Between the Games: From Halo 5 to Infinite | Halo Infinite Primer 

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First: Yes, the game is less than a month away, I recorded this audio a while ago and decided I'd rather get this out than wait several days until I can re-record 1 line.

Second: Today we cover the known events after Halo 5 and leading into Halo Infinite! Let this help you catch up with the universe between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite!

0:00 Intro
0:45 Halo 5’s Ending
1:30 Halo: Fracture - Rossbach’s World
2:17 Halo: Legacy of Onyx
2:59 Halo: Bad Blood
8:30 Halo Legendary Crate Intel
10:01 Halo Wars 2
13:43 Halo Wars 2: Operation: SPEARBREAKER
14:12 Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare
15:14 Halo: Sacrifice
16:19 Halo: Shadows of Reach
19:11 Halo: Divine Wind
22:42 Fall of the UNSC
24:00 Wrap-Up
24:25 Patreon

Ending music: "John-117" by Teknoaxe

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23. Stu 2021.



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Kaiziak Prije mjesec
I must have missed the explanation for Chief returning to his natural habitat of floating in space
Nick tanico/SIlva
Nick tanico/SIlva Prije 20 dana
@John Johnson Yes
John Johnson
John Johnson Prije 20 dana
Who actually killed Atriox? I missed that part
John Johnson
John Johnson Prije 20 dana
@Nick tanico/SIlva where does chief like to participate in his favorite habit at?
JJ Clark
JJ Clark Prije 21 dan
Atriox not only kicked his ass but also kicked him off the ship
Nick tanico/SIlva
Nick tanico/SIlva Prije 29 dana
@John Johnson that to
JustinD.G Prije mjesec
The Expanded lore genuinely made me interested in the created storyline. I really hope we get more media exploring that time period in the future!
AllyKayAllTheWay Prije mjesec
@James Burgess It was kind of the same. Everyone was mostly left to their own devices so long as they didn’t employ WMD’s or the like. Except the UNSC. Cortana had a hate boner for them. She attacked UNSC bases galaxy-wide then launched a final assault on a base located in Sydney. I would like an episodic type of game where you play as different people when Cortana attacks their base. Like in Episode 1 it could be horror themed with you playing as a civilian/non-combatant just trying to escape. Then Episode 2 could be a Marine fighting to rescue his squad. Episode 3 would be an ODST going behind enemy lines looking for intel on a weakness for a Guardian or maybe a new Composer Cortana had built. Then on Episode 4(the finale) you could play as a Spartan who is tasked with destroying the Guardian/Composer only to find out that it was all in vain because there are MANY more. It would be a nice way to show what the Galaxy is like during the reign of the Created and how everyone sees it. Plus, it would give those who don’t read the books an idea of what went on between the games.
Bloo Panda02
Bloo Panda02 Prije mjesec
Halo Lore has been in full effect since like halo 3 lol
Novus Talks
Novus Talks Prije mjesec
@Ironclad it wasn't really. Infinite carries on with the story
Ironclad Prije mjesec
Were you disappointed it's all been scrapped?
Novus Talks
Novus Talks Prije mjesec
Same! It made it more interesting
Tsipher Prije mjesec
I actually like Atriox, he may pick fights with just about everybody, but he dares not mess with the Flood, he knows how much of a losing battle that is and has seen how easily it is to lose against the Flood.
Kynan Clymore
Kynan Clymore Prije 17 dana
@Guggachug in the halo ce and 2 terminals it also directly kills the flood. I haven't read many books unfortunately, so I can't determine which of these is Canon, but the terminals definitely show you it kills not only the food, but the flood itselves. IIRC, the rings destroy nervous systems. Which makes sense as the flood can only infect beings with as much. So I guess the rings kill off anything with a nervous system including the flood that take advantage of such. Please correct me if I'm wrong!!!
G30rg31415 Prije mjesec
@Chance Cisneros Well imagine a fight between tyranids and the flood
theroguekage Prije mjesec
@Tasheem The Dream I think it’s a likely possibly. There’s an audio log with a UNSC Marine talking to the Harbringer. She tells him “I shall talk, and you shall listen” just like the gravemind did to Chief and The Arbiter in Halo 2. It would be pretty weird if 343 didn’t do that intentionally and it was just a coincidence.
Thane Vakarian
Thane Vakarian Prije mjesec
@Tasheem The Dream yeah and they blew the design of another alien race. I really loved infinite campaign despite expecting it to be terrible, but the forerunners and the endless are lame designs. It’s okay to make human looking aliens they don’t all have to be variations of animals or lizards cause reasons
SovietTricycle Prije mjesec
@Clark Hollingsworth I read a comment on tiktok that perhaps what made the endless worse than the flood is that the flood cannot be killed via halo as to the endless. So imagine if the endless are infected by the flood? That would be an unstoppable force.
Nicos Prije mjesec
“Waiting, hoping, for something to turn the tide…” The way you then cut to the master chief floating in space gave me massive goose bumps. The way you set up that shot after describing the UNSC’s devastated state, then showing the chief as the last figure of hope was amazing. It immediately brought back all the memories of the things chief had done to single-handedly save humanity and the galaxy, and how he is the last thing that humanity can truly look towards for any chance of victory. Amazing, good work.
Logan Daniels
Logan Daniels Prije mjesec
That's how my youngest and I get everytime we see a new live-action Halo commercial. We've been running missions together since he was old enough to play Halo 2, and we're very invested in this story.
michael snyder
michael snyder Prije mjesec
Crazy cuz same here
uhkingdom Prije mjesec
I only recently went on a deep wiki rabbit hole of details of the extended halo universe having never read the books, and while the extended universe is insane and wildly interesting (including a LOT of stuff not mentioned here, as it pertains to events between the precursors and the forerunners) I still love the Halo games because it’s Master Chiefs story of being so solely focused on the betterment of humanity through impossible action mixed in with (ty Cortana) a hefty amount of luck that the games become such a satisfying hero story for those who play it. I’ll scream my jeans if we see Spartan II Jerome and Isabelle or the Spirit of Fire sometime during Infinite, but even if we don’t I’m still excited to rip through this ring and find out what happens next regardless. Feels good to be back in some real ass Halo game territory. 343 making a strong comeback with this one
pyrosianheir Prije mjesec
So like... I greatly appreciate all of this run down - it was DEFINITELY needed, this time - but.... I'm also feeling like 343 doing all this off screen makes it a lot harder to get into the story of Infinite's story. There's so much missing thanks to the gap of events that could be necessary to having some degree of understanding. Like... Why was Chief's return to Reach not the next game? It would've been incredibly hype.... Ah well. Nothing to be done about it now. Like I said at the start, appreciate you putting all this together in an understandable, pretty concise, format.
pyrosianheir Prije mjesec
@Kidde you miss my point about all the stuff off screen. I'm talking about just the initial starting point. There's SO much that happened between 5 and Infinite, yet we'll miss most of it if we haven't read the dang books or comics. That's my issue, not how well conveyed the story in Infinite is.
Kidde Prije mjesec
@AllyKayAllTheWay this would actually be pretty dope and align with 343's current intentions of running this as the main hub of everything halo for the next 10 years. I could get down with this.
Kidde Prije mjesec
So. I have a couple of things to say. "why wasn't Return to Reach the next game?" - probably because they teased us with Zeta halo in the end of 5, and they wanted to try and stick to it for once instead of changing the storyline they had already teased us with. "343 doing all of this off screen makes it a lot harder to get into Infinite's story" - I feel like they do a pretty decent job at explaining throughout the game, as long as you pay attention. The large gap between 5 and Atriox throwing Chief out of the Infinity is still unexplained, and I agree right there, but the story of Infinite, being about the ring, the Banished and stopping them from detonating it, is pretty decently explained imo. 343 didn't do a great job, this could still have been done better, but I didn't expect anything like this when I found out how they were focusing so much on multi-player and microtransactions. 5 was much, much worse at telling the story of what was going on than Infinite in my opinion.
AllyKayAllTheWay Prije mjesec
They plan on making DLC campaigns/campaign addons so maybe one of them could be Chief telling the Weapon about his mission on Reach but as he’s telling it we’re playing it.
zac Prije mjesec
shouldn't need to read books and comics and hours of audio logs to understand everything that's going on lol
Patrick Kenny
Patrick Kenny Prije mjesec
I’d love a campaign DLC for Halo Infinite down the road where you and friends can pick one of the Alpha 9 Spartans to play as and fight the Banished or whatever threat is being faced down the line. It’d be a cool way to do co op without doing Buck clones or whatever
The Proclaimed
The Proclaimed Prije mjesec
ODST would be fun to play too
ThatCarGuyDom Prije mjesec
@Brendan Beardy he’s talking Spartan Ops. Although, I would love another ODST game.
Brendan Beardy
Brendan Beardy Prije mjesec
Are you askign for a Halo Infinite: ODST? where the team is some Spartan/ODST team?
Pingaz Prije mjesec
@Hadgerz boo fucking hoo, that’s an easy fix that I’m sure they’re already working on, they got all of the hard stuff right so far.
Pingaz Prije mjesec
@JakeSpacePirate E they promised to add more campaigns down the line to this game
Phong Phạm Nghĩa
Phong Phạm Nghĩa Prije mjesec
These stories really make me hype up. Also i would love to see if they decided to make a game after Infinite that follows various tales during/after the War... "Tales from Slipspace"-I think should be - Imagine being a Spartan III from Alpha/Beta company or Marine during Harvest 2525 or even Buck in "Bad Blood". So much more !
Rush patriot
Rush patriot Prije mjesec
@Arby ‘n’ Chief or silent shadow they'll assassinate anyone in the covies even some low tier prophets and council members.
Deputy Birb
Deputy Birb Prije mjesec
Infinite is supposed to be around for 10 years. I very much hope we get singleplayer/co-op content over those 10 years.
Ayrton Chitwood
Ayrton Chitwood Prije mjesec
So, basically odst 2 and Halo Wars 3?
Thejames Prije mjesec
Sonnet Prije mjesec
AMONG US 😲😲😲😲😲😲
That British guy
That British guy Prije mjesec
Such a shame that sacrifices and divine wind were not hw2 DLC. Would have been cool in my opinion.
Jacob Whelan
Jacob Whelan Prije mjesec
@RebelGaming 1.5.1 that would genuinely be the most epic side story since odst
RebelGaming 1.5.1
RebelGaming 1.5.1 Prije mjesec
@Jacob Whelan I think they might return in Infinite, when they eventually start making DLCs
Jacob Whelan
Jacob Whelan Prije mjesec
@MB II I feel you dude. I’m getting tired of the good stuff being in books. Chief and Arbiter reunion, Rookies death, Alpha 9 reunion, Didacts true defeat. If Cutter and the Spirit of Fire story ends in a book I’ll lose my mind
MB II Prije mjesec
@Jacob Whelan they better start changing their plans
Jacob Whelan
Jacob Whelan Prije mjesec
@SendarSlayer at least it is on pc but I get you
au jack
au jack Prije mjesec
343’s story telling really pushing the side materials in to main canon. Not every one, even die hard game fans buys those … so thank you for filling the gaps for us.
Vestat Prije 23 dana
This has basically become Destiny, lmao
kizentheslayer Prije 26 dana
Yep really feels like there should have been a halo 6 to wrap up the forerunner arc but 343 was like yeah no we are skipping that shit the story had gone off the rails. It's like if you played CE, skiped 2 and went straight to 3.
Max _Yoodlinman
Max _Yoodlinman Prije mjesec
Lemme just say that the halo wars 2 cutscene where Jerome and Isabel board the banished cruiser is phenomenal. Best cutscene in all of halo hands down
Qrazy Quarian
Qrazy Quarian Prije mjesec
@Zach K Eh, the Halo 2 Blur cutscenes were great. But Halo Wars 2 really utilized their assets and pushed it to heights I didn't expect--such as thousands of Sentinels ripping through the hull of a CAS flagship.
Zach K
Zach K Prije mjesec
“This heretic and those who follow him must be silenced.” better halo cutscenes out there
Some Halo Guy
Some Halo Guy Prije mjesec
@Dragonborn Express I still wanna know what happened to the budget when Shipmaster drove up to Arbiter in that green screen wraith
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express Prije mjesec
Once again Blur proving that they can create some wonderful cutscenes.
Brown-eyed Cheese
Brown-eyed Cheese Prije mjesec
Mickey is such an interesting character to me. His dissociation with the UNSC after all that has happened, then betrayal of 2 others and then eventual redemption as a mediator is so fucking cool. Great storytelling despite being a small thread in a large universe.
Jaleel Shamsuddin
Jaleel Shamsuddin Prije 17 dana
@AllyKayAllTheWay lol all good
AllyKayAllTheWay Prije 17 dana
@Jaleel Shamsuddin oh my bad. Thought you were talking about Cortana.
Jaleel Shamsuddin
Jaleel Shamsuddin Prije 17 dana
@AllyKayAllTheWay what are you talking about? Im referring to mickey
AllyKayAllTheWay Prije 17 dana
@Jaleel Shamsuddin she literally left her subroutines to help them beat The Banished and the Harbinger.
Jaleel Shamsuddin
Jaleel Shamsuddin Prije 18 dana
@AllyKayAllTheWay honestly i wouldnt even say that. there’s no real “redemption” just perspective
Tyler Parrott
Tyler Parrott Prije mjesec
Your timing of the line "waiting, hoping, for something to turn the tide" with the Pilot's windshield wipe (revealing the Chief) is absolutely brilliant, A+ hype for Halo: Infinite in 2 weeks!
Dblundz Prije mjesec
Heeeeeeeey let’s go! I never got around to the lore in the past handful of years, so this helps a lot, thanks!
pantherowow77 Prije mjesec
@Jacob Forna If 24 is old then godamn you must be a 12 year old squeaker.
Jacob Forna
Jacob Forna Prije mjesec
@pantherowow77 nobody cares you’re old lol
William Melton
William Melton Prije mjesec
@Lucas West just ignore him. He’s just a troll. Who cares. He probably doesn’t even have a valid opinion on anything.
William Melton
William Melton Prije mjesec
@pantherowow77 k
pantherowow77 Prije mjesec
@Lucas West to tell you that its garbage.
Dexter Grif
Dexter Grif Prije mjesec
While I’m fully caught up on the games, I have yet to finish all of the Halo novels, so this helps a lot. Obviously from what I can tell you don’t have to read anything to understand Infinite, but this is definitely cool lore that I like.
B McG Prije mjesec
@AndyMcKeeFanForLife yea it’s really really odd
AndyMcKeeFanForLife Prije mjesec
@B McG I had to practically stop right after the opening mission because, from the opening cutscene, I didn't understand what the hell was going on since the last exposure I had to Halo was Guardians. The jumps from 5 - Guardians and Guardians - Infinite where needed info has been relegated to the side material is insane and really hurts them from a storytelling perspective in comparison to the first four games.
Henry Prije mjesec
@B McG Be
B McG Prije mjesec
I somewhat disagree. I didn’t understand a bunch of things that were happening in Halo Infinite, even though I’ve played them all multiple times. I feel the same about Halo but in a much stronger way. I will never understand why they made those amazing trailers, wrote all of that great lore and then didn’t use any of it in the game. Not even a single line reference
avengedkhaos Prije mjesec
@Halo Canon the extended universe is where halo really shines
Janek Duda
Janek Duda Prije mjesec
Just wanted to say that i've been following you for about 6-7 years. Give or take, since i can't remember if it was the Halo 4 spartan ops episodes that started it all. But your vids and a couple of other guys's have been great. Really feels like being part of a community, knowing there are other nerds out there look through everything in the canon. Respect for keeping it up, bro! p.s all of this info should've been in the games. not on comics or books.
Joshua Cameron
Joshua Cameron Prije mjesec
@Janek Duda mate comics and books doing expanded universe is standard in stuff like this and is the reason Star Wars and halo are my two favourite universes. think about how long it takes to make a game vs a book or comic and then think about how the different mediums are better at doing different things. It’s not being lazy on 343s part. Yeah I’d really like a couple extra dlc stories in halo wars 2 but I understand it’s not exactly always called for. Even just talking about halo the story about how halfjaw got his nickname with the flood is amazing and if you can’t see that then I don’t know what else to say.
Lucas C.
Lucas C. Prije mjesec
@Janek Duda you're delusional lmao
Janek Duda
Janek Duda Prije mjesec
@Lucas C. Brother, you are talking nonsense. Halo 5 was 4 hours. The bare fkn minimum. No one is saying pump games every year, just make 1 good one each 5 years. And all of those stories, i'm sure were supposed to be in game format. The only reason they are in another medium is because 343 didn't have the budget or will to make them. Stop excusing bad behaviour from companies. You are the worker, you are the consumer, you should always expect better from the provider!
Lucas C.
Lucas C. Prije mjesec
Not every story translates well from book to game. Also not every story is crucial to the “main” story and is just time at to add additional context to the universe. Also, if every single book and comic was made into a game, we would have a significantly large number of very boring games. We’d also, assuming we got one game pumped out each year like Call of Duty does, we’d probably be somewhere around Halo 3, story-wise, in 2021. It would just be an unnecessarily long winded and mostly boring story. People want stories spoon fed to them in flashy epic video games now instead of just reading it in the form it was meant to be consumed in.
Janek Duda
Janek Duda Prije mjesec
@Gabriel Davis I can tolerate it. If it's 10% comics and 90% games.
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva Prije mjesec
I will admit that this set of events sound more interesting that the ones between 4 and 5. I just pray that 343 can give it a proper representation, since from what it sounds like so far makes it sound like they are trying to swipe the story set up in 4 and 5 under the rug.
Matthew Stryletz
Matthew Stryletz Prije mjesec
You're not wrong, for unknown reasons problems started between 4 and 5. Halo 5 was going to be very different from what came out. You can get glimpses of it in some of the media that was released before Gaurdians, as well as the added cutscenes for Halo 2 in the MCC. For whatever reason it seems 343 scrapped the story they had for 5 at the last minute and tried to piece together a new one from the scraps. This led to a highly divisive game with a mixed reception from fans. Because of that 343 seems to be trying to get as far away from Gaurdians as possible.
Luis Fuentes
Luis Fuentes Prije mjesec
@pyrosianheir glad to see I’m not the only one who remembers all of this. There was so much potential that could have been built upon but were thrown out before anything was done. Like you said, listening to fans is one thing but aborting your whole creative vision because of fear of backlash is just cowardly.
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva Prije mjesec
@pyrosianheir This. I'm still pissed Didact was seemingly killed in a crappy comic. If they stuck to their guts, they could have expanded these characters and make them interesting. Reminder, people HATED Arbiter in 2. But after 3 he's one of the more popular characters.
pyrosianheir Prije mjesec
literally what I'm worried about. Didact didn't do well with fans, so they axed him off screen. Evil Cortana and the Created are looked at negatively, largely due to the writing in 5 being awful? Jettison that, time to come up with something new. If they stuck to their guns and actually DEVELOPED the threats through longer story campaigns, then they wouldn't have near so much of a problem. -_-
Joshua Cameron
Joshua Cameron Prije mjesec
@JakeSpacePirate E see I’m now hoping they start to merge the two. Like the created off in there own kinda unchallenged utopia the grunts flourishing and atriox starts having the issue of factions deserting him for the created evening out the fight a bit until the created start pushing both the banished and humans which ends up in an uneasy alliance kinda like a very back staby version of the ones humans had with the elite.
Knee Of Justice
Knee Of Justice Prije mjesec
“Finally reuniting alpha nine.” No. There is someone important missing.
Cole Prije mjesec
@King Farouk I of Egypt and the Sudan cute let's put it this way. Games = everyone will remember. Shitty book = hardly anyone knows or cares. Lore video = "huh neat, I'm going to forget most of this 5 minutes after watching". The rookie dying isn't important and can be easily retconned as most don't even know about his death. Dumbass books shouldn't hold back the games. Period.
King Farouk I of Egypt and the Sudan
@Cole He says in the comments of a video about book lore in a channel that's largely about Halo's lore most of which is in books
Cole Prije mjesec
@King Farouk I of Egypt and the Sudan why would it be bullshit? Nobody cares about a shitty book nobody read lol
grayling Prije mjesec
@MemeAlchemist maybe but i hope he returns because i'd like to see him done right instead of being off-game executed just like the rookie, which is a waste of a potentially interesting character. the rookie dying in a book is inexcusable but doing the same thing to locke would be equally inexcusable given that he was a game protagonist just like the rookie
MemeAlchemist Prije mjesec
@King Farouk I of Egypt and the Sudan oh shut up you lmao
thaneros Prije mjesec
Halo Infinite is going to have so many playable characters over the years. The set up is too good not too.
Rush patriot
Rush patriot Prije mjesec
@No Body anything can have meaning depends on the individual. Talk about naive.💀
Rush patriot
Rush patriot Prije mjesec
@No Body It sounds like you're protecting nobody is hurt from a HRburn comment section but it seems you have some experience with the matter. Good for you ig 🤣
No Body
No Body Prije mjesec
CoolAndrew89 lmao imagine thinking video game reviews from MSM mean anything in 2021
No Body
No Body Prije mjesec
Rush patriot lmao being as naive as you is even worse ... get ready to be hurt multiple times until you learn
No Body
No Body Prije mjesec
Lol wtf
Jordon Worthy
Jordon Worthy Prije mjesec
There’s no other feeling than when halo canon release a beefy lore video (especially timelines) now I have the perfect lunch entertainment let’s gooooo
G P Prije mjesec
If 343i keep expanding infinite with campaigns content going forward we can explore more of the ring and also maybe start to bring some more of these characters together in one game.
Spagheddie Prije mjesec
Hoping for a spirit of fire reference (maybe in audio logs where banished talk about a fight on the ark or something)
Morgan Oates
Morgan Oates Prije mjesec
Cortana's story is basically "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" It's just a shame how things ended with her.
Dia Prije mjesec
Thank you a lot for this video! It has been some time since I was able to keep up with the expanded lore of books and comics(especially with some iffy releases in my country), and was always wondering how it went from Halo 5 into Infinite! Your breakdown helped me connecting the dots, so big thanks for that! :)
Schierke Prije mjesec
IG ?
STRYDER Prije mjesec
So much cool stuff that could have been covered in a game or two, as a longtime Halo fan, the lore gap between H5 and Infinite is gonna need to be explained very well in infinite
Kanishk Singh
Kanishk Singh Prije mjesec
Mast Chief is such a small part of the lore. And this ambush of the Infinity by the Banished seems such a small part of the video. I really wish we see more of the extended lore in the Halo TV series. This has potential to become the next Games of Thrones, one I would definitely love to watch.
Kanishk Singh
Kanishk Singh Prije mjesec
@The Lombax well that's a disappointment.
avengedkhaos Prije mjesec
just read the books
The Lombax
The Lombax Prije mjesec
The Halo TV series isnt lore abiding. It’s a seperate universe formed by ParamountTV. It’s not going to reveal anything but greed for money.
Halo… a franchise worthy of the gaming hall of frame
CrossGraves Prije mjesec
The end shot with the chief floating and your line were spot on, solid informative video
Tores Prije mjesec
Really nice to know Virgil and Sadie are still around
grayling Prije mjesec
i hope mike is all right
Moeru Okami
Moeru Okami Prije mjesec
@avengedkhaos heard she's off fighting some ninjas or somethin
avengedkhaos Prije mjesec
i wanna know what happened to naomi
Cesar Victoriano
Cesar Victoriano Prije mjesec
I’m listening to the Audio books but I really needed a cram version of the whole thing.
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson Prije mjesec
Started at fall of reach and now I’m at broken circle 🙄 love Jonathan Davis, hate Scott bricker
WhiteTrashPardy Prije mjesec
It’s sad that fans take more time to tell people about the halo lore then the company itself
No Body
No Body Prije mjesec
Richard Luther you mean obligated to purchase more product? To understand story in the tent pole product? Lol okay Consoomer
Mr P
Mr P Prije mjesec
It would ruin the pacing if they did, too much lore at this point. You would be practically reading/listening to an e-book instead of playing a game.
Richard Luther
Richard Luther Prije mjesec
Right? Almost as if they want people to read the books and understand the lore better...
- JC -
- JC - Prije mjesec
Thank you for your tireless efforts in keeping us completely up to date with all things Halo Lore. You are a deadset legend. The best Halo channel on YT.
William Trise
William Trise Prije mjesec
Personally, bad blood is one of my favourite halo books of all time because it feels like it tells a satisfying conclusion to the ending of halo 3 ODST
Eq_NightGlider_ Prije mjesec
I hope the spirit of fire shows up in infinite. It’d be so cool for Jerome and MC to meet again after so many years (although for Jerome it probably doesn’t feel that long given he was in Cryo for 28 years). Jerome and Isabelle teaming up with Chief and Weapon just seems like the perfect way to go.
Vasilios _
Vasilios _ Prije mjesec
It’s criminal that none of this is playable this would be an amazing campaign
Kai Prije mjesec
i love your vids spent way too many hours watching and learning about halo lore from you thanks for all you do. Hope your having a great day !
Kai Prije mjesec
like maybe it has rejuvenation capabilities since it has all precursor knowledge and precursor origins
Kai Prije mjesec
Also could the domain cure the corruption of the flood seeing as its a precursor creation ?
Quinn O'Connell
Quinn O'Connell Prije mjesec
As always, awesome dude, thanks.
Dominic's Creative Films
Thank you for making this video. Not only did I need a recap, but numerous friends/people I know are confused about where we are currently in the story so this should really help them out.
Christopher Burgos
Christopher Burgos Prije mjesec
Thank you so much for this video. I really appreciate the work you put in to make this so that everyone is properly caught up for Halo Infinite. Something that shocked me is that the Banished allowed Humans among their ranks. It would be interesting to see some Humans with Banished armor in Infinite. Great video as always man!
War Saddle
War Saddle Prije mjesec
This has been really helpful for those and me who missed out on a lot of the stories released between the games, thanks. It's pretty nice to know what the full board is like and who's still on it though it's exciting not knowing what's going to happen.
a_dude1933 Prije mjesec
Buck and Veronica spend "quality time " together nice way to avoid demonetisation
Scarecrow108 Productions
@MB II They made love.
MB II Prije mjesec
Scarecrow108 Productions
They got married eventually...and soon....they got....BUSY!!
a_dude1933 Prije mjesec
Thank you halo canon
michael irizarry
michael irizarry Prije mjesec
Dude yes! Once again these are the best, I hope you continue to do these. They’re pretty fun to follow along with in between campaigns :)
iOmegaTron Prije mjesec
This was a huge help! Even after reading the books I'm sometimes not very good at connecting the dots between them. Thanks for doing that for us!
Blacky Prije mjesec
Perfect Timing. I just completed all halo games from CE to 5 in a row to get a refresh and now waiting for the Release of Infinite. I can't wait!!!
Blacky Prije mjesec
@Jared Johnson Oh Yeah Reach too! Sorry :)
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson Prije mjesec
Not Reach???
David Chavers
David Chavers Prije mjesec
Very well done I know it wasn’t easy getting all this together but you did a great job!!!
Jack Gorczyca
Jack Gorczyca Prije mjesec
Still haven't played 5 since it never made it's way to PC. Just went back and rewatched your six part series going through the narrative and now into this!
Mothking TV
Mothking TV Prije mjesec
Thank you for this! It seemed like I was missing a lot of stuff between 5 and Infinite but didn't know where to start, this was extremely helpful!
Warfolomei D. Haste
Warfolomei D. Haste Prije mjesec
Thank you very much for your hard work. The only nitpick is that everyone is become a Spartan-4 and obviously what happened to rookie still hurts.
MASTERHALL117 Prije mjesec
This is what I think may have happen between 2559 and 2560: In the leaks, Atriox lead an attack on Infinity, so somewhere around the same time Halsey decided Installation 07 was a gold spot to lure Cortana, Infinity made its way to Zeta Halo, somehow the Banished found out, which then Atriox lead the attack, throwing Chief out an airlock or something for 6 months, while parts of Zeta Halo had a full blown war (leading to parts of it destroyed), before chief was found again by Echo 216
Boston Hunter
Boston Hunter Prije mjesec
Awesome overview, would be cool if we got an animated adaptations of some of these.
_Salty Sage_
_Salty Sage_ Prije mjesec
Great video! I really want to see more about what happened in the battle for zeta Halo and how the UNSC suffered such a massive loss. It will be cool to see during the game!
Fister365 Prije mjesec
Thank you very much. I was most interested in finding out how Atriox made it back to the galaxy after Halo Wars 2.
Cornelius Praeda
Cornelius Praeda Prije mjesec
Oh man, you REALLY nailed this video!! Now I feel like I'm ready for Infinite story-wise. Thanks!
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Prije 20 dana
I just love that Virgil is essentially an ODST operative at this point
Adam S
Adam S Prije mjesec
Super stoked for Infinite. I love the lore and story sooo much in the halo franchise. I'm one of those guys that doesn't care too much for the multi-player. I'm here for the story and game play!!!
William Bosley
William Bosley Prije mjesec
Maybe you should do a "From Halo 3 to Infinite primer" video as well. My wife would benefit greatly from that because she doesn't love Halo enough to stomach Halo 4 again, or to give Halo 5 a try at all.
bloocheez3 Prije mjesec
This is exactly the boat I'm in. I don't remember a damn thing from 4 (because I had no context for most of it in the first place) and I had zero interest in 5.
AQG Arts
AQG Arts Prije mjesec
2 weeks! 2 weeks till our questions can be answered. Thank you for drawing the stories/series together. It really is appreciated.
BabyYeti Prije mjesec
23:45 those keys and subtle chorus, plus the narrative setup. That type of thing never fails to give me chills when the chief is involved
Dracken09 Prije mjesec
I love the video! It may be helpful to have names above/below/near characters when possible so people can keep the story straight. Keep up the great work!
B McG Prije mjesec
5:28 so this is the Spartan 4 training facility that Cortana destroys? I will never understand why 343 skims over the lore in the games. The lore is great, the canon is great but they just don’t include it in the games. This scene was a hologram that was about 15 seconds long in Infinite
Kosta Katsoulis
Kosta Katsoulis Prije mjesec
Nice video, I learned a bunch of stuff I didn't know and I think I'm really ready for Infinite now! However, it seems you kinda failed to mention that the rehab pioneers never left Reach, and in fact had been using a network of tunnels through the glass to keep them safe while they planned a way to get the aliens off their world. With the help of Blue team they managed to capture the town and armory of New Mohacs, and then with the help of forces from the Infinity they managed to rout the Banished counterattack and survive. The pioneers remained behind when both the Banished and the UNSC(although it should be mentioned that 6 Pelicans and 1 Albatross did not make it back to the Infinity in time and so stayed behind on the planet), and although its not confirmed we can assume that they hid for a little bit while Cortana's Guardian was in-system, and then when it left they, once again in sole-possesion of the planet, continued the process of rehabilitation.
Anji’s Biggest Fans
I just ordered the parts for the first gaming PC I’ve owned since high school. Really excited for Halo infinite, looks like my childhood 👍🏻
Red XIII Prije mjesec
Got chills when you said "Waiting. Hoping for something to turn the tide." (Master Chief flowed in space) 😆 SO FREAKIN EXCITED TO PLAY THE GAME.
coldshoulder14 Prije mjesec
I really appreciate the primer, haven’t read a Halo book since Last Light and Hunters in the Dark. Been busy with diversifying my book selections beyond sci fi and Halo lol.
John Hansbrough
John Hansbrough Prije mjesec
This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for putting this together.
Salvador Melara
Salvador Melara Prije mjesec
What a fantastic video! Thank you so much for filling the gaps between halo 5 and infinity!
LyricalViking Prije mjesec
Thank you for this. I'm playing through Infinite now and even though I've seen bits and pieces of Halo 5 I still ended up confused.
Timothy Mark! the halfwit
side related note, i just wished infinite had the same body customization like we had in halo reach.
Timothy Mark! the halfwit
@Joshua Cameron YES
Joshua Cameron
Joshua Cameron Prije mjesec
DekuScrub Prije mjesec
Thank you sooo much for this. As someone who's vowed never to touch Halo 5 (i know that's like super pessimistic but you can't just remove local co-op and expect me to still want to give it a shot), this will help to keep me in the loop before Infinite releases :)
DekuScrub Prije mjesec
@kgosch1 yeah as bummed as i am that local co-op isn't currently available for campaign (although custom games still don't work so im guessing they don't work in multiplayer either), im still glad that they're at least making an effort to bring it back unlike halo 5.
kgosch1 Prije mjesec
If that's the case, then I'm afraid I've got some bad news about co-op in Infinite as well :(
TheNightWolf Prije mjesec
You pretty much summed up Halo: Divine Wind in this video. I see what you did there, and it was nicely fit in.
ComanderDude18 Prije mjesec
Thank you so much. I can't wait to play the Halo Infinite campaign. But I was confused about some stuff. Wondering when and how some stuff happened. Thank you so much now I am all caught up and am ready for Halo Infinite.
Colby Crossley
Colby Crossley Prije mjesec
Damn. I hope the Spirit of Fire and that crew will make a presence in Infinite somehow! Great video! I haven’t read any of these newer books. Good stories!
Profi Fotókönyv
Profi Fotókönyv Prije mjesec
The Expanded lore genuinely made me interested in the created storyline. I really hope we get more media exploring that time period in the future!
No Body
No Body Prije mjesec
MB II bot campaign pretending like people actually enjoy homework like this just to enjoy a Halo game like wtf
MB II Prije mjesec
Why did you copy somebody else's comment?
cl4ncy Prije mjesec
Id love an operation wolf mission in infinite, would be nice to return to reach
The Rookie
The Rookie Prije mjesec
I wonder, do you think we'll see Cutter and the Spirit of Fire at some point in the Infinite campaign, as that would be pretty cool.
Ronathen J Johnson
Ronathen J Johnson Prije mjesec
I think so!
Joe Mitchell
Joe Mitchell Prije mjesec
This is absolutely awesome. Thanks for filling in the gaps.
Chief Senpai
Chief Senpai Prije mjesec
23:43 "Waiting. Hoping for something to turn the tide" That moment was beautifully edited
Eduardo Santiago
Eduardo Santiago Prije mjesec
Lastima que no tengas los subtítulos en español activado, tendrías muchos, pero mucho más seguidores. Tus vídeos son muy interesantes
The Kasimkage
The Kasimkage Prije 19 dana
I think I’m in the minority that still feels lost after watching this. It’s probably because I just about played the main games’ stories and haven’t looked at any of the side material, so there are a lot of names and places that are just big question marks to me. I think I’ll give this video another couple of watches and see if it makes a difference, but I think I’m going to need someone to explain this to me like I’m a five year old who’s just had a foot long sherbet stick at a birthday party and just heard that there’s a bouncy castle.
Stablegun Prije mjesec
Ah yes, the genius idea of leaving all the plot to the products outside the game.
NEO LaMA Prije 25 dana
This is the one thing that kills me. Like I get the idea of having an expanded universe or whatever, but it should be complementary not essential. The games need to be able to be understood on their own. That’s not too much to ask IMHO
qfc1313 Prije mjesec
I had no idea this much happened between the two games. Thanks!
PocketMyRocket Prije mjesec
I still can't believe Cortana had just straight up killed everyone on the Moon, just brutal
Phantom42 Prije mjesec
@JakeSpacePirate E It was
JakeSpacePirate E
JakeSpacePirate E Prije mjesec
I dont think that was on purpose.
Yidders Prije mjesec
thank you for making this video im playing through infinite right now andi was a little lost on how we ended up on zeta halo but now i understand
John G
John G Prije mjesec
How do Halo5's cutscenes look sooo good!?! That last one looks practically live action
Groulkse Prije 11 dana
@John G You talk about 0:46 ? Yes it is
John G
John G Prije 11 dana
@Groulkse The 12 km spaceship going into slipspace is cgi? Huh go figure
Groulkse Prije 11 dana
That's cgi
RoTD Prije mjesec
With all the love and respect they give the lore in the books it's a wonder how Halo 5's campaign shat itself so hard.
Pingaz Prije mjesec
If I’m not mistaken it was rushed and the campaign was supposed to be entirely different, note the big forerunner thing in the early trailers for the game.
randomrandomnesss Prije mjesec
My issue is how the UNSC Infinity was defeated so easily. Like.... this ship was more advanced and capable than any ship seen fielded even by the covenant. A mix of forerunner and human technology, you can’t convince me some rag tag group of banished were able to take it down. Very weird in their decision to make it that way.
Ironclad Prije mjesec
None of that matters. They just wanted to abandon everything they did with the previous games and start over. The Infinity never made much sense anyway. Everything from Spartan Ops showed it was giving a child a pack of matches, and the UNSC made no other uses of Forerunner tech.
Gavin Galloza
Gavin Galloza Prije mjesec
@Field Marshal Baltimore they didn’t kill him wym?
Field Marshal Baltimore
Or to show atriox kick MasterChief's a$$, then to kill him all in one cut scene.
Task Prije mjesec
It's kind of crazy how long and how much happens that is left out in-between halo 5 and infinite where players have to read books or watch videos just to understand what's going on currently. You can have events happen between games with extended media/lore but a player should be able to go from game to game and be able to follow the story easily enough. Halo infinite's gameplay has been praised but the overall story I find lacking leaning heavy on people's nostalgia for the older games and trying to introduce yet another new enemy that is somehow worse than the flood?
Deputy Birb
Deputy Birb Prije mjesec
I have a feeling this channel is going to be very handy to be subbed to for the next few years.
Super Sentai Pepsi
Super Sentai Pepsi Prije mjesec
I love how Cortana wants to save species but decides to emp everything making huge satellites become destabilized and possibly crash into the world's they orbit, and completely disable bubble colonies like what was on Luna killing everyone.
Rasc Prije mjesec
Halo 3 to Halo 4 is gonna be a monster of a video when it comes out
DeeLee Prije mjesec
They were so smart to use this as setting for the game. It feels so fresh and a natural evolution to Halo, i find myself transported to Zeta Halo every time I play it.
Zimri Neftaly
Zimri Neftaly Prije 25 dana
Thank you for explaining this to us 🙏🏻
Tizikage Prije mjesec
I wonder if spartan ops will ever come back? I actually really enjoy it and im really curious to see what the new spartans got going on.
Nathan Mancha
Nathan Mancha Prije mjesec
I.hope they make a new odst game using this story this is amazing
Jeremiah Willcutt
Jeremiah Willcutt Prije mjesec
Thanks, I havent played much halo and want to get into it with infinite, wanted to know what happened before and now I know.
Joshua Perales
Joshua Perales Prije 7 dana
I have played every game but still found myself feeling slightly behind while playing infinite, thank you for this!!
myboi cyndaquil
myboi cyndaquil Prije mjesec
Tbh I was disappointed with the campaign. I was kinda confused going through it and constantly asking question that never got answered and just didn't hit the mark I had set. Still fun and I loved it just not what I had hoped for
Darren Ho Chin Chung
I'm excited to look forward to your full review on Halo Divine Wind, while I'm hyped for Halo Infinite launch
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This is just making me more and more excited for Halo Infinite
The Cryptobiologist
The Cryptobiologist Prije mjesec
Will you make an updated version of this after Infinite releases, detailing the missing parts between Divine Wind and Infinite?
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express Prije mjesec
Most likely.
Michael H.
Michael H. Prije mjesec
Amazing work on this, I needed this re-cap. Thanks so much😎💯👌🏼
Noel Prije mjesec
Do you think the dead spartans we find in the Zeta halo are the main cast from the upcoming Halo novel - Rubicon protocol?
Halo Canon
Halo Canon Prije mjesec
I think they'll at least be mentioned, but I suspect it'll largely be a new story.
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