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Daisy rented an air bnb home for her bday, and while she was getting ready home we decided to get ready at the house but it was so scary. Daisy has told us about her paranormal experiences before which scared us even more. She also told us about some other scary stuff that happened to her at that house. We kept hearing noises the whole time and got super scared. We got it on camera too! All jokes aside, I take these things super serious and I was scared af hahaah. I hope you guys got some good laughs!
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Louie's Life
Louie's Life Prije 2 godina
The rana scaring us is MEEEEE
Briseida Vides
Briseida Vides Prije 3 mjeseci
For real man I wish I was there
Mariana Gonzalez Parra
Mariana Gonzalez Parra Prije 3 mjeseci
Why ya'll didn't call. GhOsT BuSTeR
Luz Maria
Luz Maria Prije 6 mjeseci
Louie if you have a story of how you came out
Allison Alvarez
Allison Alvarez Prije 7 mjeseci
esther Rangel
esther Rangel Prije 8 mjeseci
Why she laughs like jajajjajajaj
Liz Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh is so genuine, like she can’t fake a laugh💀
skere thot
skere thot Prije 2 godina
Rosa Toledo doubt you’re so perfect
Ankia Avka
Ankia Avka Prije 2 godina
If i have a laugh like that my friend will literally say “ you’re being so fake with your laugh “
super shook
super shook Prije 2 godina
Omg no caaap !! 😂😂
Betzy Prije 2 godina
@Cyntia Rojas it is
Angela Martinez
Angela Martinez Prije 2 godina
@Rati One seriously!!!
lindsey huertaaa
lindsey huertaaa Prije 2 godina
Louie: “Grab something” Also louie: **Grabs a whole damn lampara that is still plugged in**
Hector Rojas
Hector Rojas Prije godine
Amee& luis channel
Amee& luis channel Prije godine
Carlos Trejo
Carlos Trejo Prije godine
Lmao 😂😂😂
Oscar Juarez
Oscar Juarez Prije godine
Züzû Prije godine
Lmao me, we used to incubate little chicks, and those lamparas were dangerously close to the top
Brenda Castro
Brenda Castro Prije 2 godina
The scariest thing in this video: Laura’s laugh 😂😂😂
Artee Seeburn
Artee Seeburn Prije mjesec
That's mean.Think before you say
Rita Avila
Rita Avila Prije 5 mjeseci
Don't be rude I love her laugh its beauty it's nothing different and you don't want to hear my laugh
choiteez 0
choiteez 0 Prije 7 mjeseci
Fr lol
Alyzdee Molina
Alyzdee Molina Prije 9 mjeseci
Selene Sotelo
Selene Sotelo Prije 11 mjeseci
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia Prije 2 godina
Nobody: Literally nobody: Louie: A little ghost moment
Rose Prije godine
People with the Nobody literally nobody is just old and Annoying Ngl
Alfonso Guerrero
Alfonso Guerrero Prije 2 godina
I love you so very much
l0verelf Prije 2 godina
@Rosa Lewis and that they just said something random
l0verelf Prije 2 godina
@Rosa Lewis it means that no one said anything
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia Prije 2 godina
@Rosa Lewis well idk.. I just put that just for fun
21 Prije godine
Nobody: Latinas in scary movies:
✨jellychoco✨ Prije 4 mjeseci
Juan Alanis
Juan Alanis Prije 6 mjeseci
Lol dude😂😂😂😂😂
Stage-Exotic Prije 11 mjeseci
Vanessa Ocampo
Vanessa Ocampo Prije 11 mjeseci
Xx.official.ruby.x Prije 11 mjeseci
Sandwhich Maker
Sandwhich Maker Prije 2 godina
Laura:*get possessed * Louie: pobresita
Sasha Moreno
Sasha Moreno Prije godine
Wildflwrr_mia Prije godine
Al little possessed moment😌😌
inevil. Prije godine
@hei it sara yes
Jeon Army
Jeon Army Prije godine
@hei it sara Yesss
iii_cloudyzx Prije godine
Andrea Sandoval 😂
Brrriian Prije 2 godina
The fact that there’s a shadow at 5:57 passing by under the TV and nobody noticing is realllllyyyyyy me.
Anïmee Prije 7 mjeseci
Augusta 😴
Augusta 😴 Prije 7 mjeseci
@gio garza no cause Louie didn't move that fast and he wasn't even near the tv??
Augusta 😴
Augusta 😴 Prije 7 mjeseci
rmswife Prije 9 mjeseci
@ItsMeJenny she moved it with her elbow
rmswife Prije 9 mjeseci
Yaqui Prije 2 godina
“ A ver Louis show is your outfit. Ayyy del dollar, 99” Louie: “Don’t tell them” 😂😂💀
Rayza M.
Rayza M. Prije 2 godina
The title should’ve been Laura’s nalgas at the hunted house 😂😂😂
Ayveh Prije godine
LMAO facts
Margarita Gonzalez
Margarita Gonzalez Prije 2 godina
Louie: "someone grab something" Also louie: *grabs a lamp*
Fernanda C
Fernanda C Prije 2 godina
Laura and Louie crack me when ever they’re in a video together.
SHOOK BITCH Prije godine
Frr lmaoo he's always the funniest around her and Laura gets all his jokes 😂
Sir Vive Pheonix
Sir Vive Pheonix Prije godine
Louie, you should really consider doing standup comedy; you're naturally hilarious. Or at least improv. Also, Laura should be your hype girl cause she knows exactly whrn to laugh on the punch-lines. Love y'all this is like the 20th time watching this video, because it's hillarious.
Xiomara Ramos
Xiomara Ramos Prije godine
The fact that this was for Louie's channel and he didn't talk to the camera once is Meeeeee I thought this was for Laura's channel 😂love you Louie. : thank you for no likes
Liz • 69 years ago
Laura's laugh is contagious 😂
Rosaura Diaz
Rosaura Diaz Prije 2 godina
Louie: “who tf puts their pill in a makeup bag” Yoatzi: “gimme gimme” Louie: “oh you thought there was some” Omg that’s so mean 😂😂😂
Alexis_ kpopstan
Alexis_ kpopstan Prije 2 godina
Rosaura Diaz 😂😂ikr
isaiah soukka
isaiah soukka Prije 2 godina
Bram: “it’s f*cking right there!” Louie’s Sister: “the frog?” 💀😭
Likely Prije 11 mjeseci
@Melanie Gutierrez even tho this was a year ago, was your comment necessary?? We all know who Yoatzi is, but there are new supporters and it isn’t his fault that he didn’t know Yoatzi’s name. After all, Yoatzi and Louie are brothers and sisters no?
Jayla Gonzalez
Jayla Gonzalez Prije godine
Nelida Aguilar do you watch Stephanie soo biss ??
Nelida Aguilar
Nelida Aguilar Prije 2 godina
Melanie Gutierrez*
Nelida Aguilar
Nelida Aguilar Prije 2 godina
Melanea Gutierezze*
Nelida Aguilar
Nelida Aguilar Prije 2 godina
Its not her fault she did not know her name,and biss we probably already know she amazing and has a child named Travis,you dont have to say it and btw this is my opinion
Sophia Romero
Sophia Romero Prije 2 godina
Yoatzi is meeeeee! * hears noise * Yoatzi: “waaaiit call my mom !!” I love you all !! 💜
Lupita Valenzuela
Lupita Valenzuela Prije godine
@Natalie Solis Okayyy Calmate Mujer. No es para tanto! Lol 😆 🤣 😂
Natalie Solis
Natalie Solis Prije godine
@Lupita Valenzuela the whole reason why people get a BBL is to show it off 🤣why else would they get it bigger who cares she has a nice body and she should show it off not every one has a nice body but she got one and she's happy about it so let her wear whatever she wants and show whatever she wants you ain't her mom okay thanks☺️
Iris Enríquez
Iris Enríquez Prije godine
@Lupita Valenzuela oh okay.
Lupita Valenzuela
Lupita Valenzuela Prije godine
@ Iris Enriquez Cause she said it in a video 🙊
Iris Enríquez
Iris Enríquez Prije godine
@Lupita Valenzuela how do you know it's fake???
Maria Rosales
Maria Rosales Prije 2 godina
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! You and Laura are so fun to watch!
Jacqueline Rojas
Jacqueline Rojas Prije godine
I’m currently watching this video again , and Yoatzi is meeee “I’m calling mom” 😂 sane thing with Louies recent camping video , “I’m calling mom” 😂👏🏼
miss.silvya Prije 2 godina
Bramty: “you’re going with me?” Laura: “yeah for the content” Ghost: appears Laura :Ahhh Ghost: ah que no querías content? 😂
iss Prije godine
i m twisting youre minddddddd
shirley Prije godine
Yooo😂 I’m dead
Ratatouille Prije godine
Anissa Quirarte
Anissa Quirarte Prije godine
Overheated Prije godine
Monica Núñez-Gonzalez
laura's laugh is EVERYTHING 😂
MochixChan Prije 4 mjeseci
Louie is me grabbing the damn light 😂 6:47 and just Yoatzi’s face here 6:57 Alsoo Louies singing tho 0:10 muah love it 💕❤️
Daniella Velasquez
Daniella Velasquez Prije 2 godina
Louie needs a reality tv show
patricia zamora
patricia zamora Prije 2 godina
I would laugh so hard if Louie and his friends through a haunted house attraction.
alloutofwords Prije 2 godina
This whole video is just them roasting the ghost and Daisy que nunca llego lmaooo😆
Fabiola Diaz
Fabiola Diaz Prije mjesec
fr lol 🤣
SOTOtally Tina
SOTOtally Tina Prije 2 godina
alloutofwords “roasting the ghost..” 🤦🏻‍♀️ *dead* 😂😂😂😂😂
Cassy Del Bosque
Cassy Del Bosque Prije 2 godina
Laura : i have a moco u want it Yoatzi: no Laura :ill give it to the ghost it looks hungry Ghost:💀 It has me dead😂
Miriam Garcia baltazar
Cassy Del Bosque sa
bernice paredes
bernice paredes Prije 2 godina
Bramty looks like she’s so over it lol
Jacky Flores
Jacky Flores Prije godine
Vianet Vargas
Vianet Vargas Prije godine
With the constant I’m better than y’all eyes
Estefany Garcia
Estefany Garcia Prije 2 godina
I love Laura’s laugh!! It’s so contagious ❤️😂
Jakki Lopez
Jakki Lopez Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh makes everything so much better and funnier 😂💀
Alejandra Prije 2 godina
"I DONT GET SCARED IM THE BADDEST" minutes later *louie closes door and hides in the corner with lamp*🤣🤣
Ana Villa
Ana Villa Prije 2 godina
Yass bitch hahaha I died
medium Jessie
medium Jessie Prije 2 godina
Spam them so they can make a chuckie moment movie Horror/comedy
Alexis_ kpopstan
Alexis_ kpopstan Prije 2 godina
just here for the teaa ikr😂
Ali Nicole
Ali Nicole Prije 2 godina
Louie is so funny!! I need a group of friends like this in Japan with me
Jennifer Machado
Jennifer Machado Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is everything 😂
Genesis Almaguer
Genesis Almaguer Prije 2 godina
I just love Laura’s laugh ! More videos like this 😂💗
Angie Vidal
Angie Vidal Prije godine
Your videos are literally the only thing that make me laugh especially during this quarantine 🤍ty
Cecilia Lucas
Cecilia Lucas Prije 2 godina
Louie: “Someone grab something” *grabs the lamp
 𝐇𝐪𝐞𝐥𝐨 ❦
gabi Prije 2 godina
Contortion Girl 1 at 6:48 lmao
On Us
On Us Prije 2 godina
Cecilia Lucas lmao 😂
Alexis_ kpopstan
Alexis_ kpopstan Prije 2 godina
Frls I was like omg Louie😂
Contortion Girl 1
Contortion Girl 1 Prije 2 godina
Cecilia Lucas we’re was that
Jolene Shaw
Jolene Shaw Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh gets me every time 😂
Gia Quiroz
Gia Quiroz Prije 2 godina
Bramty has already lived in haunted houses shes an expert
Jaylexa Gutierrez
Jaylexa Gutierrez Prije godine
Everyone: laughing Ghost: wth aren’t these people supposed to be scared?
✨jellychoco✨ Prije 4 mjeseci
It’s cause they’re latinas 💅🏼
Delaney Lynnn
Delaney Lynnn Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh is so contagious i fucking love it
Ivette Gonzalez
Ivette Gonzalez Prije 2 godina
Y’all NEED TO DO MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS !!! 😂Y’all crack me up!
Arianna lol
Arianna lol Prije godine
Louies reaction to getting scared made me laugh SO HARD! 😂🤣 He has such good content
Jessica !!!
Jessica !!! Prije 2 godina
Awww at least louie was attempting to protect the ladies!! Haha watching him shuffle around the room. This was pretty crazy though💖💖💖💖
Yellow mochi
Yellow mochi Prije 2 godina
They always makes my day 10x better🥰 I love you guys😖🥺
Danna Garcia
Danna Garcia Prije 2 godina
Louie: “someone call Daisy” “Wtf is Daisy gonna do” 😂😂
Carlos Trejo
Carlos Trejo Prije godine
Aka Gorgal
Aka Gorgal Prije godine
Danna Garcia fly
alex zaragoza
alex zaragoza Prije godine
anaiii Prije 2 godina
Alexis_ kpopstan
Alexis_ kpopstan Prije 2 godina
Danna Garcia haha😂😂
angela blas
angela blas Prije godine
Laura’s laugh is everything 😭😭
Jose Zanzon Jr
Jose Zanzon Jr Prije godine
Laura: *gets possessed* Louie and Bramfam: tein mija ponte vaporu.
Melissa Ulloa
Melissa Ulloa Prije 2 godina
louie moved so smoothly through thats when you know he's a whole comedian periodt.
Naileah Guerrero
Naileah Guerrero Prije 2 godina
lauras laugh is everything throughout the whole video
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez Prije godine
I like how everyone is laughing in the beginning of the video and joking around , then when they start hearing noises , and everyone is all scared 😂😭
Joana Arzola
Joana Arzola Prije godine
I lost count of how many times I’ve seen this video but it still makes me laugh lmfaoo I swear y’all funny asf 😫❤️ need friends like y’all to just laugh and have fun! I’m still waiting I wanna know what happen next after that hahaha love y’all!🤍
Lizeth Pereira
Lizeth Pereira Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh was everything 😭
Jackie Lora
Jackie Lora Prije 2 godina
Everyone: laughing and making jokes No one absolutely no one Ghost: makes one noise Everyone: starts freaking out *a little ghost moment* 🤣
Reyna Juarez
Reyna Juarez Prije 2 godina
Louie “ someone call Daisy” Bramty “wtf is Daisy going to do” I’m DEAD 😂😂
{Chicken Nugget}
{Chicken Nugget} Prije 2 godina
Haha that was a good one🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😃🤣🤣😂🤣😁🤣😂
Alejandra Rodriguez
Alejandra Rodriguez Prije 2 godina
LMFAO I was dead
On Us
On Us Prije 2 godina
Reyna Juarez lmao 🤣
Adrianna Jimenez
Adrianna Jimenez Prije godine
Laura’s laugh gives me lifeeee I love it
Ella Sholes
Ella Sholes Prije 6 mjeseci
I love Mama Laura, she has the best Laugh in the whole world, and she’s the sweetest person ever!
Arianna lol
Arianna lol Prije godine
Bramty tryna see if it’s real or fake while Louis hiding scared 😆 Also Louie grabbing the lamp
Jackeline Huizar-Avila
Jackeline Huizar-Avila Prije 2 godina
I love Laura’s laugh!🙂
Ana Morales
Ana Morales Prije 2 godina
the ghost will be like: "im the baddest perra"🤣🤣🤣 & Louie will be like: "me as a ghost"😂😂😂
Idek- Prije 2 godina
Random Tingz
Random Tingz Prije 2 godina
Ana Morales so true 😂
SHOOK BITCH Prije 2 godina
danielle cruz
danielle cruz Prije 2 godina
Flor Aguilar
Flor Aguilar Prije 2 godina
Mary Perez
Mary Perez Prije godine
lindsey huertaaa
lindsey huertaaa Prije 2 godina
Laur: “I’ll literally eat you out” Bramty: “Mm,something better”
Katie Marin
Katie Marin Prije 2 godina
"What the hell is Daisy gonna do..???" -she has powers🤣🤣
jocelyn herrada
jocelyn herrada Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh is everything 😭😂
Abigail Rivera
Abigail Rivera Prije 2 godina
“You wake up in the middle of the night and daisy like flying” 😂😂
Sofia Villa
Sofia Villa Prije godine
Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez Prije 2 godina
I die every time I see your videos and come back to life when the next one comes out 😂💞
Nancy garcia
Nancy garcia Prije 2 godina
They are lowkey talking shit about daisy’s house for 15 mins straight
Haley Shingoose
Haley Shingoose Prije 3 mjeseci
Is this really her house?? It's cute!
Btsisthebestwow j-hope
Btsisthebestwow j-hope Prije 2 godina
Why wouldn't u like would u not say shit when u r in a haunted house? 😂👌
Mad Max
Mad Max Prije 2 godina
cause of the ghost not cause it's ugly ir anything
honeyandbears Prije godine
I am CRYING from laughter. I just subbed today and have binged so many of your videos ♥
Zamira Roque
Zamira Roque Prije 2 godina
I AM DEEEEAAADDD Louie is just so damn funny i need him in my life 🤣🤣 I definitely would like to see more vids like this because it’s like a “behind the scenes”, y’all just being y’all 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️
veronica Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh cracks me up 😂
Valentina Flores Leon Margarita
I love u guys
Brianna Martinez
Brianna Martinez Prije godine
Laura: "de la dollar niney nine" Louise:"dont tell them" 14:09
Amanda T
Amanda T Prije 3 mjeseci
Watching this for the 10th time I really needed a good laugh 🤣🤣
Jessica Dela Cruz-Alvarado
I will forever die to this video. Y’all are hilarious
Esmeralda Dominguez
Esmeralda Dominguez Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh was making me laugh this whole video was funny 😂
Victoria G
Victoria G Prije 2 godina
Why is Louie the funniest HRburnr ever.🤪
bsybrsa Prije 9 mjeseci
i watch this video religiously it makes me laugh everytime it will never get old 😭😭
Ernestina R
Ernestina R Prije 2 godina
Laura you’re scaring the ghost away with your laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
Francisco velazquez
Francisco velazquez Prije 2 godina
OMFG!! I love lauras laugh 😂 couldnt stop laughing w her. N louie's jokes 💀💀
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez Prije 2 godina
around 4:43 Louie is literally me when i take a fart and pretend someone else did it 😂
Ashley Renteria
Ashley Renteria Prije 2 godina
I swear Laura’s laugh makes you’re ghost jokes even funnier 😂😂😂😂
Alex. C
Alex. C Prije godine
Its 1 am and I come to watch louie's videos cause I cant sleep but I love watching you with your friends and sister you all always make me laugh
Alma Aispuro
Alma Aispuro Prije godine
Laura: “Del dollar 99” Louie: “Don’t tell them Laura” Lol 😂
Alma Aispuro
Alma Aispuro Prije godine
Me watching 1 year later 😂😳
Victoria Alvarado
Victoria Alvarado Prije 2 godina
Laura’s laugh is everrrrrrything 😂😂♥️
Jocelyn Rosales
Jocelyn Rosales Prije godine
End of the story They made fun of daisy’s ghosts friends And Daisy never came
Sofiabofia Ornelas Castillo
Jocelyn Rosales / wym ? Look at 5:57 by the tv
luna love
luna love Prije 2 godina
This is what having a group of friends with the same humor looks like
Maggie Arellano
Maggie Arellano Prije 2 godina
I literally cried Louie you always have me dying 😂😂😂😂
Summer Valentine
Summer Valentine Prije 2 godina
Bramty is me not laughing out loud. Lmao it’s so hard for me to actually laugh
Andrea Sandoval
Andrea Sandoval Prije 2 godina
Louie is the most scared out of all of them little scary moment 😌
Starla Alvarado
Starla Alvarado Prije 2 godina
Louie is me hiding in the corner 😭
Monique Charbonneau
Monique Charbonneau Prije 2 godina
I freaking love Louie ! 🤣🤣
vanessa rosalas
vanessa rosalas Prije godine
I died when louie grabbed the whole ass lamp that's something I would do😂😂😂
Jessica Flores
Jessica Flores Prije 2 godina
lauras laugh was funnier than the jokes 😭😭😭😂💜
Emoxtional Prije 2 godina
La casa está preciosa ✨🥺
Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez Prije 2 godina
There is literally no video where Louie has let me down 😂I’m always laughing😂 love youu💜💜
Vianey Flores
Vianey Flores Prije 2 godina
And that's on periodtt😂
Estephania Lara Soriano
Laura having the confidents to leave her leg hanging IS MEEE
Monica Camacho
Monica Camacho Prije mjesec
I literally come back to this video every month. Its so funny 😭
Alondra L.
Alondra L. Prije 2 godina
Bramty isn’t as scared because of all the crazy paranormal activity she’s already been through herself 😩🤣
S A Prije 2 godina
Lauras laugh scared the gost away 😂
Fresasconcream Prije 2 godina
Nobody: Louies video: “making fun of daisys ghost for 15 minutes” 😂😂
Ramon Rojo
Ramon Rojo Prije 2 godina
I swear I love watching u never fail to make me crack TF up God bless you always keep being yourself u make ppl happy ig:@aalleeee.__
Yaqui Prije 2 godina
Louie making everyone laugh every secong😂
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