House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max 

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Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood.

House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.


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House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max

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5. Lis 2021.



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Komentari 27 796   
HBO Max Prije 22 dana
House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.
Abhijeet kumar
Abhijeet kumar Prije 4 dana
Please release in hindi dubbed🇮🇳
Abhijeet kumar
Abhijeet kumar Prije 4 dana
Dubbed in hindi 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Harshit Panwar
Harshit Panwar Prije 5 dana
@MAYANK GHOGHARI bro I am also waiting for this From s4
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog Prije 5 dana
Edon CMT
Edon CMT Prije 5 dana
Gods, Kings, Fire & Blood.
Bat Man
Bat Man Prije sat
This franchise is dead
Leon Watson
Leon Watson Prije sat
I so hope they get this right and continue in the vein and feel of the first 6 seasons of GoT
Patricity Prije 2 sati
I would of been happy to never think about game of thrones again
Rahmathini Official
Rahmathini Official Prije 2 sati
This seems like a more realistic take, I’m loving it
Tom Pilkington
Tom Pilkington Prije 2 sati
Hbo with another lgbtqzyand sometimes x show “we’re here”. Awesome another trans show. Cool!
stephen preston
stephen preston Prije 3 sati
this year will be something to watch. wheel of time. lord of the rings serious and house of the dragon. talk about competition
Emma Göring
Emma Göring Prije 12 minuta
Naw, everyone is gonna laugh hysterically at the blk hobbits and blk dwarves in the new Lotr movies
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Prije 4 sati
At the very least I I really wanted John snow to have a child with wildling and it be born blonde and look like his father. And for one of the dragons to leave eggs wrapped in khalessis dress. Just 1 minute of these two scenes would of made all the difference.
Leisha O'Flinn
Leisha O'Flinn Prije 8 sati
I was reading about this when they still called it project: red gun and I swear, that's a sensationalist title if I ever heard one. And yet... Living up to the hype. 100%.
7 8
7 8 Prije 12 sati
Dreams didn't make us kings, dragons did.
yassi jass
yassi jass Prije 13 sati
hope this one doesnt turn out to be a misogynistic/ orientalist mess like the last one we wont name
G Mulls
G Mulls Prije 15 sati
Let's hope the ending is better than GoT...
Music DK
Music DK Prije 16 sati
Oh my god it’s Doctor Who!
Jessica Chanae
Jessica Chanae Prije 17 sati
*In my Tyra Banks voice: "WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!" 😐😑😒
Jessica Chanae
Jessica Chanae Prije 17 sati
😐😐😐😐 bye..😒
sultan almheiri
sultan almheiri Prije 17 sati
Hardik Sahu
Hardik Sahu Prije 20 sati
I will chose my plan after u release this and it is better than s8
Hardik Sahu
Hardik Sahu Prije 20 sati
I hope its not got season 8 like crap.
Josue Prije 20 sati
No. What’s with all this diversity, this mean they were killed of extinct and it’s a whole mother story but I know that’s not the case
emyF Prije 4 sati
Uhm GOT had diversity cast too..
Emily An
Emily An Prije 22 sati
I see no one bothered that valerian described in books as blond with ashen hair and faeal eyes black
emyF Prije 4 sati
Got wasn't very accurate with targaryen looks either.. They supposed to have silver hair n purple/amethyst eyes.. But the actors had their natural eyes n no lenses
Lithic Prije 23 sati
hmu if u want a good time
bryan flores
bryan flores Prije dan
0:23 I now that the said 200 Year before Game of thornes and that probably its the dance of dragons, but a believe that fat king is Aegon the unworthy with the valerian sword black fire.
Emily An
Emily An Prije 22 sati
I am more like to see essos than westeros, especially the most east side
Swax Prije dan
9.99/per month = No thanks
Jean-Pierre Martinez
ThisTroper Prije dan
So this is how Prince Philip took the Crown.
DragonPixel Prije dan
The throne, the throne , THE F*CKING THRONE
VINCY079 Prije dan
Peço todos os dias a Deus pra estourar uma música 😔
faria fara
faria fara Prije dan
Dear Director, I swear if you ruin this one like the game of throne. I will curse your industry to fall and go bankrupt. I still couldn't get over GOT.
Only Nyero
Only Nyero Prije dan
Matt Smith 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Nick Wyatt
Nick Wyatt Prije dan
FINALLY! Best news I've heard tv wise in a very long time. Now let's finally get peaky blinders and get warrior renewed I'm happy as can be.
Manisha Dogra
Manisha Dogra Prije dan
Wow I am so excited
seba vm
seba vm Prije dan
GeneralPatton88 Prije dan
"Game of Thrones" is just a nice way of saying "Game of Toilets".
Deano spleeno
Deano spleeno Prije dan
Do I really want to invest hours into a show where they can't be bothered to finish it with any love and refuse to acknowledge the awful end result and then expect everyone to be over the moon about this? Not really. All a it meh.
Shubham joshi
Shubham joshi Prije dan
Dreams doesn't make us King Dragons did that's Rob Stark voice right?
Anjelica Snorcket
It's Matt Smith who plays Daemon.
Raja Yadav
Raja Yadav Prije dan
Can we have in Hindi version
Ludna Prije dan
I am more like to see essos than westeros, especially the most east side
James Klopp
James Klopp Prije dan
Black guy as a Targaryen? 😂🤦
Casper Malmborg
Casper Malmborg Prije 23 sati
@FilmGamer HUN - A játék és filmkedvelők csatornája Still pale skinned in the books though
FilmGamer HUN - A játék és filmkedvelők csatornája
Thats not a targaryen damn thats a pirate! And a side house
Garbage series.
Miriam Munuera
Miriam Munuera Prije dan
Yesss!! 🤩
Agent Cobalt
Agent Cobalt Prije dan
Guys listen... it could be good
Charming nowhere to hide
I see no one bothered that valerian described in books as blond with ashen hair and faeal eyes black
Douglas Lima
Douglas Lima Prije dan
Acho que essa Série Game of Thrones - Casa do Dragão vai mostrar A Queda da Casa aTargaryen é a Quase extinção dos Dragões. Já que essa Série se passa 200 anos antes de Game of Thrones! 👀👀........
Chuba Longchar
Chuba Longchar Prije dan
We shall have our redemption.
Charming nowhere to hide
Im good thanks
Bradley Hammer
Bradley Hammer Prije 2 dana
I mean it's a prequel like we know who wins lol
Iwan Prije dan
SpyJak Prije 2 dana
Some of y’all need to get over it 😂 show was awesome
Troy B
Troy B Prije 2 dana
As long as they stick with the source material. Like literally, you could drag the reign of one of the kings for literally a whole season or two.
Lucky Canadian
Lucky Canadian Prije 2 dana
All reservations aside, I like the added detail of the extra swords around the Iron Throne, brings it closer to the books
Ronan Hawkins
Ronan Hawkins Prije 2 dana
Is thisfake?
Alex Gardner
Alex Gardner Prije 2 dana
Just the doctor on another shenanigan
Jesus Muñoz
Jesus Muñoz Prije 2 dana
Who's ready for incest and dragons
Rafael Durães
Rafael Durães Prije 2 dana
I’m already seeing the first episode starting with flashbacks of Aegon the conqueror and his sisters with the music of house targaryen in the background 😎
Alfi Artya Diwanda
Alfi Artya Diwanda Prije 2 dana
Joffrey: "Dreams didn't make me king, my mom did"
Chris Huff
Chris Huff Prije 2 dana
“Gods, kings, and…..a blue police box
Akky Prije 2 dana
S8 gave me such a foul taste in my mouth that I'm finding it really hard to feel anything for this spin off.
ZEHERILLA Prije 2 dana
Free bus travel for women in delhi, how is that not sexism ?
Alex HH
Alex HH Prije 2 dana
If the islanders have Targaryen blood in them, why aren't they mixed race? It's besides the point, though. There's no justification for them being another race. Colour-blind casting ruins immersion and it's getting ridiculous.
Donkimas SlowMo
Donkimas SlowMo Prije 2 dana
14.000 people are who was executed by Targaryens.
Parker DW
Parker DW Prije 2 dana
Im good thanks
R Prije 2 dana
Mr. Suzuka
Mr. Suzuka Prije 2 dana
Why not just finsih the original series before going on to make spin offs.... R.R martin is a sham. He doesnt care about the books or the fans he just want that Fat HBO check.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Prije 2 dana
the Dragon! 😭😤
love story sangram
love story sangram Prije 2 dana
मेरी आँखों में झाँकने से पहले जरा सोच लीजिये ऐ हुजूर... जो हमने पलके झुका ली तो कयामत होगी...। और हमने नजरें मिला ली तो मुहब्बत होगी...।
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Prije 2 dana
watch the 4 phenomenal early seasons with the knowledge that none of the subplots were satisfyingly concluded. I'm keeping my expectations very, very low for the time bein
MumbleCity ASMR
MumbleCity ASMR Prije 2 dana
Me trying to figure out where all the dragon skulls that are supposed to line the throne-room are 🧐🧐 Also pretty bummed there won’t be any dragons 😞
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket Prije 2 dana
There will be 17 dragons. Were we ever told when the dragon skulls are moved into the throne room? I can only remember that Robert moved them out.
EPC Studios
EPC Studios Prije 2 dana
Can the next series be about the white walkers first attack? In my opinion the white walkers were the most interesting enemy in the show
EPC Studios
EPC Studios Prije 2 dana
@M. AZUL how
M. AZUL Prije 2 dana
That was literally the boring arc of the show
EPC Studios
EPC Studios Prije 2 dana
@Anjelica Snorcket bastards
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket Prije 2 dana
They filmed a pilot for that, but decided not to go ahead with it. So, probably not.
Dalin Jorgenson
Dalin Jorgenson Prije 2 dana
Someone make Martin finish the books please. There is another Dragon (Targaryen) at the end of book 5. Otherwise I will do fandom the rest like Twilight
Wave Sangram
Wave Sangram Prije 2 dana
फूल बनकर मुस्कुराना ज़िंदगी है, मुस्कुरा के ग़म भुलाना ज़िंदगी है, मिल कर खुश हुए तो क्या हुआ, बिना मिले रिश्ते निभाना ज़िंदगी है !!
All gaming YT
All gaming YT Prije 2 dana
Dreams did not make king dragons did♥️♥️♥️
TheTabaK23 Prije 3 dana
I am never watching game of thrones spin offs until they remake season 8
wafflefries19 Prije 3 dana
Remember when you guys ruined the show the entire world was in love with
Ola hu Uber
Ola hu Uber Prije 3 dana
Hope they stay loyal to books this time.
Andrés Fernández
Andrés Fernández Prije 3 dana
This is not Game of Thrones, grow up you stupid fan boys, this is HOUSE OF THE DRAGON.
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket Prije 2 dana
It's the same story. It ultimately leads to the exact same place. It's all connected, mate.
tHeWasTeDYouTh Prije 3 dana
House Velayrion are black......what
TheFarmer Prije 3 dana
Quiero ser uno de los primeros en ver esta pelicula, saludos desde Colombia ❤
Ezzequiiel :]
Ezzequiiel :] Prije 2 dana
Es serie.
Magnet Prije 3 dana
Are D&D making this? If so, RIP before it even had a chance.
FilmGamer HUN - A játék és filmkedvelők csatornája
No, the best directors of Seaspm 1-2-3-4-5-6 so not
Pinank Prije 3 dana
No , Don't Worry✌🏻
RubherDuck Prije 3 dana
Another red wedding approaches maybe 🤔 nah maybe the show wont take it far. Now that i say that its probably true.
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket Prije 2 dana
A Queen gets eaten by a dragon in the book. Not exactly a Red Wedding but...
zzginigzz Prije 3 dana
i going to have a very hard time watching this with what happened to daenerys
zzginigzz Prije 3 dana
valar dohaeris
d R
d R Prije 3 dana
Now let's hope they have some competent showrunners who aren't going to get bored of the series during its most climactic moments. GoT failed so miserably that I can't even watch the 4 phenomenal early seasons with the knowledge that none of the subplots were satisfyingly concluded. I'm keeping my expectations very, very low for the time being...
Mike Kilburn
Mike Kilburn Prije 3 dana
Give it up.
Tanveer Malik
Tanveer Malik Prije 3 dana
Lots of salty and funny comments about season 8, which ofc are all fair. Season 8 was terrible. I would just like people to keep in mind, that Martin's world of a Song of Ice and Fire is home to multiple amazing stories, just like Tolkien's LOTR. This is one of them and full of potential to dazzle us through our tv screens.
Ислам Рахматуллаев
black targarien. maybe the parents didnt tell him not to play with the drogons
tHeWasTeDYouTh Prije 3 dana
looked at the the coat of arms and it is a seahorse so it must be House Velaryon who are also Valyrians like the Targerian. yeah it is insane I laughed at them being black
AnhkaTheAnaMain Prije 3 dana
Coonalisa Prije 3 dana
where is the dragon we want the damn dragon
ThatGuyYKnow Prije 3 dana
Lucia Prije 3 dana
I'm curious to see what the ratings are because many of my friends who watched GoT have no interest in this show.
George Mihai
George Mihai Prije 3 dana
"Dreams didn't make us kings,dragons did". Uhm no. Hodor made kings because you know he HO l DOR.
aLeXx1314 Prije 3 dana
Boy I can't w8 to see Rhaenyra getting chomped by Sunfyre!
Temuge Bagira
Temuge Bagira Prije 3 dana
I reeaaaallly hope this is as good as the first 4 seasons of GoT
Benjamin Freedom
Benjamin Freedom Prije 3 dana
Thought i was done after the finale but sign me up!!!
Sharry Prije 3 dana
LKN Oni-Gami
LKN Oni-Gami Prije 3 dana
Watch it end about the same, not knowing how.
Justin Arellano
Justin Arellano Prije 3 dana
Is it just me or Ramsay Bolton was doing the monologue???
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket Prije 3 dana
Matt Smith
Nairisan Gaming
Nairisan Gaming Prije 3 dana
Nothing really matters to me since Dany and her dragons die out anyway :( ....i would kill for this show if Dany would not die in its just lame
GAMING HOUR Prije 3 dana
Remake GOT
Z Prije 3 dana
Hope the don’t F this one up
tHeWasTeDYouTh Prije 3 dana
well house Velaryon are brothas even though they are from Valyria
Adarsh Kumar
Adarsh Kumar Prije 3 dana
What's the point? At the end we will be disappointed
Liki kambu
Liki kambu Prije 3 dana
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