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John Oliver discusses how misinformation spreads among immigrant diaspora communities, how little some platforms have done to stop it, and, most importantly, how to have a very good morning.

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10. Lis 2021.



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Komentari 13 480   
harm meijer
harm meijer Prije 12 minuta
Here I was thinking Jon would point out the problem of tech companies platforms deciding what is true and what is not.
Hitsugi Hime
Hitsugi Hime Prije sat
*laughs in Viet noise*
James Ives
James Ives Prije 2 sati
I just don’t see the threat of miss information as nearly as big an issue as the threat of information censorship.
Lorenzo Doesn't Exist
This dislikes are because people get salty when you point out that they don't have all the answers.
Taranizs Prije 2 sati
Both Facebook and HRburn have integrated spell-check features, and in both cases they are barely competent with actual English. I've seen literally dozens of examples on both platforms of words that are spelled exactly the right way, but their check flags them regardless. So the fact that both platforms are hilariously incompetent with non-English languages is hardly surprising, because they aren't even entirely competent with just English.....
Matthew Martins
Matthew Martins Prije 4 sati
It actually concerns me more that the excellent writers let this master-app, forged with the potential to direct information sources, which rose to prominence after major sources, though problematic, were banned, let this pass without a joke than the situation itself. It feels so normal?
DJH Prije 4 sati
I really don't get the criticism of WhatsApp and other messaging apps. These essentially fulfill the same role as word of mouth or email, only they do it more efficiently. I find it incredibly worrisome that John Oliver would insinuate the dystopian proposition that they should start monitoring people's private messages and fact check or censor them. And if that's not what he's suggesting, then what on earth is he suggesting?
questworldmatrix Prije 5 sati
Oh you mean like the ASPI stuff you spread around as fact?
Simon Fraser
Simon Fraser Prije 5 sati
Erin Lauzon
Erin Lauzon Prije 5 sati
awe :) I get daily greetings like these :)
Angela Arbab
Angela Arbab Prije 5 sati
I wish John Oliver was like governor of the world or something! Btw my mom sent a link video (in french) on WA to me yesterday saying Somalian bananas have helicobacters in them causing brain damage and death! I was like d faq?!🤦🏻‍♀️ i gave up trying with her…
echoinsahara Prije 6 sati
Omg the amount of time I spend on telling my mom the article she just sent me was horseshit
Game Hero
Game Hero Prije 6 sati
In french, the worst kind of disinformation are the very graphic advertisements selling things to get ear wax out and somehow pretend it is a vital need, all while in a robotic voice. KEEP THESE THINGS AWAY FROM ME, ITS GROSS!
seigeengine Prije 4 sati
Richard Tremblay
Richard Tremblay Prije 6 sati
You should make multilingual version of you video. 😉
Pjotr Numenev
Pjotr Numenev Prije 7 sati
Once you think it's a problem that our corporate overlords don't censor people's private messages with one another enough, you are the bad guy. No question about it.
seigeengine Prije 4 sati
That's literally got nothing to do with this video. Stop making shit up.
FlipUpCoconutKing Prije 7 sati
Misinformation has been so rampant in the Asian community that we joke about our parents getting a PhD from WeChat University.
Aaron Prije 7 sati
Ironic isn’t it
Orlando Skipper
Orlando Skipper Prije 8 sati
This won't age well.
Michael Hastie
Michael Hastie Prije 8 sati
John ! You nailed it regarding the Marvell Universe ! lol
Lib1 Prije 8 sati
Uh . . . Faucci is a pretty good source of misinformation. You gonna do a hilarious, biting expose about puppy experiments or gain of function research funding???
Zoom Liberty Fighter
Stop supporting censorship
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez Prije 10 sati
hahahahahaha, so now that papa Fauchi is a know liar, are you still going to say that is misinformation? Fauchi is the misinformation man
BunnySockHop Prije 10 sati
Another solution would be to force social media and streaming platforms to provide short news videos in collaboration with reputable sources (in multiple languages) alongside their regular content, that way when someone logs in, they are automatically offered reputable news before less desirable sources. Kind of like newsreels for the modern world.
Nova Prije 10 sati
Ahhhh, so the information age has evolved into the misinformation age. Makes sense!
-ADRIAN - Prije 10 sati
13:33 OR optionally: no matter what bull***t you write, you can also instead of a religious quote/religious text, just place a completely random quote under it, just make sure it has something like this as the end of it "~albert einstein" "~mark twain" "~george orwell" [or the name of some other famous guy/writer or genius, you don't even have to make sure the quote is correct as noone will check it anyway]
Ferocious Gustafson
Ferocious Gustafson Prije 10 sati
Yes!! Global censorship. You go John. This is why you got into this business, to be mouthpiece for the censor.
seigeengine Prije 4 sati
Stop spamming.
Julie. Prije 10 sati
Oh my goodness 😳 I see why people are so confused and so many theories are out there.
Darryl Hodgkins
Darryl Hodgkins Prije 10 sati
Don't believe what you see on the internet, but definitely trust mainstream media and the government lol
Ferocious Gustafson
Ferocious Gustafson Prije 10 sati
Tough shit. You want free speech? Deal with it.
Migzy Drift
Migzy Drift Prije 10 sati
That Marvel burn was delicious.
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey Prije 10 sati
"Grow up!" Man that was so satisfiying.
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey Prije 11 sati
*John Oliver:* All it takes is a few superficial labels and style choices to convince people that something with no real substance is actually meaningful and good. Or as it's known in America, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. *Denis Villeneuve and Martin Scorsese:* I see this as an absolute win!
MrHoodlum420 Prije 11 sati
Social media and cable news has done to my family what they said video games was going to do to me.
Pranay Prije 11 sati
Mark Zuckerberg is an ethno-fascist and is responsible for multiple genocides and white nationalist attacks.
Denny Prije 11 sati
All you criminals out there. I'm sure this guy has some money. Looks like he want call the cops on you if you come and rob his house.
Aero Prije 12 sati
No, I don't know what you mean by horse dewormer. Please explain it to me.
ªk⁴⁰🇺🇸 Prije 12 sati
If they banned misinformation. This show would not exist
ªk⁴⁰🇺🇸 Prije 12 sati
Wake up Cuban Americans. This English man is going to tell you . That what you faced in Cuba is not that bad
ªk⁴⁰🇺🇸 Prije 12 sati
John Oliver is completely wrong and a misinformation and propaganda pusher
Nick Knittle
Nick Knittle Prije 12 sati
There is a difference between misinformation and not agreeing...
MrBlazingup420 Prije 13 sati
Is he saying that Latin America doesn't know who Fauci is, Fun it was a famous Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez that made Fauci look like a lying fool in his interview
a dhole
a dhole Prije 13 sati
Sounds like they should... I dunno, learn English if they're American or build their own platforms if they're not. Also sounds like John would be for State Approved Correct Opinions. Edit: also foreigners are retarded and don't deserve technology
qalbalhadia Prije 14 sati
One thing though... please really don't fill your car up with gas to the max! If it's hot outside and your car is maxed out, the gas has no more space to expand.
Galactic Gaming
Galactic Gaming Prije 14 sati
This episode was about 3 weeks too early with everything revealed on Facebook
Erik Lindgren
Erik Lindgren Prije 14 sati
whatsApp telegram and other messenger services are NOT responsible and shouldnt be responsible for what people write on them, no matter if its misinformation threats of terrorism or anything else. if private messenging apps start curating peoples messages, it will lead to very dangerous censoring in the future.
Joshua Palafox
Joshua Palafox Prije 14 sati
So now they want to censor private communications between individuals... got it.
Michael McBride
Michael McBride Prije 14 sati
Due diligence, ”Dr” Fauci biggest and most popular purveyor of misinformation.
Muhammad Hasnain Khalil
This show belongs on CNN.
PeterTuanHuynh Prije 15 sati
LMFAO we were discussing about this same shit in Vietnam where we all have at least one member who would like to spread fake news on FB and an app called Zalo which is similar to Wechat.....
Tim Meyer
Tim Meyer Prije 16 sati
Medicine with Dr. Moran had an interesting youtube video about the Israel study comparing natural immunization to vaccinated immunization.
Jake Caldwell
Jake Caldwell Prije 17 sati
This is no more than a veiled attempt to commandeer social media’s capacity to censor.
gotitmemorized? Prije 17 sati
This channel is misinformation
Jake Caldwell
Jake Caldwell Prije 17 sati
Misinformation mills: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times and pretty much any corporate owned mainstream media outlet.
N T Prije 17 sati
AceTriggerz Prije 17 sati
My parents are both victims here, and they actually speak and read english. My step-dad used to be liberal in his opinions, now he says stuff like, "Most black people vote democrat because they are addicted to welfare." and whenever I talk about native americans he keeps saying, "It's not like everything was hunky dorey before the europeans came, there was war too!" and all it is is using technicalities like saying "All lives matter" in response to "black lives matter" to dilute the original message. He fkin reads Red pill living, and listens to Dave Rubin and other shit its all very concerning and annoying. He sends me shit so I can "fact check" for him and godamn, even when I do he's like ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all scientists are corrupt and big pharma controls all studies up to 90% of all studies are invalid unless its the ones that support my conspiratorial point of view blehlbelhbleh
seigeengine Prije 4 sati
At some point you just have to deck the fucker.
Stanford Banks
Stanford Banks Prije 17 sati
Brother I have been watching your videos for years. Politics is not for the weak of heart and you do a great job. This country is in trouble it's not about black or white or gay or straight or Christian or Muslim it's about democracy... Those that want to take away the rights of the people need to first divide and break us down than take way our ability to care/ vote. So you ask, how do you take away our ability to vote? First you start by taking away the voting rights by changing the laws State by State using fear and lies from the poor, the uneducated, the elderly and minorities of all types. As you know America, its easy to hide behind the fear of deference and unknown. The big secret is this, these laws are being changed because the wealthiest among us understand if you scare White America into believing they are going to lose everything they will help the wealthiest among cut their own throats. America your unfounded fears have become the modern day trojan horse. Please always remember the real minority in this country are the Richest among us and the middleclass and the poor are threatening to control them with the vote, so the vote must go.... All of our politicians are now owned by the wealthiest among us because of the money it takes to be elected, that's right we saw it coming. Hopefully now you see their master plan. Today the plan is now in play all based on "FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN BY WHITE AMERICANS" But first the Richest among us must break us down into smaller groups. By having us fight each other over our biggest fears Racism, gender equality and religion, we become divided and our VOTERS rights stripped in the cover of darkness and so goes our democracy. Their is a reason why China has been 1 or 2 largest economy's in the world over the last 5000 years. Because folks Socialism and government control works for the wealthiest among us and always has and always will.. This isn't about Democrats, Republicans or Independents it's about THE HAVES AND HAVE NOT'S AMERICA. Just one man's opinion. GOD BLESS AMERICA PLEASE PRAY WE WAKEUP BEFORE ITS TODATE...Good luck guy's most likely you have bit off more than you can chew with Youtub and the Wealthiest among us... The Banks family..
Abhas Wadhwa
Abhas Wadhwa Prije 18 sati
More people online means more voices online means it is now more noise than the information available. But Indian good morning msg on whatsapp 🤦‍♂️ tell us about it 😒
Corbin Wharton
Corbin Wharton Prije 19 sati
Misinformation is bad. Censorship is worse.
Jaydee Todd Deguzman
Jaydee Todd Deguzman Prije 19 sati
Ngl, the Vietnamese "Alex Jones" dude looks like President Duterte, even says "fokk you" lmao
FlipLeTape Prije 21 sat
Madhana Gopal
Madhana Gopal Prije 22 sati
I had to double check the speed of my playback every time john spoke.
s Prije 23 sati
Didn't realize Oliver was completely behind tech censorship... whole lotta repect lost.
Big Gaston
Big Gaston Prije 23 sati
Anyone who believes everything they read online (especially from a single app or gonzo news site) has the critical faculties of a goose to begin with. Misinformation has always been around, the problem is the poorly educated (or immigrants who somehow expect to follow American politics without even learning English).
Haomaru Prije 21 sat
misinfo is this p o s john oliver
Maimuna Ahmed
Maimuna Ahmed Prije 23 sati
I can’t believe there is no part of this episode dedicate to WhatsApp and Nigerian Parents
Android Phone
Android Phone Prije dan
Most likely highly filtered messages and certainly monitored in Chinese site
Rah Ma Lego
Rah Ma Lego Prije dan
My grandma and aunt eat up all they get through WhatsApp from all the covid miss information to the apocalypse
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR Prije dan
If you want to stop misinformation spread, teach people how to use their brain for critical thinking
Haomaru Prije 21 sat
true, like not believing ANYTHING this p o s john oliver says
mjgasiecki Prije dan
Quit playing off Ivermectin as just being used as a horse is a drug that is also prescribed to humans for parasites...the large issue is the peeps who use the drug to treat COVID-19 which is unproven...not advocating for its use but that statement at the beginning of the video is exactly why trust in the media has fallen dramatically
Princess Jello
Princess Jello Prije dan
my mother showed me a video of this crazy fake doctor making wild and false claims about how using a blowdryer can kill viruses when you aim it up your nose. I laughed her out of the room.
Rodrigo Bauerman Schunck
You are not fun anymore.
Hugh Ward Jackson
What about misinformation in corporate media?
Diamond R-D
Diamond R-D Prije dan
15:17 funniest part
Anup Koshy
Anup Koshy Prije dan
Im pretty sure us indians have atleast one whatsapp group which has 50+ppl in it.
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen Prije dan
5:19 Why hasn't HRburn shut down Nguy Vu's new channel called “The King Channel & Nguy Vu Radio”? 😡
M McGahn
M McGahn Prije dan
When I want misinformation I tune into CNN
Haomaru Prije 21 sat
or this guy here lol
Jennifer Lindsey
If someone sends me a Good Morning Video, it would have to be Trump in cuffs heading to jail for “Crimes Against Humanity” for letting all those people die from Covid.
Haomaru Prije 21 sat
lol you believe in the kovvid story, naive kid
Pun Approver
Pun Approver Prije dan
That Marvel burn was, like, the 37th most important piece of information in this video, and yet it was absolutely necessary.
Margie Casias-beyer
Dinosaur John here from Wyoming. I have no apps on my phone. & I watch John on my laptop.
Jonas Smith
Jonas Smith Prije dan
this is just new aged darwinism... if soemone is too stupid to find real news and instead relies on facebook they shouldn't be living, breeding or raising children, it's a plague worse than any we've suffered before
Haomaru Prije 21 sat
lol at you thinking you are smart
swwei Prije dan
While we believe that Internet should be free for every human being, yet Chairman Xi of Communist China says: "We insist our sovereignty on the Internet".
Chris Molyneaux
Chris Molyneaux Prije dan
"GROW UP!!!"
Farah Hakimpour
Farah Hakimpour Prije dan
The MCU comment killed me- JOHN LET US LIVE
Fauci & Biden Dragged behind A Truck
Yourube banning something doesn't make it untrue. This is cutting out a man's tongue because you fear what he has to say. Talk about fascist.
Sam Prije dan
Uh ohhh! 6.8K people don't like their beliefs being called "misinformation". 😆🤣😂😆🤣😂
Josh Pemberton
Josh Pemberton Prije dan
As a man who is in multiple groups…..I mute because I loathe group chats
Arrica Prije dan
My biggest gripe is that we are still calling it misinformation and not simply lies, because thats exactly what it is, lies
Haomaru Prije 10 sati
@TheRatsintheWalls its called not being naive and be able to think for yourself and look at alternative news
TheRatsintheWalls Prije 10 sati
@Haomaru I've seen you comment a couple dozen times. None contain evidence.
Haomaru Prije 21 sat
show evidence of that
Euro Guy 85
Euro Guy 85 Prije dan
Let’s go Brandon!
MTK Prije dan
He's a great driver
JUST THINK Prije dan
Alex Jones has been more right then john Oliver
Toni Glick
Toni Glick Prije dan
I think the down votes are a sign that you're doing something right!
shill for Vax
Sveta Astra
Sveta Astra Prije dan
Sveta Astra
Sveta Astra Prije dan
Tegan Talks
Tegan Talks Prije dan
Damn, my in laws are white and they also seem to fall for the trick at 14:00. Worst thing is they were/are teachers so they should know better.
Carolina Chouzal
I would love to show this to my parents and tias (aunts), unfortunately they don’t speak English. What a shame that there is not a Portuguese subtitle for this video. Thanks anyway John Oliver for speaking about this subject.
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro Prije dan
Misinformation sells. Lies feel better than truth.
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