I Made $1 Billion in 5 Seconds and It Changed Reality - Hydroneer 

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I Made $1 Billion in 5 Seconds and It Changed Reality - Hydroneer - Let's Game It Out


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More about Hydroneer (from Steam):

Hydroneer is a mining sandbox game where you dig for gold and other resources to build massive mining machines and a base of operation. Use primitive tools, hydro-powered machines, and player-built structures to dig and evolve your operation in this tycoon-style progression system.

Using a state-of-the-art voxel based terrain system, you can create cave networks, quarry pits, or even mud mountains. Discover relics of the past in the depths of Hydroneer, with better rewards the deeper you dig.

Hydroneer features a dynamic modular system for building structures and hydro powered machinery. Create the base of operations from your own design to optimise your work. Create networks of hydro pipes, control pressure. Craft resources, weaponry, and jewellery.

Rigs are large hydro powered machines used for a variety of uses, from digging resources to transporting goods.

Various parcels of land await you in the world of Hydroneer, each with their own advantages. Deeper pits, attractive scenery, and closer stores. You decide where to build your base of operations.


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26. Stu 2021.



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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out Prije 2 mjeseci
Opera GX gives you complete CONTROL over your RAM & CPU usage. Kill CPU-draining tabs! Download now for FREE: Thanks to Opera for sponsoring!
RiccoMC Prije 6 dana
i already have opera gx
SuperBendy 64
SuperBendy 64 Prije 6 dana
Hey Josh, where can I get that Let's Game It Out wallpaper? Because, I want to get that wallpaper for my Opera GX.
Jelly Blossom Gacha
Jelly Blossom Gacha Prije 27 dana
I downloaded it and it is the best gaming browser I have ever used!
Stressed Guy
Stressed Guy Prije 28 dana
hey you know what's funny I'm watching your video right know on Opera GX from the sponsorship you had last time
Noobeleus Prije mjesec
i think the creator likes you
Katame Kothriis
Katame Kothriis Prije 2 mjeseci
I love the fact that he's exploited bugs so much that the devs literally put a reference to him in the game. That is honestly hilarious
Anzac-A1 Prije 18 dana
@Drenlin And they patched the game so that the tornado stopped killing the framerate.
ThatMemeGuy Prije mjesec
Omfg I just look at this, that’s amazing lmao
RocAndPlay Prije mjesec
he is wanted for his very great crimes that he did for the thrones
stager gamer
stager gamer Prije mjesec
yea lol
Arka Purusatama
Arka Purusatama Prije mjesec
Zach Knudsen
Zach Knudsen Prije mjesec
I just loaded the game to see if that sign really is there, and I can confirm that yes, it is. Josh has done something all gamers dream of doing: playing the game so horribly wrong that the devs reward their determination.
Rosie Amoret
Rosie Amoret Prije dan
@The Great Pie it's 999/995 in Singapore! :)
Emily the squid o.o
Emily the squid o.o Prije 10 dana
@The Great Pie any number is an emergency number if you call them screaming and panicking :)
The Great Pie
The Great Pie Prije 28 dana
@ÙwÚ alright what are all of the other emergency numbers
ÙwÚ Prije 28 dana
@The Great Piein your place but in mine is this
The Great Pie
The Great Pie Prije 28 dana
@ÙwÚ i think you would be calling 199
Jolan Prije mjesec
"we ruined the framerate and that's enough for me" Josh describing in one sentence the reason we all love his channel
EddieSto Prije mjesec
@Jenny Choa I want him to break real life 🤣
Jenny Choa
Jenny Choa Prije mjesec
@Ptao Tom imagine if it was in real life lol.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Prije mjesec
I love how he built conveyors across the map just for everything to fall into one crusher
KRYSS Prije mjesec
imagine when ur boarding a plane and a second before take off u hear this _"hey there its josh, welcome to lets game it out."_
jelly object cosmos
jelly object cosmos Prije 20 sati
@emerald grace:oh fu-
Aussie Wolf
Aussie Wolf Prije 3 dana
I would leave the plane immediately- because the next thing I know we will be doing loopy loops and getting blown up XD
GD Darky
GD Darky Prije 5 dana
"OH NO LET ME OFF! LET ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pastel Hot Mess
Pastel Hot Mess Prije 10 dana
Start praying while laughing
Mr. Game & Swap
Mr. Game & Swap Prije 12 dana
I'm writing my will :D
Thaldor Prije mjesec
How many times has Josh been put IN to a game he’s broken now? Is this actually the first?
7TerabyteMeme Prije 10 dana
Technically not IN the game but the Satisfactory devs put a picture of his radioactive tornado on the games steam page
Dzulk9 The Great
Dzulk9 The Great Prije 17 dana
Well, he even broke Chrome in this episode.
Leon Honerkamp
Leon Honerkamp Prije mjesec
BeeBringer Prije mjesec
@Devilish Jester i think its his big ol tornado/diamond/nuclear missile/chrysalis thing in the middle of base
Dakota Deboard
Dakota Deboard Prije mjesec
@Devilish Jester can confirm it is
Skyes Prije 2 mjeseci
I wonder if companies have meetings on how to handle you if you play their games, you're the final boss for releases
Keira the Furfrou Trimmer
Woah hi skyes
gaMing and milk gang
gaMing and milk gang Prije 17 dana
Theory:you are playing as grace Cohen trying to be richer than Josh but one of them is an imposter
gaMing and milk gang
gaMing and milk gang Prije 24 dana
There should be a land that cost 9999999coins which has a portal where you have to fight Josh with bombs
xtreemgamer129 Prije mjesec
@LordVinduim the guy who likes crabs Josh is the ultimate QA tester. doesnt matter how solid a game is, he will find a way to smash it apart.
Thaldor Prije mjesec
Oh god, watch the first five minutes of the Darksiders Genesis speed run with the devs doing commentary. F*cking hysterical. From “Well that was clearly intended.” to throwing blame on each other for the exploits being used. Chaos.
Luk_asDiePizza Prije mjesec
I love how you can literally see the game improving with every episode! Great job by the developers. Especially how it handels the physics
Anzac-A1 Prije 18 dana
Most of it is in response to Josh.
Omligh Prije mjesec
TBF; a game that directly calls you out with a bounty (a very big bounty) is a step in the right direction. Love your stuff and look forward to you breaking more games!
Bennett McKillop
Bennett McKillop Prije mjesec
Can we just appreciate how he can break literally any game he touches He’s a king👑
D-Zummy Al Dente
D-Zummy Al Dente Prije mjesec
You know it's Let's Game It Out when he opens 80 tabs to "test" the browsers
Brendon Lewis
Brendon Lewis Prije 2 mjeseci
I can't believe how many hours he has to spend on each of these videos. Every "how far can we push this" section must take hours upon hours. Utter insanity that makes our days better.
SwankMation's the animator
And in a 15-30m video. I've known this channel for over a year and still takes my breath away with his content.
Lirum Prije 9 dana
@Ovdt03 ?
Sean Warren
Sean Warren Prije 12 dana
@Shane Dog I wouldn't call it 0articularly salty, bit the truth is you can both be correct.
Sean Warren
Sean Warren Prije 12 dana
@joe prinsen To say nothing of having multiple computers. Doesn't change much, but that's what you dedicate resources to if you're a professional.
Sean Warren
Sean Warren Prije 12 dana
As a professional that dedicates no less that 15 hours a day 5 days a week to the craft of ensuring people have what they need in society, this is the level of quality I really appreciate in a content creator. It seems one really can't take the funk. 🚀
TTV Azlaan_ アズラーン
Can we just wait a second and clap for this man's amazing voice
Waffleman741 Prije mjesec
Let's game it out is the physical form of: "So, I did a little mining off camera"
Kringweiser98 Prije mjesec
11:33 Probably my favorite moment from let’s game it out
Part Laze
Part Laze Prije mjesec
“Hey there it’s Josh” - Made me laugh so much for no reason because I already read the title and already expect pure chaos and madness
Phantomile Prije 2 mjeseci
The moment you realized you broke the game so much that the Devs themselves put out a bounty on you is a beautiful thing.
Puente play’s
Puente play’s Prije 7 dana
So so beautiful
Pastel Hot Mess
Pastel Hot Mess Prije 10 dana
Being a criminals worth it!
Ovdt03 Prije 18 dana
I kinda want to buy the game for it
doll world michael lex 2
Meanisme Prije 25 dana
@Benson Cheung maybe
Jonny 5ive
Jonny 5ive Prije mjesec
"And I stare at the sky and have gems hit me in the face" A literal money shot 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
NonstopDoodle Prije mjesec
The devs have fully embraced the chaos of Josh! I love it!!
BurritoMan Prije mjesec
Josh does what we all would want to do, but he actually has the patience to do it.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Prije mjesec
I love how he built conveyors across the map just for everything to fall into one crusher
Raven Gaming
Raven Gaming Prije mjesec
Whenever Josh says something about a tour, that’s how you know he built something chaotic.
Oba936 Prije mjesec
aww, this series always makes me smile, so glad the developers seem to agree, ;D
S.C. Wood
S.C. Wood Prije mjesec
I love how the devs of this game essentially get a playtester and a promoter in one.
Rick Timmerman
Rick Timmerman Prije mjesec
I just love how he always finds a way to break the game
Mark Hashman
Mark Hashman Prije 2 mjeseci
What Josh says: "We're playing some _Hydroneer_ today." What Josh _means:_ "We're *breaking* some _Hydroneer_ today."
Arka Purusatama
Arka Purusatama Prije mjesec
DONT Prije 2 mjeseci
ĐØ₦₮ ⱤΣᗩᗪ ᗰƳ Ƥ℞𝕆℉ÏŁᗴ ƤÏC丅ᑌ℞Ė Y Fzs
Mark Hashman
Mark Hashman Prije 2 mjeseci
@Aaron Morgan I suspect the devs might be masochists. I mean, it's not like it's any _secret_ what Josh does to games, but they gave him _several_ keys.
Aaron Morgan
Aaron Morgan Prije 2 mjeseci
No mercy to the dev's haha. You put your game on the line, you put your steam sale where your mouth is
TinyToon Prije 2 mjeseci
PhoenixTheHunter Prije mjesec
I was actually pretty startled to see LGIO's logo in the game on a wanted sign and couldn't stop laughing for quite a while
The Ferret
The Ferret Prije mjesec
We just need more of this. This has to be the best series I’ve seen
DarkOwl28 Prije mjesec
The best part is, Josh definitely isn't only a fugitive of Hydroneer
Ahalofan Prije mjesec
I really like these videos he goes out of his way for hours just to entertain us thank you
Curseius Gaming
Curseius Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
lol love how the devs basically acknowledge the atrocities that josh committed in this game XD
@Ross Purdy What's that?
I Wong
I Wong Prije 2 mjeseci
I mean, I bought this game because of Let's Game It Out's first video. They know their market.
Spidey Awesome
Spidey Awesome Prije 2 mjeseci
That wanted sign was a genius idea! 🤣
Ross Purdy
Ross Purdy Prije 2 mjeseci
Go flip a truck over and have it land on it's roof to reveal another delicious easter egg...
Koshineko Prije mjesec
The joy he always feel when there's a conveyor in a game is immeasurable
DistantStalk3r Prije mjesec
I love how Josh says "I think you know what happens next" and we all know exactly what happens next
Diduilitm Prije 14 dana
gotta love watching this absolute legend playing hydroneer on a friday afternoon
Cai Pritchard
Cai Pritchard Prije mjesec
Your videos always being me such comfort, that music+the way you talk is just so cosy. Thank you so much for what you do, please keep going!
lookslikehaji555 Prije 2 mjeseci
When you break a game so often the devs just “here’s creative mode, please stop” 😂😂😂
Jacob Bates
Jacob Bates Prije 12 dana
@Daisy Joy he spends hours, gray with good ideas and josh with deadly patience, collab when they collab: the fps: *NO*
Daisy Joy
Daisy Joy Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nick Picks he breaks games faster then grey
Nick Picks
Nick Picks Prije 2 mjeseci
He got creative mode and still break the game lol
Cringedailydude Prije mjesec
I love how Josh has exploited the game so much that the developers put a wanted poster for him. It’s a cool funny and relatable feature
SMToon Story
SMToon Story Prije mjesec
I love this series. It's like an evolution of warfare; they keep building more powerful defenses and you keep blasting them apart.
Sebastian Donaire
Sebastian Donaire Prije mjesec
I've seen a couple of videos in this channel, and each time i'm more convinced Josh is an Architect of "The bad place"
S Robinson
S Robinson Prije 18 dana
I just discovered your channel and I’ve been binging everything!! You’re hilarious and I’m loving your videos!
pataponnabil Prije 2 mjeseci
Josh farmed the heck out of the fishes in Hydroneer that the devs designed a whole fishing aspect to the gane
Cloud Prije mjesec
@Adesia Josh will always find a way to break a game.
blarg2429 Prije mjesec
@NKY5223 Is that an open invitation for slaughter, or is it only for Adesia?
Adesia Prije mjesec
@NKY5223 na, no worries 👍
NKY5223 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Adesia yeah im dumb. slaughter me however you wish.
Adesia Prije 2 mjeseci
@NKY5223 I'm pretty sure being able to place fishing traps one over the other was not an intended feature that was just misused
The Enclave
The Enclave Prije mjesec
I’m pretty sure that devs just let Josh play this games for free bug testing
Mig Adrian Falalimpa
10:54 I love how josh drop his money when he sees his channel name in the signboard 😂😆
DomNick Prije 3 dana
I like how the game devs knew you were going to find a way to break the game
The Playonier
The Playonier Prije mjesec
The developers of Hydroneer really gotta love this channel
Real Civil Engineer
Real Civil Engineer Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm pleased you mentioned the bridge! 🤣 Great vid as always!
Spqmbogine Prije mjesec
Why are you here? I'm guessing you to are friends!
JELLYKarim Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi Matt!
Mateusz Ratajczyk
Mateusz Ratajczyk Prije 2 mjeseci
KappaMaki Prije 2 mjeseci
U guys should collab and make a simple bridge
Follow of Christ
Follow of Christ Prije 2 mjeseci
Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Eph 2:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. Eph 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
Nasim Ahmed
Nasim Ahmed Prije mjesec
"So i hope you had fun, I know i did" that line is never gonna get old
YTCiaProBr Studio
YTCiaProBr Studio Prije mjesec
I love how in every game he plays he finds a gamebreaking bug
Leena Daniel
Leena Daniel Prije mjesec
I love how the fish have matured from random colors in previous versions.
Al berto
Al berto Prije mjesec
everytime josh laughs, it sounds so evil... kills me everytime
Jeffrey Harris
Jeffrey Harris Prije 2 mjeseci
"Here is the second fishing pole, . . .behind bulletproof glass" To me this sounds like the game's publisher has been watching Josh and is trying to prevent the inevitable.
EntityCricket Prije mjesec
Game devs do be getting desperate in hydroneer whenever Josh rolls in
vaultboy 124
vaultboy 124 Prije mjesec
too bad there isn't a pet dog in this game if you know the reference then good job if not look up dogmeat cryolator
OutdoorSoHard_69 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Aaron Armstrong as far as I know he's got like a 3080 or something crazy like that
Tacoh Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mark Tillman Also, most games are pretty poorly optimized for multithreading. Higher core counts give rapidly diminishing returns because most games don't take full advantage of the higher core counts.
Hew Yoong Khang
Hew Yoong Khang Prije 2 mjeseci
Improvise, adapt, and overcome 200+ fishing net in 1 spot
Toppat 4life
Toppat 4life Prije mjesec
The fact that let's game it out has it's own reference is hilarious
Eli Melin
Eli Melin Prije mjesec
The words of impending doom approaching: Hey there it’s Josh welcome back to lets game it out
Damon Lam
Damon Lam Prije 4 sati
Josh's PC deserves a galaxy-wide moment of silence for its heroic services when it crashes for the last time.
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost Prije mjesec
That ending would have been devastating for me and he just takes it in stride. Amazing
Jannigo Prije 2 mjeseci
The wanted sign killed me, imagine exploiting so many bugs the devs make you the most wanted person in the game LMAO
NoahPlayzzYT Prije mjesec
Geo Damerk
Geo Damerk Prije mjesec
@NoahPlayzzYT THEY ARE
Just nobody
Just nobody Prije mjesec
Its the merchant sign... he's wanted because he stole expensive chairs
NoahPlayzzYT Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe if the deva add multiplayer, players will be able to arrest him and everyone gets 1 million lmaoooo
Alfonso gab
Alfonso gab Prije 2 mjeseci
Mr Incomplete
Mr Incomplete Prije dan
I love how his video titles are very clickbait but... They're also completely accurate. Truly a new and welcome evolution of youtube.
haley schwartz
haley schwartz Prije mjesec
, I'm glad that josh really cut down on the cursing, I can watch his videos more at ease and laugh more
Ashley Sabharwal
Ashley Sabharwal Prije mjesec
14:27 easily my favourite part of the whole video
DinoVR Prije mjesec
I love how Josh chooses torment over playing the game properly.
Gabriel Anker
Gabriel Anker Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm convinced Josh is awakened every month by the god of chaos to unleash his power upon rather stable games
Daisy Joy
Daisy Joy Prije 2 mjeseci
@ZappoDude or the son of chaos
ZappoDude Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm convinced he is the god of chaos.
isaac stieh
isaac stieh Prije 2 mjeseci
He should try to break Factorio, it's one of the most stable games out there
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Prije mjesec
i can't even begin to imagine the panic that sets in at Hydroneer HQ every time you post a video
ᴘ ᴀ ɪ ɴ シ
ᴘ ᴀ ɪ ɴ シ Prije 11 dana
He’s so good at grinding that the game crashed from amazement.
funy comedy
funy comedy Prije mjesec
"Oh my god it's like the gravity gun" Never knew Josh played Half-Life.
b w
b w Prije mjesec
I'm going to laugh when Josh gets one of his videos on the steam page for hydro engineer too
Chad McClain
Chad McClain Prije 2 mjeseci
It's funny how he made the focus about fishing in a mining game. He mined as a necessary evil to buy fishing gear and didn't even show digging the holes. He's a good story teller.
BadPixelArtist Prije mjesec
@Arka Purusatama he showed the hole, not digging it though
Arka Purusatama
Arka Purusatama Prije mjesec
But he'ss showing the hole wdym
Erdal Yaman
Erdal Yaman Prije mjesec
I swear,i am still waiting for someone to make a graphic card and a pc good enough to hold the lag josh makes.
Rythic Prije 22 dana
i love how he picks the most time consuming ways to get tons of money
AlexAlienNerd Prije mjesec
The developers handed you the key, you break it then they make a sign about a bounty on your head... Honestly though giving you the key to a game if you ask me is a genius move, it's play-testing AND publicity at the same time.
ericsuxatmincrft Prije mjesec
i love how he's stolen so much the devs gave him his own wanted sign for a mil
just squall vidar
just squall vidar Prije 2 mjeseci
No matter how advanced the graphics card is or the computer he will always find a way to make his game look like a powerpoint presentation
brodriguez11000 Prije 2 mjeseci
Josh plays Crysis.
just squall vidar
just squall vidar Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank you so much for the likes!
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran Prije 2 mjeseci
all you got to do is just put millions of fish in a bucket
Communa Dog
Communa Dog Prije 2 mjeseci
If the hardware is too strong he destroys the software instead
Akira Akira
Akira Akira Prije mjesec
I was recommended your videos a few days ago. I'm really impressed with the quality of gameplay, editing, and commentary (How your voice goes up at right moments 10/10). Subscribed with Bell Notifications on.
XD editz
XD editz Prije 7 dana
I feel like this man is the person they use to test if there are any bugs in there games before they release it
Hexar Hunter
Hexar Hunter Prije mjesec
me: throws shovel in water then goes to pub also me: realizes josh was kidding and i have to walk back
kattinpog Prije mjesec
Your the only youtuber that I would watch all the way through. You somehow even make the sponsered segments entertaining. Bravo!
Ben K
Ben K Prije 2 mjeseci
When Josh regularly breaks a game so thoroughly that not only do they add a bounty sign for him, but almost certainly added the "creative mode" easter egg into the game specifically for him.
Afterglow79 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Daniel M no you don't
Daniel M
Daniel M Prije 2 mjeseci
I own the game. Creative mode isn't an Easter egg. It's an actual feature.
YuShiHopple Prije 2 mjeseci
mrnobutthole Prije mjesec
Let's Game It Out and GrayStillPlays have the exact same form of hilarious chaos and I love them both
Stilley The Kid
Stilley The Kid Prije 14 dana
I feel like josh just plays stocks all day and makes bank. He seems smart enough for it
Ebba .T
Ebba .T Prije mjesec
can't wait for the next episode for hydroneer, the bounty gonna increase again!
dragon king leonides1527
Gray and Josh: gets sponsored The sponsers: oh this should be good
DashBlue Prije 2 mjeseci
Devs: puts in a feature and even name it after Josh Josh: Let’s start by trashing the place! I wonder if the QA portion of the credits will just have Lets Game It Out as the only entry in giant letters
Alex Stone
Alex Stone Prije 2 mjeseci
@Yuujin Hiiragi i wouldn't call that a feature, more a reference, easter egg
Blutwirbel Prije 2 mjeseci
Also in the skull there's blitz, under the truck or something like that is another one and in the graveyard there's also one
Steve DSign
Steve DSign Prije 2 mjeseci
Someday, one of these games will put in a Grace solely for players to torment.
Yuujin Hiiragi
Yuujin Hiiragi Prije 2 mjeseci
@Alex Stone the sign that says "Wanted: Let's Game it Out"
Alex Stone
Alex Stone Prije 2 mjeseci
It seems i missed it, what feature was named after Josh?
Purple Star
Purple Star Prije 25 dana
You know he plays the game a lot when the developers add him as a easteregg
Nathan Young
Nathan Young Prije mjesec
Hey Josh, I found your channel from the first Hydroneer video you made. Since then, I've watched every single of your videos, and they never disappoint :)
Eloines Prije mjesec
7:04 Yes we know exactly what happens next. But I still had to pause and take a minute to laugh. You delivered
Hello I'm Jordan
Hello I'm Jordan Prije mjesec
When you’re trying to find out who’s sabotaging the supply chain then Let’s Game It Out posts a video.
Michael Chouljian
Michael Chouljian Prije 2 mjeseci
Well boys, he done it. The madlad made the devs put a bounty on him 😂
Xladan Metron
Xladan Metron Prije 2 mjeseci
@raflidiot 1billion is not enough for his capture, he's worth trillions if not quadrillions
I dont have creative name
@ACP who i need to see that person
raflidiot Prije 2 mjeseci
@Xladan Metron yea, every dev for the games he played lol, he always broke it That's why i like him!! A smooth criminal.
Xladan Metron
Xladan Metron Prije 2 mjeseci
the dzvs are working hard to catch Josh
ACP Prije 2 mjeseci
did you know another YTer goes by that name madlad
Gru Of Da Hood
Gru Of Da Hood Prije mjesec
Is noone gonna talk about how he actually mined, i feel like reality is breaking
The Great Nebulous
The Great Nebulous Prije mjesec
i love how dude says he doesnt have the time to stand around and wait, but he can keep a game open and running waiting for a massive amount of money or something for a whole day or two
Brakiri Prije mjesec
Hilarious, the first 2 minutes show EVERYTHING that made me stop playing this game :D Awesome video! You catch cod, mackerel, in other words SEA fish, in a tiny pond in the backyard of a fishing shop. LOL
ebxno324 Madore
ebxno324 Madore Prije 20 dana
i love hearing a sponsor of something i already have like: "I'm right ahead of ya buddy."
StealthSaber Prije 2 mjeseci
Me before watching: Oh god, he's at it again. Me after watching: He's made such an impression with his style of gaming, the devs commemorated it with a wanted poster.
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza Prije 2 mjeseci
@Pupper Gump can't disagree
Pupper Gump
Pupper Gump Prije 2 mjeseci
Me after watching: I am no longer watching.
AUSTIN Prije mjesec
I'm absolutely emotionally distraught over him concluding this video without having located any precious onyx
Nikoli420 Prije 22 dana
as always, you videos are massively entertaining...
TheLunarLegend Prije mjesec
After binging let's game it out videos i now want the devs to put in a grave buried somewhere I'm the world with 'grace' on it
Airport Plane Spotting
I love your videos Josh! I think you’re one of THE funniest HRburnrs online
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson Prije 2 mjeseci
Devs: Implements fixes to force Josh to play as intended. Josh: Breaks the game in a new way. It's just become a game of cat and mouse at this point.
Mark Hashman
Mark Hashman Prije 2 mjeseci
I think that's what they call 'play-testing'.
dragonmaster3900🐲 Prije 19 dana
The insanity of gam it out makes me feel like going to solitary confinement
Gero Murdock
Gero Murdock Prije mjesec
Best Opera GX ad ever. Literally trying to break the sponsor. I love it.
Yushwa Kun
Yushwa Kun Prije mjesec
The legendary Josh is back again with Hydroneer.
Phil Prije mjesec
The rise of this channel has been incredible to watch
Jordan Peterson on Joker
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Cheated the robot
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