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We played Squid Game In Real Life with 20 Subscribers to compete for the cash prize of $100,000!!
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MrBeast if you're reading this please let us play in your Squid Game youtube video.

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13. Lis 2021.



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Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins Prije mjesec
SUBSCRIBE if you want to be in our next SQUID GAME HRburn video!❤️
S 1000
S 1000 Prije 21 dan
I wanna be in the squid game but I am a kid :(
Dominique Gough
Dominique Gough Prije 25 dana
Vedanta nenduradu
Vedanta nenduradu Prije 25 dana
Congratulations guys for ten million subscribers!!!
LIL Jacey
LIL Jacey Prije mjesec
ItzLlucky Prije mjesec
018- i mean I guess I’m 15 but if so- ;-;
Hayad 92
Hayad 92 Prije 59 minuta
i love your video and i subscribe your video and i live in singapore my block is 96 and in level 8
Youssifire gaming
I saw that a the was at dhar mann
dog is hungry ;)
I wish me go in red light green light cuz i just run
HowlGunner Prije sat
Brian: The only good this is to share the money Girls:Aww Thank you Brian:*Runs Away*
McKenzie monster Channel😈
I am subscribed good night to you and your HRburn channel and by the way my name is Chase
Some of the contestants were mean tho like when the big guy broke the chinese dude cookie i was like f*ck .·´¯`(>▂
Mohmmed Ali
Mohmmed Ali Prije 2 sati
I dare you to face your biggest fear
Ngawang sherpa
Ngawang sherpa Prije 3 sati
Me to but i live in nepal
FNF corrupted godzilla
Me:mom I want mr beast squid game Mom:we already have mr beast squid game at home Mr beast squid game at home: Mr beast made this infinite times better
Teo King Yong
Teo King Yong Prije 3 sati
I don't want to be in there
Teo King Yong
Teo King Yong Prije 3 sati
I subscribe all
Teo King Yong
Teo King Yong Prije 3 sati
I want $100,000
BearLaunch Prije 3 sati
Stokes Where Is Glass Stepping Stones?
Katherine Tanner
Katherine Tanner Prije 4 sati
I am going to have a meeting with you and your house and the family for dinner and the rest
Katherine Tanner
Katherine Tanner Prije 4 sati
The first thing that is a good thing I have is that the first thing that is a little more than the one
Kev P
Kev P Prije 5 sati
I love the thing the card flip and Brian letting your dad spank you
Turtle is OP
Turtle is OP Prije 5 sati
Shههada Hamaaa
Shههada Hamaaa Prije 6 sati
Lucas&Steven Craft&Building
why there is only five
kakashi Prije 6 sati
kakashi Prije 6 sati
If you watch sunny V2 you will know the truth
Shilpa Prajapati
Shilpa Prajapati Prije 6 sati
MrBeast Squid Game >>>>>>>>>
Mohammad Luqman Bahri
i want to copet for money i am only a child
Someth Visoth
Someth Visoth Prije 6 sati
I love you ❤️💕😘
Mans Alan was twerking on the gram
Liza J Ward
Liza J Ward Prije 7 sati
I’m Asian
Kim Thomassen
Kim Thomassen Prije 7 sati
Allegra & Falco Channel
hmmmmm n n
Griffin D
Griffin D Prije 9 sati
This is the worst recreation by far let me list the reasons. 1. There’s 20 people and they have random numbers like 333 when the whole point is the number of players is that number. 2 in tug of war they did in a fucking kitty pool and obviously ran into the pool. 3. There’s 99.9 percent chance the money was fake. I’m not trying to be rude but it hurts my brain
Scotty Johnson
Scotty Johnson Prije 9 sati
if brian didnt trade his cookie he would have been long gone 😂
GamingWithTheFuture Prije 10 sati
Anne Doubek
Anne Doubek Prije 10 sati
u guys rule i have been waching for 3 years pls put me on the friger and i want to try to wein money wsere running low on it pls
Mason Pevey
Mason Pevey Prije 10 sati
218 sangwo
Padmaja Sandhyarani
Padmaja Sandhyarani Prije 10 sati
Railey Dayle S. de Quiroz
May mga papansin na mga bata kahit hindi sila gumagawa ng video
Jatt Saab
Jatt Saab Prije 11 sati
I am subscribe What I'm in America Bakersfield but I don't know if the Twins Are in America or Bakersfield
DANI-BOY 64 Prije 11 sati
Please make Glass Stepping Stones on the pool
Autumnz World
Autumnz World Prije 11 sati
Done, also no more hurting next one
J A Prije 11 sati
This do be like sssquid game not sssniperwolf do
Mercedes Carr
Mercedes Carr Prije 12 sati
8:00 8:01 8:02 8:03
catherina kerssens
catherina kerssens Prije 12 sati
Joe Hollabaugh
Joe Hollabaugh Prije 12 sati
Ruvyvats the loud one
Ruvyvats the loud one Prije 12 sati
i wish they stop putting that annoying ass sound after they die
Lonnie Morales
Lonnie Morales Prije 12 sati
Ooooooooo they made the squid game guard mad
Lonnie Morales
Lonnie Morales Prije 12 sati
You guys never hang out with me
carol brown
carol brown Prije 12 sati
VKsummerparty Prije 12 sati
Plz let me be in the next Squid game I am a youTuber to
Tina Hamlin
Tina Hamlin Prije 13 sati
Ashley Metzger
Ashley Metzger Prije 13 sati
please, i thought that the guns where bb guns
CrazyFlareYT Prije 13 sati
I subscribe
CrazyFlareYT Prije 13 sati
And like
james ye
james ye Prije 13 sati
james ye
james ye Prije 13 sati
I am a kid so maybe someday ill join a vid and a subscribed.
Milan.saavedra Prije 13 sati
Done subscribe
Jesus Tomas
Jesus Tomas Prije 13 sati
You should do the grass break in stone
Vivian Philip
Vivian Philip Prije 13 sati
Done 👍
The Koos
The Koos Prije 13 sati
Bro that guy that traded you bad bro the guy who broken his cookie you real bad
Kasey Washburn
Kasey Washburn Prije 14 sati
I love your channels😻😻👍🏼!!!!!!!!!
BLU5 Prije 14 sati
I loved how alex or alan shoot them with the garud is gun
Jose Ibarra marquez
Jose Ibarra marquez Prije 14 sati
Not done
Brayden’s Video Adventures
I can’t go but I can subcribe
ZoesUnicornParty Prije 15 sati
Agnes Wierzbicki
Agnes Wierzbicki Prije 15 sati
O Ok know
Agnes Wierzbicki
Agnes Wierzbicki Prije 15 sati
Your comment about what
Miraculous ladybug
Miraculous ladybug Prije 15 sati
Who is cat to yall?
peyton gd
peyton gd Prije 16 sati
My friend wants to be in it to can she?
ßÆÑÇ Prije 16 sati
Mr beast made this look like a 1 dollar budget video
•♡ᴅxwn♡• Prije 16 sati
My family made honeycomb but... I think it was a little thick🤭- and the needle wasn’t- Um.. strong enough- so It Broke-😅I tried doing what 456 did it worked a little I used the useless needle but it- broke by it’s self-So I Ate it👏 👇✨
Rachel Johnston
Rachel Johnston Prije 16 sati
I have watched squid game
Lil_Wolfie_YT Prije 16 sati
In the thumb nail the girl to the very right looked like one of the contestants and i said "what is that like player 61 or somthing" then i looked close and i was and i was like "wha-"
Austin Faircloth
Austin Faircloth Prije 17 sati
I think you guys are hilarious I love your videos so much I’d love to be in one of your videos someday It’s one of my dreams but sadly I live in Florida well hope my dream comes true
Lily Smith
Lily Smith Prije 17 sati
Why didn't you bring me I'm your first subscriber
Baby Atlantis
Baby Atlantis Prije 17 sati
I am a fan
Baby Atlantis
Baby Atlantis Prije 17 sati
A big fan
Jacob Vierra
Jacob Vierra Prije 17 sati
i will all wase sub but i will nevr be bin a vido
Heat d
Heat d Prije 17 sati
Nirmak&Sparky Gaming
Nirmak&Sparky Gaming Prije 17 sati
I’m here from Joe
Salma Kandhro
Salma Kandhro Prije 18 sati
does any one they didnt do one of the games they idnt do the 5th game
Eldora Madison
Eldora Madison Prije 18 sati
I subscribed with notifications and I like the video
ike car
ike car Prije 18 sati
Why is Alan sang woo
Nertila Bakollari
Nertila Bakollari Prije 18 sati
I love how the Chinese guy said and Shawns Brother
Uzair playzz
Uzair playzz Prije 18 sati
One person made another person leve
Nancy Green
Nancy Green Prije 18 sati
Dj Botley
Dj Botley Prije 19 sati
Number 444 is the main character
Natasha Rodriguez
Natasha Rodriguez Prije 19 sati
IM subscribe yay
Taylor Meaux
Taylor Meaux Prije 19 sati
I SUBSCRIBED and Put personalized notifications on👍🏻
Tangaomwene Petrus
Tangaomwene Petrus Prije 19 sati
I am playing squid game now but I can get out to work ⏹
Kate Masheter
Kate Masheter Prije 19 sati
hgj ewr
hgj ewr Prije 19 sati
Teri Liner
Teri Liner Prije 19 sati
I m Subscribed My Name is Taylor
Shakita Williams
Shakita Williams Prije 20 sati
5:07 does it sound/look like he is lil nas x?
Thebig_dawg Prije 20 sati
Done! I love your videos
Prije 20 sati
know i'm really late but congrats on the collab w/ dhar!🙂
kakashi Prije 6 sati
Don't watch this crap she copy's a video
Dan's vids
Dan's vids Prije 20 sati
Tatabs_TV Prije 20 sati
Myetone Prije 20 sati
I egrey
Pregleda 2,4 mil.
$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!
1,000 PRANKS IN 24 HOURS!!
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Pregleda 2,4 mil.
HUNGRY DOGS 🥺❤️ #shorts