Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether... 

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Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether... we can't leave the nether AT ALL. We are stuck.

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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the new nether destroys us. This was super intense. We can't leave the nether at all, not even once.

Can we beat the enderdragon?

Want to see this again? Like the video and we might make this type of video a series!


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5. Srp 2020.



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Dream Prije 5 mjeseci
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ZyX111 Prije 3 dana
Kamil Szczepaniak
Kamil Szczepaniak Prije 3 dana
Why u were just commenting on all those old videos subscribe 5months ago
but i already am?
No name .-.
No name .-. Prije mjesec
i was sub :)))
aldi sapala
aldi sapala Prije mjesec
Honkalooger Prije godine
I like how when Dream is on half a heart during this he's freaking out at everything, but during manhunt he's completely chill on half a heart.
dollhausˎ♡ˊ˗ Prije mjesec
he can respawn here. in manhunt he can’t.
JaxsonPlayz Prije mjesec
It is because on manhunt he is focused on other stuff than health
JELLY Candice
JELLY Candice Prije 3 mjeseci
@Sir Cum lol hi 1 year late
Springbap Prije 10 mjeseci
@Lukiiman pfft yea LMFAO
Springbap Prije 10 mjeseci
@Sir Cum he just realized it dude, don't be rude like that.
kilunno Prije 3 mjeseci
6:21 Sapnap: George’s not doing a good job *1 seconds later* Also Sapnap: he’s doing marvellous work actually
Josiah Prije 19 dana
"Man, this guy sucks- Oh, nevermind, okay." Same energy
kirsty Prije 4 mjeseci
dream [talking abt a shield/trading bug]: "i guess thats a bug or something idk why" george: "ur a bug >:( " lmao there was so much anger in his tone when george said that
CHAITANYA Prije 9 dana
˙ 益 ˙
G o l d e n R a v e n
G o l d e n R a v e n Prije 3 mjeseci
Charizard Prije 3 mjeseci
Time stamp
Kro Prije 4 mjeseci
*Shanks enderman twice.* "Omg this enderman is now mad at me for no reason!"
Norman 2.0
Norman 2.0 Prije mjesec
He meant he angered it for no reason, as sapnap had 12 pearls
Jerry Lin
Jerry Lin Prije 2 mjeseci
Muddypie2611 Prije 2 mjeseci
This made me laugh so hard
G o l d e n R a v e n
G o l d e n R a v e n Prije 3 mjeseci
G o l d e n R a v e n
G o l d e n R a v e n Prije 3 mjeseci
Literally my joy is a green man and his friends saying “Let’s go boys!” while they are all on Striders and getting targeted by a ghast then start singing “waddle waddle” 😀 22:38 and 23:04
Ow Prije godine
Dream team laughing about the piglin dancing added 10 more years to my life
man is back
man is back Prije 4 dana
Flex123 Prije 11 dana
If the pig is dancing what does that mean ?
Tykanca$sh92 Prije 11 dana
Reekoil Prije 19 dana
@Bobby Rossy ok
ZacSol Prije 22 dana
For me it’s 50
UndertalePerson Prije 2 mjeseci
During manhunts, sapnap and Dream are mortal enemies Anywhere else, they’re genuinely wholesome sometimes
Just One More Page!
Just One More Page! Prije 4 mjeseci
I love how Dream was just chilling on half a heart
MastaMattrix Prije 4 mjeseci
This was awesome! Should've coded the nether stronghold to have crimson wood though. Would've looked better in my opinion. Great video.
desot00 Prije 3 mjeseci
9:06 the trio's first time seeing the piglin victory dance is so appealing to me
oolalamamasita Prije godine
8:45 "Oh I got fire resistance potion" George: *intense flashbacks* "Oh that's good"
IShopopo Prije 11 mjeseci
Ryan Cyrille
Ryan Cyrille Prije godine
MyNameIsNotShort Prije godine
It’s gogy ideoht
Janeli Prije godine
Can some one tell me the video I can’t find it anymore and I what to watch it again;-;
TrickyToad Prije godine
oh from death swap when george ender pearled into the nether "accidentally" and jumped in the lava and dream ate the god apple and was fire resistant for 5 minutes and when the swapped spots george died due to his own trap. That?
lachlan white
lachlan white Prije 4 mjeseci
i love how this is like a dad playing minecraft with his two sons. like dream is so good and sapnap and george are ok and they just ply together normally lol
KILLER_ 150 Prije 3 mjeseci
Has anyone noticed two striders on top of each other when George walked in lava while riding the strider trying to get more striders for Dream and George? It's in 21:50
KILLER_ 150 Prije 3 mjeseci
@Stephon Ramnarine Just to see if anyone noticed it and really paying attention to every detail in every speedrun.
Stephon Ramnarine
Stephon Ramnarine Prije 3 mjeseci
@KILLER_ 150 then why would you bring it up lol
KILLER_ 150 Prije 3 mjeseci
@Stephon Ramnarine I didn't say it was rare
Stephon Ramnarine
Stephon Ramnarine Prije 3 mjeseci
Not that rare
Crucibe Bred
Crucibe Bred Prije 2 mjeseci
Dream killing the blaze: George doing nothing: "Im saving you Dream", "I saved you"
KingFun626 Prije 4 mjeseci
I love how Dream portion controls SapNap
Random British guy number 115
Fun fact: the piglin dancing was added recently and is occasionally activated after a successful hunt. Meaning, the piglin was a cheerleader for the team killing the hoglin and that activated the victory dance. The more you know.
Mischell Babiera
Mischell Babiera Prije 10 dana
They said it's more common in bedrock edition (fact?)
Hossam Gamer 2
Hossam Gamer 2 Prije 13 dana
I know that, i saw that at camman18
Monny Productions
Monny Productions Prije 17 dana
Thank you
mysterious Prije mjesec
i mean thats kinda savage 😂
Lord Jaedon Sabugal
Lord Jaedon Sabugal Prije mjesec
If they finished hunting a zoglin
Aesthetic Gorls
Aesthetic Gorls Prije 3 mjeseci
George: Is it the shield, that’s why? Dream: Yes I guess it’s a bug or something Also George: YoUr a BuG
Gage Gamez
Gage Gamez Prije 4 mjeseci
“Beating Minecraft without leaving the nether” The end: am I a joke to you?
Da real Branson
Da real Branson Prije 3 mjeseci
Why yes yes you are
Marigold Finkelston
Marigold Finkelston Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how Dream laughs at George and Sapnap fighting
Btsarmy Forever
Btsarmy Forever Prije 4 mjeseci
It is just so cute.☺ How dream just kept getting stuff while those two were killing the ghasts Dream is like completely done with them. Indeed dream is the dad😂
Shrek Prije godine
Some Piglin: *Does a tribal victory dance after a successful hunt.* The Boys: *"He's like, Fortnite Dancing!"*
Hiramsicles Prije 2 mjeseci
Jeremy The goat
Jeremy The goat Prije godine
Lasagna Soup
Lasagna Soup Prije godine
C r i n g e
slayingbladeplayz Prije godine
that is true i googled it
Kensington Cobb
Kensington Cobb Prije godine
@Ian Strachan they're the dream team and bad is in the muffin squad
Danielle Morgan
Danielle Morgan Prije 4 mjeseci
9:06 when you saw the piglin brute that was dancing, yes they can actually dance. Piglins have a small chance of dancing after they successfully kill a hoglin.
The Froog
The Froog Prije 4 mjeseci
could we have a video with the raw footage without editing? It would be fun to see the whole playthrough!
✨That Viben Gal✨
I don’t know about this vid but on DreamXd he has full unedited manhunt vids!
Landrew fan
Landrew fan Prije 3 mjeseci
Dream: oh I don’t want to punch him in the lava The pig literally pushes dream in 😂 what an unfair world 😂😂😂 16:01
amogus Prije 2 mjeseci
We live in a society
ryann04 Prije 4 mjeseci
2:49 George:I saved you Dream has made the advancement [Monster Hunter]
Dream: **gets thrown into the lava and drink fire restistance in the lava** George and Sapnap: **flashbacks to manhunt**
violet Prije godine
@Don't Read My Profile Picture How can you do that?
pluoit Prije godine
Vietnam flashbacks
Regina Anderson
Regina Anderson Prije godine
Don't Read My Profile Picture wait, what, how?
Dawid K.
Dawid K. Prije godine
@diegordx GD so true
Dawid K.
Dawid K. Prije godine
golu xd
golu xd Prije dan
Dream's laugh is more funnier than the reason
Jelly gaming
Jelly gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
the "and he waddled away" had me rolling on the floor😂
NeutOmega Prije 3 mjeseci
When sapnap said “ I’ll take care of this boys” he technically did. He was the human shield and took the ghost blast
Carolina Westrin
Carolina Westrin Prije 3 mjeseci
That dance the Piglin made is a victory dance. When defeatung a Hoglin (though this time you did it) there's a chance he does that dance.
Lykong Chhay
Lykong Chhay Prije godine
dream’s laugh gives me an astronomical amount of seritonin
Jadite Games
Jadite Games Prije mjesec
I need seratonin rn
Aspen Burns
Aspen Burns Prije 2 mjeseci
i literally couldn’t agree more
mully1000 Prije 2 mjeseci
nero2 nero5
nero2 nero5 Prije godine
M anugrah Alfaris
M anugrah Alfaris Prije godine
what the fuck 11 comments 1.9K Likes
Erica Beattie
Erica Beattie Prije 4 mjeseci
Dream: I don’t want to punch him [hoglin] in the lava Hoglin: I don’t care about you *yeets Dream*
ZACHA BOY! Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the "Sapnap do something!!" of George, like the kind of thing a wife says to it’s husband.
TJPaolo_CoD Prije 4 mjeseci
Dream, Sapnap, and George: *beat minecraft in nether* Me: 5 years of playing Minecraft but still can't beat the Ender dragon
Clueless Prije 3 mjeseci
Dream is so cool that he is one of the best Minecraft players ever!
Zippyzzz Prije godine
"I'm turning down my hostile creatures volume." *Sapnap's mic proceeds to get quieter.*
Matthew Plotkin
Matthew Plotkin Prije 6 mjeseci
Cuz ‘lady’ is in their name, I’m so sorry
Irshaad Ali
Irshaad Ali Prije 6 mjeseci
Sapnap bein the hostile creature... Why..? Let me explain... other than george, Sapnap screams "oH DrEAm!"
Random funny vids
Random funny vids Prije 6 mjeseci
𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐑𝐚𝐝𝐮シ︎
angstycouches boi
angstycouches boi Prije 7 mjeseci
He is a hostile creature
Bullet Codog
Bullet Codog Prije 4 mjeseci
18:23 homies caring for each other 22:07 vibing with your bros
Kyle pigtain
Kyle pigtain Prije 2 mjeseci
Their reaction to the piglin dancing is the funniest thing.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Prije 4 mjeseci
5:10 If you slow it down, Dream killed it
BounceTart Prije 4 mjeseci
Piglin: Ey look at my dance moves boyz Dream: EXTREME TEA KETTLE MODE ON
Hi Brother
Hi Brother Prije godine
You can tell that dream is trying his hardest to not say “I’m on half a heart” when he has like 4 hearts “I’m..... low”
Δήμητρα Τσαγκαροπουλου
And im high bitch
Ceylin🦭 Prije 8 mjeseci
i read that right when i was on that clip
SanjayGamer2010 Prije 9 mjeseci
Because diamond sword it cost 6 attack damage
Jonathan Rivas
Jonathan Rivas Prije godine
@Maxim Klimovich ok
Maxim Klimovich
Maxim Klimovich Prije godine
They think that 3-5 hearts they're like "OMG! I'M ON HALF A HEART!!!" Me right next to a lava pit on half a heart in the middle of a desert lost at night with no food in Minecraft in a box of cobblestone so I don't die. "Oh hey, ****, I need some food, my coordinates they are ###########" (pretend that thats coordinates)" . My friend: "Oh ok, I'll bring a few pork chops."
Lil’s Life
Lil’s Life Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the funniest video ever. *legend has it I’m still laughing* 😔
shawn moorhead
shawn moorhead Prije 3 mjeseci
14:41 I like that in the time I took for George and snapnap to kill 2 gast dream Could have killed the ender dragon twice
kashaf Prije 3 mjeseci
Dream: *Attacks endermen* Also dream: Oh my God this endermen is mad at me for no reason.
Elias Williams
Elias Williams Prije mjesec
i would like to see a manhunt version of this
The_Pollo Prije 7 mjeseci
Dream, Gogy, and Sapnap: *Incoherent wheezing* Piglin: I will grant you 4 pearls if you guys stop laughing at me
Hossam Gamer 2
Hossam Gamer 2 Prije 13 dana
Poor piglin
Alina Chen
Alina Chen Prije mjesec
dreaded sans
dreaded sans Prije mjesec
xXAnonymousXx Prije mjesec
How to have thick writing
MOHD YAZID Prije mjesec
@The_Pollo heh "gold"
Weebz Prije 2 mjeseci
After defeating a hoglin, piglins have a 10% chance to do a "victory dance" by bobbing their heads and sticking out their arms like a T-pose. The more piglins there are, the bigger chance of a hunt might happen (because a lot of piglins that saw the hoglin has a 10% chance of starting a hunt) I found this off of google, I love their little dances lmao.
The Pizza Lover
The Pizza Lover Prije 19 dana
9:17 I never knew the sound of a kettle would make my life so much more better.
Anime#1 Fan
Anime#1 Fan Prije 3 mjeseci
Ghasts: ( tryna keel them ) Sapnap amd george: ( spents 10 mins tryna keel 2 ghasts ) Dream: fine, ill do it my self
Iris Livia Drume
Iris Livia Drume Prije mjesec
Dream unlocks a new laugh every video tho-
Real Derp
Real Derp Prije godine
Piglin dance explained: After killing a hoglin, piglins have a 10% chance to do a victory dance
Kyle Flora
Kyle Flora Prije 11 mjeseci
that pfp... *_magnificent_*
Hieke Kingma-Zuidema
Hieke Kingma-Zuidema Prije 11 mjeseci
Local Communist
Local Communist Prije godine
Thank you, Obama Pyramid
BruhMan69 Prije godine
Smart Obama pyramid
Gaming Kid
Gaming Kid Prije godine
Stuffs Prije 3 mjeseci
It’s so awesome when the get shields the dream speedrun music plays 😂
Tom García
Tom García Prije 4 mjeseci
Es adorable ver a dream jugando tranquilo con sus amigos Like si hablas español:)
galaxy slugger
galaxy slugger Prije 24 dana
I can translate it
Pavel Machytka
Pavel Machytka Prije mjesec
25:01 This looks SO cool!
Isabella Everyday Show
Isabella Everyday Show Prije 4 mjeseci
I am obsessed with Dreams laugh 😂 🤪
Adelite Prije godine
10:37 Dream: *Trying to burn planks* Minecraft: "You can't burn Warped Wood" Dream: *Turns the planks into sticks* Minecraft: *UNDERSTANDABLE HAVE A GREAT DAY*
Millie Godwyn
Millie Godwyn Prije godine
True true
Nightmare Prije godine
@Bella Grace TV n o o n e a s k e d
Kriz Prije godine
@LuAnX remember mee "remember me" though i have to say goodbye remember mEeeE! "remember me" each time u hear a sad guitarrr and if iam with you the only way that i can beeEeee until your in my arms again! Remember! *MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-* "crash"
FloralFuryCuphead 2
FloralFuryCuphead 2 Prije godine
Remember me when this comes popular.
Joshy Boy
Joshy Boy Prije godine
When Minecraft logic gets foiled by Minecraft logic.
Jane C
Jane C Prije mjesec
“This enderman is mad at me for no reason” Literally 2 seconds ago: *dream hits a enderman multiple times
apol Prije 3 mjeseci
we know it's a dream video when a horrifying scream is coming every minute
Bloodhour Prije 4 mjeseci
17:59 dream's laugh.
Haidar Darwish
Haidar Darwish Prije 4 mjeseci
9:16 perfecto momento
Quint Prije godine
piglins: *attacks Dream* Dream: *puts on gold armor* Piglins: UNDERSTANDABLE. HAVE A NICE DAY
Ankita Tarway
Ankita Tarway Prije 2 mjeseci
Imaginesobbinglol Prije 2 mjeseci
▪︎Jêweł Rosē▪︎
Maz Hafiza
Maz Hafiza Prije 4 mjeseci
pxlated rehmon (look at my about)
Meme of the day
Master dani7132
Master dani7132 Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s good to see you and the boys working together unlike in the manhunts where you guys kill each other
Madhvi Jagadeeswaran
Madhvi Jagadeeswaran Prije 4 mjeseci
Sapnap: I don't want mushroom stew I want cooked porkchop George: just take what you get Dream: awkwardly giggles
Hey 😅
Hey 😅 Prije 2 mjeseci
This was hilarious 😂
Sof Gr
Sof Gr Prije 4 mjeseci
My favorite things from this video: piglin dance, ghast tennis, and strider going zoom.
ConsoleMain Noob
ConsoleMain Noob Prije godine
18:22 Dream: jumps into lava for ender eye Sapnap & George: both already holding fire resistance for Dream *now that's what I call wholesome*
Lorraine Cadiang
Lorraine Cadiang Prije 6 mjeseci
That's friendship 😊
Nikolai delMundo
Nikolai delMundo Prije godine
CanyonJack Prije godine
Whale Head Opening Leaks Everywhere Salt On My Ears might be having a little stroke btw
Pastaparty 7
Pastaparty 7 Prije godine
Dell spelt with a Dell
lol my friends would watch me burn
Katelyn Smith
Katelyn Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Dream: the best Minecraft player ever Also Dream: dies from a zombie pig-man
Kaya Bannon
Kaya Bannon Prije mjesec
"Beating minecraft without leaving the nether", yeah basically the most recent manhunt lmfao
CHAITANYA Prije 9 dana
Dream is so clam during Manhunts but during this challenge his was freaking out so much
QuetRainzali QRZ
QuetRainzali QRZ Prije 4 mjeseci
Imagine how many times they said "Nether" in the whole video.
mishell128 Prije godine
"George is not doing a very good job." _"YAAAAEES"_ "He's doing a marvelous job, actually."
AxolotlGaming Prije 5 mjeseci
You don’t need to repeat what sapnap says
Cube Gaming 2.0
Cube Gaming 2.0 Prije 5 mjeseci
@Hello👾 9:05
Tiger Roblox
Tiger Roblox Prije 11 mjeseci
@Elias Manjavidze and its been 6 months
Tiger Roblox
Tiger Roblox Prije 11 mjeseci
@Elias Manjavidze ikr
CODxHUNTER Prije 11 mjeseci
Skip school geography
Skip school geography Prije 2 mjeseci
9:17 dreams reaction was priceless
_KittyCTGamer_ Prije 4 mjeseci
4:47 this was one of the funniest moments in the video
Lari Corrales
Lari Corrales Prije 4 mjeseci
dream: is one of the best minecraft players ever, beeing able do trick and defeat 5 hunters an beat the enderdragon in less than a minute also dream: tries to break ancient debris with an iron pickaxe
Josiah Prije 3 mjeseci
Honestly, same- I tried to get gold with stone like you can with iron, and failed-
Ados Prije godine
Each person’s consistent theme: Sapnap: confused George: confident, then dies Dream: *god mode* Edit: I’m adding in the replies here BBH: bouncy, muffin, potato Viewer: impressed Piglin: just vibin
Samalolo Mmk
Samalolo Mmk Prije godine
Geofusion Prije godine
@ezakiel Go what does pota even mean?
Wietick Prije godine
@ezakiel Go no what
ezakiel Go
ezakiel Go Prije godine
@Geofusion Pota
ezakiel Go
ezakiel Go Prije godine
@Wietick ARE U A HATER!!?!?!?!?
just a normal guy
just a normal guy Prije 4 mjeseci
dream : george this is for you editor : *plays dream speedrun music
Omnikin Prije 4 mjeseci
When I saw the whole scene and fight, I couldn't help but hear: "But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all-"
Apocalypse Drakaina
Apocalypse Drakaina Prije 4 mjeseci
it just looks so unnatural without them killing each other
Amy Whitehead
Amy Whitehead Prije 3 mjeseci
He really said ‘nether’ 6 times in the intro and it made sense
k22 Prije godine
"george is not doing a very good job" "oh- he's doing a marvelous job actually" ily sapnap
Yazan Hussam
Yazan Hussam Prije 2 mjeseci
BmanYT Prije godine
i guess i’ll reply
SimonHughes Prije godine
18th reply
Gorana B
Gorana B Prije godine
Mr. Lemons
Mr. Lemons Prije godine
mai I like that sapnap will take on dream alone in manhunts I feel like sapnap is dreams apprentice
CJ Spicer
CJ Spicer Prije 3 mjeseci
Nearly everyone when they find debris: NO WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, george: well, its kinda useless for us
Erika Bermas
Erika Bermas Prije 3 mjeseci
I felt bad for the atriders when i see them shivering😅 I have deelings for every creature, whether its in a game or real life.
this should be called "trying to beat the game in the nether while my 2 friends do random things"
SharkpuppetYTyea Prije 3 mjeseci
Smack_bot Prije godine
If you go into a dream video this is what it consists of: 30% clutch 70% “DREEEEEAM”
《3v3》 Prije 5 mjeseci
@Zman27 Gaming This is true😂
Mushy Prije 5 mjeseci
luq Prije 7 mjeseci
3000th like
A Mole Person
A Mole Person Prije 7 mjeseci
Slight adjustment: 30% clutch 60% screaming 10% idiocy
DeanTheDevil Prije 10 mjeseci
Natty the baddie🙄💅
I love when they start having those iconic wheezes 9:12
UnStable VeNoM
UnStable VeNoM Prije mjesec
I loved how he fell into the lava and saying i am fine!!! I am fine
Yao Hey
Yao Hey Prije 2 mjeseci
Seeing these 3 not killing each other is strange (manhunt)
Tezza H
Tezza H Prije 4 mjeseci
Imagine a hotline spawning in a square of the crimson mushrooms 🍄 they hate and never begin able to escape
George Griffith
George Griffith Prije godine
lol even when he isn't in the actual end, George still finds a way to get attacked by an enderman
George Papantoniou
George Papantoniou Prije godine
Endermen have a serious problem with George....
Vera Sinha
Vera Sinha Prije godine
699 like Perfection
mercandozzy Prije godine
Uses his smartness to be dumb
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh Prije godine
itZflaymeGD Prije godine
Royal Unicorn
Royal Unicorn Prije 22 dana
I can't stop replaying and laughing or I just really like these parts ---→ 7:38 7:56 9:06 14:40 17:56
JONNYDUBS Prije 2 mjeseci
11:55 this is so weird after watching manhunt lol
Noah Prije 27 dana
I thought it was so cute how they got so excited and confused when the piglin danced. I just thought it was adorable
ImNotGood MC
ImNotGood MC Prije 4 mjeseci
7:55 Dream just being dream
Wejameta Prije godine
16:05 Dream: *falls to lava and drinks fire resistance* George and snapmap: *war flashbacks*
Joshua Adriel
Joshua Adriel Prije 3 mjeseci
S - n - a - p - m - a - p
cchyphon Prije 4 mjeseci
V i e t n a m P h u Q u o c
minecrafter9000 Prije 4 mjeseci
@Wejameta yes
Stannah Prije 4 mjeseci
Ah yes my favourite snapmap
Mini_BobaCat Prije 4 mjeseci
Sapnap lol
apol Prije 3 mjeseci
I just straight up die from laughter when a baby pig runs😆 every time!!
Banuja Rathanayake
Banuja Rathanayake Prije mjesec
dreams laugh is legendary
George Murkin
George Murkin Prije 3 mjeseci
They'd be screwed if the stronghold is beneath a lava pool