Doctor Reacts To Triggering Medical Memes 

Doctor Mike
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Another day, another meme review. Today we talk about Iron Man, back pain, instagram models, fist bumps vs. high fives, kidney transplants, pediatrics, bones, handwriting, coffee, John Cena, flu shots, pumpkin spice, dental crowns, boxing, spines, hiking, weight loss, family medicine, post traumatic growth, stress, anxiety, amputations, patient notes, scrubs, medical commercials, Harry Potter, deodorant, silica gel, tinder, scabs, feet, carpal tunnel, plasma donations, and gluten intolerance.

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21. Stu 2021.



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AaronHIS Prije sat
Dr. Mike! I know a bone… My skull bone DEEZ NUTS ACROSS UR KIDKNEES 💀 💀
Astxrin_ Prije 2 sati
I am not just one bone, I have a full collection of them.
bedless mct
bedless mct Prije 2 sati
I love how the chest compression is looking like boobs
Stefano Mantopoulos
Stefano Mantopoulos Prije 2 sati
DIEGO BRANDO Prije 2 sati
LMAO how I'd you not get the joke I feel like sam
Larissa Colle
Larissa Colle Prije 2 sati
don't feel bad Mike, I didn't get the last joke either
DIEGO BRANDO Prije 2 sati
If I was a bone is be a fossil bone
Triangle🔺 Prije 2 sati
Juanita Bennett
Juanita Bennett Prije 2 sati
SloppyCat Clips
SloppyCat Clips Prije 2 sati
this is the same as showing your mom a meme and her lecturing you about it
Griffin Prije 2 sati
If I were a bone, it would be the fibula, as it is weak like me : )
ThePF1 Prije 2 sati
The last one was the best. The longer it took from you to get the joke, the harder I laughed 🤣🤣🤣
JAMM Prije 3 sati
Like most things, if you didn’t show me what the Protozoa was I’d assume it was pasta
noods Prije 3 sati
If I was a bone, I would be a singular rib.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prije 3 sati
What is it called when you have a phobia of needles. I mean 4 army veterans holding you down just for the flu shot.
Jasmin Prije 3 sati
i once accidentally ate a silica packet nothing happened dont go eat one tho
Gaming Bros
Gaming Bros Prije 3 sati
Pepperadish Prije 3 sati
Can someone please explain the John Cena grammar one??
R0z4nelle. Prije 3 sati
I luv this series THE MOST
christina113704 Prije 4 sati
8:25 I don't know what I did wrong with the other plant *shakes plant violently* lolz 😆
Gopal Krishna Bhandari
A question for all If i had watched doctor mike for 4 years do i deserve a medical degree?
Indian BLINK Sani
Indian BLINK Sani Prije 4 sati
Oh my god the syringe one even I know without being a doctor 🤣🤣🤣
Mason Bayman
Mason Bayman Prije 4 sati
Let’s go then
Laura Larsen
Laura Larsen Prije 4 sati
at about 3:09 minut there is danish letters 🤣 æ and Å Makes me happy
D4RK G4MERZ MC Prije 4 sati
Q&A:can you animate??
Magnet Tile
Magnet Tile Prije 5 sati
Memes! Exactly! 😊
Yo! tuba
Yo! tuba Prije 5 sati
4:55 no context 😏
MJB Prije 5 sati
If I was any bone in the human body, I'd be the stapes, so I could just vibe with the music all the time. I'd just be like, ∧
raven t
raven t Prije 5 sati
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Prije 5 sati
Lol 😂😂
char free
char free Prije 5 sati
If only he doesn't force his quirkiness.
margua01 Prije 6 sati
Lol, hi from Costa Rica 👋. I'm not a native English speaker, but even I understand the glue and ants 😂😂😂. Love your videos.💞
alizhey alizhay
alizhey alizhay Prije 6 sati
chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions
Elo Prije 6 sati
Why he got a beard tho
Karolina Prije 6 sati
Foot? Prije 6 sati
I World be a bone
Zeruknipz Prije 6 sati
Once when i was 10 years old i ate the silica gel packet from a crunchy seaweed snack, it didnt taste great, but hey atleast im still alive
Vilhelm Prije 6 sati
Is your last name Ehrmantraut?
Sarvin Prije 7 sati
…but I wanted to know how coffee gets turned into energy 🥺
Mikk C
Mikk C Prije 7 sati
This guy is an MD doing youtube.. and has 8 million subs... so I'm guessing he is doing it full time. also he is young.. most doctors have years of experience yet this guy is doing youtube instead of focusing on practicing medicine..
GL1TCH BOI Prije 7 sati
Ohhhh SHIP station I thought it said something else
GL1TCH BOI Prije 7 sati
3:06 when my mom shows me a meme from facebook
Zsoul Prije 7 sati
whene i saw the thumbnail i said " there just built different "
Alien Bunny
Alien Bunny Prije 8 sati
I'm silly yak and got that right away.
J Larson
J Larson Prije 8 sati
Perfect 🤣
Julia Alexander
Julia Alexander Prije 8 sati
...when you talked about short term stress those veins under your neck; had me concerned about you
Red Mushroom
Red Mushroom Prije 8 sati
The butterfly in the center of the head
TH Barasu
TH Barasu Prije 8 sati
Question if you die will you die?
Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson Prije 8 sati
I love your videos so much! What are your thoughts on the Covid vaccinations for children ( those under 12?), also for those that have had covid, are vaccinated and still continue to have long term effects what would you recommend they do (while following up with their pcp?)
Jongs 101 JongsFam
Jongs 101 JongsFam Prije 8 sati
2:02 ... funny how he said he used to be a bad kid...he's now a doctor
Leila Michels
Leila Michels Prije 8 sati
You look like that guy from Chicago Med... no I will not elaborate.
RadicalElder Prije 8 sati
Sure, the doctor doesn't get the gluten intolerance joke but that's only b/c only 1% of the population had it 10 years ago, not 50%. /s
Something Or other
Something Or other Prije 8 sati
Down vote. Supports forced irreversible medical procedures.
commie chris
commie chris Prije 9 sati
Dr mike I need too know my life depends on it can I import social credit on ship station
Xander Matchimx
Xander Matchimx Prije 9 sati
You could say I am a fun guy lol
Macarena Eguillor
Macarena Eguillor Prije 9 sati
Dr. M: I'm a world famous doctor with a medical degree and millions of followers! Me: I immediately understood the last there. 😆😎
Risith Jayasekara
Risith Jayasekara Prije 9 sati
Every single meme review is actually a huge r/whoosh moment for dr. mike.
Eclipz _5
Eclipz _5 Prije 9 sati
Dr miles only fans “Getting a colonoscopy! uncensored “
Mad Stellaris
Mad Stellaris Prije 9 sati
Am I the only one realizing that silica packets comic might be from Chubbyemu?
Nathanael McCooeye
Nathanael McCooeye Prije 9 sati
I’m 6’3” 190 lbs, but have no boxing experience. If you promise to teach me something I’ll fight.
Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler Prije 9 sati
MAKE MIKE DO the I H O P NESS challenge.
Lillian Black
Lillian Black Prije 9 sati
The spine specifically my spine because I am very much not straight.
TheNickelGuy Prije 9 sati
One time, my little brother ate a fruit snack off of a hospital floor.
Madyson Harris
Madyson Harris Prije 9 sati
my dog ate silica gel once
MattsMirrorWorld Prije 10 sati
Federal bureau Of investigation
I swear, if doctor mike fights logan or jake paul on a boxing match, the pauls will lose immidiately. I mean, imagine fighting a doctor who knows almost all your weak spots lol
Kona Prije 10 sati
Vetri Vel
Vetri Vel Prije 10 sati
no dream to become a doctor..anyways
Randum Prije 10 sati
As a kid I used to play this game where you would put the human body together. At one point I had memorized all the bones and where they go in the human body
Franchez Eli Eviota
Franchez Eli Eviota Prije 10 sati
3:44 why do u sound so much like george not found
Hope Abare
Hope Abare Prije 10 sati
Its not " box me" its called sparring...
Rain Ryder
Rain Ryder Prije 10 sati
I love this HRburnr I learn so much while enjoying myself, I'm going to a nursing class and this actually helps sometimes especially on tests
RobloxKing150 Prije 10 sati
I’ve had 3 cans of chef boyardee spaghetti. Is that bad?
LukeSnipes Prije 10 sati
I would be humerus. Cause I am.
Eve Forbord
Eve Forbord Prije 10 sati
You are an Interesting person
Deven Kumar
Deven Kumar Prije 10 sati
Deven Kumar
Deven Kumar Prije 10 sati
Its a bone
ZJ STUDIOS Prije 10 sati
my friend will literally eat the gel packets! I tell her not to and now she just sends videos of her doing it every time. HELP
Miss Craze
Miss Craze Prije 11 sati
Doctor Mike: “All my dentists out there ‘what’s up!’” Me: 🥰
Susana Sierra
Susana Sierra Prije 11 sati
12:22 Sam turns into a raven LMAO💀
Gama games
Gama games Prije 11 sati
You’re like my mom whenever I tell her a joke, she lectures me about how and why I’m wrong and is ruining the fun
Knight_Lucario_GaminG Prije 11 sati
Im 80 pounds. Am i under weight!?
Calista Mars
Calista Mars Prije 11 sati
The first one. My spine looks like that but only because I have lordosis.
Is it bad that my spine is kind of built like the Insta model? 😓
Lyle Tito
Lyle Tito Prije 11 sati
You should make an only fans. It's just money that your could be making. At least do a calendar
Susana Sierra
Susana Sierra Prije 11 sati
The Bear edit had me laughing 10x more than the memes 💀💀💀
Im Phanta
Im Phanta Prije 11 sati
7:45 Meanwhile in germany the ads just say: For risks and sideeffects please read the pckaging information or consult your doctor or pharmacist. - Für Risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen sie die Packungsbeilage, oder fragen sie ihren Arzt oder Apotheker -
JugooBugoo(Bedrock) Prije 11 sati
Doc. Mike :I don't know what I did wrong to the plant. Also Doc. Mike: *proceeds to choke the plant*
TERROR Penguin85
TERROR Penguin85 Prije 11 sati
I’m the leg bone for sure, tallest out of all my homies
Sofia Beukens
Sofia Beukens Prije 11 sati
I'm worried, does Sam need medical help? o.o
MrBunny Prije 12 sati
Dr.mike:DO U EVEN KNOW WHAT A PROTOZOA IS? Me constantly getting chapters about bacteria from class 3rd to 8th:Yes i do,I very much do
Blast King
Blast King Prije 12 sati
12:27 sam created that meme for sure
Cheeseboy Prije 12 sati
I am a bone
Blast King
Blast King Prije 12 sati
4:51 react to boxer injury + death
Smallpox Chesspawn
Smallpox Chesspawn Prije 12 sati
Dori tää guy is so old and black eye. And i cant get to him
Kyle Prije 12 sati
You get to see dr mike irl: calm You get to see dr mike irl: panik
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