European Play-off Draw & Intercontinental Play-off Draw | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 

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The draw to determine the final European and Intercontinental encounters in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ preliminary competitions will be held in Zurich, Switzerland on Friday 26 November 2021 at 17:00 CET.

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25. Stu 2021.



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Djezon Prije mjesec
It's sad to consider Portugal or Italy won't make the World Cup, but it also shows the importance of finishing first and being ruthless rather to play defensive and negative football.. Serbia and Switzerland truly battled to earn their qualifications. I will personally support Italia as it would be their 2nd WC missed in a row!
Kris Prije mjesec
Crazy to think that only one of the last two EURO champions can qualify to the World Cup. It's either Cristiano Ronaldo will fail to qualify to the World Cup with Portugal or Italy will miss out on a consecutive World Cup.
Romy Prije mjesec
Or both
Easy Gaming
Easy Gaming Prije mjesec
@Toni Zikovski howd you know
Toni Zikovski
Toni Zikovski Prije mjesec
@Easy Gaming Actually, they both will miss the world cup
flickchic238 Prije mjesec
This should be fuel for Italy to come out on top and possibly win the tournament 👏
Yusuf Işık
Yusuf Işık Prije mjesec
just wait for turkey to win
Teo Jurić
Teo Jurić Prije mjesec
I love the A path, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇦🇹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇦each of these nations were not in the WC for a long time and it will make a comeback. From the B path, I hope the Czechs 🇨🇿 also join the big stage. It's sad draw brought together 🇮🇹 and 🇵🇹 and also for N. Macedonia 🇲🇰 to get in this tough path but I will rooting for them. Also great chance for a OFC nation to get to Qatar. Hope it happens. 🇳🇿🇸🇧🇫🇯🇵🇫🇳🇨
Manish Gogoi
Manish Gogoi Prije 23 dana
Path A: The team that beat denmark in group stage will qualify Path B: Final will be 'ZLATAN vs LEWANDOWSKI' Path C: Ronaldo vs European champions
The Red Trooper
The Red Trooper Prije mjesec
@Teo Jurić who said new Zealand will win the ofc spot? Solomon islands has a chance too! (Being sarcastic)
Sviatoslav Kyshko
Sviatoslav Kyshko Prije mjesec
Teo Jurić
Teo Jurić Prije mjesec
@TRC_12 And that is indeed true but they could got an CONMEBOL team and that would be a poor chance to qualify, altough 🇳🇿 New Zealand held pretty well vs 🇵🇪 Peru in 2018 play-off. This way they have a far better chance if they get a team like 🇵🇦 Panama, 🇯🇲 Jamaica, even 🇨🇷 Costa Rica. If they get a team like 🇲🇽 Mexico or 🇺🇸 USA I'm not so sure.
TRC_12 Prije mjesec
I'm going to disagree with you on the last point, CONCACAF is superior to OFC.
Y RevolTzzz
Y RevolTzzz Prije mjesec
Vamo Portugal vocês conseguem desde Brasil🇧🇷
Xavier Low
Xavier Low Prije mjesec
Path A: Possible a Great Britain Derby Path B: Possible an East Europe Derby. Path C: Life or dead for European Champion.
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Prije mjesec
**Path A: Celtic derby 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Farhan M
Farhan M Prije mjesec
@Amaran won best player in wc
SELESTRO Prije mjesec
@Amaran Like in 2014? Maybe something more
kentang handphone
kentang handphone Prije mjesec
@Amaran PENALDO no penalty no party
Ignacio Kay
Ignacio Kay Prije mjesec
Trust me Italy 'll qualify
Cw tr
Cw tr Prije mjesec
Portugal vs Italy!!! The whole group is brutal, can't wait for the playoffs
Fika Aesthetika
Fika Aesthetika Prije 25 dana
Cheers Portugal
Named Claiming
Named Claiming Prije 26 dana
@Dhaanush L Ecuador beat Portugal 😉
Brunkec Prije mjesec
@ismail değirmenci Croatia 🇭🇷
ismail değirmenci
ismail değirmenci Prije mjesec
@Brunkec turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷
ema Prije mjesec
@Gonca Özdemir don't forget MACEDONIA MACEDONIA🇲🇰
SuperJNG18 Prije mjesec
I'm also very happy that Group A means at least one country that's had to wait a very long time for a World Cup return will make it. Ukraine hasn't qualified since 2006, neither Austria nor Scotland have qualified since 1998, and Wales - probably the most likely to win the group! - haven't made a World Cup since their one and only appearance in *1958.* To put it into perspective, even if we count teams still seriously in the running that could return or make their debut, nobody would come close to having to wait that long for a comeback or debut (DR Congo would probably be the second-longest wait for a return after their sole appearance in 1974; technically the longest wait for a debut would be Venezuela but I'll be very surprised if this year ends that wait).
SuperJNG18 Prije mjesec
@Al Sabah Kind of both. I’m 22 now.
Al Sabah
Al Sabah Prije mjesec
@SuperJNG18 Nice. Are you that young or you didn't care about football in 2014?
SuperJNG18 Prije mjesec
@Al Sabah my first was 2018! I’ve never even seen a World Cup with a heavyweight like Italy or Chile or my own country the USA in it, let alone these guys.
Al Sabah
Al Sabah Prije mjesec
I was searching for such type of comment. I have never seen one of these 4 teams at a World Cup, because my first World Cup was the 2014 one
Sabrina Balmaceda
Sabrina Balmaceda Prije 16 dana
¡Es una locura! Pero vivirlo aún más. 💪🏼
ATG Macedonian
ATG Macedonian Prije mjesec
Come on 🇲🇰 MACEDONIA !!! If we go through this give us the title of this World Cup!!!
Tural Narimanovv
Tural Narimanovv Prije 16 dana
Lets GO Macedonia. From AZERBAİJAN 🇦🇿🙏🇲🇰
neeb61 Prije 29 dana
Mohammad Darwish
Mohammad Darwish Prije mjesec
I hope they win
Hobojoe Prije mjesec
Y’all ain’t winnin I’m sorry
Dani Bunks
Dani Bunks Prije mjesec
Its incredible! Huge respect for this! And always loved for these!
Subhrangshu Mallick
Subhrangshu Mallick Prije mjesec
As it might be the last world cup for CR7 I want Portugal to reach the final tournament from Path C. BTW wishing goodluck to all the teams from India 🇮🇳
David Boisvert
David Boisvert Prije mjesec
Portugal always takes the hardest doors hardest group it's insane unbelievable past 25 years European cup or world cup or playoff always group of death insanely crazy
David Boisvert
David Boisvert Prije mjesec
@rafael amadeus you're saying that going to fail we'll see about that everybody saying that I know very much possible the pressure is on us I know exactly what you mean but I hope it's not what you're saying we'll see when it comes in March I believe will win turkey and will face Italy at home that's where is the main challenge Santos and the players they have to play a better system with the players they have they should be winning games and be already qualified but hey we like the long way that's Portugal for you
rafael amadeus
rafael amadeus Prije mjesec
After Portugal's failure in 2022 World Cup playoffs, they will fail to qualify again in EUROs and World Cups like Romania after Gheorghe Hagi in 2002. Without Ronaldo, they will struggle to qualify for the upcoming Euro 2024 in Germany.
Pejikayhan Prije mjesec
Lamborgini Bukati
Lamborgini Bukati Prije mjesec
@mike love also got beaten by France last World Cup
EKoranjeWK Prije mjesec
Its because they are so defensive instead of attacking. They can draw or lose to anyone wich also happens alot. Btw they won in 2016 with 7 draws before extra time and had only france as a tough opponent where they were outplayed 90 min only to win in extra time. So they can have it easy. Look how they played in the last euros. Got blasted away by one of the worst german sides ever the coach of that team makes them a B team
Daniel Cimino
Daniel Cimino Prije mjesec
Big ups to my fellow CONCACAF nations! Greetings from the States 🇺🇸🇵🇦🇨🇦🇲🇽
Michel Lizotte
Michel Lizotte Prije mjesec
@Gary Strachan They beat them 1 0 when they where playing 11 at the back here in Canada, and we beat them 2 0 with our C team at the gold cup. We only beat costa rica this year, never drew or lost.
SamplingMastersXLR8 Prije mjesec
@Gary Strachan no!
Father Gabriel Stokes
@Gary Strachan you're already crying because your favorite Europe teams did garbage and might not make the World Cup.
Gary Strachan
Gary Strachan Prije mjesec
@Father Gabriel Stokes why would I want to cry, are you the result of a difficult birth
Father Gabriel Stokes
@Gary Strachan keep crying, kid
Ayush ag
Ayush ag Prije mjesec
Its just sad honestly knowing that one of Portugal and Italy is not going to Qatar 2022. If Portugal doesnt go through, that probably means we have seen the last of Cristiano Ronaldo at the world cup already. If Italy doesnt go through, the champions of Europe, the team that won the Euros are not going to play in the world cup. Brutal
Kash Prije 17 dana
Imagine neither of them go through 😂
T G Prije mjesec
Italy will win
Yusuf Kağan Çelik
Yusuf Kağan Çelik Prije mjesec
Hayır ikisi de gidemez çünkü Türkiye var
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world
@cupcakefairy87 yeah but we are talking about failing to qualify to the World Cup after winning the euro, not anything else
cupcakefairy87 Prije mjesec
@Morgz is the best HRburnr in the world Except that Greece winning the Euros was a fluke and they were one hit wonders. Italy has a rich football history unlike Greece, and have not only won two European Championships, but also four World Cups. Plus they have SERIE A, one of the best leagues in the world.
Prince Prije mjesec
Vamosss Portugal 🇵🇹 I hope that both our countries will get to the World Cup. 🇵🇱 ❤️ 🇵🇹
USA Ball
USA Ball Prije mjesec
Wow Russia Vs Poland . Can't wait to see that. And it's crazy to see that it's either Italy or Portugal who can qualify for the world cup and not both.
Kamil Tuzik
Kamil Tuzik Prije mjesec
@Ilya Kovalchuk moja babcia była z Donbasu, Dziadek z Wileńszczyzny.
Ilya Kovalchuk
Ilya Kovalchuk Prije mjesec
@Kamil Tuzik I got Polish blood in me anyway
Ilya Kovalchuk
Ilya Kovalchuk Prije mjesec
@Kamil Tuzik I know.. We need to stick together
Dam1an Prije mjesec
@Rаi But we also draw with England and Spain and Albania currently is better than Russia.
ema Prije mjesec
Maybe Macedonia too😉
TheYuriy Prije mjesec
Such a thrill to see portugal paired with Italy! Cheers from Ukraine!
Ilya Kovalchuk
Ilya Kovalchuk Prije mjesec
@logax what doesnt deserve? Ur a fool
Kör Yeniçeri
Kör Yeniçeri Prije mjesec
Onlar ilk önce Türkiye ve Kuzey Makedonya yı yensinler.
Kaafir Murtad boycott next worldcup
@sharon samuel Comparatively easy
Jeepman89 Prije mjesec
@sharon samuel not really
Sliczed Kaidzo
Sliczed Kaidzo Prije mjesec
@sharon samuel have to get past the mighty Scot’s first
Sadık Sadık
Sadık Sadık Prije mjesec
Portekiz ve İtalya'yı yenersek zaten dünya kupası bizim sayılmalı. 🇹🇷
Casper 619
Casper 619 Prije mjesec
@ismail değirmenci euro 2020 turgay
ismail değirmenci
ismail değirmenci Prije mjesec
@Casper 619 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
SQ 絵
SQ 絵 Prije mjesec
日本が勝つぞ💪('ω' )💪
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Prije mjesec
Bruh moment.
Casper 619
Casper 619 Prije mjesec
Just like you did in euros 2020🤓
VictorPlay Prije mjesec
Suerte para todas las selecciones, el mejor ganará
Giovanni Aj
Giovanni Aj Prije mjesec
mplus26 Principal
mplus26 Principal Prije mjesec
@Alejandro Mamani sis ya me di cuenta xd Es que como había sorteado 2do a la Concacaf pensaba que era AFC vs Concacaf xd
Alejandro Mamani
Alejandro Mamani Prije mjesec
@“Daniel Hp” Oficial xd Portugal e Italia se cargarán a piñas 😈
“Daniel Hp” Oficial xd
Diosss Portugal 🇵🇹 y Italia 🇮🇹 no puede seeeeeer 🤯
Countryballs Predicciones
@mplus26 Principal Líbano queda en AFC y a Conmebol le tocó con AFC. Creo que te equivocaste en tu comentario.
upnorthbit Prije mjesec
Having to go trough Portugal at home is hard enough, but having to go through Portugal knowing Italy is waiting next is even harder..
Christopher Chafla
Christopher Chafla Prije mjesec
@Lorcan Byrne Ok. Your opinión😐.
Lorcan Byrne
Lorcan Byrne Prije mjesec
@Christopher Chafla ur waffling mate u know ur wrong
Christopher Chafla
Christopher Chafla Prije mjesec
Christopher Chafla
Christopher Chafla Prije mjesec
EpicFan Prije mjesec
@Christopher Chafla when did they play portugal
Kid Poker
Kid Poker Prije mjesec
italy had the same number of points in qualifying as france in 2018 only losing one game to spain in spain
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije mjesec
As it might be the last world cup for CR7 I want Portugal to reach the final tournament from Path C. BTW wishing goodluck to all the teams from India 🇮🇳
Gary Coates
Gary Coates Prije mjesec
I like Canada's chances of qualifying.
DJ Knox
DJ Knox Prije mjesec
@Gary Coates Maybe but not too far off. I've included the possibility of placing 4th and playing off against New Zealand... which adds significant probability to qualification. The probabilities are based on a distribution of possibilities where 21 points does not assure a top 3 finish but 20 points almost assures a 4th place finish. There is some subjectivity on how to distribute the probability of W - L - T for each of the matches. I also add in factors for home and away AND whether a team will still be in contention. Actually quite complicated. I had it at 91% +/-3% before CONCACAF was drawn against OFC. OFC increases the odds of winning the playoff.
Gary Coates
Gary Coates Prije mjesec
@DJ Knox 91% Might be a little high. Canada needs 5 pts from remaining 6 games, but 4 are on the road with one home game against USA. It might come down to Canada's last game in Panama. Hopefully, they can get a result at home against USA, game will be played outdoors in -10 to -20 degree weather.
DJ Knox
DJ Knox Prije mjesec
I did some statistical analysis and I put Canada's chances of now qualifying for Qatar at 94% +/- 3%.
Fake Immigrant
Fake Immigrant Prije mjesec
"Crazy that one of Italy or Portugal won't go to the World Cup" - Everyone absolutely disgracing N. Macedonia and Turkey thinking an upset isn't possible.
Kirsty Max
Kirsty Max Prije 5 dana
I think Italy will make it
Portubed Prije mjesec
Well they could say one OR BOTH, but it's not that disgracing, it's because of their status in EU, whereas you don't necessarily feel like for example N. Macedonia not being on a World Cup is something hard to imagine - precisely because they NEVER did.
Eurovision Turkey
Eurovision Turkey Prije mjesec
@Opposition Party of North Korea-OPS NUKE- sanane
Opposition Party of North Korea-OPS NUKE-
@Eurovision Turkey hadise fanboyu trollemeyi kes maçlar trollükle kazanılmıyor
Eurovision Turkey
Eurovision Turkey Prije mjesec
Italy is a net favorite but it can be football and everything. Italy could not defeat Northern Ireland, lost to Serbia in Portugal. Turkey is better than Serbia and Northern Ireland 🙂 I will go straight to the match in Istanbul 🥂🥶 🇹🇷 🇲🇰🇮🇹🇵🇹
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy Prije mjesec
Sad to see Italy and Portugal together😭, it was the only fear I had... being a Italian supporter, I also can't watch CR7 not in the World cup
Kör Yeniçeri
Kör Yeniçeri Prije mjesec
@HÜSEYİN ŞEKER yaşasın ırkımız 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷😂
Factcheck Prije mjesec
If Portugal do not bench Penaldo then they will be out against Turkey in the Play off Semi....
HÜSEYİN ŞEKER Prije mjesec
Dostum yanılıyorsun Türkiye Portekiz’i ezecek maalesef durum bu
honcenk kaunang
honcenk kaunang Prije mjesec
Don't forget turkey, maybe
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy Prije mjesec
@Minhaj It Hurts to think either of them won't make it, Italy will have a slight upperhand given their solidity, Portugal need to play their best version
Salisbury the Fox
Salisbury the Fox Prije mjesec
Igor Igor
Igor Igor Prije mjesec
Napred braćo Makedonci...Pa da se vidimo u Kataru🇷🇸🇲🇰🇷🇸🇲🇰🇷🇸🇲🇰
ema Prije mjesec
Pozdrav bracoo!! 🇲🇰❤️🇷🇸
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Prije mjesec
Already cant wait for 2022 Playoffs, especially Portugal vs Italy.
D1ndad0r Prije mjesec
I prefer Messi but I really want Portugal to qualify. However it’s sad since that would mean Italy would fail to qualify twice in a row
D1ndad0r Prije mjesec
@Eamon Morris Yep this is most likely his last WC and it would be sad for him not to play in the WC for one last time
Eamon Morris
Eamon Morris Prije mjesec
Why do you want Portugal to qualify? Because of Ronaldo??
Lotty Prije mjesec
Yo italy won euros they cant win another national team trophy xD
Eamon Morris
Eamon Morris Prije mjesec
Italy are the better team overall they will win v Portugal, provided of course they win their semi
SELESTRO Prije mjesec
SlavistaCZ Prije mjesec
Let's go CZECH REPUBLIC!🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Prije mjesec
Those are some very very fair draws for the seeded teams.
Kieren Jacks
Kieren Jacks Prije mjesec
Don't forget North Macedonia beat Germany away in the qualifiers 2:1 and are extremely strong when they play away. The only loss that Germany suffered in the qualifiers.
ema Prije 21 dan
@Manish Gogoi but after so many years Germany lost HOME
Manish Gogoi
Manish Gogoi Prije 23 dana
And they loss in home 4-0 against same team
96_Stars Prije mjesec
@Coldvader no so much anymore
ema Prije mjesec
@M.İSMAYIL see you in the final bro😉
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world
@Coldvader facts
broendbykim Prije mjesec
Of course everyone cry about Italy and Portugal, but if they can't finish off Switzerland and Serbia at home, then I am not sure how well they will/would do in Qatar anyway.
orhunta 787
orhunta 787 Prije mjesec
@Stefann M bro just because we were bad at the euros doesn't mean we are a bad team. We have a fresh and young generation with a new German coach. They just need time to improve, after that I hope everything will be fixed( I hope).
Known Nuisance
Known Nuisance Prije mjesec
@Arsenal Sniping Farmer cup
Arsenal Sniping
Arsenal Sniping Prije mjesec
@Known Nuisance With that logic out of 32 20 teams should have been European. But World Cup is all about diversity and teams from all continents irrespective of quality. To save the term *World Cup*
Stefann M
Stefann M Prije mjesec
@Eurovision Turkey ok I don't mind Turkey beating Portugal but I doubt its gonna happen
Eurovision Turkey
Eurovision Turkey Prije mjesec
@Stefann M Be here when we beat Portugal 🍼
Kevin Arcos Fournier
Vamos Perú ✌️❤️
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich Prije mjesec
@Rafael Alejandro Lopez Leyva Pero si todavía no se terminan las eliminatorias XD
Rafael Alejandro Lopez Leyva
Australia vencerá a Perú
Terry Gyimah
Terry Gyimah Prije mjesec
I like this tournament format for the UEFA World Cup playoffs...they should keep it for the 2026 qualifiers for UEFA
Charyosh523 bigbroryosh
@Muhd Zahin 👍
Muhd Zahin
Muhd Zahin Prije 12 dana
@Charyosh523 bigbroryosh True.
Charyosh523 bigbroryosh
It’s not gonna be the same because there expanding the teams from 32 to 48
B Ilic
B Ilic Prije mjesec
Regardless of the outcomes I like the old playoff format better when you play the same team twice.
Yandri Fadli
Yandri Fadli Prije mjesec
Theres a chance that both portugal and Italy can be out of the world cup. Turkey shouldn't be underestimated
gamer duckus
gamer duckus Prije mjesec
North Macedonia is also a decent team and although they are probably going to be out of the World Cup qualifiers, there's a chance that they beat Portugal. They managed to beat Germany on away, and now they face Portugal away
TheOlgaSasha Prije mjesec
And what about Macedonia which defeated Germany in qualifying match?
Onur Prije mjesec
Okay may be Portugal and Italy favourite but Turkey can also go 2022 wc. Because Turkey's new coach was also Germany u21 team coach and this team was champion. Turkey's team has very young guys like Kerem, Cengiz, Rıdvan, Halil, Çağlar, Orkun. Kuntz has a perfect relationship with young football players. Turkey is dangerous too i think.
Rubber Roast
Rubber Roast Prije mjesec
geez ... italy is in real danger on missing two straight world cups. Crazy!!!
DJ Knox
DJ Knox Prije mjesec
That alone is something to celebrate! I've watched too many World Cups where Italy advances on ties. Since FIFA changed wins to 3 pts rather than 2, Italy's stature has fallen.
Arsenal Sniping
Arsenal Sniping Prije mjesec
U mean Portugal in a big danger right ??
cupcakefairy87 Prije mjesec
Yet they beat England at their home in Wembley in Euro 2020 this year.
Rayan Prije mjesec
Man, i wanted to see north macedonia at the world cup this year.... Its difficult now. (my friends from there)
ajmal khan
ajmal khan Prije mjesec
No chance bro . Oponents all strong portugal .italy. turky
Horvat Prije mjesec
This is going to be crazy 🔥
gamer duckus
gamer duckus Prije mjesec
Gary Strachan
Gary Strachan Prije mjesec
Why is it ?
Graham Giancola
Graham Giancola Prije mjesec
Imagine if Portugal and Italy don’t qualify!!!! Weaker teams could rule the WC!!! 🔥
rafael amadeus
rafael amadeus Prije mjesec
World Cup still has Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, and England. There is no years where the World Cup occur without all of them. Even Brazil and Germany had never failed to qualify through this stage. The 1930 WC is contested by invitees and Germany were not qualified teams. Germany did not play qualifications nor finals in 1950 WC because of Iron Curtain and the aftermath of WWII.
Parth Prije mjesec
@J H hey wait a minute a disallowed goal remember that
Parth Prije mjesec
@J H both are euros champions
francy Prije mjesec
Let's Hope that Italy Will pass the play-off.. I believe in it, go Italy🇮🇹🇮🇹
Eurovision Turkey
Eurovision Turkey Prije mjesec
Italy is a net favorite but it can be football and everything. Italy could not defeat Northern Ireland, lost to Serbia in Portugal. Turkey is better than Serbia and Northern Ireland 🙂 I will go straight to the match in Istanbul 🥂🥶 🇹🇷 🇲🇰🇮🇹🇵🇹
Thomas Dennis
Thomas Dennis Prije mjesec
No ronaldo zòooooooooooo I hope itily lose for revenge from england
Hajipur Gamer
Hajipur Gamer Prije mjesec
byeMan Prije mjesec
Não duvide de Cristiano Ronaldo, o jogador mais decisivo da história 🇵🇹🇧🇷
P’ Su สุทาธินี สป
I hope Italy 🇮🇹 ,go to 2022.✌️✌️✌️
GDR79 Prije mjesec
Korp khun krap 🙏
Mark Singh
Mark Singh Prije mjesec
The most aspected draw of all time.
Silver on Switch
Silver on Switch Prije mjesec
Poland vs Russia will be crazy with fans.The most underrated match in the Play Off Draws.
Вова Боб
Вова Боб Prije mjesec
@Jacek Kufel Pshhh, do you want some pact?
Virgo Ernits
Virgo Ernits Prije mjesec
@Jacek Kufel U think peeps in Belarus and Rus support Putler and Lukashesku ? XD Poor victim of propaganda
Russell Akm
Russell Akm Prije mjesec
@Hamsek Rachid 😂😂😂 3rf WW caused by EUFA
Hamsek Rachid
Hamsek Rachid Prije mjesec
@Russell Akm Scoltland vs England Italy vs Germany Morocco vs Algeria Israel vs Palestine hhhh
Russell Akm
Russell Akm Prije mjesec
All East European teams aren't supposed to face each other for political reasons. Then just imagine Russia vz Ukraine in the knock out stage 😂
Gain Hi
Gain Hi Prije mjesec
I never dreamed that I would be helped by a favorable card (🇮🇹ITALY against Macedonia🇲🇰) THANK YOU FIFA!!
Gurren Lagann SC
Gurren Lagann SC Prije 28 dana
Germany: "Don't make the same mistake i did"
Romy Prije mjesec
It’s better to not be arrogant, like the team was. It’s football, you can always lose
Alez Prije mjesec
So glad my country is already qualified, I wouldn't want to go through this
Hüseyin Yalçın
@asad asad France
Enes Melih Eroğlu
Enes Melih Eroğlu Prije mjesec
@asad asad Which one do you think :d
asad asad
asad asad Prije mjesec
Which country?
Akif Beyazdurna
Akif Beyazdurna Prije mjesec
Turkey vs north macedonia!!! The whole group is brutal can't wait for the playoffs!
Juve Prije mjesec
Delusional much?
neeb61 Prije mjesec
@Dominik we'll see
pljotr potr
pljotr potr Prije mjesec
@BABEL TOWER Alexander the great has nothing to do with todays "macedonians"
Enes Melih Eroğlu
Enes Melih Eroğlu Prije mjesec
North Macedonia has no chance
Shanti Maglione
Shanti Maglione Prije mjesec
@Dominik yes agreed!
Louis Mugisha
Louis Mugisha Prije mjesec
Either of Portugal or Italy will pay for their laziness in the qualifiers.They had their chances and blew them up!
makomaro Prije mjesec
@Heisenberg Jr Serbia got robbed of a penalty in the 2018 world cup. So maybe this is Karma rewarding Serbia for FIFA’s bad refs? It is unfortunate that Portugal had to pay the price.
EpicFan Prije mjesec
@SELESTRO was hardly a “slap” and there wasn’t any excessive force. O’Shea greatly exaggerated it
星野かすみ Prije mjesec
@SELESTRO slap who?? Because of the camera angle, you became blind. It wasn't a slap lol. Ronaldo literally touched that Ireland player shoulder. Also, don't talk like he scored from that penalty
星野かすみ Prije mjesec
@Factcheck slap? Look at the freaking replay lol. He didn't touch a single bacteria on that beautiful face player and it shouldn't be a red either
Eurovision Turkey
Eurovision Turkey Prije mjesec
Italy is a net favorite but it can be football and everything. Italy could not defeat Northern Ireland, lost to Serbia in Portugal. Turkey is better than Serbia and Northern Ireland 🙂 I will go straight to the match in Istanbul 🥂🥶 🇹🇷 🇲🇰🇮🇹🇵🇹
Dark Prije mjesec
only two out of the last two euro champions will qualify for the world cup - cristiano ronaldo will fail to qualify for the world cup with portugal or italy will miss out on a consecutive world cup
Daniyal Hasan
Daniyal Hasan Prije mjesec
byeMan Prije mjesec
WC 2026: CR7 41 Years 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sarath Sajan
Sarath Sajan Prije mjesec
@CR 7 He Random Person
CR 7
CR 7 Prije mjesec
@Sarath Sajan He HRburnr
Sarath Sajan
Sarath Sajan Prije mjesec
Nice copy paste original
ItsDread Prije mjesec
What im happy is about taht Switzerland made it in Qatar 2022!:D
Taras U
Taras U Prije mjesec
North Macedonia is already in World Cup! First match - Italy, second - Portugal.
Juve Prije mjesec
What makes you so confident?
Kamal Jai
Kamal Jai Prije mjesec
ismail değirmenci
ismail değirmenci Prije mjesec
ALİ ÇELİK Prije 7 dana
Şanssız Bir Kura Ama Portekiz ve Ronaldo Engelini aşarsak Türkiyeden İtalyanlar Çıkamaz 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Leon M
Leon M Prije mjesec
Will qualify: Group A: Macedonia 🇲🇰 Group B: Macedonia 🇲🇰 Group C: Macedonia 🇲🇰
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Prije mjesec
Won't qualify: Macedonia 🇲🇰
Stefann M
Stefann M Prije mjesec
Seosamh O'Fionnaghain
Scotland, Sweden and Italy all to Qualify!!! However I'd prefer Wales, Poland and Portugal all to qualify!!!
cy yeung
cy yeung Prije 20 dana
Ukraine,Russia,Italy qualify
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Prije mjesec
Italy and Portugal might very well regret now of being so clumsy at their last games in the group stage
Luna Plata
Luna Plata Prije mjesec
Portugal had everything to win that group, but unfortunatley they lost their mental strengh as a team. And if they were not robbed against Serbia...
Eurovision Turkey
Eurovision Turkey Prije mjesec
Italy is a net favorite but it can be football and everything. Italy could not defeat Northern Ireland, lost to Serbia in Portugal. Turkey is better than Serbia and Northern Ireland 🙂 I will go straight to the match in Istanbul 🥂🥶 🇹🇷 🇲🇰🇮🇹🇵🇹
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Prije mjesec
@Gary Strachan What I mean is that they had everything in their own hands to avoid the Play-Offs. Italy failed to win against northern ireland and Portugal had enough with a draw against Serbia. Northern ireland and Serbia are not as strong as Spain Brazil, these games were very doable to win.
Gary Strachan
Gary Strachan Prije mjesec
They weren't clumsy the other teams were better than them on the day. Do you think that both went out with the intention of taking it easy. If you think that, you have no idea about football
Kaisar Selatan8
Kaisar Selatan8 Prije mjesec
Spero che Mancini richiamerà Mario Ballotelli in Nazionale italiana per affrontare lo spareggio per la Coppa del Mondo 2022 del Qatar contro la Macedonia del Nord, se si qualificheranno, incontreranno una squadra forte del Portogallo.
Gain Hi
Gain Hi Prije mjesec
23:14 LOTHAR MATTHAUS:This is North Macedonia! No doubt!!🇲🇰
mohammedsaeed alderei
Portugal vs Italy!!! The whole group is brutal, can't wait for the playoffs
Yosua Ricardo Bedón García
Let's Go Perú!!!! 💪🇵🇪🙏🍀🍫♥️🔜🇶🇦
Read is good De waterkant
I love peru from sweden 🇸🇪 ❤ 🇵🇪
Stefan Jordan
Stefan Jordan Prije mjesec
I prefer the 2 leg system so the home fans have a chance to see teams they won't usually have a chance to watch live.
M.C.Martin Prije mjesec
This also makes it more exciting. Makes every game matter instead of being blown out 4-0 in leg 1, then tying 0-0 in leg 2
Mwamba Chiwele
Mwamba Chiwele Prije mjesec
Italy must qualify
Gojek Jakarta driver
Italy was strong opponent to the big team like germany,,france,Brazil etc.imagine if they meet anyother that would fantastis to wacth. Beast vs beast
Alicia V. Morán
Alicia V. Morán Prije 12 dana
Russell Akm
Russell Akm Prije mjesec
Imagine Ukraine vz Russia in the 22 wc finals 😂
Ilya Kovalchuk
Ilya Kovalchuk Prije mjesec
Ukraine will beat russia!!
Y. H.
Y. H. Prije mjesec
This match could be but at neutral pitch somewhere on Cyprus .
M.C.Martin Prije mjesec
@Kostiantyn China is too far behind right now for that to be possible. Australia or Japan won’t qualify. And AFC plays South America
M.C.Martin Prije mjesec
@Russell Akm Taiwan has long been eliminated 😂
Russell Akm
Russell Akm Prije mjesec
China vz Taiwan will cool to watch if the Qatar 2022 finals😂😂😂
Alvaro Manuel Venegas Alvino
As a Peruvian, I hope we can go straight to the World Cup and avoid the playoffs since in the AFC the most likely to go to the playoffs is Australia and if they touch us they will want to take revenge for what happened in Russia 2018 Let's go Peru 🇵🇪
Reinhard Simonius Takalapeta
even though im a Messi fan, i really want to see Ronaldo in his last WC😫
Hüseyin Yalçın
@Skip Bayless Shut up
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless Prije mjesec
No one asked you that you’re a Messi fan.
Pablo Andrés Sudriá
1-mucha suerte para 🇮🇹🇨🇿 y 🇺🇦, mis favoritos de ese repechaje para ir al Mundial. 2-¿para cuándo el sorteo de la llave final de CAF?
Cheems Navideño 😎
No man tiene que ir portugal 🇵🇹 SIIUUUUUU!
I like the new version of European qualifiers. It is more challenging for all the participants to qualify. I believe that Italy is going to beat Portugal.
Peach Fangirl
Peach Fangirl Prije 8 dana
@ema we'll see... May the best one win 🇮🇹🤝🏻🇲🇰
ema Prije mjesec
Belief that Macedonia will beat Italy! 😉
Elijah Turner
Elijah Turner Prije mjesec
Pessi fan
SebastiánG7 Prije mjesec
Ahora sí yo diría mi predicción: En los play offs de UEFA Clasifica Grupo A: Escocia Clasifica Grupo B: Rusia Clasifica Grupo C: Italia o Portugal (Está muy difícil de decidir) Ahora en los Play offs del mundo Perú vs Japón →Clasifica Perú Panamá vs Nueva Zelanda→ Clasifica Panamá
Max Yi
Max Yi Prije mjesec
Everyone's been talking about Italy and Portugal. I really wanna know what Turkey supporters think at this point.
ema Prije mjesec
And the Macedonians.. We never give up and we believe that we will see oyr Macedonian further! As we could GERMANY, we can ITALY too! FORWARDD MACEDONIA!! ❤️🇲🇰
harun Deniz
harun Deniz Prije mjesec
Portugal will beat us probably. Maybe we have a chance against italy because we play at home then if we beat Portugal first.
ema Prije mjesec
@Tanim we could Germany, we could Italy
Yusuf Işık
Yusuf Işık Prije mjesec
I believe that Turkey will come out of this group successfully. We have successful players, for example Kerem Aktürkoğlu is a very ambitious and very active football player. See you in Qatar.
Tanim Prije mjesec
@ema nah I don't think so
Wibowo PR
Wibowo PR Prije mjesec
Wales, Russia & Portugal will still play at home if they qualify for the play-off final
Ronald Figueira
Ronald Figueira Prije 16 dana
El futbol más que una pasión
GarkKahn Prije mjesec
Sadly either portugal, italy or neither will be in the world cup Also probably macedonia
Omar Alonso León Leon
Vamos Perú si se puede!!!!!!!
Manuel Guzman
Manuel Guzman Prije mjesec
@Iván Reyes Bolivia no existe.
Iván Reyes
Iván Reyes Prije mjesec
No mejor bolivia
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Prije mjesec
No permitamos caer en el repechaje que Perú piense en el cuarto puesto e ir al mundial de Qatar de frente
Jorge a Kruger m
Jorge a Kruger m Prije mjesec
Jajaja Uruguay no creo Perú si
Diego Aguirre
Diego Aguirre Prije mjesec
Luis B
Luis B Prije mjesec
Iran Colombia y Uruguay
Kage Bunshin Master
Kage Bunshin Master Prije mjesec
It means there will be only one team either Portugal or Italy😬😱
Ibra /\ Zebra
Ibra /\ Zebra Prije mjesec
Can't wait!👏
Sadık Sadık
Sadık Sadık Prije mjesec
If we beat Portugal and Italy, the world cup should be ours anyway. 🇹🇷
Sadık Sadık
Sadık Sadık Prije mjesec
@Gloria Monti Dreaming is half the success
Gloria Monti
Gloria Monti Prije mjesec
keep dreaming.
Aiden Park
Aiden Park Prije mjesec
See you in Qatar, North Macedonia! 🇲🇰 ❤
bachan Prije mjesec
Solo me queda tener fe en mi pais 🇵🇪☺
bachan Prije mjesec
@J H no no Is Peru 🇵🇪 😅
FootBall Edits
FootBall Edits Prije mjesec
Group Of death Portugal Italy Turkey damm 🔥🔥
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich Prije mjesec
Everyone saying Portugal vs Italy, but what if one of them lose before the final?
AdoboTravels Prije 2 dana
yusuf Prije mjesec
Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
EpicFan Prije mjesec
wouldn't surprise me but on paper it should be those two
aola wili
aola wili Prije mjesec
Man, i wanted to see north macedonia at the world cup this year.... Its difficult now. (my friends from there)
abdiel San
abdiel San Prije mjesec
Javier Rz
Javier Rz Prije mjesec
Nueva Zelanda 🇳🇿 ya no es fácil. Se sabe que an crecido y juegan al fútbol como en la copa confederaciones de Russia 2017 muy ordenados y pueden ganarle a Panama pero ya sabemos que será Oceanía! y Panama puede clasificarse a su segundo mundial como la mejor selección de Centro America.
jsjsjsjs q chucha weon
Bueno hermanos panameños, tienen la oportunidad de oro de estar en su segundo mundial de la historia, peru tambien vaya para tener mas paises del continente americano a representar el futbol q se vive aqui en america
chavadx Prije mjesec
Que bueno que se libraron de commebol, espero consigan ese boleto de repechaje desde un hermano de México. Los prefiero a ustedes que Costa Rica y Honduras.
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Ojalá Perú juegue con Líbano y panamá si va al repechaje le gane a Nueva Zelanda.
Panda Music
Panda Music Prije mjesec
Forza Italia! 🔥 From Paessi Bassi 😘🧡
Всеволод Песчанский
Macedonia vs Turkey💪🏼
Glen Kightley - Everything Football
One Of Portugal 🇵🇹 Or Italy 🇮🇹 will not be in Qatar Next Year 😭 Maybe even Both which would be a Disaster! Who Do You Want To Win?
Milian Prije 19 dana
Italy will win
ismail değirmenci
ismail değirmenci Prije mjesec
96_Stars Prije mjesec
The Azzuri
Game lord
Game lord Prije mjesec
harun Deniz
harun Deniz Prije mjesec
Turkey 😎🇹🇷
Murat YILDIRIM Prije mjesec
Dünya kupasına katıldık, ve finaldeki rakiplerimiz Portekiz ve İtalya oldu diye düşünüyorum 🤨
على خطى ابن باديس ومبارك الميلي
Forza italia per semprè ....from algeria 🔥
Hohenzollern Castle
Hohenzollern Castle Prije mjesec
يلي يرد على تعليقي هو 💩
اسكت تعطي نته
Professor Hakan
Professor Hakan Prije mjesec
Turkey is very lucky in this draw :)
Juve Prije mjesec
Shreyas Saireddy
Shreyas Saireddy Prije mjesec
I wanted both Italy and Portugal to qualify. But it's not gonna happen.
Gio Dhuha
Gio Dhuha Prije mjesec
I prefer Italy to go through
Badreviewer RAPO
Badreviewer RAPO Prije mjesec
Viktor Prije mjesec
Since we're not on a collision course, will root for 🇵🇹. Greetings from 🇺🇦!
byeMan Prije mjesec
Aquele gol anulado que Cristiano Ronaldo fez no primeiro combate contra a Sérvia, custou muito caro ! FIFA incompetente 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😠🙄
CR 7
CR 7 Prije mjesec
Poca portugalo, Golaso
sanju Sanjay
sanju Sanjay Prije mjesec
Come on North Macedonia.....I believe in miracles
Muhammad Dhimas
Muhammad Dhimas Prije mjesec
I don't want to see Portugal not playing in the 2022 world cup
Princeps Senatus
Princeps Senatus Prije mjesec
I have no reason to worry about making the final with Portugal..Portugal will remain out of WC due to FIFA reducing seats at Europe making WC full of scarce teams
Elias Roldan
Elias Roldan Prije 16 dana
Excelente 👌
BLADE_ RISE Prije mjesec
Gotta feel for us(Scotland), just know we are gonna bottle it.
Lotty Prije mjesec
Dont worry bro i know how u feel im from N. Macedonia
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Prije mjesec
Best of luck to you. If we can't make it then I hope Scotland do 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
softlystroll Prije mjesec
The Scots certainly weren't bottling many qualifying campaigns between 1972-1997
Taffy Ducks
Taffy Ducks Prije mjesec
Scotland are the lowest ranked side in path A, with Wales being highest. If anyone bottles it, it'll be Wales.
Scott Mather
Scott Mather Prije mjesec
@Zevox plenty people care. Scotland is one of the most liked group of fans. Most Scots support a Scottish team first and we might supports English teams as well but doesn’t mean we like the England team lol.
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