Reacting To The Worst Plastic Surgeries 

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28. Stu 2021.



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Deaven Swainey
Deaven Swainey Prije 2 mjeseci
So, that last one is really sad, and I wish they'd listened closer to the video. She actually did that to herself BECAUSE doctors refused to give her more surgery. She started injecting cooking oils into her face at home. The doctors actually had her best interests at heart. Her name is Hang Mioku.
I am Dream
I am Dream Prije mjesec
To respond to the original comment, that doesn't mean the alternative should be further, potentially permanent mutilation of her body just so immoral doctors can make a quick dollar. The answer is putting them in a padded room with constant therapy until they can be certain she won't harm herself.
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Prije mjesec
@CARNAGE you are not carnage kid
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Prije mjesec
Fat boy commented 😂
New Guy
New Guy Prije mjesec
Time to run down the rabbit hole, thanks a lot...
V E N T Prije mjesec
@Ollie Spencer fr
Katherine Prije mjesec
It's alarming seeing people turning into monsters when all they needed was some psychological support.
Artyom Prije 5 dana
@DillonD14 no shut up dillion ur not ugly ma boi
Evolance7 Prije mjesec
Mostly the American leftist. 😂
gh0stgirlgg Prije mjesec
Monster? That's a pretty shitty term, they're people.
Gg GAYES Prije mjesec
@Sprintt1 There is a lot we can do about our appearance. Even if it seems like our genes have determined our fate, there are always ways to improve our looks. For example, we can exercise to stay in shape or go on a diet to lose weight.
Sprintt1 Prije mjesec
@Gg GAYES feeling depressed about your appearance when there is nothing you can do is completely unecessary
Vidalion Prije mjesec
“Why did the doctors go that far?” For the Korean woman, the doctors DID stop - but she home injected herself with cooking oil when cut off from the silicone, and that (reaction to cooking oil) was what led to the huge swelling - doctors did not do that, and donated their time repeatedly to try and fix the cooking oil damage.
p0lish Prije mjesec
donated their time? lol they got PAID
Beniah Siahaan
Beniah Siahaan Prije mjesec
@Miyané base on this incident yes. Well I mean she inject herself without the consent of the doctor. In the article it was told that the woman inject herself with cooking oil. So in that statement she is one who found guilty
Kohana Rose
Kohana Rose Prije mjesec
i think she had cement in her face right?
aehr lynn
aehr lynn Prije mjesec
BWooof Prije mjesec
Verygud Werker
Verygud Werker Prije mjesec
You can tell that lady would have still looked beautiful even if she was aging naturally, you could just tell. It's crazy when people get so crazy that they can't see they're already beautiful but in pursuit of beauty make themselves ugly.
B Prije 15 dana
Really beautiful people don't take aging well. Think of the gorgeous older women and men that have messed up their faces with plastic surgery. If someone grows up super attractive all their life, it's like they can't handle when aging finally starts
Serena Clemons
Serena Clemons Prije mjesec
I am feeling a bit of tension in the air lol. Love that Felix is always so sure of his opinions and that Ken plays devil advocate.
Leaftie Prije mjesec
For those replicating dolls...I feel like they forget that dolls intend to replicate people...and that's especially apparent as we see a fight towards more diverse dolls, because kids are supposed to feel represented, not confined by them.
Sucha Looser
Sucha Looser Prije 2 mjeseci
"doctors abusing mentally ill patients", I am SO GLAD that someone with a platform finally said it
I am Dream
I am Dream Prije mjesec
@Kaitlyn I hope you succeed.
Kaitlyn Prije mjesec
@I am Dream yes and I think it’s wrong. I wanna go into the medical field because I love it and people. I 100% agree doctors are just it for the money or at least most of them.
I am Dream
I am Dream Prije mjesec
@Kaitlyn True, but plastic surgeons are still required to take the hippocratic oath if I recall correctly. I would wager far, far more doctors than you, or most would expect, are interested in money instead of saving lives.
Kaitlyn Prije mjesec
Not all doctors. It’s clearly plastic surgeons not like other Doctors
I am Dream
I am Dream Prije mjesec
@MM02 Or.... put them in a padded room so they can't hurt themselves!? What do we do with insane schizophrenics who think their hand is possessed and try to chop it off? You don't indulge obvious mental illness by mutilating the victim's body. Don't pretend the doctors "have the patient's best interests at heart". They have money at heart.
Olivia rose
Olivia rose Prije mjesec
I love how Felix always brings good mood to HRburn like he’s a pallet cleanser
SinnerD2010 Prije mjesec
Me: goes to the fridge to get a drink. Felix: its not about the drink, its about the journey.
STATING FAKTS Prije mjesec
watching this video made me feel sick to my skin. idk how to explain the feeling, but I just feel a sense of disgust and my body shivering whenever i think about these plastic surgeries
PaperVisage Prije mjesec
I remember when the Try Guys 'tried' plastic surgery (not really) and Eugene (the one known for his insanely good looks, competitive and overaciever-persona) was listing off all the things that were 'wrong' to him. The doctor disagreed and said there wasn't really anything to change, maybe a rhinoplasty procedure to lower the nose bridge. Eugene listed off his forehead, his chin, his eyes, his nose, etc. I agree I think there should be some sort of screening procedure implemented somewhere in this system of plastic surgery procedures.
minutes ago
minutes ago Prije mjesec
I read about this girl who was convinced her nose was too big, when it wasn't. She was obsessing to the point she had some kind of dysmorphia, and begging for an unneeded surgery. So doctors finally decided to put her under, and made a little nick in the skin on the bridge of her nose, put bandages on, and told her to go home and let it heal. Upon her follow up, she explained how happy she was that her nose looked so much better. In reality, nothing was done to change her nose at all. She had imaged the entire thing, including that it was looking better
Zelinn Fiore
Zelinn Fiore Prije 2 dana
@B O ꓭ is it better to look at yourself in the mirror more or less
franek 123
franek 123 Prije 4 dana
At this point the doctors should recommend her psychological help. A real doctor probably would. I don’t believe plastic medicine is medicine
Don Corleone
Don Corleone Prije 7 dana
Sounds like a problem many trans people are having.
Ana Alina
Ana Alina Prije 11 dana
@Wondabyne 07 "changing the body will NOT cure it" Would you say the same thing to someone with gender dysphoria and say they shouldn't transition?
Ana Alina
Ana Alina Prije 11 dana
@Obama spaghetti toilet sauce I wouldn't go as far as to say they "cured" her, they just tricked her. If this story is real, and she hears about it, what do you think will happen? If she's cured then she shouldn't see her nose different, but if she does then she just got robbed and is legally allowed to sue. As she should.
White Termite
White Termite Prije mjesec
Edgar is probably one of the cutest dogs I've ever laid my eyes on.
POV dylan
POV dylan Prije mjesec
5:19 I 100% agree with pews on this one I ran every day for a month and yes it was hard but it helped me when you look in the mirror the next day and see how fit you became it is very motivational and makes you determined to keep going
Anna Haar
Anna Haar Prije mjesec
5:14 totally agree with Pewds. Working out benefits your mental health tremendously as well as helping physical wellbeing.
pagweeshin 05
pagweeshin 05 Prije mjesec
I need Oli London on this list, like Jesus Christ he looks like he could melt any second in the sun
Ishika Mittal
Ishika Mittal Prije 16 dana
This is the exact comment I was looking for..
DaiNoShoujoNoYami Prije mjesec
Protip: the reason why they tell people with metal pins, screws, and plates not to get MRIs is not because the metal will fly out due to the magnetic fields of the MRI, but because the MRI uses microwaves to see what's in your body... Sort of how you can't put a metal spoon in your actual microwave at home. The microwaves will cause the metal in you to heat up and cook you from the inside out.
Hannah Golden
Hannah Golden Prije mjesec
Ken, we love you as you are. No hair transplant needed. 🖤
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
Great commentary, love the note about loving yourself! People need to get educated more on plastic surgery in order to make right decisions.
Yuri Prije mjesec
Ken makes a good point about that Ken doll, the journey isn't the good part, it's the real issue why people don't wanna workout.
Dr. Gary Linkov: City Facial Plastics
Great commentary, love the note about loving yourself! People need to get educated more on plastic surgery in order to make right decisions.
my Prije mjesec
@unknown man to be a plastic surgeon doesn't mean just boob implants or tummy tucks... The plastic surgery was actually invented for fixing damages made by fire, accidents or birth defects that affect your looks... To bring you as close as possible to how you originally looked. But a lot of surgeons transformed it in a commercial thing... And low esteem people with money are ready to pay for it, instead of paying to find the root of the problem which most of the time is psychological.. that's why even after 10 plastic surgeries it's still not enough.
Shar Qureshi
Shar Qureshi Prije mjesec
If ppl loved themselves then plastic surgeons would be out of business. Sad but true
FolstrimHori Prije mjesec
@Adeptus Fantasticus lol
Adeptus Fantasticus
Adeptus Fantasticus Prije mjesec
@G A B E same thing should go for PED use as well as cosmetic surgery
Adeptus Fantasticus
Adeptus Fantasticus Prije mjesec
@FolstrimHori i can justify them, i think. Call it practice for the surgeons, or call it using commercial/recreational surgery to bankroll a practice so you can keep your insurance so you can always be on call to the three local area hospitals and be able to operate on even those without health insurance.
Yoav Jacoby
Yoav Jacoby Prije mjesec
I've always hated plastic surgery, but I could never lay my finger on why that is. And it's not just for the people who took it too far, it's also people who do just a nose job or just an eyelid surgery ( Although, when it is to fix some actual deformity/ a wound, I don't find it repulsive.) But after watching this and thinking about it for a bit, I think I know why it is. I like nature. I like animals and plants and how everything is different and unique. I can find something with imperfect features to be perfectly flawed and beautiful. I would always prefer a real plant over a fake plant made of plastic. And to me, that's what you are if you did lots of plastic surgery. You disrespected nature. You spatt on all of your ancestors. You became perfect, and thus, destroyed all of your unique beauty. That's how I feel. I'm glad I finally realized why that is. Thanks pewds :)
Pace Hessell
Pace Hessell Prije mjesec
"He wants to look good too, so he's just paying for it in stead of... you know... using his time and effort". Then you realize he'll never actually reach that point until he's dead
BroPoke679 Prije mjesec
"I dont beep when i go thru airport security" this should be on a shirt and given to everyone with piercings
Pratik Chaudhary
Pratik Chaudhary Prije mjesec
I love Ken's take on things. He always attempts to challenge Poods and bring other perspectives to the table. That is how you grow as a person.
Kierra Leonard
Kierra Leonard Prije 2 mjeseci
I think Ken actually brought up a really good point about encouraging people who want extensive plastic surgery to seek help from a psychiatrist first
Sebastian Whatever
Sebastian Whatever Prije 19 dana
wow, that is some OVIOUS shit. extensive surgeries is a sign of disorder, like, its like saying snow is white.
StaRacer94 Prije mjesec
This goes without saying. Along with anything else that may permanently alter your body
EmTooHigh Prije mjesec
Agreed I never thought about it like that. I almost feel like you should have a OK from a psychiatrist to get plastic surgery in the first place.
Sardines and pyjamas
Yes agreed
Frida Kron
Frida Kron Prije mjesec
@sweet_xylitol It really doesn’t :| Body dysmorphic disorder is something people are advised to go to a psychologist/psychiatrist for, like every other disorder. And although gender dysphoria isn’t classified as a disorder anymore, it still usually comes with complications like depression, anxiety and BDD.
Shute Mei
Shute Mei Prije mjesec
I feel like his content is starting to get good again
Matt EDM
Matt EDM Prije mjesec
Ken is like the nice and entertaining uncle in his videos :)
•Fari• Prije mjesec
Love this vid of yours tbh said it very well. Surgeon doctors are making money by takin advantage the mentally I’ll patients. In NO way is it helping the person!
benji k
benji k Prije mjesec
I always say imperfections make perfect. a perfect look doesn't mean pretty its the things that make you unique that makes some one pretty
Snow axe 3D
Snow axe 3D Prije 2 mjeseci
Ken is always a big welcome, he's like that one fun uncle.
Kate Gracheva
Kate Gracheva Prije mjesec
@Samantha Khan so accurately said, well done 😄
Don’t Look My Playlist!
"Congratulations to those who were early and found this comment"
LYNN Prije mjesec
And he corrects pewdiepie when he makes ignorant comments/claims about America
Samantha Khan
Samantha Khan Prije mjesec
Ken is the uncle you call when you wake up in jail and are too scared to call your parents - you know he’s gonna come get you, you know he’ll be BIG MAD, but he wont make you feel shittier than you already do. Plus he’ll help you find a way to talk it out with your parents. Wonderful uncle Ken… we need to get him some socks for Christmas!
Danny Simental
Danny Simental Prije mjesec
uncle Ken. Ayyy 😊
SuperNASCARrocks Prije mjesec
The third one genuinely freaks me out. What would possess someone to do this to themselves?
mbars Prije mjesec
4:51 this felt too much like Ken defending the surgery and Pewds being against it
Master Beo
Master Beo Prije mjesec
3:15 she was absolutely gorgeous, i really hope she can be happy with herself or whatever shes dealing with.
Việt Hoàng Nguyen
Anyone trying to cancel aging looks at Edgar and will be like: “Edgy, Edgy, Time for sketchy”
Jere Prije 2 mjeseci
Definitely agree on Felix' philosophy. I could have done weightloss surgery when i weighed 140kg. But i got my act together after some ups and downs, and worked myself down to currently weighing 78kg and looking pretty fit. If i would have gotten the surgery, i wouldn't have earned that weightloss. I wouldnt be super proud of myself, and nowhere near as confident in my ability to get through stuff even when it gets hard.
Ana Alina
Ana Alina Prije 11 dana
Some people are too overweight to actually lose weight through exercise. It can kill them. So some doctors recommend a diet, weight loss surgery, then work out if you want. Needing help from surgery isn't evil and people shouldn't be shamed for it.
Matheus Sampaio
Matheus Sampaio Prije mjesec
Thank you for using kilos
Kappa Colors
Kappa Colors Prije mjesec
congrats on your weight loss, but getting surgery is still earning the weight loss. it is just an extra tool to help it along. it is not "easy". it is just a different way of doing it.
Jere Prije mjesec
@R AK Thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words. Good luck on your journey!
R AK Prije mjesec
that weight loss taught you how to endure and preservere. It showed how strong you are to get through life. it definitely made you a better person. Confidence is guaranteed cuz you did THAT. so proud of you. i'm gonna be inspired by you and start my own journey at 80 kgs. thank you
RossDog Prije mjesec
To the person who is reading this, don't give up on your HRburn channel, keep going, it's going to get better!!!
Raman Raj
Raman Raj Prije 17 dana
I like how he explains benefits of using VPN to Edgar, Hope Edgar starts using it soon.
Cray Dilly
Cray Dilly Prije mjesec
This video was great. These two should make a podcast.
Isabella Sernyk
Isabella Sernyk Prije mjesec
This video is so hard to get through without feeling sick to my stomach this is my body horror nightmare and i wish everyone on this earth a very love yourself as you are
Paraxanthine Prije mjesec
I’m really glad Edgar is protected with next-level encryption
Golden Age of Dinosaurs
I slept for 16 hrs straight after I found this out. I had been so stressed about it.
☆Aesthetic Zone☆
@DON'T we do not care bout yo rickroll
Atmospheric Dream
Atmospheric Dream Prije mjesec
He is actually the owner
Don’t Look My Playlist!
"Congratulations to those who were early and found this comment"
DON'T Prije mjesec
stevo1354 Prije mjesec
I used to have cinnamon mindset about diets but after going through self improvement and losing alot of weight and keeping it off I agree with pewdiepie alot more
TheKizzlah Prije mjesec
When are these two visiting each other? I want wholesome pics of Ken and Felix together
Joe Paredes
Joe Paredes Prije mjesec
On the surgeon side of things, most surgeons probably don't know that they've had that many surgeries especially at first (as it becomes more obvious later on) because they just keep going to different ones...
Akuma Hikari
Akuma Hikari Prije mjesec
little does Felix know, Edger already has Nord VPN. He's been searching up ways on how to escape from swedish viking
FatMonkey Prije 2 mjeseci
Felix: "if I have a child... Let's say a hypothetical one....." Also Felix: "if I have a wife......" *angry marzia noise intensifies*
ami aatoja
ami aatoja Prije mjesec
@Sarah Khellaf no lady should be housewife since it has no salary no leave no promotion no retirement. Domestic Slavery.
Irish Lad
Irish Lad Prije mjesec
The problem is alimony
Sarah Khellaf
Sarah Khellaf Prije mjesec
@Wayward Vector I disagree. Marrying is dumb. If you complain about alimony, it just like the following scenario: First you sign a contract that says "If I ever win the lottery, I will give half of it to person XY.", and then you actually win and then complain about having to give half of your money away. Dude, instead of complaining afterwards, how about not signing such a dumb contract to begin with?
BMPlays_Stuff Prije mjesec
@Don’t Look My Playlist! ok
FatMonkey Prije mjesec
@A Arber hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Olivia Gover
Olivia Gover Prije mjesec
plastic surgery is gaining a huge boom in the industry recently. especially with the rise in the tik tok “trend” where hundreds of women went to get BBLs. it has a lot to do with society and what gets advertised to people at a young age. i think people can get plastic surgery if they want, BUT the line has to be drawn when it becomes an endangerment to the persons health.
Ma.ashley Paredes
Ma.ashley Paredes Prije mjesec
"it's not just about looking good it's the journey that you take to get there, otherwise it's meaningless" -pewdiepie/felix
Renee Wentz
Renee Wentz Prije mjesec
I love Botched because they usually have an extreme case they reject and the rest of the time fix bad surgeries or injuries/deformities.
Rose Groshek
Rose Groshek Prije mjesec
I had breast reduction, due to severe back and neck pain. Something I learned is that if you are doing it for anyone else at all Or it will give you some extra worth, it's the wrong decision because you will never be everyone's cup of tea. There's no harm in getting a little work done, just like whitening your teeth or doing your hair. But the line is very thin.
unionfire Prije mjesec
I worked out because it's the ''miracle cure'' for depression. I did cardio and weight training 4-5 days a week for 8 weeks, but I didn't feel like doing it anymore, because I felt like there was no point. Should I have done it for longer? What if there's no improvement with my depression even if I kept going? Starting it again is tough because of these thoughts...
zucchi Prije mjesec
I can't believe Felix teleported back to UK to do the sponsor! A hardworking business man!
silverisss Prije mjesec
Love how Ken challenged Pewds philosophy. More people should do this, because most of it is complete bs
Clara 🔞 My New SAX Video Vlog
Great commentary, love the note about loving yourself! People need to get educated more on plastic surgery in order to make right decisions.
Morningstar Veggie Patty
That's big talk from someone in the porn industry
Tobin Jordan
Tobin Jordan Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like these people need a big hug, hard slap, good friend, and a long therapy session. Then again, we all could.
New Projects
New Projects Prije mjesec
@charmingwood 🤗
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije mjesec
@charmingwood same
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije mjesec
@vodka whisperer I forgot that aliens exist herr
charmingwood Prije mjesec
i need a hug and a good friend 😭
vodka whisperer
vodka whisperer Prije mjesec
Not everyone
H1ghKitty Prije mjesec
Remember you’re pewdiful just the way you are 💕✨
Nabilah Hasna
Nabilah Hasna Prije mjesec
Ken's setup and lighting looks so comfy
celery. Prije mjesec
said it once and i’ll say it again, it’s unfair that most people can freely do this to themselves but trans people have to jump through hoops of fire to get anything done.
Orake Prije mjesec
The saddest part is that for every doctor that says no, there's another, far less qualified one, that will say yes.
Abin Prije 2 mjeseci
Ken's observation skills are amazing. He always notices the tiniest of details that the most of us miss.
Izumi Zee
Izumi Zee Prije mjesec
@GoldenMale I don't think you have watch any more of his videos than this. Man literally always notices things that most people didn't
Don’t Look My Playlist!
"Congratulations to those who were early and found this comment"
Miss Salazar
Miss Salazar Prije mjesec
@Abin fr. he always notices something in the background and i had to go back to check what he saw
Brianna Allen
Brianna Allen Prije mjesec
@GoldenMale why r u rude
A Arber
A Arber Prije mjesec
@Abin bless your heart. And Ken’s too
Jennifer Bjornerud
Jennifer Bjornerud Prije mjesec
All my brain thought about was how Ken doesn't have any genitals. Now I'm wondering how far Justin will go to be just like a Ken doll.
mayu Prije 23 dana
Aging and getting old is part of life, and it will come to all of us. I severely don’t understand why ppl is so afraid to something so natural in our lifetime.
Liggliluff Prije mjesec
(9:45) The thought about alimony is good; based on that one partner is dependent on the other but must still have the security of separating and still being supported for a bit. - However, how they calculate it is crazy: 1. Just because the ex-partner is rich, doesn't mean the other person _needs_ to get paid a lot of money. 2. Sometimes the ex-partner has to pay out so much they themselves gets bankrupt, still resulting in a person becoming bankrupt out of the divorce anyway.
Desiree Maturo
Desiree Maturo Prije mjesec
Me, hating myself for gaining fifteen lbs in the hospital and getting to a whopping 110 Pewds: Love yourself the way you are, you’re beautiful Ok 😁 thanks bud ❤️
gorkamorka999 Prije 2 mjeseci
Edgar's existential crisis during the Ad read was adorable.
Dr Bruh
Dr Bruh Prije mjesec
Old man wants some sleep
Brook Hurst
Brook Hurst Prije mjesec
@Merie Wanderer facts
Merie Wanderer
Merie Wanderer Prije mjesec
@theanimal001 Edgar is too adorable to skip
DONT Prije mjesec
theanimal001 Prije mjesec
People actually watch ad reads? Weird
6izzy Prije mjesec
When is Edgar getting the recognition he deserves by getting sponsored and his own promo code?!???!?!?!?!?!
Levelonesucks Prije mjesec
A big part of the reason we even think it looks good to be fit is because of the effort it takes to get there.
A gamer
A gamer Prije mjesec
This man can even make promotional part of the vedio interesting.
Rose Groshek
Rose Groshek Prije mjesec
Lol Ken I had jaw surgery too, And I have forgotten about it usually until I get an x-ray done and the doctor is like "what's in your mouth" lol. And I was told that apparently the screws are titanium, not metal. They stopped using metal mostly for quite a while
The letter A
The letter A Prije 2 mjeseci
Getting addicted to plactic surgery is probably one of the worst things you can get addicted to
I drink milk
I drink milk Prije mjesec
@Matty Green worst*
I drink milk
I drink milk Prije mjesec
It really is.
The letter A
The letter A Prije mjesec
@Naiara Naiara thats why I specifically said *one of the worst* and also like someone pointed out, most plastic surgeries cant be reversed so yea
Naiara Naiara
Naiara Naiara Prije mjesec
Did you know crack, cocaine etc etc etc exist, right?
Ales Kubanek
Ales Kubanek Prije mjesec
I dont know about that sir 😂
Joshua Biehl
Joshua Biehl Prije mjesec
here's an idea: we send all those guys' surgeons to an island, where they must fight each other for their survival.
b b
b b Prije mjesec
Whenever I decide to eat food while watching your videos it always ends up being the grossest ones
YARA Prije mjesec
Ever since I’ve started to workout, my mental health started getting much better , always remember you’re worth it and you’re beautiful just the way u r 💖
FUZZCHUCKLE Prije mjesec
"Journey before destination" great book quote from my favorite book lol
SpaceMonkeyBoi Prije 2 mjeseci
It's really sad to see people turn themselves into freaks all because they feel self conscious about their natural look.
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts Prije mjesec
@𝙈𝙞𝙡𝙠 𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 ASMR beauty is subjective so maybe the person you find ugly can be completely average to them lol
CodexTestsYT Prije 2 mjeseci
@KelvinBB Thank you for showing support to Pewdiepie by fueling the algorithm by commenting, the 19-year-old army salutes you o7
Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s ironic they do these surgeries to look better but end up looking like jabba the Hutt. No offense.
Autumn Lynn
Autumn Lynn Prije 2 mjeseci
@Sentoo society today
Snow axe 3D
Snow axe 3D Prije 2 mjeseci
But they were not ugly before, they turned ugly after. So there's that.
Andrew Wessel
Andrew Wessel Prije mjesec
Edgar literally has no idea wtf is going on and I love it
Captin Prije mjesec
imagine if they spent half their money on mental health instead of plastic surgery
DarkSunshine111 Prije mjesec
Wasn’t the third one due to a botched surgery? I don’t remember where I heard/read that. But apparently something went horribly wrong during a surgery. I wish you guys would’ve listened more. Some of these are really just tragic. I still have a ton of respect for you but I don’t think this was the best video. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess
Sikkunt Prije mjesec
The entire plastic surgery thing is from lack of confidence and laziness. I can guarantee people will look better if they workout instead of having more plastic in them than the ocean.
Sandra Östby
Sandra Östby Prije 2 mjeseci
Pixie Fox actually moved back to Sweden after she went in to a coma and almost died after a surgery in Turkey. Now she’s working at a horse stable in Sweden with her friends and family and is in the process of getting all of her implants removed.
daghrb6 Prije 4 dana
She looked super hot If she just stopped it at the bewbs and never removed the ribs 🤔 I mean bewbs are quite common and relative safe by comparison...
456puff Prije 19 dana
I'm glad it seems to be ending well for at least one of them.
Kirbed Prije mjesec
@Firstname Lastname that’s just an assumption though, they wanna know the real reason why it happened, like what’s *her* story, you know?
Minth Puding
Minth Puding Prije mjesec
Good for her
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Prije mjesec
@Final Films28 i mean, do you need to wonder? I feel like it's not a mystery when she says she wanted to look like XY, that's on media over exaggerating how humans are supposed to look
Cameron Prije mjesec
I’m curious - what charities have you donated to in the past number of months from youtube floorgang member proceeds? Also, do you still do livestreams?
Curly Genius
Curly Genius Prije mjesec
The intro is so hilarious 😂
Universe's Biggest Douchebag
Ken's argument about the journey is false to me; my biceps, every time I look at them, makes me admire it, and remember everything I have done to get them which makes me feel proud.
Raymond Dwipa
Raymond Dwipa Prije 28 dana
I think Ken actually brought up a really good point about encouraging people who want extensive plastic surgery to seek help from a psychiatrist first
Pewds:"Any kind of shortcut kinda misses the whole point, it's not just about looking good but it's more about the journey you take for it. " Very nicely said bro i agree
Ana Alina
Ana Alina Prije 11 dana
@Your firend You can't. It's kinda hard to like something you don't like. Maybe do different kind of exercises that aren't as boring as lifting weights for example? Try to hire a trainer, or exercise with a friend. Try going hiking. Listen to music while you exercise, or use dance as an exercise.
Your firend
Your firend Prije mjesec
Dude Idk he said it properly But there are something you have to do what you don't want to do to achieve what you get I never liked doing excercise i always wanted to look better and be more strong and have good stamina But i never liked doing excercise I was never able to enjoy the journey that's why i always failed But how can i start liking something when i clearly don't like it HOWWW?? Plzz tell
Del Hawk
Del Hawk Prije mjesec
Pfft pfft pfft!!! 🤣🤣😂💀
DON'T Prije mjesec
That One person
That One person Prije mjesec
Well about the working out to look good Vs to be stronger- I often have this issue as a swimmer I need arm muscles but also the muscles on the underside or your arm. Also for me personally I am faster when very slightly "over weight" in the lower stomach area (but still have to have strong abs/core) so basically I spend hours each day to do all the work but still don't get to look good
Kaden Nickel
Kaden Nickel Prije mjesec
I had scoliosis surgery when i was 14 (i have two metal rods in my back to keep it straight) and i cant go in an airport security thing without them thinking I’m smuggling smth metal in my body - i SWEAR its just the metal rods officer !!
ame Prije mjesec
As someone that wants to get a few things done i am now panicking 😭
Nathaniel Shrock
Nathaniel Shrock Prije mjesec
What doctor agrees to remove ribs just for the heck of it? That's utterly ridiculous
DonaldSkunk Prije 2 mjeseci
The problem with doctors is that any reasonable doctor will refuse to do potentially harmfull surgeries or just stops after a certain point, but you will always find some egoistic and money-oriented doctor who will do whatever for the right ammount
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger Prije mjesec
@Anne Raphaelle The part about egoistic and money oriented who will do everything for their clients.
Anne Raphaelle
Anne Raphaelle Prije mjesec
@Lydia Hanger wait what?
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger Prije mjesec
Kinda like nsfw artists
CoNeHD Prije mjesec
@Melissa the Creature these are considered elective procedures so doctors absolutely have the right to deny a patient for risks.
Melissa the Creature
I totally agree, but are doctors allowed to refuse a patient according to the law, or could it be taken to court and the doctor losing a lot of money?
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Prije mjesec
After seeing all the people in this video and the contortions they got from the surgeries, Maybe The Patient's of The Doctor from Little Nightmares 2 didn't get it too bad
ayamjane Prije mjesec
re: doctors' part i believe that the patients/individuals who got the surgery actually signed an informed consent form, so it means that health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) informed them about the benefits AND risks of the procedure and when the patients/individuals signed it, they agreed to have plastic surgery. so i think it was really the patient's choice and that they themselves really wanted it. for patients who have psychological conditions, they are not allowed to sign consent forms (so it is also important to screen patients if they have psychological conditions). i enjoyed watching the vid and reading others' comments too as i have learned a lot from these. great vid and great community here!
KryaDiere Prije mjesec
Well it's the same as loot boxes and gacha games. Even if the gov makes the companies write the drop rates of 0.01% people will still pay that cash lol. It's an addiction; I don't think telling them the risks can change their minds.
Анастасия Лаврентьева
I've always wanted lip fillers but I'm scared that once I start, I'm not going to stop
Jonathan Thacker
Jonathan Thacker Prije 22 dana
To be a real Ken doll he's gotta get something removed not implanted.
eXplodieCreeper Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how Edgar's eyes Lit up when Pewds asked "You like Anime right?"
AzenFNG Prije mjesec
@SomniusFoodistGuy how dare you insult my favorite tv channel, LGB TV
your local cookie run player
@SomniusFoodistGuy this was funny before tbh, but I’m getting tired of it. Give me 10 reasons why this statement is true.
Oblak120 Prije mjesec
H. Ar.
H. Ar. Prije 2 mjeseci
All thanks to great editing by Sive!
DONT Prije 2 mjeseci
Sgt Epic
Sgt Epic Prije mjesec
If it seems too good to be true it's probably too good to be true, and plastic surgery is false way to achieve beauty. You are already beautiful.
Joshua Carrington
Joshua Carrington Prije mjesec
About six months ago i didn’t really like ken (i just hadn’t seen much of his content) and now he’s a highlight of felixs channel when he’s here.
Robin Andersson
Robin Andersson Prije dan
Unpopular opinion: Surgeons that keep operating on people who are addicted to surgery are as bad or worse than doctors who keep prescribing narcotics to drug addicts.
Plutopartners Prije mjesec
For the pins in Kens jaw, and the MRI machine debacle, the implants used in hospital are specifically not magnetic! They're usually made with a kind of alloy. I have a couple of pins in my left ankle after breaking it multiple times, and I've had countless full body MRI's for other issues, and had no problems. The one time there was a problem? My dumb ass forgot to take out my SEPTUM RING. IT RIPPED IT OUT OF MY NOSE!!
Esteban A
Esteban A Prije 2 mjeseci
You can lose weight by surgery, but when you work out, the feeling is just different. It makes you feel better physically and mentally, the sensation of satisfaction when you start noticing the results of all your effort is one of the best feelings ever. If you needed a sign to start working out... This is it. Trust me, it will change a lot of things in your life for the better, not just your body.
TJ Makes
TJ Makes Prije 11 dana
@Ana Alina I’m in that position, and I’ve found that making it fun is the key. I broke out my Nintendo switch and Just Dance 2018 and with the Sweat function turned on, it tracks how many kcal you’ve burned! I’ve been doing about thirty minutes a day on days that I don’t have work, and I’ve noticed that when I run now, I’m not nearly as out of breath as I used to be :)
Ana Alina
Ana Alina Prije 11 dana
I just responded to a guy who said he wants and is going to the gym and exercises, but he hates doing it. What do you do if you want to lose weights, but you hate exercising?
A Prije mjesec
It’s not even an argument that going to the gym and taking care of your body is way better than risking surgery to achieve the fake physique that comes with no additional strength or healthy body
TJ Makes
TJ Makes Prije mjesec
I’m gonna go do a workout… thanks friend :)
glo Prije mjesec
@Aryana Clark go to the gym with friends it keeps yu motivated to get better together