HUGGY WUGGY'S SAD ORIGIN STORY... (Poppy Playtime Animation) 

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Huggy Wuggy corners a surviving Playtime Co. worker and tells them his sad origin story. Before being turned into a horrible toy, Huggard Wugson was just a simple man working at the factory. But after an explosive accident, his life was never the same, and he was transformed into Huggy Wuggy!

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3. Pro 2021.



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Unicorn Crystalz
Unicorn Crystalz Prije 25 dana
Huggy Wuggy: "Any last words?!" Me: *gives Huggy a hug* "Im sorry for what you went thru"
Raiden Prije 2 dana
huggy wuggy: eats u
Anılefe Aktaş
Anılefe Aktaş Prije 11 dana
Huggy Wuggy:Ok time to die
Kekel X
Kekel X Prije 13 dana
I’d say that too.
oliviaღ Prije 18 dana
Then you die. The end
Laser Eyeball
Laser Eyeball Prije 19 dana
8:35 "You're- YOU'RE A MONSTER!" Me : "Seriously!?"
Oh no
Oh no Prije mjesec
This is a really good animation and it fits the story perfectly
Susan Kihshu
Susan Kihshu Prije 2 dana
ØceanJillian Prije 19 dana
Bloomblas Prije 28 dana
Małgorzata Bidzińska
Some people don’t realize how good this person‘s animation is
KingKaiju164 Prije 16 dana
xEzekiel BG
xEzekiel BG Prije mjesec
@Syakirah Abdullah eyo what
Syakirah Abdullah
Syakirah Abdullah Prije mjesec
king 👑
xEzekiel BG
xEzekiel BG Prije mjesec
@gamermax bg *BRUH*
gamermax bg
gamermax bg Prije mjesec
@xEzekiel BG oh yeah i forgot i quit playing bg
Retro Guru
Retro Guru Prije mjesec
This may very well be the backstory everybody is waiting for in the game. And how is he that spot on with Game Theory unless they watched that and made their story based off it.
Jake Jake
Jake Jake Prije mjesec
But how
Zane Morphus
Zane Morphus Prije mjesec
Emad Prije mjesec
@Axol rl Cool
amon us 14
amon us 14 Prije mjesec
Aria_Unedited Prije mjesec
Yeah lol
Chi Tak Yiu
Chi Tak Yiu Prije mjesec
I love this backstory especially when poppy actually doesnt eo ang projects on huggy and trys to help him escape
Анка Бекић
Анка Бекић Prije 23 dana
broskEE tv
broskEE tv Prije mjesec
Some people don’t realize how good this person‘s animation is
ㄒ卂匚ㄒ丨匚卂ㄥ 卩丨几乇匚ㄖ几乇
@Ruixun and li ying family love skillet same dude
Ruixun and li ying family love skillet
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr har day ya brosk EE tv!
ㄒ卂匚ㄒ丨匚卂ㄥ 卩丨几乇匚ㄖ几乇
Yeah where they crap out sprites and then make an animation
Nguyễn Prije mjesec
Logan's gacha world
Logan's gacha world Prije mjesec
This honestly is the most accurate poppy playtime video of what the game sort of explains and what we think by yall of huggy wuggy's back story
MuffinCakes Prije mjesec
is this official? I dont think it is
Ablock Prije mjesec
imagine huggie wuggie in the vent and he stopped to tell a story
Xander the Hybrid
Xander the Hybrid Prije mjesec
Glad that they showed Huggy Wuggy's sad, depressing story on how he used to be a human person and got turned into a big monstrous toy. Thank you for this, GameToons!
R-Labs Prije mjesec
I'm going to say it, Huggy wuggy is a experiment entity.
It'sCake Prije mjesec
Jake Jake
Jake Jake Prije mjesec
No way
xXx_muffinman _xXx
xXx_muffinman _xXx Prije mjesec
Hey I’m growing a mullet so can you please give me your opinion
Eli Salamih
Eli Salamih Prije mjesec
Mobey Taguire
Mobey Taguire Prije mjesec
its kinda funny how game toons just got a little more gore-y in the poppy playtime vids
Zip Zap Zop
Zip Zap Zop Prije mjesec
Poppy: I’ll be safe in here until I can find a way to get you out of here. The game devs: well yes, but actually no.
UltraGamer760 Prije 24 dana
Hi beluga logo guy
gemer Prije mjesec
@Jodi Powell no that's the polite cat
Jodi Powell
Jodi Powell Prije mjesec
Gina Figueroa
Gina Figueroa Prije mjesec
yeah thats true >W
Cole Miner
Cole Miner Prije mjesec
Ah yes Basically the Game theory episode told by Huggy, and also animated
Jelly LeopardTail
Jelly LeopardTail Prije mjesec
It always starts in a dark and stormy in night.... I love it!
Claudia Ortiz
Claudia Ortiz Prije mjesec
Oh how sad, I love Huggy Wuggy.
SMToon Türkçe
SMToon Türkçe Prije mjesec
*When GameToons uploads, you know it's a good day.*
sugarmewtwogjbj Prije mjesec
This is so sad now I wanna give Huggy a well a hug
KINGOFKINGS(2) Prije mjesec
this is actually a good animation for poppy playtime. a lot of them don't have that good of a back story
Walter Walter
Walter Walter Prije mjesec
@T&F Season 5 & Eddsworld Fan 98 pretty sure fnf did that way before
T&F Season 5 & Eddsworld Fan 98
🎩Limbo🎩 Prije mjesec
Capi Vargas
Capi Vargas Prije mjesec
@Josineudo Bandeira Dofk no
Josineudo Bandeira
Josineudo Bandeira Prije mjesec
RXQ Prije mjesec
I like the theory, since all of the researchers did magically vanish. It is possible that one of them was turned in to Huggy Wuggy, since the rest of them were also turned in to smaller and inanimate toys outside of Poppy's room
The dragon that loves skittles
The first one is mainly fact, the rest is simply speculation.
R-Labs Prije mjesec
Cool theory but nah
Jake Jake
Jake Jake Prije mjesec
I want two huggys
Go Team Slugs
Go Team Slugs Prije mjesec
@Alice Huff I get it. Maybe it is a potential reference?
Jannat Noon
Jannat Noon Prije mjesec
Trails God
Trails God Prije mjesec
I like how he didn’t care much about the buzz saw in his arm
Jonathan Shields
Jonathan Shields Prije mjesec
poppy seems so nice in this video :)
Kirbylmao Prije mjesec
Love the animation keep it up!
sus plush
sus plush Prije mjesec
Huggy:we all know the ending to this story AND IT AINT HAPPY me:oh well this will be a perfect story
Red T
Red T Prije mjesec
Listening to huggy wuggy's backstory makes you feel sorry for him doesn't it
Dallas & Mary Quaresma
Red T
Red T Prije 23 dana
@Naix Tee true, guy creates monster, monster kills guy everyone kills monster Frankenstein
Naix Tee
Naix Tee Prije 23 dana
similar to Frankenstein well a bit
Boyfriend Prije mjesec
@-Cyclone E- por quê...?
-Cyclone E-
-Cyclone E- Prije mjesec
Sara Gonzalez
Sara Gonzalez Prije mjesec
I like that the editors forgot to fill in a piece of the bosses bit arm in 7:20 lol
CJ ZekGaming
CJ ZekGaming Prije 6 dana
poor boss ☹
DreamToon Family
DreamToon Family Prije mjesec
Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😘😘😘
Necromancer Prije mjesec
hufgerbad Prije mjesec
Ben Li
Ben Li Prije mjesec
Before this video: Poppy is behind this After: Poppy was trying to save Huggy Wuggy
Eden Cheese
Eden Cheese Prije mjesec
You know it's a good day when GameToons uploads
LeonJJ-Brawl Stars
LeonJJ-Brawl Stars Prije mjesec
Game Toons can be funny and serious at the same time. I love it!
Boyfriend Prije mjesec
Isso. tem o jogo...?🤔
Roderick Jackson
Roderick Jackson Prije mjesec
I can't be the only one who would give this man a hug if after hearing that story
TheCriticBehind TheMask
That's what you get for having the same hair style as the monster you're working on
WonkyFox Prije mjesec
Congratulations!! You made someone who hates Poppy Playtime actually like the game!!
J LA Prije mjesec
Just remember, his insides are orphans. Remember at the end where 1006 falls and hits his head on the poles, there was blood.
Keshia Anders
Keshia Anders Prije mjesec
Huggy Wuggy: Any last words? Me: **gives Huggy a hug** He'd probably still kill me if I did that, but at least Huggy will finally have something he hadn't got in a long time.
Ps4 gamer
Ps4 gamer Prije mjesec
huggy: any last words me: BOI YOU NEED SOME HELP
RainyRT Prije mjesec
Addie And Maddie Games
Felicia Winata
Felicia Winata Prije mjesec
qRajaskak_ Prije mjesec
me: rock paper scissors, if i win you let me go
Awesome, I wait for your videos everyday
Ngoc anh Mai hoang
Ngoc anh Mai hoang Prije mjesec
Enstruct Prije mjesec
Yeah and I always watch this!
kenneth h
kenneth h Prije mjesec
This is COOl
Софія Олександрівна
@Ken Dawley юґґґя
Софія Олександрівна
@Ken Dawley рцуооґ ООО ножщн,юґжґожожшжююґвґ ЄС
Huggy wuggy: it started on a dark scary night. Me: thats how every scary story starts XD
Vien Leniell Manalo
Vien Leniell Manalo Prije mjesec
I like how gametoons goes completely off the plot of the theme and makes something up
Yoankidis Veiglie
Yoankidis Veiglie Prije mjesec
Vien Leniell Manalo
Vien Leniell Manalo Prije mjesec
Like oh secretly bf is god or something like that
Nightrøse da sneaky boi
Susan Kirchner
Susan Kirchner Prije mjesec
Sunnydrop Prije mjesec
Huggy about to -kill- hug someone Also huggy:what a perfect time to tell this random girl my whole backstory :D
TheCatStrategest Prije mjesec
Game theorists made a video on Poppy Playtime and this fits into it. Well done.
GG4life Prije mjesec
gets a chainsaw in the arm also him : this is fine
ACallieGamer Prije mjesec
If this really is the story line, where can I pay my 5 bucks to find a cure for them
JELLYOfGaming Prije mjesec
This video made me want to watch Poppy Playtime gameplay It didn't seem interesting to me at first but this made it seem a lot more interesting
The flaming pickaxe
The flaming pickaxe Prije mjesec
Nice job i really wish i could learn how to animate like you
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Prije mjesec
Nice history
yuki Prije mjesec
@Drippy doge あり
Drippy doge
Drippy doge Prije mjesec
Nice mom
yuki Prije mjesec
wow so rare
🍄mushroom kokichi💜
amon us 14
amon us 14 Prije mjesec
yes nice history
Cute Huggy!
Cute Huggy! Prije 18 dana
Huggy wuggy is so nice! He just wants hugs:)
Yohocho Prije mjesec
I love this video sooooo much I keep watching it 🙂 keep up the good work GameToons
Conrad 417 #teamseas
“You’re a monster”isn’t the best last words for someone who has just told a tragic backstory. I’d say: “can I have a hug before I go?”
Isiah Speicher
Isiah Speicher Prije 3 dana
Plot twist: All he wanted was a hug.
Jelly Dan fan
Jelly Dan fan Prije mjesec
I love watching gametoons i have a good day after watching there daily video 😄😊😁
MLGDoge Prije mjesec
my theory: Huggy wuggy is a pissed off orphan soul made into security
Midnight __ Wolfy
Midnight __ Wolfy Prije 14 dana
no one
no one Prije mjesec
@MLGDoge or he's a passed of mutant orphan
MLGDoge Prije mjesec
@KabobKing i can even back it up seeing as playtime co did buy orphans from orphanages without reasons and its never said the orphans were given homes. hence why huggy is msot likely a pissed off orphan soul
KabobKing Prije mjesec
This theory is true.. I think
yu wang
yu wang Prije mjesec
This is actually awesome! 👏
Tiffany Morgan
Tiffany Morgan Prije mjesec
Wow this is "totally" the real back story the origin looks so original I have "definitely" never seen people stuff/ have there souls in a toy/animatronic
Nabila ZB
Nabila ZB Prije mjesec
He went from making among us animation videos that kids watch to making videos about horror games
Sussy cat
Sussy cat Prije mjesec
I’m usually scared of puppy playtime but these animations don’t make me scared
Ria Sendarias
Ria Sendarias Prije mjesec
Wait... Huggy Wuggy isn't a robot For the people who played the game and didn't notice: When you first see Huggy Wuggy if you look close enough you can see him slightly breathing... Like a human And when you kill him you see blood and plus he doesn't most like a robot would
Dark Prije mjesec
When GameToons uploads, you know it's a good day.
Sue L
Sue L Prije mjesec
Huh. Really?
XxCyanxX Prije mjesec
jd furret
jd furret Prije mjesec
@Soft donuts yt! this one's for you drake! aaaaaaaa
Fire SteveYT
Fire SteveYT Prije mjesec
@experimental mode ...
Jay Tyler
Jay Tyler Prije mjesec
Man shut up dark
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez Prije mjesec
wow it is a epic STORY!!!!!!!!!!! by the way... its good and epic and i love your videos!! the backstory is so cool!
Adam Subaldo
Adam Subaldo Prije mjesec
I like the theory, since all of the researchers did magically vanish. It is possible that one of them was turned in to Huggy Wuggy, since the rest of them were also turned in to smaller and inanimate toys outside of Poppy's room
marilyn vinette
marilyn vinette Prije mjesec
I'm pretty sure he was a monster created for soul purpose of killing
AG kaiju-G
AG kaiju-G Prije mjesec
Huggy wuggy: “tells about Hes backstory” The girl: your a monster Huggy wuggy: welp your dead to me *kills*
Archie0918 Prije mjesec
@Selever no poop isn’t a people it’s a disgusting thing.
Dennis Bunkley
Dennis Bunkley Prije mjesec
@Selever U good
Vietnamese guy yt
Vietnamese guy yt Prije mjesec
@Selever ofc ur 5 wdym no
Vietnamese guy yt
Vietnamese guy yt Prije mjesec
@Selever personally it’s made out of flesh and a human brain
Selever Prije mjesec
@Vietnamese guy yt and no
I want a 3D version! It's so cool!
Brayden Velez
Brayden Velez Prije mjesec
Huggy Wuggy: What's the matter, are you scared, does my appearance make you want a girl up in a little ball and cry? You know I wasn't always this way. Female Toy Maker: Help me! Huggy Wuggy: Quiet! Female Toy Maker: You're a monster! Huggy Wuggy: You know I don't get to meet a lot of the new people down here. Let me tell you my whole history, my back story if you will. But be warned, you've already seen the ending and to date happy! (Huggy Wuggy laughs) Female Toy Maker: No! Noooo! 0:05
BoxHead😋 Prije mjesec
wow 😳 just... wow it was so detailed and well edited. you just won yourself a new subscriber!
Random Fandom
Random Fandom Prije mjesec
Eyyy welcome
XanderTheRaccoon Prije 3 dana
As soon as Huggy bit his bosses arm That's how you know he's pissed
JELLYsmiles Prije mjesec
Can we take a moment to appreciate how good this is AND DUDE THAT GUYS HAIRSTYLE i know he’s a scientist but why **edited ok I watched the full video and now I feel sorry for what I said it’s sad
Idalin Vargas
Idalin Vargas Prije 15 dana
Moral. never commet before you watch the video
Go Team Slugs
Go Team Slugs Prije mjesec
It's like that of Ludwig the Koopaling.
SMToon  Arabic
SMToon Arabic Prije mjesec
It’s cool how gametoons is starting to step up there game and putting blood in their animations! I love it so much!
Go Team Slugs
Go Team Slugs Prije mjesec
I suppose it's easier to make it seem serious that way.
Magneto's Kitchen
Magneto's Kitchen Prije mjesec
love your video, love this animation
VibePlan Prije mjesec
I mean, to be fair kids love his horror game so the boss told the truth
Itz_BubbleGum_Playz Prije 9 dana
(6:36) that smile was so funny LOL
Aubrey Domingo
Aubrey Domingo Prije mjesec
Keep up the good work you make the best animations
EnigmaBoi85 Prije mjesec
great voicing :) well done.
Kerri Mongenel
Kerri Mongenel Prije mjesec
Best backstory ever!
Grace Jumamil
Grace Jumamil Prije mjesec
I expected the grapback would be made after his hand got wounded
León Picarón
León Picarón Prije mjesec
Hi! Can i react to this animation for my spanish viewers? I would give you credits of course ^^
Mike_Of_Epicness Prije mjesec
Leon, no explotes
ƐƖ cυуι Ƒαcнα ツ
León, deja de sobreexplotar todo
NMFPLAYZ Prije mjesec
Saul Blue Gamer
Saul Blue Gamer Prije mjesec
Que haces aquí león picaron
AstraOutlight Prije mjesec
I’m sorry but I don’t thing that will happen
BloonElite3052 Prije mjesec
Animation…… is amazing!!!!!It must take days to animate this or these videos wow 10/10 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Roxy Raccoon
Roxy Raccoon Prije mjesec
If my boss approached me all crazy, saying they need me back, that would've set off my creep alarm.
CJ ZekGaming
CJ ZekGaming Prije 6 dana
id go with boss :)
BORDZ PH Prije mjesec
This is amazing story 😍 huggy wuggy
Oo .,
Oo ., Prije mjesec
Now I know who is huggy wuggy good job making these for me to know and keep making that good job love 😊♥️
Jian Y Garcia
Jian Y Garcia Prije 3 dana
its a really good story but some people keeps telling me that huggy wuggy is an orphan but a eveil person turned him into huggy wuggy
FelixGamer659 Prije mjesec
The real story of Huggy Wuggy is... There was a Young girl and his dad said stay here but the Young girl run away at a place there was three robots who dismembred his body with huggy wuggy
Ivan Trejo
Ivan Trejo Prije mjesec
Huggy: won’t..make it Poppy: we will make it Huggy gets left behinde
Paula Rúbia
Paula Rúbia Prije mjesec
Go Team Slugs
Go Team Slugs Prije mjesec
He wanted revenge . . understandably.
Leonie T.
Leonie T. Prije mjesec
He did Thomas from maze runner but without the escape part
Brayden Velez
Brayden Velez Prije mjesec
Huggy Wuggy: So that's my story. Any last words? Female Toy Maker: You're a monster! Huggy Wuggy: You keep saying that and you're right I am! (Huggy Wuggy kills the female toy maker) 8:31
Catbeans Prije mjesec
It would be funny if at the end the developer comes through the wall and just says do you know the person can respond and your program to die
ladyzazacake Prije mjesec
And I love your animation !! 😃
Meme Prije 21 dan
When he said any last words made me laugh so hardly
Gabriel-KunYT Prije mjesec
Wished Vogel Im Kafig from AoT played when he fought his boss, it rlly matches the scene
FNAF Adventureland plush
No matter what I still think huggie wuggies adorable any day even if you cause me death at least I got to heartwarming hug
FNAF Adventureland plush
No matter what I still think huggie wuggies adorable any day even if you cause me death at least I got to heartwarming hug
MrGr1mReep3r Prije mjesec
Love it!
Sunnydrop Prije mjesec
Nobody: Every start of a horror story in a kids cartoon story: 0:41
Is it just me, or was this funny lol 4:47
Nicolas Hearn
Nicolas Hearn Prije mjesec
this reminds me of the springlock failure in fnaf where William suffered alot.
Dylan Basson
Dylan Basson Prije mjesec
Can we just talk about the fact that he bit his boss's arm and there's a bit of blood and his arm didn't just fall of
Tina Pinto
Tina Pinto Prije 19 dana
This was sad, funny and a bit creepy
Box Prije mjesec
So that's how they turned a toy into A Horror Game. And eventually the saddest story ever told. Good job GameToons.
Boyfriend Prije mjesec
@Diane D sei irmão.
Diane D
Diane D Prije mjesec
Yea I guess
Boyfriend Prije mjesec
@sakah1977 Sim...
sakah1977 Prije mjesec
Box Prije mjesec
@Kavin Pranav Sivaprakasam thank you
larry's gaming crew
larry's gaming crew Prije mjesec
i miss your among us!!!!!!!! pls make more!!!!!!
ITSNightMare Prije mjesec
Remember to always read the fine print guys.
GoYangi Chingu
GoYangi Chingu Prije mjesec
If I saw a scary thing I'll just hug it
Aubrey Domingo
Aubrey Domingo Prije mjesec
This person makes the best animations
Celeste Janelle Carrillo
I love how the life lesson is to read the fine print before signing your life away. 😹😭
Marcus Smith-Duran
Marcus Smith-Duran Prije 20 dana
Now we know who huggy was, but is it true tho?
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