Måneskin Sings Metallica, Queen and Amy Winehouse in a Game of Song Association | ELLE 

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The people have spoken, and they're ' for ! The Italian Rock band is next up on . Tune in on this episode as they sing everything from Metallica to T-Pain, reveal some of their artistic influences and reminisce on recording together for the first time. For more ELLE:

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Thirst Trap:
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8. Lis 2021.



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Yoongles Prije 7 sati
I just found them today and i'm obsessed 😍
Marta_3&7 Prije 20 sati
Ethan is so shy and cute😍
DAVI AMORIM Prije 2 dana
4:53 me encantou com Michael Bublé
DAVI AMORIM Prije 2 dana
Eles são belíssimos e divertidíssimos
Ale Jandra
Ale Jandra Prije 2 dana
I need a full cover of buy you a drink 😩💖
Valentina Quintero
Valentina Quintero Prije 4 dana
esa chocadera de hombros muestra lo cercanos que son! me gustó su interacción y que bien que las cantaron todas..
you can be king again
the adorable lady reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence 🥺🥺 even her cute raspy voice hh
ありお Prije 5 dana
4:45 did y’all see this Ethan’s little smile??! He’s so adorable and relatable too🥺😂 I love him with my whole heart❤️
Ida Kaczanowska
Ida Kaczanowska Prije 6 dana
Awe Ethannnn. This friend that you always take with and he starts talking in the most unexpected moment.
Eperke Prije 6 dana
does victoria have a crush on damiano lmao it kinda looks like that here
Tatjana Milovanović
There is big chemistry beetwen them. :)
Tanisha Willie
Tanisha Willie Prije 7 dana
I would honestly die for Victoria
Rich BoiTrey
Rich BoiTrey Prije 7 dana
Em Beach
Em Beach Prije 10 dana
2:18 the percussionist immediately starts making the percussion sounds with his body for them to sing with💕
Fede Salgaro
Fede Salgaro Prije 10 dana
1:22 "ma vaffangul!" AHAHAAH
Margareth Messerli
Margareth Messerli Prije 11 dana
When he sang buble 😍😍
D P Prije 12 dana
Omd this is so cute
bungalogic Prije 14 dana
Love these guys.
Odeth Negrete
Odeth Negrete Prije 14 dana
Porque siempre hacen a un lado a Ethan?
Orlando García
Orlando García Prije 14 dana
Royal Blood whaa
Roshie Chan
Roshie Chan Prije 14 dana
2:30 B E S T P A R T 💟🌠
Tom Anderer
Tom Anderer Prije 16 dana
why is ethan so shyyyyy😭😭
MG Prije 17 dana
They are amazing!!!!
Robert Ortiz
Robert Ortiz Prije 17 dana
Not damiano slaying buy you a drank on that run he did😩😩
Marc Aiz
Marc Aiz Prije 17 dana
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Prije 17 dana
Why weren't they given some Italian words??
mike nealon
mike nealon Prije 17 dana
Rebecca Figueroa
Rebecca Figueroa Prije 18 dana
I love these people 👏❤️
ttaehvs Prije 20 dana
i love ethan help😭💞
darci white
darci white Prije 20 dana
Neele Fuchs
Neele Fuchs Prije 21 dan
I love Ethan😂🙌
lauren Timko
lauren Timko Prije 21 dan
Love them❤️❤️❤️❤️
Selina Heckel
Selina Heckel Prije 21 dan
i feel addressed 0:08
Giovanni Pagano
Giovanni Pagano Prije 22 dana
Mamma mia
sasha Prije 22 dana
Che schifo
Andrea Alvarado
Andrea Alvarado Prije 22 dana
They’re all ✨ models ✨
Paola Colombo
Paola Colombo Prije 23 dana
Costretti a vestirsi in quel modo per scelta o perché promuovendo il gender fluid hanno vinto everywhere?
hey bulldog
hey bulldog Prije 23 dana
Something by The Beatles 🥺
dani ceb
dani ceb Prije 24 dana
the way ethan was still in percussion mode with his claps 😂
Suleyman Arma
Suleyman Arma Prije 24 dana
Victoria why you gotta be so beautiful
Grace Blo
Grace Blo Prije 24 dana
They actually make music 🎵😂🤟🏻 luv u guys ♥️
jaY Prije 24 dana
The range of their music taste and just the amount of awareness they have blows my mind.
Roxi Reyes
Roxi Reyes Prije 24 dana
A mi no me engañas tu vistes Disney xD
Achimescu Catalin-Andrei
I would die for Victoria de Angelis. Just to hug from her and then I'd be happy and ready to die.
Fairy Floss
Fairy Floss Prije 25 dana
I feel bad for Ethan. I’m that friend too, always gets ignored no matter how hard i try😅
joe7426 Prije 25 dana
I’m sorry but why is Ethan SO CUTE 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Feny Rodríguez
Feny Rodríguez Prije 25 dana
"Hi, Selena" 😍
Lisbellas Prije 26 dana
Coming to love this band more and more 🤗
Stella Mavridou
Stella Mavridou Prije 26 dana
Ethan is so cute
Matteo Montanari
Matteo Montanari Prije 26 dana
Siete grandissimi
Ava Buchanan
Ava Buchanan Prije 26 dana
When master and ready came on I sang the same songs as damiano and victoria
MusicSpounge Prije 26 dana
Fire the stylist 🤨
kimmernaq støvlbæk
kimmernaq støvlbæk Prije 26 dana
Kreamycherrypie Prije 26 dana
Victoria is a piece of art
aush✨ Prije 26 dana
for some reason I just knew they would get everything right even before watching this
𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓿𝓪 Prije 26 dana
They're all so lovable and charismatic!
Bastian Viveros
Bastian Viveros Prije 27 dana
Yeah miley 😍
Patience Ngoma
Patience Ngoma Prije 27 dana
The outfits are stunning 😍
Emily Brolund
Emily Brolund Prije 27 dana
2:29 honestly wanna hear Damiano sing “apple bottom jeans”
Mandy C
Mandy C Prije 27 dana
Love seeing them getting more and more international attention!
Chris P
Chris P Prije 27 dana
I love how they love each other.
eatlocalhoney Prije 27 dana
People are always surprised when musicians love music 😂
Nirvana Prije 27 dana
Victoria sounds like Jennifer Lawrence. Specially her laugh!
Lily Cabrera
Lily Cabrera Prije 27 dana
They're soo cute 🥺
Angely zadeng
Angely zadeng Prije 28 dana
I love Vic and Damiano
jungkook's left butt cheek
Ethan is becoming more comfortable in front of a camera, I love that.
Maddie Prije 28 dana
Love everything Italian🇮🇹
Miriam Mancuso
Miriam Mancuso Prije 29 dana
quando ha detto “ma vaffacu” SONO MORTA
Swissted Chef
Swissted Chef Prije 29 dana
Somewhat skilled, immature, but I give them five years before I judge.
I still 1d
I still 1d Prije 29 dana
Victoria is so cute
Emilee Woolard
Emilee Woolard Prije 29 dana
I love how they are literally all siblings 😭
* Prije 29 dana
Yeeees, Ethan said Queen "We will rock you!" I knew that he will say so, this song has perfect rhythm.
Zoey Ackerman
Zoey Ackerman Prije 29 dana
I love it when artists who play this game sing/know other artists' songs and not just their own. I dunno. It just makes me happy and it makes me think that they aren't snobs or too full of themselves. I think I'm a fan of Måneskin now. ❤️
Leslie Jackson
Leslie Jackson Prije mjesec
I really love seeing them all having fun together. When the word "rock" came up, I immediately thought of "we will rock you" so thank you Ethan for mentioning it (in a very simple way, haha) Love you guys, Stay awesome!!
Winter Late
Winter Late Prije mjesec
I dont know who they are, but I try to watch it, and wow! Fall in love with them! Hope that they dont change when they get more success. They are sweet and amazing!
Vanessa H. A.
Vanessa H. A. Prije mjesec
ethan is soooo cute ngl
Cee esS LordLander
Cee esS LordLander Prije mjesec
Start?... It starts with... 1thing....
Jisoo's Bottles Official🍿🥞
1:33 Idk why I laughed at this part 😂
Frank E
Frank E Prije mjesec
They remind me of Twilight cast members 🧛🧛‍♀️
Aurora Celani
Aurora Celani Prije mjesec
Damiano a Thomas quando canta un'altra canzone al posto della loro: Ma vafancú ahahahahahah
Miriana Sessa
Miriana Sessa Prije mjesec
ris a
ris a Prije mjesec
at first i thought the dude on the left was kinda cute but THEN he started singing Something by The Beatles so ive decided he's my favourite
Ingunn R
Ingunn R Prije mjesec
very nice
manekineko Prije mjesec
Let's be honest: We all have a crush on Ethan. 💗
Martino Vittori
Martino Vittori Prije mjesec
minchia oh che pronuncia hanno Victoria e Damiano? :D
Chemical Prije mjesec
I can’t get over Maneskin
Lauren H
Lauren H Prije mjesec
their matching black leather pants >>
Валерия Веникова
мне кажется или на 1.46 он сказал элджей вхвхаххвахаахххахпх
Ximena Romero
Ximena Romero Prije mjesec
Miss Amy
sand Prije mjesec
Are the two in the middle sleeping together? First time seeing them and getting those vibes lol
TheVenuses Prije mjesec
I really wanna hear an Arctic Monkeys song from them😫
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez Prije mjesec
Milika Prije mjesec
Hands down the best looking band. The talent and the looks ASTRONOMICAL
mele ana シ
mele ana シ Prije mjesec
i would die for ethan
Elisa Zangirolami
Elisa Zangirolami Prije mjesec
Marina Merchez
Marina Merchez Prije mjesec
Sabry Prije mjesec
mariemiel Prije mjesec
the selena is peak gen z
Phill Mac
Phill Mac Prije mjesec
I sang a cover of "Coraline" on my channel! Give it a listen :)) Gotta love these guys
Ryanne Braselton
Ryanne Braselton Prije mjesec
I need to hear their version of breeze blocks!!!!
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