I Broke The Long Jump World Record Unofficially 

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I Broke The Long Jump World Record Unofficially

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25. Lis 2021.



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scott jennings
scott jennings Prije 7 sekundi
My dad's friend had a 60 inch vertical so stop bringing hate
Antonieo Davis
Antonieo Davis Prije 21 sat
But you’re making HRburn videos 🤔
Byron Braue
Byron Braue Prije dan
Giovanny Gaytan
Giovanny Gaytan Prije dan
You can be destroyed
Landon Mcallister
Usain bolt is the fastest person in the world
JP Prije 2 dana
My man needs to be humbled
Jirah Baker
Jirah Baker Prije 2 dana
You’re not
E Ea
E Ea Prije 2 dana
If your the greatest athlete in the world why didn’t you do all sports
Lane Wines
Lane Wines Prije 2 dana
Shut the fuck stop bragging no one likes you there are so many more people that are more athletic
Chiefsfanryder15 Prije 2 dana
Bruh literally used a ramp to jump so don’t even
Gray Hill
Gray Hill Prije 3 dana
Dude he is just a god from heaven
Buxx_Buxx Prije 3 dana
Being able to jump high and run fast doesn’t mean your the best ever
Jordaine Rose
Jordaine Rose Prije dan
Can u do any of it
Poop Prije 4 dana
Yeah but where the soccer huh?
Xayvion Morris
Xayvion Morris Prije 4 dana
You not
Mr.scooter kid
Mr.scooter kid Prije 4 dana
Is it just me or what because I got 4.06
Mr.scooter kid
Mr.scooter kid Prije 4 dana
He got 4.11
Jordan Leitch
Jordan Leitch Prije 4 dana
You’re not fast and Jordan back with new tracks
Brian O’Reilly
Brian O’Reilly Prije 4 dana
Skate on ice skates faster the Conner Mcdavid, then you will be the best athlete in the world.
XxOverloadxX Prije 5 dana
emans_high Prije 5 dana
bruh just got the olympics at this point
FreshFire88 Prije 5 dana
Your a jack of all traits
Turbo Jack
Turbo Jack Prije 5 dana
Why the fuck are you not in the Olympics then
Carter Lawrence
Carter Lawrence Prije 5 dana
this guy is a clown. i can’t tell if he’s actually serious or if he’s just messing around. but if he thinks he can run a 4:11 then he should be in the nfl. still a 🤡
Jayden Plummer
Jayden Plummer Prije 7 dana
The highest jumper in the world but not the best athlete
Luna Johnson
Luna Johnson Prije 7 dana
Could you please try to break that record officially
brenna hayden
brenna hayden Prije 9 dana
Jokes aside, this man is extremely talented. We need to make sure you get seen around the world because you are an amazing athlete. Keep up the amazing work!
Hector Rodríguez, Rivero
Why are you not in the Olympics? Just asking since you claim you have all these records that aren't official.
Craig Mackenzie
Craig Mackenzie Prije 9 dana
This what happens when your mom tells you youre good at everythinf
Ya Mum
Ya Mum Prije 9 dana
Greatest overall athlete in the world 🌍 Your awesome Dexton
James Mark
James Mark Prije 10 dana
Bc ur not
Hunter Lowman
Hunter Lowman Prije 10 dana
I wouldn’t say your the fastest person in the world but prob the fastest person in the state because Usain Bolt is the fastest person in the world sorry :(
Aaron Macinnis
Aaron Macinnis Prije 10 dana
Midnight Plays
Midnight Plays Prije 10 dana
PoggoDoggo Prije 11 dana
Oh yes nice, we got the fastest person in the world here
Bodie'sTake Prije 11 dana
I’m losing my crap rn…. Dexton the biggest flipping liar to ever walk the flipping planet
Josiah Hastings
Josiah Hastings Prije 11 dana
This guy is such a liar
Pond buddies
Pond buddies Prije 12 dana
Keep up the good work but can you do some baseball stuff
poisoned monke
poisoned monke Prije 12 dana
since u said ur the fastest person ever than race usian bolt
Ranveer B
Ranveer B Prije 12 dana
You are not the greatest athlete. You just flex too much
W0rthe Prije 12 dana
This is why they need to keep the dislike button
Tyfuir Glasscoe
Tyfuir Glasscoe Prije 13 dana
Fuck your unofficial records
Ntldopeboy Prije 13 dana
Ava Starr
Ava Starr Prije 13 dana
Them: How fake do want this to be Him: yes
renee f
renee f Prije 13 dana
peyton noe
peyton noe Prije 13 dana
your not the best athlete ever bro shut up and just make basketball videos when everybody liked you and question i’m a bit scared let me tell you why why i’m scared: why the f**k did you zoom in on his d**k
Landoxds Prije 13 dana
he needs to be humble
Wheat Army
Wheat Army Prije 13 dana
I think your just a little to confident you are a really good athlete but you might not be the best not trying to hate on you
Silver Sniperx
Silver Sniperx Prije 13 dana
You may be the greatest athlete ever but your tick toc history and liked videos are not lol .
A&T Productions
A&T Productions Prije 13 dana
This guy is so fake
GameWithUs Prije 13 dana
Btw your not the best ever so shut up
DefineltyN0Tjt Prije 13 dana
If u can do all this, why don’t u do it officially and break the record
James Bailey
James Bailey Prije 13 dana
Why u not in the NBA then dexton?
Dynamo_David Prije 14 dana
nah fake that's not thirty feet
J G Prije 14 dana
Damn you’re a trash athlete
Brandi Martin
Brandi Martin Prije 14 dana
You might be the best but you are not the tallest #bigshow
Wimbledon Nodelbmiw
Wimbledon Nodelbmiw Prije 14 dana
I love this guy 😂😂
Carson Prije 14 dana
Your not the greatest athlete ever you suck
Livinglifeandstuff Prije 15 dana
I’m sure there was a practice where mike Powell jumped 32 or 33 feet so I don’t think so
Gianni Rodriguez
Gianni Rodriguez Prije 15 dana
Running and jumping doesn’t make the best athlete in the world sorry bud 😂😂
Ryder Blanton
Ryder Blanton Prije 15 dana
All talk
SavageSloth06 Prije 15 dana
The fastest man Is Usain Bolt
Affectz Prije 16 dana
Your not the best athlete srry
jake plays roblox
jake plays roblox Prije 16 dana
fnaf productions
fnaf productions Prije 16 dana
dan lee
dan lee Prije 16 dana
My man gonna beat every record
FreddieDaGoatGod Prije 16 dana
usain bolt will definitely dust yo goofy ah
DayBreak Chronostasis
DayBreak Chronostasis Prije 17 dana
He isn’t a good athlete
Devlin Vasquez
Devlin Vasquez Prije 17 dana
Bro that dash is 2 inchs
Gavin Mudford
Gavin Mudford Prije 17 dana
Ur not
MacBilliards trickshots
I love how he gets views by making people mad
D-playz Prije 17 dana
Sorry you’re cocky
Hayley May
Hayley May Prije 17 dana
how did you become insanely athletic
Brayden Baracosa
Brayden Baracosa Prije 18 dana
You not stronger
Noah Brooks
Noah Brooks Prije 18 dana
Now Idk with that little thing spring you up and over lmfao 🤣 on the 30 feet but I will say I can’t jump like that but never tried ether this shit is a sport shit I bet I can get this shit too homie got me hyped
average anime enjoyer
average anime enjoyer Prije 18 dana
that ramp is the only thing that is nearly as big and dissappointing as his ego lmao
Wolf King
Wolf King Prije 18 dana
Man says he broke the WR... 40 yrd.. you don’t get a running start and umm... long jump? The board just doesn’t exist apparently. STOP THE CAP
Quick's Gaming
Quick's Gaming Prije 19 dana
Someone get this man out his delusions
NFL decisions
NFL decisions Prije 19 dana
Now I did but of camera
Mrgeen Lab
Mrgeen Lab Prije 19 dana
Your not
Rebelorichlu Prije 19 dana
Look you are not the best you are one of the best
Mr. Mack
Mr. Mack Prije 20 dana
If your so good then why not play a professional sport? And if your the best why have I never heard of you?
Bruh moments Nice
Bruh moments Nice Prije 20 dana
Bro stop caping with us bruh 🧢
James Sarbacker
James Sarbacker Prije 20 dana
The 40 yard dash wasfake
LokiLarr84 Prije 21 dan
When soulja boy decides to sports am the first rapper to do sports
Isiah Ford
Isiah Ford Prije 21 dan
That’s 30 yards
Scotty Zwillman
Scotty Zwillman Prije 21 dan
Fighters are the greatest athletes in the world stop gassing yourself up just cause you fast and you can jump. Superman can still get beat. Shut up😂 Face looking like a coffee cake
J T Prije 21 dan
Delusional people are just obnoxious. Can't we George Floyd guys like this?
R P Poker
R P Poker Prije 21 dan
Who are you ?
Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon Prije 21 dan
I don’t understand why he gets so much hate
Bluestarcolby Prije 21 dan
So “humble” (I know you all are about to get mad at me but I am only joking)
Snaggy_mo Prije 22 dana
You’re not
FN Chance
FN Chance Prije 22 dana
Is this god
Mason Moore
Mason Moore Prije 22 dana
Honestly, I think this dude is insane! A lot of people don’t like him because of his self confidence. I mean this vertical and long jump is already crazy! So I think just keep doing what your doing
AnimaOrange Prije 22 dana
U can see in his “unofficial long jump record” he’s jumping on a lifted tilt soooooo if he didn’t have that we would’ve been short of the record😉
Easton’s Londry
Easton’s Londry Prije 22 dana
I broke it unofficial
Zsgy Bendi
Zsgy Bendi Prije 22 dana
Thats the catch, your not
Cheetoz Playz
Cheetoz Playz Prije 23 dana
At least don’t brag.
Cruz Mejia
Cruz Mejia Prije 23 dana
Usain bolt rn…
Hassan Has
Hassan Has Prije 23 dana
DarkMatterPlayz Prije 23 dana
I Block Shot's With My Head
Proof I Dunked 12 Feet
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