Kevin Belingon vs. Muin Gafurov | Full Fight Replay 

ONE Championship
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Hard-hitting Filipino Kevin Belingon took on Tajik prodigy Muin Gafurov in a scintillating bantamweight contest at ONE: STATE OF WARRIORS!

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5. Pro 2021.



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Very tough competition 💪, look at the age and experience difference. New champion Muin (19) is very very close to Kevin (26). Muin has more features.
PAPA INTIN TV Prije mjesec
Kevin is still the best fighter ive known because of his heart and tecnique in every fight.
Daniel Duma
Daniel Duma Prije 26 dana
Antoney njj
edwintouches Prije mjesec
Interesting and dangerous game! 👏🇹🇿
Kuya Dodz Channel
Kuya Dodz Channel Prije mjesec
kevin is very amazing and has a new techniques
Rolan Dalumbar
Rolan Dalumbar Prije mjesec
Im wondering if KB is still one of ONE's most explosive fighter. Does he still have that speed and power?
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Prije mjesec
He's washed by this point, fighting longevity took by the trilogy he got with bibiano
RM06 DA KIND Prije mjesec
This is old , he still haven't faught since being stopped, I mean out punches and stopped by John Lineker I believe in his debut in ONE CHAMPIONSHIP
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers Prije mjesec
This is very good fight, it feels like a Martial Arts movie
Orlando Hullana
Orlando Hullana Prije mjesec
Gt my By cry
امیر آقاجانی
What did you really think of the fans of the struggle? It's embarrassing this much from insulting the conscience and killing rights in an organization.
Andrew Prije 22 dana
You realize this doesn't make sense in English, right?
Tito Tan
Tito Tan Prije mjesec
Best striker ever matched against belingon
TOI Jr. Prije mjesec
Muin still young and need more time to improve, he did it very slow and not aggresive. I'm very boring to watch this match 🗿🗿🗿
DarkDoughnutsVids Prije mjesec
Yeah, you do seem pretty boring
romulo fonseca
romulo fonseca Prije mjesec
When we have the oportunutie to view the best of ONE against UFC fighters. Something like the Ultimate Champion of the world in all divisions
romulo fonseca
romulo fonseca Prije 22 dana
@Andrew Realy!
Andrew Prije 22 dana
That's like putting little league ball players against professionals. There's levels to this game and One is for the amateurs.
Anoop Kalarikkal
Anoop Kalarikkal Prije mjesec
You can’t get juiced up and fight ufc
Jeffery Schirm
Jeffery Schirm Prije mjesec
Should have been a draw at best !!
MA,VLOG Prije mjesec
@.skill Muin sangat bagus,masih muda juga, kayaknya bakal jadi petarung hebat dimasa depan 👍👌💪
botasky asero
botasky asero Prije mjesec
Bangus pulotan at 2x2 tinuno bangus
Pran DDS
Pran DDS Prije mjesec
Ernesto Belingon
Ernesto Belingon Prije mjesec
Good joob team lakay more win to come 🙏🙏
Carlo A
Carlo A Prije mjesec
Its the most exhilaratingfight ever, unfortunately i fell asleep. Oh well
Levi隊長 Prije mjesec
Akala ko yung kalaban mananalo, pagod agad si Belingon dito
Famzs_Gino tv
Famzs_Gino tv Prije mjesec
very good fighther ,,,BELINGON
Francisco 65
Francisco 65 Prije mjesec
belingon is like a player that have brain just kick and kick and dont push = win best strategy but if other player is so strong then push push push belingon will lose congrats 15wins straight
Jojo Poetrician TV
Jojo Poetrician TV Prije mjesec
Congrats Team Lakay
fighter Prosenjit28
fighter Prosenjit28 Prije mjesec
Muhd Fakri
Muhd Fakri Prije mjesec
Blue got lucky save by the bell
COVID 5G 2021
COVID 5G 2021 Prije mjesec
blue win 💪
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Prije mjesec
Muin winner for sure
BEJA TV Prije mjesec
Talgat Sweden
Talgat Sweden Prije mjesec
Эркин Умаров
Валерий Фирфилов
кто? поедатель падали червей и грязи......
Detlef Keil
Detlef Keil Prije mjesec
well done my congratulations
Iron Will S&C
Iron Will S&C Prije mjesec
Joselito Ganatin
Joselito Ganatin Prije mjesec
Need more agresive for team lakay
NotPro Prije mjesec
When was this?
Toto Boxing VLog
Toto Boxing VLog Prije mjesec
🙏😌😌 I hope someday my content about boxing will be recognized by many 😌😌😌😭
anthony O'DONNELL
anthony O'DONNELL Prije mjesec
How can One championship be in Burma ????"???? with What id happening there!!!!!!! Your condoning what is happening there
Andrew Prije 22 dana
@anthony O'DONNELL do some research? What do you not get about no one cares?
anthony O'DONNELL
anthony O'DONNELL Prije 22 dana
@Andrew Do some research. The other side is the people of Burma. And they never kill anyone
Andrew Prije 22 dana
@anthony O'DONNELL and if the other side was in power they'd be doing the same. What do you expect people thousands of miles away to do? Care?
anthony O'DONNELL
anthony O'DONNELL Prije 22 dana
@Andrew It's not politics. people are dying.
Andrew Prije 22 dana
Fuck your politics
Raymundo Salvador
Raymundo Salvador Prije mjesec
No good fight🤣🤣🤣
Тувинец Сибиряк
Муина гафурова 33 ему как так
发糕油_ Prije mjesec
NanoMax Prije mjesec
Who finds these commentator so annoying?
Love Mydog
Love Mydog Prije mjesec
Zaldy De jose
Zaldy De jose Prije mjesec
Gundran Fanny Raphael
12:22 shout out sa gwapo haha
Tri Nguyen
Tri Nguyen Prije mjesec
rather watch chicken fight 😆
Kalaban Player 1
Kalaban Player 1 Prije mjesec
Then watch a chicken fight, no one will stop you
Gemalyn Naabus
Gemalyn Naabus Prije mjesec
Clifford Mariano
Clifford Mariano Prije mjesec
congrats lakay
igor garcia
igor garcia Prije mjesec
Dois filhos de John Lineker kkkkkkkk
Bahiwag Violeta
Bahiwag Violeta Prije mjesec
congrats lakay...
Nardz Arrieta
Nardz Arrieta Prije mjesec
Kevin took Mafurov’s mobility en route to winning this match. 🇵🇭
Dioneta Alvarez
Dioneta Alvarez Prije mjesec
Kevim iam the no fun is.good fighter
Tugrul Aslan
Tugrul Aslan Prije mjesec
4 me Belington lose the fight
Kandar D'kanju
Kandar D'kanju Prije mjesec
I see drow😀😀😇
Marvin Laroya
Marvin Laroya Prije mjesec
Are you ah judges?
Benjamin Enricoso
Benjamin Enricoso Prije mjesec
Antonio. Iniguez
Antonio. Iniguez Prije mjesec
Bruce Lone
Bruce Lone Prije mjesec
That guy got rob. To me kevin lost this match.
A Razak Shayoti
A Razak Shayoti Prije mjesec
Booooo !!!Booooo .same
zana qader
zana qader Prije mjesec
LongStride Prije mjesec
not latest
Dante Ditan
Dante Ditan Prije mjesec
Nabbay c belingon mo,
Julius Mana-a
Julius Mana-a Prije mjesec
5th comment
JESTER YT Prije mjesec
1st comment 😊
Saif Qureshi
Saif Qureshi Prije mjesec
Judges wrong decision
DAILY VIEWS TV Prije mjesec
@Anderson Alves, perder/perdi in Bisaya...
Anderson Alves
Anderson Alves Prije mjesec
O Beligton chutou mais e acertou alguns socos de encontro quando o adversário tentava encurtar. Decisão justa.
Anderson Alves
Anderson Alves Prije mjesec
Ernesto Obonan
Ernesto Obonan Prije mjesec
C4s tv
C4s tv Prije mjesec
naga spear
naga spear Prije mjesec
Noob blue
Wanwang Mo Zin
Wanwang Mo Zin Prije mjesec
Waste my 12min. It not a good fight.
Teri Moray
Teri Moray Prije mjesec
Congrats team lakay good fight
Toxie Connor
Toxie Connor Prije mjesec
A boring fight.
Mehr e Javedan
Mehr e Javedan Prije mjesec
john rey galve
john rey galve Prije mjesec