called catapiler
Subz3r0 Prije mjesec
I love how he enchanted a sword and a chestplate with lapis lazuli, yet he did not even upgrade his pickaxe when mining...
Carl Junior
Carl Junior Prije mjesec
Lol I play Roblox to get new items and robux so play Roblox
Flikkz Prije mjesec
@Lorenza Guban … not how use lol….
Dione Eleazar Hebron
Lorenza Guban
Lorenza Guban Prije mjesec
that made me lol
SAMI plays
SAMI plays Prije mjesec
lol yeah
Animal Time
Animal Time Prije 4 dana
Craftyee Do you remember when mobs were HRburnrs like Preston that was fun
Amber Ardila
Amber Ardila Prije mjesec
he missed a dimond at the time "3:18"
xXJelly BrownXx
xXJelly BrownXx Prije 2 dana
Craftee you missed diamond in the first mine ✌
Sandeep Kaur
Sandeep Kaur Prije dan
Bruh he missed diamonds while leaving the mine shaft around 3 min and 10 sec
Quinn Burgess
Quinn Burgess Prije mjesec
"Oh, that was the gold heart from earlier." I guess he's used to the heart ones.
lil llama girl
lil llama girl Prije mjesec
Yah heheh
Happy hala
Happy hala Prije mjesec
Did He Not See He Was Level 100 He Could Literally Entcant All the Enchants He Wants
Cooldude Prije mjesec
I know but how
Jamber_Wolf Prije mjesec
8:27 craftee forgets the word caterpillar
Cosmic_ W0lf
Cosmic_ W0lf Prije mjesec
Me watching him run over a diamond while escaping a exchanger 😢
taksh patel
taksh patel Prije mjesec
You get the diamonds at 3: 18
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
When He literally missed the netherite ingots in trading I was like wahaaat the hell dude why in heaven's sake did you miss that
Uooneke Prije mjesec
that was a netherbrick not netherite
Jfjsj Dhsjfh
Jfjsj Dhsjfh Prije mjesec
No you weren’t. Bots can’t think, talk, or have feelings.
Ever Changing pfp reborn
Golden experience… now where have I heard that before wait a second is that a jojo reference
Join43 Prije mjesec
I'm watching from Turkey and I love it so much, even if I understand a little, it's a problem feil :D
The Animation Rocket
3:18 diamonds that he didn’t see
Z Man
Z Man Prije mjesec
I think I saw that Craftee got a stack netherite from the piglins
Skid Of Steel
Skid Of Steel Prije mjesec
When I watch Craftee and see special things that deal with blazes I think of in the video with mob cores I commented “blaze core sounds like a band Craftee would start” and he replied. Now I’m thinking “Craftee will let u in the band Blaze Core if you have blaze experience”.
MrTop5 Prije mjesec
my recent vid is way better y'all little kids 🤡🤣
Rosemary Jones
Rosemary Jones Prije 28 dana
Me: With great power comes great responsibility Craftee: WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicholas Mascaro
Nicholas Mascaro Prije mjesec
You got extra sand because there is a bug with exploding sand and gravel and other falling objects they kind of dupe
Kate Mazza
Kate Mazza Prije dan
This is like the ez version of Custom harts
Yanitheweeb Prije mjesec
I’m mad my guy forgot how to say caterpillar 😂 for craftee cat-a-pill-ar
E Prije mjesec
Anyone else see the diamond or when he was running from the enchanter
E Prije mjesec
Michael Bilbo
Michael Bilbo Prije mjesec
Craftee: let’s go into the ender portal Me:it’s a nether portal
Zion Hampton Brown
Zion Hampton Brown Prije 5 dana
Idk why but I can just imagine craftee playing Mortal Kombat
Val3tinT Prije mjesec
Fun Fact:Crafftee actually changed his name to Crafftee from Parkergames. How:See him get a Achevement and his name will show Parkergames
Vib3z Prije mjesec
Did anyone else notice that craftee just walked over diamonds 😂
Julia D
Julia D Prije mjesec
I saw it at 3:18 if anyone's curious
Jarvinette Hurst
Jarvinette Hurst Prije mjesec
He does that every vid
Zian Bungay
Zian Bungay Prije mjesec
Ellaijah Mae Cabrales
Stray Potato and Carrots
@Tala Masoud bc he probably missed it in teh rush but saw it after when he cut the vid and took it
Mary Kelly Reidy
Mary Kelly Reidy Prije mjesec
He letirly past a stinken dimond early in the vid when he was about to die from an enchanter lol😂😂😂😂😂
Ash._.whattdixoq Prije mjesec
My man really missed diamonds, Netherite, And a orb at the zombie spawner
Prashant Tiwari
Prashant Tiwari Prije 10 dana
3:18 he left a diamond ore
romoxy Prije mjesec
3:18 craftee walks over diamonds
cool aid508
cool aid508 Prije 25 dana
Creeper: haha now its time to explode craftee Craftee: puts fire down explodes the creeper Creeper: *dead* Me: the creeper got what it deserved
Cheeky Lipster
Cheeky Lipster Prije mjesec
Wow he only did 45 videos on his channel and already has 2 mil subs crafte keep the work going!
HoopsSkeeter00 Prije mjesec
Can you give us the link or something to the data pack?
Nika_gom Prije mjesec
3:19 there is diamonds end u dont brake it
MURTADHA ARBI Prije mjesec
6:48 what do you mean golden hearts craftee?. I thought it was exp orb
Alix._.Kubdel°○ Prije mjesec
when he runs out of mine shaft i found a single diamond
Anthony Juan
Anthony Juan Prije mjesec
"We got the golden experience!" Jojo fans: is that a jojo refere-
Sea-weed Prije 3 dana
i dont understand this comment anymore
Mr_ Redbuster
Mr_ Redbuster Prije 4 dana
I was gonna say that
Sea-weed Prije mjesec
the entire video is a jojo reference. if it has exp after it it’s a golden experience variant