THE CRAZIEST FIGHT OF 2021! Collision 3: Rico Verhoeven v Jamal Ben Saddik 

GLORY Kickboxing
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Rico Verhoeven defends his title against rival Jamal Ben Saddik at Collision 3. 2021.10.23


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22. Stu 2021.



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Bronze Tiger
Bronze Tiger Prije mjesec
That wasn't a kickboxing "match".....That was a Fight. Knockdown, drag out, test of Heart. Rico is a Warrior.
Richard Garcia
Richard Garcia Prije 2 dana
idk Prije 16 dana
@J p and he fighted 3 times against censer, you don’t have respect for him.
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz Prije 20 dana
@J p Als een Nederlander wint loopt iedereen altijd te zeuren. Het is nooit eerlijk en het ligt altijd aan iedereen! Luister maar niet meer naar dit domme gezwets! Ben Sadik heeft het nooit langer dan 3 rondes volgehouden! Daarom zijn zijn stats zo hoog! Heeft te weinig 5 ronde gevechten gevochten. Of won met zijn domme lucky geswing! Goed van de dokter om door te laten vechten!
Оксана Калинушкина
Рико даже в России уважают!!!)
Aplias 20
Aplias 20 Prije 23 dana
yes a rigged fight
José Morbey Lobo
José Morbey Lobo Prije 25 dana
Hats off to both warriors. Great fight. RESPECT !!!
BuuBuu Figs
BuuBuu Figs Prije mjesec
Pretty new to watching Glory. Every Rico fight I've watched so far he's faced some adversity early on. Dude's ability to recover is insane & has the heart of a warrior.
Bosco _ Bosco
Bosco _ Bosco Prije 6 dana
I had never heard of Saddik and now I think he's an absolute inspiration!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Huge respect from the 🇬🇧 UK. Beating cancer and coming back to fight at the top of the kickboxing sport level. Awesome technique and movement. I'd love to see more of him.
Nicholas Koppean
Nicholas Koppean Prije mjesec
Outside of hanging onto the clinch a little to long throughout the fight this is another masterclass by Rico. He demonstrates what excellence in the basics can do.
David Martineau
David Martineau Prije mjesec
A unique fight to engrave in the rock .. 2 super fighter.. Great art... Just a big thank you for sharing and a big big up for these 2 huge athlete
Samir Amcharat
Samir Amcharat Prije mjesec
What an incredible performance by both fighters, havent seen this kind of fights since the K1 days. Major respect for both
gerald traveller
gerald traveller Prije 23 dana
well glory give rico only 3 though matches those where against badr and jamal other mathces glory choose them and they gave jamal the most difficult matches they should put rico against a frest tarik raul nodin and plazibat
babo85 Prije mjesec
@Samir Amcharat Agreed.
Samir Amcharat
Samir Amcharat Prije mjesec
@babo85 The Golden Era Of Kickboxing. But we have to admit that Glory is promoting the game to its best.
babo85 Prije mjesec
I miss the K1 days. But I agree, this match is at that kind level!
Shavar Prije mjesec
Yeah that was brutal, no commission would have let that fight carry on.
Noético Noûs
Noético Noûs Prije 21 dan
Obrigado Senhor! "Método Ncl" Oss! Parabéns Rico Verhoeven. Ai tem espírito de guerreiro, coração de lutador. E muita, muita dedicação e treinamento. Sem dúvidas esta luta entra para a história do Kickboxing mundial de todos os tempos. Sendo a que mais me emocionou, pois além da luta em si, uma batalha épica, mostra que o Ncl estava certo. The master!!!
Onix Junes
Onix Junes Prije mjesec
What a tough decision to decide if you should retreat when you feel you are losing, to Live and fight another day.. or say “fuck it” and fight until your body gives out. My respects to these warriors
Barça airsoft
Barça airsoft Prije mjesec
Rico gained my respect after this performance, hes truly the champion now . What a brave dude
Viscera Prije sat
10 title defenses against who? Weaklings? the people he fought were no jokes, some of them were former champions themselves.
Daan Vleesenbeek
Daan Vleesenbeek Prije 9 dana
Truly the champion now🤣, 10 title defences just shut up
Noam Bukowski
Noam Bukowski Prije mjesec
"So what are you gonna do now?" "I'm gonna rest, and then I'm gonna go back to the drawing board and analyse this fight a million times, to see what I did wrong, and get better." That's his answer after a WIN. Now that's a champion mentality.
Johan Jansen
Johan Jansen Prije 24 dana
@Aplias 20 The lack of a really strong and diverse pool of fighters is the reason he can be king for this long. I'm looking forward to Plazibat vs Verhoeven!
Aplias 20
Aplias 20 Prije mjesec
@Johan Jansen rico ruins the sport mate
Aplias 20
Aplias 20 Prije mjesec
@bizmonkey007 and the fight not being stopped
d henwood
d henwood Prije mjesec
@bizmonkey007 ironically ben saved him from a knockdown by carrying on striking him, if Ben wasnt trying to fight dirty and land extra shots he would have scored the knockdown, he really over committed when he could have picked his shots and worn him down, by over committing he let rico turn the fight around when he got sloppy and punched himself out.
Ghost Prije mjesec
@alpha Rico has heart and he won , the other guy was better with his hands but Rico is like the terminator in this fight,u cut his leg off he'll still come, Jamal got tired and gave up
ayuub maidana
ayuub maidana Prije mjesec
rico is a monster u can say nothing about him a real champion, But for jamal the same problem, his physical condition betraying him, we raise our hat for a men who battled cancer and overcame it, continued training and returned to the ring . greetings from a moroccan 🇲🇦 💪🏽 🇳🇱
The judge is Rico s cousin
Fresh Xan
Fresh Xan Prije 20 dana
1.1k liker
Clen Jones
Clen Jones Prije 21 dan
@ARMAGEDDON Rico destroys these pathetic “people”
ARMAGEDDON Prije 21 dan
Rico eats morroccans😁
Aplias 20
Aplias 20 Prije 23 dana
this was a disgrace glory is a absolute joke. rico really ruins this sport
H G Prije mjesec
First time I've heard of Jamal Ben Saddik and damn, he is very accurate. If he had more cardio he would defeat anyone. Amazing performance against Rico, he could've had him.
Mahmoud Sabry
Mahmoud Sabry Prije 20 dana
So true
Wiley Early
Wiley Early Prije mjesec
Amazing fight. Two amazing warriors. I can’t remember seeing a fight that wasn’t stopped with Rico’s eye injury.
on verra
on verra Prije mjesec
You right.. It could have went the other way to jamal
Low On Ammo
Low On Ammo Prije mjesec
What a fight! Ben Saddik is a freaking tank and Rico's comeback, wow!
Aya Chiba
Aya Chiba Prije 18 dana
@KingRockets thats because Jamal has beaten cancer twice
KingRockets Prije mjesec
Dude just gave up, needs to work on his conditioning. All his technique went straight out the window.
The best performance I've seen from a fighter in my entire life was this performance by Rico. the guy is a lion, the king. one of the best fights I've ever seen in my life. even in boxing in recent years there are no fights like this. got worse in ufc. it only existed in Pride. my respect to the king of kickboxing of Brazil 🇧🇷🤝🇳🇱
jorge louis
jorge louis Prije 22 dana
@Dirtbag DaveNot fit enough because of he struggelings with cancer.. Defense could be better true .
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Prije mjesec
@Dirtbag Dave This is a bum pillow fight. How big are those gloves?
alpha Prije mjesec
​@Dirtbag Dave u are a a joke
Dirtbag Dave
Dirtbag Dave Prije mjesec
@alpha Nah, you are a fool. It's a joke for this guy to say this fight is the best he has seen in his life. And to compare it boxing and UFc fights this year like Pete Yan vs Cory Sandhagen, Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder or Justin Gaethje vs Michael Chandler is a even BIGGER JOKE. This Moroccan fighter is actually one of the biggest jokes ever, I've never seen someone so unfit and pathetic defensive skills turning his head
alpha Prije mjesec
@Dirtbag Dave hahahahaha u are a joke
Steve Macdaddy
Steve Macdaddy Prije mjesec
AWESOME fight. Much respect for Ben. He was a second round beast. The champion showed the heart of a champion. Glad to see GLORY back.
babo85 Prije 7 dana
@Barry Mantz Maybe train your pinky toe then. Your shine has many fine nerve endings. I do agree that through training they die off.But to say the shin doesn't have many pain receptors is just not true. I'm a cook, and don't feel the burning on my fingertips becaus I burn them all the time. doesn't mean that there are not as much pain receptors, it just means the fine nerve endings died. because i'm used to it. See my point? I think you mean Your shin is not that sensitive, because you're used to it. Go ask anybody who isn't trained to kick a tree as hard as he can.
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz Prije 7 dana
@babo85 I already broke 4 people their fibula! And had no pain myself at all! It's all about training! And yes! Your shin doesn't have many pain receptors! You go and hit your pinky toe to a chair! There are much more pain receptors there!
babo85 Prije 7 dana
@Barry Mantz Oh really? Go outside, kick a brick wall, then say your shin doesn't have many pain receptors. I'll wait...
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz Prije 20 dana
@taylor That's nothing! The shin doesn't have many pain receptors!
Aplias 20
Aplias 20 Prije mjesec
biggest rigged fight ever should ben stopped
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Prije mjesec
Really interesting to see that Rico also got tired at certain points. That was the part you just know that this was becoming a legendary fight.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Prije mjesec
Damn the injuries these guys sustained and kept going! Crazy
noposGuau Prije mjesec
Having some commentary from a pro fighter in the sport is amazing! Makes the fight so much more entertaining and intense to folllow. Such a damn good fight!
Pepijn Schoemaker
Pepijn Schoemaker Prije mjesec
@Jean paul Tongeren Then who was it you think? You hear his accent.
Jean paul Tongeren
Jean paul Tongeren Prije mjesec
@Pepijn Schoemaker no that wasnt Badr Haru
Pepijn Schoemaker
Pepijn Schoemaker Prije mjesec
Did you notice Badr was coaching Jamal a few times when things really got ugly? Badr just dropped his headset to yell at Jamal to keep watching and don't turn his head.
ArschBulette Prije mjesec
RESPECT to both Fighters for this awesome clash of the titans! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije mjesec
Damn the injuries these guys sustained and kept going! Crazy
Pedro Formaggio
Pedro Formaggio Prije mjesec
WHAT A FIGHT! Great referee! Both fighters gave an example of respect, resilience and strength!
Georg Jordis
Georg Jordis Prije 13 dana
respect is hitting someone on the ground??
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Prije mjesec
Having some commentary from a pro fighter in the sport is amazing! Makes the fight so much more entertaining and intense to folllow. Such a damn good fight!
Adil Abbss
Adil Abbss Prije 3 dana
وانتي اجمل
Logan Riki
Logan Riki Prije mjesec
Dam, Rico is a champion for a reason. Champion heart, awesome fight.
ceolnaghra Prije mjesec
Respect to both warriors!
JDM BEATS Prije mjesec
Just discovered Glory Kickboxing, and WOW this was intense! These guys fought a War. Respect 👊👊🔥🔥
Contat Chan
Contat Chan Prije mjesec
Respect and honnor from Morocco to Rico, and also we are proud of our champion Jamal Ben sadik, the only moroccan who challenged Rico. Rico is a legend, final words, no just that he is strong physicaly, he is strong inside, his attitudes and power mind of a Gladitor, he never gives respect. I never love this sport until watching Rico, a true champion in all ways, ethics, charisma, and inteligence and motivation. Finaly, thank you both for this legendary battle, two Heros. Honor and Respect
Kosmina Maris
Kosmina Maris Prije mjesec
Badr hari the Gooden boy
Khaliqur Rahman
Khaliqur Rahman Prije mjesec
Badr hari
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto Prije mjesec
Rico e um Mostro segurou bem a luta e venceu guerreiros osssssssssssss 👊
M NS Prije mjesec
What an amazing fight! It had it all...endurance, willpower, respect, technique, heart. Respect to both ❣
platf0rm Prije mjesec
What an incredible fight! Two warriors. Cool to hear Badr call the fight too.
jjstratford Prije mjesec
I replayed the “knockdown” from the first round in 1/4 speed and neither knees nor his glove ever touched the canvas. His glove came VERY close, but did not touch. No knockdown.
MorroAnvr Prije mjesec
Clear knockdown.. and i think the referee there wanted to give some counts but then he heard the bell and thougt fuck it
Teutonia balla balla
Absolutely great fight, great fighters. Real warriors!
Awaited One
Awaited One Prije mjesec
ALLHAMDULILLAH to Rico. Fair play. Amazing stamina
sportstyle Prije mjesec
What a fight ! These guys are huge , and with that power no wonder that there are a lot of injuries . Great fight , great heart from both
Jan Nordberg
Jan Nordberg Prije 11 dana
@Muslimcel In boxing? Fury, he's trained for 12 rounds.
stambe8605 Prije 13 dana
@Muslimcel Depends on the rules :)
Safari Baba
Safari Baba Prije 21 dan
@Muslimcel what's
Muslimcel Prije 23 dana
6'9 Jamal vs 6'9 Furry who wins
Alex Antoniades
Alex Antoniades Prije mjesec
Well done Rico.He showed us he has the heart of a Champion.
Alex Antoniades
Alex Antoniades Prije mjesec
@Vladimir Nikolov So what?
Vladimir Nikolov
Vladimir Nikolov Prije mjesec
Yes he has the heart of a champion but not he power of a champion.
Ego adiuvabo te
Ego adiuvabo te Prije mjesec
respect to both! that was a fight to remember.
Martin Petrov
Martin Petrov Prije mjesec
What a fight.. Respect to both of them
Дмитрий Лемешев
Вот это бой!!! Уважение обоим бойцам!!!
Milo- Prije mjesec
I was upset at first that i could not see Alistair fight during my first glory event. But my sadness turned into happiness when this fight started. What a fight and overall great event! I will go again in the future💪🏻
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz Prije mjesec
@Hannibal S 33 No! Horsemeat!
Jeroen's Gambling
Jeroen's Gambling Prije mjesec
I think alistar, did'nt suffer from an injury. I think more like doping was into play. If you remember the press conference in between rico and alistar; rico said something about being doping free and like pointing the finger tot alistar. Right after that he had to resign. I think they did that to protect alistar's rep.
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz Prije mjesec
I want to see Jamal fight Alistair!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Prije mjesec
WHAT A FIGHT! Great referee! Both fighters gave an example of respect, resilience and strength!
Pepijn Schoemaker
Pepijn Schoemaker Prije mjesec
To be honost, I rather would have seen Paul Nicholls as referee...
چinSaNe тм
چinSaNe тм Prije mjesec
Real fight! No quiting! Respect! Legends!
Christos Mathios
Christos Mathios Prije mjesec
Great fight from great fighters,Jamal needs to work on his heart(stamina)though...
Dr Savage
Dr Savage Prije mjesec
That shin split in the 1st rnd was nasty 🤢 as well as that eye getting ballooned up. What a fight!
dani carravell
dani carravell Prije mjesec
What a lion hart from Rico. Warrior! But you need 2 fighters for this kind of matches. Also a lot of respect for Ben Saddik.. What a match!!
P. Patrick Tukkers
P. Patrick Tukkers Prije mjesec
Except for spitting in Rico's face in a face down.
THΞ ΛΧΥΞΗΗΘ Prije mjesec
Damn! Russians are GREAT!
Moon Light
Moon Light Prije mjesec
What a fight. Respect to both 💯
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Prije mjesec
Really interesting to see that Rico also got tired at certain points. That was the part you just know that this was becoming a legendary fight.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije mjesec
Really interesting to see that Rico also got tired at certain points. That was the part you just know that this was becoming a legendary fight.
17 tgr
17 tgr Prije mjesec
Wow, what a fight. Respect to both fighters.
Dan Barnett
Dan Barnett Prije mjesec
I'm a huge MMA fan, that being said this is the first kickboxing bout i've ever watched. Wasn't disappointed
Muslimcel Prije 23 dana
Rico vs Ngannou match
DJFaNaTiiC Prije 26 dana
Bro you gotta watch Izzy’s kickboxing fights. Insane
Player 01
Player 01 Prije 28 dana
A bit frustrating seeing the lack of defence this guys have and poor condition at this highest level but it was a good brawl
Damir Hadzihajdic
Damir Hadzihajdic Prije mjesec
Big disappointed to judge.
Predwards 89
Predwards 89 Prije mjesec
Dude all kickboxing and ONEs Muay Thai and kickboxing is superb!
GE RANO Prije 7 dana
its just nice to see the mutual respect between the fighters and the teams after the fight, gives me just goosepumps. absolute 2 fucking WARRIORS! Nothing but respect.
John Smith
John Smith Prije mjesec
Insane fight, made somewhat chaotic by a very weak referee performance. I’d say he lost control of the fight but he never really had it to start with. Victory is well deserved. Considering it’s 2 heavy weights, they both burnt their energy by 3rd round end, after that Jamal just stopped defending which I had but he wasn’t attacking any more.
IDamiian Prije mjesec
Yea ref shouldve stopped when ben kept turning his head and his guard was down all the time
Marcelo Wary Júlio de Oliveira
Rico the King of Kickboxing!!!👊👑👏 Esse é Braboooo.
Dinidu Senith
Dinidu Senith Prije mjesec
Rico never give up..No excuses.. true Warrior..!! Respect✌
aehxu Prije 14 dana
@Madou Vlogs nah he lost and broke too much lol
Madou Vlogs
Madou Vlogs Prije 15 dana
@aehxu Badr hari the king of glory 🥰
JohnnyVibezzz Prije 24 dana
@achille295 So is Jamal what’s your point
Aplias 20
Aplias 20 Prije mjesec
people talking about fighters being quiter while they be a fuckin ring girls when they enter the ring ahahah keyboard losers
S K Prije mjesec
Ovi Dragos
Ovi Dragos Prije mjesec
Great fight, great heart and sportsmanship !!!
stretfordender321 Prije mjesec
Great fight but shocking performance from the ref. Illegal strikes by both fighters didn't seem to get called and let Ben Saddicks corner shamelessly waste time ahead of the 4th round
Christopher Espinosa
Christopher Espinosa Prije 23 dana
I nearly SHEET my pants 👖 when I watched this the night they fought. EVERYTHING Saddik has been through in his life .. to come out like this and hurt the Champ like he did was amazing. BUT we see why Rico is so good.. you gotta KO him if your gonna beat him. Rico came back and Saddik got tired that last round. BUT WHAT A FIGHT‼️OH MAN I LIVE FOR FIGHTS LIKE THIS 👍🏽
Aiman Hakimi
Aiman Hakimi Prije mjesec
Wowowowo...Fight Of The Year!! 🔥🔥 In this match..mental and physical test.. A truly warrior!!
ShipBuilding Prije mjesec
The fight could have easily been stopped because of the terrible cut, and the fight was in the balance but the incredible will to win from Rico made this one of the most dramatic fights ever.
Constructive Cuntery
Constructive Cuntery Prije 14 dana
@D Zumba lol, you replied to me first. Work it out you simpleton.
D Zumba
D Zumba Prije 14 dana
@Constructive Cuntery Who and What Are u asking me ?
Constructive Cuntery
Constructive Cuntery Prije 14 dana
@D Zumba have you seen his takedown defence?
S K Prije mjesec
D Zumba
D Zumba Prije mjesec
@jorge louis yeah but remember Viking blood spread and the Vikings from Scandinavia ( Norway,Sweden,Denmark) settled early in eastern euorope lands like Russia and Poland even Finland who isn’t originally Vikings, so they can argue that they have some Viking heritage at least in some parts of their country
ESTAM8 aka OBrizzle
ESTAM8 aka OBrizzle Prije mjesec
In the 1st round when Rico was fighting I thought someone increased the play speed of the clip for a sec 🤣😂🤣 Awesome fight overall…
Artur Messi
Artur Messi Prije mjesec
Настолько быть избитым и... выиграть... Рико ты настоящий чемпион!
Pinheiro Foro
Pinheiro Foro Prije mjesec
Belíssima luta... no final venceu quem teve um melhor preparo fisico... no entanto ambos estão de parabéns
Maurizio Prinz
Maurizio Prinz Prije mjesec
Much respect to both of them !!!
KevTheGOAT Prije mjesec
No matter what people want to say Rico Verhoeven is definitely one of the greatest kickboxers of all time. He deserves to be mentioned along the lines with guys like Hoost, Aerts, Schilt, Bonjasky, Cikatic etc
HandofNot Prije mjesec
All this stuff about "who was better" is moot. The game changes over time. Rico proves that these days a hard kick or punch is not the only thing. To be able to have gas for 5 rounds and keep on fighting with a clear mind is just as important. Not many can go on full power beyond round three, Jamal was empty halfway round 2 (and with a fight within 2 weeks, that is no shame at all) and that is where he lost. If you want to beat Rico, you need to be able to work on your best for 5 rounds, otherwise, you are done. In the end, he is standing on top of the hill for quite some time now, and that is what counts.
Marks mang
Marks mang Prije mjesec
@achille295 You do realise that Saddik failed a drug test for PED's?
jjstratford Prije mjesec
@Anas kingg But why call a decision by doctors stoppage if the guy is able, in retrospect, to stop his opponent even while dealing with the injury? If he is able to stop his opponent, he was obviously not bothered enough by it for it to prevent him from winning. Therefore, a stoppage would be the exact opposite of the correct decision, which thankfully played out the way it should have. If you can fight through it, and you can defend, then they should let you try to get the dub.
@NC11 - Who cares about fame , Rico kicked his ass twice , read again.
Laoch Prije mjesec
@Med mezzi_القومية المغربية rico beat badr thats all that matters
Elh Moh
Elh Moh Prije mjesec
You guys should rematch , we love to see again a great game from the two of you
Wow two incredible heroes 👏 Amazed by Rico
Yul-Rahim Zaman
Yul-Rahim Zaman Prije mjesec
Can we just give some props to Badr Hari's commentating of the fight? Really insightful, very respectful to both fighters and no ego shown at all.
Botond Bakos
Botond Bakos Prije 8 dana
@Timo Eggers Jamal always turns his head away and that's a big issue with his defense
@Emiel Smalbil Vriend ik irriteerde me verrot aan Badr als commentator. Kan hij beter aan Yousri overlaten.
Emiel Smalbil
Emiel Smalbil Prije 9 dana
@MINISTER V/N JUSTITIE ☪️ dat mag ook, maar als commentator niet echt nodig toch? Rico bewijst geen glazen kin te hebben. Daar hoor je niks over. Badr mag zeker vaker in deze rol kruipen, maar enthousiasme en respect moeten wel samen gaan.
@Emiel Smalbil Me to lol
Emiel Smalbil
Emiel Smalbil Prije mjesec
@Timo Eggers he even laughed when Rico got knocked down.
K M Prije mjesec
Gotta give it to the fighters what a freaking show. Massive props to Jamal for calling it quits, this shit is not a game. Rico was relentless and both were gassed out by Rd 3. Crazy legendary shit
Henry Van
Henry Van Prije mjesec
Yes such a tremendous kickboxing fight, you couldn’t think that this fight would be better than the rematch last time but this trilogy takes it.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Prije mjesec
@THΞ ΛΧΥΞΗΗΘ Russian is Holland now?
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior Prije mjesec
@THΞ ΛΧΥΞΗΗΘ um. That’s the Dutch flag.
THΞ ΛΧΥΞΗΗΘ Prije mjesec
Damn! Russians are GREAT!
Seriouspatt Prije mjesec
Those two are monsters. Each 120 kg and going at each other with full power - respect for both of them.
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Prije mjesec
Anyone who does 4-6 miles of roadwork a day. Eats 3 meals a day. Trains hard. They won't weigh 120kgs.
adam c
adam c Prije mjesec
Can't believe how the crowd didn't really react to that amazing fight. If that fight was in the UK the roof would of came off with the atmosphere.
LegendarySkypenis Prije mjesec
@Aplias 20 well fuck
Aplias 20
Aplias 20 Prije mjesec
@LegendarySkypenis its netherlands
LegendarySkypenis Prije mjesec
japanese crowd has always been quite.
Mihai Iulian Ghita
Mihai Iulian Ghita Prije mjesec
Respect pt ambii luptători! Adevărați gladiatori! ❤️🇷🇴🙏
Abderraouf MERAH
Abderraouf MERAH Prije mjesec
That maybe the greatest title fight in the History of Glory
one badmoto
one badmoto Prije mjesec
Putting their scores up every round actually adds credibility to an organization that definitely has struggled with legitimacy
jjstratford Prije mjesec
What a BEAST!!! One of the best kickboxing fights I’ve ever seen.
Alex Lex
Alex Lex Prije mjesec
No way.
Karel Hoogendoorn
Karel Hoogendoorn Prije mjesec
What a fight and great sportmanship. Thnx for uploading!
Руслан Истинный
Хороший чемпионский бой!! Оба войны дрались как львы
*K131399* Prije mjesec
Rico is a fighting God. This was insane!
Mr ROHIT Prije mjesec
Great fight, both fighters showed great heart, congrats to champion
steiger bouwer
steiger bouwer Prije mjesec
Respect for both fighters 💪💪💪
Mike Oren
Mike Oren Prije mjesec
I can’t imagine the exhaustion of trying to move all that mass.
Al Capone
Al Capone Prije mjesec
What a slaughtering. Very fantastic fight from both but more breath in the end bei Rico..hard train paid out. 👍🏼 congratulations 🏆🥊
Ron Lawrence
Ron Lawrence Prije 21 dan
These men had backbones of iron. Love to watch two warriors fight.
anand pandey
anand pandey Prije mjesec
wow, this is one of the greatest fights i have ever seen... a champ in true sense ...RICO
SpiceBoy7UK23 Prije 27 dana
WOW! no one will ever hurt rico this much ever again
Simon Potter
Simon Potter Prije mjesec
Wow! Beast mode by both fighters. Awesome.
Joseph Lkr
Joseph Lkr Prije mjesec
Rico always fighting hard, his physics and mental are in different level. His combination of kicks and boxes could not be able to observed by opponents for many years that's why he is still champion. So many top fighters came up but he let them down.
Felix Blok
Felix Blok Prije mjesec
@K 7 qq
K 7
K 7 Prije mjesec
Zuig m niet tehard
landon bollenbach
landon bollenbach Prije mjesec
Wow! Holy shit what a great fight I'm a big Rico fan now!
Felix Sperling
Felix Sperling Prije mjesec
Rico ist so ein Monster, was eine Maschine?!🙏🏽🤙🏽💪🏾
Thefatcat Prije mjesec
14:42 I don’t know why I laughed so hard when he cussed 😂😭
Travis Atwell
Travis Atwell Prije mjesec
Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing heavyweight fight. I will say I hate when a guy gets a cut like Ben had but fights through multiple rounds only to then act like he cant fight anymore cause of the cut. No...Rico was coming on and homeboy gassed out. He wanted out before the last round started. Crazy tough from Rico.
Ahmed Amine Krichel
Ahmed Amine Krichel Prije mjesec
🔥Rico deserve ho be *THE KING* Of this game🔥 Much love and respect for Jamal 🇲🇦❤️
Nikhil Pawar
Nikhil Pawar Prije mjesec
Best comeback ever🔥🔥🔥
1KSandbergen Prije mjesec
@9:27 watch for the left leg of Jamal. This is where that gash was opened. Seems to me like a blocked kick to the body of Rico. Could’ve been contact with Rico’s right elbow that caused the gash.
Solid Duce
Solid Duce Prije mjesec
Both Legends what a great fight
Shoedi L
Shoedi L Prije mjesec
I was scrolling through the comments looking for someone to adress the split shinskin. For those who never gave or recieved a good kick.... That shit hurts like a mtf! Props for Ben just to fight on. I've had people kick ellbows with their foot.... Out for a week or two.
Kisakye Arthur Kyle
Kisakye Arthur Kyle Prije 14 dana
Again, when a fighter has gassed, he's gassed... very hard to get a second wind. He gave it his all but in the end cardio is cardio... respect to both of them. Lots of heart, great great fight
MightyNathaniel Prije 24 dana
the high level striking of the world for those who truly are in the know.
Jerome Prije mjesec
I have to admit, ben saddik has improved in a positive way. In my opinion he lacks 15-20% more stamina with which he could have won the fight. rico is a stable fighter, the injury under his eye was just bad luck, but it didn't prevent him from continuing to close. the victory was more than deserved. i wish for a 4 fight in which ben saddik has more endurance. Congratulations to Rico great performance.
Bumet Yanuba
Bumet Yanuba Prije mjesec
It is crazy how quickly heavyweights get tired 😂
Klemerson Laurindo
Klemerson Laurindo Prije mjesec
Como assim ???? JAMAL ENTREGOU A LUTA ,😳😳
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