Experiencing The Titanic Sinking In VR 

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I experience the Titanic sinking but in VR


Twitter : Jacksepticeye
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25. Stu 2021.



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jacksepticeye Prije 2 mjeseci
This is one Jack who's not going down with the ship!
GamePlayerZ Prije 5 dana
Just as a note: Jack Thayer, a 17 year old from 1st class, did not go down with the ship either. He lived to tell the story.
Andrea Pitre
Andrea Pitre Prije 5 dana
Ships dont crash they sink
TheMiikaGaming Prije 6 dana
Jack play Titanic Honor and glory demo 401 to see Titanics interiors in amazing detail!
Julio Martinez
Julio Martinez Prije 8 dana
The equipment manager who was solely responsible for supplying the night crew with binoculars over slept at home and missed his being in the shop the locker with the binoculars used to look out for icebergs at night had the keys and sole knowledge of which locker they were in had he been on the ship when he was supposed to we still might have had the titanic til this day I forget his name atm but just imagine hearing in your head "it's your fault the titanic sank" for the rest of your life and never being able to live it down a true king of "You had one job" 😢🙇🏽‍♂️
fireicedragon_100 Prije 12 dana
@Oskar Bjørlo i just think how could it be that big. AND NOW THERES BIGGER SHIPS
Syrus Weaver-Walls
Syrus Weaver-Walls Prije 2 mjeseci
“Titanic was built in Ireland by the way.” Jack admits his country built the most famous sinking ship of all time.
MrMcNugget Prije 4 sati
@Andrew McDowell I live where it was built
Aizen Witter
Aizen Witter Prije 4 sati
@Andrew McDowell Thank you for lecturing me on what I can and can't say without even realising at all that it was meant as a joke and not someone thinking seriously that someone's relative sunk the Titanic just because they are Irish. Your message made me come to a realization that even pre schoolers have the mental capacity to write a comment on HRburn. Thank you! 🙂👍
Surreal Euphoria
Surreal Euphoria Prije 6 sati
@Andrew McDowell somebody didn't read the telegraphs recovered from the titanic 🤣 that bitch struck a berg at 12:15 without stormy weather on a clear night not only did Edward Smith wreck that shit he took a lifeboat all to himself leaving women crew members children and everyone else on board probably took a few bottles of alcohol with him too ... defend him if you like but fact is fact and the only reason we have the telegraphs is because 25 year old Jack Phillips gave his life by choosing to not flee but stay behind to continue asking for help and giving out coordinates w/o him nobody would have found out anything
Andrew McDowell
Andrew McDowell Prije 12 sati
@Cindy Ashley first off one I like the reference but to she wasn’t ugly ships were not made to be ugly But also ships weren’t made to be heavy either so yes there are two rights and two wrongs with you but that’s okay
Andrew McDowell
Andrew McDowell Prije 12 sati
@Aizen Witter it was an accident how many times do I have to say this accident accident accident gender girl girl girl girl girl how many times do people have to be so stupid honestly
The Depressed Painter
I was surprised to see nobody mention Charles Joughin. He was a baker who gave bread to each life boat, threw about 50 chairs off the boat so people could stay afloat, got drunk, rode the Titanic down like an elevator (keeping his head above water), and survived. When he was rescued he only had swollen feet.
Crimson Shadows
Crimson Shadows Prije dan
An absolute Chad
Mr morningstar
Mr morningstar Prije dan
It shows that karma is real
Occatus Prije dan
@Khobrah The reason your body keeps blood away from your extremities is to keep the core remote rather higher. If more blood is in your hands and feet, you will become hypothermic faster.
mysticknight14 Prije 3 dana
That's really crazy actually
Al As 57
Al As 57 Prije 4 dana
He was suuuuuuper drunk.
Zamazenta Prije mjesec
Small child, on the verge of tears: "What about daddy?" Jacksepticeye: aww the dog.... :(
Nora Girl
Nora Girl Prije 8 dana
It's really sad because yes "aww the dog" (we all love dogs) but in the narrative of the game, the dog is clearly here to show that upper class people could even take their dogs before the men leaving the Titanic. Yes, it's a small dog, but you can see at the end, it down there, on a space where a whole human could have fitted. It's just a way of picturing how empty the lifeboats were...
darkness2156 Prije 8 dana
Everyone knows Dog lives matter more than people lives
Crook of the six
Crook of the six Prije 27 dana
Surprisingly I thought the daddy would pull on the heart strings
Finnpo Prije 29 dana
I did that i love dogs too
meowthyena06 Prije mjesec
Hey I kinda did that to
FrankTheTank77 Prije 28 dana
The noise the ship must’ve made as it was going down & breaking in half must’ve been so eerie in real life!
And then silence...I get goosebumps.
ClaireAltair Prije 8 dana
While not every survivor saw the ship break in two, they often mentioned sounds that were likely the ship breaking in two. It was given descriptions like a deafening roar, loud explosions, or a volley of musketry. Some survivors assumed it was the boilers exploding.
FrankTheTank77 Prije 10 dana
@Oof_Man VR The most heartbreaking scene in “Titanic”, is when the Lower Class Mother is tucking her kids into bed, literally preparing them for death, as calmly as possible.. Being in the lower part of the ship + their Class, she knows they have no chance of getting through the gates & up onto the deck, so instead of running wild, panicking & scaring the children, she has to make the worst decision anyone could possibly imagine. They were on a nice vacation minutes before. Those final moments had to be horrifying, esp for the kids..
Argonaut Prije 10 dana
look up ship sinking videos and you get a good idea how *BIG* and _VIOLENT_ *_AND FYCKING HUGE SCARY IT IS_*
Oof_Man VR
Oof_Man VR Prije 12 dana
@EclipseTheWolf ikr, but just imagine waking up from all those sounds and then you look down from your bed and you see the Water going up. That must be so terrifying. Hope the People that Died are in a Better place. Rest in peace.
JusticeFlatbread Prije mjesec
"How's your ankle?" "Swollen" "It's okay Helen, it's fockin' freezing out here, the swelling'll go down"
- tesanunay -
- tesanunay - Prije 3 dana
@The Nexus same lmao
The Nexus
The Nexus Prije 5 dana
I thought he said "how's ya arse"
Concept Creator
Concept Creator Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh man same! I was bloody obsessed with the Titanic as a kid! Wanting to know all the information, the size. Making the titanic in paint as much as I could humanly do!!
Thomas Breen
Thomas Breen Prije 9 dana
I wonder if he saw jack and rose.... imagine getting to talk to them!
gamerbrother 6392
gamerbrother 6392 Prije 10 dana
Same thing man, I even have a Titanic book with everything about the Titanic (still have it) and that book is an antique gem and I love it
CECI Prije 14 dana
can't relate, as a kid I hated the movie because it made me sad. I appreciate the movie now but I still don't like watching it because it still makes me sad.
trcksnd Prije 18 dana
@Colin Campbell his father is dead but not in hell
cbbbbaaagf6580 Prije mjesec
@Bryce Fischer meanie
VancePants Prije mjesec
Jack: CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING ON THAT?! The family he saw earlier: **inconsolably sobbing in the background**
Kalani Saiko
Kalani Saiko Prije 11 dana
@Victoria Mai It really is, I almost cried just reading about that. It was the Allison family, the little girl I mentioned was called Helen Loraine.
Victoria Mai
Victoria Mai Prije 11 dana
@Kalani Saiko That's heartbreaking.
Kalani Saiko
Kalani Saiko Prije 29 dana
Imagine that, though. Watching the ship sink knowing your father, your brother, your husband and son were on that thing. I also heard a story where a family was on the lifeboat but got off and vowed not to get back on until they found their baby who was being looked after by a nurse or something. The little girl in that family was only 2 when they went down and it turned out that the baby was already on one of the other lifeboats.
Melody Mermaid
Melody Mermaid Prije mjesec
when I was in the third grade we were spending some time learning about the titanic, it was supposed to be a short thing, until I asked where Rose and Jack's names were on the pamphlet. The teacher realized that the children knew so little about this because of the movie and she fixed that, we spent almost an hour talking about the tragedy, because we all had questions and she gave us real answers. She was an amazing teacher.
XxCoolCat27xX Prije 19 dana
I remember the same class being taken for me when it was the 100th anniversary. Does anyone else remember that??
Brandon Hey
Brandon Hey Prije mjesec
love that teacher
Leo Robin
Leo Robin Prije mjesec
There were so many events that bothered me about the titanic. The fact they were speeding so they could be on time, the fact it didn't have enough life boats, the fact that they didn't fully load the lifeboats they had and were slow to load them. There are so many heroic stories and it was such a teagic loss of life. It's such an interesting and sad story. Another ship that shared a sad fate like titanic was the MV Wilhelm Gustloff. Not many people know about this event tho due to it being a Nazi Germany ship during wwII. However it was filled with refugees. 10,000 people were on board but only 1,239 could be registered as servivors. It's still the highest sinking detah toll in maritime history. Idk what it is but these events and the stories of the people involved are so amazing and intriguing. But they are also so heartbreaking.
Orlaith Farrell
Orlaith Farrell Prije 37 minuta
They did have enough but got rid of some to make room
Goku-san Prije 12 dana
The speed the Titanic was going was standard practice at the time. As Pythonium also pointed out the lifeboat situation was common at the time. While it's true there wasn't enough lifeboats for every person, they actually had more lifeboats than what was required by law at the time. Lifeboats weren't seen as something you were supposed to be in long term as they were meant to be used as ferries to ferry people from one ship to another ship during a disaster. People believed that the Titanic was supposed to float long enough for another ship to come rescue people. The sinking did reveal that the regulations regarding lifeboats was outdated for larger ships. Titanic was carrying only a few more than was required by law that was meant for a ship that was much smaller in gross tons. Many other ships at the time where in the same situation. So after the sinking the laws changed so that every ship carried enough lifeboats to carry everyone on board. Not only that, but the sinking also improved the davit system that the Olympic class used. The RMS Olympic got refitted with extra davits while the RMS Britannic got fancy new ones that could launch six lifeboats.
Pythonium Prije mjesec
The ship wasn't actually speeding, as by 1912 white star line put comfort over speed and titanic was already on schedule so they had no need to speed, the lack of lifeboats was a common thing before the disaster, as People thought there was enough ships in the ocean that you'd be rescued quite quickly
Ellie Prije mjesec
I think something maybe even more terrifying is the air-pockets that are created when a ship sinks, people trapped in little air-pockets going down under with the ship must be one of the biggest fears I have. I heard about this happening on the Korean Sewol Ferry that sank (in 2014?) there were some people trapped in these air-pockets that didn't die from drowning but from either hypothermia or just lack of oxygen..
Goku-san Prije 12 dana
The Titanic sank to the bottom after the split in about 5-6 minutes. The implosion happened within minutes after the stern went under so if there was anyone in any air pockets they went rather quickly. Only the stern still had some air in it. That's why it has more damage than the bow does. The bow was already completely filled with water when it went down so there was no air pockets to cause an implosion in it.
L.A. Herndon
L.A. Herndon Prije 16 dana
That's sad never would have thought about that.
Thirds Prije 17 dana
There were air pockets but the air was sucked out while the ship was on its way to the floor. That’s what the “explosions”under the water were. Due to the pressure the air pockets destroyed the hull on the way down.
kilkkiller Prije 22 dana
They would have been crushed by the depth of the sea
Dan Fletcher
Dan Fletcher Prije 24 dana
Not to mention that only 30 seconds to a minute after she went felt like the entire ocean shook.
Jax Prije 2 mjeseci
“That dog is WAY cuter than your baby. Just saying” Jack definitely has the honesty of a child lol
The Child of Stars
The Child of Stars Prije mjesec
That is amazing
Woods Prije mjesec
@cbbbbaaagf6580 idk but atleast im not a nazi
cbbbbaaagf6580 Prije mjesec
@Woods why do you exist
Woods Prije mjesec
@cbbbbaaagf6580 why do you exist
TeaTime Prije mjesec
@cbbbbaaagf6580 its not, so thats embarrassing for you
Djivoodoo Prije mjesec
"We can't manage this boat with only one seaman." Probably would've been the last hearty immature laugh I had before dying via ocean in 1912.
Osha Hott
Osha Hott Prije 12 dana
"Oh yeah, the Titanic was built in Ireland by the way." Yeah not exactly an accomplishment I think they're all that proud of. 🤣🤣🤣
SpaceManChan ElBlackyChan
I mean it was still a remarkable vessel. It knly sank due to like he said negligence in the crews part. They hit a giant ice berg....that coulda been avoided. And it coulda still been around today if they were more aware
Ryan S
Ryan S Prije 6 dana
They were proud until after it sank but that’s understandable
Kali Prije 10 dana
I mean... china is currently recreating it so apparently it is an accomplishment someone wants to be proud of...
SteventheOrigin Prije 15 dana
A man was asked for an interview of what his experience was after the Titanic sank and they were left in the dark. He said something along the lines of 'don't remind me, the sounds of the people stranded in the water were terrible, actually the silence that followed was deafening'
Jessica Felice
Jessica Felice Prije 18 dana
A fun fact a learned recently about the Titanic is that they actually could've survived if they hit the iceberg head on because it could've taken damage to up to 4 compartments. But because they scraped the side 5 of the compartments were broken and that's why it sank.
MotoGamer Prije 10 dana
@odiumimbues true, I never understood why they did that because that would have held it afloat
odiumimbues Prije 10 dana
another fact that led to the titanic sinking that most people dont know is the water tight compartments were not waterproofed above. so as the bow dipped the water was able to spill over each compartment one by one, filling each one as it went. so even 4 compartments may have tilted the bow enough to get spill into the 5th and so forth. it was a design flaw.
MotoGamer Prije 11 dana
also the fact they used titanium which is a rigid metal made it more brittle under the extreme cold so it essentially shattered. Aircrafts use special alluminum that flexes and twists under the outside pressures its able to revert back to its form.
Ashley Goss
Ashley Goss Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m a historian and I actually love that idea of creating VR games where you just experience big events in history. I think what would have made the game better was if it had the option to do it from different perspectives. Because an upper class woman’s experience on the titanic is vastly different from a lower class man’s and that would be cool to watch and be a part of. I think it could help teach not just history but historical empathy, something usually only taught at the college level.
Charles Tran
Charles Tran Prije dan
Now to experience the concentration camps
mysticknight14 Prije 3 dana
Yeah I was surprised that it didn't have different POVs I really wanted one that was from a person on the ship when it went down
Crimson Shadows
Crimson Shadows Prije 4 dana
I would love a Pompeii VR to feel the panic they felt
Brian Barwick
Brian Barwick Prije 6 dana
@Jessens98 Yeah I’m sure it’s a little different. For the most part they taught us American History from a “might makes right” perspective. For example most Americans don’t look at the bombing of Hiroshima with empathy or regret. Most would just say something like, “we showed them.” or “That’s what happens when you mess with America”.
Jessens98 Prije 6 dana
@Brian Barwick I guess it's a bit different for each country. I live in Sweden and I remeber having somewhat of historical empathy back in grade school, though far from all the time. But I surely wish we had more of it and a lot sooner.
FrankTheTank77 Prije 28 dana
“I’m sure we’ll be back on board soon.” “IDIOTS! THE SHIP IS GOING DOWN & IT’S GONNA BREAK IN HALF!!” 😂😂
Chris Lister
Chris Lister Prije 10 dana
Fun fact: John Jacob IV, one of the wealthiest men in America at that time died on the titanic He stood there calmly allowing others to board the life boats.
Ivanimations Prije 16 sati
why cant rich people now be this kind and helpful
Kristopher Prime
Kristopher Prime Prije 3 dana
that is why i love (in a way) tragedy stories like the titanic. such horrific moments make heroes and villians out of all of us. what would be the friendliest and most helpful guy can suddenly be turned into the cruelest man on earth when he is forced to make hard choices in life and death scenarios. do i nobly let others board first and risk being one of the casualties? or do i for once in my life become a piece of shit individual who is will sacrifice anyone necessary so i may live, even fighting my way to a lifeboat when it isn't my turn and leave a mother and child to inevitably perish?
Coffee Addict
Coffee Addict Prije mjesec
There's a graveyard in my City where about 100 passengers from the Titanic are buried. Walking down that path and looking at the graves is just, hard to describe. So many were never identified either, so they're nameless markers with the date the ship sank. If you ever get a chance to see It, I recommend it.
Amy Williams
Amy Williams Prije 13 dana
@SNEAZ the Fairview lawn cemetery, Halifax nova Scotia, Canada
SNEAZ Prije 19 dana
And where's that
Aliya Lackey
Aliya Lackey Prije 23 dana
Also the fact that after the ship split, the bottom half bobbed around for so long with no power. On the silent water with no one daring to talk and just watching the massive ship sink, is so terrifying.
Will Fly
Will Fly Prije 2 mjeseci
That was Molly Brown you were sitting next to. She was a good woman, and tried to convince the captain of lifeboat 6 to go back to find survivors. She later used her affluence to raise money from the more wealthy survivors to help out the families of poor people who didn't survive. She was played by Kathy Bates in the movie.
Will Fly
Will Fly Prije 20 sati
@Eric Draven cool story
Eric Draven
Eric Draven Prije dan
Bates is annoying in real life and she was annoying in the movie. If they would have tossed her over board they could have brought 3 or 4 people in her place.
matt mammone
matt mammone Prije 27 dana
Kathy Bates was awesome in the movie.
FrankTheTank77 Prije 28 dana
Crazy how she was on the titanic & also Bobby Boucher’s Mother!
Trevor Dunaway
Trevor Dunaway Prije 28 dana
thanks for saying that i had no clue that she did that for the survivors and my great grandma was born in 1920 not that long after that happened
CinnamonKettle Prije mjesec
''Daughter and mother talking about their fathers depressing fate'' Jack: Aww look at the dog!
Maddy Prije 14 dana
When I watched the movie about a month or two ago, I absolutely bawled my eyes out. I still don't think I've comprehended how awful it was. Seeing it in VR is just as bad, I can't imagine how terrible the families of the left behind must have felt.
Sierra Bourque
Sierra Bourque Prije 14 dana
Jack looks over* Jack: “Well you seem fucking calm about it” 😂😂😂
elaynexx Prije mjesec
i see no one talking about this in the comments and as a titanic nerd i wanted to share it cause i found it super cool. one of the head chefs on the ship had been drinking lots of wine the night of the sinking, and when you drink wine (or any alcohol i believe) it makes you warmer in temperature so when the ship sank and he didn’t make it onto a boat he swam for 2 hours until he found safety and he survived. i don’t remember his name but it was interesting : )
Gray Prije 11 dana
he also gave bread to the lifeboats and threw a bunch of chairs over board so people could float on them
Goku-san Prije 12 dana
Actually alcohol doesn't keep you warm. Any warmth that you experience is from your blood vessels dilating. You start to lose heat faster this way since your body heat is being pulled away from your core and from your sweating so it would speed up hypothermia. He just managed to get lucky somehow despite the alcohol lowering his core temperature and the freezing water.
Amy Williams
Amy Williams Prije 13 dana
Charles Joughin, the chief baker :)
OwO Prije 2 mjeseci
Now I know why the other Jack died in the movie. Only the cooler Jack is allowed to live on for us.
Nubbo Prije 5 dana
But jackepticeyes actual name is sean
Shadow Fox515
Shadow Fox515 Prije 2 mjeseci
Seems so...
Yung Popper Official
Yung Popper Official Prije 2 mjeseci
Who are you
SCARRED S GAMES Prije 2 mjeseci
rockybilly Prije 2 mjeseci
Sarah Conway
Sarah Conway Prije mjesec
Started out wholesome with jack throwing things around the room. In the end, I’m balling my eyes out.
GothravenSara Prije mjesec
Hearing those screams actually hurt my heart. I can't imagine how terrifying it had to be to be on or around the ship when it was sinking.😔😔
Nick Williams
Nick Williams Prije 7 dana
"Surely they can see our rockets sir" "If they can they're not responding" Yep, that's the *SS Californian* on the horizon, and yes they can see your rockets... but because they thought they were fireworks, they left. The captain of the Californian had to live with the guilt for the rest of his life. For those who want to know what it sounded like that night, "Frank Goldsmith, Jr., a Titanic survivor who later lived near Navin Field (Tiger Stadium) in Detroit, never took his children to baseball games because the roar of the crowd reminded him of the screams of people dying in the freezing water"
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Prije 6 dana
Interesting fact: I met Billy Zane, who played as Cal in Titanic and he told me that the cast and crew for the Titanic movie had to study about the ship, learn about it and the people on it.
Kristopher Prime
Kristopher Prime Prije 3 dana
that is good, since in filming the movie, they were going to "live" those experiences. it would generally not be a fun time or fun movie to add to one's acting resume, but a serious project you would be proud to have a hand in making as cast or crew.
AdelioNightstorm Prije 2 mjeseci
I remember going to the Titanic Museum in Orlando, Florida for the first time. You get issued a boarding card with the name of an actual passenger on the ship, along with some info about their lives, where they were travelling, who they were travelling with and which class they were travelling on. Then at the end of the tour through the museum you can find "your" name on a list with every passenger onboard and find out if "you" survived or not. It was really emotional.
Kirby_Crossing Prije 3 dana
I’ve gone to that! I survived the titanic 😌
Matthew M. Stevick, CFP
I could have come up with that idea if my job was to make a tit antic meusem
1TW1CE Prije 5 dana
same but in Las Vegas, I survived!
Macha Isley
Macha Isley Prije 6 dana
They do the same at the Holocaust Museum in DC. It's really heart breaking.
Lexus Es
Lexus Es Prije 8 dana
Titanic museum?
Morgan Paviol
Morgan Paviol Prije 11 dana
This is just heartbreaking and scary. I remember being so obsessed with the history on Titanic... it's truly depressing
Casey Hansen
Casey Hansen Prije mjesec
When he read the fact about how it only had 29 of the 65 passengers in that life boat it actually made me joke up so badly. Especially when they begged him to please go back for those people in the water
Adam Romano
Adam Romano Prije 25 dana
I know I’m late but the ship didn’t sink from negligence they didn’t ignore the warnings, Capt. Smith ordered a more southerly route open hearing the warnings. Titanic also didn’t have “as little lifeboats as possible” It has a lot more than the regulations called for at the time. The reason the lifeboats had little people in was because at first nobody wanted to get in them and the crew was forced to lower them. It’s a miracle the crew wear able to lower all the lifeboats before it sank.
Scp 001 The Smiling Shadow
Sean: *closes the door to the refrigerator thing * Reality: * Shatters *
Lazarus de Sanguine
Lazarus de Sanguine Prije 2 mjeseci
"I can remember the colours, the sounds, everything... The worst thing I can remember are the screams. It seemed as if once everybody had gone, drowned, finished, the whole world was standing still. There was nothing, just this deathly, terrible silence in the dark night with the stars." - Eva Hart
Sian Prije mjesec
@Adam Eaton Moonless, it was a completely clear night, no moon very bright stars. Also perfect conditions for a cold water mirage.
Adam Eaton
Adam Eaton Prije mjesec
@Sian moonless or starless
Jimball Prije mjesec
@shaun That's nice to know
Janice B
Janice B Prije 2 mjeseci
Sian Prije 2 mjeseci
Did you know it was a moonless night
Clint Douma
Clint Douma Prije mjesec
Jack: "its not as big as I expected" Jack a few minutes later: "WOW WE'RE WAY UP HERE!"
Dylan Burch
Dylan Burch Prije 20 dana
Glad I wasnt the only one obsessed about the Titanic as a kid!! It has such rich history and the design of the ship was purely amazing to me
Mary Bear
Mary Bear Prije mjesec
I had tears building up in my eyes by hearing those people scream. I am obsessed with the Titanic since I'm a child. Thanks for sharing that experience
Tale Of Two Wolves
Tale Of Two Wolves Prije 3 dana
There was a moment when I thought the VR was gonna just have it sink below the waves but then the music kicked up, the crashing and screaming as it broke apart It gave me genuine chills Terrifying
Grumpy Prije 2 mjeseci
this is truly heartbreaking, tragic, and made me realize how terrifying the experience actually was...
Grumpy Prije 2 sati
@Weston !! thank u, urs is cute too :)
Weston !!
Weston !! Prije mjesec
I love ur pfp lol :D
souvlaki Prije 2 mjeseci
@Neo yes
Neo Prije 2 mjeseci
@souvlaki Was the wilhelm gustloff another boat or something??
pixiniarts Prije 2 mjeseci
@souvlaki I only found out about her a few years ago! When, she sunk on the 17 June 1940 weeks after Dunkirk she went down with the loss of 4,000 men, women and children. It was such a devestating loss that Churchill ordered a media blackout on the sinking and information is still secret to this day. Back then Britain was reeling, on the 8th of june in the Norwegian Sea the British Navy lost 1,207 when the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious sank, 160 from the destroyer HMS Acasta and 152 from the destroyer HMS Ardent, a total of 1,519... In France from the 10th May in less than two months the BEF suffered 66,426 casualties, 11,014 killed, 14,074 wounded and 41,338 men missing or taken prisoner. Churchill thought the Lancastria would be the final nail in the coffin of British morale and resolve.
DSYT Gaming
DSYT Gaming Prije 6 dana
Imagine controlling the drone that found the titanic. All the emotions would be CRAZY!
Lights Camera LIFE
Lights Camera LIFE Prije 6 dana
Actually, there was no suction when the ship went under. The crew assumed there would be, which is why they had the lifeboats rowing far away from the ship, but because of how it filled with water, it had no suction at the end. The chief baker rode the back of the ship all the way down and never got pulled under.
mysticknight14 Prije 3 dana
I heard that he lived too
Kaysi Foster
Kaysi Foster Prije mjesec
That was a beautifully done, you and the game devs covered such a devastating event with so much empathy and respect.
Mackenzie Reed
Mackenzie Reed Prije mjesec
Wow this was incredible i teared up quite a bit.. cant imagine how much more immersive this was in VR. Even though I know the entire story and have seen the movie this still gets me.
Kiri Scott
Kiri Scott Prije 2 mjeseci
The lady sitting next to Jack who he commented was calm, was actually a real person. She was considered new money and was one of the only people to say they should go back for survivors after the sinking. They saved more people due to her forcing her boat to go back, allowing few survivors from the water to be saved.
Sharai Rodriguez
Sharai Rodriguez Prije 13 dana
Yesssss. Molly.
Ashley WPL
Ashley WPL Prije 17 dana
This is actually not true. Only boats 4 and 14 returned to pick up survivors. Molly was on boat 6. Molly herself said she urged the quartermaster, Robert Hichen, to go back but he refused. She said she threatened to throw him overboard and even tried to urge other women to help but he was persistent and didn't allow it.
Sarah Conway
Sarah Conway Prije mjesec
I came to mention this. I knew because she insisted they go back and help
Giggly_ Prije 2 mjeseci
I honestly thought she had just accepted death or pain in some way and was just emotionless about the whole event. Or maybe she was too upset to show emotion due to like her husband being left on the ship or something.
DraccoonXCII Prije 2 mjeseci
The Unsinkable Molly Brown. God bless her!!
Tea & Biscuits
Tea & Biscuits Prije mjesec
Jack: Has his childhood obsession in front of him Also Jack: “O mY GOd, JeLLyfIsH!”
Alexandria Watson
Alexandria Watson Prije mjesec
I completely feel the same as you. It's unbelievably upsetting there's no way to put it into words. I always am mind boggled how such huge ships can float and looking at the shear size of this thing is something you'd only get if you got to see it in real life. How you explained how you felt watching it break in half and sink and everything is quite... Chills. 🥺
Cheese Prije mjesec
I feel like the sound or sight of sinking ships really hits different for some reason. It just really does.
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy Prije 11 dana
The first time I played this I was so creeped out when I was approaching the bow. It was making the hair on my arms stand up. I recommend this VR experience for everyone.
Ashley Nagle
Ashley Nagle Prije 2 mjeseci
As an archaeologist, there are so many people trying to create different virtual experiences such as these to help teach people about history since we cant send everyone to look at the titanic. I cant wait until one is created for Pompeii
Allen Marvets
Allen Marvets Prije 17 dana
All these virtual experiances probably still dont show how terrifying it actually was im sure it was more chaotic.
Alterrockgirl 24
Alterrockgirl 24 Prije 23 dana
I would have loved geography more if we were able to do it in VR
CL0WN Prije mjesec
You just see Bastille die last ..
Ultimate Trash Boy
Ultimate Trash Boy Prije mjesec
Tap A quickly to not die as fast
DasZhot Prije mjesec
Only 18+ or above can play it
yoku XD
yoku XD Prije mjesec
Apparently, there was a dark spot at the front part (part where the iceberg hit). The dark spot was there before they started the voyage. The dark spot was formed due to fire inside the ship. It weakened the metal. And it was just unlucky that the iceberg hit the exact same part. They could've used binoculars but, there were none aboard as the key for the room where the binocualrs where at was missing. And then there was a talk where the captain failed his first navigation test. So many contreversy on TITANIC. its so weird to think about all of these happened.
Atlantic Prije mjesec
The burnt area wasn't even below the waterline based on the picture they showed in the documentary and the binoculars would've done barely anything since there was no moon to shine onto the iceberg, making it hard to see.
Mr. J 99
Mr. J 99 Prije 14 dana
Hi Jack! If you liked Titanic VR I can strongly recommend the game Titanic Honor and Glory.
Lena Chan
Lena Chan Prije dan
Seeing Jack on the ship, almost crying. Love this ship. Actually, when the music sinking in, my eyes are tearing...
_DjJazzyJake_64 S
_DjJazzyJake_64 S Prije 28 dana
Even after almost 110 years, the Titanic still never made it across the Atlantic. Rest In Peace to all those souls lost that horrible night🙏.
Carlie Smiley
Carlie Smiley Prije 2 mjeseci
This is was so emotional to watch. My family on my mom's side was supposed to come over to America on the Titanic but ended up having to wait longer because my great great grandma went into labor with my great grandpa almost a month early. They would have been in third class and definitely would have drowned with the ship. My mom still has their original boarding passes somewhere.
@Riversong have a sister that worked a few blocks from the Boston marathon bombing sites, my parent recently moved to Mass after working in New York circa 9/11 time. I remember watching the towers on fire in school, and how our world changed forever after 2001. Im 29.
Kayleigh Haines
Kayleigh Haines Prije mjesec
I'm not religious but having your great grandpa was a sign that saved their lives. I hope your family is doing well
everett Prije mjesec
my great grandmother was supposed to be on the titanic, but she arrived late and barely missed it
OvrD Edge
OvrD Edge Prije mjesec
@Riversong omgggg I had an aunt that worked in one of the twin towers, but she was running late to work when it happened
judd0112 Prije mjesec
Mine also. Grandfather came from Ireland in 1912. A month after titanic. That would have changed quite a bit
Batmom Life
Batmom Life Prije mjesec
I've been obsessed with Titanic even before the movie. My dad actually got me a copy of the newspaper from the day it sank. It breaks my heart at how terrible these events were.
Jackoo Prije 4 dana
Everyone on the boat: *Chatting and talking about the event* Jack: *"It's so massive"*
Britt Prije 9 dana
This is the coolest thing! I was a Titanic obsessed child as well, and small me would have thought this was absolutely amazing! Thanks for checking this out for those of us who can't use VR!
Marine Biologist
Marine Biologist Prije mjesec
i just imagine, everyone's shocked in the boat watching the titanic going down and then there's jack screaming *DAAAAMN*
Mortal Prije 2 mjeseci
Jfc I cried LMAO it's just Not the same thing to hear about it on text or romanticised films Can't imagine how it felt to be in VR directly that's both amazing and terrifying
Bass Trammel
Bass Trammel Prije mjesec
The full 2 hour 40 minutes, and especially the last panic-y 45, would be horrific.
Rebecca Pope
Rebecca Pope Prije 2 mjeseci
I was shaking and transfixed at the video
Megadoodoo Prije 2 mjeseci
@Akira - chan Awwww noo 💔💔😭😭😭
Akira - chan
Akira - chan Prije 2 mjeseci
Same. Plus our point of view was from one of the passengers in the lifeboat. It felt so real. I imagined my own father and brother in the ship being left behind then I just broke down in tears. It was horrible 💔😭
Glowingcaves Prije 2 mjeseci
I was crying my eyes out after this. Being in VR I'd probably have a panic attack. I've always thought the titanic was super cool But it birthed my fear of being on large boats.
Puny_God Prije mjesec
Sailor, trying to save the lives of the women and children on board: I can't manage this boat with only one seaman!" Jack, an immature child, literally about to die: _hA_
Mishal Prije 27 dana
Imagine if every history events were taught to students all around the world in this way by actually letting them experience it.
Trenton2005 Prije mjesec
For some reason shipwrecks have always fascinated me. This looks so cool yet scary at the same time. It was the biggest ship in the world at the time at 882 feet long i think.
Miles McCormack
Miles McCormack Prije mjesec
I've watched this video like 8 times because I love the history of the Titanic and to be able to see Sean play this was truly a rewarding and educational experience.
Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher
Jack: "How is your arse, Ellen?!" Ellen: "Swollen."
Bleach Pasta
Bleach Pasta Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Gets the point across better
Dukiest Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope ye i see it too
Fenizrael Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope I wouldn’t have understood otherwise.
dorito Prije 2 mjeseci
And “how is” to “how’s”
Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope
There's a translate to English button that literally just changes arse to ass
amanda rabbitskin
amanda rabbitskin Prije 9 dana
18:08 E-Deck Has gone under 18:45 The Forward Well Deck is starting to go under 18:55 Bow starts to plunge 19:08 The Bow is gone 19:38 The Last Flair is launched 19:52 The Bridge is starting to go under 20:32 The 1st Funnel (LandLubber) Is Released from the funnel casing killing 15 people 20:49 The Grand Staircase falls beneath the horizon 20:48 the final time titanic emits light as the ship splits inbetween the 3rd and 4th funnel casing's and near the 2nd class stairs 20:50 titanic splits with people falling into the hole and 4th and 3rd funnel collapsing 21:25 the boat deck has gone under, the stern rapidly starts to fall beneath the horizon, there are still 1,557 people on board 21:32 the aft well deck and poop deck cranes and cargo hatches have started to emit steam from them. 21:38 the stern is gone. titanic has slipped beneath the water, killing 15 people 21:50 they decide to leave the scene
Zara Prije 3 dana
This was so cool and hilarious 😂 Wish I could afford to get a VR thingy, I could spend hours playing this game 😊
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Prije 6 dana
As somebody who has studied the Titanic for 16 years, I would absolutely LOVE to have this game and play it omg.
Micayla Will
Micayla Will Prije mjesec
I love how people were crying for their dead/dying loved ones and Jack just goes "AW the dog"
Vincent Cross
Vincent Cross Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like one of the most interesting stories I personally learned about the Titanic, was the story of the ships baker. Apparently when he learned that the ship was sinking, he got wasted on some "good brandy" he had stashed away somewhere and with his life vest on went to the stern and just waited. As the ship broke apart and the stern sank, he rode it down like an elevator and didn't even get his hair wet. Best part, he survived in the basically freezing water for 3 hours because he was drunk, and found his way to the only lifeboat that was upside down and stayed on that lifeboat with about 20ish other people for another four hours before they were finally rescued.
Lucas Gleason
Lucas Gleason Prije 2 mjeseci
@sunstripe85 o7
DracoHandsome Prije 2 mjeseci
The Chief Baker was named Charles Joughin. He felt the impact and immediately rose to respond. He ordered his team to bring bread to the lifeboats, physically seized hysteric women and threw them into the lifeboats because they irrationally believed they were safer on the sinking Titanic, and tossed deck chairs overboard for use as improvised floating things. Joughin was the last surviving person to leave the Titanic. He was indeed slightly inebriated and did indeed swim through the freezing water to _two_ lifeboats (the first being too full for him to board), yet was recovered with only "swollen feet". However, alcohol doesn't actually protect you from the cold, it just makes you _feel_ warmer, so Joughin was innately superhuman in some way. From the one photo I've seen of him, he didn't seem to be particularly pudgy, so I don't know what protections he had from the freezing water. Still, if he made it a habit to hurl women and chairs around, he was probably rather physically fit.
BB Creationbuttkil B.T.L
BB Creationbuttkil B.T.L Prije 2 mjeseci
Awh thats cool!
Demonic Legends
Demonic Legends Prije 2 mjeseci
@sunstripe85 you put more effort into a comment then I do to actual work. Respect brotha.
sunstripe85 Prije 2 mjeseci
I was curious based on the replies re: alcohol but also how this was a true story of a person. If anyone wants to look it up, the baker was Charles Joughin, And it sounds like he didn't have a ton of alcohol, half a tumbler full of liquor. He also was moving around a ton before and after the ship sank, saving people and trying to help. He said he didn't feel the cold in the water, possibly because of the alcohol, and when he was eventually able to get to a lifeboat there wasn't room but someone held him on the side so he was partially out of water. He ended up only having swollen feet. I'm not medically trained in the slightest so I could be wrong, but if I had to hazard a guess, he was probably at least partially just lucky, and then all his moving around probably got his body temperature up and blood flowing to his extremities. Then when it sank, the alcohol may have dulled his perception of the cold enough that he didn't go into shock or have a more extreme reaction, which may have been bolstered by him treading water for hours, further giving reason for blood to flow. When he got to the lifeboat and wasn't actively keeping himself up anymore, that's probably why his feet were swollen because at that point he wouldn't have been exercising his limbs or muscles as much. I imagine he would have died if they hadn't gotten help for a longer period of time. Again, completely guessing here. Also his body chemistry and clothing and body weight and genetics and who knows what else may have also played a role, depending on what the primary factors were in his relatively unscathed survival. I didn't see anything about him wearing a life jacket but I was just skimming one source very quickly. So that may have affected how much energy he exerted, whether he had that aid or not. Either way, I have to agree with OP that the story is fascinating! We can only go based on his own testimony so it's of course possible he lied about being so helpful and heroic when everything was going to hell. But presuming he told the truth, I'm so happy someone like him managed to live. Because based on his narrative, he really tried to help others until pretty much he last second. It could have easily meant that turned into sacrificing himself but clearly he lived. I hope his story was true. So sad that all of this happened though
Lily TheFriend
Lily TheFriend Prije mjesec
This was really cool to watch, it almost got me to cry. I don't think we will ever forget what happened, even if we weren't there. I hope those who lost their lives that day are at peace now.
Kelly Huseby
Kelly Huseby Prije mjesec
The titanic is one of the most memorable and interesting history i will ever hear. I honestly would love to do more research about it. Ive rewatched the titanic movies so many times, thats how much i absolutely adore it. Prayers for the people who didnt make it alive on the titanic.
Monique Valencia
Monique Valencia Prije 4 dana
This looks like a very satisfying game to experience I just love history and the Titanic always fascinated me. The VR was always a mind blowing experience how well it tricks your mind to believe your actually there going through it. I can’t wait for more games to come out for wonderful experiences❤️❤️❤️❤️in my mind If I was capable to I would create a theme park of many VR experience rides 😍
Edster III
Edster III Prije mjesec
It's been a while since I've had your channel in my recommendations. Even with my subscription? Anyway I loved your other gaming videos. Your fun is always so real and you really love doing this and it makes it fun to watch. This was pretty freaky, although your comments were hilarious! And actually quite true, lol! However the Titanic was one of our most tragic events to ever happen. The Hindenberg another, but so many people, 1,492 died from a unsinkable ship 🚢 that sank. Your facts were also great to see. Many just do the morbid sinking. You sis and showed more. It's great to learn your getting the notoriety you deserve. Time to scan your channel profile and do some binge watching. Take care sir, and have a great holiday!
lillian sorsby
lillian sorsby Prije 2 mjeseci
titanic: *literally sinking* jack: “well this is cozy, what’s everyone’s favorite board game?”😀
Voughklry Prije 2 mjeseci
lmao just swim
Vibrant bunny
Vibrant bunny Prije 2 mjeseci
Lmao 😂
UhOhMeMeBiggestBoy Prije 2 mjeseci
That's what many people did experience for awhile no one realized there was severe damage it's one of the many many reasons for the amount of death
Kids Snyder
Kids Snyder Prije 2 mjeseci
@HazardSpaghetti aka Kadie name
Guus Pot
Guus Pot Prije 2 mjeseci
At this point I suspect it was hoses & ladders.
🍀FLYNN🍀 Prije mjesec
2 of the issues that resulted in the tragedy was... 1 of the well known wealthy Businessmen convinced the Captain to increase the speed of the ship so they could make headlines in the Newspaper by completing their journey quicker than expected. The other was the 2nd in Command ordering them to try and turn the Ship and steer past the Iceberg, it was impossible at the speed they were going and experts have verified that the Ship very likely would've stayed afloat had it hit the berg head on.
Prince Coda Leviathan
This is the most insanely awesome vr experience I've seen.
Casey McGraw
Casey McGraw Prije mjesec
I have been OBSESSED with The RMS Titanic since I was 7 years old. I’m 24 now. And This year, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Tennessee to the Titanic museum with my fiancé. I cried and it was the most amazing experience in the world. It was beautiful..
Andrea Estrada
Andrea Estrada Prije 6 dana
I really enjoyed this! VR makes me sick to my stomach and I'm glad i can experience it this way!
Reddxsky Prije 2 mjeseci
"Mommy I'm scared of the screaming" "honey don't be scared of the scared of the silence afterwards" Quote from a daughter and mother survivors
CharliePuth Fan
CharliePuth Fan Prije mjesec
@Minnie mehak 🤷🏽‍♀️ Panic makes u say weird things.
Minnie mehak
Minnie mehak Prije mjesec
@Paul/Maryellen Griffin lol we're just bored
Paul/Maryellen Griffin
You people having a whole conversation on a women scarring her kid
Minnie mehak
Minnie mehak Prije mjesec
@CharliePuth Fan yeah that's understandable but the way she says it to her kid is kind of creepy is all I'm saying. Imagine if you're on a ship and the ships starts sinking and you tell your mother "I'm scared why is everyone screaming?"and she replies with "don't be scared of the screams be scared of the silence afterwards......" I mean saying that to an adult is understandle but to a child like that....seems weird to me.
CharliePuth Fan
CharliePuth Fan Prije mjesec
@Minnie mehak it was the truth at the time and your not really gonna be thinking straight while your slowly dying..
R35babe Prije mjesec
Very cool experience but also so emotional I even cried! I can’t imagine what those poor people went through. Thank you for the video Jack!!
Artist_IN_Training Prije mjesec
All the women: crying and screaming Jack: DAMN THAT IS AWESOME
Emily Potter
Emily Potter Prije 5 dana
This was such a cool experience first hand. I recommend all seeing it atleast once in VR
Muneca BonBon
Muneca BonBon Prije mjesec
I wonder how it must have felt to make it out alive from the titanic and finding out the lifeboat you were on could've carried more
SofSof Prije 6 dana
This was really emotional to watch. Such a scary event!
FrankTheTank77 Prije 28 dana
Put your legs in the water & start kicking! Lmao Jack Cracks me up! Had like 10 lines where I laughed out loud! 😂😂
Zika Wolf
Zika Wolf Prije mjesec
Im a HUGE titanic fan myself. grew up obsessed with learning about this disaster.. Thanks for making this video for us all :)
nigel grimm
nigel grimm Prije mjesec
When the electricity shut off, my heart sank deeper than the Titanic itself.
Mr. Wiskers
Mr. Wiskers Prije 2 mjeseci
The even more sad thing is that the captain didn’t order "women and children only", it was misinterpreted. The actual order was "women and children first" but because of the stress of the situation caused it to be misinterpreted
Tangible Goods
Tangible Goods Prije mjesec
@August They probably didn't think it was as bad as it actually was
guerney2000 Prije mjesec
@Fennekin Also not ignoring the iceberg warnings would probably help. Titanic received like 6 but they were ignored. The wireless operator literally responded to one of the warnings with “Shut up! Shut up! I am busy. I am working Cape Race.” (A wireless station is located at Cape Race, Newfoundland, Canada.), he was busy mostly sending private messages.
Maya Prije mjesec
@teipkep Its cute how everytime equality is brought up, any argument that men have to offer is based on muscles like "oh I could drop kick a woman or do heavy lifting so I am superior". Equality between men and women does NOT mean that men and women are the same biologically/physically. The reason why it was created in the first place was because women weren't even given proper human rights as their male counterpart, that's where it started and then as time went on, discrimination took a different form where now women were being paid less for doing the same job as a man literally in the same damn place including many other things that will make this comment way too long if I wrote them. Psychologically women are seen lesser, they are seen as emotional, dumber than men and are given lesser opportunities,that's the problem, not the physical aspect. There are still millions of men out there who see women as nothing more than holes to fuck or a slave. That's why equality exists, women asking to simply be treated like human beings and real feminists also absolutely advocate for a woman getting the same punishment as a man if she does a certain crime, so its not just for benefits, its also the consequences. Equality goes both ways, for women AND men.
Aphy. Prije mjesec
@Maya and where have all men sacrificed their wives and children?
Maya Prije mjesec
@Aphy. "And now, all the men die trying to save their kids, lol, equality is great isn't it?" I don't know where you've seen "all" men die but yeah if men are now willing to sacrifice their lives for their kids then good on them for that.
Michelle Of The Sea
Michelle Of The Sea Prije mjesec
This was a great video! It's impressive to see it in VR. Did you hear about the Titanic: Honor and Glory game? They recreated the ship within the game and are still adding to it. It might be fun to play that too. They also have a Titanic sinks in real life video if I remember correctly.
Jennifer Buechner
Jennifer Buechner Prije mjesec
I have always been infatuated with the Titanic. Thank you so much for sharing this. This was awesome.
Triple E
Triple E Prije 11 dana
I wish I had a VR to experience this game. So sad! Love the movie too. I wish they made a whole game about this, kinda like the movie where it's flashbacks of modern time, looking at the ship in the ocean, to playing a survivor in 1912 on the titanic and experiencing the whole thing. That would be such a good game.
ryan hovey
ryan hovey Prije 9 dana
Holy crap! This is my first time seeing this in VR. It made my whole body numb to the core! I’ve always been fascinated with the titanic and this just took it to a whole new level. Imagine the silence once the ship went under after it being so loud. Ugh the shivers and goosebumps I got. I also started to tear up too. Thank goodness this never repeated itself.
Willow Winchester
Willow Winchester Prije mjesec
I've been obsessed with the Titanic since I was 8 and read a book about it in primary school. I remember staring at the pictures and rereading passages and feeling such dread about the resting site thousands of meters below the ocean. I guess it was my brain comprehending mortality and feeling the morbid fascination of the event. This brings back that feeling, but obviously I'm more mature now and can appreciate the beauty of everything, as well as the sadness of the tragedy and the loss that came from it.
SladesGirl Prije 18 dana
I saw the movie in theaters when I was 7 and remember being blown away at the time. I've seen many documentaries about it since then and am always interested in hearing about new discoveries made and theories about what happened that night.
Apac76 Prije mjesec
"I can't manage this boat with only one Seamen!" Plz tell me I'm not the only one that every time the crewmate says this just makes me laugh.
Jessica Gallagher
Jessica Gallagher Prije mjesec
I felt so bad laughing when you said: it's freezing out here, the swelling will go down in no time 😂
is it Lauren't
is it Lauren't Prije 2 mjeseci
Not so fun fact: The musicians of the ship played music until they went under. They played intending to calm the passengers, for as long as they possibly could, and all went down with the ship.
Lola Jaramillo
Lola Jaramillo Prije 2 mjeseci
@Delve And possibly played that tune because of the very near future that they saw for themselves..
Delve Prije 2 mjeseci
Indeed. One of the most famous songs they played was “Nearer, My God, To Thee”. Morbidly ironic song choice…
Julika Natalie
Julika Natalie Prije 2 mjeseci
fuck yeah i remember that bit. and it got scarier and gloomier when they suddenly stopped (talking about some real time re-enactment of the sinking i saw on yt somewhere. uuugh if you wanna see full on 2:40h of desperation, go get some
Lola Jaramillo
Lola Jaramillo Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, they were also awesome.
Luke Gilbert
Luke Gilbert Prije 2 mjeseci