"It Would Be Nice to Know Before, Michael" 

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A simple solution would be to make track limits consistent across the entire track
This video is made available for informational and educational purposes.


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18. Stu 2021.



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U N Prije 2 mjeseci
Now connect the drivers to the stewards. Imagine the interactions between masi and drivers like Lewis, Seb, Fernando and Max
thalapeng Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, perfect. Say hi.
David P.
David P. Prije 2 mjeseci
You're a yoke!
José Andrés Thuel
José Andrés Thuel Prije 2 mjeseci
"Michael my tyres are gone!"
Frederic Li
Frederic Li Prije 2 mjeseci
Valteri... It's Massi.
Anita Juhász
Anita Juhász Prije 2 mjeseci
@Zip Zip Well, at 2016 Mexico, he almost got a penalty for swearing for FIA/Charlie.
ACAB Prije 2 mjeseci
FIA and the limits is the second best fight this season
awesomeness is me 42
No; it’s the best fight. Limits of the rules is all we’ve had this year and I love it!
Sam Andrews
Sam Andrews Prije 2 mjeseci
The track limits should be from white line to white line, not what the stewards decide on the day or during the session! Keep it consistent for every race and every track. FIA are so inconsistent
Nathan Lingler
Nathan Lingler Prije 2 mjeseci
@윤성민 but only when you overtake.....
Purple Planet
Purple Planet Prije 2 mjeseci
No no best battles this season are as follows: Max v Lewis Toto v Horner Ferrari v Mclaren Massi v F1 Mazepin v Spinning
Seer Prije 2 mjeseci
you forgot gasly and his front wing
neuronmind Prije 2 mjeseci
I love Valteries new attitude. It came only ten years late.
Wietse op de Weegh
Wietse op de Weegh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mads Buhrman I think if he got a 2-3 year contract after his first season at Mercedes he might have been able to challenge Lewis in one of the seasons they were teammates. He seems much better now that he has some security for the future.
Graham Prije 2 mjeseci
I think the attitude was always there but he was biting his tongue so that he could keep his drive. When I listen to Massa since he retired I get the same feeling. What a shame it is to know that you are a multimillionaire and have driven the best car on the grid but never really had a chance of being champion.
michelhouelpdesque Prije 2 mjeseci
Hope he makes a giant positive mess next year at AR.
Mads Buhrman
Mads Buhrman Prije 2 mjeseci
10 years ago he was driving formula Renault Cup. Which he btw became champion in before moving into british Formula 3 and GP3 which he also won by style. But your right, these Merc years with Lewis can make anybody a bit slack. But still he has been able to keep up motivation pretty good. I sincerely hope Alfa Romeo can make him a strong midfield car for next season.
unfxrseen Prije 2 mjeseci
feels like all the drivers speak in a sarcastic tone everytime they are talking about masi. something must've happened in the drivers briefing 😂
Wietse op de Weegh
Wietse op de Weegh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Upright Fossil True, but neither did they in Monza and I think it's unfair to suggest that Max gets preferential treatment.
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
@Wietse op de Weegh in plain simple concise language….they did not enforce the track limits on the incident in Brazil.
Wietse op de Weegh
Wietse op de Weegh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Upright Fossil Right because we've always seen track limit warnings when drivers were in a fight... The thing is, you can argue the penalty for forcing another driver off track, but not for track limits and not for leaving the track and gaining an advantage since the FIA don't really ever give those penalties when the drivers don't change position. Also notice how in Monza it was A okay to shove someone wide in turn 1 and turn 4, but in Austria that was an instant 5 second penalty. I don't think they threw it out for Max specifically, but for the championship.
Dream is not Sus
Dream is not Sus Prije 2 mjeseci
Because Masi is an incompetent fool
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
Well, at COTA and other races recently they have been all over track limits and penalties and giving back the position and blah, blah, blah…then suddenly in Brazil they threw them out for Max in one of the most egregious cases this year…so there is that.
WildSnivy Prije 2 mjeseci
Valtteri doesn't sass often, but when he does...
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
@lexus lfa just consider him a flamboyant Kimi… but in a good car
lexus lfa
lexus lfa Prije 2 mjeseci
@NathanDrums probably you have never payed attention to him because thats exactly how he talks
NathanDrums Prije 2 mjeseci
@Netz Gee I’m aware. My point is how little he cares about what he says now. He used to be very quiet.
Billy Stanford
Billy Stanford Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm hoping this move is an allround attitude change for him. He's actually been quite entertaining since the Alfa deal
Netz Gee
Netz Gee Prije 2 mjeseci
@NathanDrums Michael is the race director but yeah okay
Ahmad Danial Basaruddin
Ahmad Danial Basaruddin Prije 2 mjeseci
You know FIA is having a rough weekend when Bottas calls you out
JibeddyHibeddy Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ve had this crazy idea where you set the track limit at the white lines that are on both edges of the track at each and every circuit.
Jonathan Coates
Jonathan Coates Prije mjesec
That’s starting next year
ChrisC7498 Prije 2 mjeseci
Lee Walker
Lee Walker Prije 2 mjeseci
Crazy! It'll never catch on...
Alec Slominski
Alec Slominski Prije 2 mjeseci
Masi seems like a nice guy based on some interviews, and I know he's doing his best, but he certainly does not command the same respect Charlie did
Luna Silvermoon
Luna Silvermoon Prije 2 mjeseci
@Daniel Internet was around in 97 yes, but not nearly as widespread accessible for every household. ''Internet TV'' wasn't a thing either, so you ''only'' had the actual TV channels who, just like today, need the broadcasting rights. So if you were in a country or region with a provider/channel who didn't had the rights to broadcast F1... you couldn't watch it. Internet has opened up and made F1 much more accessible to the masses , this only increased during the 00's when Internet became faster, better and affordable for even the lower class households.
Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
@Luna Silvermoon was it though ? Charlie became Race Director in 97 the Internet was there WAY before ... and I bet many people know how Charlie did his job in his first few years because you don't need the internet to watch F1 and realise if the race director does his job right
Megawave79 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Septimus ii how
Megawave79 Prije 2 mjeseci
@John Lord how exactly is he favouring Verstappen?
Septimus ii
Septimus ii Prije 2 mjeseci
The problem is that he's terrible at his job
Shanky Prije 2 mjeseci
This reminds me how f1 drivers used to call Charlie when Charlie Whiting was the FIA race director
Toro Loco
Toro Loco Prije 2 mjeseci
He seemed to have a fatherly presence
Schadi Prije 2 mjeseci
" Charlie fucking wake up "
Life's Good
Life's Good Prije 2 mjeseci
"Here's a message for charlie, F off"
Robert Geurkaars
Robert Geurkaars Prije 2 mjeseci
Whiting > Masi
U N Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, I remember Lewis used to address him directly
Drew Mah
Drew Mah Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine if they did track limits at every corner of every circuit, how much slower would the lap times actually be.
Miganon Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe just make track limits consistent across the whole season, but I guess its easier for the FIA to figure out track limits specific to each and every track as opposed to just sticking to 1 rule and be done with it.
NPowa99 Prije 2 mjeseci
"making them as we go" Stewards have already lost a substantial amount of respect in the last week. If this is true, they have prolly lost the remaining bit.
Croga Prije 2 mjeseci
But it isn't true. The driver briefing that morning spoke about limits on the entire track. Mercedes and Valtteri not listening is the problem. Also; staying on the track should be the default anywhere and everywhere. The fact that the FIA sometimes tells the drivers where the limits will be strictly enforced is just courtesy. They can enforce the limits without prior notice if they like.
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
You cannot simultaneously look incompetent and corrupt without some effort.
Adistianto Yuwono
Adistianto Yuwono Prije 2 mjeseci
His job IS difficult, but Masi is trying his best to make it a chore for himself, the drivers and teams, and the viewers at home.
Pixel Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok that they didn't talked about that track limit but Valtteri went completely off the track in that situation, they probably didn't talk about that because it wasn't supposed someone would have gone off there. Maybe it's a point where the car looses time by going off and doesn't take an advantage
FS02TER Prije 2 mjeseci
Track limits are a joke everywhere. The track limits should be defined throughout the entire circuit as the white line, not kerbs etc
IndianaPwn3s Prije 2 mjeseci
Funniest thing I read all day
Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard Prije 2 mjeseci
Gotto love VB giving the engineers crap freely for messing him up...what are you going to do ? Fire me ? He's starting to become my #2 fav. F1 Driver after Seb.
Matt Hunter
Matt Hunter Prije 2 mjeseci
Stewards have been making up the rules all season. Perez, Norris, Gasly, Vettel all punished for driving an opponent off track, but Max is fine to do it! Let’s have some consistency so the fight stays on track and not in the stewards room! 👍
Wietse op de Weegh
Wietse op de Weegh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Upright Fossil Fernando actually said it was fine. In fact most drivers did to my surprise. Also I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Max, but mostly with how close the titlefight is. Like the stewards thought: "they both survived that and they didn't touch? Carry on. Not touching the close as hell titlefight with a ten foot pole."
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
@Eoin Smith yeah, this one even has the drivers confused and commenting a week later, so this particular issue is not the petty nonsense Red Bull is known for. RBR are the Karens of F1 and Karen Horner is asking to speak to the manager every week. We laugh that off…every week.
Eoin Smith
Eoin Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm relatively new to F1, but I've learned of how F1 fans can be so petty & bitter... It's happened, move on.
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
@Apothecary Terry this is the kind of humor we need when talking to these tunnel vision people….apparently the only driver who didn’t see anything wrong was Max himself because the driver’s meeting was “contentious”… I would love to hear Fernando say something when he would not get fined.
Megawave79 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Philip Chouliaras how is that a conspiracy?
J Z Prije 2 mjeseci
It really should not be this hard… keep at least two tyres on the track at all times and the white line and outside edge of the tyre for the turn is the limit… regardless if it’s a cm or 3 meter overshoot…
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Prije 2 mjeseci
the track limit relaxation has become a luxury that summer breaks hardly can offer.
Zak Millington
Zak Millington Prije 2 mjeseci
This wasn’t even really track limits issue , he literally cut the corner to start turn 8 coming out of turn 7. Of course the lap time would be deleted.
윤성민 Prije 2 mjeseci
Another great Michael Masi production
内田ガネーシュ Prije 2 mjeseci
The FIA is really pushing the limits of F1.
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
@Apothecary Terry agree 100%
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 2 mjeseci
@Upright Fossil I do still love the geeky technical side of F1, that stuff is still brilliant...but yeah I'm going back to BTCC for the actual racing these days. Next year might be good with the new regs, but honestly I'm starting to miss the days of 1 team dominating (whichever team), the fans were so much less toxic and the midfield battles were fun.
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
@Apothecary Terry as an old guy I concur. I have given up on all sports except racing when commercials started dictating the game. Next year I will maybe go to Miami, but my heart will be for the road courses in NASCAR and INDYCAR and F1 will be a distant third
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 2 mjeseci
@Shug McGurran Driver safety and the integrity of the sport. It's drama over sport which becomes self perpetuating. Many computer games and a few other sports have gone that way, trading integrity for whatever brings money in the short term- in almost every case I can think of it's resulted in the thing basically collapsing after a few more years. The exception is American Football, which went all-in on it...but they average something like 11 mins of actual sport in any given match so I don't think it even counts as a sport anymore.
Shug McGurran
Shug McGurran Prije 2 mjeseci
All in the name of garnishing more viewers! They are putting that ahead of driver safety
SUPMIK Paddleboarding
SUPMIK Paddleboarding Prije 2 mjeseci
Valteri legend!!!! That's the way the FIA basically can alter the outcome of the races...they've stated that not necessarily a move like the one from verstappen would not be penalised if it happens track limits as we go??what's next,does Masi give his favorite driver of the weekend 5 extra points if he wants?that's no longer fair racing and it's getting a joke !
SIDYfe4r Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, makes no sense making up track limits as you go instead of informing them beforehand. I honestly don't understand what Michael Masi is doing this year and I'm certain he ain't the right person for the job since Charlie Whiting. I don't care if you support Red Bull or Mercedes and talk about MaFIA or FIA Bull, cause the inconsistency in a single race weekend alone is ridiculous this year.
shaggy Prije 2 mjeseci
For a Finn - that's some emotional smack talk
LewyTheFlyS13 Prije 2 mjeseci
To be fair, F1 has never raced here so Race Control were getting a feel for where they needed to set limits as they can't police every corner. This is why the call it practice
OverRatedTheFirst Prije 2 mjeseci
@LewyTheFlyS13 To keep the show running, using the kerb means faster laps and more tyre degradation so teams have to chose and balance between being faster or longer stints
LewyTheFlyS13 Prije 2 mjeseci
@SUPMIK Paddleboarding I agree, the white lines used to define the limits of the track. Would be much easier for everyone. But for some reason recently that allow drivers to use the kerbs as part of the track, not sure why
SUPMIK Paddleboarding
SUPMIK Paddleboarding Prije 2 mjeseci
Why don't just say stay on track the whole time?
Joshua Clement
Joshua Clement Prije 2 mjeseci
I qould like to advocate for the track limits being staying between the whit line on either side of the track. That should ride of the ambiguity.
Franco Nardelli
Franco Nardelli Prije 2 mjeseci
@Gary Rowe you want to argue on what should be in a World that does not exist. I am willing to discuss based on what actually is, and what is needed for reality to function. You cannot penalize every corner without hurting the entertainment. The rules changes are always based on enhanced show. It is what it is. Whatever any plonket may think in his ideal World.
Gary Rowe
Gary Rowe Prije 2 mjeseci
@Franco NardelliAnd so ends a conversation with someone who criticised my post but couldn't be arsed to give any pertinent facts or answer any questions. What a senseless waste of time, he never seemed to even read the replies but just continued to agree with himself. What a plonker.
Franco Nardelli
Franco Nardelli Prije 2 mjeseci
@Gary Rowe I suggest you dont try F1 then. You wont be interesed. Good luck and good bye!
Gary Rowe
Gary Rowe Prije 2 mjeseci
@Franco Nardelli I see you are not really interested in discussing the track boundaries and seem more interested in twisting everything to be about money. Yes f1 runs on gazillions of pounds/dollars/whatevers, but I'm more interested in the driving. One year just at a stage start, we gave a molegrips to another competitor whose car was in trouble, and hoped it had helped him keep in the event; one year later, in the bar before the start of another rally, a guy came up to me and asked was I in the rally and what was I driving. When I told him, he thanked me and gave me the price of the molegrips. Mototsport is and always should be about the people and their machines, their love of driving them, and sharing it. If it ever becomes only about entertainment, then it isn't motorsport any more, and I'm not interested. Goodbye.
Franco Nardelli
Franco Nardelli Prije 2 mjeseci
@Gary Rowe Im sorry, I thought we were clear on that. F1 is a business... Its entire existence relies on revenue which depends on it being likeable to watch.
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Prije 2 mjeseci
I love it when valterri just says fuck it
Shane Ryan
Shane Ryan Prije 2 mjeseci
FIA really haven't been doing a poor job as of late
Chris Gregory
Chris Gregory Prije 2 mjeseci
"Yes, noted, thank you, goodbye." -Michael Masi
Anshul Saini
Anshul Saini Prije 2 mjeseci
FIA and the Track limits, the Saga is drawing to an end
Tom C
Tom C Prije 2 mjeseci
MASI have to go next year, and one set of stewards for all the race, maybe a vote from all the team and steward group who get majority vote will keep their job! F1 is a billion dollar business and don't need part time judge want to be with axe to grind!
Upright Fossil
Upright Fossil Prije 2 mjeseci
One insider said the driver’s meeting was nearly an hour on track limits….maybe I wasn’t the only one who was watching last week. Lol
Ghostly Razgriz
Ghostly Razgriz Prije 2 mjeseci
There wouldnt be any track limits issue if the white line was enforced at every corner at every track.
我是漠先生 Prije 2 mjeseci
To be fair, on a track that’s never been driven by F1 cars, you kinda have to see it first, to see where drivers cut and gain the most..
Wietse op de Weegh
Wietse op de Weegh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Simon No it depends quite simply on the layout of the track and the ideal line that flows from that. If you take turn 3 to 9 in COTA, you obviously enforce track limits on the inside on the corner so you can't cut it, but it doesn't matter on the outsides because it's simply slower to track extend because you can't properly turn into the next corner.
Simon Prije 2 mjeseci
@Wietse op de Weegh i don't think you even know wtf were talking about, the cuts and the gain entirely depend on the approach drivers choose to take and the outcome of it on others and well as the their own
Wietse op de Weegh
Wietse op de Weegh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Simon Sims (and basic physics) are more than capable of identyfying where track extending gains time. For example, in any series of fast corners like the one in Cota, or S bends like the one in Interlagos, there is litteraly no use in enforcing track limits around the outside since going wide there means you get a shit exit for the next corner and are thus slower. A ~90 degree bend with any sort of straight behind it however is always prone to gaining time by track extending. It doesn't matter even matter if the layout is entirely accurate in the sim, hell even by looking at the track from an aerial view you should be able to figure out where track extending should be heavily monitored.
Simon Prije 2 mjeseci
@Wietse op de Weegh sims aren't accurate enough at all, lol
Wietse op de Weegh
Wietse op de Weegh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Simon Well it's pretty easy to figure out on the sim where you can track extend to gain time and where it doesn't really matter if you track extend and then select the corners for track limits.
f1lap1 Prije 2 mjeseci
FIA seems so undecisive everytime!
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 2 mjeseci
F1 is all about making up rules as they go at the moment, makes it great to watch. By great, I mean shite...
Dany Derigon
Dany Derigon Prije 2 mjeseci
Well, all the track has limits. He should know that.
BList Prije 2 mjeseci
did they announce the change to the drivers or change it mid session?
Kenobi, Obi-Wan
Kenobi, Obi-Wan Prije 2 mjeseci
Masi seems a bit incompetent compared to Charlie, but it’s probably a hard job.
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar Prije 2 mjeseci
its hard to dictate track limits on a track they've never raced before at.
Pis de rata
Pis de rata Prije 2 mjeseci
cheaty lazy drivers
4Leka Prije 2 mjeseci
No it's not. There are literally lines painted on the track for that purpose. The FIA just needs to make a common-sense ruling that those are, indeed, the track limits.
BList Prije 2 mjeseci
true but when they do they need to announce it to everyone. and not make changes mid sessions (not sure if thats what happened here but bortas was clearly not told of the changes
Ronnie MacDonald
Ronnie MacDonald Prije 2 mjeseci
@Yury Molodtsov irrelevant
A P Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nobody Knows exactly. But the drivers will always push those boundaries. VB pushed them massively especially in fp2
David Vasquez
David Vasquez Prije 2 mjeseci
0:41 that’s explains why his tire blew on Sunday
Jampa Boorsma
Jampa Boorsma Prije 2 mjeseci
the engineer is talking out of his ass. It was known and shared with everyone
Andreas Viken
Andreas Viken Prije 2 mjeseci
*Valtteri starts hotlap. Valtteri finishes hotlap* wow that was fast
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 2 mjeseci
Since we saw last race that you can ignore track limits, he just did a doughnut over the start finish line and called it a lap. They deleted it for track limits at turn 7 since he didn't bother with turn 7 ☺
hichew Prije 2 mjeseci
It looks like entire Mercedes have started war against FIA
X99Zero Prije 2 mjeseci
Bottas will win the championship next season 🏆
lordbyrom100 Prije mjesec
I’m shocked don’t they know track limits are different for each team ….did Bottas read Max’s briefing notes again ???silly boy
Sudhi Krish
Sudhi Krish Prije 2 mjeseci
"They are making em as we go" just to bring you down
Filip Marić
Filip Marić Prije 2 mjeseci
they literarly said for fp2, that all tracked turns are deleted, and that only limit is going off of red and white curb
RAV MAN Prije 2 mjeseci
@Filip Marić yup
Filip Marić
Filip Marić Prije 2 mjeseci
@RAV MAN then thats out of track, if there is no curb
RAV MAN Prije 2 mjeseci
I think theres no red and white curb at the ext of 7. Its the white line with green where he went off
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Prije 2 mjeseci
here we go again. there are white lines all around the track...just tell the guys to stay within them. problem solved
J C Prije mjesec
Michael will be out of that position soon, it's been a complete fail
Phileas X
Phileas X Prije 2 mjeseci
It would be nice if you do not make up the rules as you go along, Michael.
Valentin Prije 2 mjeseci
Reminds me of Hamilton gaining advantage over an entire race until verstappen started to do it aswell.
santiago perez
santiago perez Prije 2 mjeseci
@bc74 nah, he is just stating facts
bc74 Prije 2 mjeseci
do you have a verstappen doll you take to bed with you?
MisterHidden Prije 2 mjeseci
Can't spell FIA without Inconsistency
orio_ Prije 2 mjeseci
he says this after clearly cresting a new straight in between two corners
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Prije 2 mjeseci
how hard can it be to figure out the track limits since all tracks have white lines painted on them they are not there to make the track look pretty jeez.
Eathos Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, Michael!
Abisha Zaki Ar-Rafi
Abisha Zaki Ar-Rafi Prije 2 mjeseci
Michael, this is Valtteri.
SANG Prije 2 mjeseci
I'd do a better job as race director than Michael Masi
Tob-Racer Prije 2 mjeseci
Alonso: "He cut the chicken" Michael: "Oh, that's a chicane?" *KARMA*
Y M Prije 2 mjeseci
Curious_Cat Prije 2 mjeseci
Also: "they don't like me because I'm not English, what a yoke".
Edi Lopez
Edi Lopez Prije 2 mjeseci
Harry McGuinness
Harry McGuinness Prije 2 mjeseci
Just make every corner a limit, 4 wheels over the lines and deleted?
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 2 mjeseci
This is F1, don't bring logic and common sense here, it should be obvious by now those sorts of things aren't welcome ☺
Ben Kalies
Ben Kalies Prije 2 mjeseci
How much is red bull paying the fia? 🤔
kapil busawah
kapil busawah Prije 2 mjeseci
Make the rules up after the session but during? What a joke.
Fadzil Hafizi
Fadzil Hafizi Prije 2 mjeseci
"Yes perfect, say hi"
Mohd Yusnor Mohd Yusof
Mohd Yusnor Mohd Yusof Prije 2 mjeseci
FIA..... let them race. What limit?????
The funny Comments
The funny Comments Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn’t be surprised if Mercedes build a court case against fia. Then pull out completely. The sport would die without them.
Aditi RK
Aditi RK Prije 2 mjeseci
The sport wouldn't die without them. It'd come alive!
Shaik Hammad
Shaik Hammad Prije 2 mjeseci
Savage! 👻😂
Alan Healy
Alan Healy Prije 2 mjeseci
Michael, it's Valterri...
Luka Vujeva
Luka Vujeva Prije 2 mjeseci
Masi is either clown or on some extra outside of the FIA and F1-Liberty payroll.
Ryareeka P
Ryareeka P Prije 2 mjeseci
Watch them track limits dissappear when Max inevitably shoves someone wide on Sunday with no repercussions 😁😁
David Brown
David Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
Michael Masi is no Charlie Whiting.
sena mazak
sena mazak Prije 2 mjeseci
yeah that's for sure
James Manning
James Manning Prije 2 mjeseci
michael massie is a joke honestly
ALEX Prije 2 mjeseci
They should already handle the title to rb.
Blockman 10195
Blockman 10195 Prije 2 mjeseci
1: please explain where you came up with that notion 2: to barceman, the flexi wing rules are not new but there to enforce the old rules, and the pit stop thing applies to other teams just as much.
Sparks Fly
Sparks Fly Prije 2 mjeseci
@Barceman 1003 Let’s be honest unless max becomes superhuman in these last four races Merc will win the constructors. Their car is faster in the straights and Perez is utterly slow and especially at the starts he always gets jumped by a Ferrari or mclaren from behind then gets stuck for half of the race or even more.
Barceman 1003
Barceman 1003 Prije 2 mjeseci
Well, they literally hand the title to Mercedes by making up new rules to ban Red Bull flexi wing and slow down their pit stop.
Graham Prije 2 mjeseci
It's a bit strange that people are talking about the fact that track limits are being "invented" during the free practice sessions as if it's something new or particular to this circuit. If you regularly watch FP1 and FP2 you would know that it's been going on for the last couple of years. What was interesting this weekend was that they were actually defining not just which corners but which line was the limit between "on" and "off" the track. They really have to do something less complicated.
Graham Prije 2 mjeseci
@4Leka - you'll never get a job with the FIA - far too sensible :-)
4Leka Prije 2 mjeseci
This really shouldn't be done on a per-track basis. Every track has the same white lines at the edges of the track. Use those as track limits universally for every track and problem solved.
DaniMacYo Prije 2 mjeseci
I came up with this little scenario in my head it’s not that funny but here goes. Mazepin: Michael why did I get a 5 second penalty? Michael: Because you spun too many times. Mazepin: That’s Bull sh** do you know who I’am?! Michael: Yes, Nikita I’m well aware but I issued you a warning and you didn’t listen! Mazepin: What? How dare you mate my dad owns Haas Michael: Copy that Nikita but I’ve made myself clear. Besides it won’t effect your finishing position Mazepin: My dad will own you too and buy the entire F1 I’ll call it the Mazespin Grand Prix! Michael: Understood Nikita we’ll talk more after the race please. Mazepin: Cyka Blyat!
Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf the Grey Prije 2 mjeseci
I love sassy Bottas
Shug McGurran
Shug McGurran Prije 2 mjeseci
Proving the FIA are fixing this years championship!
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly I don't think they are, I think we've seen enough evidence to prove they simply aren't competent enough to do it. This is just outright ignorance and stupidity on their part. As many have said, track limits should be the white lines...since they are literally the track limits. Just it only works if they're applied for all drivers at all races. Now, please excuse me- Max crossed the border into Saudi Arabia at turn 4 and needs me to pick him up since he ran out of fuel- but his lap time will still count. ...since I'm not actually that biased, worth noting that other cars got away with what Max didn't in Bahrain. As I said, they're just morons ☺
92Cuky Prije 2 mjeseci
The thing I don't understand is how we gamers are expected to stay within white lines in F1 games when doing Time Trial and online races, yet same can't be expected from professional drivers? Rules state track is limited by white lines. So enforce it like that, at every meter of every track. And soon enough there won't be confusion, there won't be "well he didn't gain an advantage here, but gained some there" etc.
Miganon Prije mjesec
Because the F1 game has clearer rules that the game will always follow. The real life stewards has vague rules that they only sometimes follow.
100MPH Selfies
100MPH Selfies Prije 2 mjeseci
"fak them ole"
Kubhak Prije 2 mjeseci
Same on fia
Tim Allerton
Tim Allerton Prije 2 mjeseci
Someone forgot to say to Valtteri the the limits only apply to Merc everyone else crack on
Black Steve Irwin
Black Steve Irwin Prije 2 mjeseci
Can you make sure you upload the videos after the f1 HRburn? I always catch spoilers before I can watch? Sorry to be a pain.
LOCKSDOWN Prije 2 mjeseci
Heu d'accord
Gea Lingeman
Gea Lingeman Prije 2 mjeseci
The engineer/Merc should've known and informed Valtteri before FP2. In FP1 RB asked on radio abt the track limits and Masi answered they would decide them after FP1. Our tv presenter Rick of ZiggosportF1 told during FP2 that the whole track had track limit, over the curb with all 4 wheels is track limit. And if our Dutch presenter knew that live during FP2, then the teams should've known as well. Thats another little mistake of Merc, not informing themselves. Bottas is blaming Masi and he should blame his team for not knowing this important information
DutchGamingPieces Prije 2 mjeseci
What is Bottas sassing about? This was clearly news and I have read it yesterday evening (EU time). So it was known BEFORE FP3...
Mohammed ED-DAHBI
Mohammed ED-DAHBI Prije 2 mjeseci
MrOwenmorg Prije 2 mjeseci
I seriously can’t understand why we can’t just use the fucking white line at the edge of the race track. It’s the edge of the race track, if your car goes wholly over the line, you’re off the track. Simple!
Blockman 10195
Blockman 10195 Prije 2 mjeseci
I think they’re planning on doing that either next year or the one after that.
James Patterson
James Patterson Prije 2 mjeseci
_I have a better idea Valtteri, keep the damn car on the track and you won't have to hear about track limits._
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 2 mjeseci
"...Max? Can anyone see Max?" "Sorry, I was on holiday over the Colombian border, but it's ok for track limits right?" "Of course" Meanwhile in the next qualifying session...
Jorge Picabea
Jorge Picabea Prije 2 mjeseci
The goons at the F-1 helm are tired of seeing Lewis and Mercedes win... they are sandbagging them so Red Bull wins, that way they sell more merchandise and more tickets because they're affraid that the F1 has become "The Lewis & Toto show". Same thing happened to Rossi in Moto GP, they got tired of him wining. So the championship is between Lewis and the F-1 because if they were fair, Lewis would have been ahead by a good bit.
BeeCee Prije 2 mjeseci
All merc ppl are starting to become whiny girls it seems.
JΛMΛ Prije 2 mjeseci
understandable if the FIA are literally making shit up as they’re racing
Entertainment News
Entertainment News Prije 2 mjeseci
Let the driver radios connect to each other.
Entertainment News
Entertainment News Prije 2 mjeseci
@Walou's insanity shed why that shit be funny as fuck, if they let rip on radio and used it for mind games it could be so chaotic
Walou's insanity shed
Walou's insanity shed Prije 2 mjeseci
i think pretty much everyone in the sport will disagree there man
michael r
michael r Prije 2 mjeseci
Masi is a clown
Snotty Scotty
Snotty Scotty Prije 2 mjeseci
Just like the first race of the season at Bharain. Hamilton runs wide on turn 5 for 53 laps laps no problem. Verstappen passes Hamilton at turn 4 runs wide on turn 5, and suddenly track limits are enforced, having Verstappen hand back the lead to Hamilton.
kishern rao
kishern rao Prije 2 mjeseci
You can't really overtake off track for your information
U N Prije 2 mjeseci
@ballparkjebusite plus it’s nothing wrong anyways, the rule was weird but pretty clear, you can go across the line as long as you are not gaining a position
ballparkjebusite Prije 2 mjeseci
@U N you’re correct. These guys have selective memories
U N Prije 2 mjeseci
The track limits were changed caused of redbull’s moaning, in case you didn’t know. Plus max overtook him off the track, that never goes
Ramanand Prije 2 mjeseci
Masi is so incompetent it's become sad at this point
CK K Prije 2 mjeseci
Michael Masi sure hates the Mercs
Msapnetead Prije 2 mjeseci
@General Giovanni Cresva Resurrected Same thing that I said, the funny thing is both of the incidents that had at least one driver crashing out, were awarded with penalties. But once a move that was even more obviously infringent (imo) is prevented from resulting in a collision, there are zero repercussions.
Msapnetead Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ramanand Completely agree with you and Kimi here. The whole point is that the incident is judged by the incident, other factors shouldn't have much input on the decision. More so than team bias, it just seems like the fia has been using the outcome of a clash to define the penalty, and that isn't universal either - just way too inconsistent with everything.
Ramanand Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kimi Timoskainen wish more people were like you lol
Kimi Timoskainen
Kimi Timoskainen Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ramanand yeah, i'm just stating a fact that had FIA done more earlier in the season Max had already won it aswell as if Mercs didnt crash into him same thing, and coming from someone who it Räikkönen and Norris fan more than anything it weirds me out when Merc fans and Lewis fans are the ones saying FIA hates them when infact FIA has let them run free for a long time, do i think Max should have gotten a small penalty last race, yes. should Merc and Lewis have been penalised way harder for their silverstone shenanigans, also yes
General Giovanni Cresva Resurrected
​@Msapnetead Except that he compared the wrong 'incident' with the Silverstone incident and implied that Masi and the FIA are being biased towards Max and against Lulu. Monza is more comparable to Silverstone and despite the incident around the first corner at Monza being of a much lower speed than that at Silverstone, Max still received a penalty for it. The one in Brazil wasn't anything serious to everyone except to Whamilton and his whiny 'fans' and in fact shouldn't even be labelled as an incident.
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