Halo Infinite - Campaign Overview 

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The Banished have defeated UNSC forces and taken control of the mysterious Zeta Halo, threatening the survival of humankind. When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief returns to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Here’s a fresh look at the Halo Infinite campaign that introduces players to true Spartan freedom in the biggest, most wide open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet, launching on December 8 2021.

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Lucas Brayer
Lucas Brayer Prije 5 sati
Less than one day before the drop ... I'm ready!!!
Elisabete Moreira
Xbox Prije dan
Ready to jump in two days?
G Tech
G Tech Prije 2 dana
Whoever played that,u re amazing gamer 😭
Jermaine Stewart
Jermaine Stewart Prije 3 dana
4 days to go. I'm ready!
Noble 7
Noble 7 Prije 4 dana
Not long left
Powell Jmayquan
Powell Jmayquan Prije 4 dana
Player;;(45196800!(;-? Yeah
Shivanshu Sharma
Shivanshu Sharma Prije 5 dana
Many aspects of grappling hook feels like it's inspired from Just Cause. Great tho
Ripped Hits
Ripped Hits Prije 5 dana
ZERO Armor Unlocks In Campaign Mode! 💯 Facts.😠
Jacob Rogers
Jacob Rogers Prije 5 dana
Far Cry: Halo
xiBlue Jayix
xiBlue Jayix Prije 5 dana
At 4:31 he should died he had zero health lmao
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 6 dana
I’m playing the new halo with my dad because me and my dad just finished halo 5
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 5 dana
Yeah yeah you werw
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 5 dana
@Xbox where you talking to me
Xbox Prije 5 dana
Wholesome family gaming times.
Ethan_06 Prije 6 dana
Far cry , halo , just cause
Edric Yeo
Edric Yeo Prije 6 dana
The delay along with Joseph Staten being brought on board. When they said 117 was lucky, didn't know he was this lucky
Truth 7
Truth 7 Prije 6 dana
Alex Sjonell
Alex Sjonell Prije 6 dana
im upset they put clothing on cortana
Delta Halo
Delta Halo Prije 6 dana
Hayashi Prije 7 dana
far cry halo
Kemps S
Kemps S Prije 7 dana
I’m miss Arbiter so much
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson Prije 7 dana
Cheif petty officer Mendez i mean
alexgameboy Prije 7 dana
Yo you play as the legend him self
alexgameboy Prije 7 dana
Xbox Prije 7 dana
Suit up for December and get ready to jump right into the fight.
Christian Edgley Hip-Hop
343 could of made the AI more sexy
Relaxed berserker
Christian Edgley Hip-Hop
@Connor XT now I see why the games were rated M back in the day
Connor XT
Connor XT Prije 6 dana
rated T :(
Ritwick Rain
Ritwick Rain Prije 8 dana
Time to buy game pass
nugget Prije 8 dana
Chiefs one liners are always so badass
im good
im good Prije 8 dana
The music gets me every time, takes me back 20 years
FPS Dovah
FPS Dovah Prije 8 dana
I lost it when he just drove off the cliff in the warthog lmao
Avit Kori
Avit Kori Prije 8 dana
Thank you Gamepass for making this avaliable to us.
алексей ершов
Oedrey Canonizado
Oedrey Canonizado Prije 8 dana
Anyone else skipped halo 5 guardians?😅
Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 Prije 9 dana
Cant wait for HALO "destiny" wirh health bars on enemies and filler missions and please not another "let's find cortana " story ffs
Nicola Servo
Nicola Servo Prije 9 dana
cant wait
Ghostt408 Prije 9 dana
I’m gonna say this halo ce 2 odst deserve the same hype as 3 haters
Ninja Pec
Ninja Pec Prije 9 dana
Halo become Far Cry. Love it
Praveesha Chapman
Praveesha Chapman Prije 9 dana
343 finally got it right
rokokoo Prije 9 dana
So we can finally recreate things that Master Chief did in books :0
Keisu Federation Mapping
Music in the middle reminds me of the lost planet 2 medley
Lionel Xiong
Lionel Xiong Prije 9 dana
I want to Play the game so bad
Tostaditob Prije 9 dana
Phillip T
Phillip T Prije 9 dana
Holy moly. Raytracing too!
Defenderán tambien nuestro planeta?
Pantera Capital
Pantera Capital Prije 10 dana
Max (ThatLazyOtaku)
Max (ThatLazyOtaku) Prije 10 dana
I don't want chief to be "too" chatty outside of cutscenes tbh
Red Dead Web-Head
Red Dead Web-Head Prije 10 dana
What the hell??? T for teen?? FFS.
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 11 dana
This new cortana sounds funny first what if it’s a friend and it seems like it
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 11 dana
We must win this war
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 11 dana
It was epic
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 11 dana
I finished halo 5
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 11 dana
We got wepon
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 11 dana
Cortana betrayed us
🎀Yes!!! Awesome!!! Just saw this..🎀👀😉💯🎮👍
LOD 💔 Prije 11 dana
343 please don't let us down!
Ayaan Nazir
Ayaan Nazir Prije 11 dana
The halo infinite armour looks 95% accurate to halo 3’s armour, expect its just recoloured and slightly redesigned
Ayaan Nazir
Ayaan Nazir Prije 9 dana
@Ghostt408 yup very true
Ghostt408 Prije 9 dana
Ya the even the odst looks great not the halo 5 odst looks so flat and gonna say this halo ce 2 odst deserve the same hype as 3 haters
C4 Prije 11 dana
giving me god of war 2018 vibes
Delta Kombat
Delta Kombat Prije 12 dana
Imagine how emotional it will be if Noble Six somehow survived Reach and we see him in the campaign 🥲
Big Jas
Big Jas Prije 12 dana
this game looks lit 🔥🔥🔥
Joey Armstrong
Joey Armstrong Prije 12 dana
i hope masterchief gets to use the roflcopter in this game
DEATH WISH 1991 Prije 12 dana
Goodbye Fortnite...
Ti 438
Ti 438 Prije 13 dana
I feel like this should of been an open world game
ZédeMoc Prije 13 dana
Finalmente um vídeo que me fez ter vontade de jogar esse jogo.
Last Primaris
Last Primaris Prije 13 dana
Chief: “You’re safe now” Also Chief: Proceeds to drive off cliff
adriansvarela Prije 13 dana
15 days boys
That Guy
That Guy Prije 13 dana
Please don't be woke
vince Guido
vince Guido Prije 13 dana
I’m already bored of this game.
vince Guido
vince Guido Prije 3 dana
Naaaaa I just wanna complain. I’ll stay and keep destroying noobs like you.
Callsign Monarch
Callsign Monarch Prije 3 dana
Then go away 🤷
oobercharge Prije 13 dana
please be good please be good
Tristan Rosales
Tristan Rosales Prije 14 dana
Ogs know him as John-117
Toast Extra
Toast Extra Prije 12 dana
@Xbox yessir
Xbox Prije 13 dana
The real ones 😎
Albert Georgy
Albert Georgy Prije 14 dana
Looks like far cry hope i'm wrong
okissi Gamer
okissi Gamer Prije 14 dana
Gas Mask guys
Gas Mask guys Prije 14 dana
Ngl Halo with far cry like outposts looks sick :D i cant wait for this game
Dario benitez gamer omg
Colaboracion con free fire mobiles android y ios global
Steamrod Gaming
Steamrod Gaming Prije 15 dana
Halo my first game on my pc ready to test it again 🤟
TangoEcho Bravo
TangoEcho Bravo Prije 15 dana
Someone mod ECHO 419 instead of that dudes voice please.
Warmonger76 Prije 15 dana
Just me who noticed the rendezook??
ADS Spider
ADS Spider Prije 15 dana
Cant wait for covenent and banished skins
Ubiquitous Creations
Ubiquitous Creations Prije 15 dana
Hellllllllllll F*****G YES! #HALO
TRAPXXP Prije 15 dana
Im poor lol
Yung Choqquit
Yung Choqquit Prije 15 dana
I was gonna do my homework this weekend, but somehow I ended up grinding halo multiplayer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can’t wait for the campaign
Ludovic Migneault
Ludovic Migneault Prije 15 dana
Wow, I feel excited like I'm 15 again!
Xbox Prije 14 dana
Hope you've brought your weapon to fight the Banished.
Luke Fox
Luke Fox Prije 15 dana
I just really hope it has multiplayer on campaign
Brennan Knudsen
Brennan Knudsen Prije 16 dana
Xbox, will this be more of an open-world game? Or will the missions still be fixed paths?
XenobyteZX Prije 15 dana
It’s more open worlded, but there are standard missions
Wayne Stanton
Wayne Stanton Prije 16 dana
This looks sick
Tristan Rosales
Tristan Rosales Prije 16 dana
The guy who helps Master Chief sounds like octane from Apex Legends
Master Yoyo
Master Yoyo Prije 15 dana
Same voice actor!
prufan Prije 16 dana
“Since the beginning, Halo was about Master Chief and Cortana” I bet GreenleafCM wasn’t happy *with* that part
Christian Ceito
Christian Ceito Prije 16 dana
Please, I hope the flood get involved somehow in this game...
c. r.
c. r. Prije 16 dana
This could eather be really great or the biggest flop in video game history
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 17 dana
I’m on halo 2 playing halo 5 with my day I’m on mission 8
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 17 dana
On halo 5
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 17 dana
If he’s going to be dead here’s lies the greatest Spartan ever 2001 to 2021
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 17 dana
Master chief must live
Alana Wilkins
Alana Wilkins Prije 17 dana
Wepon better then cortana
Prathamesh Wagh
Prathamesh Wagh Prije 17 dana
This game literally saved Xbox
Lower H250
Lower H250 Prije 17 dana
with the grappling hook, we need to be able to hijack phantoms and destroy them. Would be amazing
Gunplabro Prije 17 dana
I can't wait to play this coop.
IvAr the boneless
IvAr the boneless Prije 17 dana
Dan's Corner
Dan's Corner Prije 18 dana
Halo: Far Cry Infinite?
Homeless Jedi
Homeless Jedi Prije 18 dana
Bring It on I’m so ready for this
Darkness Prije 18 dana
Microsoft workers going slash your veins
ghostkilla93 Prije 18 dana
You safe now....proceeds to drive off cliff
Massid Prije 16 dana
@Xbox except for when he needs ammo
Xbox Prije 18 dana
You're always safe when you're with Master Chief.
Dusten Persons
Dusten Persons Prije 18 dana
YummyUranium Prije 18 dana
4:52 Lore Accurate Master Chief
Dresnio 13
Dresnio 13 Prije 18 dana
XXxRORSCHACHxXX Prije 18 dana
Wings of Silver
Wings of Silver Prije 18 dana
Soooo what happened to the covenant? or the prometheans? Who the heck are these banished fellows XD
Bernkastel Prije 17 dana
Banished were introduced in Halo Wars 2
Xbox Prije 18 dana
Sounds like you'll have to play Halo Infinite to find out.
I Tried Making Grian Swear...
Ramos  🦁
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