We Don't Talk About Bruno (From "Encanto") 

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Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz). But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.

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Music video by Carolina Gaitán - La Gaita, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz, Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz, Encanto - Cast performing We Don't Talk About Bruno (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records


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DisneyMusicVEVO Prije 14 dana
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Connor Piètent
Connor Piètent Prije 4 dana
@Huskylover816 wtf
Aizawa_Potter Prije 4 dana
@mauvv fr
Nothing Prije 4 dana
Did you Notice Agustin in 2:50
•P a n d a•
•P a n d a• Prije 5 dana
The seven foot frame line
Stalin Correa espinoza
@mauvv Ss
Vincent ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Vincent ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 18 sati
To be quite honest, even before we find out that Bruno is not the villain that they make him out to be in this song (which is still unbelievably catchy as hell), there's nothing in the lyrics that consitutes he's a bad guy when all he did was tell people real things that were already set in stone to begin with. It'd be different if Bruno actually had the power to manipulate reality, but he's literally only calling things out as they are. I definitely think it reflects the movie's ongoing theme of wanting everything in life to go perfectly and smoothly (especially through the perspective of Abuela) when that's not always gonna be the case. In other words, don't kill the messenger when it comes to receiving bad - or even just realistic news.
Boni Neto
Boni Neto Prije sat
@Bonnie no, it isn't unclear, at the end he says that he was simply joking about Pepa being so sweaty, and that's why it looked like it would rain, but Pepa took what he said literally, and since her powers area all about weather, she herself made the storm in panic.
Amy A
Amy A Prije 3 sati
@Avocado Camilo was a little kid when Bruno left. His piece of the song may reflect the ideas he’s gotten from stories he’s heard about Bruno, and maybe also wanting to tease or scare Mirabel, since he does like to tease.
Kynnie Prije 3 sati
@Jedda678 actually the goldfish thing is a lie, they can live upwards of 5 years if taken care of properly. The reason people think they don't live very long is that goldfish produce a LOT of ammonia, and in those little fishbowls they keep them in, there's no way to clean that out- so the fish suffocates. Plus goldfish can grow over a foot long if given the proper room they need to grow, another reason for typically cut short lifespans. It's a similar situation with bettas, people put em in these tiny containers when they need lots of space because longfin bettas have trouble turning around and swimming easy with their huge tails and fins.
Jedda678 Prije 4 sati
@Desu Or Die That was likely the reason for some of his "predictions" after all anyone could tell you a Goldfish doesn't have a long life span, eating to much will get you a gut, and he probably noticed the priest's baldspot or saw his hair falling out at one point. Isabella his prophecy/prediction came true. Her powers grew and HER perfect like was hers. Dolores's true love was betrothed to another, but Bruno never said that the arranged betrothal would go through. She ended up with him in the end. His prophecies were never clear and they wanted him to either decipher the meaning, or tell them what they wanted to hear.
꧁༺࿐༒Phantøm Draw's༒༆༻꧂
We need a tldr
Our Kind of Entertainment
I heard this song surpassed "Let It Go" as the biggest hit Disney has had since 1995, and I've been jamming to Bruno all day in celebration!
HaveAVoice Prije sat
@Cherry I am a HUGE Idina Menzel fan, and I think Let It Go was powerful because SHE is powerful lol however, musically?? No way that it's better than this. This is not just "catchy" maybe take another listen?? Specially because this is overall more relatable, how many of us have that one family member nobody talks about but somehow everyone has something to say about them? LOL That one scapegoat in the family? Hell, maybe WE are the weirdos?! Not to mention the musical madrigal like thing they did with this song, it blows Let It Go out of the entire premise of the water. Although I'm all for opinions and likes being 100% individual, I have had my fair share of music schooling and a lifetime of Disney tracks to know that MUSICALLY, We Dont Talk About Bruno is more of an all-around greatness type of track lol Let It Go could never, aaaaand it shows on the charts LMFAOOOOO 🤣😅
Celeste Prije 2 sati
duong nguyen
duong nguyen Prije 2 sati
@Quetzal00358 they're beautiful in their own way. Let it go has the being yourself message blah bloh but WDTAB helps to develop the plot. u know, their just different
Cherry Prije 3 sati
@Relian The Mestizo ethnic group is wht I thought dominated the population in Colombia. After looking it up. I found tht 30% of the population is white and 10% is black and tht 53.5%is mixed. More white and black than I thought. The diversity in the film makes a bit more sense now. Thanks.
Cherry Prije 3 sati
@Wutzit Tooya ?
Tanya Stitz
Tanya Stitz Prije 10 sati
I like how with Dolores’s part, You can clearly see Bruno’s shadow in the background, but every time Mirabelle turned in that direction Dolores was there to pull her attention back to her. Even with just the lyrics “I can always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling” was in present tense, meaning we know for sure she knows he’s there. It’s truly amazing how much detail and effort Disney put into this movie and I love every second of it
law Prije sat
Also in the Moment when dolores sang about her prophecy and Isabella took over, you can hear Dolores in the background singing:" It's like I can hear him now. I can hear him now." Mentioning Bruno, because she just saw Mariano in the Window, and it would not make sense if she sang about him.
Soren9302 Prije sat
it actually looked like Mirabel was trying to get out of the song, and Delores wasn't letting her go
dIsGusTeD Prije sat
Also in the "gift so humbling" phrase, her eyes suddenly widen as if she hears something.
dIsGusTeD Prije sat
Also can we talk about the background sound? The tapping, the swoosh and swishes, the echo. Total eargasm.
Cherre Goins
Cherre Goins Prije 2 sati
Bruno only has glowing eyes when he's having a vision, and he said he hasn't had one in a very long time. That was Camilo.
parker cantrell
parker cantrell Prije 9 sati
I feel like Bruno’s premonition for Isabella wasn’t about her marriage, but was instead referencing that the life she dreams of is to be able to just be herself and that her powers will grow when she realizes that she can exist without having to be perfect.
Mizuko2501 Prije 2 sati
@Harlan Godinez I think maybe he saw Mariano kneeling with a ring on his hand in front of Isabella
A-Aron My Guy
A-Aron My Guy Prije 3 sati
@Leos Ng yeppers, it wasnt the easiest thing to notice lol
Leos Ng
Leos Ng Prije 3 sati
@A-Aron My Guy Ohhhh yah, I didn't realised it could be the younger Abuela too
A-Aron My Guy
A-Aron My Guy Prije 3 sati
@Leos Ng yeah that's more or less what I thought, although i do think the whole thing with hugging isabela was also saying she needed to hug abuela, I mean just look at how abuela looked when she was young, she was practically identical to isa lmao. I agree with basically everything you said though
Leos Ng
Leos Ng Prije 3 sati
@A-Aron My Guy Well he did explain it might not be in sequence. And Mirabel did hug Isabela, just that it turn out that part should had been an earlier step. And he only only seen part of the future, and not the entirety, so he probably saw the part where Dolores couldn't marry the love of her life because he was betroth to Isa, but he didn't saw things beyond the rebuilding of the casita.
Samuel Caloracan
Samuel Caloracan Prije 5 sati
Fun fact: When Dolores said “I can always hear him mumbling”. And Dolores have a sound enhancing gift, so when Dolores said that part, that means that she can literally hear him.
Samuel Caloracan
Samuel Caloracan Prije 2 sati
@hannita I don’t know
hannita Prije 3 sati
no shit. why would she say that if she didn't?
Vannamelon Prije 22 dana
Ah, yes. Finally. Now I can finally listen to this song 100 more times AND adore the gorgeous animation. Thank you Disney
The Anonymous Bunny
And what is one of my favorite animators doing here?
Merxmaxid Prije 15 dana
Same I listen to for a week straight this song is fire
Veneshia Garrett
Veneshia Garrett Prije 15 dana
Oh you watched Encanto
Diego Ore
Diego Ore Prije 15 dana
King Kong vs t rex
Diego Ore
Diego Ore Prije 15 dana
Christen Johnson
Christen Johnson Prije 10 sati
I get chills seeing him creep around in the background. Poor Bruno listening to a whole song about his family not wanting him around, but also acknowledging the undeniable bop this song is. 😆 Peep him rocking his head to the Dolores verse upstairs at 1:14.
AresProject Prije sat
That's Camilo...
LitLifeWithLauren Prije 2 sati
The head bop really made the scene for me!! He's like yessss get it Dolores!
TheStarFishy Prije 2 sati
Won't lie, I'm glad they brought up Bruno, or else I wouldn't be here for the 82nd time. 😂
Monica Thompson
Monica Thompson Prije 10 sati
Camilo’s ten second solo was the best part of the whole song. He needs his own😭
Liquid Distress
Liquid Distress Prije sat
@FBI thank you Mr. FBI man
Egg Prije sat
FBI Prije 3 sati
The "when he calls your name" omg it gives me eargasms. I love his part and the part where theyre all singing at the dining table
SilverStrumer Prije 3 sati
This movie needs a sequel so we can hear the other ‘madrigal’ solos
Jazmine Prije 4 sati
My favorite part is Delores but the whole song is 🔥
R'keria Davis
R'keria Davis Prije 5 sati
I like how even though camillo is the same person the tone in his singing voice changes when he switches between himself and Bruno every detail of this movie was so well thought out
Laurz Prije 19 dana
Disney always out does themselves with villain songs. BUT having others sing from the perspective that Bruno is the villain when he ISNT ONE! *Masterpiece*
Avocado Prije 4 sati
connorplayz483 Prije 19 sati
Stop talking about Bruno
Apollo Prije 20 sati
Masterpiece indeed
Mythicalandrei Prije 22 sati
@StarlightArt OOF
Erick Olvera
Erick Olvera Prije dan
Thank Lin Manuel Miranda
Connor Cortez
Connor Cortez Prije 3 sati
When Dolores sings“ betrothed to another” it’s soooo good
Hello Random Person
Hello Random Person Prije 3 sati
I love how everyone's singing about Bruno while setting up the table, but Agustín is just vibing to them singing
Spaztix Prije 9 sati
As someone who’s actually named Bruno this song is both a blessing and a curse.
SilverStrumer Prije 3 sati
And for Bruno Mars 😂
Imaan Naz
Imaan Naz Prije 5 sati
I can't-Camilo's voice is so good I re played his part around 100 million times;-; its so good
Hokichu Prije 18 dana
i like how they made the movements of dolores and mirabel walk louder cuz of the fact dolores ears are more sensitive than the others..
GiftFromGod4U Prije 5 sati
YES!!! 💜💜💜💜
I'm Mystery
I'm Mystery Prije dan
@Sandvich Man I though it was more because it's a taboo topic and she doesn't have the same stance as the rest of her family, you can see the fear, sadness, and sympathy in her eyes when she asks Maribel if she understands, at least that's how I saw it.
TheStarbrina85 Prije dan
bart Prije 2 dana
i think it’s just that they are kind of whispering
M. L.c.
M. L.c. Prije 3 dana
zasetuio xasetuio casetuio vasetuio basetuio nasetuio masetuio lasetuio asetuio zasetuio xasetuio casetuio vasetuio basetuio nasetuio masetuio
Maya Ritz
Maya Ritz Prije 9 sati
I love how when Isabella is singing Maribel has just the most irritated look it's so 🤣🤣🤣
Rachel Arnold
Rachel Arnold Prije 5 sati
They need a show to have character development for everyone of these characters! I want to see more of them. I would much rather have a sequel to this than Moana.
Shadow Viper
Shadow Viper Prije 7 sati
I like how during the whole song you can hear the characters footsteps, clothes naturally moving, etc. (Especially during the start of the song)
CHUBUMPKINS76 Prije 6 sati
I love how bruno is chilling in the background in the balcony when delores is doing her solo. Grooving to the beat!
Joshua Fagan
Joshua Fagan Prije 17 dana
I appreciate how Dolores' verse is the most empathetic and understanding because she's actually been listening to Bruno, while the others rely on their fears or on rumors they heard.
Mehrunnisa Huma
Mehrunnisa Huma Prije sat
well i like every doroles part in this song not to mention that part after Isabella's
ProSec Prije 15 sati
100th reply!
The Mimicker
The Mimicker Prije 15 sati
@° 𝙶𝚊𝚢𝚍𝚎𝚗𝙸𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚝 ° NO!
Helen Tabberner
Helen Tabberner Prije 21 sat
It all fades to black
Facis 117
Facis 117 Prije 22 sati
@Tova this would make sense but how would he be able to turn into him if he’s never seen him before
Lia Reis
Lia Reis Prije 8 sati
I just love all of Felix's expressions before they start performing
Rebecca Prije 5 sati
I like at the end when everyone is dancing and twirling around Maribel, and then Luisa trudges in looking all depressed lol
anonymous Prije 4 sati
To be honest, this is the best song, since let it go. Everybody in this movie, deserves a raise for their performance.
fwaffle Prije 6 sati
I like how crispy and soft Dolores’s voice is. It makes sense since I think she has super hearing or something.
Nikki Fleur
Nikki Fleur Prije 22 dana
Mirabel’s gift is transporting everyone into musical numbers
Chime Chime
Chime Chime Prije 9 sati
No cap that'd be an amazing gift if the songs were all this good
The Anonymous Bunny
Aura Buensuceso
Aura Buensuceso Prije dan
And stopping time hahaha
Aladino cave
Aladino cave Prije dan
lol I said the same thing XD
Ariette Hung
Ariette Hung Prije dan
Yeah I thought her gift would be music!!
Pineapple 86
Pineapple 86 Prije 7 sati
I just realized something while listening to this for the 100th time, if you're listening with headphones or earbuds, at 1:30 if you're listening with the right one, you can hear more of Camillo's voice and the others are toned down and it makes you love his voice even more ❤. The same can be said at 1:53 with the background characters, you can hear their voice more. And when everyone is singing together with and individual bud one you can hear everyone's voices without the instrumentals
5h4n1k5 Prije 8 sati
3:16 when Isabella starts singing "I'm fine, I'm fine" you can visibly see the panic on her face. Probably due to all the pressure she gets from her abuela...
Ty Phinisey
Ty Phinisey Prije 8 sati
I’m wondering why no one’s talking about where Dolores came from. At the end when Mirabel is putting the vision together, the fish bowl lady appears dancing behind Mirabel then she changes to Dolores at the end.
—Just Bella—
—Just Bella— Prije 8 sati
My favorite part is in the end of the song where they all start singing their parts together. It just harmonizes so beautifully
Brian Burkett
Brian Burkett Prije 15 dana
Dolores’s verse hits the hardest. She’s the only person to realize that Bruno struggled with his gift. The only person who didn’t vilify him. Dolores deserves the world.
luvlydvisy Prije 19 sati
@dre p what part??
guerney2000 Prije dan
Of course she didn't vivify him, Bruno gave her years of entertainment while she was listening to his rat telenovelas
sakthi sd
sakthi sd Prije dan
@fox she sings "grew to live in fear of bruno stuttering and stumbling". She doesn't know he lives behind the wall. She just hears him behind the walls and it scares her. She can hear anything a mile away but her power isn't to know the distance of the source of the sound.
And then Camillio's part is the exact opposite
Qiqi Prije 2 dana
i mastered her verse
Felix and camilos voices are the actual best thing I've heard in a while
Gbhemmy Prije 9 sati
‘Hey sis, I want not a sound out of you’ There’s something about that line and the way isabelle moves while singing it that I love so much! It reminds me of that part in Frozen where Elsa was walking on the balcony of her Ice palace singing ‘Let it go’ Except it’s done much better in Encanto
Earth Eater
Earth Eater Prije 8 sati
I love how Bruno is just dancing in the background during Dolores part
LEE PAGE Prije 7 sati
Did you know you can enjoy this song without hating on Frozen? It doesn’t make you any special.
Eli Kubrick
Eli Kubrick Prije 3 sati
I've seen no comments hating on Frozen homie, but whatever makes you happy.
LEE PAGE Prije 3 sati
@Agnes S you burned me so hard I’m crying now
LEE PAGE Prije 3 sati
@Wutzit Tooya you’re so special then.
Wutzit Tooya
Wutzit Tooya Prije 4 sati
What if I always hated Frozen, though? 😧
Helena Koerner
Helena Koerner Prije 5 sati
@Agnes S I should say the same about your opinion.
Luis Carofilis
Luis Carofilis Prije dan
Man, everyone talks about how great the song is, but the choreography is on another level. Everyone moves with amazing moves, especially Felix and Dolores.
María José Silva Perez
Luis te adoro
Kev Rink
Kev Rink Prije 13 sati
@NotBlazeRBLX his movements and showing how everyone saw Bruno. And his solo was cool
NotBlazeRBLX Prije 19 sati
What about camilo? Its amazing too
Gacha ChłøeC
Gacha ChłøeC Prije 20 sati
how did you get 3.4k likes in 11 hours!?!?
Bought With A Price
Bought With A Price Prije 21 sat
@Pascal Motard Yes! And whoever was responsible for the computer work/animation that makes them so appealing is AMAZING! 🤗💖
Sad Sader • 100 years ago
This song deserves an Oscar!
k i y o o m i
k i y o o m i Prije 8 sati
the whole song is fantastic but camilo’s part is just beautiful -
That Guy
That Guy Prije 2 sati
I just love how toward the end of we can here the family say “he’s here” (their talking about Mariano) but it still makes for excellent foreshadowing.
Lisa Hamilton
Lisa Hamilton Prije 9 sati
I like how the dad was not involved but in the time they say “it’s time for dinner” he just pops in😭🤪
Hawaii Chizek19
Hawaii Chizek19 Prije 23 dana
This song is an absolute masterpiece, but it’s too bad Dolores and Camilo didn’t get their own songs because their voices are seriously SO GOOD!
Perfected UI
Perfected UI Prije 12 sati
John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Jesus Christ died and rose again so that we can be forgiven of our sins and not receive the eternal punishment of hell. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ.
Quenttrix Prije 7 dana
It’s really a shame
DeluxeTux5249 Prije 7 dana
Camilo had 10 minutes of screen time, and his shape shifting was mostly used for Loony Toon Gags So much potential...
FreeSpiritPaulette Prije 8 dana
FreeSpiritPaulette Prije 8 dana
Future EDM!
Future EDM! Prije 2 sati
This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored.
🌸Lilynn's Corner 🌸
Lol I love how Mirabel is still slightly dancing while Peppa is singing despite looking very worried.
fifiyq Prije 3 sati
will NEVER get fed up with this song.
JC Prije 4 sati
The song title: "We Don't Talk About Bruno" The whole song: Let's all talk about Bruno I love this song as well as What Else Can I Do ❤️
ma lak
ma lak Prije 21 dan
The only bad thing about this movie is that it wasn't long enough to put a song for each family member. I love how everyone agrees that Dolores and Camilo deserve their own songs.
Cat with human hands
@POV:you are yashiro i think maybe Camilo's song could be about how he struggles with only being the jokester of the family and looking for his identity. and maybe Dolores could be about how overwhelming her gift can be, since she hears absolutely everything
ma lak
ma lak Prije 3 dana
@Bacon Hair they are everywhere. We can't escape. Nobody is safe. Look behind you.
Bacon Hair
Bacon Hair Prije 4 dana
Why is there a comment bot invasion here?
FBI Open Up
FBI Open Up Prije 5 dana
Listen to Camilo's reprise, it's a fan song but it's incredibly well done. It focuses on his own insecurities, while including his mom and Dolores in the song
ma lak
ma lak Prije 5 dana
@Jill Deo I think it has more to do with the amount of time they had and the vibe they wanted to give off of the movie. I mean, even in Broadway there are tons of musicals that have regular dialogue so it's not that unusual.
Ba-conic Prije 3 sati
Dolores voice is so soothing and calm I love that character.
Midnight Gacha
Midnight Gacha Prije 3 sati
I love the part when they say "WE DON'T TALK ABOUT BRUNO"
soidraws Prije 9 sati
this is the only song ive had on loop sm without getting sick of it 🥰
Evie Loves Ponays
Evie Loves Ponays Prije 3 sati
I still can't get over the songs and animation from this movie- absolutely amazing!!
aqua kit.
aqua kit. Prije 23 dana
I love how Bruno's "mischievous grin" is really him just being an awkward goofball by trying to make a (badly timed) joke about how nervous Pepa seemed.
BluMacawe Prije sat
@Manar gh330 Highly recommended.
Mehul Chauhan
Mehul Chauhan Prije sat
I am a comment noe
britney b
britney b Prije 2 sati
Sierillanas Bananas
Sierillanas Bananas Prije 3 sati
The smile is the face of a brother trying to prank you
idiotbox Prije 4 sati
“I am Jorge, I make the spackle”
Paula Catalan
Paula Catalan Prije 3 sati
1 year later, we will remember this masterpiece. EVERYONE sings this song 😭😭💜💗💖😌
Paige Prije 4 sati
Camilo’s vocals with the rest of the family after his part is so good omggg!!! Also when he does the variation on “he sees your dreams, feasts on your screams” right before the end.
GC Prije 3 sati
I wonder if Disney will do some covers for the Encanto songs, as they did for Frozen with Demi L,.Moana with Alessia Cara, Zootopia with Shakira and more... This soundtrack actually deserves it!
Dora En boots
Dora En boots Prije 9 sati
I love that when dolores sings u can see bruno in the backround vibing
Dolores Prije 11 dana
I love how everyone is singing while Luisa is literally sobbing
Belle-the Disney princess
@Dolores Madrigal don’t worry it’s not mirabel it’s belle I was pretending to be her so I can scare y’all
DonnieDarko Requiem
You can hear Isabella fake “I’m fine I’m fine” in the end. Beautiful detail.
aeuagh Prije dan
Did anyone notice that in the ending part isabela sings 'and I'm fine and I'm fine and I'm fine, I'm fine' while looking unhappy? idk I think its good foreshadowing to when she later sings about how she feels
Belle-the Disney princess
@Dolores Madrigal don’t worry I’m not mirabel it’s moana I was pretending to be her to scare y’all
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores Madrigal Prije 9 dana
@Belle-the Disney princess mirabel why do you have HRburn? Now I’m scared if abuela has it
Alexis Torrez
Alexis Torrez Prije 5 sati
This song is on REPEAT for my son 1 year old to go to sleep lol. My kids are obsessed with this song! Well We all are lol!!! Thank you Disney for an awesome movie!
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Prije 3 sati
1:15 - 1:35 hands down best 20 seconds of the entire movie !
Lara Wilson
Lara Wilson Prije 6 sati
I love when he says "when he calls your name" it's just I can't get over it
Ch Ay
Ch Ay Prije 8 sati
A vocal coach HRburnr (H of the stage) reacting to this song explained the specific term of the part where everybody sing their own lines at same time is called MADRIGAL !😱 (even though it’s traditionally done acapella)That’s genius 👌🏾😅. Imo there’s no way this movie will not end up with an Oscar …there’s so much good stuffs in it.
Antonietta Bombardelli
We have the same noun in Italian, madrigale, it originated during the Renaissance.
TimeBucks Prije 21 dan
This animation is so mesmerizing and gorgeous
B. Prije 21 sat
This is not a animation nub
Landon P
Landon P Prije 2 dana
Crisis Moon
Crisis Moon Prije 5 dana
Verified user = free likes
Sajahan sk Sk
Sajahan sk Sk Prije 9 dana
雨. Prije 10 dana
arcane too
GC Prije 3 sati
I wonder if Disney will do some covers for the Encanto songs, as they did for Frozen with Demi L,.Moana with Alessia Cara, Zootopia with Shakira and more... This soundtrack actually deserves it! 🤯
Makayla Ernst
Makayla Ernst Prije 6 sati
Delores is just an angel, and I loved her and her voice!
GC Prije 3 sati
You don't feel you're watching a movie, you feel in a stage
Bongus Prije 3 sati
I love how at the end everyone is like dancing and singing while luisa is standing there and crying
Cyber Criminal
Cyber Criminal Prije 23 dana
I like how smart the lyrics are in terms of fitting the character. Not only the manner of talking, but the way they view Bruno. Pepa is his sister, and she was an adult when he left so she remembers everything clearly and isn't afraid of him, Isabela and Dolores remember him vaguely bc they were still young, and Camilo imagines him as a mystical and scary creature bc he was a little kid. Besides, Camilo and Mirabel have very different visions of him despite being around the same age, I think bc Camilo's mom is holding a grudge on him and projects this on her kids, while Julietta is neutral. Also no one talked about Isabela's part. When everyone is singing about how Bruno predicted something bad, to her he predicted that "the life of her dreams would soon be hers". Simply bc the life of her dreams wasn't what everyone thought. Great foreshadowing.
DeluxeTux5249 Prije 7 dana
The thing is, I don't think Camilo is making much up. "7 feet tall" to a 5 year old lol And he does have a thing for rats. His appearance is also right
Cyber Criminal
Cyber Criminal Prije 10 dana
@Jam Yeah I've been thinking that too. Pepa doesn't seem mad when Bruno comes back, so I think she was just hurt when he left but tried to hide it.
ghostmemeboi Prije 11 dana
@raphnoble808 I also think Isabela's prophecy was negative, to her perfection and growing power is bad because it was so much pressure on her.
Jam Prije 14 dana
No but like, is Pepa holding an actual grudge or just a sisterly grudge? I feel like she wasn't actually mad for that many years but I know as a sister, whenever I tell someone about what my brother has wrongly done to me (even if it wasn't super bad) I do act like I'm upset about it even tho it was years ago. And those feelings have gone away of course. Because Felix is super happy and having fun telling the story, but I don't think he'd act that way if he knew his wife was actually upset (we've seen how serious he is when his wife is upset)
Lil Marvee
Lil Marvee Prije 16 dana
@alexandrite's blindfold
Sara Miller
Sara Miller Prije 4 sati
I legit cried when I saw that Bruno made his own plate so we can still feel apart of the family because he loves them 🥺 and even more so when his sisters and mom just hugged him and were SO happy he was back 😭😭😭
Hazelasil Prije 2 sati
I love how Dolores is singing quietly so Bruno doesn’t hear and then Camilo is just like SEVEN FOOT FRAME-
Nicholas Guzman
Nicholas Guzman Prije 7 sati
I Definitely love that you can see Bruno up stairs in the back ground sneaking around and then starts vibing to Dolores/Mirabels part of the song.
VideoGAG Prije 8 sati
is it safe to say this is one of if not the best disney song?
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini Prije 23 dana
I love that even when she’s confused or uncomfortable Mirabel still dances
j_m1234 Prije 3 dana
Me when i lie
Phantom Prije 4 dana
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ this movie is really great sooo
Angelica Neisa
Angelica Neisa Prije 6 dana
Colombian !!!
mzxkin Prije 6 dana
@Emma 💀💀💀
My McNubgets
My McNubgets Prije 6 dana
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ i respect your opinion, now id like to share mine and says that it is irrelevant as a comparison given they are voice actors not actual actors. And most disney actors are supposed to be overly enthusiastic thats the whole premise.
GC Prije 3 sati
I wonder if Disney will do some covers for the Encanto songs, as they did for Frozen with Demi L,.Moana with Alessia Cara, Zootopia with Shakira and more... This soundtrack actually deserves it! 🤯
GC Prije 3 sati
I wonder if Disney will do some covers for the Encanto songs, as they did for Frozen with Demi L,.Moana with Alessia Cara, Zootopia with Shakira and more... This soundtrack actually deserves it! 🤯
Jake Lane
Jake Lane Prije 5 sati
They don't talk about Bruno... But they can sing about him.
SimplyStella Prije 7 sati
1:15 Camilo is SOOOO underrated like- HIS VOICE IS JUST AMAZING
Namiko さだ
Namiko さだ Prije 18 dana
Dolores and Camilo deserved their own songs- They nailed their parts.
Y o u
Y o u Prije dan
Ch ch ch-
ツツ𑁍 Tutu𑁍
ツツ𑁍 Tutu𑁍 Prije 3 dana
✰ 2022NINA ✰
✰ 2022NINA ✰ Prije 3 dana
What time is Camilo part ?
Deborah Chorlton
Deborah Chorlton Prije 3 dana
I agree
Jellyka Prije 3 dana
@Y. B. samee and Dolores my second favorite ✨
Destiany Prije 6 sati
When I first watched this movie I freaking loved it. It nice to see other people loved it too, I didn't expect it to blow up as much as it did, Honestly i expected it to be underrated, im so glad it isn't and it's appreciated. The songs are the best, All the characters are likable, The animation is beautiful. Whats not to like
everythingnns 46
everythingnns 46 Prije 2 sati
Am I the only one who loves isabela solo part? Then the bridge after it. Wow so perfect 💗
Hood Prije 9 sati
For them not talking about bruno, they sure do talk about bruno.
KV8 Prije 8 sati
Wao esta cancion ya es tendecia, y ademas supero la cancion de "let it go" (libre soy). Como amo esta hermosa cancion ❤❤❤❤
SoggyPotato Prije 21 dan
I don't think people are appreciating the sound design enough here. Everything is so crisp and during Dolores' verse, you can hear their clothes rustle and the click of their footsteps!
Beluga’s sister
Beluga’s sister Prije 14 sati
Yea and also the glasses 👓
Andie Allison
Andie Allison Prije 3 dana
Everyone is.
squidmochi Prije 3 dana
@💜 Mxddie and MayMay ❤️ It's probably to represent her accelerated hearing since she can probably hear EVERYTHING thats going on in the house
InnerAtanih Prije 5 dana
Literally everyone is pointing it out lol
god jihyo's apostle
god jihyo's apostle Prije 5 dana
the sound design is top tier
Article Particle
Article Particle Prije 6 sati
I absolutely love looking at the facial expressions. Crazy how animation has come since you story.
pepita Prije 8 sati
I’ve seen no one else mention this but at 3:06 where Abuela says “Oye Marianos on his way” she actually goes on to say “…to make the match of my dreams.” It’s hard to hear but she does say something after the Mariano line.
Brianna Robinson
Brianna Robinson Prije 8 sati
Encanto just came out but I already want a sequel.
The AntKnight
The AntKnight Prije 8 sati
Just realized, during Dolores' part, Bruno is just vibin on the second floor
Lemon - Pop
Lemon - Pop Prije 14 dana
You gotta understand I can NOT get over Dolores' part. Her voice, her dance, the camera angles, her hand movements, her FOOTSTEPS and shoes clacking in beat with the music! It's all perfect!
LynLyn Prije 5 sati
Her facial expressions too. Especially her concerned look at "do you understand". The animators, voice actors, producers, writers, etc deserve EVERYTHING.
Blue Geen
Blue Geen Prije dan
@Mr.Cowboykat duh 😭 that’s why all the little details are so impressive!
695 Gaming
695 Gaming Prije dan
Bruno is background of that part
Sanuja Jagoda
Sanuja Jagoda Prije 3 dana
I know right?! I keep coming back to this song just for her part and the little dance she does with Mirabel 😍
Nina Reviews Things
Nina Reviews Things Prije 4 dana
And Bruno dancing at the background 😂
Rickya Jones
Rickya Jones Prije 9 sati
I love how she trying to seriously find out what happened to Bruno but can't not dance to them singing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jinxa Jinx
Jinxa Jinx Prije sat
My favorite detail is when Deloris is singing the sounds of her and Maribel is louder than it normally would be
bluebug Prije 5 sati
Everyone’s always talking about Dolores and Camilo’s parts, but Isabela’s part is literally so amazing to me😭
The Unquie's
The Unquie's Prije 8 sati
At 2:33 when Dolores says "I can hear him now" I believe that she's hearing Bruno sing along with them😂
mckinley Prije dan
Obsessed with Dolores and Camilo's parts. Not just the song, but the ANIMATION. Wow. The dancing, the movement, the lighting.... amazing atmosphere.
mckinley Prije 4 sati
Wow, I posted this comment yesterday. Glad to see so many people who agree. Today I've been caught up on watching the Dolores part and hearing the tapping that goes along to the melody; it's such a treat and I'm kinda sad that it's not on the official soundtrack. Just another reason why watching it with the visuals is better!
Ahrr Ess
Ahrr Ess Prije 13 sati
Never thought I’d like the choreography in an animation
Asti kusuma putri
Asti kusuma putri Prije 13 sati
mirabels part on wanting to know about bruno is amazing too with the growling vocal
sweethoneybug1 Prije 14 sati
If Dolores is the girl with dark hair and red bandana then SAMME
Madison Galiardo
Madison Galiardo Prije 14 sati
camilo’s part is my favorite of the whole song
Klon Klep
Klon Klep Prije 5 sati
I like how they make Bruno seem like a bad guy But really he is like the goofy uncle
Chance Prije 6 sati
i love how Dolores' verse you can just see Bruno creeping around in the back, and when she says "do you understand" hes just vibin
Mariella Gil
Mariella Gil Prije 8 sati
You can actually see Bruno listening around 1:06 and then jamming at 1:13 😆
Michaela Villanueva
Michaela Villanueva Prije 7 sati
*I’ve listened to this over a thousand times* 😱
Red Screen
Red Screen Prije 4 dana
I love how background noise/sound effects are amplified during Dolores’s verse as if we are getting a taste of her gift
Bxnnyite Prije 3 dana
@•Aquatic_Shadow• it’s Dolores’s foot prints because it lines up with the dance but not with Bruno’s
e g
e g Prije 3 dana
right??? i love the dancing she and mirabel do.
Special Agent Washing Tub
There are a lot of really nice details. The bass absolutely killing it in her second verse, and the first couple recounting their wedding day, but still being really excited tells me they still had a great day.
1mR1ley Prije 3 dana
@Mikeysleftpinkytoe when you listen to it more than q0 times then maybe yes you might notice.
JRhulkBrAiN,dEaD Prije 3 dana
Sam Wisniewski
Sam Wisniewski Prije 3 sati
Just bc this song beat let it go in the charts doesn’t mean it more popular or better there were both in different times
Marie Rose
Marie Rose Prije 4 sati
Has anybody realized that in Dolores's part, Bruno runs across the upper floor, and then he starts vibing along with her part of the song. 💚Love to Bruno💚
Bring on The bleach
Camilo's part at 1:15 is definitely my favorite, the way it sounds just gives me goosebumps