SMG4: If Mario Was In... Poppy Playtime 

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Luigi and Mario go find a Poppy Doll... only they find Huggy Wuggy instead

Massive thanks to @Mister Prawn for porting Huggie to Gmod!

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26. Stu 2021.



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SMG4 Prije 2 mjeseci
Mario, he just wants to hug you UP TO 40% OFF SMG4 BLACK FRIDAY SAAAAALE:
Benja Duarte
Benja Duarte Prije 18 sati
Tracy Kruger
Tracy Kruger Prije dan
Cupquake☕ Prije 2 dana
@Cliffordlonghead Didnt ask, dont care
fuzzybambam Prije 3 dana
what is name of song pls tell me 6:18
BlackCat - Чёрный кот
6:12 Wah-aaahhh!!
 ShortHax Prije 2 mjeseci
Mario was one of the few people strong enough not to high five Huggy when he first saw him
Jelly Tests
Jelly Tests Prije 25 dana
To high five huggy wuggy
Jelly Tests
Jelly Tests Prije 25 dana
Mario broke the games rule
DEW MILLS Prije 28 dana
missmya2u Prije mjesec
Teic Prije mjesec
@Perfect Bruhed 🤔
Extremegamer 670
Extremegamer 670 Prije mjesec
I love how SMG4 will make horror characters wholesome. IDK he does it but it is done perfectly.
Frostified Chris
Frostified Chris Prije 16 dana
Smg4 can keep this humor going on forever. It's impressive.
MiloAdventures YT
MiloAdventures YT Prije 29 dana
Even after all these years, SMG4 still is making me laugh. I love it, my most memorable memories were... uhh... umm... wait... what were they?
Jakub Sowiński
Jakub Sowiński Prije 4 dana
@Zedus 123Oh no...
Zedus 123
Zedus 123 Prije 8 dana
The dementia is kicking in.....
The Fifth Layer Of Hell
This is me when somebody asks how my day was.
Kumeboyahh Prije mjesec
Dude this is actually top tier content, laughed my ass off. Keep it up.
Jeremy Tung
Jeremy Tung Prije 2 mjeseci
Mario has an impressive talent for making friends with horrifying monsters.
Virus killer *my vids have swears*
@XProjects A fnaf 2 brokering boi
Smile Prije 5 dana
@IDK_Won hugy
Markuss Tobiass
Markuss Tobiass Prije 6 dana
@Kyle Li did you forget mario.exe tho?
Markuss Tobiass
Markuss Tobiass Prije 6 dana
@IDK_Won i know he meant huggy wuggy aka the blue monster
Kyle Li
Kyle Li Prije 10 dana
Search up Luigi e.x.e.
NoSleep Prije 8 dana
these videos literally bring back memories from 2 or 3 years ago thanks smg4 literally the only channel that didnt completely switch up
DevonMC Prije 12 dana
I like how in this video, it's Luigi who starts/causes the ruckus
Cooper the cat
Cooper the cat Prije 7 dana
6:55 I love this scene where mario does his classic THWOMP attack!
Scratbrine the White Tiger
4:35-4:51, 6:45-7:03, and 8:00-8:19 are My Favorite Parts 😂🤣😂🤣
jimmyman James
jimmyman James Prije 2 mjeseci
Episodes like this just make me realise how much of a fever dream SMG4 must be for newcomers
Cupquake☕ Prije 3 dana
@Alexandra💋 Bot
FNAFPlushUltimate Prije 6 dana
first time I saw this guy in 2018 I just died of laughter humor broken in 2018 world record
H & D Presto
H & D Presto Prije 10 dana
@Alexandra💋 yeah that’s interesting now go drink some cement
crazysquirrel560 Prije 29 dana
yeah lol
Jan Six
Jan Six Prije mjesec
KHWAILED MSH Prije 29 dana
I repeated this shot a million times 6:17 and I can't stop laughing
Ali Hamada
Ali Hamada Prije 4 dana
Susi baka (or other memes)
Even though I've watched it a buncha times, I still consider 5:57 funny.
Turbo Tyler
Turbo Tyler Prije mjesec
Lucio: “Oh yeah, one more thing!” Also Lucio: **pulls out a gun**
PowerDunk Prije 2 mjeseci
SMG4 can make horror characters pretty wholesome. I especially love how Huggy Wuggy helps Mario and hugs him, and how Lady Dimitrescu is Shroomy’s aunt
IMAGINIBUS Prije 4 dana
Isaiah Linthicum
Isaiah Linthicum Prije 9 dana
You can say he made horror into humor
Red_ZX Prije mjesec
It kinda reminds me of bendy dude, how bad he died, poor guy
Nega man
Nega man Prije mjesec
@DarkTaurus is she a beauty?
Nega man
Nega man Prije mjesec
@Raltz010 lady Dimitrescu
Sapphire Diamond Hair Co.
7:48 I laughed so hard
Godzilla 1995
Godzilla 1995 Prije 27 dana
I laughed all the way through 🤣🤣
michael tracy
michael tracy Prije mjesec
This had the good old smg4 vibes to it
RavenTheCat Prije mjesec
this is the type of animation i wish i was good at Also you had me dying at 3:48
Bomx Prije 2 mjeseci
I think Mario can just naturally befriend any horror game antagonist.
AwesomeGamer101 Prije mjesec
An exception is the Ben Mario Statue Ghost, but that was a game Frankie played.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Prije mjesec
Baldi’s case is more of tough love, as he only met Mario because he was hired as a last resort to teach Mario basic math.
ChildEater 420
ChildEater 420 Prije mjesec
except for baldi
Anime-Shaun Prije mjesec
Mario picks his nose and achives god status.
Bomx Prije 2 mjeseci
@DrJack ➊ you forgot slenderman and siren head
Binavi Family
Binavi Family Prije mjesec
why does this part always make me laugh 6:33
Business Monkey
Business Monkey Prije dan
episodes without meggy, tari and all the other voice acting characters are always the best episodes
Pokemon trainer Vincent
6:00 The funniest part of this video in my option!
Cordoribel Prije mjesec
8:34 this is so wholesome
DrawingB00i14 Prije 2 mjeseci
If this was how the game actually was, I would definitely play it! 😂🤣 The original game was great! But this....... IS AMAZING
Extremegamer 670
Extremegamer 670 Prije mjesec
Bibi Pc
Bibi Pc Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dark Bowser Why is your comment so funny-
Dark Bowser
Dark Bowser Prije 2 mjeseci
@A-Starkman thank you man
A-Starkman Prije 2 mjeseci
@Dark Bowser good luck, it’s one of the most powerful inators
Luke Ramos
Luke Ramos Prije 2 mjeseci
DarkBrawlerCF1994 Prije 9 dana
0:42 Love the use of It’s Just A Burning Memory (AKA, Al Bowlly’s Heartaches)
Matthew PhillipsBetts
It should be noted that some of these monsters avatar mario "befriended" shouldn't really be redeemed since they're completely evil canon wise. Then again, avatars wasn't really aware since he was broken by meme energy, living in the just as broken world.
Zombie King
Zombie King Prije 26 dana
At least the Grab Pack has some good uses.
Dont Ask
Dont Ask Prije mjesec
Whoever made that "call me purple guy because I'm about to put a child in that animatronic" meme should be given a noble prize reward
PR0DUDE25 Prije 2 mjeseci
SMG4 is one of the few people that can make Huggy Wuggy not actually scary. Great job, man
Faisal Abdullah
Faisal Abdullah Prije mjesec
@M2-08 koklkl L
✞Killer Bøt✞
✞Killer Bøt✞ Prije mjesec
@Below_fan 6:00
Steven Schuitemaker
Steven Schuitemaker Prije 2 mjeseci
Red sus
Below_fan Prije 2 mjeseci
AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEERERRREEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEE ps:im making huggy wuggy on mobile cuz in Pro dev
M2-08 Prije 2 mjeseci
I angery
Un Simple Lagarto
Un Simple Lagarto Prije mjesec
Wait a sec, I thought Luigi had magic powers anda could summon weegee dolls, can't he do that with the poppy-weegee? 😂😂😂
Cort Yeske
Cort Yeske Prije mjesec
Nice job making these videos SMG4
Thekraken808 Prije mjesec
Ah smg4 you never fail to make me laugh
Owen Pham
Owen Pham Prije mjesec
6:35 When huggy wuggy transforms into happy mode
J.McCormick Prije 2 mjeseci
Smg4's ability to turn horror into a comedy is amazing 😄
Hubert Berrum
Hubert Berrum Prije mjesec
he's been doing it for a long time
✞Killer Bøt✞
✞Killer Bøt✞ Prije mjesec
LaziBoy Prije mjesec
Roy's fangirl (Amelia)
6:15/6:16 That movement was smooth 😩✨ Edit: 7:28 Love how he call him that 😂 3:39/3:40 0:29
Duck The Potato
Duck The Potato Prije mjesec
at 7:02 i love it when smg4 animated mario just for 2 seconds
edgar hernandez
edgar hernandez Prije 19 dana
It made me laugh non-stop
Ximena Ramírez
Ximena Ramírez Prije mjesec
I can't stop watching this!!!!
Eric Rautio
Eric Rautio Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how Luigi doesn't even bother trying to persuade Mario. They both saw the title, they know there's no way out of this.
Phan On
Phan On Prije mjesec
That what happend
✞Killer Bøt✞
✞Killer Bøt✞ Prije mjesec
Mickey Prije 2 mjeseci
Joseph Lozada
Joseph Lozada Prije mjesec
Horror into comedy! Nice!
Inferno Prije 26 dana
I love how its a reoccurring joke that Mario befriends eldritch monsters
Doctor Swazz
Doctor Swazz Prije 9 dana
6:16 This has GOT to be my favorite part of the whole vid. Even dumbass Mario know he DON FQQ'ED UP
DomSchra Prije 28 dana
The quality of the animation, jokes and shitposting has increased so much ITS INSANE
Aidswayz Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching Luke play this game on the livestream not only was obvious that he was going to make a video on it, but was also hilarious to watch and hear Bob torture him
Dark Bowser
Dark Bowser Prije 2 mjeseci
@OctoInklin : a very nice bot. This is the first time i actually like a HRburn bot.
bruh112 Prije 2 mjeseci
@ttyd is 100% the best game You're the cringe one
OctoInklin Prije 2 mjeseci
@ttyd is 100% the best game ok cool story bro
Rowansim_roblox Prije 2 mjeseci
Are the smg4 videos safe for teens and adults
littledeku anime
littledeku anime Prije 2 mjeseci
Yah 😂
Jojo Patino
Jojo Patino Prije mjesec
Lol this is hilarious 🤣
AlexYang1979 Prije 28 dana
at the end i burst out laughing. and when huggy wuggy caught mario, i was shocked to know huggy just wanted to hug mario.
Doktor Daytha
Doktor Daytha Prije mjesec
Oh boi i cant wait for another Indie Horror Game series with Mario in it
yasminelsham17 Prije 3 sati
You are going to see, the most incredible doll, ever invented. Her name is poopy.
Masterlink2534 Prije 2 mjeseci
I am really a believer of Mario getting smarting constantly and more consistently. Anybody else agree?
Louis The Legend
Louis The Legend Prije 29 dana
Since the among us video
Masterlink2534 Prije mjesec
@Solar Prince That makes more sense, I just didn't have the word
Zadock Prije 2 mjeseci
@Solar Prince yes
Solar Prince
Solar Prince Prije 2 mjeseci
Im sure Mario is more of a "savant", not really smart in the normal sense but still clever and inventive?
Tomas66 Prije 2 mjeseci
A agre to i thing sinnce mario vas ritch
Cimoon Prije mjesec
7:48 THIS WAS SO FUNNY LOL its the best toy ever
Believer Prije mjesec
MackNChease Prije dan
as always, this episode was funny af. great work🔥🔥. btw, can someone tell me the song at 6:16? just want to know but i also feel like i should know😂 EDIT: nvm i found the song. its call "Trauma Center DS - Gentle Breeze"
Christian Gibbons
Christian Gibbons Prije 20 dana
This reminds me of Huggy Wuggy from Friday Night Funkin😂😂😂
Cole Kiesler
Cole Kiesler Prije 2 mjeseci
Mario: Plays around with Huggy. Huggy: Wait’s for his moment for revenge.
Дмитрий Маслов
8:10 gangster paradise make it as funny as sh*#
Joey Charron
Joey Charron Prije mjesec
7:45 my favorite part
Harryplayz ZZ
Harryplayz ZZ Prije mjesec
4:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing
tammy carder
tammy carder Prije mjesec
this is funny every time my nephew watchis it.
Logan the Edgy Villager
7:49 - 7:54 Is the best part of the video. Lmao!😅😂😂
Tucker Dao
Tucker Dao Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how in the introduction to Poppy he plays “It’s just a burning memory”
صوفي صوفي
صوفي صوفي Prije mjesec
Eillot ludwig this is like weird
Mr_Carter3792 Prije mjesec
supervideomanic2 Prije mjesec
I recognized it as the "Trollge" Music.
Elvia Bartolini
Elvia Bartolini Prije 2 mjeseci
David Pavon
David Pavon Prije 2 mjeseci
So true💙
Gabe bailey
Gabe bailey Prije mjesec
This part got me laughing 2:34
eelboi Prije 3 dana
7:49 I laughed so hard
Dmitriy Lapshin
Dmitriy Lapshin Prije mjesec
you make me laugh every single second in this video you get a like!
Austin Perry
Austin Perry Prije mjesec
"Isn't she a beauty " I was like: wait...huggy is a girl?
SkinnerArt 17
SkinnerArt 17 Prije 2 mjeseci
This was hilarious. Nice job you guys. Hopefully we see more of Mario and Huggy together
Animates Prije 17 dana
I like that all of this started was because Luigi wanted a doll
Daniel Weldon
Daniel Weldon Prije mjesec
7:36 is just me or did mario just pull a saw reference?
Connor Schwabenbauer
omg I laughed my head off hope i see another, this was great
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble Prije mjesec
When did Mario start caring about Luigi?
ESRDWarrior 428
ESRDWarrior 428 Prije 2 mjeseci
NGL, I actually forgot Poppy Playtime even existed and that Luke played it on the 5 million sub livestream. So it makes perfect sense that he would make a video out of it. I honestly thought this week's episode was going to be a Thanksgiving special. But ah well, you roll the dice and pay the price.
ESRDWarrior 428
ESRDWarrior 428 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Jamarr Hawthorne No I'm not lying, I don't watch any content about this game. Literally the only time I've seen this game was when Luke played it on his 5 million sub stream. So I never get anything related to Poppy Playtime on my home page or in my recommended.
Jamarr Hawthorne
Jamarr Hawthorne Prije 2 mjeseci
I know that a lie. knowing that you see not a single home page with huggy wuggy
Jiraiya Sensei
Jiraiya Sensei Prije 8 dana
7:37 when your dad says hes going to get the milk 😂🤣🥛🍼
杉本祐司 Prije mjesec
JerBlox2nd Prije mjesec
This has to be the best bit it doesnt get any better 5:21.
EL Carnelo jr
EL Carnelo jr Prije mjesec
Ja1St1nks Prije mjesec
7:16 I just LOVE the animation for huggy wuggy, it's so goofy!
Xander the Hybrid
Xander the Hybrid Prije 2 mjeseci
I knew that Mario would end up in Poppy's Playtime next! This is going to be so good and hilarious! Lol 🤣
A-Starkman Prije 2 mjeseci
@ttyd is 100% the best game behold, the I-Don’t-Care-Inator
OctoInklin Prije 2 mjeseci
@ttyd is 100% the best game ok cool story bro
Dark Bowser
Dark Bowser Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mayito Brito can i join in, too?
Xander the Hybrid
Xander the Hybrid Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mayito Brito yeah it would be, bestie!
Mayito Brito
Mayito Brito Prije 2 mjeseci
@Xander the Hybrid That would be fun!
The Fifth Layer Of Hell
Huggy looks like one of my imaginary friends from kindergarten.
Gavin Junius
Gavin Junius Prije 28 dana
This video makes me want to laugh hard🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kizeno_ Prije 5 dana
When the portal gun stop working so they decide to make luigi dolls
Logan Powers
Logan Powers Prije mjesec
6:17 Me when I see one of my teachers in public.
Silberiax66 Prije mjesec
the level of effort and creativity that Smg4 puts into his videos is incredible.
Jnstuff Prije mjesec
The log is in the bin
Jekobe Johnson
Jekobe Johnson Prije mjesec
Its crazy that mario did sht right according to the game for once
Jacquelynn Davis805
Jacquelynn Davis805 Prije mjesec
If mario was in poppy playtime was great and epically funny smg4 great video luigi got the doll he wanted that could be a great collection for his dolls
Jamie Prije mjesec
7:49 My favourite part
HooDini Gaming
HooDini Gaming Prije 28 dana
Keep forgettin' how smg4 is still smg4🤣
Zombie Hunter
Zombie Hunter Prije 2 mjeseci
"We modelled it after my ex-wife." That made me laugh really good.
Dygcch Jghcugfh
Dygcch Jghcugfh Prije 25 dana
The part where Mario is thinking about huggy then the machine roasts him 5:54
N-T4G... :)
N-T4G... :) Prije mjesec
hes a god of 3D memer
Epic Nighter
Epic Nighter Prije mjesec
7:20 through 7:54 got me laughing
GrandTheftFreedom Prije 25 dana
1:48 poopy time is always my favorite part 5:35 Not poopy time! And with Woody 5:51 Screen: *(Shows Every Slang Words)*
vtshoya Prije 2 mjeseci
Eventually Mario's just gonna have a whole-ass harem of popular indie horror characters following him around. First Slenderman, then Siren Head, and now Huggy Wuggy. Also, I guess he was friends with Bendy for about 5 seconds
Brandon Battleblade
Brandon Battleblade Prije mjesec
@Iestyn Skywalker Mario is to horror monsters like goku is to villains who don’t die in the first encounter
Iestyn Skywalker
Iestyn Skywalker Prije 2 mjeseci
He is very good at befriending horror game characters (except fnaf)
hgny yngh
hgny yngh Prije 2 mjeseci
i think you mean mickey mouse
Mr Quips
Mr Quips Prije mjesec
3:35 Me when I hear the Kirby Triple Deluxe song
$pider g4mer
$pider g4mer Prije mjesec
I like how its just a burning memory played in the beginning
Project Anomaly
Project Anomaly Prije 18 dana
9:26 when your N plushie finally arrives in the mail
Talking Tom Fan
Talking Tom Fan Prije mjesec
SMG4 is so funny
Hexbox21 Prije 2 mjeseci
Mario is basically the definition of chaotic neutral. He basically does whatever he wants!
Rylee Choate
Rylee Choate Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kovac theSaggy I guess he’d be true neutral then
Kovac theSaggy
Kovac theSaggy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Rylee Choate How the fuckarelli would you classify Shroomy?! His two personalities are die hard lawful good ro diehard chaotic evil.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Prije 2 mjeseci
Tari would probably fall into the good category though.
Rylee Choate
Rylee Choate Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like all the characters are chaotic neutral tbh lol
Kovac theSaggy
Kovac theSaggy Prije 2 mjeseci
Isnt that true neutral? Not leanign towards any side?
Black Fox74
Black Fox74 Prije mjesec
Finally he showed himself
creeper Prije mjesec
I love How in the music on the ad is "Just a burning Memorie"
Greenostrich27 Prije mjesec