Inter 3-2 Napoli | A five-goal thriller at San Siro | Serie A 2021/22 

Serie A
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A thrilling match kept both fans and neutrals alike on the edge of their seats until the final whistle | Serie A 2021/22

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21. Stu 2021.



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Gio’ Prije dan
Pronostico NAPOLI - LAZIO
The Special One
The Special One Prije 15 sati
Needn't, napoli win
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi Prije 2 dana
Chase the top position was interesting when napoli and milan got their first defeat in serie a this season...
eilois Prije 2 dana
as an Inter Fan this kind of play might not be the best performance. Those 2 goals at top corner by Napoli is awesome, that's how you do it when defense is solid, vs. our goal... well a win is a win.
NEXT GUY Prije 3 dana
Nobody deserved to lose
ZoVoZ Prije 3 dana
some guy777
some guy777 Prije 3 dana
Serie A is so underrated, from a Real Madrid fan.
Hisoka Morow♠️
Hisoka Morow♠️ Prije 3 dana
What a great game, i m Milan fan but i enjoyed watching this game. This season is fun!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Prije 3 dana
I didn't watch the entire game, but only see it in highlights. However, I'm amazed by the aura.
Dariusz Dariusz
Dariusz Dariusz Prije 3 dana
even szczesy was better
abdi rifki nur
abdi rifki nur Prije 4 dana
Beautiful goal by obafemi mertens 🤩
Peri Sandi
Peri Sandi Prije 4 dana
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy Prije 4 dana
Intel, who is struggling despite losing Lukaku Hakimi, is wonderful.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Prije 3 dana
Đội đầu khó thế 1111
FA PD Prije 4 dana
penalty merchant
K DY Prije 4 dana
mmm... won... but... seems unstable/wrong positions in defense
Антоша Чехонте
Spartak-napoli 2-1
Məhəmməd Əsgərbəyli
Hakan❤️ 1gol1asissist
Wilhelmus Oladoko
Wilhelmus Oladoko Prije 5 dana
Serie A be loved🇮🇹
Victor Ezeakunne
Victor Ezeakunne Prije 5 dana
Hope osihmen is fine🥺
Shalva Chichua
Shalva Chichua Prije 5 dana
forca inter!
Baba Unik
Baba Unik Prije 5 dana
Milan is red
Osmane Ibrahim
Osmane Ibrahim Prije 5 dana
Game of the season so far outstanding performance from both sides
Billy Londo
Billy Londo Prije 5 dana
Coupe de etat mission is On!!
Baba Unik
Baba Unik Prije 5 dana
yadi galing
yadi galing Prije 5 dana
The best inter...
Manaz Prije 5 dana
Osimhen injured, Anguissa injured and we lost 3-2. Bye Scudetto :(
Long Pham
Long Pham Prije 5 dana
Đội đầu khó thế 1111
Muhammad Irwansyah
Muhammad Irwansyah Prije 5 dana
Forza inter
Mehmet Kaya
Mehmet Kaya Prije 5 dana
Calhanoglu 💪💪💪💪
Dosu Israel
Dosu Israel Prije 5 dana
The love for the Late Legend MARADONA, from Napoli is unbelievable and unbeatable having his image on the Jersey is one of a kind.
Shteno Prije 5 dana
After EPL, there's absolutely no doubt that Serie A is both the best, and the most attractive & competitive league in the world! Yes, the overall quality with LaLiga & Bundes is VERY, EXTREMELY SIMILAR! However, the very (justified) fact that Serie A has its "Se7en Sisters", plus (at least) 4 to 5 other (additional) teams that could win each one of the Se7en Sisters - every now and then, of course! NOT on a regular basis - is yet another example & proof that besides being very entertaining (from the season 2015/16 till this one, 3 times, Serie A was the most goal prolific league, twice 2nd and once 3rd. The number of goals per game doesn't reveal it all, but it speaks quite enough! I To use a bit |different" words, Serie A is simply full with quality, young players (The players below 23 made more than 25% of all the players...) and above all, VERY HIGH LEVEL of competitiveness... all of these things make it Europe's best league, after EPL! Sorry LaLiga - someone had to wake you up from your fairytale dream that LaLiga is the best! - the same goes to Bundes (but Germans are much more realistic people & aren't deluding themselves that they're better or equal with another league, when it's (very) obvious that it's not the case!) So.... Best wishes and regards to all the other Serie A "co-lovers", and let's enjoy the next weekend's great matches that are upon us! Dimitri from Macedonia!
Bang Ipul
Bang Ipul Prije 5 dana
The best moment serie A in the year
Chirag Gera
Chirag Gera Prije 5 dana
What a match!!
Muslimin Capilano
Muslimin Capilano Prije 6 dana
Mantap 👍
Ble Prije 6 dana
It could be 3:4. Mertens Why?
ajrizaaa Prije 6 dana
INTER 🔥🔥🔥🖤💙🔥
Jakub Sadowski
Jakub Sadowski Prije 6 dana
Dzięki i łapka w górę.
Arnav Alchatwar
Arnav Alchatwar Prije 6 dana
Serie A is getting more beautiful match by match…….. It is getting elegant
sahin_inter _official
👉 B R A V O 👏👍 l N T E R 🐍🖤💙⚫🔵⚽🏃🥇🏆💪
redcardreels Prije 6 dana
Correa dribble is mesmerizing.
Pleurat Nushi
Pleurat Nushi Prije 6 dana
Serie A, you beauty.
Elang Bintang
Elang Bintang Prije 6 dana
Makin seru aja Liga Serie A ini. Napoli pemuncak klasemen akhirnya takluk ditangan Inter Milan
boss vinny
boss vinny Prije 6 dana
As a Milan fan i can truly say Inter have no keeper. Both Milan keepers are nightmares
Jazzy G Bring down the veils
Moh. Ikbal Hidayatullah
Zank sa
Zank sa Prije 6 dana
thank you intermilan, the points of milan and napoli remain balanced.
mgcini mgcini
mgcini mgcini Prije 6 dana
it was tough game this one
Timothy Onyebuchi
Timothy Onyebuchi Prije 6 dana
You didn't highlight that Napoli's key striker, Victor Osimhen, got seriously injured. He may be out for 1 month and I think the highlight isn't informative enough for someone who didn't watch the game, if such important piece of information is excluded from the highlights. What's the highlight about, the goals scored only or key moments in the game?
franky latupapua
franky latupapua Prije 6 dana
01:59 epic wkwkwk
Se Ti
Se Ti Prije 6 dana
Samir Handanovic 💪🇸🇮💪
Edison Maguiña
Edison Maguiña Prije 6 dana
Lo que se fallo mertens al final, madresita
vincenzo capaldo
vincenzo capaldo Prije 6 dana
afammocc napulita' tadda rimane' ngann
Hamza Musiitwa
Hamza Musiitwa Prije 6 dana
This channel is the best for the top 5 leagues
Fadhli Putra
Fadhli Putra Prije 6 dana
Terima kasih teman satu kontrakan
Jordane Nguyen
Jordane Nguyen Prije 6 dana
MERTENS... you had that chance to equalize..
Gio’ Prije 6 dana
FELIX nuova stella della serie A, analisi di gioco
Arfaaz Arfaaz
Arfaaz Arfaaz Prije 6 dana
Mertens is soo underrated player
Uwa Prije 6 dana
Serie A easily becoming the most entertaining league in the world
Carlos Amauri Dos Santos Arruda
O Napoli merecia melhor sorte na partida. Os dois últimos lances foram incrivelmente não transformados em gol.
Player Cupu
Player Cupu Prije 6 dana
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Prije 6 dana
Serie A in 2021/2022 could be 6 club battle for SERIE A title race.
Tendani Muraga
Tendani Muraga Prije 6 dana
Inter used muti
Dries Mertens😍
Simone Ritch
Simone Ritch Prije 6 dana
Qulo Qulo
Qulo Qulo Prije 6 dana
Counter Napoli itu inter ygy catat catat ✍️
しゃま Prije 6 dana
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas Prije 6 dana
Thank you cousins for making the leading table interesting #ForzaMilan.
Piotr Trypus
Piotr Trypus Prije 6 dana
A thrilling and fascinating game. Football at its finest.
Napoli's run undefeated was gone!!
biguzajames Prije 6 dana to Gboard clipboard, any text you copy will be saved here.
Adil Jakatoore Ahmed
Best match in 2021 that I have watched, brilliant
Nikola Novakovic
Nikola Novakovic Prije 6 dana
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes Prije 6 dana
Jonathan De La Peña
Maradona "para esto pusieron mi cara en su camiseta?"
Uus Sdy
Uus Sdy Prije 6 dana
Forza Inter
Zoyyy_f Prije 6 dana
Tarek El Kurdi
Tarek El Kurdi Prije 6 dana
Am i the only one who got mad when Inzaghi substitued Correa? He was the best on the pitch and we clearly suffered after that.
Fabio Lapponi
Fabio Lapponi Prije 6 dana
opinion about the penalty? seems to me that KK touches the ball with the front arm.... which is attached to the body... or it is my impression?
delick Kanyesigye
delick Kanyesigye Prije 6 dana
Well, Italian is amazing 🔥
N A Prije 6 dana
Forza Inter
Wira el Nino
Wira el Nino Prije 6 dana
Amazing match
EgyptianKing#FSGOUT Prije 6 dana
A great match as expected
Frederico Silva
Frederico Silva Prije 6 dana
what a game :o
Ice nima
Ice nima Prije 6 dana
Who is the Boss...Forza INTER💪💪💪
Virgo Creator Ngawag
From Indonesian 🇮🇩
Virgo Creator Ngawag
Interisti is the best FOREVER
Alesha Anovri
Alesha Anovri Prije 6 dana
tosi inter
tosi inter Prije 6 dana
#Amala 🖤💙
Anto z
Anto z Prije 6 dana
Ac milan 4 inter milan : "thk u bro"
Mads Kenneth
Mads Kenneth Prije 6 dana
That was NOT a penalty... Poor decision... Hands were extremely close to body, so 100% a faulty penalty
football work
football work Prije 6 dana
Whats the website download full video bro
Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir Prije 6 dana
Penalty was fantastic
DEE DUBZ Prije 6 dana
Chadi Osman
Chadi Osman Prije 6 dana
Pedro Cavaco
Pedro Cavaco Prije 6 dana
Internazionale penalty club Pequim
Riot Tv Production
Riot Tv Production Prije 6 dana
ac milan : thank's a lot napoli😊
R S Prije 6 dana
Forza inter
SaWAndre Prije 6 dana
1:39 Muntari
Dico harry
Dico harry Prije 6 dana
Tinggal Selisih 4 poin
Francesco Sisto
Francesco Sisto Prije 6 dana
Beautiful match, The Italian champions hosting a team that has a goal of taking the tricolore off their jersey, first leg was in favor of Inter, can't wait for the second leg at Diego Armando Maradona stadium
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