200 Players Build A MASSIVE Civilization in Minecraft 

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In this video, I put 200 Minecraft players onto 4 islands, each its own civilization. Each player only had one life. Will there be democracy? Will dictators rise? Which nation will be triumphant? Find out now!


More info:
I let players self-select into four different teams. Each of the four islands was its own biome-plains, desert, snow, jungle. The server was only up for one hour each day, typically from 7pm EST to 8pm EST. Players could use that hour to play on the server and do whatever they wanted: build, farm, mine, trade, go to war, etc. All of the nation building and interaction between nations was run entirely by the players-I just watched and occasionally encouraged players to take action to make the story more interesting. When players died, they were permanently kicked from the Minecraft server and could not rejoin.
Some of the visuals and audio in this video were recorded after the server ended and are not from the actual event. Additionally, some of the plot information in this video is inaccurate/incomplete for purposes of simplification and storytelling.

0:00 - Introduction
0:58 - Day 1
4:03 - Day 2
7:06 - Day 3
8:59 - Day 4
11:21 - Day 5
12:10 - Day 6
12:59 - Day 7
14:26 - Day 8
17:44 - Day 9
19:29 - Day 10
24:17 - Day 11
28:25 - Afterward
29:57 - Credits

Thumbnail by StarCrunchy

Thank you LilAlexBoi for Replay Mod footage of the final battle.

CORRECTION: The footage at 11:28 was recorded by Ran6ger, not WhaleMilk95!

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25. Lis 2021.



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MagicGum Prije 2 mjeseci
appreciate the credit! this is really well put together
Darwish Misli
Darwish Misli Prije 2 sati
Anybody know the music for day 10
ashton keith
ashton keith Prije 6 dana
i was not referencing a song
Crxnkyy Prije 6 dana
@Legacy u r a legend dude xD
Rafael Zimmerman
Rafael Zimmerman Prije 7 dana
@Legacy hero
Some Idiot That Likes Making Manga
Hello magic! I absoluteley loved your video on minecraft civilization
Shadow Prije 2 mjeseci
I really liked this experiment, Legacy's story with his parrot, Solev's civilization attacked by United Sand. Better than a Netflix Series. 10/10 would watch again.
Killedaughter Prije 4 dana
Same dude
Jacob Morrow
Jacob Morrow Prije 4 dana
Good answer shadow
Idk Prije 6 dana
I agree
Thelegend3759 Prije 9 dana
Anything's better than a Netflix
Logan Krings
Logan Krings Prije 9 dana
Same, it’s my favorite video, however does anyone know what the name of the song at 8:59 is
Agjelos Gjana
Agjelos Gjana Prije 11 dana
Whoever named “ The Wooden Fence” is a genius.
Planefan 08
Planefan 08 Prije 3 dana
@Coco Crisp Let me rephrase; the events on the server were completely organic. This main video had some reenactments and omitted some dull points, however.
Agjelos Gjana
Agjelos Gjana Prije 3 dana
@Elanuelo OMG!!!!!!!! The Man,The Myth, The Legend. Its an honor to be meeting you Naming God
Elanuelo Prije 3 dana
Lmfao I was the one who named it, we called it that to make fun of one of Mikey's followers
Coco Crisp
Coco Crisp Prije 3 dana
@Planefan 08 that’s simply what scripting means, no one ever said it’s completely scripted but that is by definition some scripting. You said it’s “completely unscripted” and it just isn’t so get over it lmao
Planefan 08
Planefan 08 Prije 3 dana
@Coco Crisp Yes. He tried to induce dramatic spins on a few things, but there was no script or tangible pressure to do anything iirc
Sanctus Angelus
Sanctus Angelus Prije 11 dana
That graveyard in the middle of the snow state is so melancholy, I can't explain it.
Oscar Xie
Oscar Xie Prije 7 dana
@Dalexyl yeah but theres no warm colors like in the desert or jungle biome, its just cold and coblestone everywhere and all the buildings they made are just dark and empty thats why they prob think its sad
Dalexyl Prije 9 dana
I mean, it's a graveyard
creek Prije 9 dana
i think it might just be the fact that the snow state is empty, so no one can pay respects to the fallen soldiers anymore since they were all lost-
ScopeShot Prije 9 dana
This is amazing. This must have taken forever to completely put together but the final product was well worth it! I'm so glad this video got the recognition it deserved
joshy boy brogle
joshy boy brogle Prije 7 dana
@JaydenJSG lol
JaydenJSG Prije 8 dana
first reply lol
EmberDrops Prije 7 dana
Ok, the introduction of *The wooden Fence* was nothing less of absolutely cinematic! (25:55)
andrew figueroa
andrew figueroa Prije 5 dana
so gooood
huntzz io
huntzz io Prije 6 dana
Lavish RL
Lavish RL Prije mjesec
This is the exact thing that every kid dreams of when playing Minecraft.
Achmat Martin
Achmat Martin Prije 3 dana
Noah Crowley
Noah Crowley Prije 3 dana
that's why this kind of vid is so popular
Lux Prije 4 dana
for real.
Levi Dyer
Levi Dyer Prije 5 dana
@Juliaun Golden I remember having a similar experience in a Minecraft server. Sadly I've never seen a community remotely close to what I had before.
Santo Tan
Santo Tan Prije 6 dana
Game of Thrones?
Floppy Prije 11 dana
I was rooting for Legacy and the Jungle Empire the entire time. This story was epic. Edit: Thanks for all the likes!
Joshua_Why Prije 4 dana
Floppy Prije 5 dana
@Legacy It has been proven to be effective almost 100% of the time.
Legacy Prije 6 dana
Mentioning me = Likes, Flawless Strategy
Everything PRO
Everything PRO Prije 6 dana
Lol bro same from start
huntzz io
huntzz io Prije 6 dana
Yeah same I wasn’t really rooting for the solev union, really just only the jungle empire and legacy. I’m happy he survived
Cody Striker
Cody Striker Prije 6 dana
I love the different politics of all the regions. The snow was ruled by a dictator who, while ruling with an iron fist, keeping his people safe and prosperous. The jungle was fought over, and from the blood and ashes of a civil war turned into a strong faction. The plains failed the trial of unity, and turned into a group of fighters. The desert worked together, two factions and yet 1 side.
Cody Striker
Cody Striker Prije 2 dana
@Eggstirminator Definitely
Eggstirminator Prije 3 dana
Ha yeah, the plains just became the mercenaries for hire
andrew figueroa
andrew figueroa Prije 5 dana
beautiful and accurate conclusion
Shooawn Prije 5 dana
Imagine inviting an actual historian into the server with no context other than the experiment itself, and seeing him try to understand what happened
some rando
some rando Prije 23 sati
Ever read Xenophon's Anabasis? He was a Greek historian who was invited into an expedition that was to help Persian prince Cyrus claim his brother's throne, but after a trap set for them he became one of their generals
Aerioc Prije 4 dana
That could be interesting
Anna A
Anna A Prije 5 dana
Whoever suggested the grid flooring that let archers shoot down in "The Wooden Fence" is a genius! (That or they knew their Medieval history)
Eliza Cody
Eliza Cody Prije dan
@Nikel Sad I was hoping someone was going to say it
Nikel Sad
Nikel Sad Prije 4 dana
Machicolatiooooooooons!! (Look for the channel Shadiversity)
Gamer Boys
Gamer Boys Prije 18 dana
This lore is 10x better than any smp I’ve seen so far
wtfduud Prije 3 dana
even better than Minecraft's Oldest Anarchy Server?
waks Prije 9 dana
Blake Sweetman
Blake Sweetman Prije 11 dana
I mean the dream smp was really good, it fell off now but like 6 months ago it was great. This one is better but not by very much
KGKingDoesEverything Prije 14 dana
I know. A little while ago, I didn't care for these videos at all, but now, I'm basically binge watching them
TMI_IRL Prije 8 dana
The ending of Legacy’s parrot still on his shoulder was truly beautiful. This was the greatest ending to the story
Neka_JP Prije 11 dana
a server like this has been a dream for me since I've been able to imagine it. I can get so envious to people who can partake in this
M & Artroom
M & Artroom Prije 6 dana
There’s probably a way to do it. I mean, you would need a lot of friends and a good map but yea. I wish I could do something like this too. Seems like an absolute blast and adventure
VayK Prije 10 dana
mme i wanna
RikaAU Prije 11 dana
This guy makes it sound more than just minecraft.. I love it.
Mister Airborne
Mister Airborne Prije 2 dana
Seeing HopesBounty's prospering flower shop and LegacyAN and his parrot to be still alive really warmed my heart. The people I rooted for didn't win, but honestly I think this was a great ending to a great video.
Pika Tube
Pika Tube Prije 2 mjeseci
Legacy and his parrot are the side characters that everyone love
Koralowy YT
Koralowy YT Prije 5 dana
Yes xD
Grace Notme
Grace Notme Prije 7 dana
Can we all agree that LegacyAN was the best character?
icy Prije 9 dana
he is the main character
nugget isqt
nugget isqt Prije 10 dana
And flower shop lady
Sekou Swaray
Sekou Swaray Prije 12 dana
@Hamburg Games no it was the parrot
Strange Farmer System
Legacy was by far my favorite character in the series. He was wronged, became a popular assassin, watched his world fall apart again, started back at square one in the jungle, but kept his parrots the whole time.
░KenLinx░ Prije 10 dana
I love how the resource-scarce biomes have civilizations set up in the most optimal areas where the only dirt exists whilst the resource-heavy biomes have civilizations set up in vantage points.
Lead Sheep
Lead Sheep Prije 4 dana
The Wooden Fence War should be taught in History class.
AceOfHearts25 Prije 6 dana
you should do this again with more players and a bigger map, that would be sick
Aidan Jarosz
Aidan Jarosz Prije 17 sati
Oh man have I got the news for you
BÖB_88 Prije 14 dana
” solev, sacrificed himself for us ” Also solev: *tries to escape but dies of fall damage*
Filmecke Prije 12 sati
@Romaphile ah sry wanted to tag legacy
Romaphile Prije 13 sati
@Filmecke ye wot mate?
Filmecke Prije 13 sati
@Romaphile how’s your parrot?
Solev Prije dan
@Romaphile I jumped onto the tree to hold off the Amazon and was pushed off after doinking a few of them.
Solev Prije dan
I delayed their advance the best I could, I didnt try to run ;(
Danny ___
Danny ___ Prije 3 dana
Legacy and Solev were my favorite characters of this story. Sucks that Solev died but at least him and his people were laid to rest. Glad that Legacy and his parrot survived. :)
Director James
Director James Prije 7 dana
RIP Solev. I was rooting for him. His nation was the only stable one, now, it's gone.
Howitzer Prije 2 dana
The United Sands after claiming they want world peace by attacking a peaceful nation where everyone is happy
Owen S. Studios
Owen S. Studios Prije 3 dana
@MutantKitten At least Legacy and his parrot survived
MutantKitten Prije 5 dana
Same, I was rooting for Solev, Smilechump and 9209. A tragedy they all lost.
iczakc Prije 10 dana
I actually feel bad for the jungle, they just allied with solev and died for it. rip 9202
Dmsas360 Prije 11 dana
The server was up only for one hour a day?! How could they accomplish so much Damn
L Prije 2 dana
Obsidian Veil
Obsidian Veil Prije 4 dana
Legacy Prije 6 dana
@Do The only items that were given out by the Staff were pieces of Stone and Sea Pickles, we played for an hour on most days but for like 2 days we have 3 hour sessions
Do Prije 8 dana
@A. Ali no the devs give players items to boost productivity, plus doing so they can make videos quicker with more conflict
A. Ali
A. Ali Prije 10 dana
Very efficient players I guess.
Jelly Cough drops
Jelly Cough drops Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh Jesus, wasn't expecting to get so invested in this. Legacy and Solev have awesome stories
Withered Gold
Withered Gold Prije 5 dana
It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece
Finn McGrady
Finn McGrady Prije 9 dana
Meh I didn’t like solve because of his skin
Rush1169 Prije 14 dana
I cried seeing solevs grave stone
TarporLegend Prije 14 dana
I like Jesus a lot, actually. That's the name of my best friend you just used in vain, there.
Muyeed Hassan
Muyeed Hassan Prije 14 dana
@Phase Wenger yeah
Ben D
Ben D Prije 9 sati
I'd love to see more minecraft content like this. This is the minecraft story mode we deserved 🤣
PhatrickTheGreat Prije 2 dana
It would be an interesting experiment to keep this series and map going. Every month a new ‘generation’ of new players, ‘children’ of the previous players play on the same map and see how it evolves month after month, generation after generation
MissBeachii Prije 11 sati
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how well solev and 9209 fought in this.
Ben Kooyman
Ben Kooyman Prije 2 dana
This was honestly more of an emotional rollercoaster than I thought it would be
Cyclonical Prije 4 dana
It would be so sick if there was a part two for this and it started from the ending of this one and new people were added as colonists looking for new land
Jedi APC
Jedi APC Prije dan
Froakie Juju
Froakie Juju Prije 6 dana
I love how even ish sounded excited when he said Legacy escaped, _along with his parrot._
Ryan Price
Ryan Price Prije 12 dana
I was rooting for the desert from the beginning, but I'm so happy to see Legacy and somehow his parrot survive.
Novakayne Prije 4 dana
The Wooden Fence could easily be one of the 7 wonders of the Minecraft World, its a masterpiece. This is easily Top 3 minecraft videos I've ever seen, this story is so good it could be adapted into a full screen hollywood blockbuster and I'd pay to see it first day. Solev was doing well until he angered the one nation he shouldn't have, the Sand Nation is not to be messed with. They were minding their own business in their corner of the world, quietly becoming the most powerful nation on the server. These dudes gathered 32 diamonds in the 1st 15 minutes of the server, that should have been a sign that they were on a different level
Filmecke Prije 12 sati
@loraxtwit oh I understand so the Story actually had a twist
loraxtwit Prije 13 sati
@Filmecke he didnt change much , he just cut out a lot of stuff , i wasnt their personally but apparently legacy died , the jungle people were genocided and both sand states were destroyed by plains
Filmecke Prije 13 sati
@loraxtwit oh did he changed much?
loraxtwit Prije 2 dana
the sand nation got folded instantly by plains militia in the actual event , ish changed some stuff for a better story , but what he missed out was essentially the plains militia killing all sand nation soldiers and jungle citizens
A C Prije 2 mjeseci
“Solev fell from a high place” indeed both literally and metaphorically
Emmal October
Emmal October Prije 2 dana
I used to rule the world
Sodywaterman Prije 3 dana
SS_Sunflower Prije 12 dana
It's also ironic considering Solev laughed about the other one failing a bucket clutch
JESP Prije 14 dana
This is a very good comment
SpingDing13 Prije 14 dana
Jack French
Jack French Prije 4 dana
Legacy’s story was enough to make a grown man cry
perco Prije 5 sati
Zombta is so underrated he was such a great leader and war general, he was able to defeat particularly everyone who stood in his way while still protecting his people
Happi! Prije 2 dana
The amount of happiness I experienced when I realized legacy and his parrot survived is indescribable
Hey Cheno!
Hey Cheno! Prije 2 dana
LegacyAN and his parrot were my favorite characters! From isolated fisher to hero. Also I’m glad the flower shop survived! Also Solev was cool, too bad they had a tragic ending.
Strufa Prije 14 dana
Imagine how the timeline would have shifted if itsmagicmikey survived the first battle
Carter Mc
Carter Mc Prije 9 dana
@ThemisGr rip protato
ThemisGr Prije 9 dana
Or if that guy hadn't fallen in that hole
Jdmac0774 Prije 12 dana
ZkillXz Prije 4 dana
May it be the editing or how we develop as a society, it has something beatiful in it.
Tantwoo Prije 3 dana
man, Solev simulated the nation well and actually ended starting a world war xD
Howitzer Prije 2 dana
@aeroson that was after one of his own men got the sand people to try to remove him from power. For no reason whatsoever
aeroson Prije 2 dana
@Howitzer Solev probably sent those 2 soldiers to sand as provocation ?
Howitzer Prije 2 dana
Nah, he was chilling and was attacked for literally no reason
Fear Prije dan
This is the most I’ve enjoyed half an hour in a REALLY long time I wish I could sub more than once
Amber Sushi
Amber Sushi Prije dan
When world history gets made and whole societies rise and fall in the space of 11 hours
Pyle Prije 15 dana
I think "The Wooden Fence" would have been an indomitable fortress if it was built up to the build height limit.
Andres Mihail Vargas rios
Maybe hiding TNT in case of an overwhelming force. having 1 person to sacrifice and destroy everything. I don't know why they did not do that on the wooden fence.
Ultimate Uthman
Ultimate Uthman Prije dan
it definitely would have been but i think it would have eventually been sieged and destroyed
Logan Krings
Logan Krings Prije 10 dana
Infinity Knight
Infinity Knight Prije 11 dana
and if it had a emergency tnt thing so the pole just blasts off and the top of the tower is floating and no one can climb
Jordan Remis
Jordan Remis Prije 11 dana
It wouldn't take that long to build, all they needed to do was build 1 pillar to build limit then lavafall the rest. It could all easily be done in less than a day MC time, much less real-world time. For defences, cobblestone generators and pistons could make the walls infinitely regenerate. Traps could include something as simple as dispensers with lava buckets or arrows, removing a major need for the fortress to have peek holes. It's not fool proof, but it's way safer than the fortifications they did make and probably cheaper/faster too
PhoenixMC Prije 3 dana
I didn’t choose a team. I chose Legacy as who I was going for.
Jedi APC
Jedi APC Prije dan
Wonder how he feels being a fan favorite character
Ryan Dunham
Ryan Dunham Prije 8 dana
I like how this video, using a video game, can tell us how, in a nutshell, some of the greatest civilizations in our world's history managed to prosper despite lacking certain resources their contemporaries took for granted.
acdm e
acdm e Prije 7 dana
This is probably the only history lesson I'll remember fully without effort.
Solenn Prije 3 dana
History teachers should teach like that
TayLo Prije 4 dana
This is the most entertaining Minecraft video I have ever watched. What started as this seems cool to leave out in the background turned into I need to stop everything I'm doing and watch this. So enthralling. Great work
Catherine le greatest
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how great of a military structure the wooden fence is?
Asasas Prije 11 dana
@Hors There is still the "TNT cannon" factor. I think the TNT, as an entity, might be able to bypass the height limit. Or maybe not (I'm a bit rusty on Minecraft), but neverthless it could level up most of the fortress if properly builded, except of course the core obsidian bunker. I suppose that i might be overestimating the besieging capabilities of our average attacker, but i think that this could work. Countermeasures might be TNT cannons of their own, to take down the siege towers.
Dashthebeast9 Prije 14 dana
@Alec Legacy confirmed it was named wooden fence because someone asked why they were making something no better than a wooden fence
Jonathan Asdell
Jonathan Asdell Prije 14 dana
It probably would have kept them safer if it was a stone fence
Bill Gates
Bill Gates Prije 15 dana
Its very sofisticated but not without its weaknesses
Shad Merilien
Shad Merilien Prije 18 dana
This needs to be a 10-part Netflix series
Muyang Cheng
Muyang Cheng Prije 10 sati
I love how most deaths are part of the experiment, and then just one random guy dying to "boat clutch time" lul. I keep on imagining a runner running around a pre-historic tribe and yelling parkour.
internet person
internet person Prije 5 dana
This was fun to watch, I’m just glad that Legacy, his parrot, and the flower shop survived lol
Jëssica Prije mjesec
Honestly this is one of the most well put together Minecraft civilizations I've ever seen. The narration, the wars, the diplomatic relations, the player arcs and everything else were just so cool to watch; I know this is quite a late comment but good job !
Bud Butterson
Bud Butterson Prije mjesec
@Supreme Corporation something in me is telling me it's Dvořák.
Supreme Corporation
Supreme Corporation Prije mjesec
Does anyone know the music at 8:59 ?
theisgood0 Prije 2 dana
This is just amazing. There is just so much good Minecraft content. But this is just top tier. I love how we got to hear everyone speak. I really hope you do this again.
Adrian Prije 2 dana
Absolute classic. I'm pretty sure I'm accountable for half the views on this video.
Browne Hawk
Browne Hawk Prije 10 sati
Never played minecraft but know of it. Was not ready for how good this video is. Great work.
Ultragalacticgamer Prije 6 dana
Id love to see 500-750 players for larger experiments but I can see how that would be difficult
Froggy Prije 2 mjeseci
This felt like a movie, the editing, the engagement, the whole thing was the most incredible video. This might be my favourite minecraft video I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been watching mc vids constantly for over 5 years).
mr buffwoop
mr buffwoop Prije 16 dana
niyyahmadinah Prije 17 dana
I strongly agree this was one of the most iconic Minecraft videos I have ever seen. Well done
BXM Prije mjesec
it reminds me of fitmc's videos. that's probably the closest you can get to videos like this one.
super sushi
super sushi Prije mjesec
Andres Chavez
Andres Chavez Prije 2 mjeseci
I havent played minecraft consistently in like 6 years but this was easily one of, if not, the best mc video I've seen
Gilberto Valenzuela
Gilberto Valenzuela Prije 6 dana
This is one of the best Minecraft vids i've seen, even felt like an epic movie or tv show, i loved the character development of Legacy as some kind of main character that only wants to live peaceful outside of wars and Solev as some kind of anti heroe dictator, keep doing more of this stuff is insane ❤️❤️❤️
Jedi APC
Jedi APC Prije dan
Someone should do a version of this but with new and old popular Minecraft HRburnrs and their fans
MarkBV Prije 8 dana
Utterly fascinating. Such an exhilarating story naturally occurring… damn…
MadladMudkip Prije 2 dana
Battle of the Wooden Fence may be the most stunningly cinematic Minecraft battle I've ever seen. Most battles are assaults on towns or battles on the plain, but a straight vertical climb of a tower against its defenders was breathtaking to watch. 11/10
Big Hoss
Big Hoss Prije 6 dana
Damn I was rooting for the snow nation the whole time. That was spectacular
Shane Hedrington
Great idea. Next is population increases. For every 2 people in a group or clan, another player gets added after x amount of time.
Akyaren Prije 5 dana
I haven't played minecraft in over 10 years and I still like these civilisation experiment videos
Keven Prije 5 dana
I have never been into Minecraft HRburn but this hits different. Great job
blastgird Prije mjesec
This needs to become a gamemode that everyone should play
Potato Prije mjesec
@Jynx Zero no
Jynx Zero
Jynx Zero Prije mjesec
@Potato can u still play it if ur on console? I REALLY wanna play this but I'm on Bedrock :(
LordEnder_Kitty Prije mjesec
Nqnja Prije mjesec
@Fefek1 I'm up for doing that lol
Potato Prije mjesec
@Uwais Lorgat descriptiob
Axzyte's Fan
Axzyte's Fan Prije dan
The fact that Solev didn't harm anyone and kept a nice relationship with jungle but still got hated by everyone is sad
S.A.J.froggo Prije 7 dana
I literally cried this was put together like a movie well done
Joe Prije 2 dana
we need a show made out of this but with 1000 players
Jakub Ł.
Jakub Ł. Prije 6 dana
This was literally so awesome! All the rivalization between factions and alliances, different characters, the storytelling were just so entertaining to watch :D
Sartori _
Sartori _ Prije 22 dana
Knowing that both Hope (the girl from the flower shop) and Legacy had a good ending made me really happy Two legends that probably never met
Daniel Biviano
Daniel Biviano Prije 10 dana
They are my favorite ppl out of everyone
Logan Krings
Logan Krings Prije 10 dana
Hey does anyone know the name of the song at 8:59? I’d really appreciate it
Micah Barrett
Micah Barrett Prije 11 dana
Z0M1E0FD3ATH Prije 11 dana
@Legacy yor parot ok?
Benjamin Mayer
Benjamin Mayer Prije 10 dana
This was so good. The battle of the Wooden Fence is one of the most epic and emotional things I have seen. Pure art right here. Also it's so cool that Legacy and the parrot survived.
AJ Prije 5 dana
I didn't expected sands union would be that much strong
Jay Hatfield
Jay Hatfield Prije 14 sati
Love how Solev was made out to be a villain despite the fact that he did literally nothing wrong. Man's was just running his country, took in refugees, and had a few of his people start agitating peace. Then the whole planet came down on him.
Adam DeChamp
Adam DeChamp Prije 2 dana
This was... Amazing. The experiment was so awesome, and the retelling of events was spot on.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
This is a really fascinating and an accurate portrayal on how a legitimate civilization on Minecraft would play out. War is inevitable.
R.Henry Jr.
R.Henry Jr. Prije 8 dana
​@NUBIANNAVY After assassinating Ewaj, in which Solev was directly involved. I'd say that's just cause for war.
Shxdy Prije 11 dana
@Nick Lopez freedom and peace is boring in video games, why strive for it when you can legally be a tyrant without backlash?
VoiceOver Prije 11 dana
The United Sands started a "preemptive strike", which is just another phrase for murder because of fear. May the jungle and village survivors live in peace. They always wanted peace.
Azanerth Prije 12 dana
Interestingly enough, it is possible in theory to continue on without war; although for either the sake of content or clout people may cause things on purpose for their own interests.
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 Prije 5 dana
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
star Prije 5 dana
Damn, look where you are now. I remember playing mineplex with you when you were a trainee. You were always so nice, you deserve these views.
Karol Bukta
Karol Bukta Prije 10 dana
Never have I ever seen a more entertaining Minecraft video than this. Such a great idea! You should definitely do more similar things in the future.
Martin Eriksson
Martin Eriksson Prije 10 dana
this is legit the most entertaining youtube video i have seen in years! This is what I always wished hermitcraft was! I love how you dramatize minecraft, and I wish to one day join one of these.
Jonah Hammond
Jonah Hammond Prije 14 dana
Legacy had the best story ever. I don’t care which side won and which side lost, Legacy was the protagonist throughout the entire thing. It honestly could make an amazing book or movie about someone and there pet just trying to survive while being thrown into the middle of a war.
Skibbehify Prije 4 dana
Me and my gf were on the edge of our seats for legacy 🤣
Legacy Prije 6 dana
@Rem Crimson Yoooo Thanks for the shoutout!
nar0303 Prije 9 dana
The mandalorian
og.chipelo Prije 10 dana
That show by the Rick and Morty creators about aliens has a B plot about people who have been shrunk and put into an ant farm and people go to war over resources and etc, and in the story there’s a farmer and his pet hamster it’s really good you should watch it, search it up
Angela Pangilinan
Angela Pangilinan Prije 10 dana
Some Guy
Some Guy Prije 2 dana
In my eyes, Legacy was the greatest in this story
Himnish Bhakt
Himnish Bhakt Prije 11 dana
this is so perfect in every way I was on my nerves every second of this masterpiece and the closure on legacy did put a tear in my eye
Angel Of Death Yt
Angel Of Death Yt Prije 4 dana
I hope the person that put this video and experiment together gets paid well it is such a good video
WonderGaming Prije 5 dana
This is amazing to see a civilization made in a video game. It's beautiful how humans can live in such peace and harmony. Well, except for the war part...🤣
Ethan Coble
Ethan Coble Prije 23 dana
I feel like this was a story about a man named Legacy trying to live peacefully with his parrot, but kept getting caught up in world affairs and had to survive a world war before finally finding the peace he forever sought. Truly a story for the ages.
You Prije 14 dana
Oogler Prije 14 dana
I'm actually so happy he and his parrot survived the whole thing, especially since he ended up being at the center of alot of the major events
Kami Prije 14 dana
You could say it was his legacy.
Dylan French
Dylan French Prije 15 dana
He's just a simple man trying to make his way in the galaxy.
「 acernis 」
「 acernis 」 Prije 16 dana
I second this.
Marina Bazdar
Marina Bazdar Prije dan
Ahh i was rooting for the jungle from the beginning. This was an amazing thing to watch and i am glad I got to experience it
smw119 Prije 7 dana
I live these! So facinating how things develop. I hope we can see more of these!
Diogo Roldão
Diogo Roldão Prije dan
This was way more entertaining than i expected lol
Ellie Prije 3 dana
I really enjoyed this, I’m excited for more of these type of content!
YuhzaGW2 Prije 20 dana
I feel like I was actually watching a real historical event. The twists and turns, the peaceful events in between, the random shits: all are chef's kiss delightful.
Braxbro Prije 15 dana
@El Duque Caradura Yep. People build their own civilizations when given total anarchy, it's only natural.
Alessandro Capria
Alessandro Capria Prije 16 dana
the among us statues in the jungle village
A Logical Girl Once said
Especially Kumazaki. If he was able to make those alliances that would’ve been one of the best bargaining chips ever
El Duque Caradura
El Duque Caradura Prije 20 dana
Because this had time to develop and actually people could try to achieve their ambitions or follow someone else's. This is what I love from games like Eve Online or Minecraft: some crazy ass things happens when you let people do this kind of relationships
Ben Crawford
Ben Crawford Prije 9 dana
never did i think a 30 minute minecraft video would make me so emotional. the lore, depth, storytelling... wow. truly the best youtube video i have ever seen. so happy for legacy and his parrot as well as the united sands prevailing over tyranny.
ButterDino Prije 9 dana
I love how it was so dramatic and everyone’s names and voices were funny and surprising 😂I love these type of content
Solenn Prije 3 dana
Whoever found the names "the United Sands" and the "Solev Union" is a genius
RiverPlays Prije 4 dana
I think you are really good at explaining and I think that this is one of the best minecraft videos on HRburn Period
Purplepenguin Prije 2 mjeseci
Legacys is the side character everyone was rooting for. his story is so wholesome
Darth Hunter
Darth Hunter Prije 27 dana
I actually think he was the main character the entire time
CausalityLoop Prije mjesec
Same here
Theodore Ogbonna
Theodore Ogbonna Prije mjesec
It was so enjoyable watching his journey
Brian Ni
Brian Ni Prije mjesec
So u were rooting for the solev union …
The Legacy of Gaming
Legacy was just a man with his bird wanting to live in peace, in a world full of chaos.
CaryxxC Prije 6 dana
loved every bit of this video, thank you for your hardwork, and thank you to the 200 participants