I Played SQUID GAME in Real Life! 

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I Played SQUID GAME in Real Life! with Preston 👊


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21. Lis 2021.



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Preston Prije mjesec
Can YOU survive our Squid Games? Subscribe and you might find out! 😉
Joe Eastham
Joe Eastham Prije 6 dana
Preston were you using real guns or water guns air guns or traplizing darts
Denika Jackson
Denika Jackson Prije 7 dana
Yes I am like what hahahahga I am the best I love you Preston
Timothy Nims
Timothy Nims Prije 7 dana
Eldin Bircevic
Eldin Bircevic Prije 8 dana
Im subscribed for 2 maybe even 3 years
Eldin Bircevic
Eldin Bircevic Prije 8 dana
Im subscribed
Majid Prije 32 minuta
Mr beast is best
Verell Reuben
Verell Reuben Prije 56 minuta
3:56 There is a Mysterious
Tahsin Rahamn
Tahsin Rahamn Prije 7 sati
This seems cheap after Mrbeast Upload😂😂
Ella Daniel Minecraft
He pushed it
Kenny LIM
Kenny LIM Prije 10 sati
Logan more like logan paul
Yug's Channel
Yug's Channel Prije 11 sati
Red green light I love to see it
Nicholas Cool Club and  friends
:Preston red light red light:preston have you ever watched the show?
Apexmedic Prije 12 sati
Every video do you have to do the pancakes and waffles
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Among Us Costumes
Error 404 - Coming Soon
Those Costumes do be Looking sus -_-
Che Umayam
Che Umayam Prije 13 sati
Preston your dad did say nice son too you
hank Prije 14 sati
preston:STOP IT PANCAKES me:_ t f)and that it
Julia Choe
Julia Choe Prije 15 sati
Did you guys put a pinch of baking soda??
Miles Mar
Miles Mar Prije 15 sati
0:43 disclaimer: he didn't actually break his neck
sheakinney Prije 15 sati
Preston is my favorite HRburnr I am Shea Kinneys son Tucket Kinney. And it is me Tucker Kinney.
sarah poisel
sarah poisel Prije 17 sati
I wish I can be in the contest but I wasn’t there that day and I don’t even know where I’m supposed to go there because I watch the movie the whole series and I can’t wait for season two
Jessica Cremer
Jessica Cremer Prije 17 sati
of course waffls are better than pancakes becaus waffles are pancakes with abbs
Vero Negrete
Vero Negrete Prije 17 sati
Percy Brow
Percy Brow Prije 18 sati
i like the fact he used a gun like a paintball or airsoft insted of a nerf gun
Dareal nnnowa
Dareal nnnowa Prije 19 sati
Preston is wierd
Chase Williams
Chase Williams Prije 20 sati
Can I be in one of your videos
Ali Prije 20 sati
0:43 RIP
Wendy Kay
Wendy Kay Prije 21 sat
Shailesh Naik
Shailesh Naik Prije 21 sat
Are you killing them for real
Bernie Acosta
Bernie Acosta Prije 21 sat
Your next video can I join
Bernie Acosta
Bernie Acosta Prije 21 sat
I love your videos
Saul Hernandez
Saul Hernandez Prije 22 sati
Don't worry guys, Mr. Beast made a better one, and a better prize
Peezy Pete
Peezy Pete Prije 23 sati
I respect dude i would have done the same I don’t have money like mrbeast😂😂
Pradip Adhikari
Pradip Adhikari Prije dan
so rud
Hannah Myzylowskyj
Trenton Buckley
Trenton Buckley Prije dan
Add me pleas I want to play pleas
Bigboifred Prije dan
I sub
koste zupkus
koste zupkus Prije dan
Deepali Rasal
Deepali Rasal Prije dan
nich H
nich H Prije dan
bich qreston carter hammond 19 00000000
x Prije dan
he's killing people in front of for real he's are killer tell the police now😱😱😱😱
Aik Hong
Aik Hong Prije dan
I subscribed so am in Malaysia
unicorn girl
unicorn girl Prije dan
PRESTON one guard was helping bri's team is tug rope
manu jan
manu jan Prije dan
I sub but you don't let me in
WYSP04 Prije dan
Mikegamer123 Prije dan
Is that gun real
Waddle Dragon -Weirdo-
Waffles and pancakes are the same time just in different forms
Adriel Gaming
Adriel Gaming Prije dan
are they really dead
Lizzy ice cream GACHA club and GACHA life Life
Is your friend will be alright?
Rachel Gonzales
Rachel Gonzales Prije dan
Beez Knees
Beez Knees Prije dan
Анна Ивина
I don’t want to press the like button for now can you please press it for me
thien hoang
thien hoang Prije dan
We cannot survive the squid game
thien hoang
thien hoang Prije dan
thien hoang
thien hoang Prije dan
Is that real squid game?
Austin Olte
Austin Olte Prije dan
I want to Be in the squid game s
Mikhail Kyle De Castro
i know how to play squid game i want to join squid game preston
LindsyThePRO Prije dan
Do you know sometimes your mean?
Jeykca Cortes
Jeykca Cortes Prije dan
Where is 456 Preston
Myles Brown
Myles Brown Prije dan
Is that a real gun?😱😱😱😨😨
Nadyelli Montes de Oca
am a kid am 8 years old but plz let me be in your vidos i sub i ring the bell and like
ciara Crozier
ciara Crozier Prije dan
Theo’s is. Frum Anna lamachiyuld
I loooove to cut the cookie
Groudon Prije dan
TheDerpDays Prije dan
asher rice
asher rice Prije dan
can i be in a video
Valdrin Berisha
Valdrin Berisha Prije dan
0:13 blondie moves but he pretends he doesn't see...maybe his crush😂
HASO GK Prije dan
Preston I am your best subscriber
HASO GK Prije dan
Preston I’m your best describe
Ashley’s Vlogs
Can kids aplay
Ashley Houghtaling
Preston I subscribed
Danielle Kirkland
I don't even know what squid game is
Joana Ferreira
Joana Ferreira Prije dan
i will win red geen lite
Lupe Flores
Lupe Flores Prije dan
What are you doing like a beat that no I'm at home but I'm a child
Abdulla Ahmed
Abdulla Ahmed Prije dan
You killed your wife
Gundars Polis
Gundars Polis Prije dan
Tianak Brown
Tianak Brown Prije dan
Preston the enforcer was helping bri
Владо Динев
they didnt died realy
Arnav Bhandari
Arnav Bhandari Prije dan
Preston this is nothing about the squid game but I have to ask you a question did you make pet simulator X ?
Kemani jones
Kemani jones Prije dan
Luke Besnard
Luke Besnard Prije dan
Such a bad version of mr beast
XD animations
XD animations Prije dan
did he get shot for real
Thomas Fondren
Thomas Fondren Prije dan
This is no Mr.Beast Squid Games
Jim Vanosdall
Jim Vanosdall Prije dan
Aik Hong
Aik Hong Prije 2 dana
I subscribed
girl💟dogs Prije 2 dana
Ty ?
7 NEO GAMING Prije 2 dana
""🙏😭Waiting for that kind of brother and sister who support me""😭😭😭.......,
CRAFTY么VIPER Prije 2 dana
Mrbeast fans
FLame Prije 2 dana
Not as real as mrbeast
Azaan Asif
Azaan Asif Prije 2 dana
I only like Mr beast
Muzammil Azhar
Muzammil Azhar Prije 2 dana
Mom: We got mr beast at home : mrbeast at home
Freya Tahir
Freya Tahir Prije 2 dana
I am so sad that you and Preston please tell me where do you live and which country
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
No is 1 month ago cap gun I think wher ulegl I don't know if you use real guns or cap guns
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
Is this a video that was made when cap gun wher not ulegl
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
But what cap gun wher ulegl some things fishy
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
Or are you using a cap gun
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
One day I will call the caps on your going to be in jail for real one day
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
I'm not liking this did you killed people how dear you
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
I'm so upset of you
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
At least use like a nerf gun or water not real guns
Bailey Family
Bailey Family Prije 2 dana
I never come to you I hate you you killed real people who did you even think of this kids will get nightmers
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