He threw this into the stratosphere 😱|  

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5. Lis 2021.



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Komentari 19 376   
Flako Hernandez
Flako Hernandez Prije 12 minuta
he threw that ball so far it disappeared. Daaaaamn Daniel!
Richa tale
Richa tale Prije 35 minuta
It's dangerous. What if that hited someone. Rippppppp☠️☠️☠️☠️🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Markus Lundberg
Markus Lundberg Prije 43 minuta
Damn, imagen sieging a castle and having this guy during the medieval ages
Nood Gaming Mach
Nood Gaming Mach Prije 49 minuta
fake.. edited
Madi Shea
Madi Shea Prije 59 minuta
First thing that came to mind as soon as he launched it was the scene from water boy when the professor gets hit in the head with a ball. 🤣🤣
Marco Fabian
Marco Fabian Prije sat
I can already tell that's gonna hit somebody..........
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams Prije sat
Did he checked where did it finally landed? I’m worried 😟
BOT KILLER Prije sat
It reminds me of james jessica and meow
Circa Prije sat
And this just in man is killed after metal ball hit him at speeds of 700 mph
Omar Kh
Omar Kh Prije sat
Check the airlines real quick...
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy Prije sat
Did he hit a house?? Doesn't seem like a place you should be throwing something like that around.
OFY Prije sat
Animals and infotainment tube
RIP to anyone who got hit with that meteor like thing 😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️
Orlando Salman
Orlando Salman Prije sat
Just like my General
curiousNcuriouser Prije 2 sati
I don't even know the rules! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Somewhere down the middle...? Slow motion in that case was unnecessary, in my opinion... I was wating for a slip or blooper!
Zoeys World
Zoeys World Prije 2 sati
Sumtn dead😱😱
مخرس العملاء
All what you did is that you slowed the video, nothing special 🤷🏻‍♂️
Tiffany Martin
Tiffany Martin Prije 2 sati
WOW! That was truly amazing. That took some serious skill, strength and determination... Hope u had well deserved proud moment
Tiny Tink
Tiny Tink Prije 2 sati
I'm pretty confident somehow I'd wind up wrapped around my neck😳
FractalBoy Prije 2 sati
So ... how far did it go?
Cory Strong
Cory Strong Prije 2 sati
It gooone!
L Wilcox
L Wilcox Prije 3 sati
.... meanwhile....2 Counties over...
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson Prije 3 sati
So that's what hit my car the other day?
SUBRATA SAREN Prije 3 sati
How do anyone evaluate his throw distance if they can't find that in competition. 😅🤣🤣
Shane Daniel
Shane Daniel Prije 3 sati
The suspense was killing me lol
Enis Gusinac
Enis Gusinac Prije 3 sati
Later we found that ball in the Germany. 🤣🤣🤣
train diesel
train diesel Prije 3 sati
that's a fucked up lookin basketball
Miguel Elizalde
Miguel Elizalde Prije 4 sati
Gotta be a record
AmazonSmoke Prije 4 sati
Im just gonna say it. He is handsome asf! 😍
Richard Salinetro jr
Holy shit, I'm willing to bet that I couldn't hit a 90mph fastball as far as this guy threw that. that was extremely impressive.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Prije 5 sati
King 👑
Noreka Cadogan
Noreka Cadogan Prije 5 sati
Hope he didn't hit anyone over there!
J Attitude
J Attitude Prije 5 sati
Is he a gold medalist by any chance?
alexcia thompson
alexcia thompson Prije 5 sati
Have me wondering if that's a camera trick 🙈 😅 or what that's an amazing throw yow but stillz but R.I.P to whomsoever or whatsoever that shit land on 🥺😭😅😂😭
Do You Even Freedom Bro
Hercules! Hercules!
Josh Corwin
Josh Corwin Prije 6 sati
That landed in my living room I'ma sue!!
kyouryuu Prije 6 sati
Imagine that falling to someone's roof
DreLarge 82
DreLarge 82 Prije 6 sati
I feel sorry for the cars in the parking lot 😫
Sunflower Goddess
Sunflower Goddess Prije 6 sati
Out of this world🤎👑
Brandon Prije 6 sati
Bro. "cya next Tuesday"
Jeon Zeya
Jeon Zeya Prije 6 sati
now someone has lost his head
Gui Angelo
Gui Angelo Prije 6 sati
the ball passed through my home like 5 mins ago and it's going to Argentina rn
Fred Schroeder Jr
Fred Schroeder Jr Prije 6 sati
Has it landed yet, maybe on Pluto
Lewis rich
Lewis rich Prije 6 sati
Okay and it landed where???👀👀 oh boy
Old_man_gaming Prije 6 sati
Mum: "what do you want for your birthday timmy?".... Timmy: "A BIG METAL BALL ON A CHAIN!".. Mum: "now we've been through this, plus where would I find something like that?" A big metal ball then crashes through the roof hitting granny on the top of her head splitting her clean in two, leaving a blood soaked perfect circle in the floor beneath her chair..... Timmy, in shock, and wearing half of granny's lunch on his face, turns to his mum and says... "Actually, I'd like a football for my birthday please mum"
Lisa Ancrum
Lisa Ancrum Prije 6 sati
.. 0
Steve Prije 7 sati
Thats outa here home run over the fence!
Where did it land at ?
Marilyn Russell
Marilyn Russell Prije 7 sati
That’s gonna hurt when it comes down…
Jazzilaladi Prije 7 sati
Dammmmm 🤭
Holy Christian
Holy Christian Prije 7 sati
Give that man an Olympic scholarship contract
Where the fuck did it go to.🤔😲💯🔥
Holy Christian
Holy Christian Prije 7 sati
100 yards
wayne mason
wayne mason Prije 7 sati
I hope that didn't his someone... imagen
Holy Christian
Holy Christian Prije 7 sati
It went atleast a 100 yards a football field
Shay C
Shay C Prije 7 sati
Wow! I just have anxiety if it hits some one 😰
Holy Christian
Holy Christian Prije 7 sati
Vicki Gunter Graham
Vicki Gunter Graham Prije 8 sati
😳 Wow
Jeremy Prince
Jeremy Prince Prije 8 sati
I would love to hear that "whooooo"... he let out... bet that felt epic... Strong 💪🏾
Scott Mckenzie
Scott Mckenzie Prije 8 sati
Damn! That was nice 👍🏾
Zeeskeet Prije 8 sati
Mike Prije 8 sati
I just hope it doesn’t land in china
Fossil Draws
Fossil Draws Prije 8 sati
Shame he doesn't get credited.
Ahniah Selene
Ahniah Selene Prije 8 sati
I expected to hear a cat at the end
Ramone Thornton
Ramone Thornton Prije 8 sati
Praying that everyone is doing OK
Raul R Rodriguez
Raul R Rodriguez Prije 8 sati
Unreal 👍
Jaidyn Fenton
Jaidyn Fenton Prije 8 sati
Mr. Trenchbull😳
Bae_ Boy
Bae_ Boy Prije 9 sati
how could he satisfy by killing someone 😂
Scarlett193966 Prije 9 sati
!!! And no one has seen it since...
Rage The Victorious
Rage The Victorious Prije 9 sati
His technique is flawless... you can see his follow thru even better in slowmo. That ball is still flying to this day
Camel House
Camel House Prije 9 sati
Tomthephotographercom Tom Donnelly
Is it a world record?
A Wright
A Wright Prije 9 sati
I think this guy is Thor in real life!!
CLEXXIE Prije 9 sati
According to NASA spokesmen The object was spotted and confirmed and is now currently in orbit and has yet to reenter the earth atmosphere.
Timmie Marshall
Timmie Marshall Prije 9 sati
Looks like a homerun! Those quads though.
Ei Quinlan
Ei Quinlan Prije 9 sati
S S Prije 9 sati
OMG!! Does he compete profe$$ionally?? If not...why not??
Appearance 1
Appearance 1 Prije 9 sati
There's no way nobody's surviving that thing if gets hit on😬 i can feel the impact just by mere looking at it. Incredible tho!
mosbyaj Prije 10 sati
Whoever that ball hit probably exploded.
Coltprime '
Coltprime ' Prije 10 sati
That's a hoss right there
Nikolaos Markianidis
Nikolaos Markianidis Prije 10 sati
ready for the Olympics / bereit für die Olympia
Wolvves Prije 10 sati
That smashed into someones living room window the next county over
Joe Silva
Joe Silva Prije 10 sati
Ummm, why is the ground wet???🤗🍿😎🤕
Miya J
Miya J Prije 11 sati
Flying Dutchman 17
Flying Dutchman 17 Prije 11 sati
Let’s go Brandon 💥
Flying Dutchman 17
Flying Dutchman 17 Prije 11 sati
🤔 .. How to launch a satellite . 💪
Ed Poster
Ed Poster Prije 11 sati
It’ll come back… reckon it’s got about 1 whole orbit of the planet at least 👍
Lydie Rauld
Lydie Rauld Prije 11 sati
We R magic
Glenn Cole
Glenn Cole Prije 11 sati
Aren't the girls throwing heavier than that?
Sha my Yah
Sha my Yah Prije 11 sati
Zulf Tv
Zulf Tv Prije 11 sati
woman identify with her breast milk عورت کے دودھ سے پہچان 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
Zulf Tv
Zulf Tv Prije 11 sati
woman identify with her breast milk عورت کے دودھ سے پہچان 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
L McMill
L McMill Prije 11 sati
And that shit hit my windshield. Thnx a lot a$$hole
LuckyRubberDucky Prije 11 sati
Team rocket blasting off again
El mastin
El mastin Prije 11 sati
A Júpiter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Angela Crawford
Angela Crawford Prije 12 sati
Angela Crawford
Angela Crawford Prije 12 sati
Holy effing shit!!! That was insane...
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